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5.0 classic
Anberlin Cities
This is the best Anberlin there is. What else is there to say?
Armistice Armistice
I had to go back and listen to this again before I wrote this soundoff. Almost like doing a double-take, because before this I really didn't believe in love at first listen. But here I am, just 2 listens in and I can say with complete confidence that this is one of the best EPs I have ever heard. Lush and confident, Armistice will sweep over you like a salty beach breeze on a humid evening, watching the sunset with a beautiful woman next to you and a fruity cocktail in the sand, ice slowly trickling from the lime wedge down the side of the glass. It basically sounds like what I'd imagine love would sound like. In the summer. On an exotic beach. Listen to Armistice and believe.
Brand New Deja Entendu
As a whole, I think we are all aware that Deja Entendu isn?t the most musically profound record of our generation. Hell, it isn?t even the best thing Brand New has done in that regard. But very few other albums have identified with us as well as this one. This album is equal parts music and companionship, and it refuses to leave you behind as you go from high school to college to your first job. At this point in my life, it is difficult to say if Deja Entendu will always mean this much to me. As life presents me with new obstacles and different challenges befall me, I may find that I have outgrown it. But even if that is true, it helped me get to where I am now?and ultimately, where I will be if and when I get over Deja Entendu.
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
The more I listen to this album, the more I am blown away by its sheer magnitude - from the thought provoking lyrics to Jesse Lacey's chilling screams, The Devil and God are Raging inside me is both the magnum opus of Brand New's career as well as a milestone for what modern day rock bands are capable of. It is clear that the band poured their heart and souls into this work of art.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F#A# (Infinity)
This is one of the most unique things I have ever heard. From the eerily spoken vocals to the cohesiveness of the entire album, F# A# really differentiates itself from all other music. The music itself is captivating, but the apocalyptic concept is equally as amazing. It is a surprisingly easy listen despite its length, and a must-hear for all fans of post-rock.
Great Northern Trading Twilight for Daylight
Sweeping, beautiful, atmospheric, vocal and instrumental bliss...Great Northern outdid themselves and just about everyone else with Trading Twilight for Daylight.
Jack's Mannequin Everything in Transit
This is as good as pop music gets. From start to finish, this album embodies everything that a good pop/pop-rock album should. Incredibly meaningful lyrics, soaring hooks, catchy choruses...the whole thing is very listenable in the best kind of way. It is rare to see a pop album truly deserving of a classic rating, but if there is one that exists, look no further than Everything In Transit.
Jewel Pieces of You
If you don't enjoy this, chances are you don't have a soul
Jimmy Eat World Futures
This is one of those alternative records I just fell in love with. I connected with it after a bad breakup, and since then it has held a special place in my heart.
Manchester Orchestra Simple Math
Simple Math is colossal is every way imaginable. It takes every hint of brilliance that Manchester Orchestra has subtly displayed in "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child" and "Mean Everything to Nothing", and nurtures and cultivates it into the single greatest sounding thing that the band has ever and likely ever will create. At times glossed over with heart-swelling strings and at other times perfecting the band's nitty gritty sound from songs like "Shake It Out", Simple Math is the perfect balance of Manchester Orchestra's best traits. It is utterly breathtaking upon first listen, and every subsequent listen will only cause your jaw to drop an additional inch or two. This is simply the greatest album to be released in the past 5 years, and it will be worth every drop of hyperbolic acclaim that it receives.
Muse Absolution
Muse's magnum opus. Filled with everything from complicated riffs to classical influences, Absolution covers a wide sonic range. The apocalyptic theme and the urgent sound of each track only adds to the album's intrigue.
Obadiah Parker Obadiah Parker Live
One of the most refreshing albums of the decade. The entire record is live acoustic work - and Obadiah Parker's sound is breathtaking. This is the kind of music that you could hear playing in the background of life's most beautiful moments. It is simple yet powerful, and it is sure to affect the emotional core of anyone who takes the time to listen.
Opeth Damnation
Opeth's Damnation is every bit as masterfully executed as it is somber. Here they take it much slower than they do on any other album, but the results are just as (if not more) moving. Each song contributes something alluring that adds to the album's mystique; a more perfect atmosphere could not have been created. It is certainly a depressing album at times, but it still seems to be as uplifting as it is sad...a masterpiece Damnation is.
Radiohead Kid A
I used to always think OK Computer was the best representation of Radiohead's talent. However, over time, something strange happened. Kid A, while a great record from the first listen, grew and grew on me. Eventually, the phrase "it grew on me" didn't seem fitting anymore...what happened was more of a complete evolution. Kid A became more than a record to me, it was an experience, a component of my everyday life. It is a sign of the the times - influenced both musically and thematically by technology - Kid A is not only a record with extreme personal significance to me - but also of monumental importance to our generation. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important records of the 2000's, and a bold artistic statement that is sure to stand as one of the greatest albums of all time.
Regina Spektor What We Saw from the Cheap Seats
Regina chirps, buzzes, oohs, and ahhs her way to another splendidly odd but amazing album
Swans The Seer
The Moody Blues Days of Future Passed
The positive attributes that could be assigned to this album are nearly limitless. Days of Future Passed is like awaking from a black and white dream to find yourself in a gorgeous, sprawling world of color. If you don?t want to be a part of that world, you are simply denying yourself one of the greatest feelings that can be evoked from a musical experience.
Tigers on Trains Grandfather
Maggio and Van Deurs let the music sweep over the listener, with layers of vocal harmonies that ascend and descend in tone and in mood, leaving behind a dark but completely relaxing aura. The song structures never repeat or mimick each other, allowing each of the ten songs on the album to feel fresh and totally unique from one another. It is a rarity for any band in any genre to display such advanced songwriting ability, but Tigers on Trains show it gracefully and effortlessly on their debut. The result is an album that is truly an experience, one that you can really sink your teeth into from both a musical and lyrical perspective.
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue
The album is a heartbreaking tale, told by average people for average people. Straight from the honest and wavering vocals of Ryan Key, it is full of beautiful lyrics and a heart-wrenching desire to get her back.

4.5 superb
Agalloch The Mantle
Alice In Chains Jar of Flies
Anberlin Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place
Dark is the Way, Light is a Place is the sound of Anberlin gaining momentum, with no intentions of slowing down. It may not obliterate memories of Cities, but it is just what Anberlin needed to show fans that they can mature gracefully while simultaneously bringing new ideas to the table. Best of all, the new ideas they concocted have clearly elevated them to a whole new level of success – one that will pack arenas while also staying true to the most loyal of fans.
Anberlin Vital
Arcade Fire Funeral
Funeral overflows with all the things an album needs to be a phenomenal listen. It is brimming with grandeur. It radiates a sense of triumph while harboring tragic undertones by way of the lyrics, thus working on two emotional levels. It confidently brings several new concepts to the table, while molding and reconstructing any rehashed ideas until they sound fresh and personalized. All these things it does in one tidy, ten song album that could easily be considered among the greatest debuts of any musical act in history. Funeral provided the foundation for one of the best bands of our generation, and one would be foolish not to give this the time and attention that it so richly deserves.
Arcade Fire Reflektor
Astra The Black Chord
Bon Iver Bon Iver, Bon Iver
Clint Mansell Black Swan
Coldplay Viva la Vida
Coldplay Mylo Xyloto
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind
Farewell Republic Burn the Boats
It isn't always pretty, and sometimes the arrangements will leave you wondering, but that's what makes this such a haunting and daringly original masterpiece.
Florence and the Machine Ceremonials
Wow. I never thought Florence and the Machine would top Lungs but this has the potential to grow into a near-classic
Foo Fighters In Your Honor
Frightened Rabbit The Midnight Organ Fight
Desperate, shattered, and needy. Oh, and one of the most beautiful things you will likely hear in your entire life.
fun. Aim and Ignite
Killing Joke MMXII
Lanu Her 12 Faces
Lydia Illuminate
Mae (e)vening
This is a stunning half hour of music. With 5 instrumental tracks and a trio of piano ballads that form Seasons i, ii, and iii, (e)vening is an ambitious EP that shows what Mae is truly capable of. Anyone with a passing interest in alt rock or soft, atmospheric pop needs to check this out right away.
Manchester Orchestra I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child
Someone's got the answers but I'd rather think there's nothing to be found, cause if seeing is believing then believe that we have lost our eyes
Noah Gundersen Family
Noah Gundersen Saints & Liars
Rachel Grimes Book Of Leaves
Radiohead OK Computer
Can we all just agree that Radiohead is the definitive band of our generation? They are the most creative, the most intelligent, and among the most talented group of musicians to come out of the post-classic rock era. And this is (perhaps) their best album. Need I say more?
Snowmine Laminate Pet Animal
I wish I didn't let this slip through the cracks in 2011, because if it came out in 2012 it would be my AOTY. Excellent atmospheres, James Mercer-like vocals, and a psychedelic quality that gives it depth well beyond its indie framework.
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing
Swans My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
Let's all take this moment to realize just how awesome "No Worlds/No Thoughts" really is. Oh, and the rest of the album isn't half bad there anything Swans can't do?
Taylor Swift Speak Now
Taylor is still on top of her game with Speak Now. It is a combination of everything that made Fearless a standout country album and a few calculated risks/experiments that bolster her sound. The lyrics are fairly pedestrian, but they are extremely sincere and Swift's voice is absolutely angelic. Just do yourself a favor and listen to it.
The Antlers Undersea
The Avett Brothers I and Love and You
The Dear Hunter The Color Spectrum (Complete Collection)
The Color Spectrum may not be perfectly executed from a conceptual perspective, but you have to hand it to The Dear Hunter for trying because they end up making one hell of a rock album in the process. In fact, The Color Spectrum may be most appreciated when listened to as nothing more than that; or perhaps when observed as nine individual EPs instead of one cohesive work. Either way, it is difficult to find flaws damning enough to consider this anything other than one of 2011?s premier releases in alternative rock. It is simply too grand - too overwhelmingly impressive in its scope ? not to be enjoyed by fans of all genres. The Dear Hunter present to us their crowning achievement to date; enjoy it.
The Decemberists The King Is Dead
The King is Dead is a beautiful album. The scenic ooh-oohing of Calamity Song is the first moment that really brings the album's picturesque qualities into plain view, but from there they never let up. January Hymn just might be one of the best songs of 2011, with its masterfully executed acoustic atmosphere and sensitive winter-themed lyrics. The album also ends on a strong note, with the uplifting "when we die, we will die, with our arms unbound" during This Is Why We Fight, and the warming Dear Avery. It is easy to underestimate this album initially (just as I did), but give it time and it will find a permanent place in your heart.
The Milk Carton Kids Prologue
The National High Violet
The Republic of Wolves His Old Branches
The Republic of Wolves Varuna
Varuna is like a folk version of a Brand New album. The music itself isn't heavily folk, per se, but the similarities can be found in the vocalists and some of the slower acoustic material. The screams are probably the weakest point on the album, but they are still quite good. The album is very dark and it has a thick, dreamlike atmosphere that never relents. The technical aspects of the record are raw but very skilled, and Varuna has provided The Republic of Wolves with a debut that proves their artistic ambition and ability to carry it out.
The Republic of Wolves The Cartographer
Regardless of whether the Republic of Wolves amp it up or take a more mild approach, the one consistent theme throughout The Cartographer is growth. The music is more melodic and accessible, and as a result, it flows better. It may not be as overtly dark and depressing as the band's preceding works, but it still maintains a level of mystique and a shadowy element that appears to be a permanent aspect of their personality. In the meanwhile, other areas of their music have become an open window, with endless possibilities for experimentation.
The Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt
The Tallest Man on Earth There's No Leaving Now
Thrice Major/Minor
Thursday No Devolucion
Yellowcard Southern Air
Every time YC releases an album, it always seems to be at a critical juncture in my life. This album is no different. Only time will tell how these songs will tie in with my memories of 2012.

4.1 excellent
OneRepublic Native
OneRepublic releases their very own Mylo Xyloto - it isn't quite as slick as the Coldplay album, but it shows a band that is both willing and able to evolve with the times.

4.0 excellent
1,2,3 New Heaven
Alice In Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Alter Bridge Blackbird
Brilliant in its own right, Blackbird shows Alter Bridge severing the ties that bind them to Creed. A completely unique record from a band that got a second wind after the more conservative, complacent "One Day Remains."
Annuals Be He Me
Brand New Your Favorite Weapon
Brand New Daisy
Brand New's 4th LP is a grower for sure. Instead of expanding upon the sound they mastered in The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, the band once again (and wisely) chose to persue another path. Daisy is chaotic, loud, disjointed, and abrasive. But it does these things in the best possible way, creating an album that embodies all of Lacey's hopelessness while branching out into a distorted grunge-like sound that suits them quite nicely.
Cheyenne Marie Mize Among the Grey
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head
Coldplay Parachutes
Coldplay X & Y
Crosses Crosses
DeVotchKa 100 Lovers
100 Lovers is another solid entry into DeVotchKa?s catalogue. The international approach that they take on this album succeeds in just about every way, and there are countless genre samplings from across the globe to make this an engaging listen from start to finish. It may not flow the best, but the material present is of the utmost quality ? and that is something we have all come to expect from this talented indie quartet.
Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan
Disney Soundtracks The Little Mermaid
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Field Music Plumb
fun. Some Nights
Gabrielle Aplin Never Fade
Hey Marseilles To Travels and Trunks
Horse Feathers House With No Home
Iron & Wine Kiss Each Other Clean
Iron & Wine's latest effort shows that Sam Beam is capable of expanding and updating his sound into poppier territory without suffering many ill effects - Kiss Each Other Clean is optimistic, laid back, and every bit as personal as his past endeavors. The change in his music is more apparent than ever, and while he may not be as much of an acoustic folk master as what was put on display in his earliest works, Beam proves that his feet fit these larger shoes quite well.
Jack's Mannequin People and Things
Jake Shimabukuro Peace Love Ukulele
Jeremy Fisher Flood
It may be the poppiest folk album you will ever hear, but it is so catchy and enjoyable that you probably won't care.
Jimmy Eat World Bleed American
Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience
Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2
Keane Under The Iron Sea
Keane's atmospheric sophomore album is the product of excellent musicianship combined with outstanding production. There is not a dull moment, and the album's best moments are breathtaking. Coldplay should be warily looking over their shoulders.
Killing Joke Absolute Dissent
Lamb of God Resolution
Lanterns on the Lake Until The Colours Run
Lorde Pure Heroine
Lost In The Trees Past Life
Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything to Nothing
Slightly overrated as a whole, although it does have some of the band's best songs (I Can Feel A Hot One, The River)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Rot Gut, Domestic
The perfect blend of messy, loud rock and quiet, contemplative indie. Worth a listen from a fan of either genre.
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell
It was inevitable. For as much as I wanted to fight giving this a classic rating, it is just too good in all aspects. It is technically sound. It is extremely fun. It really doesn't get old even upon countless listens. This is simply classic rock at its finest.
Muse Origin of Symmetry
My Epic Behold
Of Monsters and Men My Head is an Animal
a strong-willed, beautifully composed piece of modern day indie-folk.
Panic! At the Disco Vices & Virtues
Papercranes Let's Make Babies in the Woods
The music may not be directly engaging, but what it lacks in immediacy it makes up for in depth and an emotionally profound atmosphere. One could easily cite the glass-tinged piano echoes and New Orleans-style horn section present throughout ?Dust Season? as a crystallizing moment for the listener. However, the truth is the album is constantly evolving within itself, even from the opening seconds.
Papercranes Three
PJ Harvey Let England Shake
Puressence Don't Forget to Remember
Puscifer C is for...
This EP expands upon the musical capabilities of Maynard James Keenan. That alone should get your attention, considering that he has already launched into success Tool and A Perfect Circle. Puscifer's second official release not only brings them into the same category as the aforementioned, but it is also creative enough to make one think that maybe Maynard's best work is still yet to come.
Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork
Racing Heart To Walk Beside That Ghost
Radiohead The Bends
S. Carey Range Of Light
Absolutely phenomenal. The perfect blend of down to earth acoustic guitar play and out of this world atmospheric effects. Listening to this feels like walking through the woods, climbing to the top of a mountain, and loking down on the clouds.
Sarabeth Tucek Get Well Soon
Serj Tankian Imperfect Harmonies
As a whole, Imperfect Harmonies may very well be Serj Tankian’s best achievement outside of System of a Down. He takes many of the ideas present on Elect the Dead and perfects them, along with an infusion of new musical influences that place the album a step above its predecessor. The album is somewhat genre-defying, as it seems to cross paths with everything from electronic music and jazz to traditional Armenian ballads. It is also much less rooted in rock, which simultaneously increases its experimental nature and decreases its overall intensity. Despite the chaotic and mad sound created by such a whirlwind of ideas, one thing is clear: Imperfect Harmonies will intrigue listeners until the very last second.
Sharon Van Etten Tramp
Accented by moments of utterly breathtaking musical inspiration, Tramp captures an artist at her most vulnerable - drenched in melancholy, yet never begging for compassion.
Sleepingdog With Our Heads in the Clouds...
Snow Patrol A Hundred Million Suns
The music is atmospheric and at times even transcendental, but if you don’t pay much attention to the words being sung, you are missing out on a large portion of the experience. Best Snow Patrol album, listen to it now if you like Coldplay-esque soft alt-rock.
Snowmine Dialects
Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
To put it simply, Bad Moon Rising is no sing-along. It is ugly and abrasive; and even its emotions are expressed with the utmost absence of concern. This is anything but a typical Sonic Youth album, but it is also one of the most intriguing and rewarding listens they have to offer. If you have even a passing interest in dark alternative rock, Bad Moon Rising is an essential addition to your collection.
Soundtrack Garden State
Soundtrack (500) Days of Summer
Steve Mason Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time
Street Chant Means
Taking Back Sunday Taking Back Sunday
Taylor Swift Fearless
Swift’s style lends itself to pop more so than country, although a balance between the two always seem to showcase her at her best. On Fearless, Taylor Swift has found the formula to make her music accessible for fans of either genre, all the while maintaining a certain magical element that has made her into a cultural icon.
Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour
The Antlers Burst Apart
I don't care what anyone says this is better than Hospice. Just listen to it for God's sake
The Boxer Rebellion The Cold Still
The Cold Still is extremely consistent, as every song carries its weight in terms of the album?s overarching atmosphere while also contributing something entirely unique from the other nine tracks. Nails that ambiant alt-rock feel without ever becoming boring; a thoroughly rewarding listen.
The Colorful Quiet The Sun Is Melting
The Dodos Carrier
The Gathering Disclosure
Absolutely gorgeous. This impresses upon first listen, and it's almost certain to grow on you. A haven for fans of alternative, experimental, ambient, and progressive music.
The National Trouble Will Find Me
The Republic Tigers Keep Color
The Roots How I Got Over
Tigers on Trains Foundry
Transatlantic Bridge Across Forever
Yellowcard When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes
I've never been more ready to move on
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue Acoustic

3.8 excellent
Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City

3.5 great
The Other Side Of You
About Group Start and Complete
This is one of those albums that will be sure to captivate portions of the indie scene, if for no other reason because it is so unique. Beyond that, we are simply rewarded with a slew of solid to above average tracks, occasionally venturing into brilliant territory, that are exceptionally easy to listen to.
Air Review Low Wishes
Alter Bridge Fortress
Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne
Barnaby Bright Wake the Hero
Black Stone Cherry Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Blue October Any Man in America
You act like you believe it that you're in control, it's just your legal system...I had to be the sole provider, but I'm not allowed to be the dad...fuck the judge, fuck the county, fuck your family too...fuck everyone that took my baby girl
Chronic Future Lines in My Face
Coheed and Cambria The Afterman: Ascension
The voice in that opening track reminds me of the fucked up bunny from donnie darko
Crossfade We All Bleed
Diego Garcia Laura
Eve 6 Speak in Code
Now, now, I know what you're thinking. This is 2012, right? So what is a band like Eve 6 doing around? Their sudden reappearance is kind of like running into an ex-girlfriend that you used to have crazy monkey sex with, only now it's been a long time and you have matured. You have a college degree, a job, and a distinguished personality. Sure, you'd like to go for a romp in the hay for old time's sake, but there's a reason you left her in your past. So why is she here, unbuttoning her blouse and giving you the sex eyes? BECAUSE SHE TOTALLY FUCKING ROCKS!! Take her back, and blast the Eve 6 you won't regret it.
Gabrielle Aplin Home
Goo Goo Dolls Something for the Rest of Us
Something for the Rest of Us is a very solid outing for the Goo Goo Dolls. It doesn't have the immediate appeal of Dizzy Up The Girl or Gutterflower, but it is at least on par with Let Love In and above their other works. The album doesn't really branch out, but it continues to give us the Goo Goo Dolls at their best - catchy upbeat tunes and thoughtfully crafted ballads.
Gorillaz The Fall
Horse Feathers Cynic's New Year
Jeff Loomis Plains of Oblivion
Jenny O. Home
Jimmy Eat World Chase This Light
Jimmy Eat World Invented
On Invented, Jimmy Eat World is playing their own version of “hard to get.” They know as well as anyone that they could have hauled their asses into the studio, recorded ten catchy numbers, and called it an album. Instead, they have crafted something that is not immediate, but rather intriguing beyond the music’s polished surface. It won’t hit home as hard as Futures, and it doesn’t have the infectiousness of Bleed American or even Chase this Light, for that matter. Almost nothing about Invented is immediately rewarding, but with patience you will find that the album is sincere, reflective, and every bit as emotionally expressive as the band’s past endeavors. Invented is, for all intents and purposes, the true definition of a grower.
Jimmy Eat World Damage
Joshua Radin Wax Wings
Kasey Anderson and The Honkies Heart of a Dog
Country influence can be felt in every pulsating stomp and with each twangy riff, but this album also carries the heaviness and swagger of any of your favorite classic rock tunes. It's all very bad-to-the-bone, just modernized. Very accessible yet in no way soft, Heart of a Dog is a worthwhile listen for somebody looking for no frills, straight up rock n' roll with a slight country flavor.
Landing on the Moon We Make History Now
As a whole, Landing on the Moon presents us an unprecedented tight sound. This may seem logical, considering that that band is made up of, as they describe it, “a set of siblings, a pair of spouses, and two friends that are like brothers to the rest.” Considering that We Make History Now is the band’s first official album released, they come across as seasoned veterans of the music scene with outstanding chemistry.
Laura Stevenson Wheel
Mae (m)orning
Magic Wands Aloha Moon
Manchester Orchestra Cope
There's nothing wrong with this album. It will raise your adrenaline more than most indie rock albums out there, and the lyrics (as always) go a step above and beyond. But where is the jaw-dropping moment? That instance where you just know the album is going to be epic? Where is the artistic endeavoring of "Simple Math" or the thoughtful introspection of "I Can Feel a Hot One" or "Colly Strings?" It's just balls-out rock for the sake of making balls-out rock. And that's cool. But Manchester Orchestra just has too many f***ing masterpieces for their own good and nothing here really stacks up.
MGMT Congratulations
Mike Bloom King of Circles
Mini Mansions Mini Mansions
Moonlight Bride Twin Lakes
Muse Showbiz
Muse Black Holes and Revelations
Each drum beat seems to echo as if it is traveling through space and time, and each guitar riff is the sonic equivalent of flames demolishing a city. Everything about Black Holes is glorious, epic, and fantastically overdone. It marks a controversial but successful evolution in Muse’s sound that, love it or hate it, offers quite the enjoyable listening experience.
Needtobreathe The Reckoning
New Found Glory Radiosurgery
Noah Gundersen Ledges
Now, Now Neighbors
OK Go Ok Go
Every song they present here is upbeat (even the ones with more depressing meanings) and there are plenty of big hits to anchor the album in your library. It may not be highly technical and it certainly isn’t an instrumental wonder, but OK Go has just the right blend of accessibility, catchiness, and underlying meaning to make you want to come back for more.
OneRepublic Dreaming Out Loud
Penpal Penpal
Portugal. The Man Evil Friends
Radiohead Amnesiac
Radiohead Hail to the Thief
Relient K Let It Snow, Baby... Let It Reindeer
Rihanna Loud
Rihanna Talk That Talk
Shinedown The Sound Of Madness
Soundtrack Nightmare Revisited
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
The Colorful Quiet Numb Feeling
The Decemberists Long Live the King
The Fray Scars and Stories
Trent Hancock Ghostbird
We The Kings Smile Kid
Yellowcard When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes Acoustic
You, Me, And Everyone We Know Some Things Don't Wash Out
Imagine a scenario in which Max Bemis and Brendan Urie have a child together. They nurture and support him, until one day he approaches his fathers and asks, ?Daddies, how do I make good music?? Now this child (whose name is Ben Liebsch) gets the answer you would expect from the frontman of Panic! At the Disco. ?Son, you need to make your music sound as catchy and confident as possible.? Then, Max chimes in, ?And it doesn?t hurt to sound like a conceited douche; self awareness and sex jokes will be what separates you from ***ty bands like?(awkward pause, shoots a tender look over at Brendan)?well, you know?? Little Ben takes this advice to heart, and as he grows up and surrounds himself with bandmates, you can see all of these characteristics coming into fruition. That is what You, Me, and Everyone We Know?s Some Things Don?t Wash Out sounds like.

3.4 great
Woodkid The Golden Age

3.3 great
Frank Turner Tape Deck Heart
Phoenix Bankrupt!

3.1 good
Youngblood Hawke Wake Up

3.0 good
Alter Bridge AB III
There is also no doubt this is the band’s heaviest album to date – it creates a dark, brooding atmosphere. However, as many critics have pointed out, Alter Bridge does have a tendency to get repetitive with their chord progressions and overall song structures. Just like with the band’s returning strengths, it also appears that their weaknesses have returned, except in even greater numbers. Alter Bridge has no doubt created a solid, if not exceptional album technically and vocally. But its lack of memorable moments, combined with excessive length and filler, make AB III boil down to an instrumentally impressive album that does not live up to its potential.
Angels and Airwaves Love
Angels and Airwaves Love Pt 2
Black Lips Arabia Mountain
Black Lips deliver a reasonably good, certainly fun album. But they need to take a risk eventually if they ever want to reach their full potential.
Blink-182 Neighborhoods
Dr. Dog Be The Void
Foster The People Supermodel
Gin Blossoms No Chocolate Cake
Husky Forever So
Iron & Wine Ghost on Ghost
How has this not been reviewed yet??? Irving get your slacking ass in front of a keyboard and write the reviews I don't have time to.
Keane Strangeland
Mumford and Sons Babel
Now, Now Threads
OneRepublic Waking Up
Radiohead In Rainbows
Radiohead The King of Limbs
At this point, they can't possibly reach the expectations that everyone has set for them.
Rose Elinor Dougall The Distractions EP
Soundtrack The Hunger Games
Taylor Swift Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Col
The Flaming Lips The Terror
The Glass At Birds Two Swim
The Last Royals Twistification
Thievery Corporation Culture of Fear
Thrice Beggars
Yellowcard One for the Kids

2.5 average
311 Universal Pulse
Anti-Flag The People Or The Gun
Broken Bells After The Disco
Colbie Caillat All of You
Brighter Than The Sun, What If, and Before I Let You Go are all good songs, the rest of this is really forgettable
Empress Hotel Empress Hotel
Goldenboy Sleepwalker
Imagine Dragons Night Visions
It's the equivalent of having a marching band parade through the streets of your town every time you take a
Joshua Radin The Rock and the Tide
Linkin Park Living Things
Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Moving Mountains Waves
O.A.R. King
Plain White T's Wonders of the Younger
Poor Moon Illusion
Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down
I found this to be a little disappointing...musically, it is better than most of their prior work, but it lacks any replay value and there are only a few memorable moments to be found...also the intro's and outro's don't really serve to the album's benefit. It almost seems like they are there just to make it look like the band knows what they are doing.
Shinedown Somewhere In The Stratosphere
Shinedown Amaryllis
Sigur Ros ( )
( ) is a record with its share of amazing moments. While it contains several of the ultimate goals of post-rock – such as hair-raising climaxes and tangible atmospheres, it is also riddled with damning weaknesses like its gradual but boring song development and discord between the climaxes and their prior moments of progression. ( ) may make us feel a wide spectrum of emotions due to its quiet, contemplative nature. However from an instrumental, technical, and songwriting standpoint, the record fails to deliver a consistently good and flowing collection of songs – instead presenting us with shining moments united by nothing but dull, empty space. Thus, ( ) is an album whose title is quite fitting.
The Big Pink Future This
The Capsules Northern Lights and Southern Skies
The Fray Helios
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Am I the Enemy
Train Save Me San Francisco

2.0 poor
Bright Archer Hidden Systems
EkoTren The Dead of Night
Lively, generic metalcore that will satisfy the casual fan but fail to impress beyond that.
Goo Goo Dolls Magnetic
Good Charlotte Cardiology
This is just another bland album from a talentless band...nothing to see here, folks.
Ingrid Michaelson Human Again
Keane Night Train
Kelly Clarkson Stronger
Mae (a)fternoon
Muse The Resistance
All in all, The Resistance presents us with crystal clear production and superbly polished songs, but very little substance. There are a few moments that save it from complete futility, but it is still a colossal disappointment for the older breed of fans who enjoyed the likes of Absolution and Origin of Symmetry. To be fair, even the greatest artists of all time have had a regrettable moment. Only time will tell if this is Muse’s one regret, or the start of an overall decline. But for now, The Resistance stands as an unsightly scar on Muse’s otherwise superb discography.
Obadiah Parker The Siren and the Saint
Opeth Heritage
Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm with You
Secondhand Serenade Hear Me Now
Almost as if the album ran over from A Twist In My Story, each track is a desperate attempt to get the listener to connect with Vesely’s emotional state. Had he used more restraint in his songwriting and chosen his climaxes more carefully, the listener would have a much better chance at feeling some kind of empathy or appreciation for what he is going through. Instead, it ends up becoming a chore, like listening to a friend complain constantly about a relationship that he/she should have moved on from two or three albums – I mean weeks – ago. Nobody likes spending their time that way, so why would they do it on this album? Sometimes in music, no change begets negative change, and Hear Me Now is a prime example.
Taylor Swift Red
Dearest Taylor,

The past six years have been some of the best of my life. I remember the first time we met, when your unbridled optimism and fairytale-studded themes of love serenaded my ears. I never liked country artists before, but for some reason you were different. Sure, it took me some time to warm up to the idea, but unlike the other farmer's daughter types out there, I could relate to what you were saying. Heartbreak, relationship drama, and hopeless romanticism all appealed to me more than John Deer tractors and chicken coops. Your voice was a symbol of all that is naive and innocent, something that meant a lot to a guy who could never seem to get the timing right in his own love life. One simple, genuine song after another, you eventually won me over.


Oh God I'm sorry please don't write a song about me

/ we're over
The Airborne Toxic Event All At Once
The Script The Script
Thirty Seconds to Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams

1.5 very poor
Blackmore's Night Autumn Sky
Good Lord. If I wanted to hear a subpar female vocalist and a bunch of random horns supposedly depicting the Renaissance I would watch Robin Hood on mute and play a Disney soundtrack. I suppose this might be appealing to some but I literally started to feel sick by the time this was over.
Finger Eleven Life Turns Electric
Life Turns Electric suffers from a lack of originality and a lack of catchiness, two flaws that no mainstream rock album can survive when mixed together.
Lady Antebellum Own the Night
Plain White T's Big Bad World
Seether Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray
Simple Plan Still Not Getting Any...
Smoke Or Fire The Speakeasy
Sum 41 Underclass Hero
The entire album is riddled with songs that sound like second rate Green Day and Blink-182 b-sides.
The Wooden Birds Two Matchsticks

1.0 awful
3 Doors Down Time of My Life
Take your right hand, lift it up to eye level, and repeatedly flick yourself in the forehead. Don’t stop…don’t fucking stop for forty minutes. That’s what listening to this album is like.
Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed
Miley is her own woman now, and for better or worse, she is no longer a puppet of the Walt Disney corporation. This is not the breakout album of Miley Cyrus? career. But between the catchy beats of her singles, the chilled-out vibes of her ballads, and her new independent image, Can?t Be Tamed manages to hold its own and send Miley one step closer to creating her own unique musical identity.r
Sum 41 Screaming Bloody Murder
This is the worst album I have heard in my entire life.
The Crash Motive Consequence
The Explorers Club Grand Hotel
The Script #3
#3 you say? Smells more like #2 to me lolololololol
Train California 37
It's not very often that an album makes me mad. I'm not talking disappointed, or even grouchy, I mean completely ready to punch the next person I see in the face. Fuck fuck fuck I need an aspirin.

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