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5 Overrated Movies Of 2012

These are films that were blown way out of proportion by critics in 2012 (or, at least IMO).
Death Magnetic

THE HUNGER GAMES: Never have I been more confused about a film's financial success
until this drivel arrived. This is borderline unwatchable because of how tame, lame and
boring it is. Every actor is terrible, even the lead actress turns in her weakest
performance so far in her already strong career, and the so-called "arcs" that the
characters go through seem rushed and very cut-and-paste like (especially with it's
annoyingly sluggish pacing). The action scenes aren't even good either! Don't waste your
time with this pretentious garbage (go watch Battle Royale instead, or just read the
books as I'm sure that they're 100 times better). Plus, the decision, then re-decision, at
the end was horribly cliched and it made me wish that this was a ballsier film (not this
censored down garbage for all the teens to go spoil over).
Black Ice

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS: This film didn't make me as mad as The Hunger Games did, but
I was expecting way better than this. After Whedon impressed the hell outta me with his
amazing script and direction on The Avengers, easily the funniest (and most fun) movie of
the year, seeing this made me feel indifferent about his writing. This film tries it's hardest
to be funny, bizarre and scary, but I found it was neither, except bizarre, because bizarre
it was indeed. The actors are likeable and the idea is intriguing, but it tries too hard to be
the next Scream and it's just not at all as effective because it feels like you're just waiting
for the next punchline to arrive. Overall, it's not bad, but it's definitely overrated.
33 Doors Down
3 Doors Down

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: I'd take Cabin in the Woods, or Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy,
any day over this mindless mess. Let's make Spidey like The Dark Knight, let's make it
serious, but let's have Spidey be a whiny, annoying punk instead of a noble hero! I wouldn't
be surprised if the sequel(s) turn out better than this, but this is just unacceptable. For a
reboot that didn't need to happen in the first place, it certainly does take it's sweet ass
time getting through an origin story that we already know and didn't care to see again. We
want to see Spider-Man be... Spider-Man, not Peter Parker being a little punk idiot. People
who'd take this guy over Tobey Maguire make me laugh, he may be a better actor than
Tobey, but he doesn't fit this part at all, he's too old and he's supposed to be in high
school? Give me a break. Hire an up-and-coming actor who deserves the part, not that kid
from The Social Network.
The Long Road

THE EXPENDABLES 2: Quite possibly the worst action film I've ever seen. Definitely the worst
film I've seen this year. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris are terrible, the film's
laughable in all the wrong places and, the worst offence of all, the action is mediocre at best.
The final fight between Van Damme and Stallone is a joke, Van Damme would have fared WAY
better than he did against a disgruntled Stallone... any day. By the way, he's the only bright
spot in the movie (which made me angry because there wasn't enough of him). Give Van
Damme more villain roles, this guy has been getting better and better as an actor ever since
his amazing film JCVD (watch that, avoid this plane wreck).
5Breaking Benjamin
Dear Agony

PROMETHEUS: I actually kind of enjoyed this film, but upon a second and third viewing, I found that
it falls flat in some places (mainly with those moron scientists and the rush-rush nature of the
pacing). It feels like this is a great movie, but it's hiding behind a middle-of-the-road movie that
rides by on the fact that it looks so magnificent (and that's definitely nothing to take for granted,
this is quite possibly the best visual-effects film of 2012). This film deserves a Director's Cut, ala
Blade Runner's Final Cut, that's more straight-to-the-point than it was theatrically.
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