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  • Titan good for you bro, awesome work! do they frown upon you moonlighting or writing on another site?
    November 23 08:34 AM
  • Titan sweet dude! link me up with some of your work if you can
    November 22 05:19 PM
  • Titan Prowler bro i hope you are doing well
    November 20 09:06 AM
  • Atari
    June 20 05:39 PM
  • Rowan5215 Damn haven't heard the South East EP yet better get on it
    August 22 01:41 AM
  • Rowan5215 Maybe so, damn they seem like chill folks. Am I the only one who thinks that song is their masterpiece tho?
    August 22 01:17 AM
  • Rowan5215 Will do although I feel kinda like a dick asking them to change their setlist for my own personal pleasure
    August 22 12:11 AM
  • Rowan5215 Awesome. You get Get High See Mice? That's all I really want tbh
    August 21 11:39 AM
  • Rowan5215 ****ing awesome. What was the distribution of songs like across their albums, mostly River tunes? Only a few weeks till I see em
    August 21 06:45 AM
  • Artuma yeah they definitely rule. i love the rough production
    August 11 02:14 PM
  • Artuma glad you liked soda bomb :]
    August 11 01:32 PM
  • BigHans Jam LP3 by Restorations. I guarantee you will love it. First song sucks, rest are gold. Right up your alley.
    November 4 12:45 PM
  • Artuma yesssss cool to hear you dig it
    November 4 07:26 AM
  • zakalwe I'm with ya man. Stay Vicious is one of my tunes of the year.
    October 19 09:08 AM
  • Titan Glad to hear it dude. Things are pretty good over here, can't complain! Keep studying and keep jamming - it's good for the soul!
    October 12 08:12 AM
  • Titan There is my main man! How are you doing bro?
    October 11 11:08 AM
  • YoYoMancuso nice i heard that Captain We're Sinking are incredible
    July 30 12:42 AM
  • YoYoMancuso The Menzingers are changing my life who else sounds like them besides Gaslight
    July 28 08:06 PM
  • dannyboy89 Sticky Fingers is fantastic tho, so it prob might edge out TSMR for me. I think the Stones are rather underrated, although many say the opposite.
    June 6 03:05 AM
  • dannyboy89 Difficult choice man. Prob Sgt. Pepper's by the Beatles, Their Satanic Majesties Request by the Stones, and I haven't jammed enough Who to decide.
    June 5 12:31 PM
  • dannyboy89 While I like all of the British Invasion's Big 3, the Beatles are probably my least fave of those. I just think the Stones and The Who were more interesting musically, but that's just my opinion.
    June 5 01:35 AM
  • dannyboy89 A shame the Stones don't get that much appreciation on the site. The Beatles are more overwhelmingly popular. Always will be ofc. I've grown to respect the Beatles more as songwriters, but personally I'm more of a Stones guy.
    June 4 09:07 PM
  • dannyboy89 I believe No Code's cover and concept was inspired by Exile on Main St.'s.
    June 2 10:45 AM
  • dannyboy89 I believe Pearl Jam drew heavily from the Stones.
    June 1 04:29 PM
  • dannyboy89 I see you're one of the very few Stones lovers on the site.
    June 1 02:36 PM
  • dannyboy89 I haven't, sadly. I'd love to hard.
    May 21 02:17 PM
  • dannyboy89 Yeah, I love PJ too much man. SG's my 2nd fave, and then AiC. Never was a huge Nirvana fan, and ever since I got more into AiC, they've been my least fave. But hey, everyone likes different things. Have you ever seen PJ live?
    May 21 01:35 PM
  • dannyboy89 I see you're more into PJ and Nirv out of the Big 4. My Top 2 are PJ and SG, which I've come to realize is a rather rare combo.
    May 19 12:17 AM
  • Artuma oh **** groezrock, the perfect punk festival. would've loved to go as well
    April 19 10:04 AM
  • Artuma m/m/ the 1st may is a big party day here in finland, can't wait for the start of may either
    April 19 09:48 AM
  • Artuma damn man, have a fun night then. i'm at home, i have to go back to the barrack on monday
    April 19 09:27 AM
  • Artuma i'm extremely fine bro, the weather is great and i'm on holiday. makes me wanna just have fun. what about you?
    April 19 09:17 AM
  • Artuma dude i've been getting into the gaslight anthem hard lately
    April 19 09:08 AM
  • manosg Hey dude, listened to The Socks. Great stuff, thanks for the rec!
    March 24 09:04 AM
  • dannyboy89 Dude, I'm starting to think Californication's a bit overrated. The first half is pretty solid, but the second half has some filler imo.
    March 16 07:36 PM
  • dannyboy89 Well dude, I jammed BWP today and gave it a higher rating. I still think it's overrated, but t/t, "Harvest", "The Leper Affinity" and "The Funeral Portrait" are pretty cool. "Bleak" and "Dirge for November" are prob the weakest on it.
    February 23 10:46 PM
  • Rowan5215 Dude its all amazing but S3 onwards is a major increase in quality from Seasons 1 and 2. You're in for a hell of a ride bud
    February 23 04:10 PM
  • dannyboy89 How many times have you seen Prince live?
    February 12 07:02 PM
  • dannyboy89 On another note, Ghost Reveries is pretty cool man. Don't like it quite as much as 'Peth's first 3, but there's some interesting leads to be found there.
    February 11 12:45 AM
  • BigHans cool man gonna jam them on Spotify now.
    February 10 05:04 PM
  • BigHans Based on your taste, No Matter Where We Go is a minimum 4.5 for you. Check out my review of it and jam hard. Yeah Iron Chick has some Latterman in it.
    February 10 04:54 PM
  • BigHans Have you heard Latterman? I would guess you have but dont see you in the review comments. NO Matter Where We Go is like the best album ever.
    February 10 04:45 PM
  • dannyboy89 Dude, I'll tell you what: I'll see if I can give BWP another chance sometime and maybe raise it to a 3 or 3.5. "Harvest" is fantastic, but I had a bit of a hard time with the overall sound of the album.
    February 9 06:24 PM
  • zakalwe In that ilk their the only ones who I really dig. Having said that I've only really given the debut a proper spin. Give them a go dude I think their right up your street.
    February 4 04:21 PM
  • zakalwe As a fella who likes Springsteen, gaslight etc what do you think of The Hold Steady dude?
    February 4 04:13 PM
  • dannyboy89 You.did, but I couldn't read it whole.
    January 23 08:40 AM
  • dannyboy89 I went through your ratings and saw that you had Era Vulgaris at a 3, so it must be your least fave QOTSA LP. Also, I see you have both Rated R and Songs for the Deaf at 4.5's so I'm guessing they're pretty close for you.
    January 22 08:53 PM
  • dannyboy89 How would you rank the QOSTA albums?
    December 4 12:50 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 I hope so, I can see the scale of the performance of this album being massive. The tunes would be so fun to see live, plus getting to see Wake Up live is one of my current goals in life.
    November 7 03:12 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 No doubt man, they seem so much better. Arcade Fire and Mew at the same festival would be amazing! AF are playing at Big Day Out (a one day festival that visits the major cities of Australia's east coast) but I'd rather see them at a sideshow to be honest, so hopefully they hurry up and announce one.
    November 6 08:29 PM
  • avonbarksdale221 I'm so jealous man... Australia in general has pretty rubbish festivals because it is so far away and they can't afford decent bands/no one wants to travel here. I've been to a. Luke and they've been fun, but they really don't compare to the lineups you see at European/American festivals.
    November 3 05:42 PM
  • avonbarksdale221 Fair enough man, you'd be doing alright if you sounded that good! I'd love to head all over man and check out as many festivals as possible (namely glasto, reading, roskdilde and tomorrowland). I'm sure you've travelled a fair bit?
    November 2 11:45 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Nice man, wish I could sing. Sound anything like Jonas from Mew? Plenty of time to figure it out, I'll be finished Uni in a year and a half, then I'm hoping to backpack around Europe and doing some soul searching and the like.
    October 31 08:51 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Awesome man, I'm an english (and history) major as well, not sure where it is going to lead me though. Nice, what instrument/sports do you play? Also am I right in saying that you're Danish?
    October 31 05:49 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Understandable haha, what are you studying?
    October 30 06:06 PM
  • avonbarksdale221 Nice! Yeah it definitely feels like a record that reveals itself over time. The one-two punch of Awful Sound and It's Never Over is incredible, and Afterlife is for me close to the best song they've ever done.
    October 30 08:57 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Normal Person is soooo good. Do yourself a favour and jam disc II first next time round, I read to do that on a review here and it really helps you get a feel for the album. I reeeeaally like it, disc II especially is the best music the band has made since funeral.
    October 30 08:49 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Have you jammed the new Arcade Fire album yet man?
    October 30 08:34 AM
  • Atari glad you liked it. haven't been writing as much lately and thought maybe it was too short lol. Great taste by the way I like a lot of the same stuff as you from pop-punk to rock and metal
    September 27 01:00 PM
  • Atari hey man, I recently reviewed the rolling stones - between the buttons if you wanna check it out. If I remember correctly you said you're a big fan. It's short and sweet but hope you like it
    September 27 11:59 AM
  • Artuma damn, great. haven't really had time to do anything special this summer, when i'm having holiday from the army i just try to relax as much as i can
    July 27 09:11 PM
  • Artuma sweet, congrats bro :) how was Roskilde?
    July 27 08:59 PM
  • Artuma i'm fine thanks, the army pretty much sucks but i don't really have a choice. how are you mate?
    July 27 08:43 PM
  • Titan The Professor on the kit!
    June 7 01:24 PM
  • Titan You'll see them again, they're not even close to hanging it up. They're great friends and truly enjoy performing. We all win!
    June 7 01:00 PM
  • Titan I'm closing in on 30 times (high 20's actually), I'll have to count my ticket stubs (I've saved them all). I'm a fanatic and even caught a shirt that Geddy threw into the crowd on the R30 Tour....I was lucky enough to have sat in the front row that day!
    June 7 12:54 PM
  • Titan Glad you liked them! I always like looking at pictures and videos of shows that I went to. I saw this show twice back in October when they were here in NY, and I'll be seeing them again on June 23rd :D
    June 7 12:48 PM
  • Titan
    June 7 12:39 PM
  • Titan lol elitist fools,'ll dig the seasons bro....hell awaits is more raw and stripped down with production inferior to the aforementioned..
    June 4 01:24 PM
  • Titan anytime bro!....honestly i didn't think Slayer was your speed.
    June 3 06:55 PM
  • Titan it's easily top 3 Slayer along with RIB and SOH.......the title track is a beast as is Dead Skin Mask and Skeletons Of Society......although they're great records, dont believe that nonsense about HA and their debut.
    June 3 06:29 PM
  • Titan Season's In The Abyss is your next Slayer album bro......
    June 3 03:44 PM
  • dannyboy89 Whether*
    May 26 12:12 PM
  • dannyboy89 Trick is great, imo the best of the Collins Era. I still have doubts over wether or not it'll stick as a fave.
    May 26 12:11 PM
  • dannyboy89 And I like me some QOTSA too.
    May 26 12:22 AM
  • dannyboy89 You have nice taste dude. As you already know, I'm no Tool fan. Lateralus has good moments but I think that they're overrated. Still, Genesis is classic, as are Sabbath and Priest.
    May 26 12:20 AM
  • ABjordanMM Found it! Lol thanks :)
    May 22 03:23 PM
  • ABjordanMM Maybe i'll have to look harder.. did you buy it at a store or order it online?
    May 22 12:13 PM
  • ABjordanMM what where? i didn't see any slips in mine :(
    May 22 11:09 AM
  • ABjordanMM Hey did your trouble will find me vinyl come with an mp3 download?
    May 21 08:11 PM
  • Artuma yea cool, have much fun in the festivals!
    May 21 01:22 PM
  • Artuma well you said you should get into Paysage :P
    May 21 01:18 PM
  • Artuma so as atmospheric black metal recs check these before going to Paysage:Summoning - StrongholdBurzum - FilosofemDrudkh - Autumn AuroraColdWorld - Melancholieif you don't like them, don't even try with Paysage
    May 21 01:02 PM
  • BigPleb I guess so man, but thanks! 2 more reviews will be posted later on :]
    May 20 07:07 AM
  • BigPleb Cheers man, it means a lot! :D And dude, I thought my accent would get mocked by Sput tbh, but people seem to love it! Haha :]
    May 20 07:02 AM
  • Artuma good plan, man. but yeah, i think Slipped is kinda boring, most of the album is just awesome.
    May 18 11:23 AM
  • Artuma i have a birthday soon so gonna get it for a present but it rules so hard i seriously can't stop listening to it :D def a 5 for me, Slipped is the only kinda weak song there
    May 18 11:01 AM
  • Artuma yeah it's amazing, have listened to it for about 10 times lol. it's more like Boxer than HV but i see it as their mixture too
    May 18 10:49 AM
  • Artuma lol ok
    May 15 05:59 AM
  • Artuma couldn't find your acc
    May 14 06:51 AM
  • Artuma lol haha i'll add you. and yeah, Arcane Roots was great, some flaws but overall really good
    May 14 05:44 AM
  • Artuma so i had to bump Alligator up to a 4.5, Geese of Beverly Road has become one of my favorite The National songs. what's your btw?
    May 13 04:04 PM
  • Artuma no problem :)
    May 11 05:33 AM
  • Artuma yeah, try it out!
    May 11 05:01 AM
  • Artuma well i don't use it for listening at all, it just collects the music you have listened to and then makes lists, recommends you new artists, recommends you events etc by that information
    May 11 04:44 AM
  • Artuma man, do you have
    May 10 10:52 AM
  • Artuma yeah, i have really often heard people saying they are utterly overrated and hating that Cobain is considered a god by many. their influence however is incredibly huge and their music is awesome so i wouldn't call them overrated at all
    May 9 10:11 AM
  • Artuma haven't really heard the live albums either, only a couple of songs from MTV Unplugged and yea that rocked. probably gonna re-listen In Utero soon, now i'm feeling like post-rocking a lot :)
    May 9 09:54 AM
  • Artuma yeah. i need to play more In Utero definitely. Nirvana is awesome but i've only listened to Nevermind a lot by them
    May 9 08:04 AM
  • Artuma cool, you need to listen more to that. i wasn't so big on that at first listen either
    May 9 07:33 AM
  • Artuma so listened to one Gaslight Anthem album, it was listenable but not really my type of music, maybe someday i'll give it another chance
    May 9 06:06 AM
  • clercqie Ah cool, maybe I'll get to Roskilde someday. Yeah, the second batch of names was just ridiculous: Brand New, Bonobo, Godspeed...
    May 6 05:11 AM
  • clercqie Are you from Belgium? Or how did you hear about Pkp?
    May 6 04:45 AM
  • Artuma well i'm not a fan of Springsteen and that kind of stuff but i won't say anything until i've heard that album :P
    May 3 05:51 AM
  • Artuma thanks! haven't heard any Gaslight Anthem so yea i will check it
    May 3 05:47 AM
  • Artuma sweet taste dude, check out Pixies - Doolittle, didn't see it in your ratings
    May 3 05:39 AM
  • BigPleb Keep listening to its magic.
    March 28 10:45 AM
  • BigPleb Have you hit An Empty Canvas yet?
    March 28 10:40 AM
  • BigPleb Dude I told you! The whole album is chaotic beauty :]
    March 28 10:38 AM
  • Titan do you ever have problems with this website, such as server issues or 404 Not Founds?
    March 15 09:08 AM
  • Titan you have excellent taste my friend!! i agree with a lot of your posts.
    February 23 12:52 PM
  • evilford Lol...... looks like they're getting rid of that here. Oh well. I just don't want to end up banned for months because of some bulls*** reason
    December 16 01:42 PM
  • evilford I agree... Much better to have it that way than everyone walking on eggshells. Ruins the point of people interacting in the first place!!
    December 16 01:33 PM
  • evilford Thread is still there maybe the link changed. Too late though. Oh we'll. there were prob 20-25 users in the thread who basically just said yesterday that they disagreed and asking what rule was that was being enforced on sonic but dev just deletd all of our comments!!!!
    December 16 10:52 AM
  • evilford dude help me complain in meds thread if you disagree with sonic's banning. thanks.
    December 15 11:36 AM
  • _Shirt_-PRE-ORDER-/PKG001360
    October 24 02:40 AM
  • KILL sweet bro
    August 6 12:01 PM
  • clercqie I was 10 years old and we went to Legoland :p The rest of the country (Copenhagen...) was nice as well, though. I'm very lucky to already have seen them once, but now that I know practically everything of them, I'd like to see them again too. There was originally a world tour planned for next year, I thought...
    August 22 08:02 AM
  • clercqie But really, pretty much all their old stuff is fantastic :) I hope they're gonna tour again soon. Oh btw, I love Denmark, one of the most fun vacation trips I've ever done :)
    August 22 07:56 AM
  • clercqie Haha, yep :) Exile is definitely my fav, but Let It Bleed is easily also one of my fav albums of all time. And then Sticky Fingers, Beggars Banquet and Some Girls. I know they're pretty generic choices but whatever ;)
    August 22 07:40 AM
  • clercqie Glad to see another Stones fan on the site, they're too underrated here I think... What's your fav Stones album? :)
    August 22 07:31 AM
  • 231090 Hey. I've added all of Nephew's albums to this site, in case you want to rate them ;)
    January 18 04:56 PM

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