Tuesday, January 27th

Crypt stream debut EP 1 replies

Australian stoner rock/metal band Crypt are streaming their debut EP Kvlt Mmxxiv at their official Bandcamp location.

The EP is an independent release since January 9.

Stream/"name your price" download Kvlt Mmxxiv here:

Killer Boogie stream debut album 1 replies

Italian '70s heavy rock band Killer Boogie are streaming their debut album Detroit at the official Bandcamp location of Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

The album was released on January 14 and you can boogie yourself into it right below.


New Patrick Watson Single 3 replies

Montreal singer-songwriter Patrick Watson (and his eponymous band) has released a new single this week, entitled 'Turn Into the Noise', which will be appearing on the second half of the American television program The Walking Dead's fifth season. The singer's 'Noisy Sunday' track had previously appeared in the show.

Watson states he loves composing for cinema and television, and additionally announced that the track will be appearing on his upcoming solo album, Love Songs for Robots, scheduled for release this spring.

He described the album as in the same spirit as the song itself, in that it is much less folk-influenced than his previous works, and slightly R&B-induced and inspired by science-fiction.

'Turn Into the Noise' is currently available on iTunes, and you can catch the preview in which it is featured here:


Monday, January 26th

Demis Roussos dies at 68 11 replies

Famous Greek vocalist and bass player of the prog act Aphrodite's Child, died today in Athens, Greece at the age of 68 from illness.
Roussos began his carreer at the age of 17 when he joined the band The Idols. There he met Vangelis and formed Aphrodite's Child which recorded three albums and achieved major success in Europe. He then started his solo career where he topped UK charts in 1976 with his song "Forever and Ever"

New Death Cab for Cutie single 22 replies

Death Cab for Cutie's music appears to be taking a slightly new direction since the recent departure of Chris Walla.

Their first single off of the upcoming record Kintsugi, entitled 'Black Sun', can be heard below:


Kintsugi is slated for a March 31st release.

Poison The Well reunite 48 replies

Poison The Well have announced that they will be reuniting to play the Skate and Surf Festival, which runs through May 16 and 17 in Astbury Park, NJ.

The statement on their Facebook page hinted at there being the possibility of more
after the festival:

"We’re playing Surf and Skate Festival in New Jersey. We’ll probably play some more shows and make another record. Well, actually we may not do any of that stuff, but we wanted to cover our asses and make sure we admitted to each cliche ahead of time".

Poison The Well has been on hiatus since 2010, when the members separated to pursue other opportunities.


Title Fight streams Hyperview 16 replies

The third album from Title Fight, Hyperview, is now streaming over at NPR Music's First Listen.

Scheduled to release on February 3rd, the new album expands Title Fight's horizons of punk to a whole new level, with hints of past LP's beneath the layers of sound throughout the shoegaze-influenced album. This band has been known to constantly expand upon the punk genre, and by the looks of it, aren't slowing down anytime soon.

You can stream Hyperview here:

1886 stream debut LP 3 replies

Spanish psychedelic/hard rock band 1886 are streaming their debut album Before The Fog Covers The Mount at their official Bandcamp location.

The album is an independent release since January 9, and it can be streamed through the link below.


Phil Elverum streams Sauna 13 replies

Phil Elverum, better known under his project Mount Eerie, is streaming his new album, Sauna, over at NPR.

Sauna is Elverum's latest full-length studio album since he released both Clear Moon and Ocean Roar in 2012, though he hasn't remained quiet since those releases. Two 7"s were released in 2012, along with a compilation of remixed songs in the form of Pre-Human Ideas in 2013. As well as numerous live recordings and a flexi-disc released last year, entitled Emptiness (which appears on the new album),

Phil has been consistently warming our hearts, and now the man has blessed us with Sauna, almost an hour's worth of brand new material.

Listen here: http://www.npr.org/2015/01/25/378607099/first-listen-mount-eerie-sauna

Papa Roach stream F.E.A.R 41 replies

Vacaville's rock band Papa Roach now have their latest album, entitled F.E.A.R, streaming in full length over on Youtube. The album was officially released on the 23th of January via Eleven Seven Music.

The album features appearances from Royce da 5'9" on the track 'Warriors', as well as In This Moment's Maria Brink, who provides guest vocals on the track 'Gravity'.

Stream the album via Eleven Seven Music here:

Sunday, January 25th

10 Years release new single 11 replies

Alternative metal band 10 Years have officially released their latest single, 'Miscellanea'. The song is taken from their upcoming album, From Birth to Burial.

The current release date for the album is unknown, though the band will tour for the album next month.

Listen to 'Miscellanea' here:

Franck Carducci streams new album 0 replies

Dutch progressive rock artist Franck Carducci is streaming his new album Torn Apart at his official Bandcamp location.

Carducci's sophomore album is an independent release since January 9.

Stream the album here:

Saturday, January 24th

Zoë Keating's Youtube dilemma 11 replies

In a recent blog post, cellist extraordinaire Zoë Keating expressed her frustration at Youtube's newly established music streaming service, Music Key. Taking issue with with the lack of control offered by the site's service agreement, Keating wrote:

"The Youtube music service was introduced to me as a win win and they don’t understand why I don’t see it that way. “We are trying to create a new revenue stream on top of the platform that exists today.” A lot of people in the music industry talk about Google as evil. I don’t think they are evil. I think they, like other tech companies, are just idealistic in a way that works best for them. I think this because I used to be one of them. The people who work at Google, Facebook, etc can’t imagine how everything they make is not, like, totally awesome. If it’s not awesome for you it’s because you just don’t understand it yet and you’ll come around. They can’t imagine scenarios outside their reality.& ...more

Powder For Pigeons stream LP 0 replies

German-based Australian grunge/stoner rock duo Powder For Pidgeons are streaming their
latest LP, entitled Washed, Dried, Brain Fried on their official Bandcamp page.


The album was released on January the 15th.

Friday, January 23rd

Cryptrip stream debut LP 2 replies

Italian sludge/death/doom metal band Cryptrip are streaming their debut LP The Great Magmatic Leviathan at their official Bandcamp location.

The album is an independent release since January 8.

Stream/"name your price" download it right here:

Napalm Death drop new video 17 replies

Extreme metal titans Napalm Death have dropped a video for their new single entitled 'Smash a Single Digit'. The new track is taken off of their upcoming LP, Apex Predator - Easy Meat, which is due for release worldwide on January 27th.

You can stream the video below:


New Megadeth album announced 52 replies

Following the departures of two members, Megadeth have yet to reveal their new band lineup or whether they even have new members in place. However, that is not stopping the group from moving full speed ahead on a new disc and eyeing a late 2015 album release.

Bassist David Ellefson tells Spotlight Report in a new interview that the idea of an off year is false, and adds that their new disc is "supposed to come out later this year".

While he held tight to keeping the identity of the band’s newest members a secret, he did add: "Most importantly we’re moving forward with writing a new album. Once we get into the studio to record it, then the lineup will naturally evolve around that".

Ellefson also spoke about the exits of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover last fall, adding: "It is obviously going to be different without them. We spent five years together with them in that lineup. That is a long time. We did multiple ...more

Asking Alexandria singer quits 100 replies

British metalcore act Asking Alexandria announced today that their long running frontman Danny Warsnop has quit the band as lead vocalist. Danny announced over twitter his decision to leave saying 'I want what is best for the band, and at this point in time that isn't me.'

Read the full Kerrang! article for all the details: http://www.kerrang.com/27430/asking-alexandria-frontman-danny-worsnop-quits-band/

Thursday, January 22nd

Burial releases Temple Sleeper 54 replies

After 2013's EP Rival Dealer, Burial has released a new single, titled 'Temple Sleeper' on
Keysound Recordings (instead of his usual home Hyperdub). The track is available as white label vinyl or mp3 through the Keysound webshop, at

A clip of the track can be streamed below

We Are Harlot premiere music video 29 replies

Rock band We Are Harlot have premiered a new music video for their latest single "Dancing On Nails". The band, fronted by Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop, now had pre-orders for their debut
record available on iTunes.


The Vaccines announce 3rd LP 4 replies

This week, English rockers The Vaccines announced that their 3rd studio album will be entitled
English Graffiti and will be released sometime this spring.

The kung-fu themed video for the first single, "Handsome" was released this week.

When asked about the new album, lead singer Justin Young said to the NME: "We wanted to make
something that sounds amazing next year and then terrible in 10 years! If you
listen to anything from the 1990s now, it sounds fucking awful, but that's part of its identity."

The Vaccines have released two studio albums and one EP so far in their four year career, with
their last studio effort, Come of Age, hitting #1 on the British album charts. Their most recent
release, the Melody Calling EP, showed the band starting to expand their sound and experiment in
the studio with various sonic atmospheres.

You can read more about their new ...more

Rush announce R40 Tour (updated) 65 replies

Call it the R41 tour to be a bit more statistically correct if you may, but better late than never: Rush will indeed be
celebrating 40 years this year by playing in a planned 34 cities across North America. Tickets go onsale on
January 30th in some markets, February 6th in others.

In addition, this will mark the first time they've played in Calgary in 8 years, having been due to play there in
2013, but the event was canceled due to flooding and moved to Red Deer, 90 minutes north.

MAY 8, 2015- Bok Center, Tulsa, OK
MAY 10, 2015- Pinnacle Bank Center, Lincoln, NE
MAY 12, 2015- XCel Energy Arena, St. Paul, MX
MAY 14, 2015- Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO
MAY 16, 2015- 360 Arena, Austin, TX
MAY 18, 2015- American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX
MAY 20, 2015- The Toyota Center, Houston, TX
MAY 22, 2015- Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LA
MAY 24, 2015- Amalie Arena, Tam ...more

Do stream new EP 1 replies

Finnish stoner/doom/death metal band Dö are streaming their new EP Den at their official Bandcamp location.

The EP was released independently on January 3.

Stream/"name your price" download the EP here:

Wednesday, January 21st

The Gentle Storm release new lyric video 1 replies

Symphonic/progressive metal group The Gentle Storm, which includes Anneke Van Giersbergen and Ayreon's own Arjen Lucassen, have release a lyric video for the song 'Endless Sea'.

The song is taken from the band's upcoming album, The Diary.

You can watch the video here:


Corelia detail two-disc debut album 38 replies

Progressive metal band Corelia have been busy the past few years since the release of their first EP, Nostalgia, in 2011. The band has uploaded a preview of their upcoming debut album, which will be 90 minutes worth of material spanning two discs, set for a release sometime in 2015.

Listen to the preview here:

Liturgy stream Quetzalcoatl 49 replies

Transcendental American black metal band Liturgy have released a new song from their upcoming third album, The Ark Work.

Featuring a more experimental and non-black metal sound, 'Quetzalcoatl' can currently be streamed through Youtube, with Stereogum's Michael Nelson having also written a short piece on the new experimental track.

The Ark Work is set for a March release via Thrill Jockey Records.



Lunar Mantra stream debut LP 3 replies

Scottish ambient/black metal band Lunar Mantra are streaming their debut album Genesis at their official Bandcamp location.

The album is an independent release since January 7 and you can check it out right below.


Bjork releases Vulnicura on iTunes 17 replies

Originally scheduled for a March release, Bjork has released her ninth album, Vulnicura, on iTunes following the album's leak over the weekend.

In addition, the Icelandic singer has also written a piece about the album's creation on her Facebook page which can be found at the link posted below:

The CD and vinyl versions of Vulnicura will be released in March, as originally planned.

Periphery stream Juggernaut: Omega 32 replies

Periphery are now streaming the second half of their twin Juggernaut releases, Omega. Both Alpha and Omega will be available in stores on January 27th.

Check out Juggernaut: Omega here:

Medusa's Disco stream new album 1 replies

Lancaster PA alt/prog/psych rock band Medusa's Disco are streaming their new album Forked Tongue Fables at their official Bandcamp location.

The album is out since January 2 as an independent release, and you can stream it below.


10 Years release new single by GiantSpeck
Killer Boogie stream debut album by Sabrutin
Poison The Well reunite by Hopelust
Demis Roussos dies at 68 by Mythodea
Rush announce R40 Tour (updated) by Titan
New Death Cab for Cutie single by TomAkaVeto
Title Fight streams Hyperview by Chin
Asking Alexandria singer quits by Chin
Phil Elverum streams Sauna by YakNips
Do stream new EP by ckssr1
Crypt stream debut EP by Totengott
Corelia detail two-disc debut album by ADanceRetu
New Patrick Watson Single by Onirium
Papa Roach stream F.E.A.R by Flugmorph
Liturgy stream Quetzalcoatl by zaruyache
Burial releases Temple Sleeper by Itchy2015
1886 stream debut LP by Voivod

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