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The Year In Zingers: DimSim's Favourite Lyrics Of 2012

A selection of my favourite lyrics of the year, ranked. Some are single lines, others are entire stanzas, and a few are even the complete lyrics to a song. Some are thematically brilliant, some are profoundly evocative and some are just aurally brilliant (a handful are all three). Enjoy and check out some of the bands/records/songs you haven't heard yet.
75GOOD Music
Cruel Summer

Asians get it from behind while they cleanin' their wok
- "New God Flow"
74 Earl Sweatshirt

We were the pottymouth posse crash the party and dip / with all belongings then toss 'em out to the audience
- "Chum"

To everyone I've ever loved / I'm sorry for all the things I've done / and maybe it'd be best if you could forget me
- "Faults"
Losing Roots

But I just don't care / addicted to careless things / addicted to careless people / the damage is done / I hung my heart / can't you see?
- "Everything Went Black"
71Death Grips
The Money Store

Let me off, screeching halt / concussion blinding / not my fault / ankles tied to cinder blocks
- "The Fever (Aye Aye)"
70Dot Hacker

Control myself now / will be your famous last words
- "Order/Disorder"
Southern Air

You would be watching "Star Wars" / with your PJ's on / and you would have / all the love in my heart / yeah, you would have / all the love in my heart
- "Ten"
68 Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds
I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever

And the last sound that I'll ever know is my heart exploding / "whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa-no" / soon, I'll be nothing but these bones
- "Suffer the Children, Come Unto Me"
67Circa Survive
Violent Waves

God, money, and women will bring you down / always searching for something that's not been found
- "Phantasmagoria"
66I Kill Giants
We Can Live in the Exact Same Place

He said something kind, but I couldn't pay attention / I'm not alright, but that's okay. I'll be fine, just not today / I'll stay inside my room, my pillow's my own best friend / I'm not alright, but that's okay. I'll be fine, just not today
- "Sleep Instead of Life"
65The Saddest Landscape
After the Lights

Cherry blossoms line the streets calling on all those that love us / I'll show you what it means to feel haunted / what it means to never be truly alone
- "The Urge for Permanence"
64The Devin Townsend Project

Now I see the way I'm headed / down and down, the youth descended / hell is here, but it hath no fury / like this woman still, there is no worry / I'm fine
- "Kingdom"
The Summer I Joined the Harlem Globetrotters Split

I'll be there in the morning / "I'm sorry, sir, you've missed your cue / he left this note for you / says he'll return in the morning / seems he's missed you too / had something to do."
- Alaska, "Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money"
Celebration Rock

Remember when we had them all on the run / and the night we saw the midnight sun / remember saying things like, "We'll sleep when we're dead." / and thinking this feeling was never going to end
- "Younger Us"
61The Mars Volta

Nature red in tooth and claw / I haven't seemed to keep my powder dry / I always seem to hear it in your laughter
- "Dyslexicon"
60Love American

Our empty faith leads us to such empty depths of our emotions / breathe. Peace. / lost in maya sewn shut to our eyes we corrupt the seed of our hearts/ exhale, man
- "All That is Lost in That Which is Found"
59The Mountain Goats
Transcendental Youth

Sad and angry, can't learn how to behave / still won't know how in the darkness of the grave / long black night, morning frost / I'm still here, but all is lost
- "Cry for Judas"
Failed States

If everything is bland and unambiguous, maybe they can understand how they fit into this place
- "Cognitive Suicide"
57 Kid/Astro
Disaster Sounds

Just howl at the moon / there was never a plan / 'cause everyone knows something I don't
- "Snowing"
56The Mars Volta

I've been hanging wreaths of cancer / on every door where children sing
- "Zed and Two Naughts"
55 Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate) / Rika

This is how my heart broke / I couldn't do a damn thing but watch
- Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate), "It's a fate we can't escape. Someday we will all pass away."
Koi No Yokan

I'd like you to take me apart from the inside / then spit through the cycle right to the end
- "Tempest"
53Titus Andronicus
Local Business

I grew up on one side of the river / I was a disturbed dangerous drifter / moved over to the other side of the river / now I'm a drop in a deluge of hipsters
- "In a Big City"

The stars and me were speaking / they told me you were leaving / if Jupiter is moving / then maybe you should stay
- "Wish"
51Old Gray
Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To

I have been lost and faded into this place, waking only to find it still surrounds me, blotting out the pain but with it, the comfort
- "359 Pine"
50Foxes and Iselia

And now this place is uninviting / as the darkness brings the cold / now frozen numb within you / but still your arms are so inspiring / that warmth I once felt / now my nest / for you to rest inside me
- Foxes, "Hollow Nest"
49Trap Her Keep Her
Fake Record

So now my back's against the wall / I always break before I fall / just a taste of a better escape that I couldn't muster / and all my words have disappeared, this is the day I always feared: the day the pen could only cross words out / and now my life has disappeared / this is the day I always feared / this is the day where my mouth crossed out / I will not fade away / I will not fade away
- "II"
48Hot Water Music

Oh, I for one may not shy / away from the fact that I'm sick/ and too tired to stand this/ it all seems contagious
- "State of Grace"
47 Au Revoir
In the Key of Night

Everything dies, that's a fact / everything that dies, never comes back
- "4:34 pm"
46The Mountain Goats
Transcendental Youth

Plug a night light in / leave the porch light on / because the small dark corners breathe like heavy animals / live like an outlaw / clutching gold coins in his claw
- "Night Light"
The OF Tape Vol. 2

Drive around with your friends / smoke a gram of that haze / bro, easy on the ounce, that's a lot for a day / but just enough for a week, my nigga what can I say?
- "Oldie"
44Regina Spektor
What We Saw from the Cheap Seats

She's been saying I'll have a baby / when he'll grow up he become a killer and kill everybody
- "Oh Marcello"

You are the king of an island of one / alone in a world that lost its only black sun / you are the king of an island of one / a tyrant soon to come undone / all hail the king
- "Little Tyrants"
42Jeff Rosenstock
I Look Like Shit

I saw an old lady one time on Astor Place / steal an old man's backpack and then punch him in the face / me and my neighbours screamed nothing
- "Amen"
41Classics of Love
Classics of Love

Everyone likes power / I wish I had some / but you would kill the prophets for your place in the sun / now it's up to us you, well healed / and all you care about it what it yields / who's telling lies in the corners? / laughing while the house burns down?
- "Castle in the Sky"
40Between the Buried and Me
The Parallax II: Future Sequence

To see one's self is hard to explain / last night was the first notion of this / once again, real life and dreams are whirling amongst one another
- "Extremophile Elite"
39The Smith Street Band
Sunshine and Technology

I see people that I love melting into mortgages / and low interest bank loans / income tax percentages / and it's all so fucking meaningless
- "I Want Friends"
38The Menzingers
On the Impossible Past

You'll carve your name into the Paupack cliffs just to read 'em when you get old enough to know that happiness is just a moment
- "Gates"
37 Transit
Listen & Forgive

And isn't it amazing in this world / that anyone could love / anyone at all?
- "Long Lost Friends"
36 Frank Ocean
Blue Whale

Stuck in the sky, first time upside down, on the whole ride
- "Blue Whale"
All We Love We Leave Behind

You shook me from my sleep / that willed me to die / a final goodbye
- "All We Love We Leave Behind"

The view from the trails from the vapors / that we burn from a kiss / heats the stars that we strangle / and it's proof we exist
- "Frontier"
Teenage Haze

My teenage haze, spent under these dim lights / they came and went too fucking fast / the tears dry too quickly / and the laughs all die away / am I the only one left here?
- "The Home Stretch"
32The Early November
In Currents

Tonight is a moment I will carve in the back yard / and try to regrow it, with the seeds set in concrete
- "In Currents"
31 The Wonder Years / Stay Ahead of the Weather
Punk is Dead. Get a Job.

The graffiti over 309 used to say things that I could romanticize / like "I'll always love you Katie" or "Bernard Herman lives" or maybe "loves"? / I could never quite decipher or decide / but now the overpass says things like "DRAT" / and I'm not sure what to make of it
- The Wonder Years, "Me vs. the Highway"
30Code Orange Kids
Love is Love // Return to Dust

If it looks dead and it smells dead... / it's probably fucking dead
- "Choices (Love is Love)"
I Am Gemini

I've done deeds I could never repeat (skeletons) / past mistakes climbing up from their graves (skeletons) / all of our sins are rising again like skeletons
- "Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton"
28Tigers on Trains

I unwrapped the trenchant truth / and folded away my youth / now nothing more than change / held onto just in case
- "There is No Prize"
Ten Stories

Topiary Tiger, once burned bright / save your tales of gnostic sight / and take heed on this (most) auspicious night! / Topiary Tiger, once burned bright
- "February 1878"

My heart will never be and never see and never know / oh heart ,and then it falls and then I fall and then I know
- "Genesis"
25Hop Along
Get Disowned

A stranger in India / doing okay so far / I'm just waiting on the feathers and tar / you are the only one / you are
- "Tibetan Pop Stars"
24State Faults
Desolate Peaks

We said goodbye to golden summers / the tide was high, our dreams went under / holding on to our last breath we walked away / I am left in the wake of this epiphany / that I must walk alone, that I am all alone / that my heart's a haunted home / and it's all I've ever known
- "Sleepwalker"
23Mount Eerie
Ocean Roar

Pale lights from other islands / slow flashing / through blue dusk / across the water / seeing island shapes / "who is there?" I call / a small yelp on the wind / and then / more roaring
- "Pale Lights"
22The Devin Townsend Project

We know that it's only human / we know that it's only love / we know that it's far too close to home / to see it now / love all we can before / we learn all we came for / learn all we can before / the road leads to home
- "Grace"
21Frank Ocean
Channel Orange

Chandeliers inside the pyramid, tremble / from the force / cymbals crash inside the pyramid, voices fill up the halls
- "Pyramids"
20Joyce Manor
Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

To one day miraculously be talkative and likable / to wake up as someone else, someone I know is inside of me / just waiting to be put to use by something much more sharp than us / they pry out every fucking piece and still they're coming around again
- "I'm Always Tired"
19Loma Prieta

Deliver ghosts to the crowd / the distant and sequestered emerge again / immorality / a small trace in half-light a dull relic / locked grooves emerge again / I materialize / a satire...
- "Diamond Tooth"
18Joyce Manor
Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

Pour out on radio flyer color of fucked up and groovy
- "If I Needed You There"
17Tenacious D
Rize of the Fenix

I mean, what? Yeah, we're gonna be, yeah, we're really good. We're like almost as good as Arcade Fire. Fuck that. We gotta leave those fuckers in the dust!
- "Classical Teacher"
16Love American

And as the sun broke at dawn there I lay at the last with your 30 pieces of silver clutched to my chest
- "Sink Your Teeth"
15Animal Collective
Centipede Hz

You find something you believe that you should do / and sometimes it won't come so easy / but sometimes you've gotta go get mad
- "Today's Supernatural"
14Say Anything
Anarchy, My Dear

I need a song meant to rally the devils / who dance on fields of brilliant treble
- "Burn a Miracle"
13Tau Tau
OneWorld Star

In the end, we all are moths attracted to a flame / and in the end we're brought together and look exactly the same
- "Moths"
12State Faults
Desolate Peaks

Maybe I'm a wolf seeking blood in shepherd's skin / a lonely heart that breaks when the sky caves in / alone like the eyes of a wolf whose lost its pack / alone like the eyes of a wolf
- "Vespers"
11Mount Eerie
Clear Moon

What is left of the dissipating dream world I made? / midday, in the light, quiet echoes of a freezing moon / distant bell, cold and clear
- "Lone Bell"
I Am Gemini

Out cold, run over by the boulder of Sisyphus
- "Double Dead"
9The Gaslight Anthem

Hey hey, turn the record over / hey hey, and I'll see you on the flip-side / there you go, turn the key and engine over / let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet.
- "45"
8Every Time I Die
Ex Lives

Against this / even boys fight violently in vain / what chance could we have stood? / we're the last of the lost / but now we're the first of the fashionably late / I refuse to be the only man / put to rest in a mass grave
- "Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space"
7Old Gray
Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To

And my words collapsed like the lung you've overused
- "Winter '11"
6 The Tallest Man on Earth
There's No Leaving Now

With your quiet devotion / to be lost like your child again / claim forever is a close and honest friend
To see through a fearless eye / and know that danger finally goes away / still you're trying / but there's no leaving now
- "There's No Leaving Now"
Celebration Rock

So we down our drinks in a funnel of friends / and we burn our blends right down to the end / we don't cry for those nights to arrive / we yell like hell to the heavens
- "The Nights of Wine and Roses"
4Minus the Bear
Infinity Overhead

Two become one / cacophony of a car crash / steel and blood, and it's over with the silence
- "Steel and Blood"
3teen suicide
I will be my own hell because there...

I was sixteen / we drove around in your car / you were doing coke / and I said I never got a taste for it / I let something else kill my friends and my body
- "have you been eating that sandwich again"
2Fucked Up
Year of the Tiger

Between the earth and the sun / a struggle on both sides / the tiger lives afraid as the tiger dies / chasing shadows across the sky / streaks of light he can't outrun / cut through the darkness like the shots from a hunter's gun
- "Year of the Tiger"
1The Menzingers
On the Impossible Past

I will fuck this up / I fucking know it
- "The Obituaries"
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