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My Groezrock Festival 2015

So, I just got home from Groezrock Festival in Belgium last week, and boy, was it a blast! Despite some challenges with the sound here and there, everything went smoothly, and my body wasn't the same until a few days later. I went there with a bus full of friends and strangers, driving from Copenhagen to Meerhout. Much fun! This list contains the bands I got to see. Ps. Friday was probably the best day I've ever had, gig-wise.
1Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor got to open up the entire festival. They put on a pretty good show, but they were lacking a bit of energy, and the sound was off. The songs were still really great, though. But after 20-25 minutes, I went to see the following band.
2Beach Slang
Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

From mediocrity and into super-stardom! Beach Slang played their first European show ever, and rarely have I seen such joy found in a band, not to mention their frontman, James Alex. There was no doubt that he was thrilled to be standing on-stage, and several times throughout the show did he express his happiness towards being right where he was. The concert was over all excellent, and the sound was crisp. A band I am looking very much forward to see more of in the future - their Replacements-/Goo Goo Dolls-ish sound just speaks to me, and if they can keep up this kind of show, they'll aspire to great things.
3The Swellers
The Light Under Closed Doors

I've never been a fan of this band, but since this was their last concert ever (for know, at least), I figured I'd go catch a few songs. Playing the biggest stage, Monster, and myself standing in the back, they never really caught my attention, though.
Chronicles Of Gnarnia

This band had the entire crowd in the palm of their hand, and the stage-diving would never take an end. Their take on skate-punk is catchy and well-played, and they're a hell of a live band. This was my second time seeing them, and they do not disappoint. Catch them if you can!
5Masked Intruder
Masked Intruder

Yes, it seems fun to watch a band like M.I. But after a few minutes, the gimmick's over, and I can't watch anymore. It's just not very good, IMO. I will never really get this band, as some of their fans do. But they had this guy dressed up in a police-uniform with a go-pro cam who crowd-surfed, so that was pretty fun. Moving on...
6The Hotelier
It Never Goes Out

Ah, the Hotelier. One of the bands I was looking forward to the most. They made, IMO, the best album of 2014 with their latest outing, "Home, Like NoPlace is There," and they did not disappoint live. The vocals were unfortunately a little low in the mix, but when you (and most of the crowd) knows most of the words, you can ignore it. And as they started their set with "An Introduction to the Album" and everyone yelled along from the top of their lungs, no one cared about anything else. Throw "Your Deep Rest" and "Dendron" on top of that, and you've got one hell of a concert. Cannot wait to see them live again!
7The Dwarves
Blood, Guts, & Pussy

I've never really dug the Dwarves, but since they got announced, I checked out this album, and thought it was rather fun and enjoyable - so why not go see them live? They put on an alright show, but it was rather forgetable. After 20 minutes, I went to the merch-tent instead to buy some Beach Slang and Direct Hit!
8Not On Tour
All This Time

Playing the smallest stage, this was the first concert I saw at Macbeth. They had a great energy, and their vocalist, a small and energetic girl, had the crowd where she wanted it. Definitely a great surprise to see in the sun!
9Against Me!
Reinventing Axl Rose

I had actually expected them to play most of Reinventing (since they on their club-tour mainly played Transgender), but this was not the case. But that's not to take anything away from the band, because holy cow were their energy-level above the roof, and so was the crowd's. Every one knew every word, and obviously we still got Pints, Walking is Still Honest and Cliché Guevara, and more from the earlier days. Also, it is so great to see Laura Jane Grace live. Whereas Tom earlier stood and looked a little introvert on-stage, Laura blossoms in the best way possible. Pure bliss seeing them live!
10The Smith Street Band
South East Facing Wall

One of my absolute favorite bands, and their newest one of them, Wil Wagner & co. rocked the "Revenge Stage" till there wasn't a single particle of dust left on the ground anymore. Starting off with their two first songs off their latest albums, they got off to an amazing start, and you find few bands today with as much charisma and energy live. Once again, masterfully done, Smithies! Although some songs from "South East Facing Wall" would be killer!
11Cancer Bats
Hail Destroyer

OK, so I had almost no energy left after TSSB, but I figured I had to watch some of the Cancer Bats' show. And they are really great live! I've never really been into them on record, but watching them get joined by Oathbreaker while playing a cover of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" sure rejuvenated me!
12Iron Reagan
The Tyranny Of Will

Fun show, but some jerks were pissing me off in the crowd, wanting to fight everyone. A friend and I luckily got one of them away from the rest of the crowd and calmed him down so no one got hurt. But after about 25 minutes, I needed a break and some beer.
This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now

Standing a little left of the stage with not too many people, I had an excellent view and a great display of sound for this wonderful concert. Except for their excitement, you could not tell that they hadn't played for several years. Also, this was apparently their first European tour ever! With some great songs and amazing showmanship, Knapsack put on one of the highlights of my Groezrcok 2015.
14Ceremony (USA-CA)

As I was hoping for a lot of material off "Violence Violence," the band unfortunately only played a few songs off that record, and stayed mainly at their newer material. They did it in a convincing manner, though, so it was still a great show. I was just hoping for something else.
The Power of Failing

Concert of the year so far! Mineral was bulletproof and played everything to perfection, plus the sound was top-notch. Hearing songs like Five, Eight & Ten, Silver, &Serenading and more live was just amazing, and I could not have hoped for a better concert with these guys. They should have gotten some new fans after this, because this was one not to miss. A friend of mine told me that he was now "as vibrant as a tuning fork" (directly translated from Danish).
Let's Talk About Feelings

Sprinting out of the tent after seeing Mineral towards the main stage, I caugt the last 20 minutes of Lagwagon and got to hear the two songs I wanted to the most (May 16 and Razor Burn). The concert seemed really great, but definitely nothing like the magic I just witnessed during Mineral.
17Title Fight

Skipping Pennywise to have a talk with my cousin whom I'd gone to the festival with (among others), we eventually caught a bit of the Title Fight-show. It was alright, but definitely nothing out of the ordinary. Once again, moving on...

Although only knowing their album "Travels" (which is great), I didn't have the biggest of expectations for this concert. But damn, they show were great! Excellent melodies and energy. Apparently, something sad has been going on inside the band, because there was a pretty sentimental speech from the vocalist about some ups and downs, so if anyone could fill in here...? But again, great, great show!
19Social Distortion
Social Distortion

Playing their selftitled album in its entirety, this was set to be an amazing concert! They did really well and started by playing the album in its enitrety (except for their cover of "Ring of Fire," which they saved for last - dunno why it's their most popular one, I think it's the weakest one), and following it with some classics, "Don't Drag Me Down" being a definite highlight. And although I was very tired (snoozed very quickly during "Ball and Chain"), it was still an excellent show - that guitarplaying is just darn good!
20The Holy Mess
The Holy Mess

A great live band that I'd seen once before. Unfortunately, they did a little too much talking. But other than that, the energy was high, and they played a few great tunes. Plus, they'd come all the way to Europe for this concert only. That's dedication!
22Off With Their Heads

I really like this band, but they get kinda samey on record. My impression was the same, although they delivered very convincingly and with great drive, despite the all too recognizable drumpattern. I was standing way in the back with some beer, but there were definitely some great sing-alongs up front. All in all, a good job from where I was standing.
23Direct Hit!
Brainless God

One of the funniest bands around today, and two years ago they delivered one of the new millenium's best pop-punk records. Just a few of the reasons as to why I was excited about seeing Direct Hit! live once again. And they were excellent! Fun, fast, aggressive, sing-alongable. The sound was badly mixed, unfortunately, but once again: when you know most of the words, it's not as bad. Great show!
Nonstop Feeling

Ah, Turnstile. A band which has divided people both within and outside Sputnikmusic. Personally, I think they're fun, but they haven't made something really clever or innovative. But still, this was a really great show, and they had a tight grip around the "Back to Basics"-stage, and they looked like some martial arts/spring gymnastic-athletes upon it. This day was just getting better and better!

I only got to catch 25 minutes of this show before the next one, but damn, they were really good! Definitely one of the best bands around within the revival of the genre. Seven Severed Heads was a beast!
26Frenzal Rhomb
Smoko at the Pet Food Factory

Is it a plane? No, it's a Biird attack! Biird attack! It's a biiird attaaack! Frenzal Rhomb! Damn fun and catchy, and as were they live. I only know this album, but the rest of their material was great live as well, and seeing as they play so few shows live, I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch them.
27The Loved Ones [US]
Build & Burn

Some great punk rock'n'roll, the Loved Ones put on a good show, but nothing too memorable. The frontman couldn't really hit all the high notes that were on their records. They'll probably still be pounding nails in Louisiana the next time around!
28Good Riddance
A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion

Also a good show which weren't too memorable. But I got some beer and good while watching it, and all in all, it was good fun. Their new songs sounded great live!
29Such Gold
A Loss For Words split

Kinda boring. Nothing new here, moving along...
Give Blood

Now THIS was a brilliant show! Being on their farewell-tour, they obviously played the song "Final Backward Glance" from their latest and last album plus the great and new opus "Closing Hours," but we also got lots of classics like "Ali V. Frazier I" and "Can We Start Again". The band was definitely thrilled to be on stage, and so were we. I had never seen Bane live before, and this was everything I wanted it to be. Hell yes! My body was so sore afterwards...
Wasted Years

I wanted to see Keith Morris, but this show was kind of a let down (not that I'm a fan of their albums, though). So after a little while and buying a beer, I went to the following, much better, show.
I Wish I Could Stay Here

Having reunited after a short hiatus, Basement was ready to take on Groezrock. And they sure did, with style! A great mix of songs, and altough not as good as, say, Knapsack or Mineral the day before, this was still an excellent concert.
33The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Let's Face It

Just caught the last 20 minutes after Basement (including "The Impression I Get," which is pretty much the only song I wanted to here). This seemed fun of your into them. Alas, I am not. So glad I picked Basement instead!
Pennybridge Pioneers

This would've been an amazing show, had it not been for the poor sound displayed at the Monster Stage. But still, they were really convincing, and both the classics and the new songs were well-played.
35American Nightmare
Background Music

Having taken back their original name, American Nightmare would take the final spot at the "Back to Basics"-stage this year. They were really good, but I was barely able to stand anymore. Still, glad I saw it.
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