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November 20th 2008


Then HellYeah happened, which could predicate an argument that this is where Mudvayne's retardation to derivative, sterile music began.
Haha, HellYeah was awful. Great job.

Never listened to Mudvayne.

Staff Reviewer
November 20th 2008


What's this about a CSI gimmick??
Basically, they concocted some stupid story about a murder in a small town where the cops are useless and you have to solve who killed your best friend based on clues in the liner notes, in the lyrics, and in the music videos.
Basically, you can't solve the puzzle without buying the record. The exposition (/backstory.php) sets up a horrible premise. It's basically a really terrible mystery, with bad music setting the tone (no pun intended).

November 20th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

I expect not many people will care enough about the mystery to buy the album

November 20th 2008


really good review, but why so long?

Staff Reviewer
November 20th 2008


I review holistically.

November 21st 2008


Who came up with the term Nu Metal

November 22nd 2008


Album Rating: 3.0


"Who came up with the term Nu Metal"

Probably the originators, when asked what thier style was.

That might have been Korn or Slipknot, but I wouldn't really know

November 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 2.0

I just got the album. It is not that bad actually, and i felt there is more colour in this album that previous album. Really like the basslines. I did not like their guitaring for the previous album, but the guitarist seems to have improved alot here.

November 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 1.5

bass was always good although the improvement here is clearly visible.

everything else was just super-meh.

November 25th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

nice review, but i think a 1.5 is a bit low. This is no LD 50 and they def went down hill after that, but there were some improvements such as Greg's guitar playing with a few nice leads thrown in there, its cool to here him try something new. Ryans bass never disappoints, some of his best work on here...the drums lack and so do the vocals, and unfortunatly the vocals are going to be the first thing peopple are going to judge this on, the lyrics I thought were pretty crappy. Its and average release with a few good songs 3/5

November 28th 2008


I heard this album sounds like something Nickleback would release.

November 30th 2008


Not really, i don't feel that any band should talk a lot about their albums. More often than not bands talk up their upcoming album with whats going to be on it and people are surprised when its not what they were told it would be. Being vague lets people find out what its like for themselves once they actually listen to it rather than having false ideas from the beginning.

December 3rd 2008


I wasn't planning on listening to this anyway, seeing as how I've never quite understood what was so good about Mudvayne. Good review though, very thorough.

December 3rd 2008


The reviewer's treatment of McDonough's playing (or "relative disappearance") on this album is overly harsh. Reviewer says
that McDonough's "creativity has been stifled" and asks whether McDonough's diminished role "was his personal decision or a
group decision".

When I first read this review, I agreed that McDonough seemed to have "sat this one out", as it were. But, many listens later, I
don't think so.

The problem appears to be the production. The snare has no crack to it, and in general the drums sound thin and are buried
back in the mix. The overall effect certainly works for a pop album, but that's not what the fans of LD 50 were hoping for. The
actual parts McDonough plays are at times very creative (and "serve" the songs well, so to speak). There are plenty of
interesting grooves and fills -- the trouble is that they don't jump out at the listener they way they typically do on a Mudvayne
record. The production robs the playing of the aggressive energy that the parts themselves suggest. Listen carefully to the
title track, for instance -- there's interesting playing there on McDonough's part. As a drummer, I certainly would be pleased
to have laid down that track (amongst many others on the album) if it were me. But I'd be a bit peeved that it is so hard to
hear. (Credit to McD for setting the ego aside?)

From my armchair, I would "blame" Fortman (whose allegiances lie with the record company, not with the band, I suppose). I
would be very interested in McDonough's uncensored opinions as to the choices made in respect of his drum sound. Maybe it
was his intention, who knows?

This Message Edited On 12.03.08

December 3rd 2008


After subsequent listens, I have to say that this album has really started to grow on me. I thought this was atrocious when I first heard it. Now I'm actually enjoying several songs a bit. The solos and ballads give this album personality and variety. Some songs are still average, but nearly everything on "The New Game" is far better than most of the crap on "Lost and Found."

Speaking of "Lost and Found," What were the good songs on that album again? Determined, IMN, All That You Are, Pulling the String, and maybe Happy. "The New Game" has a lot of really cool moments, and and some of them are somewhat reminiscent of LD50 and TEOATTC. It's not completely choke full of vapid hooks like LaF is. It certainly doesn't touch LD50 or TEOATTC by any stretch of the imagination. But i recommend several listens. Oddly enough, every Mudvayne album required several listens before I liked it.

Staff Reviewer
December 4th 2008


jdt599, I appreciate the time you took to critique my writing. The reason why I left it open to interpretation is that I personally doubt that he would say explicitly to push him down in the mix. I know that his side-project is very minimalist ambient, but that has nothing to do with his drumming. I definitely agree with you that any notable fills on this record don't jump out at you like they did on past albums, but there are an insignificant number of fills found on this record to begin with, unfortunately. His trademark style was so heterogeneous, so specific, that you could sit a fan down and give him fifty songs and he'd be able to ID a McDonough "riff," pattern, or fill. On this record, his trademark sound has its relative disappearance - any established drummer could play the things on this record with little practice - but I have to question if it has anything to do with ego, because he's always seemed to be a very approachable and humble guy in interviews. There are some unique and innovative parts on this record, to be sure, but not enough to warrant a change of opinion. Thank you, though, for challenging my points and coming up with a few of your own.

December 4th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

Nice to see some of the people on Sputnik can talk things over rationally, without responses of LOL UR GAY!!

December 4th 2008


at least this is better than that steaming pile of shit HellYeah!

December 5th 2008


what was he up to while waiting around for Gray and Tribbett to finish dicking around with HellYeah?

I was always wondering the same exact thing. But I guess letting your members go play in some trashy little southern-rock band kind of takes away from the heaviness in your metal world doesn't it?

This album was by far their worst. *thumbs down*

December 14th 2008


Thats your review.A little harsh don't you think?
I do agree with Ryan being the strongest in this album and Chad i won't even comment on him.
I think all four members are at their best in The Hate in Me,A New Game,Fish out of water and A Cinderella Story.
These guys are spending less & less time together & thats why i think the music is really starting to hurt.A great example of how unique these are, is the song Trapped In the Wake Of a Dream.My favourite.Listen carefully to what Matt is doing.

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