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Top Albums Of 1984
The Last in Line

About the last good thing Dio ever did, this album has some great songs.
9Frank Zappa

The whole concept around this album is hilarious. Some classic Zappa songs redone, and some good new stuff.
8Skinny Puppy

I go through Skinny Puppy phases where they're all I want to listen to. Too Dark Park usually takes up most of their airtime with me, but I really like this one too.
War and Pain

Don't like Thrash, but there are some exceptions, and this is one. Maybe it's just the nostalgia factor talking, but I think this album rips.
6 Mercyful Fate
Don't Break the Oath

Their best album by far, much more consistent than Melissa and way more memorable. Come to the Sabbath is a wicked song.
5Deep Purple
Perfect Strangers

80's Deep Purple was for the most part not that good, which is probably why their best of 80's compilation had like 4 songs off of this album alone. That said, this album is really good. Pretty cheesy, but great.
Grace Under Pressure

Of all of Rush's stupid synth driven shit, this is definitely the best. Red Sector A is probably the best Rush song of the 80's.
3Iron Maiden

This is such a good album. It does drag a tad in the middle, but the beginning and endings are so good that it can be forgiven.
Purple Rain

This album is so good. I've only seen the movie once and was only half watching it, but the album is just so awesome. Title track is one of the best ballads I've ever heard.
Ride the Lightning

The best album from their Thrash period, this one is unbelievable even with Trapped Under Ice and Escape both being trash. Title track, Creeping Death, Fade to Black, all essential Metallica songs.
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