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The history of DAWN goes as far back as 1990 when founder member and guitarist Fredrik Söderberg left his former band, OBDURACY.(Even earlier than that, back in 1985 - 1986, Fredrik also was a member of CRANIUM who later changed their name to LEGION.)Hailingfrom Linköping, Sweden and therefore beingclose friends with death metal cult band SEANCE, it was not long before Patrik Jensen (today in THE HAUNTED and WITCHERY) recommended Fredrik a new guitarist, Andreas Fullmestad (formerly in MORGUE). Fredrik andAndreas got together and theunit was completed by drummer Karsten Larsson and bassist D more

The history of DAWN goes as far back as 1990 when founder member and guitarist Fredrik Söderberg left his former band, OBDURACY.(Even earlier than that, back in 1985 - 1986, Fredrik also was a member of CRANIUM who later changed their name to LEGION.)Hailingfrom Linköping, Sweden and therefore beingclose friends with death metal cult band SEANCE, it was not long before Patrik Jensen (today in THE HAUNTED and WITCHERY) recommended Fredrik a new guitarist, Andreas Fullmestad (formerly in MORGUE). Fredrik andAndreas got together and theunit was completed by drummer Karsten Larsson and bassist Dennis Karlsson (both ex Mortified members).The final addition to this early DAWN line up was Henke Forss (FUNERAL FEAST), providing the band with death growls from hell. 1991 marked the beginning of serious rehearsals as well as initiating the process ofwriting songs. The band name DAWN was finally decided upon andwas actually taken from an old LEGION demo called "The Dawn", dating from1986. During 1991 DAWN also started rehearsals for their first demo. In March 1992 DAWN recorded their first studio recording. Simply entitled "Demo 1" it was recorded during two days in Studio Arrogance outside of Linköping. The demo contained only two songs and must be seen as the very first effort of a young band.The sound quality is not the best, but the energy is there, which matters more. The demo sold something around 150 copies and is of course long sinceout of print.Shortly after the demo recording bassist Dennis Karlsson left the band to be replaced by Lars Tängmark from MORTIFIED. Later that same year DAWN decided to enter Dan Swanö's Gory Sound Studios in FinspÃ¥ng to put their second demo on tape. This demo, called"Apparition",was a much more mature offering than its somewhat youthful predecessor and soon achieved cult status in the death metal underground scene.A small Mexican record label called BELLPHEGOT RECORDS also decided to release this demo on CD and the deal wasinitially that DAWN would be given arelease oftheir own. However, the final result was a splitCD entitled "The Eternal Forest" with the Mexican death metal band PYPHOMGERTUM which somewhat ruined the CD but at the sametime is a clear indication of how far ahead DAWN actually were to many of their competitors of the time. In 1993, DAWN decided to return to DanSwanö's Gory Sound Studios once again, this time to put on tape their "Promo `93"recording. This recording presented an even more refined sound including the change from traditional growling death metal vocals to moreblack metal oriented high-pierced vocal torment, still handled by Henke Forss though, whose voice is one of the most merciless within the death / black metal scene."Promo `93" wassent to different record companies and shortlyafter the American label NECROPOLIS RECORDS expressed their interest. Before long,DAWN puttheir autographs on paper and the welldeserved record deal was a fact. 1994 proved to be a year of mixed events: Positive things of course includes the recording of the debut album "Naer Solen Gar Nider For Evogher" which was recorded in May, once again with Dan Swanö at the helm. The album canbe described as a mix of death and black metaland is a furious assault of hatred and darkness interwoven with beautiful acoustic guitarparts.Two of the songs were translated into ancient Swedish by Shamaatae from the Swedish act ARCKANUM, which gave the albuma very special atmosphere. Another breakthrough for DAWN this year was when Dutch label DISPLEASED RECORDS contacted NECROPOLIS for a licensing deal, thereby ensuring delivery of DAWN's evil music to themetal masses also in Europe.Upon release ofthe album, DAWN held a release party where DARK FUNERAL opened up for the main attraction of the event, DAWN themselves. Unfortunately, DAWN also suffereda major setback in 1994. Main songwriter and guitarist Fredrik Söderberg hurt his hands everely in an accident at thebutchery where he worked at the time. Fredrik had to undergo extensive surgery and was unable to play guitarfor more than a year. The band was put onholdduring this time, waiting for the recovery of its founder and main member. In 1995 DAWN started working their way back from the involuntary break caused by Fredrik Söderberg's accident. Throughout the yearthey playedsome gigs but most of their time was devoted to writing new songs. They hadoriginally planned to work with Dan Swanö once again but he was heavilybooked and theychose to record in Abyss with Peter Tägtgren(also known from HYPOCRISY and PAIN). At thistime, Abyss was not as established as it istoday and up to this point DAWN had used thesame producer for all their recordings exceptthe veryfirst demo.Still, the band saw thechange of recording facilities as a chance totake the DAWN sound to even further heightsand in winter 1995 they recorded themini-CD"Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh" which containedthree brand new songs as well as a cover ofINFERNÃL MÃJESTY's "Night Of The Living Dead"(original recording to be found at thealbum "None Shall Defy" from 1986). Fredrik Saderberg had been a fan of INFERNAL MAJESTY since their days of glory back in the80's and felt that this was a good way of payinghomage tothis very much underrated band whoin many aspects were light years ahead of otherbands at the time.The other three songs of the mini-CD were built from the same elements as DAWN's previous offerings but showed an evenmore epic and dark side in thesong writing andarrangement development. On the 2nd of May 1996 DAWN made their first live appearance outside Sweden. The gig tookplace in Denmark and is remembered as one ofthe most furious and intense gigs everperformed by the band. 1996 also generated several opportunities for DAWN to tour, one ofwhich was a 30 days trip around Europe with CRADLE OF FILTH who wanted them as supporton their upcoming 1996 Europeantour.Unfortunately, DAWN had to decline due toseveral reasons, the most problematic beingthat drummer Karsten Larsson left the band forhis other mainband MITHOTYN. A new andmore technical skinbasher was found in JockePettersson (known from his work in amongothers THY PRIMORDIAL and NIDEN DIV.187).The band finally decided to cancel thetour, partly because new drummer Jocke Pettersson still was not familiar with the DAWN songs but also because thenew mini-CD was notyet released.The band decided to wait foranother opportunity to be able to present somefresh material in their live set. Later that yearthe long awaited mini-CD"Sorgh Pa SvarteVingar Flogh" was released and received fantastic reviews in established magazines andthe underground alike. Come 1997, DAWN dedicated all their time torehearsing and writing new songs for theirsecond full length album. The change of drummers proved to bebeneficial as the new recruitment Jocke Petterson's drumming allowed for more intricate details in the songs,especially when it came to arrangements and technical mastery. DAWN once again entered Abyss Studios and during two hectic weeks in April finished the recording and mixing of theirsecond full length album entitled "Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy)". Mastering took placeat Cutting Room in Stockholm and havingcompleted this, the band knew that they had produced an outstanding landmark in Swedish Death/Black Metal.The songs wereeven longer and more original than before andthe production the best the band had everenjoyed up to this point in their career.DAWNalso decided to shoot their first video andfinally chose the opening track "The Knell AndThe World" from their as yet unreleased second album "Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy)". Shooting sessions took place in December 1997 and the video was edited by David Palser, known, among other things, forhis work with Emperor, Immortal etc. 1997 also marked a change of location: main member and founder Fredrik Söderberg moved to Stockholm as did drummer Jocke Pettersson. Jocke started working in Tomas Skogsberg's well known Studio Sunlight whichunfortunately crippled his possibilities tocontinue playing drums in DAWNon a full timebasis. Fredrik Sadderberg made the decision tokeep the band going and started the search fora new drummer. 1998 saw the long awaited release of"Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy)", DAWN's second full length album. The album hitthe scene like a bomb,much like the sinisterlooking cover art, and soon DAWN's name wason everyone's lips, and for good reason.The album possesses a unique quality and is ahighly original, dark melodic death / black metalalbum. The album contains seven songs, six of which are majestic epic opuses spanning up to11 minutes of total mayhem and intensity. Thelyrics were all written in English and this wasthe first album that contained no lyrics inSwedish. Furthermore, the lyrics were written bydifferent people, one of which was childhood friend of Fredrik Söderberg and ex-AFFLICTED member Philip von Segebaden also known from CRANIUM and his own solo project DEFENDER. All in all, the album can be describedas being more extreme than its predecessors, the fast parts were even faster and longer thanbefore and the more atmospheric parts were more sophisticated than ever before. DAWN hadcreated a masterpiece and once and for allproved their position as pioneers at the cuttingedge of death/black metal. 1998 also marked monumental changes in the line-up andsaw the departure of both long time guitarist Andreas Fullmestad and bassist Lars Tängmark. Since DAWN now was located inStockholm it simply did not work out rehearsal-wise with the geographic split. Still, Fredrik Söderberg decided to create anew line-up inStockholm and take his music to further heights. In early 1999, Fredrik Söderberg held adrummer audition with Tomas Asklund, akaAlzazmon in his former band, DARK FUNERAL. After extensivetouring with DARK FUNERAL,Tomas decided to call it quits in the autumn of1998. Having auditioned for DAWN, both Tomas and Fredrik were happy to start a new collaboration.Of all the drummers DAWN hasever had, Tomas Asklund is without doubt themost outstanding with technical skills and innovation bordering on theinsane. Being a partof DAWN requires both musical skills and professional attitude and Tomas Asklund possesses all this and more. Being known asone ofthe fastest drummers in Sweden, Tomasis also a technical monster and tighter than apair of wet stretch jeans. In finding Tomas,Fredrik simply hasstruck gold as there could beno man better suited for the job. Having solved the most immediate problem (i.e. that offinding a drummer) Fredrik started writing new material for the next DAWN album. In May, Fredrik Söderberg went to the US for apromotion tour and also managed to squeeze ina guest performance singing backing vocals onUS Speed Metal band DEKAPITATOR's debutalbum. 1999 proved beneficial in other ways aswell as DAWN signed a sponsorship deal with JACKSON GUITARS who on Fredrik Söderberg's suggestion broughtback the cultaxe Death Angel from the grave. During autumn1999 DAWN's line-up was further consolidated as long time musical companion Philip von Segebaden joined the band as the new bassplayer. Apart from being childhood friends, Fredrik and Philip has played together in several constellations over the years, the best known of which maybe is CRANIUM, a speed metal side project. Apart from this, Philip is recognized asthe bass player of the Swedish cult death metalband AFFLICTED who recorded two albums for NUCLEAR BLAST inthe early 90s. Nowadays, Philip has his own solo project DEFENDER which is straight heavy metal with epic qualities. Philip's musical attitude differs a lotfrom previous bass players in DAWN as Philip always strives to see the bass as an instrumentof its own and puts aneffort into writing unique bass lines. Combined with his very special Rickenbacker sound and personal touch he is bound to bring a new dimension into DAWN'smusic. With the arrival of the new millennium, DAWN'sline-up was finally completed through the addition of a second guitarist, Stefan Lundgren,also known asthe guitarist of NECROMICON. Stefan is a highly skilled classical guitar player which in itself can be seen asanother heavy firing cannon in the artillery known as DAWN. Throughout the entire year,the band put all their energy into writing new material and rehearsing and drummer Tomas Asklund also started working onhis own studio, conveniently suited in the band's rehearsalhall.He also played session drums on the NECROMICON album "Peccata Mundi". As the DAWN rehearsals progressed throughout the year, it became clear thatthe new very strongmaterial and the new highly skilled line-up hadcome up with something simply unprecedented within the death / black metal scene. 2001 marked the beginning of the hunt for anew suitable label. A promo disc containing fournew tracks was sent to a few labels among which NUCLEAR BLAST showed great interest. Lengthy negotiations started and wenton until April when the band finally decided notto sign for NUCLEAR BLAST since the contract was not satisfying enough. Further labels expressing their sincere interest were CANDLELIGHT and EARACHE but neither of these managed to meet the demands of the band for a contract not too limiting or labelcentered.The band decided to push onwards in their search and decided to set up their own website in the interim period. The choice of website designer fell on Daniel from Neverland, also responsible for among others the No Tolerance Records website. Apart from this,work on the new album continued throughout the year, ever a subject of constantreconstruction and improvement. 2002 saw the final solution to finding a suitable label as negotiations with the Swedish labelstarted in May. Meanwhile, drummer Tomas Asklund finished the setting up of his own studio, conveniently located at the band's rehearsal location. The studio is a highly professional digital studio and was set to be available as a commercial studio during 2003. The deal with a swedish label was concluded and the work on the album finalized... the tortured end of a long and painstaking creative process begun three yearsback in time. The new album was supposed tobe recorded in the band's own studio sometime during spring 2003 but ended up inthe record label closed and all bands where fired. During 2004-2006 Tomas worked with Dissection with enormous success. 2007 will bring the new DAWN album come to life. Live performances wih Hanks project Retaliation in May in the USA!. Reports from the studio and hopefully live performances from DAWN. Tomas is also working on a new Death Metal project still nameless. « hide

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Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

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Nær Solen Gar Nider For Evogher

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