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5.0 classic
Agalloch The Mantle
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Claude-Michel Schönberg Les Misérables (musical)
I dreamed a dream that Marius died
When hope was high and this book worth reading

But the Frenchmen come at night
With their voices soft as butter

As they tear your hopes apart
And they turn this plot to shame
Dethklok The Dethalbum
[The] "world's greatest cultural force"
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane
Probably the best melodic metal record ever put to tape, mediocre final track be damned.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞
Everything just seems so desolate and wide-open. Admittedly it seems like there's not much here--in a minimalist sort of way--but that's merely a result of the band's ability to disguise invention as simplicity.
Hans Zimmer The Lion King
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell
Soundtrack (Disney) Aladdin
I want the moon; I want to live on the moon!

And eat it in a pie, And keep it as a pet, And wear it like a gemstone in my hair
Weakling Dead as Dreams

4.5 superb
A Wilhelm Scream Career Suicide
AC/DC Back In Black
Anilah Warrior
Bumped my rating because this is beautiful.
Ash Borer Ash Borer
The kings of Cascadia, or at least its nihilistic suburbs.
Casualties of Cool Casualties of Cool
Dethklok The Doomstar Requiem
Not enough Toki
Devin Townsend Project Contain Us
DTP first four albums are all great so a comp + demos and jamz is therefore greater. It's science.
Edge of Sanity When All Is Said
Eluvium Life Through Bombardment
When you cram the first half of one of the best ambient artist's discographies into a single compilation package, it must be more than the sum of its parts.
Equilibrium Sagas
Fell Voices Fell Voices
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Insomnium Above the Weeping World
Nails Unsilent Death
NOFX The Decline
Opeth Ghost Reveries
Petrychor Dryad
R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet (Chapters 1-12)
Streetlight Manifesto The Hands That Thieve
The Great Old Ones Tekeli-Li
A major step up from their previous record, Tekeli-Li is everything one could want from an ratmospheric black metal record. The record sounds full with a palpable atmosphere, and the rsongwriting is concise and never tedious. My favorite black metal record of the year as of rthis writing. Definitely going to see this on a lot of end-of-year lists (and if not, it'll rbe a shame).
Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters

4.0 excellent
(The) Slowest Runner (In All The World) We, Burning Giraffes
Slowest Runner! In All the World

Lift Your Skinny Necks Like Giraffes To Heaven
(The) Slowest Runner (In All The World) The Flophouse Session
Classical/post-rock and it's very pretty and kind of Godspeedy-ish.
40 Watt Sun The Inside Room
A Pregnant Light Rocky
A Winged Victory for the Sullen A Winged Victory for the Sullen
A Winged Victory for the Sullen Atomos
Abigail Williams Becoming
AC/DC Highway To Hell
AC/DC High Voltage
AC/DC Live
AC/DC T.N.T. (Australia)
Agalloch Pale Folklore
Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit
Alcest Écailles de Lune
One of the best post-black/blackgaze/whatever albums ever released.
Alda :Tahoma:
Cascadian wittr worship of folk singing forests metal m/
Alpha Male Tea Party Droids
It's like they took the groovy riffs from Pelican and the mathy post-rock from Cloudkicker and smashed them together. This riffs hard, has plenty of atmosphere, and is all-around fun. Get it.
Amon Amarth With Oden on Our Side
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God
Anaal Nathrakh Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Her
The cleans are generally awful as always but thankfully they're not used prominently in every song. Lots of varied riffing and songwriting styles, flowing though black metal and death metal seamlessly into hardcore-inspired rhythms. It sort of reminds me of Sathanas-era Mayhem mixed with the intensity of Darkspace.
Anathema We're Here Because We're Here
Aoria The Constant
Ardour Loom Demo
It's like Fauna's Avifauna if you trade out the folky bits for post-rock. Really good
atmospheric/post-bm from the US. Really obscure demo, you can find a rough rip on youtube.

Ash Borer 2009 Demo
Ash Borer Tour Rehearsal Demo
Ash Borer and Fell Voices Split
Ayr Circling
Ayr Nothing Left to Give
Ayr Eternal Sustain
Bad Religion Suffer
Bad Religion No Control
Balmorhea Balmorhea
Post-rock/classical/chamber/ambient using mostly piano/banjo/acoustic guitar. It's no crescendocore and it's barely post-rock; it's more just classical music orienting itself along similar lines as other "minimalistic" post-rock acts.
Balmorhea Rivers Arms
post-rock/modern classical/wow. Consistently like the most ones of the most consistent and prettiest post-rock/whatsit bands there is am are check check it.
Balmorhea All Is Wild, All Is Silent
post-rock classical RUELZ/5. Balmorhea continue to stay the course of rigid solidity, encapsulating the values of tranquil beauty with the utmost efficiency. Rabble rabble acoustic guitars.
Baroness Blue Record
Battles Mirrored
It jumps around like carnival music, grooves like post-rock, and does whatever else it wants for seemingly little reason. It's experimental mathy post-whatever that's just the right amount of controlled insanity to be wonderfully enjoyable. The crazy style does overstay it's welcome by a tad (at fifty minutes in length the whole shtick starts to get old), but aside from that, "Mirrored" is a wonderful little slice of "whatamievenlisteningtorightnow."
Be'lakor Stone's Reach
Bing and Ruth Tomorrow Was The Golden Age
I don't think there's much more you could want out of largely piano-oriented ambient music. At times, piano-work mimics ambient soundscapes with its frantic playing, giving almost a Stars of the Lid-esque feel, while other times mixing in with ambient droning noise and slow, mournful strings. This is what you want out of modern classical and ambient music.
Black Monolith Passenger
Deafheaven's former touring guitarist humbly ponders what it would be like if Deafheaven played punk.
Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath Mob Rules
Black Sabbath The Dio Years
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Blind Guardian At the Edge of Time
Bloodbath The Wacken Carnage
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars
Boris Dronevil -Final-
My favorite part was when the guitarist in the second track accidentally left the feedback turned
up too high on his guitar, unknowingly allowing the walls of noise to rise up and consume them all
in a wave of crushing dissonance.

RIP Boris, you droned too close to the sun and melted your amps of wax.

And then they exploded and killed you. Thus is life.
Bosse-de-Nage All Fours
A contender.
Brambles Charcoal
Classical-instrument based ambient/post-rock/modern classical. Easily one of my favorite classical/ambient records.
Braveyoung We Are Lonely Animals
Brian McBride When The Detail Lost Its Freedom
ambient. Idk why I didn't have this rated since Brian McBride's ambient is great.
Brian McBride The Effective Disconnect
Pretty and rather simply-organized ambient. Different instruments wade in, fill up the void, and fade out. Repeat with different instruments over time. It's nice.
Brontide Artery
Fun! Groovy! Disco? No! Post-rocking!
Christicide Upheaval of the Soul
Tired of that "experimental," pseudo-intellectual bologna that passes for "black metal"
these days? Christicide is the answer to your problem. No positivity, no hazy, uplifting
guitars--only straight, unyielding black metal.

Dynamic songwriting complimented by a slew of interesting riffs make this "orthodox" album
definitely worth the time of every black metal fan.
CHVRCHES Every Open Eye
The adorbs cometh.
City of the Sun To the Sun and All the Cities in Between
Idk why it'd seem like a good idea to combine flamenco with somber acoustic and almost-post-rock,
but "City of the Sun" are able to pull off the combination surprisingly well. It might seem like
there should be some tonal problems, given that hyperactive flamenco pieces like "La Puerta Roja"
often lead up to slower, atmospheric (and reverb-drenched) pieces like "Winter 2011," but
everything's so pretty and well-executed that these tonal shifts between tracks aren't as
bothersome as one would expect them to be. Despite being a tad long at sixty three minutes, "To
the Sun and All the Cities in Between" is a really solid compilation of different styles of mostly
acoustic music.
Cloudkicker The Discovery
Cloudkicker The Map Is Not the Territory
Cloudkicker ]]][[[
Cloudkicker Portmanteau
Cloudkicker Beacons
Cloudkicker Let Yourself Be Huge
Cloudkicker Subsume
Ben Sharp doing what he does best. Did you expect anything less?
Cloudkicker Live with Intronaut
Aside from a few problems here and there, this is a fantastic live record. Three guitarists ftw.
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind
Converge can borrow my fancy suits because this suits my fancy. None for you, Nancy Drew.
Dan Swano Moontower
Proggy Magic Melodes III: Funky Facsimile
Dark Tranquillity Damage Done
Darkspace Dark Space III
Because it's Darkspice and it's pulverizing and suffocating and cold and it feels like you're being physically pounded by space radiation, feeling yourself being pulled apart by the void, and floating off into that infinite darkness. It's got good riffs and stuff too I guess.
Dawn Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)
Dead Can Dance Anastasis
Deafheaven 2010 Demo
Band is pretty great.
Deafheaven Roads to Judah
Deafheaven Libertine Dissolves/Daedalus
Deafheaven Sunbather
Deathspell Omega Kenose
Deathspell Omega Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum
Deathspell Omega Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum
Deathspell Omega Drought
Decapitated The Negation
Des Ark Don't Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker
Des Ark is an angel in humanized form. Like, a sassy angel. Yeah.
Des Ark Everything Dies
Basically everything I've ever wanted in a female singer-songwriter. The underlying sassiness of
the song titles combined with the music's wonderful melancholic prettiness is very nice yes. The
fact that Aimee does "country" better than actual country artists is also a nice bonus.
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine: Biomech
Devin Townsend Project Ki
All hail Townsend my dark lord and master.
Devin Townsend Project Addicted
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dio Holy Diver
Do Make Say Think Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
I like this one more! This one is better! Crescendooooooos!
Do Make Say Think Other Truths
Toast-rocks with trumpets. It's no Mogwhy but it'll do.
Echtra Sky Burial
No longer simply devoted to the ritual of repetition, Echtra experiments this time around by
creating a more organic and enveloping atmosphere through instrumental layering and
drastically improved songwriting. Where the band's previous works used repetition to create
an atmosphere of spiritual transcendence, they never really went anywhere, whereas
Sky Burial not only pulls the listener in to its spiritual world, but takes them on a
journey through it. This music moves and grows, changes.

Easily the best material released under this moniker. For fans of folk, drone, and ambient
Edge of Sanity Crimson II
Edge of Sanity Crimson
Eluvium Copia
Dreamy modern classical/ambient. It do what it do. Pianos wow, ambience wow 4/5 uh such feels.
Eluvium Nightmare Ending
More textures more stuff more... pianos! I'm a sucker for ambient junk involving classical instruments.
Emancipator Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
Trip-hop/downtempo? Best evur.
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse
Riffs a lot.
Ensiferum Ensiferum
Ensiferum Iron
Ensiferum Victory Songs
Equilibrium Erdentempel
Adding clean vocals to their epic folk of epic black metal style was a good decision.
Equilibrium: now with sing-along fun!
Fabrizio Paterlini Autumn Stories
Falls of Rauros The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood
False Untitled EP
How is this "overlong"???? Girl you cray cray
Fauna Avifauna
Easily the best record of their career, Avifauna takes the best parts of the band's signature lengthy black metal/folk style and crafts it into three 17+ minute epics. Where "Rain" saw the band slowly evolve over the course of an hour, "Avifauna" sees the band experiment with more structured songwriting, giving each of the main tracks enough repetition to immerse the listener in the band's signature hypnotic atmosphere, with enough variance to always keep things interesting.
Fell Voices Untitled
Forteresse / Chasse-Galerie / Monarque / Csejthe Légendes
Foxing The Albatross
Fyrnask Eldir Nótt
Kid tested tested; Noctus approved!

Only track I don't really dig is Saltrian. This is fantastic, dense atmospheric black metal.
Gates Bloom and Breathe
Gavin Bryars The Sinking of the Titanic
I mean the Titanic sinking was sad and stuff but hey at least we got this out of the deal
God Is an Astronaut All Is Violent, All Is Bright
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
Gojira The Way of All Flesh
Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage
Goldmund Corduroy Road
Atmospheric minimalist piano music with a little bit of ambient and a dab of post-rock. It's pretty very good, especially for what it is (just a piano by itself most of the time). It's a very slow record, so each individual keystroke contributes to the atmosphere, and it all works very well in creating a constantly melancholic mood.
Grace Cathedral Park In The Evenings Of Regret
Slowcore/post-rock that, while definitely aesthetically pleasing, isn't very exciting in itself. It exists in that realm of aesthetically pleasing music that one either becomes fully absorbed in, or simply accepts as pretty background music. I'm now leaning more toward the former. It's too perfectly organized, imo, to be regarded with any less sort of acclaim.
Graves (NZ) Fides Ad Nauseam
All hail Nails' successors.
Hammock Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo
ambient post-rock fuzzy feeling shoegaze dreamclouds of floating away.
Hammock Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts
Hammock Departure Songs
Hammock Oblivion Hymns
Tie me down, put anchors on my feet so I don't float away like a cloud in this dream.
Harold Budd The Pavilion of Dreams
Smokey jazz. Such atmosphere. Many wow.
Harold Budd Avalon Sutra / As Long as I Can Hold My Breath
Disc 1 is a wonderfully minimalist-y, mostly piano and string-based affair, whereas Disc 2 (a
sixty nine-minute track) features an hour's worth of droning instrumentation and repeated
melodies. Disc 1 is elegant in the simplicity of its implemented elements; different instruments,
be them synthesizer, saxophone, piano, etc, seem to come in just at the right moments to fill the
rather sparse space with something elegant and atmospherically fitting. I suppose that's the
benefit of minimalist--always having room to stick something else in where you need it.
Harold Budd / John Foxx Translucence / Drift Music
Fantabulous ambient musics.
Harold Budd and Brian Eno The Pearl
Attack of the Atmospheric Pianos II: Budd/Eno Boogaloo
Harold Budd and Brian Eno Ambient 2 - The Plateaux of Mirror
I mean it's basically just piano ambient but still. Piano sounds good, has good atmosphere, wow 4/5 omg
Hierophant (IT) Great Mother: Holy Monster
Not as brilliantly brutal as the likes of Nails or The Secret, but it's close. Great dark powerviolence/crust/whatever punk of heaviness.
Hierophant (IT) Peste
This would've been in my top 20 of 2014 had I known it existed back then. Wonderfully loud, brutal power violence/crust/grind/hardcore whatever.
Hierophant (IT) Son of the Carcinoma
One new song and two remasters. Remasters sound fine and so does the new track. Aggressive and slightly dirty crust punk/whatever.
Hope Drone Hope Drone
Deafheaven without all the rather flamboyant parts. If you want something a bit grittier
than Sunbather then Hope Drone's s/t is your album.
Horseback Piedmont Apocrypha
Hypocrisy Virus
Ictus Imperivm
Ignite Our Darkest Days
Immortal Pure Holocaust
I like this more than Mayhem! :D Riffs! Blast beats!!!
Impaled Northern Moonforest Impaled Northern Moonforest
Insomnium Since the Day It All Came Down
Another Insomnium album, another fifty minutes of solid melodic death metal. Insomnium may as well be the definitive "one-trick pony" of melodeath, but their one trick is good enough to bear repeating. Their albums are still too samey and a bit too long--they're also as formulaic as 80's Metallicas', but they're similary as solid.
Insomnium In the Halls of Awaiting
Nowhere near as powerful as Above the Weeping World, but still a very solid melodeath album. This album doesn't have as much staying power as AtWW, though, which definitely makes it harder to sit through for its full (fairly long) runtime. Given the band isn't known for their stylistic range, the saminess of their songs also makes it seem a lot longer than it really is. Still, it's great melodeath.
Into Eternity Buried in Oblivion
Isis Panopticon
Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes
I will never get a bad night's sleep from now on.
Johann Johannsson IBM 1401, A User's Manual
Johann Johannsson Englabörn
John Williams Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Julianna Barwick Nepenthe
dreamy ambients
Kalmah Swamplord
Kalmah started their career on a high note. Some of the best melodeath out there by one of the best bands in the business.
Kalmah The Black Waltz
Kalmah They Will Return
Kamelot The Black Halo
Kashiwa Daisuke Program Music I
You know when you're listening to the radio and you go out of range from a particular channel, and
a second channel begins randomly taking over the first? 'Program Music I' does that with modern
classical and post-rock, randomly glitching between the two, as well as generally combining them
at points. Both lengthy tracks reach their high points when their string instruments combine
with up-beat drumming to create a very uplifting, 'dancey' vibe.
Katatonia Brave Murder Day
Katatonia Night Is the New Day
Krallice Years Past Matter
Lagwagon Hoss
Leech If We Get There One Day...
Leech [US] Ten Black Hymns
Les Discrets Ariettes Oubliees...
Les Discrets Live at Roadburn
Fursy's voice is fantastic live and so is the rest of the band on this album. Les Discrets will be changing their style on upcoming albums, so this 'last hurrah' as a rock/metal outfit is a great one.
Lethian Dreams Red Silence Lodge
Atmospheric female-fronted doom. Here, the female voice functions as another instrument, another layer to the wall of melancholy. At parts it sounds like Alcest, only better than Alcest.
Leviathan Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
Lowercase Noises This Is For Our Sins
Wonderful ambient music. There's even a wonderfully used banjo.
Ludovico Einaudi Divenire
Classical music with some ambients is like woah.
Lunar Aurora Elixir of Sorrow
better than that Burzum junk grandpa likes.
M83 Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
I want to dreeeeeeeeam!
Magrudergrind Magrudergrind
Hit me with a steamroller. Back up and do it again. This pulverizes, and the political soundbites give it that little bit of personality to set it apart from its contemporaries.
Massive Attack Mezzanine
Mastodon Blood Mountain
Max Richter The Blue Notebooks
Classical music that is m/
Max Richter Songs From Before
I like modern classical in this vein, music that takes its time and plays with patience and silence and has almost an ambient feel to it. It's not too busy, and not too "full" a sound, but there's still always plenty going on at a given time. Melodies you can fall into.
Max Richter Memoryhouse
has classical instruments 4/5 wowratmospheres and wow good
Max Richter Recomposed: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
Maximum the Hormone Rokkinpo Goroshi
Wonderfully fun J-punk with enough stylistic shifts, general oddness, and downtuned nu metal riffs to keep everything constantly dynamic, a little bizarre, and wholly entertaining.
Maximum the Hormone Yoshu Fukushu
A about an hour in length "Yoshu Fukushu" is fairly long, but despite the runtime it's definitely not wanting of content. These guys are basically the Japanese equivalent to System of a Down--wildly chaotic, genre-twisting metal that can cover loads of territory and switch ideas on a dime, whilst constantly retaining a "fun" and often "silly" atmosphere, but amped up a few notches "because Japan". This is how down-tuned nu metal riffs were supposed to be used.
Maybeshewill Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony
Maybeshewill I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone
Meshuggah Destroy Erase Improve
Robo-thrash ov trvth. I think this is my favorite Meshuggah next to Catch-33. It's very solid and very accessible in the way it presents its brand of technical thrashiness. Everyone knows by now that Meshuggah use polyrhythms and other weirdness but here they used their newfound weird take on thrash to create an album that feels like a "standard" metal record whilst actually being really unique and experimental. It's like, thinking back you realize how different the album is from anything else out there, but while listening it doesn't *feel* different. It's just really easy to absorb, despite how forward-thinking it was when initially released.
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah Chaosphere
The entire album is chugged palm-muting and it's the most wonderful thing in the world. It's like getting locked in a cell next to a sentient angry bulldozer.
Metallica Ride the Lightning
Mgla Mdlosci and Further Down the Nest
Misthyrming Söngvar elds og óreiðu
These riffs are so cold, they're
Mogwai Come On Die Young
Mogwai Happy Songs for Happy People
Mogwai Mr. Beast
Slide Guitar is Mogwai
Monarque Lys Noir
Blastbeats and keyboards in a very well-done good way.
Moonsorrow Verisakeet
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja
Pagan/folk metal. Moonsorrow's probably the best band to ever do this.
Moonsorrow Voimasta Ja Kunniasta
black metal/folk funtimes of joy or whatever. I think there was an accordion in there somewhere, so that's cool I guess. 3.8/5 or something
Moonsorrow V: Havitetty
Two pieces of lengthy folk bm. It's pretty good. Whatever. 4/5
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness
Morbid Angel Covenant
Mr. Bungle California
Myrkgrav Trollskau, Skromt og Kolabrenning
Excellent folk bm. It's not exactly Windir, but it's in the same hemisphere. Treads well between catchy folkiness and srs metal.
Nachtmystium Instinct: Decay
Nachtmystium when they still knew how to riff, when their atmosphere was suffocating, and their psychedelic influences actually added something unique to black metal. This is one of the high points of USBM.
Nails Abandon All Life
This album just punched me in the face, and I'm OK with that.
Nebelung Vigil
Nhor Within the Darkness Between the Starlight
Nightingale Nightfall Overture
Nils Frahm Wintermusik
Modern classical. Much more diverse than some of his works ("Screws," specifically), "Wintermusik" is a fine example of modern classical music that doesn't take itself too seriously and actually uses that to add interesting nuances not present in most other modern classical works. There are some cheesy keyboard lines and other odd bits here and there that simultaneously make "Wintermusik" sound a little cheesy, but not so much that they feel jarring or out-of-place over the otherwise largely classical piano-centered music.
Nils Frahm Screws
modern classical piano music. Frahm creates atmosphere by doing extra than simply playing slowly; his decisive playing allows notes to softly rise from his instrument and then fade off into the distance, creating a sense of size in what feels like a palpably empty space.
Nine Covens On The Dawning Of Light
NOFX So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
NOFX Pump Up the Valuum
Punk rock punk rock punk rock punk rock punk rock punk rock punk rock punk rock punk rock
Nokturnal Mortum The Voice of Steel
Stylistically diverse pagan black metal that has no shortage of epic riffz or epic keys/synths or epic whateverz. Some of the most consistent and powerful folk bm out there, I'd have to wager.
Of Solitude and Solemn Starlight's Guide
Old-fashioned doomy post-rock. Or is it post-rocky doom? It has slow guitars and lots of
great moody melodies--you get the idea.
Off With Their Heads Home
Olafur Arnalds Eulogy for Evolution
he makes cool sounds classical woaah 10/5
Olafur Arnalds ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness
Classical modern things of music.
Olafur Arnalds Living Room Songs
Olafur Arnalds Island Songs
Olafur Arnalds can churn out a song a week and still strike gold without even trying.
Old Man's Child In Defiance of Existence
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse
Opeth Lamentations
Opeth The Roundhouse Tapes
Opeth The Candlelight Years
Paramnesia Ce que dit la bouche d'ombre
This is basically old Ash Borer with better production values. If you liked that kind of
black metal, then this band is one to remember in the coming days.
Paysage d'Hiver Nacht
Paysage d'Hiver Winterkaelte
Paysage d'Hiver Das Tor
Very good.
Pig Destroyer Terrifyer
Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb
Pompeii Loom
Pretty indie with some shoegazy post-rockiness that is so pretty and chill rrggggh 4/5
Radagast An Earthly Sacrament
Excellent Cascadian-brand black metal/folk. Think similar to Fauna's "Rain," but in only twenty-three minutes.
Red Sparowes At The Soundless Dawn
Rise Against The Sufferer and the Witness
Rosetta A Determinism of Morality
Rotten Sound Exit
Rotten Sound Murderworks
crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast crunch blast
Rotten Sound Cycles
Rotten Sound Consume to Contaminate
I hate this less than I love this. It's just grind but it's grind and it grinds grindily
Samael Passage
Saor Roots
Saor Aura
Saor Guardians
Scar Symmetry Holographic Universe
Sigur Ros Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust
Post-rock? Just going to 4/5 it bc who cares v pretty wow.
Sigur Ros Kveikur
Silencer (SWE) Death - Pierce Me
Skyfire Mind Revolution
Sleepmakeswaves Love of Cartography
Slowdive Souvlaki
Soul Cycle Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle Soul Cycle II
Soundtrack (Disney) Tarzan
Soundtrack (Disney) Mulan
Soundtrack (Disney) Hercules
Soundtrack (Disney) Oliver & Company
Soundtrack (Disney) Lilo & Stitch
Soundtrack (Film) Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1
Fit perfectly with the film wooo weee this was like totes mah goats best soundtrack yo. Up with with like Muppet Treasure Island, dawg.
Stars of the Lid The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
Droney Dreams of Dreamy Drones.
Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline
Droney Dreams of Dreamy Drones II: Dronepocalypse - Attack of the Dreamclouds
Steel Panther All You Can Eat
Sufjan Stevens Carrie and Lowell
Swans Soundtracks for the Blind
Swans To Be Kind
System of a Down System of a Down
System of a Down Toxicity
Talk Talk Laughing Stock
Talk Talk Spirit of Eden
Terry Riley In C
minimalist post-minimal classical whatever.
Testament The Gathering
Testament The Formation of Damnation
The Dear Hunter Migrant
The Devin Townsend Band Synchestra
happy metal sleepy metal meow meow meow.
The Great Old Ones Al Azif
The Hotelier Home, Like NoPlace Is There
The Nocturnes Aokigahara
Emma Ruth Rundle never disappoints.
The Oh Hellos The Oh Hellos
The Oh Hellos Through The Deep, Dark Valley
The Red Chord Fused Together in Revolving Doors
The Secret Solve Et Coagula
The Secret Agnus Dei
The Tallest Man on Earth There's No Leaving Now
The Wonder Years Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing
The Wonder Years The Greatest Generation
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Born Into Trouble As the Sparks Fly Upward
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our
There Will Be Fireworks The Dark, Dark Bright
Threnos By Blood and By Earth
One of the fathers of the American Cascadian black metal scene. And, even though their time
together was short, they will remain to be known as both one of the finer and more
influential black metal acts from the last decade.
Titus Andronicus The Monitor
Toh Kay The Hand That Thieves
Tortoise Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Trist (GER) Hin-Fort
Twilight Monument To Time End
Typhoon (USA-OR) White Lighter
Uada Devoid of Light
Melodic black metal with a lot of Darkthronian punkiness and melodeath thrown in. And lots of riffs.
Unru Split with Paramnesia
Ash Borer/Fell Voices II: Elekrieg Boogaloo
Vali Forlatt
Folk guitars of acoustic superiority. Oden be praised.
Vali Skogslandskap
Folk guitars of acoustic superiority. Oden be praised. [2]
Vektor Outer Isolation
Verwustung Soft Hands, Pale Moon
One great 20-minute slab of atmospheric black metal, drenched in ambience.
Walknut Graveforests And Their Shadows
Probably one of the best atmospheric black metal records.
Wardruna Runaljod – Ragnarok
Quite long and not totally consistent, but there's an aura Wardruna's folk music cultivates that, for the moment, makes up for both of these issues.
Warning Watching from a Distance
Wedrujacy Wiatr Tam, Gdzie Miesiac Oplakuje Swit
The Polish WittR.
William Basinski The Disintegration Loops I
Loops of ambient disintegrations. For America!
William Ryan Fritch Revisionist
Windir Arntor
Windir 1184
Windir Likferd
Wode Wode
Wode's debut album borrows from Storm of the Light's Bane about as much as Storm of the Light's bane did Swedish melodeath. While Wode's core might be firmly rooted in blast-happy, fiery black metal, its frequent melodic leads hearken back to Gothenburg moreso than Oslo. There are also the noted NWOBHM-style influences and the occasional metalcore-esque riff on top of the aforementioned melodeath-isms and straight-up black metal fury. Wode mix these ideas together to create an album that, mathematically, should sound pretty unique but (not to their detriment) somehow still sounds wholly black. 3.8/5
Wolfbrigade Damned
Hardcore/d-beat with bits of melodic hardcore thrown in. This kind of feels like what Motorhead
would've sounded like had they been a 90's punk band. The vocalist's gruff shouts remind of a
more aggressive Lemmy, and it feels like there's a very subtle rock'n'roll-ness present here
unrelated to just the vocals. Or maybe it's the vocals entirely. Who knows. I don't. I just
know this riffs--even if it is essentially just the same do-dodo-dodo drum pattern for 35 minutes.
Wolves in the Throne Room Malevolent Grain
Wolves in the Throne Room Black Cascade
Woods of Desolation Sorh
Woods of Desolation Toward the Depths
Woods of Desolation Torn Beyond Reason
Easily one of the best post-black metal/blackgaze albums there is.
World's End Girlfriend Seven Idiots
Some of the last tracks are useless or annoying, but the rest are bizarrely wonderful in the oddest ways. They're ridiculous and crazy but endlessly fun and hugely enjoyable.rI'm between a 3.5 and a 4.0, but well-executed crazy gets bonus points, so 4.0.
World's End Girlfriend Story Telling Again and Again
Given the options to either gouge out my eyeballs with my thumbs or listen to this record again, I'd undoubtedly choose the latter every time. Interpret that as you will.
Wrekmeister Harmonies Then It All Came Down
Ambient/drone/classical/doom metal/noise. It's dreaming, pretty, spooky, scary, noisy, fluffy, ethereal, and something to get lost in. It's like a shifting dream, and you have no idea where it's going to go next.
xSPONGEXCOREx How Tough Are Yah?
Honestly a really enjoyable, albeit short, listen. Never imagined Spongebob quotes would fit so nicely in hardcore music.
xSPONGEXCOREx Don't Mess With TexXxas
Look at all the peasants there are here. Oh, how adorable they are.

3.5 great
...and Oceans The Symmetry of I - The Circle of O
...Of Sinking Ships ...Of Sinking Ships
40 Watt Sun Wider than the Sky
Great but not quite as good or soul-crushing as their first record.
A Pregnant Light My Game Doesn't Have A Name
A lot of diversity, a lot of cool riffs and melodies. This guy knows how to slam post-punk, rock, and blast beats together to create something really cool. Not nearly as raw or echoey as his older stuff, but great nonetheless. Really surprised by the quality of this album.
A Pregnant Light All Saints' Day
It's a gooder album from the guy that puts out a lot of stuff. First two tracks lean toward his meaner black-ish/purple metal style while the third goes for a groovier, mid-paced and melody-heavy style. And then a pretty acoustic thingy to end it all. It's good and stuff.
A Veil of Water Reminder
PIANO BULLBUCKY, Modern classical/chamber music that's basically all sappy pianos with a little bit of extra instrumentation or ambient or post-rock or whatever every once in a while to mix things up that tiny bit. But otherwise it's just your normal sappy piano bs.
A Wilhelm Scream Mute Print
A Wilhelm Scream Ruiner
A Wilhelm Scream Partycrasher
'Wilhelm's back.
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties We Don't Have Each Other
Abigail Williams The Accuser
Abigail Williams stole Blake Judd's best riffs and made a record out of them. Kind of explains why Nachtmystium suck now, and I'm OK with that.
Abigor Fractal Possession
Deathspell Omega worship technical bm. It's about what you'd expect from DsO, but with the
production style of a modern Mayhem album. As far as imitators go, though, Abigor definitely put
enough of their own spin on the style to make it weirdly their own, while obviously borrowing a
lot of their style from another band(s).
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC The Razors Edge
AC/DC Flick Of The Switch
AC/DC For Those About To Rock We Salute You
Adabroc Eilean An Fhraoich
An Autumn for Crippled Children, Deafheaven, and Adabroc. 2013 is the year of pretty black metal cover art.
Adabroc Iolaire
Adabroc: now with flutes! Seems like someone wanted to tap into the Saor fanbase, and it
worked. Melodic/atmospheric black metal with fast sections and slower melodic stuff. A lot
of good ideas here.
Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie Salero
ambient soundtrack music of Stars of the Lidness. Up and down strings and stuff woohoo.
Addaura Addaura
Addaura Burning for the Ancient
So much better than Turn of the Eternal Wheel.
Addaura ...And The Lamps Expire
Adrenalized Tales From The Last Generation
A thrashier 'Wilhelm Scream often flows back into basic melodic punk territory.
Aeon Spoke Aeon Spoke
Agalloch Faustian Echoes
Ahamkara The Embers Of The Stars
Excellent atmospheric/ambient black metal.

Wow such dark
Many riff
Aidan Baker The Sea Swells A Bit...
Minimalist folk-drone thing. Slow tones, droning atmospheres, minimalism woah. It's OK I guess.
Akhlys The Dreaming I
Akira Kosemura Polaroid Piano
If you liked Grouper's "Ruins" album, this should also tickle your fancy. Minimalistic piano and
harp playing, with background noises for ambiance and that "real world" feel. It's too short, but
it's a pleasing little album.
Alcest Souvenirs d'un autre monde
Alcest Le Secret (Re-release)
Alcest Les Voyages de l'Âme
Alda Passage
Alghazanth Wreath of Thevetat
Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue
Altar of Plagues White Tomb
Altar of Plagues Tides
Altar of Plagues Teethed Glory and Injury
A lot less black metal, a lot more atmosphere and experimentation. Essentially, this is what real "post-black metal" should sound like. This sounds virtually rnothing like White Tomb and I'm strangely OK with that.
Alterbeast Immortal
Fast, brutal, and FUN tech death.
Anal Trump That Makes Me Smart!
Great meme, greatest meme.
Anal Trump To All the Broads I've Nailed Before
Anal Trump Make America Say Merry Christmas Again!
How about those department stores?
Anathema Weather Systems
Angst Skvadron Flukt
This is like black 'n' roll-era Satyricon mixed with the weirdness of Thy Catafalque. "Flukt" is
filled with mid-paced groovy riffs and almost-dancy drumming with vocals that I could've sworn
actually belonged to Satyr. It's up-beat, it's fun, and it's black metal. Just like Thy
Catafalque, Angst Skvadron somehow make that weird combination work.
Animosity Animal
Deathcore that surprisingly isn't awful because it actually sounds like what death-core is supposed to be; death metal with hardcore.
Anoice The Black Rain
ambient/classical/post-rock junk.
Anoice Into the Shadows
Antonymes There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay
ambient classical piano with strings and stuff ~minimalism~ (not the genre).
Arbor Lights Hatherton Lake
Happy post-rock that's not so positive that it makes you able to completely forget about the infinite void, but put off thinking about it for like half an hour.
Arch Enemy Wages of Sin
Arch Enemy Burning Bridges
Arch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
Archivist Archivist
the post-black equivalent of being given a dozen glazed donuts and told you have to eat them all in one 75-minute sitting. Some of the donuts have sprinkles, others have chocolate icing in addition to being glazed. Can you eat the entire dozen of these wonderful gifts of heaven in one go? Probably, but you're going to hate yourself afterward. Or in the case of this album, have significant post-black donut burnout. Still, glazed donuts, man.
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul
August Burns Red Sleddin' Hill
Autumn Leaves As Night Conquers Day
Balmorhea Constellations
Balmorhea go more classical than usual, but it's still Balmorhea doing what they do best. Which is to say, making pretty melodic music.
Baroness Yellow and Green
Baroness Purple
The production is awful and the album loses steam on its last two tracks, but otherwise this is just another solid record from Baroness. If there wasn't so much compression and it was a little more consistent it could've been about as good as Blue Record.
Bat For Lashes Two Suns
Battle Beast Unholy Savior
Cheesy female-fronted 80's worship hair/power metal that somehow does it all right. I'm not ashamed.
Battles Gloss Drop
Scientists are still unable to pinpoint what exactly Gloss Drop actually is; is it post-rock, neo-psychadelia, free form swing jazz, math rock, or some weird time-traveling thing that hasn't actually been invented yet? Nobody knows, and no words have yet been invented in the English language to adequately describe it.
Beastmilk Climax
Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)
Behemoth The Satanist
I can't help but compare this to Rotting Christ.
Bestial Raids Master Satan's Witchery
War metal. Blast blast grind grind and there's that riff in "Angel of the Abyss" that's basically the opening riff to that one nu metal Slayer song except this one's better bc it's war metal. m/
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
Billy Talent Dead Silence
Bing and Ruth City Lake
Not as good as "Tomorrow Was The Golden Age", but still fairly good ambient/classical.
Bing and Ruth No Home of the Mind
Not as great as "Tomorrow..." but still another solid piano ambient record by Bing & Ruth.
Black Chamber Black Chamber
Jazz. Jazzzzzzzzzz. Something about downtempo? idk just grooves real smooth like. Smokey.
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath 13
Blasphemy Blood Upon the Altar
war mehtl death metal die fire satann
Blasphemy Gods of War
Riffs! War metal! Oden! Hail!
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh
Blurry Lights A Romantic Dream
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal
Riffs hard, grooves hard, m/'s hard, but it's still really repetitive. The vox are totally monotone and weirdly high in the mix so they do have a bit of a negative effect on the album. That said, though, Those Once Loyal is still great riff-tastic death metal that's more about groove than brutality. They may have never changed their style at all, but when there aren't that many well-known bands that play groovy dm like this in the first place, who cares?
Bongripper Satan Worshipping Doom
Bonobo Black Sands
Happy-ish songs for happy-ish people or whatever. Downtempo.
Boris Pink
Boris Präparat
Too irresponsibly happy/too responsibly sad. Too droney/not droney enough. Too short. Not enough feedback/too few people died. Boris is dead/All hail Boris.
Born of Osiris The Discovery
Bosse-de-Nage III
Braveyoung Will The Dust Praise You
Braveyoung No Peace In This Mind
It's basically just fifteen minutes of ambient drone, but I like Braveyoung so eh m/

--And as a prelude to their full-length, I think this works nicely as an anticipation-builder.
Broken Social Scene You Forgot It in People
I wanna be a rock an roll man but with post-rockin guitars ya know
Brontide Sans Souci
jammin post-rockin rockin rock
Burzum Hvis lyset tar oss
Burzum Filosofem
The vocals sound more "raw" now, but are also now less aggressive and emotive. It's good and bad because while I really like the raw style, they've lost what made Varg's style so interesting in the first place. The rest of the album has a similarly different recording style than Hvis which, I think, works better in some ways and detracts in others. I suppose it's about on par with Hvis, though, if a little inferior.
C.B. Murdoc Here Be Dragons
Tech death. This was fun. Lots of modern Meshuggah-isms but better than I actually like modern Meshuggah.
Caged Grave Gutless
It's like Nails but with fewer/shorter songs. m/
Cain's Offering Stormcrow
Although it reminds me of Kamelot heavily at times, it's really enjoyable power metal. Fast
riffs, excellent melodies, and not too many ballads--and when there are those slow ballady tracks,
they're always at least decent, if not generally "good." Good power metal album.
Cara Neir Stagnant Perceptions
Atmospheric/black/grind/punk yeah.
Carcass Heartwork
Carcass Swansong
Case/Lang/Veirs Case/Lang/Veirs
Folky jams. Chamber folk chamber pop americanananana icy chill.
Caspian Hymn For The Greatest Generation
Cassie (FIN) Old Light
Chelsea Wolfe Apokalypsis
Chelsea Wolfe Hypnos / Flame
Chihei Hatakeyama Coastal Railroads in Memories
Watery, wavering, droney ambient.
Children of Bodom Hatebreeder
It's solid neo-classicaly melodeath/power metal, but Alex's vocals get really cringey at points.
Christoph Berg Paraphrases
ambient classical with strings and pianos and stuff.
Chthe'ilist Le Dernier Crépuscule

death metal
Chthonic Seediq Bale
symphonic black melodeath of triumphant glory! Eat your heart out, Cradle of Filth.
CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe
Clem Leek Lifenotes
pretty noises classical ambient post-rock or whatever. Wow such pret, much y woah.
Cloudkicker Fade
Cloudkicker Little Histories
Coldworld Melancholie
Conan Blood Eagle
Converge Jane Doe
Converge Axe to Fall
Cormorant Metazoa
Cornigr Relics of Inner War
Because RIFFS. Rawerish bm that is good because guitars!
Cosmic Church Ylistys
Country Doctor Country Doctor
Crimson Shadows Kings Among Men
Crimson Shadows is basically what happens when you apply melodeath vocals to a Dragonforce ripoff band. It's all fast, epic power metal with flashy (lengthy) solos, just like Dragonforce. The significant melodeath influence makes it different enough, though, to *slightly* stand out from the band it clearly rips off. And somehow being a melodeath band actually makes Crimson Shadows much better than Dragonforce, despite being as one-dimensional and repetitive. It's epic melodic death metal with power metal harmonies and solos, and a slight epic folk metal influence. "Kings Among Men" is a very fun, albeit simple, record and I really couldn't be more pleased with it.
Crying Beyond The Fleeting Gales
"Power Pop, Progressive Pop"

Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy
Damaar Triumph Through Spears Of Sacrilege
Angry Music for Angry People
Damascus Heights
Danny Norbury Light In August
Modern classical. Violins and junk. Not amazing, but given the length (63 mins) it serves as
perfect background music. For that, it gets a +0.5.
Dark Circles MMXIV
Dark hardcore, dark hardcore m/ m/ m/ m/
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Saldorian Spell
Summation: blast blast blast blast punk riff blast blast blast blast punk riff blast blast blast blast punk riff blast blast blast blast punk riff blast blast blast blast punk riff black metalllllllllll!
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Hora Nocturna
Standard second wave black metal music. Inherently melodic, constantly blasty. Fun for the whole family.
Darkspace Dark Space I
It's good but holy balls is it long. The band only seem to waver between two styles; super fast tremolo riffs with super simple chord progressions, and militaristic mid-paced chugging palm-muted riffs. Add keyboards over those two styles and Darkspace somehow manage to write a 70-minute record using just those two ideas. It's really quite amazing, but it's difficult to sit through because it all just gets old. Like Oh, we're doing some blast beats? I wonder what'll happen nex--oh we're chugging now? Didn't see that coming!
Darkspace Dark Space III I
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
David Darling Cello Blue
Cello ambient/modern classical. It's interesting to hear a cello used as the driving force in an ambient album, as opposed to being used simply to add nuance to the background.
Deaf Center Pale Ravine
3.5-4.0 ambients of melodic melodious ambience
Deafheaven New Bermuda
Evensong you can't take the roads to judah to bermuda bc judah refers to a train line and
the trains don't run under water jesus do you people even pay attention at all i mean come
on. you'd sunbathe on the way to the road to judah then get off at the coast and sunbathe
on the boat on the way to new bermuda which is not like old bermuda btw bc they renovated
the place since you were there last. So what i'm saying is first is the road to judah then
the sunbathing then bermuda.

Then when you're there you can enjoy the sight of the lovely tunnel of pecan trees from your
bedrooms' windows and go sunbathing (obvsly). It'll be like living in a dream house, and
when it's over you'll keep reminding yourself to please remember forever, and try not to get
vertigo at the idea of leaving.
Deathspell Omega Si Monvmentvm Reqvires Circvmspice
Deathspell Omega Mass Grave Aesthetics
Deathspell Omega Paracletus
Dephosphorus Ravenous Solemnity
Der Weg Einer Freiheit Agonie
tl;dr this rules.
Destiny Potato Lun
Dethklok Dethalbum II
DevilDriver The Last Kind Words
Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction
Devin Townsend Project Ghost
Diabolical Masquerade Nightwork
It gets best when it gets into that weird epic folky territory. Otherwise, it's just good melodic black metal.
Dio The Very Beast of Dio
Dispirit Separation
This is the best demo they've done so far. The cacophony of "Odylic Void" is crushingly abyssic, and the eleven-minute reverb-laden (almost post-rocky) doom build-up in "Funeral Frost" to a tense black metal crescendo are both equally fantastic.
Dissection Maha Kali
I like Reinkaos-melodeath Dissection, so an EP with Maha Kali on it isn't something that will inherently turn me off. The re-recording of Unhallowed definitely is leaps and bounds inferior to the original, but it's still not a bad track. As a "second wave black metal throwback" track it'd be alright, and as a Dissection track it's more than that.
Dissection The Somberlain
Dissection Reinkaos
Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie
Do Make Say Think & Yet & Yet
Probably one of the most consistent discogs in post-rock music, Do Make Say Think don't put out bad albums. Their albums aren't the best in the genre, but each is an exceptionally solid example of jazzy, Tortoise-style instrumental post-rock. "& Yet & Yet" is pretty fab.
Do Make Say Think Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead
Weird experimental super jazzy post-rockin somethingorother. Groovy.
Do Make Say Think You, You're a History in Rust
It's pleasant, but the band isn't known for abusing crescendos a la Godspeed so there's less to really grab you. It's consistently pleasant post-rock, quite a few steps above your basic "background music," but it still doesn't have that extra oomph to earn it that 4/5. Still really quite good, though.
Dog Fashion Disco Sweet Nothings
Downfall of Nur Umbras de Barbagia
Atmospheric folk black metal of epicness. Those hyper-shriek vocals really hurt my ears and those drums sound a bit clunky, but everything else is fine here. Production's fine, riffs fine, structures wow, many folk flutes, woah.
Drautran Throne of the Depths
Symphonic northern hyperblast
Dressed In Streams The Search for Blood
The noisiness of this black metal gives it a really "full" sound and great atmosphere. MooschriS and his superior bm knowledge strike again.
Drudkh Blood In Our Wells
On first listen: Much of an improvement since Autumn Aurora. It's mostly the same stylistically, but with more of its own identity now; it doesn't sound just like Burzum worship anymore. The atmosphere and general production sound are better, the melodies are better, and the songwriting is, relatively speaking, much more adventurous. Woohoo for tempo changes!
Drudkh Forgotten Legends
3.5 but it could go up. Good fuzzy atmosphere, melodies wow. Atmospheric black metal woah. Drudkh ufff /soundoff
Drudkh Estrangement
Ukraine/5 black metal.
Dustin O'Halloran Lumiere
more piano-based-string-added-classical-bologna. It's all fancy and sht. Pinkies out.
Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity
Earth and Pillars Earth I
Trist - Hin-Fort -esque atmospheric black metal. Blasting vaccum of space. But with like, trees and stuff.
Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow
Eluveitie Slania
Eluveitie Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion
Eluvium Talk Amongst the Trees
Happy warm sad enveloping ambients of space. And time.
Eluvium When I Live by the Garden and the Sea
Eluvium An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death
Piano musics. It's not as engaging as his ambient stuff, but it's well-crafted piano-based music that serves well as background/relaxation music. It is a bit difficult to make piano arrangements unenjoyable, though, given the inherent beauty of the instrument. Still, 3.5/5
Eluvium Static Nocturne
Waves of static upon waves of ambience. At times the rushing white noise sounds like the wind near the beach, the sound of lapping waves or pounding rain almost discernible amidst that constant wooshing sound. There's often just enough melody bleeding through to give this that sense of atmospheric awe Eluvium's so noted for, and combined with the runtime this makes for an interesting exercise in slowly evolving atmospheres.
Eluvium The Motion Makes Me Last
Emancipator Safe In The Steep Cliffs
downtempo whatever. Melodies and chill tempos and whatnot.
Emancipator Dusk to Dawn
Emerald Weapon Part II: Earth Encrypted
A nice improvement from the first EP. The sound here is noticeably tighter and the band seem to have a better idea where they want to go with their sound.
Emily Jane White They Moved in Shadow All Together
ethereal dark folk amaze wow
Emma Ruth Rundle Some Heavy Ocean
Emperor IX Equilibrium
Emperor Emperor
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Emperor Reverence
Symphonic Satan horns of blast beating Satans.
Enisum Arpitanian Lands
Black metal of epic ambient whatever
Entropia (PL) Vesper
Epica The Quantum Enigma
Erebus Enthroned Temple Under Hell
This makes up for the new Sargeist being butts. Definitely makes up for it. No frills
black metal with tons of blast beats. Hail Satan.
Ethereal Shroud They Became the Falling Ash
Certified ZARU-FRESH: 75%

Despite the faster, blast-driven sections suffering a tad from an insufficient recording setup,
Ethereal Shroud's sophomore effort really shines during its slower, more melodic (and even "epic")
sections--which make up the majority of its third (and 25 minute) closing track. Given the
songwriter's previous successes with his even more melodic project(s), this effective show of
melodic songwriting really shouldn't have been as much of a surprise as it was. Shame on
Exquirla Para Quienes Aún Viven
Toundra and Nino de Elche did the fusion dance and created super Spanish Alcest? Sounds good to
me. Some of this might sound like straight plagiarism of Alcest's shoegazier content, but it's
done so well and with enough personal flourishes that it doesn't bother me at all. "Exquirla"
sounds like if you were to take the shoegaziness of Alcest and mix it together with traditional
Spanish music in place of black/metal.
Fair to Midland Arrows and Anchors
3.5-4.0 good heavy rocks, melodies, riffs heavy riffz
Falkenbach Asa
Epic folk/bm/folk bm like always, and like always it rules.
Fallujah Nomadic
False Untitled
Recorded live, I think the production suffers from a lack of clarity between the instruments--
there are a lot of great keys and leads that simply get buried in the mix that could've been
brought out and fully exploited with a normal recording setup.

That being said, this is still a pretty good 60-minute slab of keyboard-prominent atmospheric
black metal. When they're not blasting with furious riffs and great backing keys, they're jamming
through a groovy mid-paced riff or trudging through doomy buildups.

If you're going to listen to a female-fronted black metal band this year, make it False.
Farsot IIII
The goodness of the riffs or album or w/e permeated the alcohol-induced fog which clouded my mind upon my attempt to listen, here. I suppose that, given my current stupor, that such an impact on my psyche should be regarded as significant. Thusly so, I have bestowed upon this record a lofty (relatively speaking) 3.5.
Farsot 042103Freitod
Fen Epoch
Fin The Furrows of Tradition
Seems like a lot of Blut Aus Nord influence going on here, but whereas BAN are generally weird, Fin just sort of adapt BAN's odd sense for melodic playing into a more standard black metal style. "The Furrows of Tradition" isn't exceptionally exceptional black metal, but it has fairly solid songwriting and the obvious BAN influence actually helps set it apart stylistically, while still clearly showcasing borrowed ideas. Songwriting-wise this is sort of like Yellow Eyes, but much less twisty, if that makes sense.
Finntroll Trollhammaren
Finntroll Nattfodd
Finntroll Jaktens Tid
Finntroll Nifelvind
Great, fun folk metal (as per usual).
Finntroll Blodsvept
First Aid Kit Stay Gold
First Fragment Dasein
Fweedle dleeleeee *melodeath riff* squeebleeooreeedldldldldldl x56 minutes.
Fleshgod Apocalypse Oracles
Forndom Daura Dura
Minimalist tribal folk.
Forteresse Crepuscule d'Octobre
Forteresse Thèmes pour la Rébellion
They only really know how to do one type of rhythm guitar riff, they only really seem to
know how to go one speed (hint: fast), and their songs are basically fueled by their melodic
leads, but they're still pretty good at doing what they're doing--even if they are kind of a
one-trick pony. Kinda hard not to dig all the double bass and fast riffing even if they are
all typical "slow chord progression black metal style riffs" given how wicked almost-epic
they sound. Sort of like an angrier, all business WitTR without all the fooling around with
ambience and spiritualism.
Freedom Call Beyond
Let's play a Metal song. Let's shout for a Heavy sound. Oh, with euphoria. Take off for a
crazy flight! And we'll dance... Bang your head or die!
Funeral Throne Threshold
This is some pretty excellent riffy, melodic, not-quite-kvlt-but-pretty-krieg bm. The riffs
wow, the epic wow, melodies woah. 7/10.
Furia Grudzien Za Grudniem
Heavy bm with some of that fancy clean prog playing here and there. Solid bm.
Fyrnask Bluostar
Fyrnask Fórn
Fyrnask does weird atmos bm like Fyrnask always does. Which is to say, "well done."
Galaktik Cancer Squad The Gathering
Gates Of Ishtar A Bloodred Path
Gloryhammer Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Intercosmik fantasy DnD metal ov trvth.
God Is an Astronaut A Moment of Stillness
Not the best toast rock post-rock or the biggest, but boy o boy do it do it do it goodly.
God Is an Astronaut Far from Refuge
post-rock. Probably a 4 on more listens.
God Is an Astronaut God Is an Astronaut
God Is an Astronaut Age of the Fifth Sun
3.5-4.0 God Is an Astronaut have a style distinctly their own and while they're more of a one-trick post-rock pony in that regard, Age of the Fifth Sun still shows them putting out quality material.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress'
Goldmund Sometimes
this is basically just some dude playing the piano slowly for forty minutes 7/10 gj.
Gorgoroth Pentagram
Interesting black metal riffs, and some of the only real osbm I enjoy production-wise for some reason. The vocals aren't my thing, but the songwriting makes up for them.
Gorguts Colored Sands
Gorod Leading Vision
Gorod A Perfect Absolution
Greg Haines Digressions
Classical instruments used to create almost ambient music. It's sort of kind of like Stars of the Lid, but with less subtle instrumentation; the pianos and strings are loud and obvious here. With all that goes on in any given segment the music feels very "full," which helps to give it that droning "ambient" feel. Music to get lost in.
GridLink Longhena
Grouper Ruins
Gwynbleidd Nostalgia
Haken Affinity
Anathema prog with more riffs and djent.
Hammock Asleep in the Downlights
The awkward vocals are a problem, but not a huge one. They hold back what could've been a much better EP, but they aren't bad in themselves. The problem is that they're not worked in a way that makes them actually fit with the music--rather, they feel sort of just dropped on top without being mixed to fit the super dreamy atmosphere.
Hannes Grossmann The Radial Covenant
Bandcamp is wonderful for finding music.rFun tech death. It's a bit experimental, which makes it even better. I also agree with Wolfers about the Obscura comparisons. This is much more focused songwriting, while still remaining inventive and catchy.
Have a Nice Life The Unnatural World
Heartsounds Until We Surrender
Heartsounds Drifter
Not as good as their first record, but still really enjoyable, yet simple, pop-punk/metal.
Heaven and Hell The Devil You Know
Helios Yume
3.5-4.0 idk it's happy warm ambient with happy warmness and it's hard for me to be objective about music that's meant simply to create this sort of atmosphere and illicit this type of emotional response. But it's good, yeah?
Hierophant (IT) Mass Grave
I don't like the vocal shift away from punk shouts toward death growls, and the production also is
a bit lacking--not that it sounds bad by any means (the sound quality is quite high here), but
rather that the cleaner, more high-quality sound doesn't really suit a band that's supposed to be
about grit. I really think a rawer sound (akin to their previous stuff) would've made much of
Mass Graves sound more aggressive and powerful. As-is, though, I think it's fine. Not as good as
I'd hoped, but still a respectable release.

I will say, however, that this is just another in a long line of punk/grind bands that have sort
of wacky production this year--Rotten Sound, Nails, Wormrot, and now Hierophant. I don't know
what's going on but I don't like it.
Holy Seclusion MMXIV
Buzzing crunchy foot-tappin' short-but-sweet hardcore.
Hood Outside Closer
Coolio pretty post-rock with vocals 3.5-4.0
Hypocrisy A Taste of Extreme Divinity
iamamiwhoami Blue
Ethereal voices an stuff man. Sings. Wow. Happy dance lady gaga eat your heart out girl friend. m/
If These Trees Could Talk Red Forest
Ihsahn After
Imbaru Vigias
Neo-folk. Acoustic guitars, pianos, and all that jazz.
Immortal Bird Empress​/​Abscess
Dynamic songwriting makes Immortal Bird's combination of various extreme metal styles fairly
effective. They run the gamut of guitar styles without letting any one idea overstay its
welcome, keeping "Empress?/?Abscess" interesting from start to finish.
In Flames Subterranean
Back when In Flames were fun and were good and stuff yeah.
In This Moment The Dream
Insomnium Winter's Gate
melodeath pseudo-Crimson III.
Iron Maiden Somewhere Back in Time
Istapp Frostbiten
pretty by-the-books melodic bm. It riffs pretty hard, takes a bit from melodeath here and there, and is pretty fun, though.
Jannick Schou Fasjil
Jannick Schou Against a Backdrop of Blue Hills...
Jardin de la Croix Circadia
jazzy math post-rock that does chugs hard sometimes. tweedle leedle leedle.
Jesu Silver
Johann Johannsson Fordlandia
John Luther Adams Become Ocean
42 minutes of classical/ambient music that rolls and flows and rises and sinks again and again,
like an ocean wave washing over you.
Jonsi and Alex Riceboy Sleeps
ambient/classical/post-rock. Wowie wow.
Julien Baker Sprained Ankle
The singer/songwriter genre is full of sad girls singing to acoustic guitars and pianos, but
"Sprained Ankle" still somehow sets itself apart from the rest.
Kalmah 12 Gauge
Kauan Sorni Nai
atmospheric post-rock doom metal of fantastic wonderful melodiness.
Keaton Henson Romantic Works
Sappy classical music that, while probably interchangable with any soundtrack from any sappy indie romance flick, is still pretty good in itself. Despite being pretty sappy here and there.
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Nonagon Infinity
Heavy rockin heavy rock
Koi. Maelstrom
Happy beats.
Kokomo Kokomo
Krallice Diotima
Kvelertak Kvelertak
Kvist For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike
Not enough keyboard for them to be symphonic, but for barely post-Nightside Eclipse album, it
still shoulda been at least a little bit unique. And using a churchy keyboards definitely gets you
kvlt kred. Fairly melodic bm with keys for added melodic contrast. Blast beats. m/
La Mar La Mar
Labradford Mi Media Naranja
Labradford Labradford
toast-rock mellow low-fat jammz
Lake Of Blood The Burial Grounds Sessions
Lake of Blood pull themselves together and release an aggressive EP that hints at greater
things to come.
Lamb of God As the Palaces Burn
They're basically At The Gates smashed together with Pantera but still m/
Lamb of God Sacrament
Lantlos .neon
Lantlos Agape
Lantlos Melting Sun
But this one doesn't have These Nights Were Ourrrrrrrs how can it possibly be better than .neon???!!?
Lawrence English Cruel Optimism
Weird harsh often minimalistic ambient soundscapes.
Lazer Kitty SPIES
Dancey funtime yes beatz wow, happy much!
Leech [US] Against Leviathan!
Les Discrets Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées
Less Than Jake See The Light
Lethe When Dreams Become Nightmares
Trip hop with Eluveitie's clean vocalist. Wow.
letlive. The Blackest Beautiful
Leucosis Pulling Down the Sky
Atmospheric, aggressive, epic, brooding, doomy, with a drop of folk. For fans of the Cascadian brand, Weakling, and the like.
Leucosis Leucosis
Leviathan The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
I like this, but it's like 20 minutes too long. I really dig the inclusion of punk influences, too; given this is a fairly depressive bm album, those heavy punk grooves help mix it up every now and again. Wish there were more of them, actually.
Library Tapes Escapism
Classical almost-ambient minimals of joy!
Light This City Stormchaser
Lights and Motion Save Your Heart
Lowercase Noises Carry Us All Away
Sappy, slightly Godspeedian post-rock/ambient. It basically uses everything typical post-rock; pretty twinkly guitars, aesthetically pleasing up-beat sections that don't really go anywhere but sound pretty, ambient guitar droning, and the occasional droning violin in the background.
Ludovico Einaudi Elements
didn't have this rated for some reason. From what I can remember it's more solid modern classical. Largely piano-based music.
Lunar Aurora Of Stargates and Bloodstained Celestial Spheres
Slightly symphonic black metal. 'Stargates' sounds slightly like a nastier Dimmu Borgir with the
sometimes-obnoxious keyboarding of Children of Bodom. It also riffs pretty nicely, which
definitely helps set it apart from other symphonic acts like Dimmu and Emperor, as opposed to
simply being another copycat.
Lunar Aurora Hoagascht
It's like Burzum but with more cool up-beat sections that are m/ and remind me of WitTR but only bc WitTR are known for doing that. It's good.
Lund Quartet Lund Quartet
Mostly instrumental jazz with some electronic/experimental/trip hop stuff going on. Smoky night
club music for a new century.
Lurker Of Chalice Lurker Of Chalice
Forgot to ever rate this but yeah rules. Black metal ambient woah riffs atmosphere ayyyye m/
Macabre Omen Gods Of War - At War
Hellenic epic black metal riffs of glory for the homeland!
Mania Mania
angry screams black metal rawr ra ra. It's that kind of raw lo-fi sound that just feels right, whereas most bands with that sounds generally don't click with me.
Mare Cognitum Phobos Monolith
Max Richter From Sleep
"From Sleep" can't touch Richter's older works, but on its own is still a competent and coherent showcasing of his compositional skills, despite only being more-or-less a "greatest hits" of his longer 8-hour classical piece.
Max Richter Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works
Classical music.
Maximum the Hormone Buiikikaesu
Not quite as good as "Yoshu Fukushu" or "Rokkinpo Goroshi", but still a solid slab of j-pop/power rock/alt-nu metal/pop punk.
Maybeshewill Fair Youth
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Rating is for the "Instrumental Mix 1992" which I like more than the standard with-vocals version.rNot a fan of the vocals, but the "Instrumental Mix 1992" version fixes that problem whilst also making the instrumentation sound both much heavier and more power. The blasting feels frantic, and the slower sections actually feel slightly menacing and evil in this alternative mix. Can't say if the vocals would sound appropriate in this new version, though.
Melanie De Biasio Blackened Cities
One twenty-four minute jazz/post-rock track reminiscent of the early jazzy post-rock stylings of
Tortoise, in a sense. This is post-rock that slowly builds and adds nuance as it goes, but never
really crescendos or uses sudden drastic structural shifts. Like Tortoise, it just goes and goes,
introducing and removing instruments seemingly on a whim--everything is mixed so nicely that all
the elements work together to build a sort of dense wall of instrumentation.
Melechesh Emissaries
Middle Eastern folky rhythms and melodies over black metal riffs--something not many other bands (of which I'm aware) have really tried. Melechesh have always been a fairly unique band because of their patently non-European take on the black metal genre, but their brand of folk-ish metal is just as fun as any of their European counterparts. While "Emissaries" is a bit long (55 minutes), it never really slows down, never finds itself lacking in content, and is a generally enjoyable experience from start to finish. If you don't mind the runtime, of course.
Mesarthim Isolate
Atmospheric black synth metal. It's like Summoning but I like it more.
Meshuggah I
Meshuggah Nothing (Re-release)
Meshuggah obZen
Metallica Master of Puppets
Ride the Lightning is their best album.
Metallica ...And Justice for All
Mgla Exercises in Futility
this is my surprised face: :O can u tell im surprised?
Mgla Mdlosci
Slightly epic, melodic black metal. A two-track, eleven-minute EP that seems to get a lot of critical acclaim, and for good reason; despite its short runtime, "Mdlosci" *is* by all merits a very solid black metal release. It never really dips in quality at any point, partially due to its constant melodic lead playing which makes even the slower, less "intense" moments powerful by giving them an underling "epic" feel.
Mgla Further Down the Nest
Miasme perpetual.terminal
Milhaven Automata
Milhaven Milhaven
Miroist CURVE
Djent tech djennnt! Think Cloudkicker but with moar duhJentz more technicals moar

"It's like instrumental Periphery but without being bad!"
Misfits Walk Among Us
Mogwai Rock Action
Such mog, many wai, wow.
Mogwai The Hawk Is Howling
people at work called this elevator music ;_; which is actually kinda OK because this is pretty chill post-rockin' that's more on the "atmospheric background music" side than it is the "epic crescendos of epicness."
Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Mogwai Les Revenants OST
Moon Ate The Dark Moon Ate The Dark
Modern classical. Ambient piano music. For the most part it's solo piano music with light ambient/noise used to fill space and create a whisper of an atmosphere; other times the ambient noise becomes more prominent, creating a harsh/melodic collage. The latter style doesn't always work, but the piano compositions are fairly well-done and well-produced (in terms of their sound quality). Not the best piano-based ambient I've ever heard--but it ain't bad neither.
Moon Ate The Dark Moon Ate The Dark II
Modern classical loveliness. Pianos, strings, wow. Such pretty, many classic woa
Moonsorrow Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa
Morphinist Geopfert
Finally Morphinist put out something really worth caring about. It's still the same pretty simplistic melodic black metal, but this time around it feels like everything is just the tiniest bit better in just the right ways. Everything seems to come together here where older releases just didn't mesh. It's not amazing by any means, but the two main tracks provide you with a good 24-minutes of solid melodic black metal.
Mushroomhead XIII
My Beloved Force Feeding Love
Pretty noises!
My Useless Life Negative Memories
More of that "DSBM" that isn't awful. Very good stuff.
Myrkur Mausoleum
Haunting cleans, haunting acoustic guitar (think: Ghost Reveries era Opeth), haunting pianos.
Amalie's black metal compositions might be underwhelming, but you can't say the girl doesn't have
a great singing voice. Pair her spooky singing with an equally spooky piano, add a Girls Choir
for extra spooky vocals, and Håvard's acoustic playing as an extra flourish, and you've got
yourself a surprisingly good listen.

I won't say this makes up for the sub-par "black metal" debut, but taken on its own "Mausoleum" is
a fairly good listen. Check it, for real.
Nadja Queller
Yeah it's all good and stuff melody drones riff wow such atmospheric
Nadja Tangled
A thirteen-minute heavy metal Nadja EP. Thick textures, cool riffs. Nadja with blast beats.
Nadra Allir vegir til glötunar
Nails You Will Never Be One of Us
Nameless Coyote Devoured by the Swirling Night
Nargaroth Jahreszeiten
Nasheim Solens Vemod
Nasum Helvete
I'm fond of grind that's a bit crunchier, but despite not having my preferred sound style, Nasum's "Helvete" definitely makes up for it with sheer riffage and blasts and junk. Grindcore.
Natural Snow Buildings The Night Country
Shimmering chimes and droning guitars with some lo-fi folk along the way. It's really minimalistic and pretty.
Nebelung Palingenesis
Think: Fauna or Agalloch, but with only the acoustic parts.
Necrophobic Darkside
Swedish melodic bm riffs of SATAN.
Negative Plane Stained Glass Revelations
Nemesis Sopor Glas
It's like WitTR but with additional basic melodic riffing. Or something like that.
Nero di Marte Derivae
Take Ulcerate and move them two steps further toward atmospheric sludge, and away from their death metal axis. That is basically what you get here. Lotta post-metal, lotta atmosphere.
Neurotech Evasive
Dancey dance dance of m/
Nhor Whisperers to this Archaic Growth
nic and Old Soul Split
Nic get their stuff together and release a great 20-minute side of aggressive post-
blackgaze. Old Soul prove their competence with a more screamo-influenced blackgaze sound.
Both bands are similar to Deafheaven, and both sides are great. Excellent split. rNow we
need some full-lengths from both bands.
Nightshade Wielding The Scythe
Nils Frahm Solo
Pianos of piano... ing... ness. Pianoingness... osity. Yeah, that one.
Nocturnus The Key
Keyboardy tech death thrash that is good!
NOFX The War on Errorism
NOFX Home Street Home: Original Songs From Shit Musical
Nontinuum The Stars You Gathered, The Stars I Destroyed
Not On Tour All This Time
Noveller Fantastic Planet
Ambient drones of noise and softness and nice wow
Novembers Doom The Novella Reservoir
Now, Now Threads
Happy sings
Numenorean Home
This is probably everything "Moonlover" failed to be; aggressive, powerful blackgaze with a depressive bm lean.
Nux Vomica Nux Vomica
Oathbreaker Rheia
Stylistically some sort of amalgamation of punk and black metal with its own brand of experimental atmospheric influences to boot. I don't even know what that means, but it riffs and it blasts and it sounds like nothing else out there.
Obsequiae Suspended In The Brume Of Eos
Obsequiae Aria of Vernal Tombs
My spreadsheets say this is folk-ish bm and that I like it? Ok spreadsheet whatever you say fam.
Of Solitude and Solemn Of Solitude and Solemn
Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm Trance Frendz
Trance Frendz is a rather quaint piano collab by two fairly well acclaimed modern classical
artists. It definitely can't compete with most works in either artist's back catalogs, but
it probably wasn't intended to. It's a rather simple album, probably just meant to be a fun
exercise in pianism between friends. In that way, it succeeds. It probably won't blow you
away if you've had at least a little bit of experience with piano-heavy [modern] classical
music, but don't let that stop you from checking out it or either artist's back catalogs.

Rating could go up upon further listens; it's just kind of hard to be objective toward piano
music when there's already so much of it out there.
Old Graves Long Shadows
Atmospheric black metal with a tinge of folkiness. I was expecting this to be just a 3/5 after hearing a track or two--but after actually listening to the thing it's surprisingly better than expected. It's solid melodic atmospheric black metal with some folky flair here and there to keep things interesting.
Old Man Gloom The Ape of God I
This grooves pretty hard.
Old Man's Child The Pagan Prosperity
I love the big drum sound on this record--it really works with the riffs to create a nice groovy sound which is something you hardly ever get in black metal. The songwriting style is generally basic, though, so while a lot of this is fairly accessible melodic black metal, songs get repetitive fairly quickly. If you were to cut these songs down in length and remove maybe one repetition of the "chorus," I think they'd potentially be better.
Omnium Gatherum New World Shadows
Omnium Gatherum Beyond
Omnium Gatherum Grey Heavens
Opeth Still Life
Opeth Blackwater Park
Oranssi Pazuzu Valonielu
Pale Chalice Negate the Infinite and Miraculous
Pretty straightforward bm. Nothing fancy, just treble and riffzzzz.
Panopticon Panopticon
Panopticon Collapse
Panopticon Roads to the North
Panopticon Autumn Eternal
I hope this is better than Roads because it seems to have the potential.
Panopticon Revisions of the Past
Both albums sound markedly better, but don't sound as good as they *should* due to the inferior
quality of their source materials. Still, that's not to say that Lunn's writing was bad, but just
that his recording resources were limited when these albums were initially recorded. Both albums
sound better than the originals, though, and that's what's important here. Marston and Morris are
Panopticon/Vestiges Split
Paramnesia Paramnesia
Two twenty-minute slabs of cold, punishing atmospheric black metal. For fans of Ash Borer,
and all similar ripoffs. Definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future.
Paramore Riot!
Paramore Brand New Eyes
Pelican Forever Becoming
Pelican Arktika (live from Russia)
Pelican groove as hard live as one would expect.
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Penguin Cafe Orchestra is easily the best penguin-affiliated musical assemblage there is.
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Broadcasting from Home
It's got that one song from Napoleon Dynamite (you know the one), and the rest is similarly cool. Woooo.
Pennywise All or Nothing
Petrychor Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Back to ye olde roots :D Atmospheric black metal with absolutely lovely acoustic sections and tons
upon tons of layering. Like always Tad's music is fairly busy, but it's the amount of activity
that makes it unique. If you dug Fauna's Avifauna, get on this asap.
pg.lost Versus
they 80's called and they want their aesthetic back
Pianos Become the Teeth Keep You
Pin-Up Went Down 2 Unlimited
I don't even know what this is but whatever.
Plini Sweet Nothings
Poldoore Waiting For The World
Instrumental hip hop/downtempo. Good music jams chill tunes.
Poloniumcubes One
Pretty piano music!
Poppy Ackroyd Escapement
classical musics pianos strings wow
Poppy Ackroyd Feathers
classical pianos wow
Portico Isla
Groovy, daddio. Jazz, man.
Prison Suicide 2016 Demo
Punky Bruster Cooked on Phonics
Quadrupede Quadrupede
Quadrupede T O G O B A N
It's a jazzy mathy groovy electronic post-rocky rock party party!
Quo Vadis Defiant Imagination
Prog dm melody yeah. The band Brendon Small potentially ripped off when creating Dethklok, though his version was much less proggy.
Racing Glaciers Ahead Of You Forever
Happy Music for Happy People!
Racing Glaciers Racing Glaciers - EP
Racing Glaciers Caught in the Strange
Rafael Anton Irisarri A Fragile Geography
Droning ambient. Stars of the Lid. Strings.
Rahu The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows
Ratatat Classics
I think this is better than their first album? It's like the same way just improved a bit; it has character this time around.
Raventale Dark Substance Of Dharma
Atmospheric bm about Tibetan mythology. Nasty vox and keyboard melodiez and riffzz.

I dig it and it doesn't even focus on blast beats! :O
Red Sparowes Aphorism
Rhinocervs RH-07
MELANCHOLIC DARKNESS. The third track is soooooo good.
Rhinocervs RH-11
This has a much better, more suffocating sound than some of the other RH demos. Straight suffocating, vaguely melodic bm.
Rhinocervs RH-12
Crushed by the weight of your own melancholy.
Rotten Sound Napalm
Rotten Sound Abuse to Suffer
The vocals have a little less personality this time around but the rest is standard Rotten Sound; blasty blast riff riff groove groove blast riff blast groove.
Rotting Christ Kata Ton Demona Eaftou
Runic Liar Flags
Fun folk melodic death metal.
Russian Circles Empros
Russian Circles Memorial
RVIVR The Beauty Between
Punk. It's a bit too long but it's hella fun.
RVIVR Bicker and Breathe
punk rock fun rock rock
Sacrilege (UK1) Behind the Realms of Madness
27 minutes of nonstop punk RIFFZ. Crust/thrash or w/e. Riffs for days.
Sacrilege GBG The Fifth Season
SotLB-worship melodeath.
Sadhaka Terma
Do you like all that Cascadian jazz? Ya? Then here you go bud.
Samael Solar Soul
Samael Reign Of Light
Satyricon Nemesis Divina
Black metal.
Saxon Shore Luck Will Not Save Us From A Jackpot Of Nothing
Pretty post-rock that's too short. Non-crescendocore. Happy musics.
Sean McCann Ten Impressions For Piano And Strings
Stars of the Lid. Strings. LOUD NOISES. Pianos. Drone. Classical music. 3.7/5
Seizures The Sanity Universal
Sepultura Arise
Thrash liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!
Sepultura Beneath the Remains
Serpentine Dominion Serpentine Dominion
Melodicy dm with the "attitude" of modern metal/metalcore. The shorter song lengths definitely help keep George's rather one-dimensional delivery from becoming stale or ever overstaying its welcome. The shorter lengths also help keep songs energetic and moving--something from which melodic death metal especially benefits. This is short and to the point, full of riffs, and no filler. Double plus good super metal super group.
Sharon Van Etten Are We There
Shining (SWE) IV - The Eerie Cold
Shores of Ladon Eindringling
Pretty straightforward atmospheric black metal. Fast, long-winded riffs scrunched into 7-minute mini-epics. It's like Ash Borer on a diet.
Sielunvihollinen Hautaruhtinas
olde black metal riffs of olde blackened metallic riffing.
Silent Whale Becomes a Dream Canopy
Toast rock classical wall of the ambient. Like and Share if you love toast!
Silent Whale Becomes a Dream Architeuthis
Shimmering tremolos of prettiness. Sparkle sparkle.
Skogen (SE) I Doden
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
Slayer Reign in Blood
Snowday As We Travel
Sodom In the Sign of Evil
Fairly crudely put-together thrash metal with harsh vocals and some extreme metal drumming. This would be a 3/5, but I'm a bit of a sucker for those throwback punk grooves.
Soilwork The Panic Broadcast
Soilwork The Living Infinite
This is getting ridiculous. Even the cheesy parts are well-executed.
Solbrud Jaertegn
Black Cascade Black Cascade Black Cascade
Sophie Hutchings Becalmed
Piano/ambient. Yowza Yowza Bo-Bowza. Highly original soundoff I wrote all by myself.
Sophie Hutchings Night Sky
Piano/ambient. Yowza Yowza Bo-Bowza. Copy pasta soundoffs what is this lazytown
Sophie Hutchings White Light
Piano/ambient. Yowza Yowza Bo-Bowza. Same soundoff thrice on a roooll!!
Sophie Hutchings Wide Asleep
Piano/ambient. Yowza Yowza Bo-Bowza. Same soundoff x4 woooooop
Sophie Madeleine Love Life Ukulele
Sorrows Threads
Ambient. Pounding. Bleeding ears. Fifteen minutes. Interesting.
St. Vincent St. Vincent
Strung Out Transmission.Alpha.Delta
SubRosa More Constant Than The Gods
Suffocation Human Waste
Sulphur Aeon Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide
Sun of the Blind Skullreader
This is great atmospheric black metal. It's basically Darkspace minus all the blast beats but the lack of higher-tempo sections allows it to create an even better atmosphere. The subtle electronic elements (which remind me of Passage-era Samael) are really nice, too.
Sun Worship Surpass Eclipse
Sun Worship Elder Giants
Sun Worship get their act together and release a fantastic debut LP. They've tightened up
their sound this time around and now sound similar to an early Ash Borer or other (albeit
dirtier) Cascadian band. Three fairly straightforward and mostly fast black metal tracks
are followed by one dark ambient outro and together make this debut a very memorable

If you like fast, slightly dirty black metal with slow chord progressions and a whole lot of
repetition, then Sun Worship's debut Elder Giants is definitely something to look into. But
hey, you should be checking it out anyway.
Sunset In The 12th House Mozaic
Sunwolf Beholden To Nothing And No One
Such doom
many ambient
femal sings
Susanne Sundfor Ten Love Songs
Svart Crown Profane
This has that crunchy Portal-style guitar sound, and the playing style is similar as well. So if you like Portal you might like this.
System of a Down Steal This Album!
Clearly no Toxicity, "Steal This Album!" is still a competent record in its own right. Nowhere near as solid, but there are plenty of Toxicity/s.t-level tracks here.
Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix
Tenacious D best band in the world, Tenacious D they get all the girls. Tenacious D best guitar play ing, Tenacious D wow how can they sing.
Terrorizer World Downfall
Crunchy Grindcore Riffs are my favorite breakfast lunch dinner cereal. I love the crunching sound they make when the milk hits them! I'm not so keen on that agonizing scream they make right afterward, though.
Thantifaxath Thantifaxath
Thaw Earth Ground
The Black Twilight Circle Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons
I'm not a huge fan of the Shataan/Kallathon pieces, but the Volahn/Arizmenda tracks are great--particularly Volahn's. With all the Southern-ish rock and Native American folk influences found throughout most of the tracks, they really weren't kidding by calling this "Western black metal."
The Body/Braveyoung Nothing Passes
The Caretaker Everywhere at the end of time
lo-fi sad tape music. I don't want to forget :''(
The Devil Wears Prada Zombie
The Evpatoria Report Golevka
The Evpatoria Report Maar
The Great Cold The Great Cold
Post-metal with a dash of black metal.
The Great Old Ones EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
Not as natural, sounds more compressed as compared to the phenomenal Tekeli-Li. Which isn't to say it's a bad album, it's just not *as* good. Same post-black atmospheric Lovecraftian metal, just with production values that aren't as nice.
The Menzingers After the Party
The Red Chord Fed Through the Teeth Machine
The Sight Below It All Falls Apart
Gooderish dreamy-ish ambient music. Synths woah. Static wooshing yeah.
The Sword Warp Riders
The Vomiting Dinosaurs Exoplanet
death/grind. Riffs in space, tiny arms, can't reach the bass.
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Horses in the Sky
Thespian An Open Canvas
I hear this guy kicks puppies.
Thy Catafalque Sgùrr
Weird, riffy, dancey, experimental black-ish metal with electronics. It's a fun time.
Thy Serpent Death
Atmospheric, melodic, black.
Thyrane Travesty of Heavenly Essence
One of the first black metal bands I ever liked. Symphonic black metal with lotsa fun riffz.
Tides of Man Young and Courageous
Although a bit long, "Young and Courageous" is a competent and fairly fun attempt at post-rock. At times it even reminds of Cloudkicker (especially with its whining leads). Good post-rock worth another listen 3.5-4.0.
Tim Hecker Dropped Pianos
Take the infinitely desolate pianos and ambience of early Godspeed/Silver Mt. Zion and stretch them into an album. Distant and hopeless.
Titus Andronicus The Most Lamentable Tragedy
There's enough really good material here to make a solid, normal-length punk record, but I feel that all the theatrical tracks pull the rest of the album down--not so far as to make it unenjoyable, but a lesser album still. Still, the theatrics do work to remind the listener that this is, in fact, a concept record with an important theme.
Todd Terje It's Album Time
Tomb Mold The Bottomless Perdition
Filthy raw dm that I like for some reason.
Tomoyoshi Date Otoha
a smashing good time eh pip pip.

Mostly minimalist piano music (slight strings here and there), often with field samples in the
background to create that Godspeed-esque sense of drama and human "realness." At times it almost
gives one the image of a solitary person sitting on a busy city street, amidst the rushing of cars
and general bustle of the city, quietly tapping away on their keys, separate from the skyscrapers
and busy lives around them, yet still seemingly a part of it all.
Tonight Alive What Are You So Scared Of?
pop punk?
Tonight Alive The Other Side
Tortoise TNT
Totale Vernichtung Ritualmordlegenden
A lot of d-beats, a lot of black metal. It's black metal but fun? Idk man, just go with me on this one.
TotorRo Home Alone
Fun bouncy jazzy-almost-mathy post-rock with a slight lean toward up-beat punkiness for extra zazz. Only problems are that (1) some crescendos feel held back by the band's sound (places could use more reverb and more background noodling to create the truly grandiose crescendos they clearly intended at some points), and (2) that songs are too short, often feeling as if they were intending to build back up to great outros, but instead just kind of end suddenly. It's still a great record, but the places where it could've been improved feel really obvious.
TotorRo Come to Mexico
Post-rock/math rock. Goofy pretty slightly mathy slightly post-rock rock jams. At times it can sound a bit amateurish, and sometimes the crescendos don't hit particularly hard ("100% repos"), but all in all "Come to Mexico" is a solid and particularly fun blend of technical goofing and atmosphere.
Tribulation The Children of the Night
Tuber Desert Overcrowded
Heavy riffing post-rock.
Turisas The Varangian Way
Turnover Peripheral Vision
Twilight Force Heroes Of Mighty Magic
The mixing is kind of weird and it has a ridiculously long runtime, but "Heroes Of Mighty Magic" is otherwise solid cheese-filled folk/power metal.
Tycho Dive
ambient downtempo woah. tycho dreamy waves woah.
Tycho Awake
Uneven Structure Februus
Unexpect Fables of the Sleepless Empire
United Nations United Nations
screamo/grind. Less refined than "The Next Four Years," imo, UN's first album is still an effective slab of blasty political punk nonsense.
United Nations The Next Four Years
blasty screamo-grind. The cleans and spoken-word bits are always kind of odd, but otherwise UN play a really solid brand of intense screamo.
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells
Grandpas guitars m/
Unru Als Tier ist der Mensch Nichts
Dirty black metal/doom. It's not an amazing record, but it's pretty solid.
Vallendusk Black Clouds Gathering
If you like Der Weg Einer Freiheit, you should like this a lot.
Vattnet Viskar Settler
Vattnet Viskar sadly abandon the post-rock and ambient they experimented with on their debut and
put their focus solely on songwriting--to pretty great results. Where their first album had
absolutely HORRIBLE pacing and structuring and some fairly questionable production decisions,
'Settler' suffers from none of those. The mix is fairly trebly and not the greatest, but I'm
willing to ignore that given that these songs are, surprisingly, not jumbled messes of riffs but
actual songs that are actually enjoyable. Well done, boys.
Vektor Terminal Redux
Extra cosmic thrash in space. Enter the void of riffs.
Verwustung Beyond The Watercolor Sunset, We Feel New Life
Vestiges The Descent Of Man
Vindensang Alpha
Violet Cold Desperate Dreams
Take the lead melodies most blasty bm bands use and replace those with 80's dance synth melodies. The result is semi-dancey black metal that's fairly enjoyable-if-not-fairly-bizarre. I wish he would've used more dancey beats instead of seeming to stick to the blasts + synths formula, but even with that one idea being used to make up an entire record, 'Desperate Dreams' is still fairly enjoyable.
Void Omnia Dying Light
Volcanic Queen Faith In Desire
Vukari En To Pan
Vukari Matriarch
We Stood Like Kings Berlin 1927
Weary Eyes WWGBBYW
When Woods Make Graves The Aroma Of Dead Witches
This is his best album. If you're going to listen to any of his albums listen to this one because this is his best album. Everything is fresh and you can actually tell all the riffs apart.
Willamette Always In Postscript
ambient drone w/e
Willamette Echo Park
ambient drone w/e
Willamette Diminished Composition
Ambient drone classical Stars of the Lid rocks BAM WHAPPO POW Batman.
William Basinski The Disintegration Loops II
Tide goes in, tide goes out. Tide goes in,tde goes out.
Tide gois in,tde goes out __ tide gois in,tde joes ouf
tid gois in,tde joes ouf __ tid gois in,tde josouf
tid gois in,tde josouf __ td gois intde josouf
tdgois intd- josouf __ tdgoi intd-josou
tdgoi/intd-josou __ tdgo/ind-josudo/
William Basinski The Deluge
This is the same as Cascade, but with different effects influencing the piano melody at
different points. Toward the end the music fades to silence, then rises again with the
piano playing a completely different tune, which is then replaced by a classical outro which
too eventually fades away. The different use of dynamics and implementation of actual
songwriting (as opposed to playing virtually the same loops for 30-minutes) is what makes
this version slightly superior.
Wim Mertens Charaktersketch
Wim Mertens The Belly of an Architect
Wim Mertens When Tool Met Wood
Windir Soknardalr
Winterfylleth The Divination Of Antiquity
Wintersun Wintersun
Sometimes it's great fun; other times it's painfully melodramatic in a way that's not even enjoyable in folk metal.
With the End in Mind Thresholder
WitTR bm.
Within Temptation The Unforgiving
Woe Quietly, Undramatically
Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem of 12 Stars
Woman Is The Earth Of Dirt
Woods of Desolation As the Stars
Woodsman Woodsman
Wormed Krighsu
Brutal tech death? Squees brees and blast beeeeeeeoreeeeeats.
Worsen Blood
Wretched (USA-NC) Beyond The Gate
X Japan Blue Blood
Xoth Invasion of the Tentacube
Some sort of amalgamation of prog/tech/melodic death/thrash metal. Sort of like Vektor, but with
more of an obvious old schoolish technical death metal vibe, but still with some clearly black
metal sections as well. Lots of great melodic work, excellent songwriting, and a really original
sound that very casually flows through different sub-genres. Definitely check this if you enjoyed
the newest Vektor (or even if you didn't).
Yellow Eyes Hammer of Night
Not better than Deafheaven but still very good "melodic poseur bm."
Yellow Eyes The Desert Mourns
This was a surprise release. Woah.
Yndi Halda Under Summer
post-rock with vocals wow strings happy dreamy woah
Yume Bitsu Yume Bitsu
Ambient, casual post-rock. It goes where it goes and takes its time getting there. Background music. Think of a more casual Tortoise with less jazziness, in parts.
Zhrine Unortheta
Black metal/death metal. The first track has an almost blackgazey Amesoeurs vibe to it, but the rest is mostly cavernous b/dm. Riffs.

3.0 good
...and Oceans The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts
symphonic black whatever
0 Null & Void
pretty good melodic/dsbm. If you can tolerate the long run-time (34 minutes), this one-track album can be a pretty enjoyable listen.
1099 Young Pines
1349 Hellfire
2814 新しい日の誕生
65daysofstatic No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite...
this is the more post-rocky side of the NMS soundtrack. It's OK.
65daysofstatic No Man's Sky: Soundscapes
65daysofstatic more like 65 minutes of static amirite
A Diadem of Dead Stars Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light
It's not Weakling or Wolves, but it's OK, despite having that awful programmed drum sound and clean vox. Guitar sound is pretty OK. Decent-ish black metal.
A Forest of Stars Beware the Sword You Cannot See
Abigail Williams Legend
Abigor Leytmotif Luzifer
It's good but it's not like "wow".
Abigor Kingdom of Darkness
The re-recorded first track has that suffocating Mayhem production style to it but the guitars are weirdly low in the mix. The other tracks are surprisingly better, though, despite the two middle pieces both being less than three minutes long (and they both rip!). Hail Abigor hail black metal hail decent EP/compilation records!
Aborted The Necrotic Manifesto
Aborted Retrogore
deathgrind grind grind gore grind grind carcass grrrr 3/5
Abyssal Denouement
Abyssal Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip
AC/DC Blow Up Your Video
AC/DC Fly On The Wall
AC/DC Who Made Who
ACxDC The Second Coming
Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie Travels in Constants Vol 24
Ambient modern classical. Sounds like reworkings of some Stars of the Lid stuff. Enveloping ambient with dreamy strings. If you want more later-era Sotl-style ambient, check this.
Agnes Obel Citizen Of Glass
singer/songwriter/folk? Something is OK here.
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Arc
Ahab Call Of The Wretched Sea
Dooooooooooooommmmmmmm. Could use more spooky keyboards.
Aidan Baker I Will Always And Forever Hold You In My Heart...
Noise and drones and amients and light
Aidan Baker with Richard Baker Smudging
It's not amazing ambient drone, but it's got those Nadja vibes and it creates a consistently nice
atmosphere. Background music, or music to space out to. To which to space out. Prepositions.
Alan Gogoll Boutique Bear
minimal folk slash dude playing guitar by himself music. Technical proficiency yes, does
meaningful emotionally gripping or impacting songs not so much. But still pretty guitars play
Alcest Le Secret
Alcest Shelter
The drums ROCK! The bass ROCKS! And the guitar - ohhh, the guitar ROCKS! Check it out! CHECK IT OUT!
Alcest Kodama
Shoegaze/blackgaze? The structuring feels weird, like there's just something missing. Not enough screams, too. It's back to the "real" Alcest style, sure, but I don't even think it can compete with Voyages.
Altar of Plagues Mammal
Amaranthe Amaranthe
Amaranthe Massive Addictive
Hail the kings and queen of hyper chorus pop metal! Weeoooweooowooooowooooo!
Amesoeurs Amesoeurs
It doesn't "wow" and it's stylistically a bit everywhere.
Amon Amarth Once Sent from the Golden Hall
Amon Amarth Surtur Rising
Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
An Autumn For Crippled Children Lost
An Autumn For Crippled Children Hearts Of Light/Blossoms
Anaal Nathrakh In the Constellation of the Black Widow
Anaal Nathrakh Desideratum
Anagnorisis Beyond All Light
black metal. This is like brickwalled or compressed or w/e and doesn't sound as good as it should. Still fairly competent black metal, though.
Anchors Bad Juju
Ancient Svartalvheim
In retrospect you can practically taste the Wolves in the Throne Room oozing from this record, or modern black metal in general. It's a pretty under-rated atmospheric black metal in that respect, I suppose. It's not amazing, but it represents a lot of the basic ideas that would later be adopted by "modern" bands. I mean seriously, add some synths and a lot of this could be straight up Cascadian stuff.
And So I Watch You From Afar Heirs
Aosoth III - Violence & Variation
Aptorian Demon Libertus
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine
Arch Enemy Anthems of Rebellion
Arizmenda Within the Vacuum of Infinity...
Arizmenda Without Circumference Nor Center
Arizmenda Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus
Some really fine atmospheric black metal here and there, but it's not very consistent. Production's a lot cleaner this time around which definitely doesn't make it as hypnotic, but does make the melodies easier to appreciate. Mixed bag.
Arizmenda Beneath This Reality of Flesh
Arizmenda Despairs Depths Descended
Ash Borer Cold of Ages
Astronoid Stargazer
Astronoid Air
No don't listen to them this is only pretty OK good not WOW good thx.
Aurvandil Thrones
Avantasia Ghostlights
Meatloaf power metal
Avatarium The Girl With The Raven Mask
Avril Lavigne Let Go
Axeman Arrive
decent punkened black metal of punkened death. Of metal. Last track is kinda meh but the first track rules.
Axis of Light By the Hands of the Consuming Fire
Raw, harsh, melodic and a tad punky.
Axis of Light Northern Ascendancy
raw black metal. First track wasn't that great but the more melodic second track sort of made up for it. Still not nearly as good as their "By the Hands of the Consuming Fire" demo, though. I can't exactly explain why, but that EP's unlistenable rawness was somehow more appealing than the sound this EP has.
Æsahættr Æsahættr
rawer-ish bm. Drums are programmed in that annoying kind of way that makes the blast beats sound weird, but otherwise they don't sound too bad.
Bad Religion Christmas Songs
Barghest Barghest
Barghest create grim black metal that is sharp to the touch yet unabashedly melodic.
Bark Psychosis Hex
I appreciate the combination if different influences and sounds (the jazziness in particular), but currently this doesn't actually do a whole lot for me. It's nice post-rock but the vocals are annoying and I just can't get into it like it's average rating would suggest I should. Will revisit in time.
Barn Owl Lost in the Glare
desert drone in a desert. Tumbleweeds. A sunset that never ends. A dawn that never quite comes. The buzzing of the universe and the impending doom. Drone music.
Basarabian Hills Groping In A Misty Spread
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark
I've never been huge on thrash metal and this is a lot of thrash metal so a 3/5 isn't really surprising.
Battle Dagorath Cursed Storm of Ages
Decent Paysage D'Hiver ripoff black metal. The band doesn't quite get the atmosphere they were obviously trying to copy, but they're a decent band in and of themselves regardless. What they really need is a more "live" guitar sound and a much more appropriate drum sound (it's clearly computerized). Fix that computerized guitar tone, get a real drummer (or just bury the drums and everything else in static and reverb) and this band could really be something. As-is, though, 'Dagorath just don't quite achieve the intense atmosphere required for this type of music.
Battlecross Pursuit of Honor
Bayside Cult
Beach Slang The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel
This punk is poppin'. That was a joke. Album is pretty decent.
Beartooth Disgusting
Belenos Kornog
Belong October Language
Fuzzy ambient
Black Cilice Banished From Time
Super duper raw bm, but without all the noise as you'd expect from some (Axis of Light). I think the guitar sound could have a little more heft to it, but it's still not bad. Given how buried in the mix some of the melodies seem to be, I can see this being a grower of an album. There are some real jams on here, and some of the guitar work reminds me a little bit of Fell Voices (the rhythm chord progression at the end of "Channeling Forgotten Energies"). "Banished from Time" features some great atmosphere, as well, and the music gives you a real sense of "space."
Black Fucking Cancer Black Fucking Cancer
Super serious band name? Check. Fantastic super evil Paolo Girardi artwork? Double check. 1349-
y Mayhemy blasty and occassionally punk groovin black metal? Check check, checkaroo! And then
add in a ton of nonsensical "eviiilll" guitar drone parts (some of which last like five minutes)
and you basically ruin what should've been a super solid no-frills black metal record.

The black metal here is particularly powerful and aggressive, and it's really a shame that there
are like fifteen minutes of filler guitar noise that slow the album down when it should've been a
nonstop barrage of riffs. Still tho, it's not that bad, even with the dumb noisy parts.
Black Howling O Sangue e a Terra
Black Monolith Demo EP
Black Sabbath Vol. 4
'Sabbath are at their best when playing groovy heavy rockin' tracks, not ballads. Inconsistent record, but not bad.
Black Sabbath Greatest Hits 1970–1978
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloodbath Breeding Death
Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
Blut Aus Nord What Once Was... Liber I
Blut Aus Nord 777 - Sect(s)
Blut Aus Nord What Once Was... Liber II
Blut Aus Nord What Once Was...Liber III
Blut Aus Nord/Aevangelist Codex Obscura Nomina
Boliden Landscape and Memory
techno/dub ambient (whatever). Beats, ambients, does both at same time. Woah.
Book Of Sand Occult Anarchist Propaganda
Boris Akuma no Uta
"Introduction" is a great drone track and the closer ("Akuma no Uta") is a nice example of static-laced sludge rock, but otherwise Akuma No Uta is fairly underwhelming. The rest of the album is basically rockin' sludge, but the rhythm guitars are so low in the mix that they don't allow the rest of the album to be as rockin' as clearly intended. The drums boom and the lead guitar screeches over everything else, making the mix seem lopsided. It's frustrating because it's obvious these songs are pretty good; they just don't sound like it the way the album was organized.
Boris Heavy Rocks II
Some of the rock is cool, some of the pseudo-post-rock is cool, that one song where they play pseudo shoegaze rock is cool, but then the rest is just a few points off the mark.
Bosse-de-Nage II
Brendon Small Galaktikon
Brian Eno Discreet Music
Bruno Sanfilippo Piano Textures 1
Piano ambient. Each track essentially takes a piano melody(s) and slowly adds different accompaniments; track one uses a sort of repeating synth melody, track two uses what sounds like an atmospheric saxophone, etc. While each piece is aesthetically pleasing (it's piano music), it's not especially gripping or emotionally weighted. It's just kinda experimental piano ambient and not much more. Which is fine, just don't go into this album looking for a whole lot of depth.
Bruno Sanfilippo Piano Textures 2
Piano ambient. It's basically just reverby piano music with rather simple synth lines in the
background. The synths regularly rise and fall in volume, but they don't change enough or make
any noticeable chord changes to create any sort of real crescendo. Structurally each song is
relatively the same--just piano and synth for like four minutes. It's a nice atmosphere, though,
despite the evident waste of potential.

I think he really could've done something interesting had he intended to create more than just
piano atmosphere music, but that's all he set out to do in the first place so you can't really
fault him for that, I guess.
Bruno Sanfilippo Upon Contact Reworked
classical ambients classical.
Buckethead Monument Valley
Burzum Det som engang var
You can really hear on this record where a lot of black metal bands got their ideas from.
Burzum Daudi Baldrs
I mean it's stupid dungeon synth, but it's not as bad as everyone likes to say. There are some super cheesy keyboard parts in places, but when you remember that the melodies themselves are based on cheesy medieval music, even they don't sound *that* goofy in context.
Cadaveric Fumes Dimensions Obscure
death metal with that slight old-school crunchiness.
Cairiss Fall
Cannibal Corpse Kill
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
Cannibal Corpse Torture
Carbonscape Artistry of Exhaustion III
Lovely ambient/drone from Petrychor's one and only Tad Piecka.
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion
Some of the songs here are really good, whilst others are your typical "catchy chorus is the only redeeming aspect" pop songs with awkward lyrics, vocal rhythms, and cheesy backing vocals. When it's good it's really good, though.
Caspian Waking Season
Celephais Becoming the Deceased
Celephais Tir n'a n'Og
Celer How could you believe me when I said I loved...
ambient drone/whatever. These melodies are a bit happier, and therefore slightly more
aesthetically pleasing. Each track is basically just one idea repeated for ten minutes but w/e.
3/5 good enough ambient.
Celer Shima
slow-moving ambient drone. It does less than Stars of the Lid within the same timeframe, for which it loses points. Good as a more aesthetically pleasing white noise, though.
Celer Plays Schubert
Ambient. Someone took Franz Schubert's "The Trout" and turned it into a Celer track (if that even makes sense). Melodies melodies.
Cepheide De Silence Et De Suie (demo)
Cascadian-inspired French black metal. The sound is really raw (obviously recorded live) and cavernous, and seems to sort of combine the instrumentation of Ash Borer and the raw recording sound of Fell Voices or even Xothist. rIn that regard this actually seems to be a fairly varied release, blending the styles and "feels" of the three aforementioned bands quite well, not necessarily making a style of their own, but owning the style in which they play.
Chairlift Moth
Oddly charming pop.
Chihei Hatakeyama Grace
ambient drone pretty noises
Christina Vantzou No.1
Ambient classical wow. Orchestras, strings woah
Christina Vantzou No. 2
Ambient classical wow. Orchestras, strings woah
Christina Vantzou No. 3
Ambient classical wow. Orchestras, strings woah
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Get Lost, Find Yourself
Circle Takes the Square Decompositions: Volume Number One
Clandestine Blaze Falling Monuments
Clark The Last Panthers
ambient/drone/modern classical a little? This is a frustrating record due to its very shifting nature. There are many short tracks here, so there are many different ideas being played with, each rather briefly. It seems like half of the tracks involve darker, harsher-sounding ambient soundscapes--sort of 80's reminiscent, in places. The other tracks are far more melodic and less droning/noise-oriented. While both styles are rather well-done, the drastic tonal shifts from one track to another feel slightly odd. I feel like if Clark had focused more on one style instead of two (or made fewer tracks and worked on fully fleshing out the atmospheres/ideas in each), I think this would've been a much more solid record. Let's say, 3.3/5.
Clem Leek Rest
this is ok post-rock/ambient prettiness just not really that goodiness.
Cloudkicker Loop
Cloudkicker Woum
It's pleasant, but the songs aren't long enough and subsequently don't feel fully fleshed out. Ben why have you failed me
Cluster and Eno Cluster & Eno
Experimental ambient. Listening to the combination of noisy instruments on "One," it becomes pretty clear where Godspeed got a lot of their influence.
Coffinworm IV.I.VIII
Coldworld Autumn
Cornigr Funereal Harvest
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine
Cradle of Filth Thornography
Crowbar Sever The Wicked Hand
Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas Mariner
Cultes Des Ghoules Henbane
The atmosphere is good, but I was never that much into Mayhem and Darkthrone, so take this rating with a grain of salt.
Cultes Des Ghoules Spectres over Transylvania
Cultes Des Ghoules The Rise of Lucifer
Danny Norbury Dusk
soft classical music. Minimalism.
Dark Funeral Angelus Exuro pro Eternus
Dark Tranquillity Fiction
Darkspace Minus One
David Darling Gratitude
Cello ambient/modern classical.
Dead Congregation Sombre Doom
Death metal
Dead To A Dying World Litany
violiny doom sludge black metal. It's OK, but it's not really my thing. Pretty tho!
Deafest Glen and Precipice
OK instrumental melodic black metal. Those programmed drums can get annoying, but outside of that there's not much to complain about here. Not exceptionally strong material, but still a mostly aesthetically pleasing listen. It sounds rather amateurishish, but that's always been a part of black metal's charm, and that doesn't really harm this release, either.
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Deathhammer Evil Power
For not being Vektor these guys are pretty not awful. I mean, for a thrash band, that is.
Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis
Decapitated Carnival Is Forever
Decrepit Birth Polarity
Demonaz March of the Norse
This surprisingly good. Demonaz's voice reminds a bit of Peter Tagtgren's clean voice.
Hmmm. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Demonaz. This is no kvlt blak mehtul--hell, it's
hardly black to begin with--but that doesn't mean it isn't a highly enjoyable listen. Which
it totally is. Get it.
Demonical Death Infernal
This is really, really good old school Swedish death metal.
Der Weg Einer Freiheit Unstille
Desaster The Oath of an Iron Ritual
black thrash metal attack! Revenge of the Nergal Vox: These Grooves Don't Run! (German Invasion Pt. 2). 3.3/5
Despised Icon Day of Mourning
Dethklok Dethalbum III
Most of this album has already leaked. Get on that, sheeple.
Deuil Acceptance/Rebuild
Deuter Koyasan
new age classicals ambients woahowoah. Good cheesy background music music, tho this kind of music (especially the flute-lead stuff) can get old kinda quickly.
DevilDriver The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
DevilDriver DevilDriver
DevilDriver Pray for Villains
Devin Townsend Infinity
some of these are bangers and some of these aren't bangers idk, DTP is better.
Devin Townsend Project Z2
Devin Townsend Project Transcendence
Many people compared this album to Devvy's older solo material, so it makes sense that I wouldn't like it [that much] given I've been a much bigger fan of his DTP material. Some of the tracks are fine, but other pieces just sound like b-sides. Maybe on the next album he shouldn't actually let the other members have a say, and just do it all himself again. He seems to be more successful that way.
Dio The Last in Line
Rock 'n' Roll
Dio Dream Evil
Dispirit Rehearsal At Oboroten
First track is long and brooding, second is much more concise and aggressive. Definitely excited for debut LP, expected sometime around 2019.
Dispirit 111112
Disturbed The Sickness
Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists
Divine Heresy Bleed the Fifth
Dodecahedron Dodecahedron
Twisty teeth-gnashing black metal ov dungeons and dragons.
Dodecahedron Kwintessens
They've got that same discordant dissonant twisty riffing black metal thing going half the time, but this time they've also added spooOooOOOoky atmospherics, too. Not as weirdly atmospheric as, say, Teethed Glory and Injury, but regardless I'm still finding comparisons. Definitely less riff-oriented than the debut, but the added experimentation makes up for it, despite it largely loosing steam in the latter half.
DragonForce Inhuman Rampage
DragonForce The Power Within
DragonForce Maximum Overload
They're moving in the right direction, definitely. There are some really great moments here, contrasted with a lot of super cheesy or just generally 'meh' stuff. If they could learn to cut the fat they could potentially be power metal contenders.
Dragonlord Black Wings Of Destiny
Dropdead 2nd LP
power vio-lence
Drudkh Autumn Aurora
On first listen: Monotonous riffing and not a great atmosphere--this sounds like a more
melody-oriented and less raw Burzum, but without the atmosphere that justified Varg's
playing the same riff for five minutes at a time in the first place. Thankfully, they
improved on this style on their later stuff.
Drudkh Eternal Turn of the Wheel
Not as good as Addaura.
Dudal Dudal
Dzo-nga Five Treasures of Snow
You know I'm alla bout dem blast beatz--especially when it comes to Darkspacey melodic black metal like this--but I'll be darned if the musicianship and production aren't good enough to keep me interested without much in the way of a rhythm section. Those bass licks are pretty swell, too. If you ever wanted a more melodic, more black metal-y Sutekh Hexen, then this is for you.
Ea A Etilla
Earth Hex: Or Printing In the Infernal Method
Earth The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
Earth Hibernaculum
Echtra Paragate
Eisflammen В стихии...
depressive-ish atmospheric black metal. It doesn't really grab me, but it's OK. Such melody, many scream, wow.
El-Ahrairah El-Ahrairah 2009 Demo
El-Ahrairah The Blessing
El-Ahrairah El-Ahrairah
A drastic change from their earlier super-noisy raw bm demos, El-Ahrairah's self-titled rdebut is more or less an exercise in slow songbuilding; each track seems to take one idea--rone or two main riffs, one drum rhythm--and slowly build on it over 2-4 minutes, repeating rit again and again. As the tracks proceed different elements such as a synth melody or rharmonized guitar part are added to make the tracks feel as if they are slowly growing as rthey proceed. While slowly building tracks might sound like a nifty idea, it's not very rwell handled on this album. The songs are too short to really build up to anything rinteresting (they don't build to anything at all; they generally end playing the same rrhythms with barely anything different than when they started), and the rhythms and riffs rthey use generally aren't that noteworthy, either. rTaken individually, these are pretty decent tracks, but as a full album they become slightly raggravating. You basically know what the next three minutes of each track will sound like rafter hearing the first riff cycle or the first 15 seconds.
Eluveitie Everything Remains As It Never Was
Embers Shadows
Emerald Weapon Emerald Weapon EP
Emma Ruth Rundle Electric Guitar 1
It's basically just half an hour of experimenting with guitar sounds like feedback, reverb, and
droning. It's atmospheric, but it feels more like was just Emma just experimenting with different
ideas rather than trying to make a serious album. That said, it's still pretty enjoyable for what
it is.
Emma Ruth Rundle Marked For Death
Dark singer/songwriter. Good, but not as great as "Some Heavy Ocean." ~3.3/5 or so.
Encircling Sea A Forgotten Land
Enmarta The Hermit
dark ambient drone with some violins and stuff.
Enslaved Vertebrae
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini
Entropia (PL) Ufonaut
Black metal/sludge metal/whatever. The production is kind of clunky which makes it weirdly inferior to Vesper. The songwriting's still probably as good, but it just sounds kind of awkward.
Enya A Day Without Rain
It's Enya. Synths an melodie an reverbbb but even still it's only kind of eh??
Epic45 May Your Heart Be The Map
pretty noises post-rock.
Epica The Holographic Principle
Equilibrium Rekreatur
Esoteric Metamorphogenesis
Eterknight Winter's Calling
Epic folk metal that wants to be like Windir or Wintersun but isn't put together well enough but is still OK?
Ethereal Shroud Absolution|Emptiness
Evanescence Fallen
Evanescence The Open Door
Evile Enter the Grave
this is pretty not-terrible for thrash even if it is just generic "ripoff all the classic bands" metal heyooooo...... 3/5
Ex Confusion Embrace
Fabrizio Paterlini Now
piano music
Falkenbach Tiurida
Fall Out Boy PAX AM Days
Falls of Rauros Believe in No Coming Shore
Production on the last album was lush and made everything sound great and atmospheric; the lo-fi sound here doesn't do much for the music. It's still an OK album, though, but far below what it should've rightly been.
Fauna Rain
Fear Factory Mechanize
Fell Voices Regnum Saturni
You guys just aren't listening to it loudly enough. Crank it up and get smothered by that choking abyss.
Fight Cloud We'll Be Alright
mathy post-rock, or posty math-rock? It has vocals. Chill tunes that go dwoop dweep bloodloodlooo
Fire In The Cave Fire In the Cave
Fleshgod Apocalypse Mafia
Hyperblasting can't cover up a lack of interesting songwriting. Nor can it improve an At the Gates cover song (like, really?).
Fluisteraars Luwte
It doesn't feel like it has enough angry black metal energy to make it as good as it should
be, and it's a bit too repetitive. Cut some of the repetition, make the guitars sound a
little less clean (and a little harsher?), and this could be pretty great. Good riffs, good
ideas, just not a stellar final product.
Forest Of Harambe Under The Sign Of Harambe
Fractal Gates Altered State Of Consciousness
From the Mouth of the Sun Woven Tide
modern classical/ambient/with a dash of post-rock. Walls of droney classical, then some pretty guitar, then some idontknowwhatelse. Varied, but not totally engrossing.
Fuath I
It's got too much reverb and treble, I think. It has a sort of faux lo-fi sound similar most bedroom laptop bands, which makes it feel less natural. Aside from the production, though, it's pretty decent no-frills atmospheric black metal. Tremolo riffs and melodies and ten minute songs all day every day. Nothing amazing, but still pretty good.
Furia Płoń
Black metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
Furia Nocel
The length makes it more of a slog, but content-wise this is another solid release from Furia.
Furia Halny
One 19-minute song of weirdo bm with lots of clean interludes.

RYM says I gave this a 3/5 but I don't remember listening to it. Prob a drunk rating, but RYM is
the law.
Fvnerals The Light
Female sings, drone, atmosphere, wow. A lack of real climaxes robs this of its potential, but it's still an enjoyable listen and something you can definitely get sucked into.
Galaktik Cancer Squad Celestia
Gaunt Demo
Germ Wish
Get Rad Say Fuck No To Rules, Man
Get Rad Choose Your Own Adventure
Get Rad I Can Always Live
Punk is as punk does, fast, hard, and with little care for your eardrums.
Glaciation Sur les falaises de marbre
Heil Neej and his Circus of Fantastic Flying Frenchmen.
God Is an Astronaut The End of the Beginning
Goldmund All Will Prosper
piano reinventions of Civil War folk songs. Pretty as Goldmund's releases always are, but that's about it. And that's totally fine for an album like this. The songs are nostalgic and reek of a melancholy only capturable through piano.
Good Weather for an Airstrike A Home for You
Ambient music. Piano, synthesizer. Quiet sounds. Background noises.
Good Weather for an Airstrike A Sense Of Uncertainty
Good Weather for an Airstrike Summer
Goolagoon Patrickviolence Demo
Crust/grind/crossover Sponge metal of death. m/
Gottesmorder Gottesmorder
Grimes Art Angels
Pop music that gets less solid the more you jam it, tho it is jammable ifyouknowhwatimean (i don't know what that means).
Gulaggh Vorkuta
As music this is horrible. As terryfing aural art, there's probably little better. Blast this on Halloween and watch the anxious looks of passerby.
Hakobune & Nobuto Suda 幽霊の庭園 (Garden Of Ghosts)
ambient droning prettiness of waves.
Hammock Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
For ambient this is OK, but I'm finding I prefer modern Hammock more to earlier Hammock. This is basically just dreamy guitar delay for an hour. It's good for what it is, but for music like this I prefer to have a little more, I don't know, emotional depth? The melodies are kind of just *there*, but they don't seem to do more than just kind of float around and disappear, for six minutes at a time, each and every song. At this point I think I've found better ambient projects doing similar things more effectively that aren't named "Hammock."
Hammock Everything and Nothing
Good, but way too long and not dreamy or ambient or engaging enough to really keep me interested for that long. For their more ambient-oriented music the length works fine, but for their more post-rock-y stuff it kind of drags. And this album in particular doesn't hit as hard as their previous works, exacerbating the problem a little. Still, it's a Hammock album, and Hammock don't make bad albums.
Harold Budd Lovely Thunder
Hate Eternal Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness
Helen The Original Faces
Grouper's shoegaze/dream whatever band. Lo-fi and got them dreamy vox. 3.0-3.5 I think.
Helloween Straight Out of Hell
HIM Dark Light
Hiss Tracts Shortwave Nights
HOME (FL) Odyssey
bleep bloop 80s nostalgia chillwave
Hood Cold House
The *Bark Psychosis-style experimental/post-rock. Was never a big fan of Bark's out-of-tune vocal
style, so I'm unsurprisingly not much a fan of Hood's, either. Annoying vox aside, though, "Cold
House" is pretty OK post-rock.

*It's either Bark Psychosis or The Evpatoria Report that I'm thinking of. Whichever, you know
what I mean.
Hop Along Painted Shut
While its faults are endearing, they're still faults. Rock 'n' roll.
Horseback The Invisible Mountain
Hour of Penance Cast the First Stone
can't touch the tech death from last year, but it's OK.
Hungry For Hands I Was Hungry For Hands
Hyperion (SWE) Seraphical Euphony
melodic black death metal w/e
I Between Two Worlds
Icon For Hire Scripted
Ifing Against This Weald
Ignite A War Against You
It's not Our Darkest Days II, but it's OK by its own right.
Ihsahn Das Seelenbrechen
Ihsahn Arktis.
Immolation Atonement
Death metal band Immolation can riff for sure but the production is kinda stale and the emotionally minimal gruff vocals are also fairly uninteresting. Still, "Atonement" was surprisingly not as bad as I'd expected it to be.
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness
Immortal Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
Immortal All Shall Fall
In Flames The Jester Race
In This Moment Beautiful Tragedy
Infant Annihilator The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution
Inquisition Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The
black metal. Riffs as always and the vocals are noticeably less froggy this time around. Still as repetitive as ever, though, and it still gets real old real fast.
Insomnium One for Sorrow
Iron Chic Not Like This
Jeff Rosenstock Worry.
Oh hey this one doesn't suck.
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma In Summer
Ambient drone for the whole family. Field recordings of birds, light drum beats, screeching noises, wow.
Jimmy Eat World Futures
Job for a Cowboy Ruination
Johann Johannsson Virðulegu Forsetar
Basically an exercise in minimalism and reinvention; Johannsson takes essentially the same melody
and reinvents it again and again, rising and falling, for an hour. The time between crescendos as
well as their respective heights changes over time as the composer plays around with ambience and
reinvention. While it's a very aesthetically pleasing listen--it's a great, faux-dramatic melody-
-it isn't a very gripping listen, given that it is essentially just the same thing over and over
again. For droney orchestral background music this is fairly good, but as a work meant to be
actively enjoyed it's a bit lacking.
Johann Johannsson Orphée
This is fairly disappointing for a Johann Johannsson album. The songs are fairly short (relatively, given some of his previous work) and don't feel like they're given much room to breathe and really go where they need to go. While very pretty, these individual pieces feel more like snippets rather than finished arrangements. If these shorter pieces had been recorded to flow into one another, they might've felt cohesive as an album and resulted in a much more fulfilling record, but as-is this sort of just feels unfinished. It's a far cry from the likes of "Englabrn" and "IBM 1401."
Jonathan Coulton Thing A Week Three
Jonathan Coulton Thing a Week Four
Julia Kent Delay
Classical musical cellos of music
Kalendae Kalendae
Kalmah Seventh Swamphony
Kamelot Silverthorn
Doesn't suck!
Keep of Kalessin Reclaim
This EP has Attila on vocals so unsurprisingly the guitar tone and style, and drum sound all sound like Thorns/Mayhem. It's not as good as either, but as an imitation it's pretty OK.
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Flying Microtonal Banana
Retro Rock on Fantasy Island is a solid slab of rock of the olde school. Not as funky fresh as its predecessor in Nonagon Infinity, but still a bee bop a ree bop rhubarb pie jam and a half.
kj wake
Chill ambient. Soundscapes, minimalism wow.
Kolga Demo
Krallice Krallice
galactic wankery, embrace the cosmic trems of dick!
Kuxan Suum Kinich Ahau
Kuxan Suum Kuxan Suum
Kyle Bobby Dunn Ways Of Meaning
Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
Lake Of Blood Omnipotens Tyrannus
Some great ideas here, but the album over-all just seems to run a bit too long, and also suffers from a few weaker tracks. If you removed maybe two of the weaker songs and cut down the record by half an hour, this record would've been much better.
Lamb of God Wrath
Laster Wijsgeer & Narreman
Laster De Verste Verte Is Hier
Laster Ons Vrije Fatum
black metal. Good enough wooo?
Letheria III Mockery
Pretty decent death/black metal with enough thrash riffs and d-beats to make it a fairly fun listen.
Leucosis III
Light Bearer Silver Tongue
Light This City Facing The Thousand
melodic death metal. Riffs or w/e.
Lights Midnight Machines
Lights' voice is much better suited to a mostly acoustic setting. I could listen to this sappy pop junk all day.
Locrian Return To Annihilation
Locrian Infinite Dissolution
It could've been another Rooted Teeth and Injury had it had a bit more meat to it. It's an album that wants to do black metal, ambient, and electronic, but sort of skims on some and doesn't really climax anywhere, or how much power to any of its pieces. It works as a decent ambient record, but it could've been so much more, which is disappointing given the potential here.
Lotus Thief Gramarye
Ludicra The Tenant
Luna Mortis The Absence
prog-ish power metal/melodeath.
Lunar Mantra Genesis
ambient blast beats blast beats blast beats oh hey some double bass m/
Lunatic Soul Walking on a Flashlight Beam
Madonna Ray of Light
Aesthetically pleasing downtempo pop, but not much more than that. The album's much too long and it never really goes anywhere particularly interesting. There are a few standout tracks here and there, but for downtempo this is, imo, rather lackluster. It all sort of just blends together into this mishmash of chill Madonna toonage that never tries (or succeeds) to distinguish itself from anything else.
Magrudergrind II
With no political samples and a less "fun" sound quality that's not heavy or crunchy enough to be "Rotten Sound" level brutal, Magrudergrind's "II" is a pretty OK grind/power violence record, but not much more. What personality their previous album had has been scrubbed away in favor of a more "no frills" approach to grind. The result is a much less fun record that simply doesn't sound vicious enough to warrant the change in sound in the first place. It's OK grind, but unfortunately not much more. :-(
Malthusian MMXIII
Mannveira Von Er Eitur
Black angry noisy noise of angry noisy noisiness.
Manon Meurt Manon Meurt
Mare Cognitum The Sea Which Has Become Known
Mare Cognitum An Extraconscious Lucidity
Marsen Jules The Empire of Silence
Background ambient. Classical. Noise.
Marsh Dweller The Weight of Sunlight
Black metal mixed with melodic death metal with growly vocals reminiscent of Saor or Panopticon. Kinda like Panopticon but with even more melodeath.
Mastodon Leviathan
Mayhem Wolf's Lair Abyss
The drum sound sucks and the guitar sound isn't amazing. But hey, it's Mayhem, so I suppose this is the best it's gonna get.
Mayhem Chimera
Mayhem Deathcrush
Mayhem Ordo ad Chao
black metal. I like how muffled and suffocating the production is here. Stylistically not my favorite thing, but the production is definitely unique.
Mayhem Esoteric Warfare
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive
Meg Myers Sorry
pop rock w/e. Some songs are like WOAH whereas others are like... woah?
Megadeth Rust in Peace
Had the rest of the album been close to as good as its first three tracks, this could've been a memorable record. Could have been.
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
While "I Ain't Superstitious" is mostly an abomination to both metal and old school rock 'n' roll, the rest of the album is actually a decent representation of thrash metal. Dave's voice is still virtually insufferable, but at least there are riffs on this album worth mentioning.
Megadeth United Abominations
Megadeth Endgame
Melanie De Biasio No Deal
Vocal jazz. This is between a 3 and 3.5. Some of her songs create great atmospheres, but others
are a bit wanting in meaningful content.
Melt-Banana Fetch
Merkaba Bones of the Sacred Forest
Post-black metal with lots and lots and lots of reverb. It makes it sound booming and quite pretty, actually. Unique in that sense, although it's truthfully not much different than the other post-rock-meets-blast-beats experiments.
Merkaba Continuum
Mesarthim TYPE III
Eighteen minutes of keyboard-heavy atmospheric black metal, this time with outer-space chugz. Kinda just wish the band would've released these lengthy one-track EPs as just one album, but w.e. Band are good enough at what they do.
Message to Bears Carved from Tides
Sentimental ambient pop bs that's good enough.
Metallica Death Magnetic
Mirrorthrone Carriers of Dust
Mithras On Strange Loops
weird kind of melodic death metal with hella riffs but it only hella riffs every once in a while,
and is otherwise inconsistent imo so it's not that great.

That one riff in "When the Stars Align" is the best dm riff of 2016 by leaps and bounds tho.
Mitochondrion Parasignosis
Mogwai Rave Tapes
Mongol Horde Mongol Horde
Moonknight Senmorta
Dirty, thrashy black metal. Straightforward and to-the-point. Hail.
Morphinist Nebulae
Morphinist The Arcane Session
Morphinist The Wormhole Session
Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutation
Mutilation Rites Harbinger
N R C S S S T Schizophrenic Art
Pretty much generic post-black metal that doesn't really throw any punches. If you took the basic blue-print for post-black metal and made a record out of it, you'd get this record. It's upbeat, it's shiny, there are a lot of twinkly guitar leads, it doesn't focus on black metal tempos, and there are fairly good vocals, but there's not enough variation or experimentation here to give the record its own personality. This is one of those bands that have the potential to do something really cool if they would only break from their derivative writing styles, throw caution to the wind, and be adventurous. In that sense, they're definitely a band to look for in the future, but they're only OK right now.
Nachtmystium Assassins: Black Meddle Pt.1
Nachtmystium Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2
Nachtmystium Silencing Machine
Nader Sadek In the Flesh
Nadja Tabernanthe
Nadja makes noise for 28 minutes and it's pretty nice.
Naglfar Pariah
Naglfar Harvest
Nails/Full of Hell Split
Full of Hell are OK, Nails track is typical modern Nails ultra heavy brocore. This is like 4:20 long with only 3 tracks so who really cares. Good enough w/e.
Naked City Naked City
Avant-jazz grindcore. So that's a thing. Definitely a "thing."
Nasum Human 2.0
Grindcore. Idk if it's the production or this Spotify stream but this album makes me feel like I constantly need to pop my ears, it's just kinda weird.
Neil Cicierega Mouth Moods
nic Demo
Nightingale Retribution
Nightrage Wearing a Martyrs Crown
Nightrage return with a fitting addition to the melodic death metal legacy. Harsh vox, screaming guitarz, lots of drumz and the occasional acoustic good melodeath does make, and Nightrage a good melodeath band
Nightwish Dark Passion Play
Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful
NOFX Never Trust a Hippy
NOFX Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
NOFX Coaster
NOFX Self Entitled
NOFX First Ditch Effort
Notches High Speed Crimes
"Sloppy" is a good way to put it. It's got that raw amateurish feel that's weirdly endearing and makes it that little bit more relatable and fun. It's not hugely solid, but it's great for what it is.
Novembers Doom Into Night's Requiem Infernal
Nox Formulae The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy
When it goes fast it's pretty good but all the slower stuff lacks the atmosphere and spoopyness to feel "occult" or atmospheric at all. It's only when the guitars style flying that the music adopts a slightly clouded, atmospheric feel.
O' God the White Whale Never Knows Best
Oathbreaker Maelstrom
Crust/sludge. A lot of these riffs sound straight-up ripped from Mastodon's first two albums ("Origin" sounds like its riffs were lifted almost directly from "Leviathan"), and similar to early Mastodon Caro's vocals are equally raw and (imo) fairly annoying. Despite having some definitely meh vocals, though, the band does know how to riff--even if like a third of their riffs are actually just Mastodon co-ops. It's nice, crusty sludge metal hardcore. If the vocals would've been better, (as on "Rheia") this would've been a fantastic debut.
Obolus Demo
Obolus Lament
Ever wondered what those atmospheric black metal bands would sound like if their songs were sliced down into concise, no-frills pieces of no more than seven minutes, max? This is what that sounds like.
Obscura Omnivium
Odz Manouk/Tukaaria Split
Yeah this is OK I guess hael blak twilite crepusculolo nergroooooooooooooo
Old Graves Like Straining Boughs
Opeth Orchid
Opeth Morningrise
Opeth Deliverance
Opeth Damnation
Opeth Watershed
Oranssi Pazuzu Värähtelijä
black metal psychadelic whatever Swans. Too much slow not enough black.
Ozzy Osbourne Black Rain
Pan American Cloud Room, Glass Room
like really minimal-y, super chill ambient. It do.
Panopticon On the Subject of Mortality
Panopticon Social Disservices
Panopticon/Wheels Within Wheels II
Paramore All We Know Is Falling
Paramore Paramore
Pelican Ataraxia/Taraxis
Periphery Periphery
Petrychor Effigies and Epitaphs
Plebeian Grandstand Lowgazers
Plini Handmade Cities
Poldoore Blind Eyes
Hip hip hop
Possessed Seven Churches
Never been a big fan of ye olde school dm/bm or thrash for that matter, but this is OK. It's thrashy enough that it makes up for the awkward drumming and timing, and heavy and aggressive enough (vox r wow gud) to make up for the fact that it's largely thrash metal. Death metal m/
Promise and the Monster Feed The Fire
Good indie folk/dream pop/art whatever, but not great indie folk/dream whatever.
Protest the Hero Scurrilous
Ronnie Dio was here.
Pseudogod Deathwomb Catechesis
Qualia Vignettes
Short, pretty, post-rock movements.
Rachel's Handwriting
It's simple classical music with one 14-minute desolate ambient/post-rock track. While the rest
of the album isn't exceptionally exciting, "Full on Night" definitely pioneers the same kind of
desolate, empty post-rock sound (filled with train samples, no less) that GY!BE became famous for
fleshing out a few years later. 3.3/5
Radiohead Kid A
Much better than "The Bends" due to its experimentation (especially with electronic elements), but even Radiohead's style still isn't that enthralling. It really feels like that one pretentious album with all the flair and all the potential that just never delivers. There's a fun electronic bit here or there ("Treefingers"), but other than that I'm still yet to be impressed by these gods of indie-whatever rock music.
Ratatat Ratatat
On the one hand it's a super chill, casual electronic album that's really easy to listen to. On the other hand, it's not a very gripping listen; it ends up being like most post-rock and ambient out there that is nice to listen to, but doesn't feel like it has much substance. There are no "wow" or that's cool!" moments that would justify a higher rating. It's a pleasing listen, but it's sort of just *there*. Excellent background music, though.
Ratatat LP3
Pokemon. That is the joke.
Red Fang Red Fang
Red Fang Murder the Mountains
Regina Spektor Soviet Kitsch
some of these are good some are not. Stuck between 2.5 and 3. /soundoff
Rhinocervs RH01
Rhinocervs RH02
Rhinocervs RH-08 "Untitled 1 & 2"
Rhinocervs RH-13
Richard J. Birkin Vigils
atmospheric classical with a little post-rock? While this album definitely sounds gorgeous, the
songs themselves seem to be too short and under-developed. This is the same problem Johann
Johannsson's "Orphee" had; each song seems to find an interesting idea or style but just sort of
ends before really capitalizing on it, hitting a crescendo, or really doing anything other than
sort of just *going along*. Individually these songs are great, but over the course of an album
the wasted potential becomes fairly obvious--and almost grating.

Still, though, if you want some super pretty [mostly] modern classical music, this is worth a
check. ~3.3/5
Rotten Sound Cursed
Rotten Sound Species At War
Ruin Lust Demo 2011
Ruin Lust Ruin Lust
This rules guys come check out the swirling darkness m/
Saaad Deep/Float
Sacrilege GBG Lost in the Beauty You Slay
Not as good as the Storm of the Light's Bane-y "Fifth Season," but still a competent melodeath album.
Sadness (USA) Otro
Woods of Desolation worship-y, sentimental-melody-driven depressive black metal. If you want some
black metal with melodies that could make even a new-age pianist go "awwww", then Sadness is for
you. 3.3/5
Samael Above
Samael Lux Mundi
Sarah Longfield Par Avion
Sarah Longfield Kikiria
Dancey Sarah is dancey. Bah duh bah autotune bum bum bloop.
Sarah Longfield Collapse // Expand
She sweeps and dleedle leedles all day ery day. It's technical jazzy melodic noodling every which way, but not in any sort of aurally offensive way. It's just kind of "there", not really going anywhere in particular. Still, it sounds pretty. So there's that.
Satanic Surfers Hero of Our Time
Scar Symmetry The Unseen Empire
Septicflesh The Great Mass
Sepultura Kairos
Shape of Despair Monotony Fields
Sielunvihollinen Tuhontuoja
Sigh Hangman's Hymn
Sinmara Aphotic Womb
Skagos Ast
Skagos Anarchic
First track is a 4.2/5rSecond track is a 2.5/5rNext time they should make sure that each piece has the same recording sound before releasing it. Track 1 has perfect production and sounds wonderfully professional, whereas track 2 sounds extremely sloppy and is nowhere near as well-recorded as the previous track.
Slayer God Hates Us All
Slayer Christ Illusion
Sodom In War and Pieces
Sonic Syndicate Sonic Syndicate
Inoffensive "modern" melodeath that had me surprised by how much it didn't make me want to drop-kick a puppy 3/5.
Sophie Madeleine Silent Cynic
Sorrows Sorrows EP
Sorrows Lethe
Steve Roach The Passing
Another long-form ambient piece by Steve Roach. It's pretty, dreamy atmospheric background music. It goes and goes and goes, changing little/not at all as it creeps along its 59-minute runtime. You can listen to the first five minutes of melodic ups-and-downs on repeat for an hour and lose little to nothing instead of listening to the other 55 minutes of the piece. It's music you can sleep to, work to, zone out to, go about your day to. Eventually your subconscious forgets you're even hearing it, just like the humming of your nervous system or the running of blood in your ears. So it's Steve Roach doing Steve Roach and it's whatever you want it to be.
Strapping Young Lad City
Sun Worship Sun Worship (demo)
Sun Worship Pale Dawn
black metal. Not as good as the last album, but OK. Vocals are kinda weird.
Sunnata Climbing the Colossus
Sutekh Hexen Luciform
Sutekh Hexen Larvae
Take some minimalistic black metal, some dark ambient, some fuzz, and some noise, and smash
them together. The resulting mass of misanthropic noise is this album. Or this band,
Sutekh Hexen Behind the Throne
Second track had less black metal than I'd have hoped, but the first track was entertaining.
Sutekh Hexen Become
A two-track EP of blackened noise. This is black metal buried under layers of buzz and distortion. After drowning out most of the coherence of the instruments, what we're left with is 28 minutes of angry, droning noise. If you listen closely enough you can hear some riffs beneath the almost constant wailing vocals, and if you listen even more intently you can almost hear what are probably actual drums. rThe first track, "Five Faces of Deacay" appears to be a rather fast black metal piece, whereas "The Voice : The Void" seems to take a slower, more "atmospheric" route. rIf you like your black metal angry, noisy and barely coherent, then this is for you!
Svffer Lies We Live
Thrash livez
Taake Hordalands Doedskvad
Taake Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik
Talk Talk It's My Life
It's pop. It's rock. It's whatever.
Tape Loop Orchestra Go Straight Towards the Light of All That You Love
Droning ambient with stuff in the background. Not wholly engaging or full enough, but still pretty OK.
Tape Loop Orchestra The Invisibles
Droning ambient with stuff in the background. Not wholly engaging or full enough, but still pretty OK.
Taravana A Visible Chill
Rating #1200. Cool bm-ish-ness of melodies.
Teitanblood Purging Tongues
Teitanblood Death
Terra Deep Inamorata
Terzij de Horde A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of Light
Testament Demonic
Testament Low
Thantifaxath Sacred White Noise
Thaw Thaw
The Album Leaf In A Safe Place
pretty post-rock
The Banner Frailty
hardcore punk. Angry noises.
The Black Dahlia Murder Unhallowed
The Devil Wears Prada Dead Throne
Respectable, but a definite step down from the Zombie EP.
The Grindmother Age Of Destruction
The Hotelier Goodness
Idk I don't think I like it as much this time????
The Hyacinth Act Our Sympathy
ambient whatever.
The Lay Llamas Ostro
The Menzingers Chamberlain Waits
pretty OK punk rock. Some of the tracks are great; others are kinda boring.
They Dream By Day Limbo
The problem with a post-rock/ambient record like this isn't its production or style so much as it is its runtime--with five songs, the album only runs for 11 minutes. All of these tracks feel like snippets rather than fully developed pieces, and it's sort of aggravating to know how good this project could be if songs were just given room to breathe properly instead of being relegated to what are essentially two-minute atmospheric interludes.
Thorns Thorns
That guitar tone gets on your nerves after a while, and I think Mayhem used it better.
Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling
that jazzy math rock/post-rock hybrid woooo.
Thulcandra Fallen Angel's Dominion
Obvious Dissection worship/plagiarism that just doesn't stand up to the former black metal masters. Worth a listen if you enjoy a hit of nostalgia every now and again, but not very spectacular on its own.
toe For Long Tomorrow
I mean post-rock drums melodies yeah but does it blend? Not with me, it dun't.
toe Hear You
Post-rock elevator music. It's generally pleasing but it never makes any lasting impact on you. You listen to the whole thing and when done aren't able to explain from memory what you just heard.
Toluca Act I
Toluca Memoria
Tomb Mold Primordial Malignity
Their first demo was a bit more dirty and lo-fi which made it sound much harsher (which I liked), but Primordial Malignity isn't bad for dirty-ish death metal. Cool riffs, man. Cool. Riffs.
Tombs Savage Gold
Totem Skin Still Waters Run Deep
Tragedy Vengeance
Sludgy punk vox melodic punk!
Tragedy Tragedy
hardc0re punk r0ck
Trap Them Darker Handcraft
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro Salve Discordia
Weird shoegazey rock junk
Triptykon Eparistera Daimones
Triptykon Melana Chasmata
Triste L'Hiver Faire un geste
It's black metal with weird 80's new wave(?) popiness. It's weird... but not at all as surprising as I would've expected. It's not an amazing album, but it does a lot right and surely shows a band going in the right direction. Tighten up the screws, add some more variation to the black metal riffing, and this could be very interesting in the future. I mean, more than it is now.
Trna Pattern Of Infinity
Take all the long, drawn-out hypnotic black metal sections from WitTR and Cascadian bm and make a 40-minute instrumental album out of them. That's basically what's going on here. The lack of vocals definitely makes the longer/repeated sections a little more difficult to sit through, but if you're looking for some long-winded atmospheric bm, then you should definitely look into Trna's debut. It's not like WitTR are going to put out a bm record any time soon, anyway, so you might as well.
Truckfighters Universe
Twilight III: Beneath Trident's Tomb
It's out there. Go get it.
Tycho Epoch
Aesthetically pleasing, but not much else?
Tyranny Aeons in Tectonic Interment
Ulver Nattens Madrigal
Ulver Messe I.X-VI.X
Exceptionally long experimental/post-rock. While good, it's still a lot to take in.
Underling Crows
rawer-rish post-bm that was better raw the first time. Much better than the icky EP that followed.
Unreqvited Disquiet
Unreqvited set out to be this year's Ghost Bath--and they succeed. Thankfully, their sound
quality and songwriting are much more consistent and well-balance, making them a bit superior to
last year's depressive blackgaze darlings.
Unru Demo MMXIII
UnSun The End Of Life
Urfaust Einsiedler
I guess this is OK? atmospheric black metal.
Urfaust Trúbadóirí Ólta an Diabhail
Atmospheric black metal.
Urfaust Empty Space Meditation
hey there are harsh vox this time wooo. Almost makes up for how annoyingly one-dimensional the non-harsh vox are.
Vales Clarity
Vattnet Viskar Demo
Vemod Venter pa Stormene
pretty good atmospheric bm but the ambient tracks are too long and too meh.
Venomspitter Venomspitter
Vermin Womb Decline
Nasty grind with some of that dissonant death metal mixed in here and there (there are some lengthy blast parts with non-grindy tremolo chord progressions). The vox are particularly nasty, but aside from having a generally abrasive sound, there's not much else to go on here. It's grind with lots of punk drumming, loads of blasts, and basically whatever else you'd expect from a short grind record. If they'd up their songwriting a bit they could be really interesting, especially since their music sounds really powerful already.
Verwustung When Light Broke the Stars, Humanity Rejected Us
Vile Gash Deluded
dirty punk
Vilkacis The Fever of War
The drummer from Fell Voices does a solo raw bm project. It's pretty good.
Violet Cold Magic Night
Virvum Illuminance
melodic tech death with lots of flashy stuff and some interesting ambient stuff. Noodles and shreds for days but not one of the better tech death albums from this year. But I'm not even huge on dm so what do I know this is prob a 4/5 lmao. It's fun tho so cheq it.
Volcanic Queen Lumyth
Volcanic Queen Moments Captured in a Different Light
ambient dream fuzz
Volcanic Queen Innocence of Those Who Perished
Paysage D'Ambient music. It's like black metal with all the black and none of the metal.
Wake Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow
production is flat yeah but it's still OK grindcore. Definitely needs more buzzsaws tho. This
feels like The Secret but with less gripping production.
Watain Lawless Darkness
Watchtower Concepts of Math: Book One
The instrumental side of Concepts of Math is fun technical thrash, but vocally and lyrically this EP isn't quite as enjoyable. The vocals remind of Bruce Dickinson crossed with Dave Mustaine's cheesy nerd lyrics. I get it; you like numbers and decimals.
Weekend Nachos Still
Needs moar buzzsaw pedal.
When Woods Make Graves This Patch Of Dirt Where Nothing Grows
I like how "ghostly" and thin everything sounds on this record. The drum machine sound is still awful but the overall sound and songwriting is pretty decent.
When Woods Make Graves This Forest That Will Eclipse The Sky
Three tracks that weren't included on This Patch Of Dirt Where Nothing Grows were
rewritten/rerecorded and slapped together for this LP. This guy doesn't seem to disappoint,
even if all of his songs have that "guitar plugged directly into computer" sound and the
drums are obviously programmed. WWMG continue to try combining the driving riffs of WitTR
with some of the fuzzy atmosphere of Paysage D'Hiver. Consistently good material.
When Woods Make Graves This Light That Decays
This time, WWMG slows things down a bit and tries his hand at much more straightforward WitTR
worship, employing a Two Hunters-heavy atmospheric style of treble-heavy lo-fi-ish black metal.
While definitely lifting most of its ideas from Two Hunters, "This Light that Decays" is still
fairly competent on its own. Sure, its use of chimes and minimalist guitar-lead ambient passages
are basically plagiarism, but when everything is suffocated under loads of treble and synthetic
noise, it still kinda feels like its own thing. Or at least, it feels "its own" enough to not
feel like a complete plagiarism attempt. It's not fantastic atmos bm, but for what it is it's
pretty OK. If you can get past the really poor guitar sound (lo-fi, treble-heavy, lots of reverb
and a really echoy tin sound), the songwriting's actually pretty decent.
When Woods Make Graves Mellifluous Throes
Whirr Distressor
Whirr June
Whirr Pipe Dreams
Wiegedood De Doden Hebben Het Goed
It's good-ish but it's not like you know "wow bm" but rather just "bm" without the "wow"
part ifyouknowwhatImean. There's just something about the production that just doesn't do
it for me. It's one of those times where something is just "off" by a tiny bit to make you
not like it, though you think you reasonably should like it.
Wiegedood De Doden Hebben het Goed II
black metal it's OK, but it rips off other bands and isn't that good.
Wife Standard Nature
Glitch hop. Surprisingly good material from an artist whose previous works never really did it for me. Glitchy melodic electronic junk.
Wildernessking The Writing of Gods in the Sand
Wildernessking Mystical Future
William Basinski Cascade
It sounds like a tape playing the same sad piano melody bobbing in the waves of the ocean, submerging and reemerging, muffling and clarifying, again and again.
William Fitzsimmons Lions
Wim Mertens Struggle for Pleasure
Windhand Soma
Winterfylleth The Dark Hereafter
"The Dark Hereafter" is a bummer for multiple reasons:
1. It's too short.
2. Quite a bit of the runtime either isn't new material or isn't Winterfylleth's material.
3. They did a cover of one of the most boring black metal-era Ulver songs, and didn't make it any
more interesting.
4. Seriously why did they record an almost perfect impersonation instead of injecting themselves
into the track?

Despite those pretty glaring faults, Winterfylleth's newest output isn't that bad. In fact, it's
fairly decent--crappy Ulver cover aside. It's solid-ish epic/folk/black metal; it's just not
amazing, and there's not enough original material to make it as good as previous outputs.
Wintersun Time I
A Song of Winter +4/5rLand of Snow and Sorrow 3.3/5rTime 3/5r
Witch In Her Tomb Maleficus Maleficarum
This is stupidly short, but exceedingly good. Really raw and abrasive, yet also unabashedly melodic at points. Very good thing yes.
Witherscape The New Tomorrow
It's basically a more prog metal-ish Nightingale with a dash of death metal vocals for good measure. It's not amazing, but if you liked Swano's stuff before you'll dig this.
Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary
Wodensthrone Curse
Wolves in the Throne Room Celestial Lineage
I don't know, man. I don't know.
Wolves in the Throne Room Celestite
The individual tracks are nice, but they don't seem very cohesive when it comes to the compiling of this album. This makes sense since each track is basically just a reinvention and expansion of the synth, keyboard, and guitar melodies from Celestial Lineage and not wholly new works themselves. Because each track comes from a different origin they all seem fairly different, and this is what makes them not seem very cohesive together. If certain ideas from certain tracks had been fleshed out into truly their own pieces not simply based on old CL ideas, then Celestite might have been more functional as a standalone ambient record. As-is, though, it's still alright--just nothing amazing because nothing really feels completed. It's just the same melodies from CL expanded enough to justify calling them each their own respective new tracks. The original melodies were of WitTR quality, though, so even reinvented the product is at least aesthetically pleasing, if only just that.
Wolvhammer The Obsidian Plains
Wormrot Dirge
Wormrot Noise
Wormrot Voices
Biquette the grindcore goat may be gone, but grind will live on. #makegrindgreatagain
X Japan Art of Life
X Japan Jealousy
The speed metal is great, but all the cheesy 80's hair metal influences makes me cringe.
Xasthur Subliminal Genocide
XO Heart
Begins on a rather awkward foot sounding more like MBV than anyone (at this point) would really like, but after a few tracks the band seem to find their footing and rip off on their legendary forefathers a little bit less. It's no Loveless by any means, but it's still pretty enjoyable shoegaze.
Xothist Simulacrum
Yellow Eyes Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth
Yellow Eyes Stillicide
Not as good as The Desert Mourns, but still a fairly good bm EP.
Yellowcard Southern Air
Young and in the Way I Am Not What I Am
Young and in the Way When Life Comes to Death
Zeal and Ardor Devil is Fine
It's a fun--albeit kinda dumb--record. Described as "American slave and black metal" the
record features mostly chants and bluesy "slave" singing with metal moments woven in for
points of contrast and climax. There's just something evil about the visions this music
conjures up--of black men on a chain gang singing soulful odes to Satan, or their wishing
death upon holy men, and it makes the record so strangely satisfying. While the metal
moments aren't spectacularly arranged (and could've been a bit louder in the mix, tbh), they
serve their purpose of highlighting the vocals fairly well. It's a short record, but it's
satisfying in a really weird way just because of how "out there" it is, conceptually.
Zyklon-B Blood Must Be Shed
The kind of hyper blasty bm that actually needs better-than-lo-fi production values to have the impact it clearly wants to--and should--have.

2.5 average
A Diadem of Dead Stars The Mist Bearer
WitTR worship with some chanting vocals to make it a little bit different than your standard cookie-cutter Cascadian band. Decent beginning point for a band that obviously wants to take their beginning style and add new influences to make a style their own. If they expand upon and diversify their style through future release, they could be a band to watch out for. They need to heavily grow their style, though.
A Pregnant Light The Feast of Clipped Wings
This has all the elements of APL that I like, but presented in a much more lo-fi/raw/amateurish
way than that to which I'm used, which definitely takes away from the experience. Back in 2011,
APL was still finding its footing and--I presume--figuring out how best to record its music. If
this'd been recorded within the last year or so, I'm sure it would've been much better. But, as
is, it's simply a snapshot of the early days of a project that would become so much better in
time. And I'm OK with that.
Abigail Williams In the Absence of Light
Absinthe Syncope Lucid Dreaming On 4g's of Dilaudid
AC/DC Ballbreaker
Acronym June
Every track seems to take one individual idea or one beat and slowly evolve it over the course of
five-ish minutes. There's little to tie the tracks together because they all seem to use, more-
or-less, the same structuring, which gets old pretty quickly. Decent ambient.
Agalloch The Serpent and the Sphere
This has everything an Agalloch album should have, organized like an Agalloch album should be, but it just doesn't work. For some reason it's like a mimic of the band, lacking the soul of the original. By all rights this should be another great Agalloch record but for some reason it just doesn't move me at all.
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence
The peak of deathcore? is still just a weak modern recreation of Slaughter of the Soul with even less bearable vocals.
Alraune The Process Of Self​-​Immolation
Amon Amarth Jomsviking
I don't even think I like any of the songs here. This sounds like a band at their limit running completely on the last few fumes they have left. The production doesn't let the music sound as epic as Twilight, or as melodically impacting as Oden, and the material isn't even as good as that on Deceiver (which wasn't that good to begin with). Amon am dissapoint.
Anaal Nathrakh The Whole of the Law
They keep opening up their style a little more on each album--it would seem--but their
experimentation with different styles doesn't seem to produce very satisfactory results. A lot of
their subtle shifts into melodic black/death metal come off as half-hearted emulations, their
Emperor/Ihsahn-esque clean vocals continue to sound both silly and bizarrely out of place, and
their influence on all-out blasting grind seems to continue to wane.

You can't knock a band for trying to expand past their roots, but when Anaal Nathrakh have always
been at their best when practicing teeth-gnashing black/grind, it's hard to not wish they'd
regress just a little.

tl;dr Not as evil as Constellation, not as brutal as Necro, and with songwriting far below Hell is
Empty. It's "whatever."
Anal Cunt 40 More Reasons To Hate Us
When A.C. are actually trying to be a halfway decent grindcore band they mostly succeed, but their purposefully under-developed songwriting makes even passable tracks annoying in their extreme brevity. These tracks are even short by most grindcore standards, which makes actually sitting through the constant start/stops every fifteen sections fairly difficult. I just kinda wish they would've taken their trolling to another level by taking themselves seriously for one record before Putnam's death, because at least then they would've had one record utilizing their actual potential, if only as a joke.
Annorkoth The Last Days
Arkhtinn III
atmospheric bm but yeah ok.
As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us
this is about as stereotypically play-it-safe toughguy metalcore as you can get. Production is butts, vox are tryhard br00tal masculine, instrumental side sounds like it was built in a computer. They might not spam breakdowns like more generic metalcore bands of the same era, but their general sound doesn't put them that far above the rest of the pack, either.
Ash Borer Bloodlands
Ash Borer The Irrepassable Gate
Yet again they take Ash Borer's furious bm and water it down with crappy atmospherics and mixing
that doesn't make any sense. Why can I barely hear the rhythm guitar at all at some points? Why
does it sound so thin, so low, and barely contribute anything other than just fuzzing in the
background most of the time? Why is the lead guitar the only instrument that seems to matter?

When it was announced that Randall Dunn (the guy who produced every WitTR LP since Two Hunters)
was going to produce, I assumed we'd get a nice, balanced clean sound a la a more aggressive
WitTR. But alas, the mixing is just as unwieldy as on their last two releases. As an upside, the
band have peeled back some of the theatrics from Cold of Ages (excessive atmospheric junk, clean
female vocals) in an apparent attempt at getting back toward a more raw black metal style.

So hey, baby steps.
At the Gates Gardens of Grief
At the Gates At War with Reality
It feels bored. It feels tired. Like they had some good songs, but then got lazy and forewent any studio magic to make their guitars sound forceful.
BABYMETAL Metal Resistance
2.0-2.5 It's kind of catchy but their foray into a more poppy-direction isn't as appealing as their previous and more absurd Slipknot-meets-J-pop style.
Barghest The Virtuous Purge
Bhang Khang 2011 Demo
Dirty, raw bm/sludge/powerviolence/whatever. For a crappy demo it's pretty OK.
Black Malachite Void
A lot of awkward songwriting. Random guitars and other synthesized instruments pop in and out at
will, songs never really seem to work toward any crescendo or climactic shifts. It's OK if you
just want aesthetically pleasing, vaguely atmospheric, vaguely melodic noise in the background,
but even then all of the stylistic shifts between songs don't work to create one solid style of
atmosphere, either. It's kinda just "whatever" the whole way through; a lot of ideas and very
little cohesion. Black Malachite has figured out how to produce music with good production and
believable synthesized instrumentation, but now he just has to figure out how to actually write
music, and what exactly he wants that music to *be*.

It's melodic and aesthetically pleasing enough to warrant decent marks, but the crudeness of
songwriting really should detract from it a little more. I just really like shallow ambient piano
junk, so my opinion is fairly biased.
blink-182 California
Too much pop, not enough punk. It's only 42 minutes but with 16 tracks it seems much longer.
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry
The production is weirdly treble-heavy in a way that is very unlike BAN, and the songwriting is equally straightforward and lacks the personality and weirdness the band is so easily known for. "Saturnian Poetry" feels like the work of an experimental band trying to force themselves into a more "typical" sound, and it just doesn't work.
Borknagar Winter Thrice
I don't know what specifically (besides some obvious layering) they do to make Vortex's clean vocals sound the way they do, but I don't like the result. They feel too clean, too polished to be truly "human". Or at least, too perfect to sound pleasing in a metal context. The rest of the music is fine, but the album just feels like the Vortex Show, with his vocals being an obvious focus due to their weird perfect sound. The combination of their being a distraction with the sort-of genericness (if that's even correct?) of the rest of the music robs it, initially, of much enjoyability. It all just feels too sterile.
Bull Of Heaven 329: She Is as the Nights Are Horrible, Pt. 1
crappy drone ambient for 38 minutes. Does an Earth-esque kind of rock drone for the first half,
does some Stars of the Lid-type ambient junk for a while, then goes back to more Earth-ier simple
drone toward then end. It's not bad, but the repetitive rock instrumentation never seems to go
anywhere or evolve at all--unlike Earth--which makes it less interesting than it could've been--
especially since it's just one long song. It's aesthetically pleasing but little else.
Burzum Belus
Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face
Celer Bell Tower
Ambient drone tape music. Eat your heart out, William Basinski, because this is basically a William Basinski album. It's just a short ambient melody looped for twenty-six minutes. But unlike Basinski's works, this one doesn't explode, or decompose, or sound like it's being plunged underwater at random/non-random intervals, so it's actually just the same melody over and over again for almost half an hour. As ambient music I suppose you could make an excuse for this, but I'm not going to. Nah, pass. Not the best Celer/William Basinski album. Exceptionally listenable, but not engaging at all--even for ambient drone/tape music.
Celer Infinite set
Ambient drone tape music or whatever nonsense. OK *this* one is basically William Basinksi, but drawn out for two hours. So it's OK, but not engaging or meaningful enough to warrant my going and saying "Hey did you hear the new William Basinski album that's not actually by Basinski but by this one dude called Celer?" It's OK, mind you, just not much more than that. It's the same melody that is varied slightly in each iteration, slightly enough that if you fast forward through the track it'll seem like there's some diversity to the music, but if you actually sit and listen to it it feels like just the same thing over and over again. Not much more than background music.
Celer Two days and one night
Ambient. More sound sampling, beach sounds, etc. It's still largely just background ambient, though.
Cepheide Respire
Fell Voices/Ash Borer-lite. Suffers from the same thing Paramnesia does, which is a lack of gripping songwriting. There are no "wow" moments here, just a lot of OK ones. It's pleasing enough, but it never pushes to be different, and never does its own standard atmospheric bm style well enough to really set itself apart from any other bands doing the same things. If you want more Cascadian-worship, though, this should be on your radar.
CFCF Radiance & Submission
ambient with some post-rock twinkly pseudo-inspirational melodies and use of spaciousness in
atmosphere. It's simple music and I can see why some of it got put on random "chill out" Spotify
playlists, but as far as coherent ambient records go, this isn't one of the best. It's wonderful
for quiet, almost-minimalist background music, but the stylistic shifts between tracks (many of
which are rather short, and seem underdeveloped) makes the whole thing seem a tad directionless.
There were a lot of good ideas presented here, but many of them could've been done more justice if
they'd been fleshed out more. This is fine for what it is, but with all the
ambient/classical/post-rock junk I've heard, I can't really say this is "that good."

So 5/10; aesthetically pleasing pretty sounds, but not a whole lot of depth.
Children of Bodom Blooddrunk
Christian Fennesz and Jim O'Rourke It's Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry
ok noisy ambient that then gets less noisy.
Clandestine Blaze City Of Slaughter
The slow stuff's boring but when Mikko actually starts upping the tempo it gets interesting-ish.
Too bad for me there's a lot more slow than fast on here, and very little in terms of atmosphere.
Cloud Rat Cloud Rat
Grind with a tiny bit of emo influence here or there. Vocals are not great; need to be more aggressive. Instrumentally solid, though.
Coke Jaw S/T
"Garage rock" in that it sounds like some guys in a crappy punk band fooling around on their
instruments in their garage, probably recorded haphazardly with a tape recorder set in front of
one of the amps. It's not awful, but it's nothing to really care about, either.
Cold Body Radiation A Clear Path
it's shoegaze that's too dreamy and not enough attention-grabby.
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast
I really tried, but outside of Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids absolutely nothing stands out about this. It just doesn't do anything for me and feels like a chore to sit through.
Cradle of Filth Bitter Suites to Succubi
Cyanamid Stop the World
proto-grind. It has blasts.
Dark Tranquillity We Are the Void
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
I tried! I really did.
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon
Minimalism and amateurism must've been cool in '93.
Darkthrone Panzerfaust
The vocals are too loud (obvsly), it's too samey, and a bit boring. Darkthrone's slow riffing has never been that exciting and they do that a lot here. Thankfully there's also a bit of punky riffing, which shakes things up every now and again and makes it a bit more interesting. Not amazing, but still pretty decent.
Darkthrone Arctic Thunder
Darkthrone still Borethrone.
Decapitated Blood Mantra
Der Weg Einer Freiheit Stellar
The shiny production and really unusual sense of saminess throughout make this really difficult to sit through, and engage you at all. It has riff, but they don't strike you significant at all.
Devin Townsend Project Epicloud
The most OKiest Townsend album so far.
Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli
There's just nothing that moves me about this record, at all. It's all just personality-less, sterile symphonic black metal. Utterly devoid of any emotion at all. Ugh.
Disturbed Believe
Disturbed Indestructible
Downfall of Gaia Atrophy
Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues N.V.
It's surely a step back in the right direction for DiS, but it's still nowhere near as filthy or brutal as their debut. It sounds like some combination of their two albums, with some Gnaw Their Tongues tacked on for whoyknowswhy. It's surely a step up after Widowmaker, but given that album pushed the band three steps backwards, this one step forward still leaves much to be desired--of both collaborating groups.
Dragonlord Rapture
Drudkh Handful of Stars
Echtra A War for Wonder
Echtra Burn It All Away
Elathan Atreup Ed Al Dadinrete
It's OK atmospheric black/folk metal, but I really hate programmed drums that sound like that and the really heavy bedroom quality of the production. But songwriting wise this is probably fairly solid. :-0
Exodus The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
Fallujah Dreamless
I like what they're doing but not how they're doing it.
False Light False Light
punk woo!
Fauna The Hunt
Fireworks Oh, Common Life
Fleshgod Apocalypse Agony
G.L.O.S.S. Trans Day Of Revenge
Gavin Bryars Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
An old man sings the same song/an orchestra plays the same crescendo reinterpreted a little
different each time. It evolves slowly so the changes are hard to pick out whilst listening, and
that's what makes the record fairly boring; it's just the same thing over and over. It's a
wonderfully nice melody, but heard again and again underneath the 25-second same voice sample gets
grating on the nerves. If the voice had been recorded dozens of individual times or tampered with
in the studio to sound different and change slightly along with the music, this might've been a
more enjoyable and artistically fulfilling release.
Ghost Bath Moonlover
Gnaw Their Tongues Eschatological Scatology
Gorguts Pleiades' Dust
Death metal prog. The riffs go bring jin dun dun ju ringa dong ding ding banana phone, but I've never been much into this type of dm.
Hermodr The Scent of Autumn
A 21-minute atmospheric bm song. The melodies are nice, but the production is too trebly and the pace never changes. It's just slow, plodding black metal that's totally melody-based but never feels like it goes anywhere. Sure the melodies are decent and the clean guitars are pretty, but when the drum style and tempo never change, it gets kinda boring--especially after twenty minutes.
Hope Drone Cloak of Ash
Major step down from their first album. The songs are all much too similar and for a record that's >70 minutes long that's a big problem. The production doesn't leave much room for emotional input by the band, either, exacerbating that problem further. What they should've done was take that 77 minutes of music and mix and cut it all together into a maximum of 50 minutes across, say, four or five tracks. Their first album succeeded by having varying runtimes which aided its flow and diversity, but this feels like a wall of 10-minute tracks, compiled without Darkspace's level of finesse.
Howls of Ebb Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows
I Fight Dragons Cool is Just A Number
"No One Likes Superman Anymore" is a jam, but the rest is just inoffensive pop rock.
Immolation Majesty and Decay
In Flames Colony
In Flames Clayman
spoken word vocals don't really belong in melodic death metal and I kinda hate them a lot. This
album might hit harder than Colony or Whoracle, but the wimpy screams and incessant cleans are
annoying and ruin what should be *the* melodeath band.

tl;dr good riffs vox suck
In Flames Whoracle
In Flames Come Clarity
Infest No Man's Slave
Oh wait I don't actually like pv woops.
Insect Warfare World Extermination
The production's not particularly abrasive for grindcore, which is the main reason I don't enjoy
it very much. Instrumentally, I understand why the album gets such acclaim, though. It just
doesn't really do it for me as-is.
Iron Lung Sexless // No Sex
Jeff Rosenstock We Cool?
Job for a Cowboy Gloom
Job for a Cowboy Demonocracy
Kamelot Poetry for the Poisoned
Krallice Hyperion
Krallice Prelapsarian
black metal. Wth happened
Lake Of Blood As Time and Tide Erodes Stone
Liturgy Aesthethica
There are a handful of good tracks where the songwriting really comes together to create some--honestly--really interesting black metal, but the rest of the time the total pretension and focus on being artsy makes the rest of the songs pretty pointless or unlistenable. If they woulda just figured out what exactly they wanted to do here they could've just done *that* and made a decent record. But, instead, they went all over the place to put as much artsy crap (pointless chanty vocals, etc) as they could into the record to seemingly just force it to cover as much ground as possible for like no reason.
Lvthn Eradication of Nescience
Marduk Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered
Marduk Iron Dawn
Mayhem Psywar
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
Megadeth Greatest Hits: Back to the Start
Meshuggah Koloss
Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason
I really really hate that guitar tone. It has an almost squeaky sound to it, like someone's rubbing two pieces of evil leather together. Squeeko squee squuhhh uhhh squuun. That, and by now everything Meshuggah do sounds beaten-to-death, and there's nothing stylistically interesting here but the same thing they've been doing before, but with none of the nuances that made any of their previous albums unique.
Metallica St. Anger
Michael Snoxall "Spooks."
needs more haze on the vocals to fit with the guitar, but it's not that bad.
Mizmor Yodh
atmospheric black metal/doom. Better than the new Ash Borer LOL good enough.
Mono Requiem For Hell
It's pretty but can I actually remember much of it outside of just shimmery tremolos 24/7? Can't say I can.
Myrkgrav Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen
The folk instrumentation (especially the instrumentals) are great, but the change in production makes the metal half of Myrkgrav's sound much less powerful this time around. Not only that, but there seems to be far less black/death metal to be found, with much more influence put on clean folk metal singing instead. While good, this straight folk metal style is far less epic and powerful, which really holds the album back. Unfortunately it would seem that "Takk og Farvel" is not at the same level as the fantastic "Trollskau."
Nachtmystium Worldfall
Repetitive but OK I guess.
Nadja Sv
Nargaroth Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare
An hour-long LP of which half the music is either made up of needless ambient or
instrumental fillers. With only twenty seven minutes of actual heavy metal spread across
three tracks we can only wonder as to why this LP runs almost an hour in total. The black
metal, while sparse, is slow, melodic and reminiscent of Burzum--while not the most
interesting musically the tracks are still a rather enjoyable listen. In the end this album
lives by its melody-driven black metal sections but stalls and dies by the utter uselessness
of many of the included ambient tracks. If anything, "Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare"
is worth listening to for the three tracks that contain actual instrumentation, with maybe
one or two of the ambient tracks being interesting enough to not put you to sleep or turn
you off from the record completely. God knows why this ended up being more than forty
minutes in length, though.
nathan derr itsudattakke
Olan Mill Land Cycle
10 tracks spread across 32 minutes doesn't leave much room for individual ambient pieces to explore very far. That said, many of these pieces don't feel fully fleshed out, but rather like flirtations or experimentations with single ideas. Much like Johann Johannsson's "Orphee", this is aesthetically pleasing music but not very deep compositionally. For what it is, though, it's OK. And it definitely shows Olan Mill's potential if his style was given a bit more room to breathe.
Old Man's Child Slaves Of The World
Opeth Sorceress
Sorceress contains thirteen songs-only about four of which I thought were noteworthy. I'm not sure of the math at this point, but I feel like it points toward this being about a 5/10, maybe a little more. :-/
Panopticon Kentucky
Periphery Periphery III: Select Difficulty
"Each take is worse; he's slowly learning how to un-play the guitar."
Pig Destroyer Book Burner
Production is too flat and passionless. It doesn't sound heavy or abrasive, unlike their older stuff.
Portal Vexovoid
Radiohead The Bends
The whole record is just a few degrees off from being interesting. It reeks of 90's rock in
the worst ways with its faux-attitude-y vocals and sappy clean guitars. The vocals aren't
enjoyable at all, and nothing else about the music really "does it" for me. I feel like a
lot of this should be fairly good, but nothing ever clicks. Maybe it's the production, I
don't know.

I don't know if Radiohead inspired this kind of music, but this the kind of junk I assume
guitarbros play whilst sitting under trees on their college campuses as they attempt to
serenade the ladiez.
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Still don't get it. The whole time I just keep thinking how I could be listening to Sigur Ros.
Rorcal La Femme sans Tete
First track's a waste of electronic noise, second track is half a waste but with a cool Rorcal sludgefest in the middle, last track has that Teethed Glory and Injury thing going. Not great but it's OK.
Satyricon Now, Diabolical
Satyricon The Age Of Nero
Schammasch Triangle
black metal Behemoth ambient. Not really my jam.
Sepultura Roots
Sepultura A-Lex
Sepultura Machine Messiah
That one time they actually tried to play hardcore was cool, but then they never ever touch on that idea again and just go back to same old same old groove metal modern Sepultura'ing. And man, we've all heard this before. This is easily a step down from Kairos, which is easily their best modern album.
Slayer Diabolus in Musica
Dude 1998 Slayer was a bangin nu metal band. It's ironic that the best tracks on this so-hated record are the more nu metal-y ones rather than the typical Slayer thrash pieces. Still not a good record, but it's interesting to know Slayer were secretly one of the best nu metal bands.
Sleep Party People Sleep Party People
Weird-gaze. I don't get it, and those Donnie Darko bunny masks creep me the hell out.
Sleeping Peonies s l o w l y d i s a p p e a r i n g
Twinkle twinklecore. Has potential, but doesn't realize it.
Sleepwalkers (JPN) 5772
lofi noisy sort-of black metal with grind or something that has more noise than quality most of the time and isn't that great.
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone
I don't think we'll ever know if the title was supposed to be ironic or not, but it's hilarious regardless.
So Hideous Laurestine
It feels like it's just the same crescendo built to over and over again, to the point where that crescendo doesn't even feel like a "real" crescendo and each peak feels like a tease rather than a proper climax. It's pretty "cinematic" post-rock with growled vocals, but it doesn't really do much outside of be pretty and grandiose.
Solefald World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud
Sonata Arctica Pariah's Child
Power metal is usually cheesy but this album gave me milk farts.
Sorrow Plagues Sorrow Plagues
Stellar Descent Fading
Layered droning 67-minute atmospheric black metal one-track album of atmosphericalness.

It's cool that it slowly evolves over the course of an hour, but it's way too trebly and,
while using the same rhythms repeatedly to create a hypnotic atmosphere is a nice idea, the
patterns the drums seem to use for the majority of the runtime are really annoying, and
actually distract from the atmosphere rather than add to it. I can see why someone
interested in really lengthy atmospheric black metal might like this, but if you're not
totally willing to surrender yourself completely to the music for an hour, this probably
won't sit that well with you. Still, it's atmospheric and hypnotic, and after a while you
might even forget about those obnoxiously repetitive cymbal hits. The disappointing thing
here is knowing that this *could've* probably been pretty effective hypnotic black metal had
the production (ie. the uber-trebly sound) not been so abrasive and the drums been a little
better. The melodic layering really is pretty good and the record evolves rather well, but
it's the production that makes this just not as good as it feels like it should've been.

If Hammock had released this album, it would've been closer to a 4/5.
Suicide Silence The Cleansing
The songwriting's still kinda crap but for deathcore this isn't complete garbage. Drum-and-vocal-
oriented mix, sure, but hey at least it's not *all* breakdowns!

Achievement get: Not Complete Failure!
Sylvaine Wistful
This is leaps and bounds ahead of what Myrkur tried to do, but even then it's kind of... I don't
know, directionless? There are never any "wow" moments, or anything particularly noteworthy in
terms of quality here. This is basically a female-fronted Alcest ripoff that comes not only with
uber clean reverby twinkle guitars, but also a very noticeably Neige-esque approach to singing--
both the clean vocals and harsh vocals reek of Neigism. While that does make Sylvaine's harsh
vocals interesting (she pretty effectively copies Neige's banshy shriek), they're not good
*enough* to really help the music be any more interesting.

I mean this is OK but I'm haven't been too big on Kodama this year either, so maybe this
twinklegaze is just wearing off me idk.
The Black Dahlia Murder Deflorate
The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual
The Black Dahlia Murder Abysmal
I was never a huge fan of the band's At The Gates-y less melodic take on melodeath so I've never loved any of their stuff like I have some of their contemporaries' and Abysmal is definitely no exception to this. It's pretty OK melodeath but it's just not an amazing representation of what I like about the genre. Still, if you liked the band before this album should definitely not be a disappointment.
The Ruins Of Beverast Takitum Tootem!
Dark tribal music with some electronics and...?? Not amazing but I like where they were sort of going with it.
The Wonder Years No Closer to Heaven
Maybe I'm pining for a heavily biased sense of infatuation I have with The Greatest Generation, maybe I'm just too old. Idk, but "No Closer to Heaven" seems like the same band as before, just quite a few steps down. It's the same style, but I just can't be assed to care this time for some reason.
They Might Be Giants The Spine
Timeghoul Panaramic Twilight
Trivium In Waves
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler
Production is ill-fitting and the whole thing is awkward. The black metal guitars sound like crap, too.
Vattnet Viskar Vattnet Viskar
Verwustung I First Saw You On That Snowy Night And
Verwustung Tunnel Ghosts
Vomir and Tanner Garza Give Up The Ghost
There's a layer of droning ambient music under the harsh static fuzz, but the static's too abrasive and the ambient not clear enough to really give you that sense of dreamy hopelessness ambient like this is supposed to give you. That last minute or so when the fuzz cuts out is nice, but that doesn't make up for the ear-stabbing 18 minutes before it, especially the first half where the ambience can barely be perceived at all.
VRTRA My Bones Hold a Stillness
black metal/doom. Compositionally solid, but I don't really like the production. For music as spiky as this is, it needs a bit more actual spikiness in its sound. Crank up the crunchiness of the guitars, make those riffs stab me in the face pls.
Vukari Divination
black metal. For some reason this one just doesn't click with me.
Waldgefluster Meine Fesseln
Does nothing for me.
When Woods Make Graves Whispers From The Black Lake
This one was pretty OK but I wish he would space out his releases a little more in order to make sure that every album is actually unique and to make sure that his songwriting is all there. The sound on this album is pretty good (I like the more "organic" sounding guitars; he should probably stick with that in the future), the vocals are still kinda meh, and the drum machine sound is still iffy. It has a few decent riffs, though, and in general is pretty inoffensive. The mixing does make it kinda hard to differentiate one section or set of riffs from the next, though, which is ultimately the downfall of most of his releases--no sections really stand out. It's just tremolo tremolo tremolo, garbled screams and bad drum mixing.
Whitechapel This Is Exile
William Basinski A Shadow in Time
While the second track is fine for ambient drone and the first track features Basinski's classic (and honestly well-done this time) melancholic tape loop shtick, "For David Robert Jones" suffers because of the inclusion of a repeated saxophone line early into the track. While the inclusion of a sax into Basinski's usually tape-only style is interesting for the artist, it makes the track utterly unlistenable as an ambient/drone piece; the end of the sax loop is marked by one long note/chord (whatever) which sounds very out-of-tune and goes completely against the atmosphere of the rest of the track. There's this melancholic ambient piece wavering in and out, a saxophone playing atmospherically (or trying to) overtop, and then all of a sudden a screechy "merrrrrrrp" comes out of nowhere and ruins the drone. While the rest of the song is actually another great example of Basinski's style working correctly, that saxophone completely ruins it every time it loops back around. This is really a shame, too, not only because it makes the track grating on the ears, but because "A Shadow in Time" is a fairly good song on its own, but is now marred by its partner. If you could get rid of that stupid sax--or at least the ending note--this could've been a great release. :|
Woe Withdrawal
Woman Is The Earth This Place That Contains My Spirit
Atmospheric USBM. Driving guitars, synthesizers, and blast beats drenched in reverb. But it's all kinda clunky in the production department.
Woman Is The Earth Depths
Woman Is The Earth Torch of Our Final Night
This band always sounds wonky.
World Of Pain End Game
OK slam or death metal or hardcore or w/e. Actually not horrible woah.
Yellow Eyes Sick With Bloom
It just doesn't give me that "oomph" like their other releases did. Same winding riffs and chaotic rhythms, but not as much grabs you this time around.

2.0 poor
AC/DC Black Ice
Alkerdeel Lede
Anaal Nathrakh Passion
Andy Black The Shadow Side
This a 2.5 purely due to its aesthetic appeal--which is to say, it gets points for sounding clean
and inoffensive, but it doesn't provide much more on any level. This is a pop rock album
and it does as pop rock does; power choruses, dumb ballad-y junk, dance-able pop tunes, whatever.
I've heard it before and I've heard it done better by the likes of Britney Spears and Bon Jovi.
It should lose [more] points for being so painfully generic, but its aesthetic appeal helps it
keep its head above water, but only barely. And I didn't even mention Andy's awful vocal

edit: "We Don't Have to Dance" keeps getting stuck in my head for no reason after hearing it only
a few times in total. Bumping down the rating appropriately for obnoxious ear-worming.
Arch Enemy The Root of All Evil
Overproduced nonsense. The rerecordings try to sound as heavy and br00tal as possible, falling flat on their faces more times than not because of it. If they'd gone for a simpler "live" sound instead, this would've been a passable release.
Arch Enemy Khaos Legions
There are splatterings of greatness throughout, but the utter inconsistency in delivery makes the record feel like nothing more than a band's half-assed attempt at regaining their former glory.
Arch Enemy War Eternal
Not as bad as their last album, but definitely still not very interesting. Amott still refuses to
change up his songwriting style at all, and Alissa's voice also only keeps the status quo and
doesn't add much to the band that wasn't already there.

Her clean vocals make an appearance on, I believe, one track and are a nice addition to the
background there, but don't make a significant enough impact to really be noteworthy by
themselves. There's also a bit more keyboard work here than before, but even that can't make up
for the lack of original songwriting, interesting riffs, choruses, and vocal melodies.

While not as bad as their last album, at a mere 39 minutes this still feels like an absolute chore
to sit through. This is about as bland-and-cookie-cutter-without-being-outwardly-offensive as you
can get.

Do yourself a favor and just listen to the new Insomnium instead.
Attila Outlawed
There's not a single track here that isn't marred by the band's inability to carry a good idea
longer than fifteen seconds at a time. Most of the band's ideas are stolen either directly from
the Lamb of God playbook or from the Big Book of Generic Metalcore, filling significant portions
of each of their songs' respective runtimes with generic, tempo-killing breakdowns spliced between
bouts of generic melodic metalcore and groove metally riffing. While "Fronzilla's" vocals are
diverse and cover a wide range from fratboy hardcore screams to deathcore lows and seemingly
everything in between.

The band do definitely have the talent to be a competent Lamb of God-esque melodic metalcore band,
but they sabotage themselves at every turn by falling into the same generic metalcore conventions
as almost every other big band on the scene. Get rid of the generic chugging, the wildly immature
lyrics and stick with the riffing. They won't, though, because someone keeps telling them that
breakdowns are fun.
Black Malachite Rage
Good production, decent musicianship, decent ideas, but not at all stylistically developed. Songs are too short and they don't go anywhere--like they're all song sections rather than completed songs in themselves.
Black Veil Brides We Stitch These Wounds
Generic melodic metalcore that likes to also pretend to be melodic death metal on occasion. Not
as breakdown heavy as the rest of the unwashed "modern" melodic metalcore masses, and maybe a
little pop punky, but still about as by-the-book, play-it-safe as you can get for mainstream

Biersack's clean vocals are somehow less aggravating here thanks to the really mediocre mixing
which gives everything a slightly muffled feel, but that same mixing also cuts the power from most
of the instrumentation and makes the melodies much less cutting. Not as bad I guess as everyone
says, but still only noteworthy for not being quite as garbage as the rest of their ilk.

This just reminds me of a crappier Heaven Shall Burn/early In this Moment. I was thinking of
giving it a 2.5 because of its aesthetic appeal and because I'm a sucker for melodic death metal
riffs, but I cannot imagine listening to this entire thing--even though it's only 42 minutes long.
Black Veil Brides Wretched and Divine
Blood on the Dance Floor Anthem of the Outcast
If the lyrics/vocals weren't so cringey cheesy, this would've/could've been a decent listen. And by "decent listen" I mostly mean it's something one could probably sit through without the constant urge to get up and throw a chair at the wall. Kudos on that I guess.
Burial Young Death/Nightmarket
ambient? Sometimes it's good; other times it's just disorganized stuff like what's even going on?
Burzum From the Depths of Darkness
Instead of continuing to destroy his legacy with sub-par releases, Vargy settles by covering his
own classics. This doesn't so much destroy his classics as it does give us a feel for what any
other modern BM band would've sounded like had they chosen to cover the tracks themselves. In
that sense this hardly sounds like Burzum at all; gone are the trademark buzzing guitars and
obnoxiously raw screams, replaced now by perfect production values and middle-aged growls or
whispered "folky" singing. What made this band interesting to most people will probably not be
found here. "From the Depths of Darkness" is not overly raw nor nearly as hypnotizing as some
claimed Burzum's past classics like "Hvis lyset tar oss" to be; the change in production values
takes away most of the awness and personality that garnered this band such acclaim to begin with.
What we're left with are quite simply some modern takes on older materials, neither good nor bad.
Old fans will dismiss this release as quickly as they see it, and new fans will just as quickly
pass on the now uninteresting riffs, tame vocals and perfect production in favor of something more
harsh by comparison.
Caina Christ Clad In White Phosphorus
Very badly organized/recorded/mixed/whatever post-whatever blackened metal.
Chelsea Grin Self Inflicted
Sadly not as offensive as Emmure, but not much more interesting than them, either. At least Emmure have brocore chugs that are kind of interesting, whereas this band kinda just djuns the whole time in a way that's somehow less interesting.
Chimaira The Infection
Code Orange I Am King
Idk what beatdown is but this is just fairly boring hardcore.
Contort An Island of Noise in an Island of Silence
The vocals are whiny in a way I thought only some of the crappier US black metal vocalists could be, and the crunchy instrumentation doesn't really make up for it. For "antitheistic" punk this is definitely underwhelming.
Cradle of Filth Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder
Cryptopsy The Unspoken King
Cultes Des Ghoules Coven
black metal that sounds like it's grumpy from spending hours hunched over chalk-drawn pentagrams unsuccessfully trying to summon Satan.
Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us
Dimmu Borgir Abrahadabra
Less guitars, moar orchestra, tons more lame.
Emmure Look at Yourself
This still isn't good but I gave the new Suicide Silence a 1.5/5 and this is loads better, so I
guess I gotta 2/5 it to be objective. Still awful junky chugga wugga wug rapcore djunt angsty kid
Meshuggah wannabe pound-down pseudo-deathcore, but not *completely* awful. Like, there are some
riffs that are actually cool, the production is pretty good, whatshisname's harsh vocals are
actually pretty good (his lows are obnoxious, but his screams are fairly decent), the intense
breakdown-y moments are uh... intense, the rapping isn't totally horrible. It's not a complete
waste of time, just mostly a waste. Like 6/10 waste, ~4/10 not waste. So it's a 2/5. Good job,
Foxy Shazam Gonzo
Gorgoroth Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Hakaristi Hakaristi
Once the first track really gets started, its simple, slow melody is fairly pleasing, and works well meshed in with the generally raw atmosphere. Second track ruins it by being raw bm punk with no fun melodies tho :-( It's actually giving me Wold flashbacks now oh god make it stop. This kind of sounds like Wold but with instrumentation that actually sounds like instrumentation instead of just angry vacuum noises.
Iced Earth The Crucible of Man
Immortal Damned In Black
All speed, no substance.
Job for a Cowboy Genesis
Korn The Serenity of Suffering
This is average af and it represents everything silly about 90's alt nu metal: silly down-tuned
h34vy guitars, silly lyrics, really awkward vocal rhythms, and really silly, jarring transitions
into both the heavy sections and choruses.

This is another album that could've actually been pretty decent, but was sabotaged with just
enough awkwardness in presentation here and there to ruin the experience entirely. A song will be
going alright until coming across just enough of a bump in the road (generally a bump that gets
repeated every verse or every chorus) to throw off the rest of the track. And it's like that on
every single song :-[
Liturgy The Ark Work
When everything comes together it all crescendos so very well, but outside of those brief and far-between moments, it's mostly just a jumbled mess. There's a track here or there that's interesting in itself, but then a handful of tracks afterward that just seem pointless. If the band would continue this style on the next album and really hammer out the kinks and hone their songwriting skills they could create a really interesting piece of experimental math metal--but I think by now HHH has established that he and his posse simply aren't interested in doing that.
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth Dystopia
It's no secret that I have a love-hate relationship with most of Dave's discog so this rating
shouldn't be much of a surprise. Not thrashy enough, Dave's vocals sound uninspired and often
follow awkward rhythms, lulzy lyrics. The soloing is great, sure, but those brief moments can't
carry entire songs (especially since Dave doesn't write anything like Hanger 18 anymore). If you
like Dave's other junk you might dig this, but at this point Megadave is starting to sound just as
jaded as Slayer.
Metallica Metallica
Metallica decide to play radio rock.
Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus
I think they could've used an extra year or two to work out the kinks on this one.
Mord'A'Stigmata Hope
B o r i n g b l a c k m e t a l
Myrkur Myrkur
4/10 not good black metal, not good folk metal, not good folk. Crappy mixing/production/recording setup, but it still sounds better than her full-length. It lacks the emphasis on her cleans, though, which is why it loses more points despite sounding slightly better.
Myrkur M
While Mykur's definitely a competent frontwoman (her harsh, sharp screams and choral singing rare both notably good), the rest of the music really doesn't hold up at all, and suffers rfrom the same things most bm does. A lot of the guitar riffs have no "power" to them; they rdon't sound heavy, evil, or have any sense of strength to them in the mix. The bass is roften turned up to force a heavier, more "evil" sound and only succeeds in making the music rcheesier. While fusing black-ish metal instrumentals with clean Enya-esque vocals is a rnifty idea, neither aspects of the music are done well or uniquely enough to make the rresultant songs any more than just good-ish. And, while the piano-and-vocal-only tracks are rvery pretty (and the best pieces here), they're too short to function as anything more than rinterludes and they don't end up having as much of a positive impact on the quality of the rrecord as they could've. rIt's a decent starting point for a person who just got into the business of black metal, rthough, so I expect her future outputs to improve, if only a little.
Necros Christos Doom of the Occult
Nickelback All the Right Reasons
Nile Ithyphallic
It's Egyptian penis joke-themed technical death metal. It's about as disjointed and painful as you'd expect from a band not used to attempting humor.
Otep Generation Doom
(not to be confused with Opeth)

This is like if Iggy Azalea tried to make a metal album. While the hip-hop heavy tracks are
incredibly cringey, though, the bands' purely alt metal cuts are surprisingly tolerable ("No
Color," "Lie"). If Otep could evolve past her angry hip hop roots the group could have a future
as a decent alternative metal band. That would most likely require her to forgo her indulgence in
odd theatrics, though, which probably means that it won't happen.
Petrychor Makrokosmos
Rings of Saturn Dingir
lulzy tech death for lulzy people. The drums sound programmed, the guitars sweep and tweedle leedle with little direction, and the whole things sounds like a parody of the technical death metal genre rather than a serious entry into it. In that sense it's difficult to gauge this as either a serious addition to genre or criticism of it. Either way, though, it's not very good.
Sacred Climax Sacred Climax
deep static that sounds almost like a flag blowing in rough winds. On track 4 the treble goes up and crinkly noises are added to the soundscape, like the tiles on your roof are being shaken loose by a hurricane.
Satyricon Volcano
This is like a caricature of black metal.
Satyricon Satyricon
It's funny because they made their self-titled record their worst to date. Ha ha ha.
SikTh Opacities
I don't like this. It hurts my face.
Six Feet Under Torment
The album's a mess, despite being fairly riff-solid. There's a Six Feet Under bury deep in here
somewhere that's worth actually talking about, but this album definitely isn't it. Maybe Barnes
nd co. should go re-listen to "Human Waste" a few dozen more times before recording the next
one, yeah? Yeah.
Slayer World Painted Blood
The production on this album is so bad. It might have that "old school" thrash sound, but the guitars have no heaviness or power. After the moderately decent "modern" sound the band achieved on Christ Illusion the production here is awful by comparison. The guitars just sound kinda wimpy and not aggressive at all, which defeats the whole point of the record.
The Contortionist Shapeshifter
The Devil Wears Prada With Roots Above and Branches Below
production sucks, guitars lack power, general songwriting isn't good, transitions between harsh and clean vocals are often sudden and awkward, and the power choruses feel like they were intended to be the backbone of the record, without actually being the backbone of the songs in which they appear. It's just an uninteresting mess.
The Devil Wears Prada Transit Blues
Album is a complete style shift for this band, and oh boy does it rsound bad. Please go back to being metalcore instead of this boring slow garbage thx. There's nothing here that's interesting.
Tower of Rome All Is Lost...All Is Lost...All Is Yet To Be Found
grindcore? Yappy vox and super clicky bass drums are awful, but the band is listenable when actually chugging and trying to be heavy.
Underling Breathe Deeply
The original, more raw, "demo" they initially put out was much better than the versions of the songs here.
Vattnet Viskar Sky Swallower
There might not be as much "space" here as there was on White Tomb, but even so, there's
still not that much here. Songs awkwardly transition into clean sections, transition
through riffs too quickly, and simply don't run long enough to properly build the type of
"epic" atmosphere the band was clearly going for. Songs act as if attempting to emulate
Wolves in the Throne Room, then completely shift gears without ever attaining what they
seemed to be setting out for in the first place. These songs aren't bad, but the whole
record just leaves you feeling teased by its conclusion.
Velvet Cacoon Genevieve
this is like if someone listened to Hvis lyset tar oss one time and decided to make black metal like it but had no idea how to do it and just ended up recording an hour's worth of fuzzy guitar playing (about seven riffs/chord progressions in total, or one per song) and synced it with a few different drum rhythms then put raspy vocals on top of it for good measure. Bargain bin Burzum.
Volhnn Phallus Dei
ambient drone. First track sounds partly like the sounds of a crackling campfire as some sort of motor rumbles in the distance for thirty minutes. Second track increases the staticy-ness of the crackles, changes the pitch of the motor, and adds an almost-soothing windy wooshing sound underneath it all. It's partly atmospheric, partly soothing, and partly annoying.
When Woods Make Graves Consuming Darkness
Xiu Xiu Kling Klang
The field recording tracks are interesting but I really wish they were all longer than ~a minute
each. It's hard to get lost in any of them when they're so short and there's zero transition
between them. The random 15-second tracks of people grunting definitely were not needed. Given
how many vibes were supposedly used in this project, I expected a whole lot more. Album is

1.5 very poor
Anal Bag Deep
Highly static-filled ultra brutal "grindcore" with random bleep bloop electronics and bubbly
running water noises overtop because why not? While the guitar notes are triple extra crunchy,
the blast beats sound like pots and pans. This wouldn't be a bad thing, had it not been for the
awful noise elements and random gurgling water samples which always end up suffocating the actual
instrumentation to the point where the only discernible instrumentation becomes the relentless
blasting--the guitars often become relegated to a rather benign growling in the background.

All that said, many tracks aren't the worst things ever, like track 14 "From soup Germ" (roughly
translated) with its almost-dancy beat that actually showcases the "grindcore + noise" formula in
a way which almost creates music worth celebrating. Almost, but still.
Attila About That Life
lol so funny! It's like if Deuce wanted to be Limp Bizkit. Wow such amaze many riff verse line wow!
Attila Guilty Pleasure
If the lyrics weren't so dumb this'd be a tolerable--albeit totally generic-- record, but real
talk if I gave Insect Warfare a 2.5/5 I have to give this far less. That's just science.
Avenged Sevenfold Hail to the King
Kill the king / the king is dead / thank god for that
Cradle of Filth Midnight in the Labyrinth
Darkthrone Goatlord
There are some cool grooves here and there but otherwise this barely passes as enjoyable "technical" death metal at any points.
Design the Skyline Nevaeh
Destruccion Humana Destruccion De Los Seres Humanos En Proceso
Emmure Speaker of the Dead
Emmure Slave to the Game
Etienne Sin Sinna: Volume 1
Hello Kitty Suicide Club ^_^
This gets a .5/5 bonus for succeeding at being "laughably bad." The random samples are crude and out-of-place, the keyboards are purposefully cheesy, and the screams are ear-splittingly childish. It's a glorious combination of stupid junk made by people who were obviously just messing around for the sake of messing around. In that sense, this music succeeds. It's definitely music you try to convince your friends you actually enjoy. And with weird juxtapositions like the almost-fun basslines and Anchorman samples on "Tamagotchi Cannibalism," you might just be able to do that. Objectively, this is horrible, awful music. When taken as the parody fustercluck it is, though, there are moments of comedic redemption. Only just, but they're definitely there.
Insane Clown Posse The Mighty Death Pop!
All of my hate. Take it all.
Job for a Cowboy Doom
Jute Gyte Ship of Theseus
A black metal band that uses microtonal playing because more complicated is always more betterer! Wouldn't have been as bad without all that ear-stabbing treble.
Kid Cudi Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven
3/10. "Speedin'" is a very frustrating record. It's much too long, none of the tracks really
feel fully fleshed out, and the Beavis and Butthead "skits" ruin the melancholic "grungy"
atmosphere the rest of the songs try to build.

Through all of that, though, there's occasionally a bright spot in the shape of a surprisingly
good vocal melody or song style that seems particularly interesting--but as quickly as those
bright spots appear they're just as quickly buried under silly cartoon character dialogue or any
number of other stupid quirks that were apparently shoved into the album haphazardly.

It's frustrating because it could've been a successful experiment had it been allowed mature. But
it wasn't, so it isn't. It's a bad record.
La Monte Young Dream House 78' 17"
It's not the worst minimalist music I've ever heard, but boy does that voice grate on the eardrums after a while. Even once you've gotten past the initial sense of annoyance and gotten comfortable with the static-sounding background instrumentation and repetitively droning voice, the voice *still* drags you out of whatever trance into which you were attempting to fall. You start to fall in, lulled by the quiet instrumentation in the background, then become aware of this annoying ringing sound and realize it's the same voice doing the same thing it's been doing for the last twenty minutes already. And then you can't unhear the ringing--like when you realize the bright lights in the ceiling make that subtle buzzing hum--and you become even more painfully aware of it. And then you move to shut it off, because why would you want to subject yourself to more of that? You don't. So you shut it off.
Lou Reed and Metallica Lulu
Mayhem Pure Fucking Armageddon
There are some cool riffs buried in the mix, but the sound quality is so bad (even for black metal) that it's hard to appreciate them much.
Rusty Sleep Karter Lust Ohne Gesichter 2
track 1 is 36 minutes of angry static; track 2 is 35 minutes of slightly less angry static. Track 2 is almost useful as white noise, if the volume is turned down enough. I was expecting there to be some interesting sample usage here, but if there is any I can't hear it at all.
Suicide Silence Suicide Silence
It's weird because the last song actually kind of sounds like Suicide Silence. The idea of
combining deathcore and nu metal sounds interesting in theory; odd grunts and squeals spat in
rhythm to simple down-tuned riffs, add some breakdowns--think Slayer's Diabolus In Musica, but
with gutteral vocals? But Suicide Silence didn't even try do that so w/e. It's like they made a
whole album consisting of the parts of nu metal tracks nobody actually likes, and forgot all the
Thallahu Akbar DJihad EP
Where Spongecore used different samples in each track to make its songs have some semplace of diversity, Thallahu Akbar just sprinkle different "Allahu Akbar" samples over chugging riffs of slightly different varieties for two minutes each. While the guitar tone is pretty good (albeit a typical "djent" sound), everything else about the project could've been done much better. At this point the whole "deathcore is just chugs and breakdowns" joke is fairly stale, making it notably difficult for a parody band's schtick to be presented in a way that might actually be construed as "funny." 'Akbar miss the mark by a bit.
Trivium Vengeance Falls
David Draiman is a bad producer and he should feel bad because of the abysmal job he did on this album. I was never much a fan of Trivium's metalcore/Metallica wannabe style, but they were always a tolerable band until this record. This is sloppy, awkward and barely listenable all thanks to the mixing/production values and not the band themselves.
Waking the Cadaver Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler
Some of the riffs are cool and they're generally OK when just ripping off Suffocation, but those gurgle vocals sound like diarrhea.
Waking the Cadaver Waking the Cadaver
brutal demo squeee reeee poop noise band is tu br00 f0r m333. I'd write more about how cool I'm not but I'm really bummed out from not being able to appreciate the masterful slamz, junz, and squeee-eeeoooreeee-eeeeeeez's as composed by Waking the Cadaver. Instead of expanding my musical horizons I guess I'll just have to go back to jamming Reek of Putrefaction and writing sad love poems about cattle mutilation. ;_;
Willow Smith Ardipithecus
Somehow worse than Kid Cudi's " Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven."

There's an interesting bit here or there ("Natives of the Windy Forest," "Star - Jabs") but the
rest is, unsurprisingly, junk. I'm not going to say that the kid has no talent, but albums like
this are why children should not be recording artists.
Wold Postsocial

1.0 awful
Blood on the Dance Floor OMFG Sneak Peak
Blood on the Dance Floor Evolution
At least The Insane Clown Posse's music has minor comedic value. This has absolutely no redeeming qualities.
Blood on the Dance Floor Bad Blood
God can't save us now. God can't save us now.
Blood on the Dance Floor Bitchcraft
brokeNCYDE BC 13
I was listening to this and then I got a nosebleed. What does that tell you.
brokeNCYDE The Broken
If it ain't broken don't fix it. And apparently if it is Broken these guys still won't fix it. They are the epitome of lazy, I guess.
brokeNCYDE I'm Not a Fan, but the Kids Like It!
The brains of children are not completely mature, and therefore the opinions of children should not be considered wholly valid. What I'm saying is that, even if the kids do "like it," their opinions are probably stupid anyway.
brokeNCYDE Will Never Die
They did it again.
brokeNCYDE Guilty Pleasure
Brokencyde single-handedly disprove the existence of a benevolent god. The existence of Satan is still up for debate.
brokeNCYDE All Grown Up
Wrote a soundoff for this but accidentlyd it all and theres no undo option on mobile so I'll rewrite it later. Long story short this still sucks despite any improvements in songwriting and toning down of the awful screamed vocals.
Deuce Call Me Big Deuce
Deuce Nine Lives
"I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you." Gengis Khan.
Die Antwoord Ten$ion
The vid for Fatty Boom Boom is uh... somethin'. It's somethin'.
Falling in Reverse Fashionably Late
Disjointed, awkward, and painful. Thine ears, they bleed.
Filament Filament 1
Absolute minimalism. Post-post-post modernist art. A million years ahead of its time.
Hatred for Mankind All Shall Burn
Noise-grind that some dude purposefully made sound terrible because of something about Carcass's early stuff also sounding bad. Even though the instrumentation of old grindcore-era Carcass actually sounded like it was meant to go together, but was just kinda dirty and lo-fi. This, however, sounds like the equivalent of taking a bunch of instrument tracks, putting them all into a blender, then stapling pieces together randomly to make them into "songs." Dude should listen to Reek of Putrefaction a few more times because it sounds nothing like this junk.
Iggy Azalea Ignorant Art
The production is horrible; the beats are often so low in the mix that you don't actually get anything out of them and it makes Iggy's rapping seem totally unconnected with it. You simply can't bob your head to beats that are barely there. This is exacerbated by her weird speech style which itself often seems to stray from the correct timing, making the music as a whole seem awkward and crudely organized. In addition to all of that, her voice is, more often than not, excruciatingly annoying to the point of being unbearable. Add in all the pointless crudeness and you've got yourself a certified trainwreck. There's nothing redeemable here, and I actually listened to it.
Insane Clown Posse Bang! Pow! Boom!
They make me sad. Music shouldn't make you sad in this way.
Lil B I'm Gay (I'm Happy)
Lil B God's Father
Lil B Where Did the Sun Go?: Rare Golden Mixtape Pt.3
Lil B 100% Gutta
Lil B 05 Fuck Em
Praise Jehovah, the one true god.
Lil B Basedworld Paradise
Lil Wayne Rebirth
Myrimin Bolota Ohta
This album is like Impaled Northern Moonforest meets Paysage D'Hiver, except even worse. The r"drumming"--if you can even call it that--sounds like someone slapping their hands on their rthighs, while the guitars have about the crudest, sloppiest sound possible. It also sounds as if rthe artist(s) had only a basic understanding of how to play a guitar (which is quite likely) in rgeneral, and only a *slight* understanding of how to play tremolo riffs, or whatever they're even rsupposed to be in the first place. rFor those that care, this is everything that's wrong with black metal--what happens when the whole r"uber raw kvlt!" idea is taken too far by people with too little musical ability. I suppose the rartist(s) could improve in time as their musical ability and recording knowledge improve, but as rof this album's creation all parties involved have a lot of work to do before acquiring the rability to put out anything remotely enjoyable.
Myrimin Luk, Usiezorki, & Izaliacyja
Myrimin Zvier Viartajecca
Myrimin Den Store Risinning
Omphalectoicxanthopsia Eating What You're Fed
it's actually just three tracks of static. Actual static. Better than Bar Sachiko at least lolol.
Ov HELL The Underworld Regime
Further proof that 'Shag has lost his touch since the days of Enthrone Darkness Triumph when he actually put emotion into his work.
Pagoda Mast Nachi
Harsh noise/some sort of metal. Nope.avi
There's a place and a time for [redacted] and this is not that [redacted].
Sachiko M Bar Sachiko
If you've ever wondered what it's like to have tinnitus, then boy do I have a record for you!
Six Feet Under Graveyard Classics IV: The Number Of The Priest
The Black Eyed Peas Monkey Business
One of my friends reminded me today that this group is real, and not simply a figment of my own tormented mind. And I was having such a nice day, too.
The Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)
What was the point of using an acronym in the first place if they were just going to put the full title in parentheses anyway?
Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend Deathwish EP
When Bitter Spring Sleeps When Bitter Spring Sleeps
Cool concept! Awful presentation! Recording hippy black metal out in the woods next to a creek sounds like an obviously trve idea (as far as hippy bm goes), but what When Bitter Spring Sleeps ended up creating seems noticeably untrve; instead of having a legit jam session out in the woods and recording it, their s/t sounds more like laptop-recorded guitar lines with pre-programmed drum machine tracks placed underneath. It sounds like some guy sat his laptop on a rock next to a creek, plugged his guitar in (however that worked), and then recorded everything in one take (because nature!). And that's not even mentioning the quality of the music itself, which is not very good at all. 2/10 because na7ur3 L00000L
Wold Freermasonry
Vocalist sounds like an angry toddler having a tantrum as heard through a static-filled recording
from a baby monitor. So. That's a thing some people enjoy listening to, apparently.

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