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01.27.13 So Im Leaving Sputnik 01.26.13 deftones are fucking shit jk now read m

deftones are fucking shit jk now read my list

hahah fuk yeah thats right clik on my list to celebrate heres some random albums rrrgoddamn artwork will work on artwork later
1Joe Hisaishi
Spirited Away

oh yea did i mention it will be of slightly (notice the SLIGHTLY) obscure
artists kinda i guess it wont just be sweet radiohead sweet rush sweet
elliott smith even though id love to how i will i get my beloved feature
2 Abyssphere
???? ? ???

most trve metallers would dislike this, but for those who do like to indulge
in some generic melodicdeath/doom every now and then, abyssphere are
your guys + im friends with the lead singer on fb
3 Acetre

i realised how much i love spanish folk music
4 Agalloch
Of Stone, Wind, And Pillar

erryones heard agalloch but lots of people havent heard this, from which
this oak and the white EP in comparison to their LPs, and they are definitley
worth a check
5 Akira Yamoaka
Silent Hill 2

features on like everyone of my lists, obligatory, beautiful contrast in the
rock and dark ambient

crusty goodness, isnt the greatest crust/neocrust release but worth your
time if youre a fan of the genre
7The American Dollar
Ambient One

ambiennntttttt, these guys have like 5 albums dedicated to ambient, and
another 5 or so in which they have ambient/post-rock mix kinda like
hammock i guess
8And So I Watch You From Afar
All Hail Bright Futures

i havent actually heard this but still foxxxy would be pleased and thats all
that matters
9 Angelo Badalamenti
Music From Twin Peaks

never watched twin peaks i know i should blah blah whatever this is really
awesome, just chillout jazz shit, great stuff

MusicBee has them under post-rock but theyre much more diverse than
that piece of shit genre lol jk but yeah whatever the case really good stuff,
anything that can be coined as atleast slightly modern classical generally
piques my interest so definitley worth a look
11 Arrested Decay
My Ghost Town

sputnik user indisclosed's project, i dont think he even knows ive heard it
lol, prog metal kind of thing, is not bad AT ALL, especially like bogeyman in
my blood, if anything give that song a few spins
To Lay Like Old Ashes

not exactly obscvre bm and lots of people cant stand the vocals, but i
honestly think they add to the crushingness of the music
Being Without

skramz the clean singer reminds me of a dude from my school plus love
american is a similar artist on so yeah listen if u havent
14Basil Poledouris
Conan the Barbarian

yo yo yo many ppl say its the best ost ever its really good but i wouldnt go
that far but still worth a very close listen gentlemen and ladies

sweet dark folk with some bm influences in it which i guess is expected in
all dark folk but i digress, very nice album anywho, found this band in my
WHOM THE NIGHTSONG SINGS album which will feature later
16Ben Howard
Every Kingdom

album isnt my favourite, round a 3.5 or so, but i just needed something to
put because that call me maybe cover he did is amazing, check it out if you
17Benn Jordan
Pale Blue Dot

cant remember who exactly recd this too me but wow its great, really
etheral and spacey - in short benn jordan MASTERY

surprisingly little talked about on sputnik, i found this album to be really
enjoyable, one of steve wilsons bands outside of porcupine tree
19 Blackmore's Night
Shadow of the Moon

i find it crazy how ritchie blackmore can go from Rainbow, one of the best
dad rock bands ever, to a fucking medieval folk outfit. Whatever the case, it
20Brian Eno
Another Green World

the father of ambient also he did a split with kate bush fuck yeah
21 Burning Sky

shoutout to deaf for this one, i love pan flutes and S/A folk and well, deaf
and burning sky delivered
22 Celtic Woman
A New Journey

areee you comming to scarborough fair??? got this album just for that song,
the rest of the album isnt all that bad either
23The Church

not obscure but godammit nobody talks about it so i have to assume none
of you have heard it - also found it really hard to find online (note i do not
use rars or anything) so whatever, Under the Milky Way is really big in
Australia (atleast from what I know) and it was used in donnie darko so
24 Monk on Acid
A Trip to Pluto

so if you have 9 or so hours on you, give this a listen. But being serious, if
you go one song at a time it can be quite an enjoyable experience, the
songs are nice and relaxing, as one would expect.
25 Clint Mansell and the dudes we call MOGWAI
The Fountain


idk dubstep i guess ask dev im not 100% sure, whatever the case i
thoroughly enjoy this album
Melancholie told me stille sounded like the melancholy spirit by agalloch
i was not disappointed
28 Corentin Emprou
Ambient 4

This dudes remixing and adding together of random ambient bands to make
one song is pretty cool, took like 4 days to donwload though which was
kind of annoying, includes artists such as salt tank
29 Craig Armstrong
Piano Works

gonna do my own piano album over the next couple of days but while you
and i wait why dont you check out this one
30Current 93
Thunder Perfect Mind

these guys, along with death in june, fucking created the best genre of all
time listen to this please
31 Dads
American Radass

typical crazy emo good stuff though
32 David Julyan

very nice soundtrack by Julyan, though it seems most good films have good
soundtracks accompanying them, Memento is exceptionally so. How Can I
Heal is especially good
33Daylight Dies
Dismantling Devotion

doooooooom and apollo = good shit

i found parts of this to be boring, and other parts to be really awesome, so its a mixed bag really, worth a check
35Death in June
But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?

the other band that founded and/or heavily influenced neo-folk which is one of my favourite genres
classic album
36 Elane

more neo-folk for you, this time coated in a bit more medieval with violins and a few bagpipes (which i dont like but
hey what can you do, also the main reason i dont like german folk bands like saltatio mortis and corvus corax atleast
i think corvus are german not quite sure but i digress im sure wolf will oblige)
Winds Devouring Men

saw one of these albums on Havey's list the other day which rekindled my love for them, great band and hard to go
wrong with too
38Elliott Smith

just kidding how could i leave out elliott wow and to think i didnt like him only a few months ago
39Eskimo Joe
Black Fingernails, Red Wine

mainstreamrock/rock pop/alt rock/ indie rock/aussie rock at its finest. very diverse and every song has a redeeming
quality, something u dont find in most records of a similar calibre
40the evpatoria report

some more rock for posts
41fall of efrafa

another one thats on pretty much all of my lists makes me wanna read and watch watership down sludge doom
crust neo punk listen thanks
42 finisterre
bitter songs

i got this off some site called crust with strings and it kinda lied to me cos the only strings i can recall are at the start
of the opener but nonetheless a nice album with a bit of FoE worship going on
43 The Flashbulb
Girls Suck But YOU Don't

hahahah awesome album name suck it atavan not as jazzy as his other ones, and i probably prefer love as a dark
hallway, but both are great anyway
44the foreshadowing
days of nothing

genericish doom/gothic which is still wholly enjoyable, but as wylie once said, 'the vocals are a bit too monotonous'
a bit more diversity wouldve definitley helped kick this up to a 4+ in my books
45From Ashes Rise

again some more crusty dark hardcore shit, but again, it's really good, the final goodbye just might be my favourite
song from the genre, though tragedy has a song that challenges it but more on that later
46Galaxie 500
On Fire

tied with today for their best album, On fire is a really cool alt/indie 'slowcore' kinda thing
good stuff
first spell

reccomended by the fade himself
48 The Get Up Kids
Something to write about

yo so i see everyone talking about shitty pop punk all the time but where is the get up kids, one of the few good
ones? where is their mention ever? despite their 380 ratings i have never seen a single one of their albums bumped
so yeah fuck u pop punk sucks anyway this album is cool tho but pop punk sucks still
49 Gi M P
Smiles for McAvity

trumpets and MORE TRUMPETS its a ska CELEBRATION
just without the trumpets

halgadoms other album, heimstatt, is better, but damn this artwork is great
so this is kinda like viking/folky metal i suppose idk just look at the artwork dont actually listen to it nah its good i
like it
51Head Control System
Murder Nature

yo sdoin Garm i think its garm atleast its got some connection to ulver i think anyway its pretty good alt rock kinda

i suppose most of u have heard this but if u havent get on it nice relaxign ambient indie post rawk
53 Hilary Hahn & Hauschka

discovered this late 2012 so i didnt give it enough time to become aoty, and though it didnt top TMG anyway, it was
damn close
54 Impaled Northern Moonfrost
Flames of Hell

why do u even need music when u have seth putnam
55In the Nursery

wuz told this was kinda like shadows of the sun its not really but its still a nice album, the first song is pretty epic
56 ...In The Woods

Life From Dead Limbs

i believe told me they were like trophy scars and brand new or something like that so i was obviously really
excited turns out theyre not really but theyre still some nice though sometimes bland emo screamo indie hardcore
58 Jaaportit

ambient proggy electronic kinda stuff that almost sounds like it would fit in a game, pretty dark as well
59 Johann Palchebaabeaebebal
Canon in D

got some compo album of different versions of the song, really beautiful song though it does get boring after the
10000th time i guess
60 John Murphy
28 Weeks Later

soundtrack with some post-rock elements in it which is always sweet (*cough* Clint Mansell)

who the fuck here likes to PARTY
62 Koji Kondo
The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD

awesome retake on some of the games classics

better than alcest motherfuckers goodbye niege we are never ever getting back together
64 Leech
If We Get There One Day, Would You Please Open the Gates?

good post rock from a year when post rock is DEAD
65 Leftifield

yo some more music to PARTY too but not as hard as Cross
66 Lethian Dreams
Seasons of Ravens

more dooooooooooooooom/gothic
67Lord Wind
Forgotten Songs

lol rym calls it fantasy music what retards nah btu srs thats a pretty apt description, in a kind of similar vein to that
of the likes of wongraven and such
68 Loreena Mckennit
The Book of Secrets

The mummers dance + nightride through catcsiafbhiufhbidb + the highwayman are the only songs you need to get
you to cry urself to sleep in beauty and love

folk rock/metal with a bit more of that folk + rock rather than folk rock (if u get what i mean)
How the World Came To An End

trippy hoppy doomy kind of thing man its fucking weird but its good too strange huh
71 magdelene
sail with the tide

post-screamo heheh see i can make genres 2 i bet its already a real fucking genre idk kids these days dammit
72 make do and mend
make do and mend/touche amore

fuck u touche amore hand me downs is the gretates fucking song ever made ILL TAKE WHATEVER COMFORTS I CAN
GETTTT listen 2 it pls
Opus Nocturne

get ur face melted motherFUCKER

#crust #2012 so yeah more crusty shit this time from 2012 god i rock
75 Matt Corby
Into the Fire

the song Brother is hugeee in Australia and for a good reason too
76memory tapes
seek magic

synth pop chill as FUCK music good shit to listen to while chilling if i havent made it clear so while ur in the snow or
something cos u know ull be chilling ahahahahahahah get it
77Men as Trees

again post-screamo this time with more of a post-rock with screams in it rather than a typical PBTT thing has some
cool quotes about deer and wolves and shit
78 The Movielife
The Movielife Has a Gambling Problem

pop punk/hardcore kinda stuff not too bad tbh but andcas doesnt like it they swear a couple of times i think hehe
79 Muse
The Bradley Album

nobody will have ever heard this cos i did it myself, i do like listening to muse albums fully (i love their first 4) but
when im just not in the mood to envelop time into songs i dont loooove (ehem, feeling good, hate this and ill love
you, you fuckers) i compiled my fave muse tracks it goes as FOLLOWS
Map of the Problematique
MK Ultra
Citizen Erased
and then 1 extra track which I am yet to decide on
80My Own Private Alaska

1). Alaska is cool
2). Piano is cool
3). Screamo can be cool
4). this is alright, mainly in it for the piano honestly, the screaming and shit does get boring eventually

some more folky shit fuck yeah and a bit of an ambient influence too which is always accepted
82 Neun Welten

my god i cannot get enough of this FOLK this is a great EP, only 3 tracks but each one a fantastic listen
83 Oliveray

Modern Classica/Ambient kinda thing - think Retold by Nest, except a bit more exciting
Amor Fati

the people from this or atleast the dude or maybe it was the chick or maybe both not sure are from some bigger
band anyway this is some cool rocky ambient dark shit
85 Professor Fate

orchestral rock awww shit yea
86 Shadowcast Sun

Post-Rock that actually ROCKS and doesnt just crescendo (like GIA kinda thing)
whilst it does get boring in some parts its still a nice enough listen tho track 8 is pretty shit

sweet game sweet album what more can i ask? more death doom gothic melo goodness
88 Soft Note

Ambient/Modern Classical yet again but this is the best of the lot

DARK FOLK this rounds on me this is classic shit right here
90 Terracoustica
Terracoustica 1

found this on my spanish hunt, quite nice shit damn im dreading going back to school this makes me feel nostalgic
as fuck
Beyond Sanctorum

when therion fucked with SWEDEATH and not keyboards although i do like that other album with the blue minotaur
thing on it
92Tor Lundvall

Crystal Meth is bad for u

Night Falls my god, i just absolutely love his voice and the guitar tone its fucking awesomeeeosm as fuck
Sounds of Pain...

folk dooooommmmmmm dont worry though those sounds of pain will not be coming from your ears
shadows of the sun

i dont fucking care if uve herad it listen to it again man that sabbath cover oh man
96Vanessa Rossetto
Exotic Exit

my slsk keeps fucking up really hard its getting on my nerves i have all these doubles files go missing everywhere
ugh so messy anyway cool stuff right here its just really fucking everywhere although its possible thats my files but
im pretty sure its not but yeah just intense ambient industrial weird shit man crazy electroacoustic and field
recordings basically
97 Various Artists

all the good indie dudes we know and love (J Mascis etc.)
98The Verve
Urban Hymns

man album isnt that good its britpop but the day i finally found bittersweet memories i cried in happiness that song
was played so much in my house during my childhood
99Wild Nothing

just so devastatingly good, dream pop at its finest
100 goddamn

and my favourite... oh lol it actually comes out in jap on sputnik good job well thats that DONE ty for listening
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