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07.08.12 One Song Albums

One Song Albums

Albums with only one song on them. Albums with bonus tracks not included. Suggestions welcome and encouraged. This is a toned down list taken from my account on RYM, which has over 200 entries. If you are interested in that list, search for 'renkls' on RYM. A lot cannot be found on here.
The Hunt

Originally released as one 79:59 minute track - the longest a CD can possibly fit.

A 70 (!) minute funeral/sludge metal epic, slow as molasses and heavy as heavy gets.
28Black Boned Angel

probably the most full bodied release of drone doom metal by these new zealanders, but not their only one track release. Check all of them out.
Delirium Cordia

74 minute single track album for surgery - a wonderful listen for atmosphere. the last 20 minutes don't really count as they're just vinyl noise.

The original release was one solid hour of difficult drone doom metal. The rerelease doesn't count due to a bonus track.
25Devil Doll
The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms

A 79 minute track may sound arduous, but if it's Devil Doll we're talking about, expect a masterpiece - and you will receive one. Best thing they ever did in my opinion.
24Devil Doll

The first version of this album at 58 minutes is very difficult to say the least, and in my opinion, pales against their next effort.
23Devil Doll
The Girl Who Was... Death

66:06 reads the album length, but it's really 40 minutes with silence hiding a hidden ending. The vocals are an acquired taste, but you may grow to love them.

A 47 minute funeral doom album with lyrics spoken in a dead language. Cool stuff.

Pagan Black Metal that is actually quite fantastic, even if I don't listen to the genre much. 51 minutes.
Monolithe II

The smaller sibling of Monolithe I at 50 minutes.
Monolithe I

A 52 minute funeral doom song. Epic stuff.

It's likely you won't make 10 minutes into this 45:43 song, but patience is a virtue. I personally love it.
17 Keiji Haino
C'est Parfait

Probably the maddest album Keiji Haino has made, a 44 minute drum fest with crazy as vocals. His discography features many other one track albums, none of which are on here.
16The Atomic Bitchwax
The Local Fuzz

42 minute instrumental jamming. Good stuff.
Paso Inferior

Another simplistic, but powerfully brutal album in the sludge metal vein, pulverising the same riff onwards to eternity (or 42 minutes).
14Shit and Shine

One riff, 42 minutes. Surprisingly, is catchy as.
13Saw Throat

Although not as 'together' a piece as other one track albums, it is pressed as one 41 minute track of industrial/experimental metal.
12U.S. Christmas
The Valley Path

A 38 minute meditation fused metal album.
11 Jim O'Rourke
The Visitor

A 38 minute song that is for the intent listener. Quiet, peaceful stuff.
Plague of the Planet

Heavy metal band fuelled on gasoline and roadrage deliver a 37 minute final statement of their career.
9Green Carnation
Light of Day, Day of Darkness

A 60 minute progressive metal epic, considered by some to be a potential classic.

Another favorite - a massive 39 minute crust punk epic that never feels a second overlong.
Pain Is A Mere Sensation

An experimental post-hardcore band that put out a challenging 43 minute mix of mathcore, jazz fusion, industrial and metal.
6Richard Buckner
The Hill

An album based on 19th century poetry that runs 34 minutes. Hard to describe if you haven't heard it.
5 Naked City
Leng Tch'e

No one probably expected a drone doom metal album from experimental artists Naked City, but they got a very powerful 31 minute one.
4X Japan
Art of Life

29 minute magnum opus from the japanese band.
3Sabbat (Jpn)
The Dwelling

A black metal epic that runs 59:48. Low-fi sound doesn't stop it being awesome.

A 50 minute prog rock epic that is one of my favorite albums of all time.
1Edge of Sanity

The obvious entry around these parts, a 40 minute death metal epic.
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