Saturday, December 3rd

Second single by Need 2 replies

After a very well recieved first single, Need reveal a second track from their upcoming album 'Hegaiamas: a song for freedom', titled ''Tilikum''.

You can listen the track here:

Album is due on January 17, 2017.

Friday, December 2nd

Black Anvil post new song 6 replies

New Yorkan black/thrash metal band Black Anvil, have posted new material at their official Bandcamp location.

The new song, titled "May Her Wrath Be Just", is featured in the band's upcoming album As Was, due out on January 13 through Relapse Records.

You can stream the track right below:

Scum (FIN) streams lost album 4 replies

Classic, forgotten, Finnish doom/death band Scum is streaming their long-lost third album - Garden of Shadows - via Invisible Oranges, alongside a long text about the recording of the album, as well as a track-by-track breakdown.

Reminsicent of early Amorphis, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Tiamat; Garden of Shadows was recorded in 1996 and sent in to their label (Black Mark Production, run by Quorthon (Bathory)) to release, from which the band never heard again. The album was stuffed in a drawer, never to be heard again. Scum was convinced many years later to send the album to the Finnish label Blood Music, who set release with them in 2016, on the 20th anniversary of never being heard.

You can stream the album below and find it via Name Your Own Price on Bandcamp:

All proceeds made during this time will be donated to the Standing Rock Water Protectors.

Thursday, December 1st

New As It Is song 3 replies

British pop-punk group As It Is have released a third single from their upcoming sophomore album, Okay.. The song is called "No Way Out" and can be streamed via Fearless Records' Youtube channel. Okay. is set for release on January 20th, 2017. Check out "No Way Out" below:

Zao Stream New Album 29 replies

Metalcore veterans Zao stream their new album The Well-Intentioned Virus ahead of its official December 9 release date.

Listen at:

Tim Bowness announces 4th solo album 7 replies

On February 17, Tim Bowness will release his 4th solo studio album, Lost in the Ghost Light. Mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson, it will be a conceptual record that details the onstage and backstage life of a fictional classic rock in the twilight of his career, addressing several subjects such as "how the era of streaming and ageing audiences affects creativity, how a life devoted to music impacts on real / family life, and how idealistic beginnings can become compromised by complacency and the fear of being replaced by younger, more vital artists."

Tim elaborates: “It all started with me seeing a sixty something jogger in an expensive tracksuit rifling through the vegetable racks at my local Co-Op. His intense glare combined with his thinning long grey hair and Mick Fleetwood beard left me wondering which veteran Rock band he’d once played with. This got me thinking about the moment when music first came into this person’s life and whether it still inf ...more

New Portugal. The Man Video 13 replies

The Portland-based indie rock band Portugal. The Man has released a video for their new single "Noise Pollution". The song features guest vocals from Zoe Manville & Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and is the first new single the band has released since their 2013 album "Evil Friends". According to the band's website, the song will become available for purchase and streaming on December 2nd.

Run the Jewels Detail New LP 38 replies

Rap group Run the Jewels announced via email this morning the release date of their latest project, Run the Jewels 3. The third free-to-download album from the duo features fifteen new tracks and will be self-released online on January 13 with a physical release slated for the 20th. The record looks rife with collaborators, including Jazz musician Kamasi Washington and rapper Danny Brown. Check out their previously released single "Talk to Me" and the tracklist below:

Stream "Legend Has It" here:

01 Down [ft. Joi Gilliam]
02 Talk to Me
03 Legend Has It
04 Call Ticketron
05 Hey Kids (Bumaye) [ft. Danny Brown]
06 Stay Gold
07 Don’t Get Captured
08 Thiev ...more

Wednesday, November 30th

3 New Volcanic Queen Releases in 2017 15 replies

Experimental artist Volcanic Queen has uploaded three new tracks via Soundcloud from three different upcoming releases. All set to be released in 2017. You can stream the tracks and find details regarding each release including label distribution in the links below:

"To Confide In Each Other (Engraved Flowers On Headstones)"

"Temples Built Into Broken Promises"

"Slave Of The Mind"

Septa releases third album 3 replies

Ukrainian alternative metal band released their third much anticipated album called 'Sounds Like Murder'. Record consists of 13 songs that see band expanding their sound even further, with a lot of help from guest musicians and their own brave experiments. Ukrainians cited Deftones, Faith No More and The Dillinger Escape Plan as their main source of inspiration. Also, this album is a concept one that continues the story of the debut record 'The Lover'.
'Sounds Like Murder' is available for streaming at Bandcamp:

Chiodos call it quits 82 replies

The post-hardcore band Chiodos have finally disbanded after struggling to keep members around. At the same time, Craig Owens has announced his new band badXchannels.

In an interview with Billboard, vocalist Craig Owens stated in regards to Chiodos that, "It's done, it just couldn't stay afloat. There were just kind of, not necessarily bad vibes, but we came to the realization that we can't do it full-time. I think it just stopped becoming a passion for most of us so we said, 'Alright, let's stop."

Craig's new project badXchannels:

AFI premieres new song 14 replies

Hardcore punk turned pop rock band AFI have premiered a new track off their upcoming album 'AFI (The Blood Album)'.

The track, called "Aurelia", can be streamed off the BBC site.

The self-titled album drops January 20, 2017.

Listen to it at:

Tuesday, November 29th

Ash Borer Stream New Album 20 replies

Noisey has begun streaming the third full-length album from American black metal band Ash Borer, entitled "The Irrepassable Gate."

"The Irrepassable Gate" is to be released on Dec 2 through Profound Lore Records, with vinyl editions shipping in the spring of 2017.

Stream the album, and read a rare interview with guitarist/vocalist "K" below:

Peter Iwers leaves In Flames 43 replies

Long-time bassist for Swedish metal band In Flames, Peter Iwers, has officially announced that he will depart from the group to pursue other endeavors. Iwers has been a member of the band since 1998, with Colony being the first album he recorded with In Flames.

No replacement has been announced as of yet.

Monday, November 28th

Burial releases new EP 54 replies

The new EP, Young Death/Nightmarket, by legendary dubstep producer Burial can be listened to below. The record was accidentally sold in certain stores in Canada last Friday, pushing forward the release date from the initially reported 5/12/16.

It is Burial's first new solo release since "Temple Sleeper" nearly two years ago.

K-Rino to release 7-disc album 19 replies

Last week Houston rapper K-Rino released a seven disc lyrical epic entitled The Big Seven, which is now a World Record for number of original albums released at once under one project. Each disc has its' own artwork and divides the album up in appropriate places to further the narrative K-Rino envisioned upon writing and recording the 84 songs on Big 7.

The Big 7
1. Universal Curriculum
2. Conception of Concept
3. Enter the Iron Trap
4. The Wizard's Ransom
5. American Heroes
6. Welcome to Life
7. Interventions

"My first idea was, 'I'm going to drop 100 songs on iTunes at once', or something like that. I would suggest and prefer that people listen to them in order, simply because I have continuations of previous stories that I've done..."

The political and real life rapper had previously released 30 albums since 1993. Not counting the 7 discs, this album is still the most ambitious re ...more

Sunday, November 27th

The Algorithm releases new DLC 4 replies

Progressive electronicore one-man band The Algorithm has released what they called a 'DLC' to their album "Brute Force", entitled "Brute Force: Overclock". The DLC consists of three new tracks, and a remix of a track from "Brute Force".
You can listen to "Brute Force: Overclock" on The Algorithm's official YouTube channel:

Also, earlier a music video for track "Overclock" was released. Check it here:

Saturday, November 26th

Stream Tumbleweed Dealer LP 4 replies

Instrumental stoner-rockers Tumbleweed Dealer have released their third
full-length album, entitled Tokes, Hatred and Caffeine. The entire album can be streamed via Bandcamp:

The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Carnage Cosmic (01:33)
2. Blue Crystalline Method (Minus Line O.D.) (02:16)
3. Days Gone High (03:39)
4. Widow's Weeds (From Spring To Mid-Autumn) (03:54)
5. A Slowly Moving Cloud Of Vaporized Flesh (02:25)
6. Bongwater Creek (03:45)
7. Redneck Car Chase (03:29)
8. Saloon Fight (04:08)
9. Stung Into A Blissful Coma By A Swarm Of Heroin Filled Bees (03:32)
10. Never Sober Again (02:58)
11. First A Staredown, Then A Shootout (04:07)
12. Voodoo Haze (03:36)

Friday, November 25th

New OK Go Video 17 replies

Serial cinematic mavericks OK Go have released a video for their new single "The One Moment", taken from their new album Hungry Ghosts:

Known for their unique and captivating videos, "The One Moment" is no different, utilising slow-motion technology to great effect.

Jon Mess Salsa Sauce 46 replies

Post-Hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance have announced they are releasing a limited edition brand of Pico De Gallo sauce for Christmas. The sauce, entitled "Riding a Rhino brand Pico De Gallo" is a reference to the lyric in Chucky, "Riding a rhino, pico de gallo". Pre-order bundles are live now. You can purchase the limited edition salsa sauce here:

New Aversions Crown Album/Song 12 replies

Aussie deathcore band Aversions Crown have released "Ophiophagy" off of their upcoming third album Xenocide. The album is due to be released January 20th on Nuclear Blast Entertainment; it will also include the previously released singles "Parasites" and "Erebus."

Listen to "Ophiophagy" below:

Thursday, November 24th

ADTR Win $4 Million Verdict vs. VIctory Records 38 replies

An Illinois federal jury released Florida-based rock band A Day To Remember from a 2006 recording contract Tuesday, finding that the band had fulfilled the five-album deal and awarding its members $4 million in withheld proceeds from music and merchandise sales.

Wednesday, November 23rd

New Jean Michel Jarre single 2 replies

Electronic legend and pioneer, Jean Michel Jarre, just released the first single for his upcoming album "Oxygene 3". Through a video in Youtube we can appreciate, in the name of "Oxygene, pt. 17" how Jarre's tries to go back to the sound of his classic era, but with a fresh tone.

Oxygene 3 is set to be released on the 2nd of December and will be the third part of his Oxygene albums for which his first part, from 1976 has become one of the most influential albums in electronic music.
You can watch the video here:

Last Movement stream new LP 3 replies

Italian psychedelic/noisegaze/post-punk band Last Movement, are streaming their new album Bloove at their official Bandcamp location.

The sophomore Last Movement was aired on November 18 as a self financed release.


Aenaon release third single 8 replies

Avant-garde black metallers, Aenaon, hailing from Greece, revealed a third song from their upcoming album, 'Hypnosophy', that is set to be released on November 25. The new track is called ''Earth Tomb'' and comes along with a video clip.

Need release Rememory 4 replies

Greek progressive metallers Need have revealed a new single with a video clip, titled ''Rememory''.

Their upcoming album Hegaiamas is the successor of the 2014 album, Orvam: A Song from Home

Hegaiamas is set to be released on January 17, 2017.

CiLiCe returns with an orchestra 10 replies

CiLiCe, a so called 'djent' band from The Netherlands, is reunited and will be releasing a new record. Theo Holsheimer, the lead-guitarist, got the band back together for a new release. Their last record, 'Deranged Headtrip', was released in 2009 and we haven't heard from the band since then. The new record will still have the low tuned chugging and industrial soundscapes, but is backed up by an orchestra playing a mix between classical and jazz music.

Check out some previews on their Facebook page:

The record will be released at the end of this fall, check out some more info about the project on Theo's website:

Tuesday, November 22nd

While She Sleeps Share Song 28 replies

UK metalcore quintet, While She Sleeps, have released a video for 'Hurricane'. 'Hurricane' is the second single of their upcoming third LP, 'You are We'. 'You are We' is scheduled for independent release on April 21st.

Their previous single 'Civil Isolation' can be streamed below.

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