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02.02.08 Top 24 Albums Of 200712.14.07 Late Discoveries Of 2007

Late Discoveries Of 2007

A list showcasing the best late discoveries of 2007. Albums on this list have all been created before this year, but not caught my attention properly or received the admiration they deserve until now. So, this is my tribute to them.
1Hot Water Music
The New What Next

I bought this album brand new for money that wouldn't even get me a meal at McDonalds in Stockholm, just because I knew the band, knew that they had split up and loved some of the songs on their previous effort "Caution". Three years later I walk the streets of Malm?, just wishing for a band to play with and to scream out covers of these songs on stage. Hot Water Music, you are dearly missed, and need to make your reunion tour a permanent one.
2John Mayer

After feeling my jaw drop at the ridiculous amount of female screaming portrayed in the live version of "Comfortable" taken from the "Any Given Thursday"-album, I decided to look more closely at John Mayer. Which I am glad I did, since "Continuum" has more or less completely captured my mood and become the soundtrack for the Swedish winter season. A must-hear for every one, guitarmusic-fan or not.
3Poison The Well
You Come Before You

It took my yaers and years to actually like this album, and now that "Ire Works" and "Versions" have made me a little rougher around the edges, "You Come Before You" feels like a fresh breath of air. Unsurprisingly, the album is very heavy but just like most of my favourites bands, Poison The Well push the boundaries and mix many an odd idea or two into the mix. Nothing changes the fact that the album pummels the ears of the listener, though, and is a trailblazing album for the post-hardcore generation.
Origin of Symmetry

After seeing Muse live at this years rather wet Roskilde Festival, this album just makes me laugh in disbelief. The rhythm section is, without a doubt, one of the tightest I have ever seen and then we have Matt Bellamy...the piano-, guitar- and vocal-virtuoso. The man who effortlessly sits down and goes Beethoven+Mozart on everybody's asses, and then shreds like a bastard just to prove that he can do that too. "Origin of Symmetry" is the perfect example of the madhouse that is Muse.
5Brand New
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

This..this this this..this is pop-punk gone "OK Computer"-aping. At first, the hype drove me slightly mad and didn't appeal to me at all. Later, it kind of grew. And now songs off of this album are among the top50 that have graced my iPod the most since I purchased it. Hypocrisy, thy name
Worship and Tribute

Sure, it's miles better than "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence", even it's probably a tie in the badass-album-name department, but is it a modern classic as oh so many claim? With Head Automatica on hold, Saves the Day diminished and Mr.Palumbo finally in control of his body, Glassjaw have returned with new t-shirts, new gigs and more badass names. "You Think You're John Fucking Lennon" is as hardhitting as it sounds, and "Worship & Tribute" is the perfect introduction to Glassjaw anno 2008.
Kid A

This is apparently the other album that is regarded as the best Radiohead-album. Mine is (obviously) "OK Computer" and it has taken me a long, long time to even begin to grasp "Kid A". I think I'm getting there.

This is similar to the "Kid A"-story. I'm not quite there yet, but some of the tracks on this album are truly fantastic, and are, in classic Radiohead-fashion, lushly pretentious and alike nothing the band has ever done before. Except "Kid A", that is.

I somehow managed to cast this album aside after its release, despite the fact that I saw Lagwagon perform songs off of this album last year and even performed a track off of it myself. Now I see that it is punk rock genius in CD form, just like its predecessor "Blaze".
10The Blood Brothers
Young Machetes

"You never know what you've got until it's gone" is a sentiment many tend not to want to use, because it is among the truest old sayings that we have in the English language. And sadly, we have to use this dusty old saying to reflect upon The Blood Brothers. Never could I imagine that the adrenaline rush of a show I experienced in February would not even a year later stand as a memory of the Brothers last show in Stockholm. In hindsight, "Young Machetes" was only steps away from perfect. Luckily, it stands as a glowing testament of everything The Blood Brothers were good at. Catchy, high-octane punk riffages mixed with spastic poppy-psychedelia trips, bubbling under the marathon-screaming or Misters Blilie and Whitney. The Blood Brothers are Fucking Dead; Long Live The Blood Brothers.
11Matchbook Romance
We Are The Romans
13Ryan Adams
Love Is Hell
14 Atmosphere
Seven's Travels
15Jeff Buckley
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