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Liledman Does 2012

I can but acknowledge that this diary of musical experiences is hideously late, on account of the year already having passed us by, to the extent that this is no longer relevant as far as evaluating releases is concerned because it is no longer timely, and is in fact totally devoid of worth because I can on no account boast of my achievements, because, as it needs to be said, most of these releases have been accounted for on some list or other ? their utility becoming somewhat stale by now ? and therefore afford your humble list- maker no such bragging rights nor claims of any kind to elite standing within this so-called community, which is of course the only reason one would find for devising such a list, subjecting an assortment of musical releases to such a vulgar simplification of aesthetic experience, immersion and judgement, though in the present circumstances one can only surmise that a perverse joy can still be attained through the act of placing one album after the other into some abstract hierarchy, regardless of the pertinence, regardless of tardiness, regardless of impact, reception, acknowledgement or any kind of commendation, for it is this perversity alone with which I stand before you now, and present you with this list.
50Flying Lotus
Until the Quiet Comes

Instrumental Hip Hop | Fairly pedestrian, to be honest.
49Grizzly Bear

Folk, Indie Rock | I dig these guys to the extent that they actually do try to subtly
push beyond the typical folky-indie-y approach, and play with the nuts and bolts of
their sound quite a bit.
48Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Visiting This World

Ambient | Hissing is a bit uncalled for.
47Broken Water

Sonic Youth | "They sound like Sonic Youth!"
46Fort Romeau

Deep House | Don't go in for house too often, but I enjoyed this. In my bedroom.
45 Proclamation
Nether Tombs of Abbadon

Death Metal | It's all a rip-off, or homage, but it's fun.
Foreign Body

Ambient | Liz Harris
Relics of Inner War

Black Metal | Straight ahead black metal is quite refreshing every now and then.
42Killer Mike
R.A.P. Music

Hip Hop | Something about Reagan?
41Grinning Death's Head
Golden Dawn

Black Metal | Rough stuff to get you going.
Sketches From New Brighton

Ambient | Silky smooth.
Quarter Turns Over a Living Line

Dark Ambient | Lovely cover, goodish music. The cinematic kind of approach to "dark"
music never really engages me though.
38Bass Clef
Reeling Skullways

Acid House | Good for a few jams.
37Torture Chain
Time is but a Doorway to the Incinerator

Black Metal | Not quite as interesting as their previous work (a common theme this
year) but these guys are a fucking solid band so it is still worth the listen.
36Willits Sakamoto
Ancient Future

Ambient | Soothing.
35Matt Elliott
The Broken Man

Contemporary Folk |
34Cremation Lily

Power Electronics | Cool stuff I have to check out more from this guy.
33Big K.R.I.T.
4eva N a Day

Hip Hop | It's a nice album.
32Michael Pisaro

Avant-garde | I have yet to get my hands on Crosshatches, which is the semi-lauded
release from Pisaro and Tsunoda, but this release has gotten me very interested
indeed. Occasionally the spoken word interjection stick out a little too much against
the sparse backdrop, but there is much beauty to be found here.
31Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Post-Rock | Maybe I'm just getting over them, but I don't think this quite has the
spark of their earlier releases. It's still a fun ride though, as always.
30Demdike Stare

Dark Ambient | Just like their last comp, there is a lot of stuff on here I dig, but not
enough to keep me pinned down and engrossed for the whole length every time.
These guys do have a great sound though.

Death Metal | I listened to much less metal in 2012 than in previous years, but the
Adversarial side of this split kept my masculinity in check.
28 Helm
Impossible Symmetry

Dark Ambient | A dark-ish ambient base with a whole bunch of wacky noises on top.
27John Talabot

Balearic Beat |
Cancer 4 Cure

Hip Hop | I still don't like any of his solo stuff as much as the Company Flow work,
rhymes or beats, but he is still a guy that must be payed attention to.
25 Claro Intelecto
Second Blood EP

Minimal Techno | More of the quality found on the full-length.
Violet Replacement

Drone, Ambient | Mmmm
23Mount Eerie
Clear Moon

Folk, Post-Rock | Never quite bought into the hype for this dude. As much as I like the
vibe, and some of the ideas, I would love a bit more of a progressive approach to
musical material. It doesn't have to be crazy, just some subtle prodding at the norm,
like Grouper.

Drone | One of the most intriguing acts to emerge from techno.

Noise Rock | Haino, Ambarchi and O'Malley blasting some shit out. Both this and the
other trio with Haino and Ambarchi were great, and worth listening for anybody
interested in Haino's stuff particularly.
20Wadada Leo Smith
Ten Freedom Summers

Avant-Garde Jazz | A behemoth, which just about works. I have mixed feelings about
this release, and about the integration of classical chamber music with avant-jazz, but
there is enough quality over the 4 hour running time to warrant a gold star or two.
Maybe I'm being harsh, but when something is this long, I thing everybody tends to
The Seer

Experimental Rock | A behemoth, which mostly works.
Truant/Rough Sleeper

Future Garage | The prophet appears again!
17Akos Rozmann
12 Stationer VI

Electroacoustic | Bunch-o'-weird-sounds.
16Charles Gayle

Free Jazz | Jazz for the homeless. Not as explosive as his early '90s releases, but a
great recording.
15Laurel Halo

Ambient, Dream Pop | Interesting approach here, as far as production is concerned,
setting vocals squarely against the accompaniment, which automatically jars with the
apparent idiom she is lumped in.
14Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke, Keiji Haino

Noise Rock | Maniacal, noisy improv from these three fiends. Haino's personality is
somewhat dominant (as much as he deconstructs the standard rock template, the
standard band hierarchy and prominence of singer/guitarist frontman is something that
interestingly always remains), with many of the jams turning into squalling guitars
over a bass/drum groove, but all three have a big ol' bash and plenty of fun is had
along the way.

IDM, Minimal Techno | I still haven't been head over heels for any of his albums, but I
understand his apparent popularity.
12Claro Intelecto
Reform Club

Minimal Techno | Great atmosphere, great beats, great vibe.
The World Is A House On Fire

Slowcore | I wouldn't have thought that I would place it this highly, but there you go.
10Silent Servant
Negative Fascination

Minimal Techno | Dark brooding beats are the order of the day. Forever.
9Kouhei Matsunaga
Dance Classics Vol. I

IDM | Lots of interesting stuff going on here. Of all the things on this list, perhaps this
is the one that I am surprised at the lack of attention it has received on Sputnik.

Future Garage | Year of Burial Buzz.
7 Friedrich Cerha
Konzert für Schlagzeug und Orchester; Impulse für Orchester

Modern Classical |
6 Olivier Messiaen
Orchestral Works

Modern Classical | Mammoth boxset, comprising 8 discs of wondrous recordings of
birdy noises and colourful Catholic nonsense.
5Andy Stott
Luxury Problems

Minimal Techno | I hastily judged this as a further experiment after Stott's previous
EPs, which I love dearly, though as cliche as it is, "further listens revealed ?" yada
yada, and so it goes. Needless to say, Stott is the man, and I am a fanboy.
Particularly when he is (strangely) alongside Ravel at Chanel:
4Jakob Ullmann
Fremde Zeit Addendum

Modern Classical | Bring on the classical. This 3-Cd set is more of what you would hope
for from this intriguing composer: drawn-out, aching whispers of sounds, the kinds of
sounds that impel you to lean forward a little, even with the volume turned up, giving
you the feeling of being privy to some sort of hushed ritual of sonic worship. Almost 3
hours of worship, mind you.
3 Luigi Nono
A Pierre. Dell?azzurro silenzio, inquietum

Modern Classical | Neos is a fantastic label. This is only the second physical copy I
have bought from them, but I am floored by how great the product is, from the
recording qulity to the design and packaging. And I guess the music itself is pretty
fucking awesome too.
2Morton Feldman
Crippled Symmetry

Modern Classical | "At June in Buffalo" - This is a live recording by the trio whom
Feldman wrote the piece for. I am a card-carrying Feldmaniac, so of course I gorged
myself on this 2-CD set, but truly this is a great entrance point for anybody interested
in this brilliant composer, and a must-have recording for those already in the know.
1Sofia Gubaidulina
Complete String Quartets

Modern Classical | A brilliant set, which has taken over as my go-to Guba release.
Clearly I have favoured classical releases this year, and I am glad that I have actually
payed attention to what has been coming out, because it has been fantastic stuff.
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