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Artificial Death...

put down the fork; face! pink lucozade is god like, and erm cm punk to end the streak... zora mask FTW
1Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

It's time, time, time.....
2Kate Bush
Hounds of Love

Take me now Kate...
3Bob Dylan
Highway 61 Revisited

Rolling Stone is the best song written, along with Desolation Row and Northern Sky
Public Strain

that Guinea pig that died was horrific. The shoebox grave was so sad. RIP, I'll miss
you brah!

Searching into my soul, discovering I aint gay. Watching Simpsons, channeling
Dylan. Hoping for feature, doubt I'll get it, cos I talk shit, and average about 10
comments per list!
6Kanye West
The College Dropout

peaks man, get me up K2. Let me live in Paris and have an affair with some bored
housewife??? Fuck yes! Baise Moi!!
7 DJ Shadow

living in my philosophical potato van. so fetch, so profound, in love with life!
8The Avalanches
Since I Left You

summer daze...
9Egyptian Art Strike
Egyptian Art Strike

crazy ass shit, water temple mixed with trout mask replica bro!
10John Coltrane
A Love Supreme

nothing to say. top album ever. memories.
11John Coltrane

love the music made by this guy!
12Arcade Fire

wish people stop trying to be all cool and down on everyone. just love everyone
man, dislike few!
13 Atari Teenage Riot
Delete Yourself

seeing these live was fuckin immense. ever since my eardrums havent been the same.
14Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

wanna go india,france and china and live and shit. different cultures, blow my mind
world, im ready!
15Frank Ocean
Channel Orange

16Flying Lotus

retrospective love for this

gayest, campest indie release ever, what a good little album this was. made me fall
in love with everyone!
18Bruce Springsteen

gettin me into springsteen was this easy!

best rap release, changed my world

birthday 07, i will never forget you :/
21Pere Ubu
The Modern Dance

summer 08; start of my journey to another astral plane!
Moon Safari

guilty pleasure, its gold!
23Tim Buckley
Tim Buckley

tennis players: 1. R-Fed 2. Wilander 3. Lendl
24Jens Lekman
I Know What Love Isn't

the guy makes my life sound so amazing, feel sorry for the bro!
25A Winged Victory For The Sullen
A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Blew my mind instantly, still trying to find pieces of it around the place...
26Joanna Newsom

Made me appreciate women on a whole other level, true story...
27Tyler The Creator

When OF were relevant and able to get acclaim without one of them coming out
the closet; they were good too...
28Albert Ayler
Spiritual Unity

classy classy stuff, great great undervalued release!

bong in hand?? not since 09 bro!
A Farewell to Kings

intro to the greatest canadian band of all time!!
31Led Zeppelin
Houses of The Holy

Reggae + The Zep = yeah man!!!
32Robert Rich

Explode your soul with this gem... All In One Sitting!
33Nick Drake
Bryter Layter

The nostalgia of hearing for the first time this makes me tear up, fucking legendary.
Him and Dylan and Buckley saved me!
34Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Better than the Smiths, get on it!
35Mercury Rev

Gotta love the Rev, saviours of indie? No? Still pretty good though non?
36Frank Zappa
Uncle Meat

Zapmans bestest!
37Eric Dolphy
Out To Lunch

wish i could stay out to lunch always man, with my triforce on my phone, eating
pain au choclat and drinkin espresso
38Animal Collective

Lets go Cena!
39Tame Impala

Cena sucks! (shoulda gone over Rocky at Mania tho...)
40The Strokes
Is This It

Blasting this in that caravan... 2006 4eva man!
41John Zorn
Naked City

Class as fuck pal!
Forever Changes

Best representation of summer and hippydom and so much better than Sgt Pepper!
43The Cure

Making me cry since age 12
44Action Bronson
Blue Chips

Ron Simmons AKA Farooq!
45David Bowie

Bowies best!
46David Bowie
Hunky Dory

Bowies most overrated but still better than almost anyting brudda!
47Lil B
Based Jam

TYBG; you can fuck my bitches!
48Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

best thing since Isis? Fuck knows, but seeing GYBE live last year was almost as
good as seeing Rush!
49 Main Attrakionz
808s & Dark Grapes II

Imagine Chuch but on headphones and playing on a loop forever!
50Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

Cassavetes over Tarantino!
51Pink Floyd

Thank you father, for not letting me get taken and introducing me to cultured shit!
52Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures

hearing this and expecting Love Will Tear Us Apart to come on soon, it never did,
and I never cared...
53Willie Nelson
Red Headed Stranger

that one day just looking for country songs to cry to
54Panda Bear

you can count on me
55Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden

i love you, please have my last rolo
56My Bloody Valentine

nothing sounds this good on acid!

the first heavy part in breadcrumb trail... blew mine and your mind!
58The Stooges
Raw Power

makes me feel like hitting people with glass bottles at they do the same to me...
summer 09 10th june, in leeds, man i love that day

helps me feel safe in the ghetto
60Miles Davis
In A Silent Way

this makes me sleepy, its aweinspiring
61Charles Mingus
Mingus Ah Um

charlie you smootho, gotta love you...

enter the fuckin void man
63Sufjan Stevens

holland man! take me away sufjan with your gorgeous words!
64Krzysztof Komeda

blew me away, cd copy anyone?? haha
65The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin

shit? i used to think so too, i was an idiot!

pink flag is class, but honestly this may be better!
67The Doors
The Soft Parade

bring back jim please lord, goddess, allah, the lot!
68Bob Marley
Catch A Fire


Mental Funeral

71The Go-Betweens
16 Lovers Lane

72Streetlight Manifesto
Keasbey Nights

gotta love some ska or gtfo, ahhh summer 08 come back!
Gulag Orkestar

indieriffic phase stage iv
74The Congos
Heart of The Congos

75Death Grips
The Money Store

76Submotion Orchestra
Finest Hour

immense grower, when you get it, you'll know; life changer!

2012; intro to this behemoth!
78Frank Zappa
The Grand Wazoo

gotta love the zap man! first introduction to him, unforgettable...
79Tim Hecker
Harmony in Ultraviolet

drift away to this man, pure gorgeousity!
80Joni Mitchell
The Hissing of Summer Lawns

jazzy joni was pure awesome!
81 Dexter Gordon

you beauty!!

robotic, psychotic, hypnotic, erect...

fuckkkkkk! rip my head tha fuck off!
84Frank Sinatra
In The Wee Small Hours

discovering sinatra as good is the best thing ever! depressing as fuck, having this
playin while talkin to my fucked up friends drinkin whiskey and sinking into the sofa,
mannn that was the lifee
85Galaxie 500
On Fire

quittin college, having this on headphones, lifting my spirit
86Bohren & der Club of Gore
Black Earth

brother you gotta love this...
87Brian Eno
Here Come The Warm Jets

that summer, on vinyl, oh god, fuck...
88Captain Beefheart
Clear Spot

Love some beefy!
89 Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works Volume II

fucking boom man, syncs up with life!
Beautiful Freak

going over to susans house... when i 'got' this, it was immense!
91Elliott Smith
Roman Candle

he made me cry...
92Daft Punk

Those vids, to 8 year old me, mind. blown!
93Kate Bush
The Dreaming

Intro to Kate and still her best IMO, get outta my hou-hou-house!
94Titus Andronicus
The Monitor

Walking down the aisle of HMV while the piano kicks in on A Pot in Which to
Piss,feeling like slow motion!
95Jeff Buckley

FOS: I should've come over...
96Bob Dylan
Blood on the Tracks

but I was bornn too laaaaaaaaaaaateeee...
97Prefab Sprout
Steve McQueen

faron young... fuck...

life changing? at the time sure...
99Young Marble Giants
Colossal Youth

Summer 08, loft bedroom, weed, legendary...
100Patti Smith

Summer 09 mannnnnn
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