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Kayo Dot Ranked

Kayo Dot are hugely inconsistent... also I'm going to make a list in honor of the new album "Coffins on Io". - gs3k
7Kayo Dot

Wish I felt the hype. Hubardo, as the lacklustre title and album cover suggest, this really just flew over my head. I know, ever since Gamma Knife, Toby has become more and more interested in metal music once again, pretty much coming full circle just after he began to explore softer sounds in Coyote and Blue Lambency Downward. Thing is though, like Gamma Knife, this is once again, a maelstrom of different ideas coming at you at lightspeed. While that was a five track EP, this is a huge 2 hour long double-album and it's just too much to take in. I understand Toby sort of wanted this to be a bit of a ten year anniversary special for the band, sort of like The Seer by Swans, in how he combines all previous sounds of his musical career, starting with Maudlin of the Well. But this nostalgia for the good old days hurts the album a lot, because the death metal vocals really haven't aged well. I dunno. I'm still on my second listen, and there's some good bits, and maybe I just kind of realised I prefer Kayo Dot when they're in jazzy post-rock mode (Even though I love Choirs and Dowsing as much as everyone else), but Hubardo is just a huge mess of ideas that really don't grab my attention. I can see And He Built Him a Boat being stuck in my head in future, and I like The Second Operation, but for each good bit, or, as rare as it is, full good song, there's one or two weak ones to drown it out. Toby, leave your black metal side in Vaura. 1.5/5
6Kayo Dot

The issue with Coyote is that it is just, well, kind of boring. Most of these songs paddle around, directionless, and then end. Maybe that's because this is supposedly a long-form composition; either way, it's not very interesting music. Opener "Calonyction Girl" is the exception-- it has some cool riffs, and though the violin is a little nauseating at times, overall the song works. 2.2/5
5Kayo Dot
Gamma Knife

It's got some brilliant moments - the wonderful opening track and the sections scattered throughout the album where their kitchen-sink eclecticism works properly, but ultimately I have to echo the other reviews here - it's muddled. It's impossible to engage with because by the time you've got your head meshed with the sounds, it's already changed to something else. It flips without warning from chamber music to experimental jazz to black metal to prog to ambient to chamber music all before you've even realised what's happening and frankly, it ruins the listening experience. There's plenty to like about this album, but it can get buried or tossed aside as they maniaically switch to idea to idea like an ADD toddler in a toy shop. It makes you wonder how good this could have been if they had a sense of restraint, if they could stick with just a few of their ideas and work on bringing them together. Like so much experimental music, it can feel like a bit of a wasted opportunity, which is sad because I want to like this, there are still parts which are obviously excellent, but the haphazard, scatterbrained approach to constructing songs just breaks up the immersion too badly, it becomes choppy and irritating. 2.5/5
4Kayo Dot
Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue

The majority of the more intelligent and lengthy reviews I've seen seem to portray Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue as a masterpiece, and I'll be one to add to their already stellar comments. This album, like Choirs of the Eye, is impossible to digest in a single or even ten listens. Those that complain this album is "unlistenable" fail to devote time to understanding the concepts behind the work. Like all experimental music, it's not going to be understood and digested by all. The album is divided into five movements rather than a collection or ten or more songs. 3/5
3Kayo Dot
Coffins on Io

Debería castigar a esta banda por un diseño de portada, tan antiestético (por cierto, soy fanático incondicional de los bostonianos). En este álbum juego con elementos ochenteros (New Wave, Post-Punk..), pero siempre con su tufo característico Experimental y Progresivo, lo cual se agradece. La producción no me ha gustado mucho (¿o será que la versión en mp3 que descargué esta algo pasada ?por agua??). La reseña del rymer, que precede mi reseña, dice que se alegra de no ser la única persona que le gusta la música hecho fuera de las Lunas de Júpiter (a menos que no haya podido traducir bien), justo yo pensaba lo contrario, esta música no es terrícola! Ja! La música que hace Kayo Dot, es la típica que hacen las bandas a las que amas u odias, y cuyo trabajo debes irlo digiriendo de poco a poco? como comer un chocolate, o catar un vino, y luego beberlo con pausas entre sorbo y sorbo. O como las mejores fragancias: su potencial esta en el secado? Me ha parecido sentir algunos deja vu de Anathema (en temas como "The Mortality of Doves" es bastante evidente). En este album, nos traen una propuesta musical, menos experimental. Su única deficiencia (quizás): Ya Radiohead hizo algo parecido, en sus álbumes de la primera década del nuevo milenio, a lo que presenta esta banda en este álbum. De no ser por este detalle, me hubiese ido directo al 5.0 en el rating!. 3.6/5
2Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

An intricately composed and meticulously detailed work of art. Choirs of the Eye is a masterwork in organic, avant-garde songwriting- the record contains genres as diverse as jazz, ambient, black metal, and progressive rock, and still manages to maintain flow. No moment feels out of place or wasted. The production is similarly stellar. It is said that some of the songs here used over one hundred tracks in their recording, yet every note of every instrument is clear, and their tones are fantastic. Choirs of the Eye excels in every facet, and is a modern classic. 4.1/5
1Kayo Dot
Blue Lambency Downward

People bitched about this being less "together" than Kayo Dot's first two efforts, but honestly, I see Blue Lambency as a logical progression from them. Choirs of the Eye was the most musical, traditionally, Dowsing Anemone was still heavily rooted in metal structures, but wasn't afraid to branch out into extended song structures through drone doom sloggings, ambience and silence. This one is a further adaption into the negative spaces, by being pieced together from fairly sparse and threadbare avant-garde songwriting. Credit where it's due though, this album is basically played by Toby and Mia exclusively, with occasional session musicians. So yeah, I see why the folks on metal forums gave this a bad rap, but for fans of avant-jazz and chamber music, this is a treat. The best way to describe this album is kind of a notebook of sketches and ideas that have been wrapped together. There's no real songs here, just collections of Toby's ideas. However, as usual, his vocal melodies keep the music from feeling too unorganised. It's a tough listen, let's be honest, but in some ways, it's Kayo Dot's most rewarding effort. 4.8/5
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