Current 93   Earth Covers Earth
Release Date: 1988

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3.5 greatBritch2tiger | February 21st 16

Now this album has the (beginning) industrial folk I was looking for. Starts of pretty folksy at the very beginning, which then slowly drifts into gothic-esque folk. Once this album gets to the end, the final two tracks feel more like passages accompanied by music rather than actual songs. Still enjoyable nonetheless. A similar album w/ more consistency regarding folk but has less industrial influences is The Tea Party's Splendor Soils album (my personal favorite of the two stated here).


5.0 classicPenguinniNiGuenippi | June 21st 14

Before the trilogy (with a trilogy within the trilogy) of their three most respected and
well-liked albums, Current 93 released this to start their full movement into neofolk.
Although i would still consider this a transitional album, this is their first travel into
(their type of)folk. Swastikas, the album before this, still had a good deal of the
"industrial" music that they started with it. This album, excluding the last bonus track
(which shouldn't be included), is the first album to be without any industrial music. This
is heavily underrated within the Current 93 discography, and in general, i find it to be
their fourth best work after the TPM, Of Ruine and Inmost Light trilogy trilogy.


3.5 greatMoonAngel | June 11th 16
3.5 greatSandwichBubble | April 29th 16
3.5 greatPeporro98 | April 23rd 16
4.0 excellentJoergsonVomWalde | March 24th 16
3.0 goodDisciplineRecords | December 5th 15
4.5 superbSithese | December 31st 14
4.5 superbfuzzbutt | December 29th 14
3.5 greatRevastran | July 14th 14
3.0 goodDatPinecone | May 2nd 14
3.5 greatLee Whear | April 30th 14
2.5 averageOminousHaiku | November 22nd 13
3.5 greatunkle | November 8th 13
4.0 excellentgeasoftime | September 1st 13
3.5 greatDarinRG | May 11th 13
4.5 superboswing | December 11th 12
3.5 greatOphion | August 8th 12
3.0 goodKenos | January 22nd 12
4.0 excellentstfrnz | August 17th 11
4.0 excellentkrkat | June 17th 11

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