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Three Souls in my Mind / El Tri

Emerging in the late 60's Alex Lora and his group originally called Three Souls in my Mind, became the pioneer of rock and roll group Spanish original. At first the majority of his compositions were English miss. On their third album decided to compose only in Spanish because it was important for people to understand the message of his songs. Singing in their original language Alex Lora gave his own identity to rock'n'roll made in Mexico becoming its flag. In 1971 participated in the festival Avándaro (our "Mexican Woodstock") which was attended by over three hundred thousand peop ...read more

Emerging in the late 60's Alex Lora and his group originally called Three Souls in my Mind, became the pioneer of rock and roll group Spanish original. At first the majority of his compositions were English miss. On their third album decided to compose only in Spanish because it was important for people to understand the message of his songs. Singing in their original language Alex Lora gave his own identity to rock'n'roll made in Mexico becoming its flag. In 1971 participated in the festival Avándaro (our "Mexican Woodstock") which was attended by over three hundred thousand people, concert made history in Mexico, as in the history of the group. Despite all the barriers that Alex Lora and his group had to face were gaining a large number of followers making their way to all kinds of people and social classes, the music of this legendary band reached all corners of Mexico becoming a phenomenon social. After 15 years decided to adopt the name that his fans always called THE TRI. In 1985 he won his first gold album (the first being delivered to a band in rock history in Mexico) for his album entitled "JUST", which showed the first single "Sad Love Song". In the 86's "rock'n'roll Vicious" became a hit in Peru rank first on the radio and opening their doors to welcome in two great concerts in the Plaza de Toros Acho and returning the next year to walking tour seven cities in the country. In 1986 the band was invited by Miguel Ríos to participate in the first meeting of Latin American Rock the Palace of Sports of the city of Madrid, Spain, next to the most representative groups of countries such as Argentina, Chile, Spain and Venezuela. United States has also been important in the career of THE TRI and has had several presentations in New York, Chicago, Houston, and throughout the states of California and San Francisco Fillmore mainly in the city of Los Angeles, having presentations in places like the Sports Arena, The Olympic Auditorium in Pico Rivera, The Palace, The Hollywood Palladium, in the Amphitheater Verinzon, etc.. In New York THE TRI presentations were a success in the "Roseland" with two full consecutive winter. Chicago also witnessed the success of the group performing at places like the International Amphitheatre, the Aragon Ball Room, Expo Center, the Odeum, Hawthorne Park, House Blues and Live Festival in Chicago. In the state of Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio also witnessed the concert of THE TRI, not to mention Vegas. His discography includes 37 albums, under the name of Three Souls in my Mind were recorded 15 LP's, 13 studio and one live recorded double Eastern Prison. With the name of THE TRI were recorded 22 albums, 18 in study (1 double) and 4 in vivo (2 doubles), one recorded in Santa Martha Prison, another held in The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California, the following recorded in the 25th anniversary concert at Palacio de Los Deportes in Mexico City and the fourth for the two concerts celebrating his 30 year career with a total of almost 20 000 people at the National Auditorium in 1998. Being all original compositions of Alejandro Lora in his career. A date has received a number of awards, including an Ariel award for best song called "Cancer" for the film "A lost year" award from the "Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences", other Palms awards Gold Medal Phonos; well as 8 Gold albums and 1 Diamond for over a million album sales in the United States. A recognition was in March 1997 when THE TRI returns to Peru after 11 years of absence and received by 200 000 people at a concert called Rock Beach ("The Woodstock Peruano") taking place in the Playa del Silencio; case only in the show in Peru. In May of the same year he was invited to participate in the Beer Festival in Cuzco, in August comes in Lima in The Home Fair in November in Arequipa in the Beer Festival and ended the year by participating in the Telethon to benefit of children with cancer called Tele love. More than 300 thousand Peruvians enjoyed the roncanrol of THE TRI that year. In October 1997, celebrates its 29th anniversary as part of the International Cervantes Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico, being the first rock band as recognized officially unveiled at festival once again opening a new space for the Mexican rock'n'roll. During the 1997 tour called "Virgen Morena", toured the United States, Peru and Mexico giving a total of 80 concerts which were attended by more than a million people. Throughout his career Alex Lora is and will be an excellent communicator and urban chronicler of Mexico, show songs are actually denounces corruption, injustice, oppression of the underclass, has resulted in his compositions their concern for underprivileged children, especially has been characterized by its social work for those most in need. From their production "A ROLA FOR DISABLED" (album 26) started a campaign giving away wheelchairs in all products (Telethon, massive concerts, private, etc.) and not just in Mexico but also crossed borders this helps to get to Peru, to date we have given away over 1,000 chairs. The environment also has been a concern for him, has donated 500 trees to be transplanted in the city of Celaya. The release of her album number 29 entitled "WHEN YOU'RE NOT" dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, was special guest Carlos Santana, and became a historical event in Mexico as Alex Lora called his audience to participate at a Mass held in the Basilica of Guadalupe to sing at the altar the theme "Virgen Morena" with a chorus of 50 children with more than three thousand people, including children, adults of all ages and mostly young people from all social classes, the priest who offered the ceremony used some fragments of the theme for the sermon and said that God had used THE TRI as a tool to bring young people to the church. Never before has a rock band had enjoyed such an honor. This same album was awarded the Grammy nomination in the category for best latin rock album, awarded by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Scienses, Inc. In the month of October 1998 THE TRI celebrated its 30th anniversary, making two great concerts on 11 and 12 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. accompanied by a symphony orchestra consists of 84 elements considered performing his classic songs and, like hymns for his followers. These concerts were recorded to pull what would later SINFONICO THE TRI. As part of its 30th Anniversary celebration was launched production "END OF THE CENTURY" also nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album Latino, can be considered as one of the most important awards in its 30 years of uninterrupted rocanrol far. In early 1999 opened Hard Rock facilities in Lima Peru whose funds were allocated to the Special Olympics Foundation Pre there. Horizons to South America continued to have their own fruits, in April presentations in the cities of Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires in Argentina were a success, moving then to Chile to promote his new production. Mexicans are not oblivious to his triumphs since THE TRI continues to perform throughout Mexico. For the month of August comes back again to Peru for most important fair in the country: The International Beer Fair Arequipeña in which gathered more than 30,0000 people. In September of the same year he began his tour of the Caribbean, in the months of October and November begins his tour of the United States: in cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego , Anahiem, Stockton, Fresno, Miami, San Jose, Bakersfield, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Caroline Nortn Puerto Rico, enjoyed the group presentations. After taking their production to the Symphony, Alex Lora recorded solo album entitled "LORA, THE LIRA AND ROLAS" demonstrating that only he is capable of going to extremes. Establishing itself as the father of Mexican rock'n'roll. Since starting the new millennium THE TRI no production records. 33 "WE CAN FLY" accompanied by great musicians and special guest Miguel Rios. The taste taste to stay when the disc recorded live with the Symphony, because with that concern recording a second production called "SINFONICO II" (Production No. 34), but this time in the recording studio, disc reached expectations expected. "DO NOT FORGET THE BAND" production title number 35, with unreleased tracks like "Only God" first single from this album, "Chilangolandia" paying tribute to the Great Tenochtitlan, "Returned to lose", "A Starting today, "" Sperm "," The Briefs "," Your smile "," From the band pa race "the latter accompanied by the Tribe, an ethnic group manages to give a magical and mysterious to the topic. By Chela Lora concern of leaving a witness in pictures of what has been his life in rock'n'roll conceived the idea of ​​making a documentary film entitled Slave Rocanrol Alex Lora taking it well to the big screen. This project is carried out in late 1999 and Producer Luis Kelly and his team are given the task of following the group in all their tours and activities for two years, with nearly 600 hours of recording so translating the cry of the crowds of over three generations, where the script and the script is written by the same band, by time, by Lora, his grounders, by the actors Mexican, Peruvian, Spanish, and even the cherubim "gringos". To celebrate its 35th anniversary with a good start to the year the movie was released 3 albums and are released to the market a double entitled "THE NUMBER ONE", the Sound track of the movie and tribute grupero. For the month of October this year was built the statue ensure the collection of thousands and thousands of keys donated by his followers, and a majestic spectacle were celebrating again in the National Auditorium, the most important forum in Latin America. To celebrate Alex Lora reach more than three decades in rock and roll is not easy, because as the song says "the point is not to reach the top but to stay there forever." A lifetime to go forward opening gap, fighting everything and everyone, a lifetime to create, to stay current, to excel, to sacrifice and be delivered in order to achieve a place that is not the number one, much less best, but if the only place that stands apart from all commercial proceedings, the prefabricated and manipulated, the only place that no one can fill. " Considered by the Government of his hometown Puebla de Los Angeles as "Distinguished Poblano" honored in the city of Guadalajara with a statue proclaimed on November 10, 2002 as "The Day of Alex Lora" receiving the keys of Miami, voice of the people of Mexico, and strangers flag, symbols of freedom for the captives, encouragement for the disabled and marginalized, irreverent, Guadalupe, sarcastic, romantic, indifferent, humble, passionate, realistic, catholic, witty and spontaneous, is and a living legend, has reached the major leagues with the big sharing stage such as Erick Burdon and The Animals, The Cult, Ramones, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, most recently with Sammy Hagar. People have become hymns and songs of his band has made the most popular rock and roll group of Mexico and Latin America for over three decades. By the end of 2005 is published the first independent production totlamente "BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL", with which he has toured much of the Mexican territory, the United States and Argentina, among others. In 2007 goes on sale the album 'Straight from the other side' which was recorded completely live in the Gibson Amphiteather Universal City in California, which included the song 'The wall of shame' which is dedicated to the wall at some point planned to put Americans on the border with Mexico, The live album also present some classic rolas band recorded live never before also captures the essence of the concerts of The Tri Live. Also in 2007 presents an unreleased recording, the album is called 'A heel' and includes topics such excelentas promote the first single entitled 'Besame', as well as great compositions of Alex Lora as' tomorrow ',' That father is dreaming ', and many more, that make this production a classic album immediately More El Tri. This year is a year of much importance in the career of Alex Lora, as it was four decades since its first gig, forty years of uninterrupted career with great dedication to his followers, nearly half a century of continuous and dedicated to rock'n'roll public true to this rate. The celebration comes with many things up his sleeve: The presentation of an album of unreleased tracks entitled 'Nothing to lose' from which it follows a very ad hoc with our family now living in the U.S. Mexican 'undocumented Race' of which records a video and captures the magic of Alex Lora and El Tri today. It also gives an account of the best forty issues of the discography of the band which are rewritten to launch a three-disc box, offering a fresher sound and legendary classic themes of the band. As if this were not enough also presents two unique concerts with great production and great guest surprises in Mexico City and in turn the second in Los Angeles, California. This is how Alex Lora and El Tri of Mexico hit a high point in his career, celebrating four decades of history, rock'n'roll and rock'n'roll raise Mexican flag. VIVA MEXICO CABRONES AND LONG LIVE ROCANROLLLLL!! - Translated from official site « hide

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