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2011.. (a Bit Late)

I don't really care if you look down on this list. Most of the artists/bands that appear here I hadn't even heard of in 2010. Plus I'm most probably younger than you so stop being mean.. Only added descriptions to the top 10 and then selected others, so basically not the ones everyone else had on their 2011 lists.
Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I

Heavy Rocks II

Engulfed In Desolation

Okay so in January of this year or something I woke up and was like hmmm, gonna
listen to Cruciamentum today. I did.
True story.
37Trash Talk

Ma first hardcore band omg. Probably one of the few bands on this list that I listened to regularly
before 2011?
36Pianos Become The Teeth
The Lack Long After

35Iron Lung/Mind Eraser/HS/Scapegoat
Brutal Supremacy

Omg will the forum hardcore bros liek me now? No but putting this here anyway because it's
vicious and angry and trve.
The Rip Tide

Love Beirut but didn't feel this matched up to Gulag Orkestar, not necessarily a big criticism
as I adore that album. Still a very enjoyable whimsical collection of songs though, perfect for
lazy summer evenings..
33Veronica Falls
Veronica Falls

Jangles and gloomy smiles
32Big K.R.I.T.

31  A Winged Victory for the Sullen
A Winged Victory for the Sullen

I like piano a lot.
Cunt Punch

Laughably titled 6 track screamo/hardcore album that packs a fairly hefty punch.
Apparently these guys have a new album out, gonna have to check it..

I mean, look at those people having fun on the cover, happy album
28Weekend Nachos

Not as good as Unforgivable, better than Punish and Destroy, about as good as
Torture EP. Haven't heard any of their other stuff, I'm sure I will listen to it
27Cave In
White Silence

The Sum of All Fossils

Crushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhing death metal.
25Soul Swallower

Hey look, a sweet album cover. Favourite description of these guys is that they're
like an uglier Trash Talk (think Plagues not Eyes & Nines).
Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

Pre-ordered the vinyl release of this, which made it my first ever vinyl. Was slightly
underwhelming although it's a great album. I think maybe the HUGE hype over this
before it was released increased my expectation to a bloated level. Still...
23Cannabis Corpse
Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise

Yeah this is really fun/ny.
22Colin Stetson
Those Who Didn't Run

This definitely flew under the radar. I didn't even know about it until about a month
ago and a grand total of 4 ratings from 2011 would suggest I wasn't alone in
missing it. It's 2 tracks that are each around 10 minutes long and they are
fantastic. Doesn't quite reach the heights of Judges but still ridiculously impressive.
Garten Der Unbewusstheit

Those clouds and stuff.
20Beastie Boys
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two



17Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor

Like Shadows

Entry into emoviolence/superfastskramz/chaoticskram/whatever.
Was these guys and Orchid for a pretty long time, then branched out a bit more.
15God Harvest
Demo 2011

Thx rasputin. Quality hardcore/grind demo that y'all should consider.
14Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Sit Resist

13Death Grips

It goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes
12Fell Voices

My first foray into non-Burzum black metal.
The Destroyers of All

One of the first 2011 albums that I listened to, maybe. Was too much for me to
bear because I think at that point, my recently-turned-16-year-old-self thought Dir
En Grey was the heaviest band evarrrrrr. It must've been about November or
something when I listened to it again and thoroughly enjoyed it in all its density.
Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e que

OmgxEuroskramzx. SO I guess this was my favourite screamo LP of 2011. It's more
cohesive than Il n'y a Pas d'orchestre but I suppose you could quite easily turn that
around and say it's more repetitive/boring.
9The Afternoon Gentlemen

Probably one of the few that most of you Sputnik losers wont have heard of,
they're a grind/powerviolence band from the UK (like me, omg). Not quite sure how
I came across them but I did, only had one rating on this site so must've been from
somewhere else. Anyway, solid 38 tracks with enough abrasive vocals and riffs to
put off most. Idk why I liked this so much but I did, shrug.

A friend told me to listen to Masakari and I did (The Prophet Feeds). They don't
exactly play a style of hardcore that I was familiar with (still aren't, although back
then my hardcore knowledge was effectively non-existent) but I enjoyed it
nonetheless. Saw this get some hype on this site and with a cover like that, I was
always gonna look into it. Turns out the Alpinist side is better but both are

Didn't know who Kidcrash were but thought I'd have a listen to a few of their songs on youtube.
Liked the style so this was a random download. Turns out I'd stumbled my way to finding a
brilliant EP, with what are still my favourite Kidcrash songs to date. Their approach is perfect.

Okay so I'm a sucker for album artwork, if I like the cover, I'll check it out, 90% of
the time. Really dug/dig this album; it's like a combination of hardcore, grind and
black metal. Attempted to hype these guys, wasn't too successful but idc, rules.
Infernal Warriors of Death

SO this is when I found my death metal niche, again it was the cover that
attracted me, I mean look at all dem colours. Led me to Incantation and
otherworldly glories.
4Kendrick Lamar

Album art reeled me in. Got me on a hiphop hype too, which is impressive.
Roads To Judah

Didn't like it at first, went back to it months later and idk what it was, it just seemed
different. Perhaps I was more accustomed to the style of vocals, or maybe I just wasn't
quite ready for it the first time around. SO much atmosphericz.
2Crash of Rhinos

Woooooo yeahhhh.
If you don't like this you're just jealous b/c it's better than you.
1Colin Stetson
New History Warfare, Vol 2: Judges

Inspired and unlike anything I had ever heard before, incredible. Plus the artwork is
Oh and I bought it on vinyl, awwyeah.
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