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Autumn Leaves

Beware the cutting edge of Danish death metal! For a mere six or seven years, Autumn Leaves worked producing the highest quality melodic death metal while going unnoticed by metal fans. To this day they remain an obscure act, but to those who know them, they were one of Europe's best extreme metal acts durign their reign. From their brutal debut Embraced by the Absolute to their second and final album As Night Conquers Day, a technical melodic death record, Autumn Leaves never sacrificed the quality of their music. While thoughtful and melodic, they were heavy and technical causing their demise to be one of metal's greatest losses. Autumn Leaves was:Torsten Madsen - VocalsThomas Andersen - GuitarFlemming C. Lund - GuitarBoris Tandrup - BassEqil H. Madsen - Drums

Similar Bands: At the Gates, Demigod, Intestine Baalism, Arch Enemy, Pestilence

As Night Conquers Day

107 Votes
Embraced by the Absolute

45 Votes

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