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Ranked: Cannibal Corpse Worst To Best

I'm not a hardcore Cannibal Corpse or death metal fan for that matter but I own all their albums and this list ranks them worst to best in my own opinion. Two things: I don't really have a problem with Barnes or Fisher and this list is purely my opinion, but I apoligise in advance if I offend anyone with my selected rankings.
12Cannibal Corpse
Gallery Of Suicide

For me, Gallery Of Suicide is definitely the least memorable CC album and therefore has to be my least favourite; it simply doesn't contain many memorable tracks and has, in my opinion, the dullest production. It also doesn't help that that the drums sometimes sound ordinary (production-wise) or just bogged down within the barrage of noise which strips the album of the usual CC brain-puncturing capabilities. However, it isn't a complete dud - Gallery still contains a few excellent cuts that ensure I revisit it every now and again, one being my favourite instrumental by the band. My top 3 from Gallery Of Suicide - 1. From Skin To Liquid (Instrumental) 2. Gallery Of Suicide 3. Sentenced To Burn
11Cannibal Corpse

Now I remember Kill being released and it being quite a big deal. This was, in large, due to the return of Rob Barrett, it was the bands TENTH album and also because it was the first to not contain gory artwork and it bared a really blunt and to-the-point title. Just about everyone will be wondering why I ranked this album so low and the answer is simply because I don't listen to it in its entirety as much as I do the others indicating that I just don't like it as much. I really don't have anything negative to say about it. I'll agree with most that Kill is the first of the Corpsegrinder era to really pack a punch, but for me that is due to the highly improved production. On more of a positive though, Kill has the two greatest opening tracks of their back catalogue since Tomb Of The Mutilated. My top 3 from Kill - 1. Death Walking Terror 2. Make Them Suffer 3. Maniacal
10Cannibal Corpse

This is a tricky one as it is the one after the major transition of swapping vocalists. Previously titled 'Created To Kill' whilst Barnes was still around, it was re-recorded with new vocalist George Fisher and renamed Vile. The positioning here is pretty much dictated by the same reasons I had for Kill; I just don't find myself listening to it that much, the production is awesome and I don't have any problem with Fishers vocals but there just isn't a plethora of tracks which are that memorable for me. Thankfully though, Vile contains 'Eaten From The Inside' which to me is one of the greatest songs that CC have given, with or without Barnes. Props for a markedly more disgusting album cover too. My top 3 from Vile - 1. Eaten From The Inside 2. Devoured By Vermin 3. Bloodlands
9Cannibal Corpse
Eaten Back To Life

Ah the debut! Another controversial positioning as some purists view this as the only CC album worth bothering with. There is much to love about Eaten Back To Life in that it displays the band just after their primordial stage and has a better production sound than 'Gallery'. But for me it just sounds too thrashy and lacks the absolute brutality they would pile on with subsequent releases. But in the grand scheme of things, Eaten Back To Life is the one that got the blood-drenched wheels turning, even if the style was yet to be properly honed and refined. The artwork is legendary and the title is one of the greatest album titles in metal, full stop. My top 3 from Eaten Back To Life - 1. Scattered Remains, Scattered Brains 2. Shredded Humans 3. Born In A Casket
8Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal's latest offering is by no means a bad album despite my low positioning, (in fact, from here up until about 4 the list entries were very hard to give definite positions in descending order) it's a good album! However, it just feels that the best tracks here are stacked on the first half of the album making it seems slightly unbalanced. But hey, I guess that's just down to my personal preference. Torture is a fine continuation of CC, it's a worthy return and has basically left me wanting more of it... the sick artwork makes a welcome return too! A special mention goes to the track 'Scourge Of Iron' because as frivolous as it may sound when talking about a band such as Cannibal Corpse, it is probably the heaviest song they have done yet, I mean, it is crushing! And that is a great sign for a band that has been going for 25 years. My top 3 from Torture - 1. Scourge Of Iron 2. Sarcophagic Frenzy 3. The Strangulation Chair
7Cannibal Corpse

Bloodthirst earns its place here as it simply has more of my favourable tracks than I found on Kill or Eaten Back To Life (criminal, I know). There are many songs on here that have been stuck in my head and forced me to have the album playing on repeat! The album also benefits largely by displaying some delicious groove riffs which had sometimes popped up on the previous album, 'Gallery'. Here the slower, more menacing riffs work better when next to the more characteristic blast-beats. However, one could argue that the demented sick edge represented in song titles alone is not as sharp as usual ('Coffinfeeder' or 'Unleashing The Bloodthirsty' as song titles don't really sound that formidable when compared to 'I Will Kill You' or 'Dismembered And Molested', but I guess they are only the titles) and at just over 34 minutes the album is a tad short. My top 3 from Bloodthirst - 1. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty 2. Sickening Metamorphosis 3. Hacksaw Decapitation
6Cannibal Corpse
Evisceration Plague

Evisceration Plague for me is much better than Kill, (you probably lost all respect for me long ago but here me out anyway) the guitar tone on this album is seriously heavy to the point that it sounds serrated and sickeningly abrasive, a major plus. In retrospect it sounds like they kept the same tone for 'Torture' too. On the whole, Evisceration Plague is one of the grisliest albums by CC, the song titles are at their most recently demented, and even the album title is horrific (Evisceration Plague - a disease which causes your guts to fall out...morbid creativity at its best). Some songs don't quite hit the mark as well as others but even so, I listen to this one a lot! My top 3 from Evisceration Plague - 1. Evisceration Plague 2. Skewered From Ear To Eye 3. Cauldron Of Hate
5Cannibal Corpse
Butchered At Birth

This is the one where shit started to get serious, and by serious I mean ridiculous. This 1991 release is one of the defining death metal albums, song titles and lyrics are so graphic and violent that it was destined to make quite a splash, most likely drenching everybody in blood and puss. The production here is a big step forward from 'Eaten' but the guitars sometimes sound a little squeaky and the drums often come across tinny, but hey, this was 1991 and the actual instrument playing is top if not quite yet perfected. 'Butchered' also marks the arrival of the deeper, more guttural vocal technique from Chris Barnes which often draws suspicious comparisons to the Cookie Monster! My top 3 from Butchered At Birth - 1. Meat Hook Sodomy 2. Under The Rotted Flesh 3.Rancid Amputation
4Cannibal Corpse
The Wretched Spawn

The prize for the most horrifically offensive and disgustingly violent Cannibal Corpse artwork goes to... The Wretched Spawn. As prestigious as that tag may seem, it's not the only thing that's going for this album, it's damn near flawless! The song titles and lyrics here are astonishingly disgusting (Blunt Force Castration anyone?), the instrument playing is tight as fuck but also enables every member to flourish and the whole 44 minutes is just Cannibal Corpse at their leanest and most uncompromising. If there was any sort of problem with the album, it would be that there should have been more of the lengthier songs because they represent this album at its finest. But again, that's just personal preference and not really a problem at all. Top album. My top 3 from The Wretched Spawn - 1. Decency Defied 2. They Deserve To Die 3. The Wretched Spawn
3Cannibal Corpse
Tomb Of The Mutilated

This is the one that everybody knows, largely thanks to, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; Hammer Smashed Face (their most famous song) and because of the ridiculously graphic song titles and subject matter. The titles here are really, really sick ('I Cum Blood', 'Post-Mortal Ejaculation' and the sensitively titled ballad 'Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt'). All that aside this showed the band stepping up even further from the bands previous 'Butchered At Birth' album, both in instrument playing and in production. Some people even consider this a sort of concept album too, involving dead girls... and sex. Alex Webster's bass doodling first started to shine through here and Paul Mazurkiewicz's drumming sounds tight and efficiently ruthless, (did I just use the word shine whilst describing Cannibal Corpse?) Barnes' vocals are literally inaudible aswell. But make no mistake; one of the major high points of this album is the inclusion of Hammer Smashed Face, a brutally catchy song title and a brutally catchy song! My Top 3 from Tomb Of The Mutilated - 1. Hammer Smashed Face 2. Addicted To Vaginal Skin 3. The Cryptic Stench
2Cannibal Corpse
Gore Obsessed

Ah, back to being controversial again. I bet many people had forgotten about this album as you were reading the list let alone expecting it to be ranked 2nd best! But remember, this is merely my list - try not to be too offended. I love this album, I'd heard mostly negative things about it before I bought it and was really just buying it to complete the collection... but Gore Obsessed really did blow me away! It may have helped that my expectations were quite low, but this to me is just definitive CC! It's like a combination of the best groove riffs of Bloodthirst, the consistency of The Wretched Spawn and taking the best of just about everything from the band to create a gruesome, disgusting, ever-replayable solid 38 minutes of carnage! 'Compelled To Lacerate' is among my top 3 Cannibal Corpse songs, just check out the slithering riff at the start! Also on Gore Obsessed, the cover looks like some zombies playing basketball which is of course an instant success. Of the few negatives, Gore Obsessed could have been a tad longer by possibly containing another song or two, but it's near perfect as it is to me! My top 3 from Gore Obsessed - 1. Compelled To Lacerate 2. Dormant Bodies Bursting 3. When Death Replaces Life
1Cannibal Corpse
The Bleeding

But how could my favourite not be The Bleeding?! Yes I suppose it's each to his own and all that, but this seriously is what one could call a classic and should be at least in every fans top 3 CC albums. The guitar and bass tones on this album have been switched to deep and thick sounding (check the mini bass solo on 'Fucked With A Knife') and Barnes' vocals sound a lot more decipherable enabling the demented lyrics to be heard in all of their hideous glory. This tone switch accentuates the solos and pitch harmonics when they come along it and on the whole makes the album sound a whole lot darker and evil. The Bleeding also showcases the bands first venture in slower, groove orientated riffage (check Stripped, Raped And Strangled) which did nothing but make them sound more badass and probably expanded their fanbase too. That's not to say the many blast beats are gone, of course not! 'An Experiment In Homocide' contains my favourite CC lyric - "I don't want to hurt you, I just want to kill you", hilarious and pure class! Excellent production, Barnes sounds like a demon and some of the most offensive lyrics and song titles ever - the definitive Cannibal Corpse album! I like all the songs on here but my top 3 from The Bleeding are - 1. Stripped, Raped And Strangled 2. Fucked With A Knife 3. An Experiment In Homicide
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