Friday, April 29th

Bear vs. Shark Reunion? 0 replies

Bear vs. Shark, who have been inactive since 2005, seem to have something brewing. New Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the band have appeared with new artwork

Bars of Gold, a group featuring 2 former members of Bear vs. Shark, also posted a status stating "Hey...*cough*... some rumblings going on ..." with a link to a new website.

Rage unveil new single 3 replies

After some touring and an EP to warm up the new line-up, German power/speed metallers Rage shared a new track coming from the upcoming The Devil Strikes Again, Peavy Wagner's ninteenth full length release under the Rage name. The album will be available starting June 10th.

Stream 'Spirits of the Night':

'My Way', off of the omonimous EP, is part of the new album as well. Stream:

Pre-order The Devil Strikes Again:

British Theatre album stream 2 replies

Ex-Oceansize members Mike Vennart and Richard A Ingram "Gambler" are streaming their full length debut album 'Mastery' on The Independent. Available through Pledge Music now.


1. Blue Horror
2. The Cull
3. Dinosaur
4. The Coldest Of Shoulders
5. Capra
6. Newman
7. Cross The Swords
8. Gold Bruise
9. Thunderlips
10. Favour The Brave
11. Mastery

Thursday, April 28th

Chino Moreno/Bad Brains form supergroup 20 replies

Deftones' lead singer Chino Moreno has joined forces with Dr. Know (who recently suffered a severe heart attack) and Mackie Jayson of Bad Brains and Chuck Doom of Crosses to form the new supergroup, Saudade. Along with this announcement, the group also released the self-titled song via BitTorrent.

As of now, no new information has been posted about the band.

Listen to 'Saudade' here:

Kerli releases "Blossom" video 6 replies

Estonian BubbleGoth icon Kerli Kõiv has released a new song from her upcoming second album. The album, which is currently untitled, is indicating a direction somewhere between the melancholic gothic pop of 2008's Love Is Dead and the more upbeat EDM of 2013 EP Utopia.
Listen to the track below. The untitled Kerli album is due out on 21 September via Kerli's own label, Tiny Cute Monster.

New Emarosa track 16 replies

Post-hardcore group Emarosa have announced that they have signed with Hopeless Records, and have also released a new song, titled "Cloud 9". The song is the first single from their upcoming fourth full-length album, 131, which was announced alongside the release of the single. 131 will be released on July 8th, and can be pre-ordered at

Check out "Cloud 9" below:

New Starflyer 59 Song/Album 6 replies

Long-running California shoegaze band Starflyer 59 have returned to their former label Tooth & Nail Records to release their 14th LP, entitled SLOW. This marks the end of a six-year absence from the label, during which time the band independently released their previous album, IAMACEO.

Ahead of the album's June 17th release date, Starflyer 59 have also posted the first single, "Wrongtime," on Tooth & Nail's Soundcloud page. You can listen to the song at the link below:

1. Slow
2. Told Me So
3. Cherokee
4. Hi Low
5. Wrongtime
6. Retired
7. Runaround
8. Numb

Brontide release acoustic EP 9 replies

Edit: There are two different bands called Brontide, an American and one from the UK, the album that is linked is from the American band. Disregard the text below. My apologies.

The instrumental band Brontide have just released an acoustic album called The Color of Water. This album marks the first time the band makes use of extensive vocals and more traditional song structures and is quite different to their previous outings.

The album is streaming on Bandcamp.

New Ace Frehley / Paul Stanley Video 3 replies

After 14 years of drama, Kiss legends Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley release a music video for "Fire and Water" by Free; as part of Frehley's new cover album Origins, Vol. 1 which was released on April 13th.

In an interview with the Rolling Stone, Frehley quoted"He jumped at the chance to do this because it's something that's outside of Kiss and his character in Kiss, and it gave him a chance to, you know, sing. With Paul, you usually think of him singing in a slightly higher register, and on 'Fire and Water,' he's singing deep from his diaphragm, and it's a real cool vocal. Everyone who's heard it just thinks it's the shit."

Read more from Rolling Stone:

Listen to Fire and Water here:

Otep reveals single and music video 8 replies

Alternative metal band Otep have released a new single entitled "In Cold Blood," accompained with a music video. This is the lead single from their new album "Generation Doom," which was released on April 15th, through Napalm Records and reached the number 109 on the Billboard 200 chart.

For the new music, check the video below:

New blink-182 single 69 replies

Blink-182 have released the first single from their upcoming album California, the first song released since founding member Tom Delonge left the band last year. The sudden and unplanned release of the single, titled 'Bored To Death', is due to a leak of the song ending up online. California will be released on July 1st. You can stream the song below.

Wednesday, April 27th

Boring Bathtimes new song 7 replies

Boring Bathtimes have released a new track from the highly anticipated upcoming album Souls in a World of Dense Air.

The upcoming album explores the journey of two beings as they explore companionship through intimate and intense experiences which lead them to ultimately confronting their own mortality, as well as the mortality of the natural world.

Stream the track here:

Busted recruit Cobus 4 replies

British pop rock trio Busted have announced their new drummer for the upcoming Pigs Can Fly Tour supported by Wheatus and Emma Blackery, which begins at Wembley on May 11. Playing in the live shows will be Pieter Jacobus "Cobus" Potgieter, who is best known for his YouTube channel and covers of various bands including Breaking Benjamin and Fightstar. He is currently the second most subscribed to drummer on YouTube. It is not thought that he will be a permanent member of the band.

Busted's as-yet-untitled third album is set for release in Autumn 2016. The band had promised new music before the tour begins in two weeks' time.

More information:

First single of Roots and Roads 1 replies

The Yossi Sassi band released the first single of their upcoming album. The song is called 'The Religion of Music' and features Zaher Zorgatti (Myrath) on vocal duties. 'Roots and Roads' will be released on May 25th.

Check it out here:

New Unlocking the Truth song 7 replies

Metal trio Unlocking The Truth have released the first song from their anticipated debut album Chaos. The song, entitled "Take Control," hints at a nu-metal direction for the three Brooklyn youngsters.

Chaos will be released on June 17.

Listen to "Take Control" here:

Thrice release Black Honey 53 replies

Thrice have released "Black Honey," their second single for their comeback album: To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere.

In an interview with NPR, singer Dustin Kensrue writes:

"Lyrically, the song spawned from an image that popped into my head: someone continually swatting at a swarm of bees to get their honey, but somehow not understanding why they would sting back in return."

Thrice's 9th studio album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is due out May 27th on Vagrant.

Roosevelt announces debut LP 1 replies

Cologne-based indie pop/electronic producer Roosevelt today announced his debut album "Roosevelt". It will be released on 19 August via Greco-Roman / City Slang. Simultaneously, he shared a new video, set to two tracks from the new album.

Watch "Colours / Moving On" on Youtube:

Roosevelt on Facebook:

Ocean Grove sign to UNFD/Rise 16 replies

Melbourne based nu-metal/punk outfit Ocean Grove today announced that they have signed with UNFD in Australia and Rise Records for overseas distribution and released a music video for "Lights On Kind Of Lover", a bonus track from last years Black Label EP

Pierce the Veil share new song 29 replies

Post-hardcore four-piece Pierce the Veil have released "Circles" two weeks ahead of the San Diego outfit's May 13 release of Misadventures, the band's fourth full-length entry in its discography. Misadventures follows four years after the commercially and critically successful Collide with the Sky.

Tuesday, April 26th

Periphery announce new album and tour 90 replies

American progressive metal/djent band Periphery have announced the release of a new album, entitled "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", which will be released on July 22nd.

Also the band will embark on the Sonic Unrest Tour among the United States, with special guests CHON, Toothgrinder and SikTh (the latter will play on the USA for the first time).

The official source is on this link:

Five Finger Death Punch sued 53 replies

Mainstream metal band Five Finger Death punch are being sued by their record label Prospect Park.

The label accused the band of "shamelessly attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall of their addicted bandmate." Prospect Park also accused the band of failing to deliver another album as well as a greatest hits collection.

Prospect is currently seeking declaratory judgment that Five Finger Death Punch not only breached its contract with the label, but that they had no right to terminate it either (As the band threatened to move to a different label for the concern of lead vocalist Ivan Moody, who is currently dealing with Alcoholism). The label is also seeking an injunction and compensation.

The band has not issued a statement on the matter as of yet.

Read the full article here:

New music video by Balthazar 0 replies

Belgian indie pop band Balthazar released a new music video for their new single "Wait Any Longer" from their 2015 album Thin Walls. The live video shows footage of the band performing the song on their Thin Walls Tour, with the audio pulled from their performance at Forest National in Brussels, Belgium in November 2015. The performance also serves as the first single off their "Wait Any Longer" live EP, collecting four performances from their recent Europe tour.

Balthazar on Facebook:

New If These Trees Could Talk 9 replies

Ohio post rock band If These Trees Could Talk have released a new song "Solstice" from their upcoming album Bones Of A Dying World which is to be released on June 3rd.

Amenra release Alive 13 replies

Belgian post metal band Amenra have released their first full-length live album, the acoustic Alive. As the name suggests, the album is a sequel of sorts to the 2009 EP Afterlife, whose tracks have all been re-recorded for Alive. The new album furthermore features acoustic renditions of other Amenra tracks, but also new collaborations with poet Sofie Verdoodt, and covers of Tool's 'Parabol' and 'Het Dorp' by Belgian folk musician Zjef Vanuytsel.

Alive is available from Consouling at

Listen to the acoustic version of 'Razoreater' here:

Be'lakor Fire Off New Single 20 replies

Melbourne metal musicians Be'lakor have released "An Ember's Arc," a new single off their upcoming album. "Vessels" will be their first shipped album since 2012's "Of Breath and Bone" and is now available for pre-order from Napalm Records.

Envy singer leaves band 24 replies

Tetsuya Fukagawa, vocalist and founding member of the highly influential post-rock/hardcore outfit Envy has decided to leave the band. The following statement was issued by the band on April 1st via their facebook page:

"Statement - April 2016

Tetsuya Fukagawa, our vocalist who has been with us since the beginning, has decided to leave the band.

The remaining four members, Nobukata Kawai, Dairoku Seki, Masahiro Tobita and Manabu Nakagawa will continue on as envy.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past twenty years with Tetsu.
In consideration of these years and out of respect for all involved, we ask everyone to understand this is a private decision.

We wish Tetsu the best of luck and hope for all of his future endeavours to be successful.
We will still be playing at the Synchronicity ’16 - After Hours show on April 24th, featuring a few of our friends as guest vocalist. ...more

New Gates Album 22 replies

New Jersey indie rock band Gates have announced the release of their sophomore record, titled Parallel Lives, which is to be released on June 3rd.

You can listen to their new single "Habit" below:

Aesop Rock streams new album 61 replies

Aesop Rock has graciously provided us with a full album stream of The Impossible Kid, ahead of the April 29th official release date, via Rhymesayers Entertainment. He has also accompanied the album with a music video for the entire thing, that appears to be a child-like vague recreation of the 1980 movie, The Shining.

Watch the video/listen to the album here:

Monday, April 25th

Septa releases new EP 2 replies

Ukrainian alternative metal band Septa has released a new EP titled 'Ropes.' The title comes from the band's first single on their upcoming third album, which is set to be released this fall. The EP contains the title track, a B-side, a cover of Poison the Well's classic 'Botchla', and a remix by Kiev-based musician stonefromthesky.

The EP is available for free via Bandcamp:

No New Buckethead in a Month 51 replies

For the first time in 3 years, Buckethead has not released an album in his Pike series in almost a month. The last album he released was on March 31; it was called Coupon and was Pike 234. This may be because he's been too busy with his tour which began on April 15 that he can't release a new album every 2 days like he's done for the past year. A list of full tour dates can be found at the link below:

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