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My Top 100 Albums Of All Time!

Because we're coming to the end of a year, I thought I'd construct a personal top albums list from my mostly rock/metal (and mostly awful) taste in music so far; starting at #100 going right down to #1 in descending order. Expect very odd and possibly offensive choices along with a brief summary/justification of the album. It took me about a month of coming back and adding more to it and reshuffling to get the list in my most accurate order. Remember the list is subjective but criticism and agreement is welcome. Hope anyone enjoys.
Rev It Up

The very first album at 100 is Vixen's Rev It Up. Vixen was basically a slightly cheesier, female version of Bon Jovi and this is one of the greatest collections of ridiculously enjoyable power ballads ever.
99Life Of Agony

A controversial entry because I discovered this band whilst writing the list. Ugly has the potential of being way higher on my list in time to come but it's just so good that I had to mention it (99 will do for now). Torrential metal riffing combined with a grunge/alternative metal style. Their first album River Runs Red is as equally impressive and thrashier but Ugly was the album that has cemented Life Of Agony among my recent favourites. Moody and emotional stuff.
Take As Needed For Pain

Slit-throat vocals combined with a huge influence from Sabbath in the guitar department. 'Blank' has some of the biggest riffs ever put down. Sickeningly heavy.
97The Offspring
Ixnay On The Hombre

This is simply an album that is enjoyable, very catchy and reminds me of my youth. Regarded as a slight failure after Smash but it is more diverse and 'I Choose' is their best single that never became a favourite.
96Cannibal Corpse
Gore Obsessed

For me, it was tight between this and The Wretched Spawn for the best 'Corpsegrinder' Cannibal album, but this edged it due to an array of fantastic groove riffs and an album cover that looks like zombies playing basketball. Check the slithering riff on 'Compelled To Lacerate!'
95Solitude Aeturnus
Through The Darkest Hour

Thunderous epic doom metal from the early 90's. A prime example where you wonder how the band weren't astronomically more popular than they were.
94For Love Not Lisa

One of the great bands I discovered through The Crow soundtrack. A mix of grunge and hard rock to form a melodic and hopeful sounding album. Another band that mysteriously were not more popular than they possibly should have been.
93Dax Riggs
We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love

A very cool gothic blues album from one of the most underappreciated vocalists of recent times. Expect a lot of Dax Riggs' involvements on this list.
92Jeff Buckley

Perhaps the first album so far that I could call a classic without being met with bemusement. Sublime guitar work throughout and Buckley's voice permeates through souls.
91The Locust
Plague Soundscapes

How have I gone from 'Grace' to this? Very brief song lengths, spasm inducing instrument playing - imagine Agoraphobic Nosebleed on mountains of crack. Utterly demented.

Certainly the most straightforward of Audioslave's releases and that's really why I like the most, just a nice solid hard rock album all the way through. Not that the others weren't good enough.

A filthy, tortured, slow as fuck exercise in creating downright ugly music. Grief's sound combines the wading-through-tar pace of Swans or Khanate with grisly vocals and gives the outcome a sludgy, doom makeover. This penultimate album from Grief destroys face.
88The Cure

The Cure's attempt to stray away from their poppy, oddball sensibilities paid off greatly with this gloomy yet often lush sounding epic.

I was tempted to put a Jane's Addiction album on the list (probably Strays, oh no) but this is what I have always preferred, a little known side project featuring Dave Navarro and Eric Avery. Pure rock experimentalisation and something of a cult classic.

For some people it's usually a coin flip between Lateralus and this for Tool's finest album and my coin has always landed in Aenima's favour. Dark, technically astute, trippy and a huge advancement from their previous material.
Reise, Reise

Over the top, grandiose, and rhyming wunderbar with wonder-bra is a touch of genius during 'Amerika'. More creative than Mutter although that very nearly made the list too.
84Dax Riggs
Say Goodnight To The World

Dax's second solo effort and his second appearance on my list. Here he displays a sure evolvement of his bluesy sound by adding lengthier songs oppose to short burst tracks and the 'Heartbreak Hotel' cover embodies this.
83David Bowie

The best of the unofficial 'Berlin trilogy' that Bowie made in the late 70's. Here we have one half of Bowie's inimitable rock excellence and another half of creepy, ambient, instrumental atmosphere. A legendary album.
Suicide Pact - You First

Therapy? at their most twisted, one of their most accomplished albums too and Cairns' vocals often sound completely insane. Also, 2012's 'A Brief Crack Of Light' was the bands best album since this 1999 effort.
81Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

I once read that the band don't consider this a 'rock' album. It certainly is unusually more experimental but the tracks 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', 'Sabbra Cadabbra', and 'Killing Yourself To Live' rock pretty friggin' hard to me.
Welcome To Sky Valley

One day I will drive a Cadillac through the Nevada desert to this album while the sun sets behind me. Without hating on QOTSA, I don't think Josh Homme has topped this with anything he's been involved with since.
79Green Day

Another album from my youth! I remember this album getting slightly dumped on by some critics for the bands more folky approach. Yeah, it is a slight change but it just proved they could still pull out catchy numbers from other given styles. Green Day were unstoppable, even before American Idiot.
The Maggot

When selecting my choices for this list I had nominated about eight Melvins albums but narrowed them down to just this one. This is the band at their absolute heaviest and the songs seemingly flow together as if it was one track (no I haven't got this confused with Lysol).
77Black Flag
My War

Some regard this album as an unbalanced mess due the last three songs all clocking in at over 6 minutes, and which are slow, Sabbath style semi-drone pieces. Side A is good enough but the last three aforementioned songs make this a step more interesting than other Black Flag and proved influential in the sludge and doom genre.
Say Hello To Sunshine

In hindsight, this is the album that effectively killed Finch; a huge contrast from the sound of What It Is To Burn which won them tonnes of fans wanting more. This is gritty and mature material and the band stuck to what they wanted to achieve which is always a plus for me.
75Agents Of Oblivion
Agents Of Oblivion

Out of the remnants of Acid Bath, Dax Riggs (again) and Mike Sanchez with the help of others formed an interesting little project which retained Acid Bath's dark tone but sacrificed the heaviness for bluesy and slower melodies in a genre I like to call 'swamp rock'. Those keen on this band should look out for their B-side 'The Skeletal Circus Derails'.
74Manic Street Preachers
Journal For Plague Lovers

14 years after his mysterious disappearance, the Manics decided to write music for Richey Edwards' unused words and they did them great justice. Though not as dark as The Holy Bible, this album offers a striking resemblance to the caustic sound and tone which bled from that release.
73Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard

Sometimes called tame when compared to their future releases. This is true, but Electric Wizard's debut is still one menacing sounding doom fest. The title track is one of their greatest and the cosmic 'Mountains Of Mars' is the soundtrack of a stoners trip.
72A Day To Remember

Possibly a guilty pleasure but this an example of pop-punk metal done very well. Littered with thumping breakdowns and every track is as catchy as hell.

Most definitely Ministry's last essential release so it's unsurprising that Animositisomina was the last album featuring Paul Barker. The recent thrash orientated albums are ok but this was the last interesting release by the band. Pummelling, relentless and awesome.

It's hard to imagine the contemporary metal scene being as it is without bands such as Helmet. Their last output before their initial and acrimonious split is a slice of suitably angry, hardcore crunch and where Hamilton's voice got the gravelly edge. On a personal note I'm part of the group who like all of Helmet's work, even albums post-Aftertaste.
69 Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle

Circus-horror-funk-metal? Inbetween Faith No More albums and before he had over 10,000 side projects and his own record label, Mike Patton helped create this schizophrenic genre mashing nightmare. 'Quote Unquote' is demented and slightly terrifying.
Vulgar Display Of Power

A definite classic of its genre and even though the greater songs are stacked towards one end of the album, it is still a force to be reckoned with all way through.
Bricks Are Heavy

If Vixen were the female version of Bon Jovi then L7 is the female version of Nirvana or Alice In Chains. Short, angsty tunes with that distinct early 90's feel. This album includes the favourite 'Pretend We're Dead'.
66David Bowie

Bowie's best 90's album and personally (and semi-apologetically) my favourite. It contains some fairly distracting interludes but the interesting neo-noir style generates a sort of dystopian atmosphere that is unique to Outside. A bizarre release, even for Bowie.
Songs Of Love And Hate

Probably the most accessible Godflesh album. A bigger than usual influence from hip-hop beats is easily noticed here but the bile filled vocal delivery and the thick, abrasive guitar sound still stamps this as Godflesh.

I really like the albums Queen made towards the end of their career. This and The Miracle are both excellent but this edges it because it contains the epic 'Innuendo'. Not many bands bow out with an album as good as this.

Some say it's overrated, some say it's the greatest album of all time. I'm personally not a huge fan of Nirvana but this is a top album and very importantly the other tracks stand well up against the revered singles it holds.
Beg To Differ

Imagine a cross between Metallica and Pantera circa Cowboys From Hell and you'll have a good idea of how this album sounds. It's a shame Prong veneered off into an overly industrial styled sound because Beg To Differ is solid and everything that followed is great but not quite up to par.
Coming Up

Suede's first album after what could have been a costly departure in Bernard Butler leaving the band. Suede bounced back and simply produced ten of the catchiest British rock songs ever.

Godflesh's second inclusion on the list and this (their debut) took the monolithic sound of their 1988 EP to crushing new depths of industrial hell. Two (sometimes three) men and a drum machine creating the sounds of absolute oblivion.
Take The Curse

Ex members of Electric Wizard created this ghastly sounding piece of black metal mixed with the crushingly slow tempos of their previous band. Personally, I think this album is better than Electric Wizard's last three albums combined.
58Killing Joke

Killing Joke intensified their new-wave and post-punk roots into a colossal barrage of rocking noise. The sprinklings of cultural influences and percussion give this album a sort of other worldly feel. Not your average industrial metal album from one of the most understatedly influential bands of the last thirty years.

A fantastic side-project supergroup including members of Pantera, EyeHateGod and Crowbar. This is a consistent and riffy album and also one of the greatest to come out of the whole stoner/sludge metal scene.
Dog Man Star

Bombastic, melancholic, operatic, cinematic and pompous. With an album like this, how could Suede be labelled as just 'britpop'?
55Cannibal Ox
The Cold Vein

'Woah! A hip-hop album?' I came across this underground hip-hop act on T.H.U.G. and the spacey, ethereal atmospheres juxtaposed with the creative lyrics has stayed with me since. 'The F-Word' is one of the greatest hip-hop songs on the 00's.
54Electric Wizard

This most definitely is a contender for the heaviest album in the universe, in fact, it probably is heavier than the universe itself. In what is widely considered their magnum opus, Electric Wizard managed to create such an uncompromising wall of sound that few others have replicated.
53Butthole Surfers

This is widely considered as one of the Butthole Surfers dud albums but I fucking love it. Possibly scratch a few 'Lonesome Bulldog' revisits and just be taken away by GARY SHANDLING! 'Barking Dogs' sounds like some sort of post-apocalyptic war zone perceived through the eyes of a meth addict yet also features some strangely cool guitar work.
Make Yourself

Incubus' departure from funk laced nu-metal and into an evidently more creatively mature mindset (though it does sometimes feature a few angsty lyrics). This is where I believe the band started to truly find their sound.
In Nothing We Trust

The last album before Reuben's split. Some of the songs on here have a distinctively progressive metal feel such as the epic 'Suffocation Of The Soul' and I would have loved to see what these guys did next.

TOP 50! Imagine a band like Foo Fighters playing thick, sludgy and sometimes rampantly fast metal; I think it would sound quite similar like Torche (check 'Rockit'). Some of the heaviest riffing and bomb-like chords of recent years but undeniably catchy with a somewhat poppy sensibility.
49Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell took over for a large amount of the lead vocals on this record, mainly due to the tragic deterioration of Layne Staley. Nonetheless, this is excellent grunge/metal that still packs a massive emotional punch.
48Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik

This funky sleaze-fest contains so many staples for the alternative rock scene in the 90's and it's probably Frusciante's best work with the band too. One of the coolest albums ever.
47The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Though not as epic as 'Mellon Collie...' it certainly is more consistent in my opinion. Even if you can't stand Billy Corgan's thinly whined vocals, his masterful guitar solos will more likely win you over. Another early 90's classic.
46Stone Temple Pilots

A return to a heavier sound for the Pilots which was reminiscent of their earlier days. However No.4 does retain the quirky 60's influenced sounds in songs such as 'Sour Girl' and 'Atlanta' making it a great mix of their strengths.
45Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth

With Teeth, Nine Inch Nails' most straightforward metal release, could be criticized for being creatively inferior when compared to some of the other works but it also proved that Trent Reznor could just put out a simpler album full of streamlined industrial fury if he was inclined.

I understand that their earlier thrash orientated releases are classics but 'The Black Album' is as metal as metal gets. It also helps that 'Sad But True' features one of the greatest lead riffs ever and the production on the album is flawless.
43Cannibal Corpse
The Bleeding

Some would say this is the last album worth bothering with by Cannibal Corpse, I completely disagree with that but 'The Bleeding' is my favourite and is almost unanimously considered their best. A huge emphasis on slower, groove orientated riffs and a deeper, thicker production than ever before or after, but the ever present blast beats and sickening lyrics make this typical Cannibal Corpse.
42Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go

After an absolutely tragic chapter during the bands career; the Manics produced this hopeful, optimistic and less abrasive album which probably took everybody by surprise. However, with the lyrics left over by Richey Edwards and melancholic tones which fill the album, the sadness still creeps through.
Psalm 69

Amidst the fame Ministry gained at Lollapalooza, they dropped Psalm 69 - the audio equivalent of napalm. I think the album itself is patchy but the strength of the singles, 'Scare Crow' and the title track make it a firm favourite.

It annoys me that Silverchair have gone on 'indefinite hiatus', this and Young Modern displayed a huge development in their ever maturing sound and god knows what they would have done next. Diorama edges it with a balance of sweeping epics, and crunching anthems all delivered with a big sense of escapism.
39Black Sabbath
Never Say Die!

This will be viewed as an awful choice to put on a top 100 albums list by about 98% of the entire world but it isn't a joke. I love 'Never Say Die' partly because it was the album that got me into Sabbath and also because most of the songs kick ass! The tracks could have been put in a different order if it was possible (the last two songs don't feature Ozzy!) but 'Johnny Blade' is one of Sabbath's coolest songs, well I think it's cool anyway...
Us And Them

In 1999, Godflesh gave us an album which contained the sounds of the future. Not a glossy, shiny future; but a dystopian, industrial, acid rain drenched future with little hope. It could have been an absolute failure combining drum 'n' bass with crushing post-metal but it sounds phenomenal yet just as bleak as they could ever possibly go. This, to me, is still years ahead of its time and 'The Internal' is one of their greatest songs.
37Foo Fighters
One By One

My favourite release from the Foos. Dave Grohl says this is their worst and I have no idea why, every song is just as catchy as the last and 'Halo' desperately needed to be a single! Top stuff from one of today's most popular bands.
36Black Sabbath
Volume 4

I probably had people worried suggesting that 'Never Say Die!' may have been my favourite Sabbath album but no, Vol.4 edges it for being flawless all the way through and for proving to me that Paranoid isn't the be all and end all of Sabbath. Though people should be thankful I didn't include Born Again on the list purely for 'Zero The Hero' which may actually be my favourite Sabbath song.
35Machines Of Loving Grace

Another band I discovered on the fantastic soundtrack to 'The Crow' that have sadly disappeared since. Their previous efforts are more electronic orientated but Gilt is heavily guitar laden. It basically sounds like a less cheesy and leaner 'Pretty Hate Machine'.
Be Human

I've followed Fightstar since the start, they never struck me as just another post hardcore band that came out of the woodwork during the mid 00's, they just seem too proficient to be lumped into that sort of crowd. Be Human shows the band exploring numerous new ideas culminating in a more grandiose sound but not sacrificing their own with tracks like 'Damocles'. Check out the deluxe edition of this album for some essential B-sides.
33Nine Inch Nails
The Fragile

After 5 years of doing remixes, producing albums, contributing to soundtracks (check out Lost Highway) and doing more remixes, Reznor delivered this whopping 23 track double album in 1999 chock full of some of his greatest work. I prefer the left side, but the right still contains some great material, most notably the instrumentals.
Saturday Night Wrist

Deftones are a band that are always getting better with age, (I had to talk myself out of including Koi No Yakan on this list!) Saturday Night Wrist contains a fantastic offering of singles but tracks like the thunderous 'Beware', the pleasant 'Xerces', the unpleasant 'Pink Cellphone' and the soaring 'Combat' certify this as one of my favourite Deftones releases.

Suede are a band whose songs often have the power to get me right in the gut, the mixture of Anderson's powerful, bowie-esque voice and the ethereal music is an exceptional combination. This is greatly demonstrated with the slower songs like 'Sleeping Pills' or 'Pantomime Horse' which feature on this brilliant debut.
30Rage Against The Machine
Evil Empire

It may sometimes lack the initial punch of its predecessor and perhaps seem a little stripped down but tracks like 'Down Rodeo', 'Revolver', 'Tire Me', 'Snake Charmer', 'Without A Face', 'Bulls On Parade', 'Wind Below'.... INFACT, they're all excellent! A solid, furious and rifftastic follow-up.
Infernal Love

Following their break into the mainstream, Therapy? could have followed that trend and simply repeated their past success. Instead they quickly released a moody, depression-laden collection of songs with only a few hints to easy past accessibility with songs like 'Loose' and 'Misery'. And that's why I love Therapy?, they simply don't give a shit about fitting in and they make themselves impossible to categorize by having each album sounding completely different. Infernal Love was where this was first established.
28Manic Street Preachers
Generation Terrorists

This debut has enough anthemic hits crammed with intellectually charged lyrics and glam metal inspired riffs to justify itself on my list. But just when you think the album has ran out of steam, the Manics unleash one of the most electrifying album closers ever.
Diamond Eyes

During a period when no new material surfaced due to bassist Chi Cheng going into a coma, Deftones shelved a completed album and instead gave us Diamond Eyes! This album showed us that the band were still willing to fire on all cylinders despite the unfortunate situation of their bassist and deliver another top album. Heavy shit.
26Type O Negative
Bloody Kisses

This was Type O Negative's transformation from a dirgey thrash metal band (that was very similar to Peter Steele's previous band, Carnivore) into a fully fledged gothic metal outfit. It's over the top, sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking and has a deserved cult classic status. Black No.1 is most likely the greatest goth song of all time.
The Great Southern Trendkill

TOP 25! Just when fans thought Pantera had delivered the heaviest album of their career with Far Beyond Driven, the band just went rawer, faster and uglier! It's often overlooked, but I think it's their most devastating best. 'Floods' is their understated masterpiece! (Check out my full review of this if you're interested).
24Butthole Surfers
Locust Abortion Technician

How can something be so insanely deranged yet be cohesive and addictive? Some songs are hilarious but for the most part, this is horrifying stuff! '22 Going On 23' features some pretty bleak subject matter but also some guitar work that is utterly sublime. This album is a freak of nature.
Dark Side Of The Spoon

Sometimes dismissed as a self-parodying low point of the bands career but this is truly a gem in Ministry's heterogeneous discography. Fusing crumbling, greasy soundscapes with saxophones, sinister synths and other esoteric sounds, Dark Side Of The Spoon is criminally overlooked.

A bellowing slab of Godflesh's usual dense and crushing mass of noise. Arguably the bands most straight up metal album but even that would be a hard-to-digest description for the more traditional metal-head. Seriously heavy. (Check out my full review of this if you're interested).
21Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilot's second album which differs greatly from their grunge/metal debut. Here the band take on board bluesy and psychedelic vibes to make their most influential release and put a gap between them and the whole grunge movement which would widen with further releases. 'Big Empty' is one of the finest songs from that generation and is also one of STP's very best.
20Acid Bath
When The Kite String Pops

A band which had its career cut short under tragic circumstances but left a big mark on the sludge and doom scene of the 90's. This band takes many different styles of metal and rock and just puts it in a blender! This causes many shifts in tempo and heaviness, even in one song, which are often about drugs or death but Dax Riggs' lyrics (oh yeah, he was in Acid Bath too) are anything but inane and paint vivid and disturbing pictures in the mind. (Check my full review for more).

In my opinion this (their last) is Godflesh's finest album; it quite literally takes all of their styles from previous albums and combines them into a sort of Godflesh colossus. What bands like Electric Wizard have in heaviness, Godflesh have in truckloads and likewise they don't sacrifice back breaking tones which in turn accentuate the pulverizing riffs.
18Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

Sometimes regarded as the dark horse in Faith No More's back catalogue due to the bizarre and constant switch between genres (possibly attributed to Trey Spruance of Mr Bungle filling in on guitar and being released the same year as Bungle's most nutty album, Disco Volante). Here we've got Faith No More trying gospel, post-punk, jazz, heavy metal, country and succeeding on all accounts with their usual flair and we also get to hear the entire spectrum of Patton's vocals from solemnly crooning to choking on his own phlegm.
17Type O Negative
October Rust

Every form of thrash and speed metal had been stripped from Type O's signature sound by this 1996 release and it has been replaced with chugging heaviness and sweeping, lush textures from start to finish. The overall style is still as gloomy and as dark as ever but the overly passionate lyrics work as a worthy contrast to the more mournful ones. The guitar tone on October Rust is incredible too.
16Green Day

Insomniac is something that I refuse to call a guilty pleasure, there is no dwelling on emotions or yearning here just pure pessimism and hatred delivered through Armstrong's snot-nosed vocals. Insomniac is one of Green Day's most overlooked releases but from start to finish (a mere 32 minutes) it is a frantic blast of punk rock fury, only slowing things down to really take a close look at the misery with 'Brain Stew'. Check the protracted intro to 'Panic Song' for one of the most pulsating build ups to a song ever.
Morning View

An incredibly chilled out rock album from one of today's most popular and prominent bands. This album took the slightly underdeveloped sound of Make Yourself and formed it fully into a mature, rocking album that begs the listener to lay in relaxation as much as it does to jump around. I urge you to take this album on your holidays.
14Motley Crue
Motley Crue

Motley Crue was and always will be fronted by Vince Neil and known for producing 80's glam metal, this album isn't Motley Crue. This album is a straight up heavy metal belter that has since been criminally underrated, overlooked and discarded. By adding the gruff new vocalist plus an extra guitar in John Corabi, the Crue were allowed to explore darker, heavier styles and subject matter. Check out the stomping outro to 'Uncle Jack' or the blistering riff to 'Smoke The Sky'. The only problem with this album is the title because it ain't really Motley Crue.
13Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

Given the knowledge that Richey Edwards wrote the majority of the lyrics, it's easy to read the words as prophetic regarding the events that followed. The Manics tackle the darkest subject matter imaginable from anorexia to the holocaust in a lo-fi post-rock style to create one of the most tragic albums in history. Caustic, hopeless, grim, but ultimately very compelling.
12Alice In Chains

The greatest album to come out of the whole Seattle grunge scene in my opinion, yet it transcends that genre with a more metal orientated sound that delivers heavy, rhythm driven riffs and melancholic solos from Jerry Cantrell. This album is another dark and tragic affair. 'Rooster' is a legendary song.
11Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

Keeping up the trend of utter despair is The Downward Spiral; just about unanimously regarded as Nine Inch Nails' best release and one of the greatest concept albums of all time. Trent Reznor takes sonic texturing to the limit in this ominously disturbing and thematic industrial collage with significant soft moments to break up the grinding layers of noise.

TOP 10! Helmet's catchy, punchy, staccato sound turned explosive on their third full length release. Songs like 'Milquetoast', 'Tic', 'Wilma's Rainbow' and 'Street Crab' posess an almost tangible thump to them but the whole album is full of lean, foot-stomping groove with the occasional tendency for the experimental. A lot better than Meantime in my opinion.

Few will argue that this isn't Therapy?'s finest release; it's packed full of racy, pessimistic venting with a Nirvana meets Metallica sound combined with their snare heavy approach. The best album of the 90's British alternative metal scene. Flawless.
8Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

Donning one of the most tragic images ever captured on the cover, this is one of the most iconic albums of the 1990's. An incendiary mix of lyrical protests, guitar effects madness and crushing funk metal. This is a classic album that barely needs an introduction. A riff clinic.
7Ozzy Osbourne
No More Tears

Ozzy Osbourne's second album with his (at the time) newly discovered axe-master Zakk Wylde and his supposed last album too, although retirement clearly didn't last. Released back in 1991, I don't think any subsequent Ozzy album has matched this classic and even though his albums released prior to this are usually taking the plaudits, No More Tears will always be my favourite. Wydle's trademark pitch harmonics dominate almost every track and the album features some stomping metal anthems such as 'Hellraiser' and the symphonic title track.
A Crow Left Of The Murder...

Incubus' last truly great album. For me this was the bands peak after carving out their sound with previous albums. Here we have fourteen songs that sometimes emulate the relaxed mood of Morning View and also the bands trademark tendency for the more aggressive approach. This is a great amalgamation which in itself creates its own sound that the band haven't quite matched since. Perfect.
5Type O Negative
World Coming Down

TOP 5! Some listeners didn't take kindly to Type O's more morbid than ever album which has always been my favourite release of theirs. Whilst Bloody Kisses and October Rust represented slightly more accessible sensibilities, this 1999 effort is pure doom and is the heaviest and densest album the band had produced. World Coming Down saw the band (especially Steele) confront sensitive matters with brutal honesty, especially with 'White Slavery' and the magnificent title track. An epic album. (Check my full review)
4Acid Bath
Paegan Terrorism Tactics

In my opinion this is the greatest sludge metal album to ever be released. Acid Bath's combination of slow and blisteringly fast songs with creepy and often trippy sounds is faultless. Dax Riggs's was on his finest lyrical and vocal form here and the rest of the band tightened their instrument playing to gothic, sludgy, stoner perfection; especially Sammy Duet who pulls out some memorable and monstrous riffage.
3Manic Street Preachers
Gold Against The Soul

You may have noticed that I have a tendency to appreciate the more underrated albums and this is another which I love. The Manic's themselves refer to Gold Against The Soul as 'a typical unfocused second album' which I can somewhat understand but it is still a fantastic album which for me it displays James Dean Bradfield's greatest vocals and also gave clues to the dark direction the band went with the lyrics. Criminally underrated. Look out for the excellent B-side 'Patrick Bateman' too.
2 Living Colour
Time's Up

Brilliant album from Living Colour which is often eclipsed by Vivid. This album encompasses a much more diverse style than Vivid but is still dominated by the melodic and soulful hard rock that they were so good at making. All members of the band were very accomplished at what they did and Time's Up is the album which let's this distinction show most. 'Pride' is one of the most underappreciated hard rock songs of the 90's. This has been in my top five for a very long time now.
Filth Pig

Absolutely hated upon release, because it was not at all like previous Ministry, it was a hell of a lot slower. Through the dragging riffs, rumbling doom and sludge is an absolute masterpiece. The menacing title track, the complete industrial rock reworking of 'Lay Lady Lay' and the psychedelic doom masterpiece, 'The Fall' are all simply incredible. A damn shame that it is still so overlooked but it gets my number one spot as it introduced me to REALLY heavy music and I have apparently accumulated nearly 4,000 plays from it on (haha).
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