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10.10.12 Atmospheric Metal09.30.12 Top 25 Worst Music Artists I've Ever He

Top 25 Worst Music Artists I've Ever Heard

I play euphonium, trombone, and have been very interested in learning guitar and improving my vocal abilities and musicianship. This is long, lengthy, and it's my opinion. Just remember why I made this: I'm an aspiring musician that wants to make a living off of music, and I work hard for what I do. So why should I stand by and watch as these posers make the big bucks when they don't deserve to? Note: I try to keep it objective, but that goes out the window.
1Design the Skyline

I didn't even know what I was listening to at first when I heard them. Did they just try to combine every core music genre known to man? I give up. Go ahead and listen to whatever music you want to. Just remember why I made this list...
2Nicki Minaj

Okay, do I even have to try to explain to you why she sucks? Listen to Stupid Hoe.

Where to start with these guys... Awful lyrics, no true instrumentals, an incredibly stupid image. Yup, pretty much hate them for the same reasons I hate many of the other artists on this list.
4Blood on the Dance Floor

So first it was all about having sex, then it was about trying to save lives. I can't take these guys seriously, their lyrics are (unintentionally) hilarious, and their music is, and probably always will be, awful. "But they save lives!" If you are saying that, you sure are going to great lengths to defend your favorite artists, who are rightfully hated.

Or as thefury617 says, "Ketchup." How sexually confused do you have to be to come up with these lyrics: "Wakin in the morning felling like P Diddy." First of all, who the fuck is P Diddy, and why does he matter? "Brushing my teeth from a bottle of Jack." Have fun with that Ketchup. I hope you enjoy the serious dental appointments you're going to need. All-in-all, who could make a worst musician list without including the magical singing robot, Ke$ha?

LOL, my objectivity has pretty much gone out the window now that we?ve traveled this far into the shit storm. Now you may ask why Emmure is so high up on this list. It's one thing when bad music bores you, but it?s another when it's so bad, it makes you cringe. I had the pleasure to see a comment on youtube comparing these guys to Opeth. You heard that right: They were compared to OPETH, quite possibly the greatest band to ever grace our planet. I'll give you one hint to a major factor as to why they suck: It starts with a b and ends with downs. Give up? BREAKDOWNS!
7Double Take

Whoever in the world decided these two could sing and have a record deal should really think about what he did (or we could just skip that and shoot him). Seriously. No instrumental or vocal skill or talent. I understand that Hot Problems was meant to be a joke, but they're coming out with more songs that are earning them money, and people like it because it has a "good beat?" Have people just lost all ability to listen to music. This is simple, boring, watered down, repetitive, crap. But they're still new in the game, so we'll see where they go from here.
8Lil? Wayne

If you're as hated by rap elitists as this guy, you're doing something very wrong. He can't rap with any kind of flow or consistency, he just autotunes his voice so can "sing", and, as for his guitar playing? What a joke! Whenever he's played guitar live, it's not even hooked up, that and he lets go of the strings to throw his hands up while a pre-recorded track keeps playing. So he stole another artist's work? Doesn't surprise me one bit. All of this, and, as said before, his lyrics SUCK!
9Britney Spears

Her looks were pretty much got her a music career. Her vocals are just AWFUL, to the point where they make Chad from Nickelback sound amazing. The lyrics are just as bad. There's literally nothing interesting about her. As bad as she is, there are still people that are even worst than she is.
10Insane Clown Posse

I think their rebellious attitude is what garners so many fans. The music isn't complex in any fashion, the rap is just plains silly and stupid. The track Chris Benoit, their tribute to the late wrestler, is just ridiculous. They're certainly doing something different, but different doesn't always mean good.
11Justin Bieber

He started out as a guitarist that covered famous tunes on youtube, got recognized by Usher, and is now living a luxury life. All of his songs revolve around one thing: girls. The lyrics are so incredibly simplistic, they make Aqua sound complex. The instrumentals are, as I've said with other artists, incredibly simple. They're covered with a plastic sheen that makes everything sound so synthetic, that the best quality about the music are Bieber's vocals. He actually can sing, and possesses some talent, but it seems like he's just wasting it.

Nickelback have never been any good, at all. Almost every song they've put out sounds exactly the same. The guitar work and drumming are absolutely nothing special, but the fact that they do the same thing over and over again just ruins the listening experience. All of this, plus Chad's absolutely TERRIBLE vocals and lyrics. Go ahead: Listen to Rockstar and have a laugh.
13Kety Perry

She seemed like a somewhat stereotypical, yet refreshing act in the pop industry at first, but went way down hill. She had some pretty good instrumental and vocal talent, and liked to emphasize her upbeat character, but with her latest album, she just became another pop drone talking about sex and over using repetitive synth-pop beats. She demonstrates almost no vocal ability and no instrumental ability. Also, again, her lyrics are TERRIBLE.
14Lady Gaga

Some of her material is very catchy, and even demonstrates some good vocal and even supporting instrumental abilities. The lyrics have always been incredibly stupid, but never too bad. Recently however, Gaga has just been getting worse and worse, creating a shallow listening experience that's extremely uninteresting. The sad thing, she was an excellent jazz singer and piano player before she went mainstream. Wonder what happened to that?
15Vanilla Ice

"Ice, ice baby..." yup, it's him. None of his lyrics make since, nor do they matter. The instrumentals in all of songs are incredibly simple, and vary between stereotypical background rap music, and nu-metal. Yes, he really did nu-metal. Yet his lyrics and overall music abilities are even more limited than Limp Bizkit's, making him an even more of a terrible musician, if you can even call him one.
16Jonas Brothers

Very little to no musical skill. Nearly every song they've done sounds the same, all the chord progressions are the same. Not only that (and feel free to correct me if I missed something on this), all of their tabs are... (cheesy drum roll) Power Chords! Yes, that's right, power chords. If that's really all you can do on guitar, you seriously need some practice and lessons.

These guys killed pop for me. They're lyrics are just so dumb, I can't listen to them. The instrumentals are nothing special, as expected. They're most famous for Barbie Girl, the quality of which matches that of a bird drowning in fecal matter. Everything they've done is just so cheesy and uninteresting. They were only around for a very short time, so they're not very high on this list.
18Limp Bizkit

Yup, I went there. Another crappy nu-metal band, but they make KoRn sound golden. At least KoRn has done some interesting stuff with their sound, and it's not all the same repetitive, droning bass guitar riff. Limp Bizkit on the other hand, doesn't have anything that can save them. As for lead vocals, WOW! That shallow screaming he does mixed with the random and almost awkward-sounding rap is terrible. The sad thing is that Gold Cobra actually has some interesting instrumental musicianship, but the vocals just destroy it.
19Black Eyed Peas

I've never been a big Black Eyed Peas fan, but after My Humps came out, I knew I'd be putting them on a "worst" list sometime. I did listen to some of their other stuff, and the older stuff's okay, but all the new stuff is just plain bad. No interesting musicality, no interesting vocals, and (surprise) awful lyrics.
20Willow Smith

A similar situation to Rebecca Black, she's the daughter of Will Smith. Only her music is even worse, and it seems that she isn't really improving. I could be wrong, but as it currently stands, Willow is no. 20 on this list.
21Rebecca Black

Wait, only no. 21? Wasn't Friday the worst song ever when it came out? Yes. But Rebecca Black's My Moment is a SIGNIFICANT improvement over Friday, so she's getting better. Besides, you can't blame her: You can, however, blame the producers for writing the song, and her mother for paying $2,000 for her to be in that video.
22Avril Lavign

Punk? Ha. Well, so much for objectivity... Where to start? Avril Lavign's guitar playing isn't very interesting of complex, and, a problem mentioned before: AWFUL lyrics. Seriously. That song Girlfriend is incredible annoying. Not just because of its simplicity, but because of the lack of any true thought put into the song. Almost all of her songs are like that. With all that said, Avril Lavign has transcended to a level of mediocrity almost equal to Nickelback. Speaking of Nickelback, we'll get to them later.

Why the heck are these guys so highly rated. I'll admit, some of their older stuff was pretty interesting, but they're polluted with boring, repetitive guitar and bass riffs, and Davis's vocals are mediocre at best. I'll also admit that I liked Narcissistic Cannibal off of their latest album, because all the musicians were pulling their weight. When that doesn't happen, you get a repetitive, boring, droning set of riffs that don't breath any life into the music.
24(New) Metallica

80's Metallica? Perfect. The Black Album? Good, but felt a little too slow at times. Load and Reload? Kinda Mediocre. St. Anger? Awful. Terrible production with bad drumming; repetitive, droning guitar riffs; and mediocre vocal. Even if it's what Metallica was going for, it's bad music. Death Magnetic was kind of a comeback: Some interesting riffs here and there. Then there's Lulu... This album alone earns Metallica their spot on this list. Terrible lyrics and vocals, awful drumming, and the same, repetitive guitar riffs; this is definitely one of the worst metal albums ever made!
25(Early) Evanescence

I really liked Evanescence's latest self-titled LP. They've shown many signs of improvement and are creating some very memorable, unique songs. But their early material (specifically Fallen) was absolutely terrible. The music wasn't too bad, but the riffs were incredibly boring and uninteresting, and the lyrics were AWFUL.
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