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5.0 classic
Aereogramme My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go
Just keeps coming back to fucking kick me in the balls.
Converge Petitioning the Empty Sky
It's raw, intense and shows off some of Converge's best songwriting. From Bannon's crazy vocals to the spazzed out guitar work, Petitioning the Empty Sky is an album that beats even the likes of Jane Doe with its intensity and memorability. An essential for any Converge, hardcore or metal fan and stands out as one of the best in the genre.
Deadboy & the Elephantmen If This is Hell Then I'm Lucky
Eerily perfect, Dax Riggs and co. have crafted the best album of his stellar career, exceeding even his work with Acid Bath and Agents of Oblivion in terms of passion, emotion and sheer beauty.
Elliott Smith Either/Or
Between the Bars. That is pretty much all I need to say here.
Immolation Failures for Gods
The intro to the coda that would little more than a year later become Close to a World Below...Failures for Gods is just Part One of Immolation?s magnum opus.
Immolation Close to a World Below
Immolation ushered in the new millenium with Close to a World Below, a death metal gem and one of the best in the genre. The definition of intensity with blistering drumming, sheer technicality, memorable riffs and vocals that will give you chills as Dolan roars out the lyrics to 'Father, You're Not a Father.' A staple in the genre and the best death metal album of the last twelve years.
Isis Panopticon
Panopticon is an album that hits me like no other. From the opening riff of 'So Did We,' to the closer 'Grinning Mouths,' this album holds a certain majesty I haven't experienced with any other album. It's by far the most unique feeling I've encountered, listening to this album, and it never fails to set me in silence and awe.
Jeff Buckley Grace
Grace is the epitome of perfection, there's not much else to be said.
Jeff Buckley Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk
i change my mind fuck you all this album is perfect
Shai Hulud That Within Blood Ill-Tempered
This Album: For the True and Passionate Lovers of Music.
Wil Wagner Laika
That's it, 5'd. A striking rendition of one's admittance of their own flaws and FUCKING HELL IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

4.5 superb
Arcana (USA) Arc of the Testimony
Stimulating, emotional and dark. Swirling repetitive rhythms, soulful sax, minimalistic spacial guitar and some
really effective bass. That's just the first track. Some intense avant-garde contributions by guitarist
Buckethead and some intense drum work keep the entire release up to par. Not only does Arc of the
Testimony produce some of the most creepy jazz I've heard, but it keeps up some substantial groove and
melody to keep it as strong as possible as each song switches dynamics from heavy and psychedelic to soft,
serene and menacing. A must-have and a listen recommended for any fans of jazz fusion.
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist
Saturday Night Wrist showed Deftones expanding their sound on all fronts and for the most part succeeding. Lush melodies, vocals and music sees some of Deftones' best work and an all 'round top-notch listen for any Deftones fan.
Deftones Koi No Yokan
Deftones bring the perfect blend of the more spacey sound explored on Saturday Night Wrist with the solid song-writing of Diamond Eyes to produce their most coherent and one of the most enjoyable albums they've ever made.
Immolation Here in After
Setting a new bar for death metal, and for Immolation; marking the true beginning of the band?s evolution of style, Here In After saw the band crafting their own place among death metal legends.
Immolation Dawn of Possession
Its own beast, Immolation flew onto the scene with flair found in Dawn of Possession, which would later prove to be only a smidgen of what the band could unleash upon unknowing metal fans everywhere.
Jeff Buckley Live at Sin-é (Legacy Edition)
Jeff Buckley in his element. The intimacy of the show with the monologues and his interaction with the audience makes this an essential and emotional album. An insight into the psyche of Jeff, even.
Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience
"good to know users like Snox and Skele and fish don't like this" < lol, shows what you know, cuntbucket.
Mastodon Crack the Skye
Mastodon's most accessible, personal and overall enjoyable album. Straying from their sludge roots and fully embracing a progressive sound.
Ne Obliviscaris The Aurora Veil
The production holds up better than Portal of I, but listening to this for years just waiting for Portal of I was bound to have some sort of nostalgic value attached to this by the time PoI came out.
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I
After years of waiting, Ne Obliviscaris released their debut album. Despite three of the seven tracks being re-recorded demo tracks, the album still holds up fantastically. The re-recorded tracks seem to have detracted in quality slightly due to a lacklustre production, but the four new tracks are beautiful. Ne Obliviscaris show that their songwriting is still strong, if a little muddled.
Neurosis Honor Found in Decay
Neurosis return after five years to release Honor Found In Decay: an album that perfectly encompasses the
last twenty years of the band's sound. This isn't Neurosis re-evaluating their sound and building, this is
Neurosis taking inspiration from each of their studio albums post-Souls At Zero and crafting a fine amalgam
of everything that has made them a staple in the genre.
Pez Mind Of My Own
One of Australia's best hip-hop artists. Pez produces heartfelt, fun and controversial lyrics to create a well rounded and wholly enjoyable album. With some nice beats and possibly the only worthwhile thing fellow aussie hip-hop artist 360 has done with his verse on the track 'The Festival Song.'rMind of My Own keeps the listener coming back for more and brings a truly rewarding experience.
Satan Life Sentence
Like it was ripped straight from the 80s. Jam-packed with riffs, solos and falsettos.
Shai Hulud Reach Beyond the Sun
...well, sh*t. Shai Hulud go above and beyond. The sun.
Stampede to Timberline Tribulation
A beautiful and stunning debut that highlights feelings of nostalgia and longing.
Sudatsuga Hain-Ba Sun Hex
Takes the foundation laid by Blue Moon Saiyeed and builds, adds, redefines and improves upon everything heard before.
Tim Buckley Tim Buckley
It seems Tim Buckley's son isn't the only one capable of an utterly impressive debut. Buckley's musical compositions are quite stunning for a man of 19 or so, with gorgeous melodies, orchestral arrangements and his wonderful voice, spanning from soft croons to falsettos with ease. Quite an underrated gem and it is unfortunate he was so massively overshadowed by his son.
Trvth Black Horse Plague
TTNG Animals
This Town Needs Guns combines incredible melody, catchy hooks, choruses and smooth vocals with shear technicality, jazzy rhythmic sections and groove. What's presented here is instantly memorable, enjoyable and always sleek nuances to enjoy and discover anew on each listen.
Vaura Selenelion
From the depths of unsullied innocence, Vaura find the sweet token of creativity that most seem to miss or forget, floating sullenly in a void of wasted invention, imagination and a deep pool of potential just waiting to be plucked by those who are willing to look.

4.0 excellent
Bad Religion True North
Bad Religion proved that an old dog can learn new tricks with The Dissent of Man, but True North sees that it still remembers all the old tricks. Blending styles of punk from the band's heyday as well as some of the more modern stylings, True North is a blend of everything Bad Religion has come to be known for over the years.
Bell Witch Longing
Frightfully unknown/overlooked drone doom that stands out among 2012's best.
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
Between the Buried and Me's best release. 'Specular Reflection' shows off that the band does have the power to write enjoyable and well structured songs. Even though the other two tracks don't hold quite the same steam as 'Specular Reflection,' they still keep a decent pace just enough to hold this EP up.
Birds in Row You, Me, and the Violence
An excellent debut albums that highlights intensity, dissonance and its cohesion with clarity and harmony. With a few experimental drone-y passages and a few black metal-esque riffs here and there, this album is a wonderful start for the young French hardcore band.
Boris Präparat
Oh man, this new Boris is so Boris. Borises HARD.
Deftones White Pony
Deftones' constantly referenced magnum opus is full of great songs but doesn't feel as cohesive as a whole as they would eventually come to be with later albums.
Deftones Deftones
A very in-cohesive record, but a lot of the tracks (Hexagon, Good Morning Beautiful, When Girls Telephone Boys, Battle Axe) stand out among Deftones' best.
Dirty Bernard Meanwhile... Dirty Bernard Drops The Bass
This incredibly un-hyped band have crafted a fun, skillful and damn enjoyable EP. This needs more recognition. This band needs to be heard.
Evergreen Terrace Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in this Business
A short, fun burst of hardcore with hints of metal thrown in to great effect.
Illuminati The Core
Perhaps a bit too short to fully flesh out all the ideas at hand, Illuminati sure can pack a lot into a solid thirty minutes
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis The Heist
Macklemore really shines as a lyricist here. Fantastic lyrics, an improved flow and catchy choruses. Ryan Lewis is also a great producer and created some wonderfully appropriate beats. All these things coupled with some awesome guest features leads to one of the best hip-hop albums this year. Mary Lambert on 'Same Love' blew me away.
Mastodon Leviathan
Mastodon blast back after their debut with a fun, sludgy and very solid record.
Momentum Herbivore
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Push The Sky Away
What?s seen here is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds not only persevering without former member Mick Harvey, but thriving as if nothing has changed. The music is powerful, it?s thoughtful, it?s unique and it fits seamlessly with the rest of their discography. Always changing but continuing to stay true to a certain style, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have struck gold once again with Push the Sky Away.r
Orwell handle themselves maturely, blending sludge, death metal, metalcore and even slight post-rock influences to create a progressive blend of metal sure to please a wide array of metal jammers everywhere.
Ramlord Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom
Black, crusty, everything you don't want to find on your penis.
Serj Tankian Elect The Dead Symphony
When listening to this album or watching the live performance, the music elevates so much higher than it felt on the studio album. Serj's voice is at its best and the orchestral compositions make these songs truly shine.
Sunn O))) Monoliths and Dimensions
Sunn O)))'s most stylistically varied and one of the best albums of their career.
Zomby Digital Flora
Short, fun, dance-y, Zomby. Highly recommended to dubstep fans or fans of electronic music in general.

3.5 great
Aosoth IV: An Arrow in Heart
Some forgotten Immolation riffs, a penchant for deep grooves and a whole lot?a fuzz.
Deftones Diamond Eyes
One of Deftones' most consistent albums, but lacks any notable stand-out tracks to set it apart from the crowd. One direct feel and flow make this an easy, enjoyable listen.
Immolation Kingdom of Conspiracy
Immolation play it relatively safe, putting together an album that does nothing new but riffs just as hard as ever.
Jeff Buckley Live à L'Olympia
Not as essential as Live at Sin-e, but still a great live album in its own right.
Jeff Buckley So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley
As I'm not a big fan of compilations, I find this difficult to rate. All the songs featured here are stunning (as to be expected for Buckley) and it's worth it for the cover of 'I Know It's Over' alone.
Mastodon Remission
Mastodon's heaviest and most raw album. A must-have for any sludge fan.
Mastodon The Hunter
Mastodon's most experimental and varied album yet. Overall a great lesson, but don't go expecting another Leviathan or Crack the Skye. All the tracks are too different for their own good.
Nontinuum The Stars You Gathered, The Stars I Destroyed
A great atmospheric black metal EP reminiscent of bands like Twilight and Altar of Plagues with its post-metal tendencies.
Serj Tankian Elect the Dead
Serj Tankian's first foray into solo work leaves listeners confused. This isn't System of a Down and the eclectic styles and songs are a mixed bag. But if one can look past a few inconsistencies, this is a greatly enjoyable record.
The Faceless Akeldama
The Faceless' debut remains their best. Strong vocal, drumming and guitar performances lead to a very solid mix of technical death metal with a tinge of deathcore.

3.0 good
Between the Buried and Me Colors
Colors sees Between the Buried and Me find their own sound, if still a little confused. Giving off a real identity of progressive metalcore and a small tendency for jazzy breaks that just kind of show off as filler and nothing more, this album still finds itself enjoyable.
Cult of Luna Vertikal
Some of Cult of Luna's best riffs and melodic sections blended with some of their most recycled and boring post-metal moments. The wobbles in 'Vicarious Redemption' were awkward and unenjoyable, but they made up for it with an absolutely killer riff blasted out straight afterwards.
Make Them Suffer Neverbloom
A bit of a bloated deathcore release and overall gets a little boring towards the end, but stands out among the deathcore crowd and shows not all modern deathcore bands are the worst thing ever.
Mastodon Blood Mountain
Probably Mastodon's least enjoyable album. The concept is too uninteresting to be bothered with and the songs are poorly designed compared to other Mastodon works. Don't get me wrong, the album is still great, but this just doesn't feel right.
Serj Tankian Imperfect Harmonies
Serj ups his experimental capabilities to create a very uneven but still a likeable record.

2.5 average
Abraham An Eye on the Universe
It's everything you've heard before with annoying vocals and nothing that special.
Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal
Surprisingly good. At this rate, in another six albums, BMTH will have a 4/5 album that can be considered "good metalcore".
Junip Junip
Junip is ultimately Gonz?lez?s weakest effort yet and it seems the man and his band heading down a path that they won?t be getting off any time soon.
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
I came into this album with certain expectations. Almost a year later and little to no of those expectations have been fulfilled. I gave this a good, solid chance. I let it stew and permeate for months on end, as I heard it was a grower. Many wasted hours and displeasure ensued. The opening track 'King Of Carrot Flowers, Pt. One' shows great promise, whilst very simple and wholly enjoyable, but the second track 'King Of Carrot Flowers, Pts. Two & Three' almost throws all of that away with some of the most inane musical arrangements and horribly annoying vocals I've ever heard. The rest of the album is nothing spectacular and is altogether average.
Opeth Heritage
Boring, kind of annoying and not up to par with any music previously released by the band. This album was a true disappointment in every sense of the word.
The Faceless Planetary Duality
Stepping back from Akeldama and re-evaluating their sound, The Faceless came back with a technical death metal album with little to no memorability that would get almost unlistenable past its short 30-minute runtime.
Vorum Poisoned Void
Without a doubt a solid album, but perhaps only for completists.
Wide Awake Nightmare Uncertain Oblivion
Wide Awake Nightmare's debut demo is, musically, very solid. But in terms of vocals, production and overall enjoyment, it falls flat.

2.0 poor
Between the Buried and Me Between the Buried and Me
Sloppy, misguided and ultimately unenjoyable. Between the Buried and Me didn't exactly glide into the scene with grace. From the almost unbearably bad vocal work to the nonsensical song structures, boring breakdowns and a horrible attempt at being progressive, practice and a few more albums would see Between the Buried and Me come into their own sound and style.
Another band tries to pretend they're Meshuggah by not understanding the basic concept of good song-writing and chugging their way down monotony lane. With some absolutely pointless filler along the way. Recommended for Insurrection.
Skrillex Leaving
In which Skrillex pretends he's Burial and fails. Not the worst thing I've ever heard, but it's a pretty shoddy effort.

1.5 very poor
Art By Numbers Reticence: The Musical
A bland, generic and completely bloated progressive rock album that tries to fit in with the older crowd of Dream Theater fans to show that they too can write boring and unenjoyable songs.
Beyond Creation The Aura
Periphery Periphery
I liked this album at first. But after a while I saw it for what it was. It's boring, too long, uninspired, stupid, ugly and a horrible mess of an album. Do not listen to this album.
Periphery Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
Hey, at least it's not as bad as Periphe--wait...nevermind.
The Faceless Autotheism
The Faceless have returned with their third album: possibly the biggest shit stain on any musical integrity they had to begin with. The album is full of progressive metal rip-offs and stale song-writing. Their poor attempt at ripping off Opeth, Cynic and Devin Townsend leave me absolutely awestruck at how gullible they take their general audience to be. And the sad thing is that all their fans swallowed this up.

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