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A Good 2012 List

so far so good
1Mount Eerie
Clear Moon

Similar to Wind's Poem (meanwhile - Xenophanes: "He has more albums wtf???") in its sonic themes, arrangements and level of
experimentation. But whereas Wind's Poem was a massive, unsettling affair evoking a sense of twinpeakism, Clear Moon is much
more timid and welcoming, like a peaceful midnight stroll in a forest inhabited by the spirit of Euronymos and WitTR faggots.
Can't wait for Clear Moon's evil brother later next year. Aoty. 4.5/5

Noiz, drooone, industrial, electroacoustic or dark ambient? We'll have to wait for aubgerdraems to properly categorise this
elite clusterfuck (2 listeners on last.fm omg). All I know is that this is one of the darkest albums I've ever heard. It's
the musical equivalent of purgatory, except there is no escape from this. Once you've heard this, you're trapped in with the
other unsuspecting listeners forever. A pulverizing mass of darkness and despair which expands on itself, not bound in space
or time. If you want to out elite every single sputnik user in a swift move, put this on repeat and on your end of year list.
There is nothing after this. Clear Moon, meet your match. 4.5/5
3War (DK)
At War for Youth

Lo-fi noise/industrial/synth dirge. The fascinating closer Brodermodet haunts techno faggots worldwide. 3.5/5
4Je suis le petit chevalier
An Age of Wonder

Fever Dunes is the sound of the mind slowly spiralling downwards into limbo; a path without purpose or form. The First Forest
is the journey of the subconscious across deserted, intangible landscapes, gently floating above total nothingness. In the
words of KILL, "this rapes ass". 4/5
Multicultural Degeneration

Ah, Pogrom. The thing that's been missing on all these 2012 lists so far. And I ask, why? Why do you DELIBERATELY leave out
one of the year's finest masterpieces? It it because not enuff blast beats? Because they're no Fiona Apple? Not SowingSeason
approved? If you're into Sillverson Pickouts and Lmao Prieta, then definitely don't give this noise/industrial album with a
sweet old-school feel a listen. 3.5/5
6Vatican Shadow
Iraqi Praetorian Guard

It's industrial so expect something weird. Apparently, it's also techno so idk... maybe I can dance to this shit??? How the
fuck should I know. 3.5/5
7Egyptian Art Strike
Egyptian Art Strike

Crazy hardcore/powerviolence/no wave/grindcore (I probably forgot a few genres) album with insane vocals. Just read the
painfully unfunny troll review for it if you want to delve deeper into this shit. Also, they're not my band. I specialize in
avant-garde field recordings and technical twee pop. 3.5/5
The World Is a House on Fire

Is there anything about this record that kingsoby1, the long lost drone visionary, hasn't said already? 3.5/5
Walk On Heads

Extremely enjoyable punk/noise rock. There is not much else that can be said. Or is there? Your turn Irving. 3.5/5
10Natural Assembly / Cremation Lily
Nothing, Everything Hidden

Two dark, menacing artists compliment each other in the spookiest album of the year, an unsettling marriage of venomous
synths, darkwave and power electronics. This is even scarier than Brand New's Luca. 3.5/5
11Bedroom (NY)

Amazing dreamy ambient not too disimilar to last year's phenomenal Venn Rain. Tranquility Tapes outdid themselves again.
12Various Artists (Noise)
Port Out, Starboard Home

I suck at describing industrial & power electronics so this rules I guess. 3.5/5
13Loma Prieta

This would be higher but I remember Hawks liking it. 3.5/5
14Lust for Youth
Growing Seeds

Another quality piece from one of my favorite synth artists.
15Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Visiting This World

The sound of JCL re-visiting (c wut i did ther) the style present on Love Is a Stream and Shining Skull Breath. Yet another
great noisy ambient drone from Ledesma. 3.5/5
16Street Drinkers
Dead Secrets

Lo-fi synth pop. Not on par with the material on their split with Lust for Youth but I like everything this band has done.
17Dweller on the Threshold
Dweller on the Threshold

It has guitars, drums, vocals and production. What else can the listener ask for? 3/5
18Slow Magic

My 1979 of 2012. But unlike the dreamy summer haze that was Casa del Mirto's latest offering, Slow Magic's Triangle is a bit
more subdued affair, perfect for lazy evenings spent on the beach, watching sunset turn into moonrise. It carries a certain
nostalgic, melancholic feel that makes this record sexy and memorable. We'll see how long before I lower this shit to BTBAM
level. 3/5
19Matt Elliott
The Broken Man

Very Cohen-esque, which is not a bad thing considering Cohen's latest album is something of a turd really. Drinking Songs
remains his best effort but this is a great piece of dark, emotional folk. 3/5
20Starving Weirdos
Land Lines

By now you're probably wondering where is Koloss and Utilitarian. In that case go fuck yourself, this is great droning free
folk (let the comparisons with Natural Snow Buildings beign). Not very original but still better than whatever Wintersun have
in store for us this year. Seriously, fuck that band. 3/5
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