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From First to Last

(Bio taken from Wikipedia); In November 1999, From First to Last was formed by Matt Good, Steve Pullman, Mike Blanchard,and Scott Oord under thename First Too Last. Eventually a solid lineup was formed, featuring lead screamer/vocalist PhillipReardon, guitarist/vocals Matt Good, guitarist/vocalsTravis Richter, bassist Joey Antillion and drummer Greg Taylor (thenreplaced by Derek Bloom). In 2003, the band released their debut EP Aesthetic onFour Leaf Recordings which featured thevocals of Good, Reardon and Richter. By the end of the year they had signed to Epitaph Records. After theAest more

(Bio taken from Wikipedia); In November 1999, From First to Last was formed by Matt Good, Steve Pullman, Mike Blanchard,and Scott Oord under thename First Too Last. Eventually a solid lineup was formed, featuring lead screamer/vocalist PhillipReardon, guitarist/vocals Matt Good, guitarist/vocalsTravis Richter, bassist Joey Antillion and drummer Greg Taylor (thenreplaced by Derek Bloom). In 2003, the band released their debut EP Aesthetic onFour Leaf Recordings which featured thevocals of Good, Reardon and Richter. By the end of the year they had signed to Epitaph Records. After theAesthetic EP,Reardon was missing by the time they were going to record Dear Diary he had called the band and said he was to be leavingfor personalreasons. By this time Jon Weisberg had joined on bass. The band wanted to move Matt Good to lead vocals.However, Good was reluctant to take on bothlead vocal and guitar duties. He wanted From First to Last to have a frontman,to connect with the crowd better. Using the social networking site MySpace,Good came in contact with a guitarist and singerfrom California by the name of Sonny Moore. Moore flew to Valdosta, Georgia, where Dear Diary, My TeenAngst Has aBodycount was being recorded, and was set to be the band's second guitarist. However, when the other band membersheard Moore singing"Featuring Some of Your Favorite Words", they decided that he was much better suited for lead singerthan guitarist. Matt Good and Travis Richter wrotethe album in two weeks. Moore came in after the music was tracked andcompleted the vocals. Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count was releasedon June 29, 2004. From late May to midJune 2005, From First to Last participated in the "Dead by Dawn" tour with bands Emanuel, Halifax and He isLegend. The bandwent to Radio Star Studios in Weed, California to record their second album, produced by Ross Robinson. As their previousbassistWeisberg had been formally asked to leave the band due to internal conflicts, producer Ross Robinson asked WesBorland, former Limp Bizkit guitarist, toplay bass on the album. Borland later played several tours with the band. The albumwas released on March 21, 2006. It opened on the Billboard albumschart at #25, with first-week sales of over 33,000. Shortlythereafter in April, they signed to major label Capitol Records after bidding between that labeland Warner Bros. From midMarch to mid May the band toured alongside Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, and The All-American Rejects for the"BlackClouds and Underdogs Tour" in support of their release Heroine. FFTL then did a short European Tour with variousbands. The band then played severaldates on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, but were forced to drop out due to surgicalremoval of a nodule on Moore's vocal cords. He received his secondnodule surgery in early July (his first being in May 2005).Following his recovery, From First to Last went out on the "World Championship Tour" supportingAtreyu along with EveryTime I Die and Chiodos. While on that tour, Moore once again had vocal cord problems and had to leave the tour. The bandhadplanned to have guitarists Good and Richter cover Moore's vocal duties for the duration of the tour until singer of Chiodos,Craig Owens, insisted that heprovide lead vocals for their sets. Atreyu eventually forced From First to Last to drop the tour.The band later explained, "Our plan to enable us to play therest of the tour was disregarded and as our crew was setting upfor the show in Worcester, MA we were informed that we were being kicked off of the tour.Understand that it was not ourchoice to leave this tour... we were forced to leave." Atreyu then returned a statement about the controversyconcerningFrom First to Last's departure, saying, "They couldn't perform as FFTL and are no longer on this tour." In February2007, lead singer Moore left From Firstto Last to pursue a solo career. His decision to leave was based on his urge to createhis own music, and also on the fact that singing in FFTL was puttingan immense strain on his vocal cords, resulting in seriousdamage which needed multiple surgeries in order to be fixed. Moore has posted new recordingson his myspace and is part ofa group of artists that form, modernorganic. After vocalist Moore's departure, FFTL faced a crisis. Their label, CapitolRecords,had dropped them due to financial problems. Without a vocalist, label, permanent bassist, or any money, the band almostsplit. Guitarist/VocalistMatt Good, however, decided to take on lead vocals while still providing a backup guitar role. The bandalso quickly picked up Matt Manning to become full-time bassist .The band then spent their remaining money on a studio inwhich to continue work on their already-written third album. he remainingmembers of From First to Last finished a headliningtour from July 21 through August 5 with guests Alesana, Vanna, Brighten, and Four Year Strong.Shortly before recordinganother album, the band played for a portion of the Show Must Go On tour with Hawthorne Heights, SecondhandSerenade,Powerspace, and Brighten, but later cancelled their dates on the last part of the tour to open for Deftones on aseparate Canadian tour. After completing afull mix of their new material, FFTL was picked up by Suretone Records. Shortlyafter they re-entered the studio to record their album again, this time witha professional crew and better quality. The bandrecorded for the second time in Los Angeles, with producer Josh Abraham and seasoned engineer RyanWilliams. They havesince completed the album, and at midnight on November 14, 2007, they released a new song, Two as One, on theirMyspaceaccount. FFTL began their fall headlining tour, RATHER BE SLAYIN' N00BZ, starting November 1 with guestsblessthefall, A Skylit Drive, and Vanna.Around the middle of the tour, the guests changed to Envy On The Coast, Pierce TheVeil, Four Year Strong, Mayday Parade, Mia Medusa, and The Variant.On November 29, FFTL announced they were going tobe a part of the 2008 Hot Topic Take Action Tour. They played at the MTV Winter Valencia in Spainon March 6. On December6, they announced they were going to be part of the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. On May 6, 2008, FFTL released their self-titledalbum, and starting June 20, hit the road on the Vans Warped Tour for its entirety. On June 28, FFTL updated their bandmembers section of theirMySpace, making Chris Lent a full time member. From the end of September to October 12, FromFirst to Last played on The Blackout's "Sleep All Day,Party All Night" tour in the UK, along with The Medic Droid and We AreThe Ocean. FFTL stated that they would be on a break from touring in late 2008.Members Travis Richter and Derek Bloomwere focusing on their side project, The Color of Violence, with tours soon after and a full length debut album,Youthanize,which was released April 7, 2009. Member Chris Lent toured as the drummer for the band I Set My Friends On Fire as well asone of the twodrummers for The Color of Violence (along with Jon Siverson of the band Daughters); Lent also confirmed thathe is no longer a member of FFTL and isnow writing/recording with ISMFOF. FFTL began writing new songs early 2009 andstarted demoing new songs in March 2009, for their next albumexpected to be released March, 2010. A full length demo of asong on the new album was put on their myspace at that time, as well as the previouslyunheard b-side from Heroine, "SaveUs". A Second Full Length Demo was added on July 3, 2009, and a message to fans that they will be announcingtheirrecording schedule and tentative label. As of August 6, 2009, the band had began to track drums for the new record atEarthSound studios in ValdostaGeorgia, with Lee Dyess. In September 2009, Miss May I announced they would be touringwith From First to Last in October 2009. On October 1, 2009FFTL announced that they would be touring with Greeley Estatesand Therefore I Am in October and November, and also that they had signed to RiseRecords. "I want to announce officiallythat we've signed with Rise Records. We are all very excited about this move and think that together with Rise wecanaccomplish amazing things! If you're asking yourself why we made the change, well... There's a lot of aspects about being amajor label that justdidn't agree with the way we like to present our band and our music and I think that by ridding ourselvesof that world, we are finally gonna set ourselvesfree to make the best music we can and that is the most important thing forus at the end of the day". The band toured on the "You’d Be Way Cuter In aCoffin Tour" with Alesana, The Word Alive, AskingAlexandria, and Memphis May Fire in December 2009. The new album is titled Throne to the Wolves andis set for release onMarch 16, 2010. From First to Last released a new song off the album, entitled "Going Lohan", on their myspace in November.In late2009 FFTL went through yet another lineup change with Travis Richter leaving the band; no official announcement hadyet been made by the band and noreason was given for his departure. Matt Good and Matt Manning have been taking overTravis's screaming role and Blake Steiner (ex-Mia Medusaguitarist), who recorded on Throne To The Wolves, is hisreplacement. On December 31st FFTL released the song "I'll Inoculate The World With The VirusOf My Disillusionment" ontheir MySpace. On Travis' departure from the band, he said that "It kinda just grew and grew until the dudes parted never just up and leave fftl, i feel like they thought it was their time to move away from me, so they told me toleave.." On January 20, 2010, FromFirst to Last finally made an official announcement about Travis's departure from the bandvia MySpace; “ Since the news has become public I thought I'dtake a minute to address it before wild rumors started flyingaround. Travis has been with us since the beginning and will always be someone I care aboutdeeply. Unfortunately though,as time goes on sometimes people grow apart from each other. There's many things I could say, but they are ratherpersonaland I don't think they need to be discussed here. This band is and always will be about making music with my friends. Wedon't give a fuck aboutfame or money or anything. It's about doing what we love together as a family. We aren't breaking upand we aren't changing our name. As long as we aremaking music we are proud of and having fun together, this band willcontinue to exist.We wish the best to Travis in everything he does and he is still a friend to us. I want everyone tounderstand that this wasn't done out of hate or spite orany other negative emotion. The vibe needed to be creative togetherwas just gone. It happens, it's sad and all, but that's just life. Anyone old enough tohave personal relationships knows thatpeople split ways all the time. That's how life is and it isn't going to change. We appreciate everyone who has stuckby thisbands side through all these years. If this upsets you so greatly that you feel you can't listen to us anymore, that's ok and weunderstand. We stilllove you anyway ; ) Just know that when bands make these decisions they are always a last resort. NOONE wants to have to kick out a member of theirband. It is never easy and always incites drama, but sometimes you have tomake really hard decisions. It's part of being an adult." On January 30 theband released the song "Cashing Out" on theirMySpace page. On March 9 the band released their new album on their MySpace page and has alreadyuploaded to Youtube. « hide

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