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Worst Bands Ever!

Worst bands ever!

Slipknot are the worst band that I've ever heard in my life, bar-none. With such insightful lyrics as "PEOPLE EQUAL SHIT PEOPLE EQUAL SHIT PEOPLE EQUAL SHIT PEOPLE EQUAL SHIT " how could I not like them you ask? I don't like their philosophy: "IF YOU'RE FIVE FIVE FIVE I'M SIX SIX SIX URRRRAAGHHHHHH".
Simply put, they're numetal crap and think they're metal, but they're not. Plus, they've got the dumbest fans ever. I don't care how much I like a band, I'm not calling myself a maggot, or anything close to that. If you do, you're an idiot and should be shot. Slipknot sucks. End of.
2Linkin Park

How these guys have sold thirty million albums I'll never know. They've been critically lauded since the start, and AMG (who are usually right, unlike MTV.. See: Slapknuts for more info) says their newest album is the worst. In fact, I don't even think of them as a band. To me, they're a corporation made just for the money. In fact, that's what they are! They change with the times, gotta love that!
Linkin Park = Shit.

These guys actually have fans! Can you believe that? Hello, hello, may I please go vertigo! No, no, you may not go vertigo. In fact, you can go lie in that ditch over there and I'll throw the grenade after I'm finished done burning Slapknuts CDs. Until then, sit tight.
U2 = Shit.
4All That Remains

If there is one thing that must be said: I'm tired of hearing about these mallcore losers. They sound just like every other crappy metalcore band out there, and are nothing special. They shouldn't have sold 1,000 albums, they shouldn't have sold 100 albums, they shouldn't have sold 10 albums. Put better: When the metalcore fad is over, they'll fall back into obscurity until they get the chance to jump on another fad. JOY!
All That Remains = Shit.

P.O.D. destroyed any buzz I had about the numetal scene (notably Korn) when I heard that piece of crap song "Youth of the Nation" and felt like throwing up until my guts came out. P.O.D. tries so many styles and does them all so incredibly wrong that I think they should die in a fire. All of them. Because they suck.
P.O.D. = Shit
6My Chemical Romance:

god, what do we have here? as i see it, kids will buy/listen to anything the corporations market to them threw MTV. Emo is one of of these such things. Why can't all you teenage girls realize their is music beyond MTV, unfortunatly, they grow up, get their periods, then start listening to crappier music(Kenny G, 1000 maniacs and the god-awfal supertramp) Rock is the only good genre of music i know and unfortunatly its being taken over by this corporate bullshit. as long as emo fad or post-hardcore shit stays around for, rock will be forever misunderstood. this is not rock.
7Fall Out Boy

this is my most hated band of all time, worse than creed, worse than korn, worse than everything. the guitarist looks like he goes into some sort of spasm while playing, how do you play your guitar like that? trust me, i've tried. this is simply another case of morons who only sell records because they have a multi-billion dollar record company behind them. they sing about highschool dances and being bullied at school.
8Billy Ray Cyrus

This guy... Oh... My... God. I hate him with a burning passion. I want to cut off his arms and legs, tie him up in the desert for a day, pour fire ants all over his body, cut off his wang and balls, shove them down his throat, and then hit the area with a nuke. I. Hate. Billy. Ray. Cyrus. I really hope to god he dies in a horrible accident any second now. Please, please do Billy.
AND take the song Achy Breaky Heart to your grave with you!
Billy Ray Cyrus = Shit.
950 Cent

I listened to 50 cent once and then got angry at my computer. He looks so relaxed when he sings this utter rubbish that it looks like he's been beating off the past millennium. I'll skin him alive and make a belt out of him.
11Miley Cyrus

Your ReasonThis chick has the most annoying voice in music. Needless to say, she's the only half decent thing to come out of her stupid-ass dad. I'd tap that, but really, she's not even that good looking. I just like to tap things. Tap em hard. Tap em good. I'd still tap Britney Spears though.
Miley Cyrus = Shit.
13Sum 41

Their first album was pretty good. Chuck was pretty good. Their latest, was not. In fact, I've heard better things drop in my toilet. I think that's all that I need to say on the matter.
Sum 41 = Shit.
14Green Day

With respect, Green Day is gay. But hey, they're not nearly as gay as number one. In fact, they're listenable. I'd rather go on a 48 hour binge of this crap than listen to one Slapknuts song, just for your information. Still, Green Day is god awful.
Green Day = Shit.

If I have to hear CKY ("Camp Kill Yourself") one more time, I'm going to make it look like a suicide. These asshats make crap they call music, which is really just a bunch of noise, and get in videogames and crap. I'm tired of it. CKY is a stupid band, and Bam fans can suck it.
CKY = Shit.
16Rock Star Supernova

How does a band with Jason Newstead sound so bad? Simple enough: Tommy Lee is in it! Oh, and so is that faggot with the dumb chicken hair... The singer dude. I lol'd at him when I saw him singing. Funniest part is he didn't want to be on Rockstar: Supernova because he thought it was a Van Halen audition! Right, who wouldn't want to be in a good band?
Rockstar Supernova = Shit.
17Limp Bizkit

In all fairness, the album before the starfish and
chocolate water or whatever as OK. However, ever since then they've been decidedly crap and really a useless band. The only reason they're not higher is that I respect Fred Durst for calling Slipknot fans the "fat kids". So true, Fred, so true.
How a band like this sells ten million of a certain album, I'll never know, but it probably has something to do with MTV or something
18Crazy Frog

HOLY SHIT!!!! this is not even music! it sounds like someone forgot to turn the radio off while they were filming jeprody. i can't believe us as a society have become so consumed with money that this...THIS is what we are marketing to children. the sick ass that came up with this cheap idea should do us a favour and put a bullet in his head before i do it for them.
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