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Ranking Whatever Comes Into My Mind Because I Cannot Think Of A Zelda Thing Although Zelda May Be Referenced A Little/lot...

because I couldn't find the 1920s version of Napoleon and I'm not overly rbothered about going to see Anna Karenina with the people from my runiversity course. So I'm gonna sit here, type my list up, watch some rBresson and Cassavetes and just be an all around arty fucking badman. rThe girlfriend is not home for awhile so after all that I am gonna play rPokemon Red as I have just completed Blue again. It feels the same it's rjust looking a little different, kinda like waking up in a different city and rhaving constant deja vu despite never being there at all. Also gonna rdrink my dandelion and burdock and wonder why I have been making rthose bizarre nonsensical lists for the past few day, maybe I just wish I rwas Hylian so I could escape the doldrums of real life. I'm not depressed rI am just bored and looking for a way out. So what better way to do rthat than expressing myself in surreal and odd ways on the internet? So rprepare for a total funsplosion; feast your eyes on this generic as fuck rlist and laugh at mine, yours and everybody elses mediocrity as we all rcompete for a superior social status on the internet. I'll tell you to fuck roff if you diss me because I am a total fucking psycho as far as you rknow, the greatest keyboard warrior in existence. Grow up man, take a rjoke and have a smoke. Just not near me, I have weak lungs. Faces or rShadows? Mirror or Nostalgia? Trout Mask Replica or Safe as Milk? Needle rDrop or Pitchfork? Zep or Floyd? Mario or Zelda? City or United? Muslim or rChristian or Jew? Irrelevance vs Importance? Fact vs Fiction? Right and rWrong? On or Off? In and Out? Around about all of that. What a rambling rcunt, ain't as if anyone will pay any attention... Off we go!
1Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

Pikachu is a total dick. In the original anime he is a total Hulk Hogan type
character, he's even got the yellow colours that the old geezer used to wear. The
fact that Ash used him against Onyx in Pewter City and won is just a total fucking
joke. Fuck you Pikachu, you're like John Cena nowadays. Luckily you have taken a
backseat in the newer shows from what I have seen, not being the be all and end
all of the show and just winning all the fucking time.
2Miles Davis
A Tribute to Jack Johnson

Piplup - you are so much better and cuter than Pikachu and really could be the
next face of the franchise but they are overly reliant on the Yellow One.
Charmander could have been it also but was never given equal billing despite being
more popular with hardcore fans at the time iirc. Charmander is more talented and it
irks me to think they never allowed any other Pokemon from the plethora of other
regions they have, to be the next 'guy' so to speak. Hogan didn't let Hart be the
guy until he'd gone, in turn Hart never got a shot at being on top for a dominant
period, then HBK came along and drew nothing. Austin came along and solved all
that though, all thanks to Hart at WM 13.
3A Winged Victory For The Sullen
A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Bret Hart - superior to HBK in every department except for the fact he was possibly
a touch to old to be The Man at the time he was, and also charisma had taken over
as being quite possibly the most important feature a 'superstar' had to have. I am
not a HBK hater but I think Hart could have had a better run if he was given longer.
This is once more all down to Hogan and his politics.
4Serge Gainsbourg
Histoire de Melody Nelson

Margaret Thatcher - speaking of politics, this woman is the best PM Britain ever
had. The mines needed to be closed, there was nothing left to gain from them
being open so fuck off about that. The poll tax was her downfall but the old dear
was going senile by then and being stabbed in the back by her own party, the
fools. after strengthening our economy and relationships with other countries
worldwide, as per the Labour party come in and ruin it all.
5Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra

Marge Simpson - she shows that no matter how bad your life seems to be to
always be thankful for what you have. Despite the fact she has an oafish husband,
a waster of a son, an overly mature and know it all daughter and a young baby all
to look after, she always strives to do the best for her family, still occasionally
finding time for herself and allowing a privileged life also. Despite all her families
shortcomings she always sees the best in almost everyone, and this makes her a
true icon for our times I feel. Be thankful for what you have because we are lucky
to even be here, so make the most of it and always look for the best in your fellow
6Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125

Lionel Messi - the greatest player I have ever seen. Fucking gorgeous watching him
play football. Making the sport in which everyone is overpaid, seem like an art form.
7Soft Machine

Johann Cruyff - possibly the greatest player ever, I've only seen footage but he
seems to be the blueprint for all other flair players that have been since the great
Dutchman. Total Football and a Total Footballer. Majestic.
8Death Grips

Dennis Bergkamp - the most underrated player of all time and an absolute beast for
my beloved Gunners. In the shadow of clinical strikers like Henry and Wright and
looked over by many for years when discussing playmaking strikers, they instead
mentioning the likes of Cantona and Zola. Only now is the Dennis being given the
recognition he rightly deserves. Arsenal's greatest ever player? Certainly top 5
9Joy Division

Ocarina of Time - The game that influenced all my batshit crazy lists and dreams as
of late. The game has so much depth for it's time it is unreal; the story and
emotion it injects into you is unparalled and it is one of the major artistic
achievements in all of art in my opinion. By far the best in the series and by far the
greatest Nintendo game of all time.
10Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Trout Mask Replica

Metal Gear Solid - As 4 needs another playthrough so I can really see if it deserves
its place, the first title for the PSOne is a legendary title and a revolutionary one
also. Stealth is now incorporated into most games nowadays, and the story is
sublime. This is before it got overly arty and up itself but it still has many twists
and turns that keeps anyone hooked. Memorable, brilliant and historically
significant, truly one of the great great games.
11John Coltrane
A Love Supreme

The Man
12Tim Buckley

The Man (white version)
13Nick Drake
Bryter Layter

The Man (English edition)
14Bob Dylan
Blood on the Tracks

The Bard, The Shakesphere of our times. Song after song filled with pathos and wit
and quotes aplenty. Is there anyone who has written such an amazing set of songs
consistently for 6 decades?
15Joanna Newsom
Have One On Me

Rimbaud - his work turned me onto everything that is beautiful throughout the
world. A true eye opener, his complete works is a must buy for any interested in
searching into their soul. Rimbaud has been there already...
16Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother

Wind Waker - this makes me happy, the colour, the music and the cel shaded
animation. Divided critics, fans and even myself for years. After a replay it is
deserving of being in this random pantheon of excellence. Beautiful.
17Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 9

Ham and Mushroom Linguine - the greatest Italian food.
18Husker Du
Zen Arcade

Federer on the tennis court = a work of art, a ballet, the greatest ballet, the
greatest tennis player to ever step onto a court. When he passes, God (if there
was one) would make Fed play against himself continuously for hours, repeatedly
turning down sex, as watching the great man is better than such.
Kid A

Angel delight - you make me nostalgic.
20 The Prodigy
Fat of The Land

Enter The Void - an amazing, orgasmic trip into the lives of two siblings. An
overwhelming experience.
21Kate Bush
The Dreaming

Persona - a dreamlike movie, the greatest two performances in film history and
Bergman's best film.
22Frederic Chopin
12 Etudes, Op. 10

Citizen Kane - everything that needs to be said, someone else has already said it.
Deep Focus man, deep foucs...

Touch of Evil - IMO this is Welles' masterpiece. That tracking shot inspired me to
take up filmmaking.
24Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Irreversible - the most arresting piece of film I have ever scene. The rape scene,
horrific. The head being crushed via fire extinguisher, sickening. A masterful and
gritty masterpiece.
Moon Safari

Metropolis - a precursor to everything sci-fi and dystopian. Back in 1926 people
must have thought Lang was insane. I think he is a genius.

Tarkovsky's oeuvre - every film by this great man features somewhere in my top
200 films. The man is cinema. His movies free myself from the shackles of life, they
make me feel like I am walking on air. Andrei is cinema's gift to the world.
27 Devin Townsend Project

Ozu - Tokyo Story took my breath away and makes me cry every time I watch it. It
crushes me. I love it.
28Charles Mingus
The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady

Kubrick was my introduction to film, he got me hooked and I have never let go. The
man and his films were my first true inspiration. More people should appreciate the
29The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico

The Tree of Life - best film of the past 15 years.
30Royal Trux
Twin Infinitives

Pickpocket - nothing much happens but the camera shots and the whole moody,
depressing feel of the film adds up to make a memorable experience.
31 Pharaoh Sanders

Faces - now I finally can see wht everyone is talking about when they discuss
32Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

A Woman Under The Influence is one of his many masterworks also. Possibly his best?
33Pere Ubu
The Modern Dance

Berlin Alexanderplatz - in one sitting, this was possibly the most overpowering
experience I have ever had. Fucking stunning.
34...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Source Tags & Codes

Satantango runs it close though. Masterwork.
35Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

INLAND EMPIRE. - Lynch's best, so underappreciated. Kooky, off the wall, genius.
36Klaus Schulze

How I Met Your Mother - a life saver. Barney turned me into a bro so much!
37 Lil B
I'm Gay (I'm Happy)

Based God - turned me back onto rap, made me based and as chilled as the Water
Temple. You rock man.
38The Pop Group

Father - thanks for everything man. Just stopppp hitting us all. People are starting
to wonder why I'm abit strange... Love You Pop!
Close To The Edge

Pokemon Red and Blue are the only ones that count!
40Sun Ra
Space Is The Place

Jack Daniels straight is all you need.
I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here

Kafka - The Trial and Metamorphosis are possibly the two greatest books written!
42Sufjan Stevens
The Age of Adz

Sufjan saved my life! He never comes down to my Hyrule parties though,
whatsupwidat bro... In all seriousness, this man's music is the reason I did not go
through with some stupid shit a few years ago, he got me off drugs and has kept
me clean ever since.
43Koji Kondo
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST

Malon - the dark side of myself and the one in my dreams loves you, and the
schizophrenic and imaginary side wishes you were real. But as I am awake you do
not exsist except in a cartridge, but still, thanks for the inspiration.

Piero Scaruffi - thank you for keeping me from diving into shit music. Changed my
whole perception of music and emotion.
45Paul Bley
Open, To Love

AfterHours - you are so the man! Legendary blogger guy, true great of the internet
46The Cure
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
47 Keith Jarrett
The Koln Concert

Tortoro - get existing, get down to Hyrule and keep us all safe please! I guess your
too big for us all though with your cameo in Toy Story 3, good on you buddy. TIAB
Tago Mago

Pepsi - I like Pepsi...
49 Red House Painters
Down Colourful Hill

Toy Story - thank you for not letting me forget my hauntingly beautiful childhood.
Forever Changes

Fin - thank you for probably not reading this, but noticing I got lazy and could not
think of anything to write towards the end!
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