Saturday, October 14th

Cyhra release second single 5 replies

Cyhra just release the second single from their upcoming debut album "Letter to Myself". The new song can be streamed on streaming services such as Spotify and the new album will be released on the 20th of October.

For those who don't know, Cyhra is a long-awaited band featuring ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad and bassist Peter Iwers, ex-Amaranthe vocalist Joacim "Jake E." Lundberg, and drummer Alex Landerburg (Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, ex-Annihilator). The Finnish guitarist Euge Valovirta (e.g. ex-Shining [SWE]) recently joined as Cyhra's fifth member.

The first single, "Karma", was released earlier this year:

Walk The Moon second single 2 replies

Walk The Moon just released the second single from their upcoming album "What If Nothing". The new album is set to be release on the 10th of November this year and will contain 13 songs. Listen to the new song "Headphones" below.

Tracklist for What if Nothing:
1. Press Restart
2. Headphones
3. One Foot
4. Surrender
5. All I Want
6. Kamikaze
8. Tiger Teeth
9. Sound Of Awakening
10. Feels Good To Be High
11. Can't Sleep (Wolves)
12. In My Mind
13. Lost In The Wild

New Jessie Ware single, video 7 replies

Just days before the release of her 2017's album Glasshouse, R&B artist Jessie Ware released the single "Alone", alongside its accompanying music video. The song sees the British singer on a style more reminiscent of the popular artist Sam Smith, a slight departure from previous releases of hers.

You can stream the song and music video here:

Marmozets release "Habits" Single 3 replies

Marmozets have released the second single from their newly announced upcoming album,Knowing What You Know Now. The song is called 'Habits,' and the album is scheduled to come out on January 26.

Check out the video for 'Habits:'

Here is the tracklist for Knowing What You Know Now:

1. Play
2. Habits
3. Meant To Be
4. Major System Error
5. Insomnia
6. Lost In Translation
7. Start Again
8. Like A Battery
9. New Religion
10. Me & You
11. Suffocation
12. Run With The Rhythm

Thursday, October 12th

AWOLNATION demand Passion 9 replies

AWOLNATION have dropped a new single, entitled "Passion." It is yet unconfirmed to be part of a new full length LP, or just a standalone single. This is the band's first new material since 2015's "Run." The single is available below:

New Daniel Cavanagh Song 3 replies

Daniel Cavanagh, best known as the lead guitarist and primary songwriter of the British alternative rock band Anathema, has released "This Music", the second single from his upcoming solo album "Monochrome." The record is due to be released tomorrow, October 13th.

Tracklist for Monochrome:
1. The Exorcist
2. This Music
3. Soho
4. The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours
5. Dawn
6. Oceans of Time
7. Some Dreams Come True

You can stream "This Music" below via Spotify:

New Fear, and Loathing Video 11 replies

Japanese electronicore group have released a video for their new song, entitled LLLD. The song is taken from their upcoming album, titled New Sunrise, which is due out October 25th 2017. You can watch the video here:

The group have also released two other videos from the album, Return to Zero and Shine, which can be viewed below.

3 New Belle and Sebastian EPs 4 replies

Scottish depressing folk-turned-funk rockers Belle and Sebastian have announced an upcoming trilogy of EPs, How to Solve Our Human Problems, set to be released across December, January and February. A combined fifteen songs will comprise the trilogy, with the parts set to arrive on December 8th, January 19th and February 16th respectively. Pick up a pre-order on the band's website and hear the lovely singles "We Were Beautiful" and "I'll Be Your Pilot" - from Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 respectively - which see the group both looking forward with some electronic influences, and looking back in a slight return to the stripped-back folk of their earlier days.

Official Site:

Facebook Page:

Say10 with Marilyn Manson 38 replies

Industrial rock group Marilyn Manson have released a new video from their latest album Heaven Upside Down. The track, "Say10", was originally set to be the title track of the album before delays led to new tracks being recorded and the album being retitled.

As it is a Marilyn Manson video, it is not recommended for viewing at work as it contains blood, nudity, sexual scenes and Hollywood Vampires guitarist Johnny Depp.

Watch the video below:

Tuesday, October 10th

New Ghost Atlas Song, Album 5 replies

Alternative rock group Ghost Atlas havereleased another single titled "Legs", and with it comes news that the group will release their first LP on November 3rd. The album is titled All Is In Sync, And There's Nothing Left To Sing About, and the previous single "Cry Wolf" will be included on the album.

Check out the new song here:

Monday, October 9th

TROW Announce LP3 & Crowdfund 13 replies

The Republic of Wolves have announced that they will be releasing their third full length LP, entitled Shrine, tentatively in March of 2018. The album will mark the long-awaited follow-up to 2013's No Matter How Narrow and their 2010 debut, Varuna.

The independent Long Island indie-rockers - who paid for all of their own LPs and EPs to date - have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund various aspects of studio recording for Shrine, from professional mixing/mastering to distribution, publicity, and touring. For $20 the band will provide you with a signed physical copy of the record. $100 gets your name in the album's liner notes and on their bandcamp page, among other prizes. A full list of donations and their matching perks can be found on the album's Indiegogo page:

The Republic of Wolves' video to promote the effort can also be viewed below:


Saturday, October 7th

The Rentals Are Making Me Sad 3 replies

Matt Sharp (former Weezer bassist, current lead of the Rentals) has released a new single. "Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad" is a fictional tale comparing the two as children. Sharp has also announced that work on a 4th Rentals album is underway.

"The new record is a collaboration between myself, Nick Zinner and Dave Fridmann with a little help from a makeshift choir of incredible singers that I affectionately like to refer to as The Gentle Assassins."

In Sharp's own words, the album will be "a genuinely twisted collection of interstellar lullabies and science fiction fables." A release date has not yet been announced.

Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad


Avenged SevenFloyd 67 replies

Following in their series of recent covers of everything from mariachi to avant-rock music, Avenged Sevenfold has released a cover of the Pink Floyd classic "Wish You Were Here."

Aaron West visits Orchard Park 13 replies

Released through The Wonder Years new 'collective', Loneliest Place On Earth, Dan Campbell's side project Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties has released a new song. The new song, titled "Orchard Park", is available for purchase on a 7" Flexi through the collective's website and available for streaming on Spotify. There is no word as of yet on a new album.

MBV Vinyl Reissues 11 replies

Kevin Shields' long awaited vinyl remasters of My Bloody Valentine's seminal works Isn't Anything and Loveless will finally see the light of day on January 18, 2018.

Shields has placed particular emphasis on the fact that the albums are all-analog masters "using Studer A80 VU PRE and Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe for full analog signal path."

Both albums can be preordered on MBV's official website, along with a few new shirts as well as vinyl/shirt bundles:

Although, if you are going to preorder from MBV, take note that their website asks you to allow up to 28 days from release date to receive your order.

Friday, October 6th

Akercocke's new chapter 7 replies

Purveyors and pioneers of British extreme progressive metal Akercocke have released an official music video for the song "One Chapter Closing for Another to Begin", taken from the band's latest album Renaissance in Extremis.
The video unsurprisingly reflects the band's stance on struggles with mental illness as opposed to the love of Satanic imagery which Akercocke used on their first five albums.
You can watch the video here:

New Enslaved track 24 replies

Norwegian extreme prog metal masters Enslaved have unveiled the second track from their upcoming album E entitled "The River's Mouth."

Guitarist and composer Ivar Bjørnson describes the song:

'The River’s Mouth' is a quite heavy track, drawing both on our rock roots and of course the foundation of everything awesome: mid-80s, mid-paced Bathory. It also includes some odd space-rock in the choruses and the end part - finally BATHORY and HAWKWIND met. I like the energy of this song a lot – both Cato and new-kid-on-the-chopping-block Håkon is doing such a great job with the psychedelic parts, the chorus and the ending. What a drive! The end sounds like travelling at insane speed through wormholes. The theme here is your relationship with the “future”, as we describe it: The sensation of time moving along is a construction ...more

New Billy Corgan Single 12 replies

Billy Corgan, frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins, has released a single from his upcoming solo album Ogilala. The song, entitled "The Spaniards," was released last week as the second single from what will be his second solo album, although this time he is billed as WPC, or William Patrick Corgan, his full name.

The song features elements similar to the electronic and synth elements found in recent Smashing Pumpkins albums Oceania and Monuments to an Elegy. The album will be released on Oct. 13.

Carbon Based Lifeforms stream 15 replies

Legendary Swedish ambient unit Carbon Based Lifeforms are streaming their first album in six years. Derelicts is released today via Blood Music (physical) and Leftfield Records (digital).

The album can be streamed on YouTube in its entirety.

New Xanthochroid Single 6 replies

Symphonic progressive blackened folksters Xanthochroid have released a single from Act II of their double disc concept album, 'Of Erthe And Axen', entitled 'Of Gods Bereft of Grace'. The track finds the band ramping up the tempos and symphonics, following up on their suggestions that this second disc would feature more bombastic and layered instrumentation than the more stripped back and acoustic first.

Have a listen below:

Thursday, October 5th

Weezer's Weekend Woman 33 replies

Weezer have dropped the 4th single off their upcoming 11th album, entitled "Weekend Woman". The album, titled "Pacific Daydream", drops October 27th.

Crystal Lake Go Into Space 17 replies

Japanese metalcore act Crystal Lake have released a new music video for the song "Apollo", taken from their upcoming single with the same name. The single will be released October 11th.

Watch the video below:

Rock Hall 2018 Nominees Are... 81 replies

To put things short, the time has come yet again for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to introduce its newest members to the prestigious line of artists that occupy the Hall -- and for the sixth consecutive year, fans are welcome to vote on who should be elected. Below is the artists/groups eligible for the 2018 class:

Bon Jovi
Kate Bush
The Cars
Depeche Mode
Dire Straits
J. Geils Band
Judas Priest
LL Cool J
The Meters
The Moody Blues
Radiohead (first year of eligibility)
Rage Against the Machine (first year of eligibility)
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Nina Simone
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Link Wray
The Zombies

Voting will go on from 10/5 to 12/5, with the winners being announced shortly thereafter:

Tuesday, October 3rd

Twilight Force singer departs 24 replies

In spectacular fashion, Twilight Force announced on their Facebook page that vocalist Christian Erikkson, better known by his stage name Chrileon, has left the band. Why you may ask? Well, try to decipher it below.

Dear friends, followers and apprentices.

We now bring you tidings of great importance. So please, stay a while, and listen.
Our singer Chrileon is no longer a part of Twilight Force.

The Twilight Kingdoms have been ravaged by turbulent times. Twilight Force has in recent times travelled far and wide, searching answers to ancient conondrums and mystical prophecies.

We have done battle numerous times during these journeys; and always fought back to back, ever resilient, and ever prosperous.

Everything to bring back order, peace and magic to the Twilight Kingdoms.

It has now become apparent to ...more

The Breeders new song 5 replies

Indie rock group The Breeders have announced the release of their latest single, entitled "Wait In The Car". This is the first slice of new material put out by the Kim Deal-fronted project since 2008's Mountain Battles, but a new album has reportedly been in the works for some time now.

Marilyn Manson injured by stage prop 54 replies

During his show at New York last Sunday, Manson suffered a dramatic accident when 2 giant pistols that served as a prop for his performance fell on him. In spite of the quick action of his crew, Manson seems to injure his ankle, causing the show to be suspended.

The following 9 shows have also been cancelled, with tour scheduled to be resumed in Texas on October 15th.

Monday, October 2nd

RIP Tom Petty 88 replies

It has been confirmed that the iconic American guitarist Tom Petty, aged 66, has passed away. The musician had been on life support after being found unconscious in his Malibu home on Sunday and promptly rushed to a hospital. He had lost cerebral functions shortly before the decision to unplug the machines was made.


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