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Linkin Park Ranked
7Linkin Park
Minutes to Midnight

Very disappointing release. Linkin Park has changed its direction completely and now sounds like every other band around. I hope that their next album would be better as some other artists which also lost something along the way, trying to redefine their style (like Korn for example), improved significantly on their latter stuff. If "Minutes to Midnight" were only a passing stage, then I would be rather satisfied. As for now, the only good points here are "No More Sorrow" and "Bleed It Out" (which quite resemble their past works) along with the first single "What I've Done". The best improvement (if we could speak of any) is that bass guitar is finally clearly audible. However, it's a shame that guys had to employ Rick Rubin to achieve this fabulous effect. 1/5
6Linkin Park
A Thousand Suns

It appears as if Nu-Metal bands just refuse to admit defeat, out to torment all of us by rehashing the "Glory Days". Take Taproot and their newest album, which sounds strangely out of time--a dated band recycling old ideas, alone and forgotten. So what should be said about bands like Linkin Park, that are trying to expand their sonic palette and refuse to simply release the same album a-la Pennywise? Should we praise their daring and cut them some slack for their vision? Fans of the band certainly seem to think so. Many comments about the album emphasize Linkin Park's refusal to conform to a particular sound and demand that at least the album should be respected for its experimental edge. Professional critics also seem to be impressed, with the band receiving glowing reviews from Artist Direct, Kerrang! Magazine and MTV; the album was even compared to Radiohead's landmark Kid A album and Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon. Does the album live up to such gargantuan standards in the music world? If you do not feel like reading the rest of this review (and quite understandably so, as it promises to be fairly lengthy), the simple answer is: not by a long shot. Who couldn't be intrigued by their new album? Promising to be an experimental affair, its very title suggesting nuclear Armageddon, one could easily overlook the lackluster previews of the album's songs. Besides, to be compared to Kid A and Dark Side of the Moon is a tremendous honor, and maybe, just maybe, Linkin Park did have some talent that had managed to remain hidden since their formation in 1996. Alas, no such thing. Linkin Park continues to shy away from the Nu-Metal/Rap-Rock of their early days in favor of the brooding, pensive feel of their 2007 album. To be honest, this isn't really a set-back. As a Metal band, Linkin Park was an atrocity, their down-tuned guitars never reaching any significant level of aggression and their songs so predictable and so deprived of interesting riffs, to rank them as a metal band would have them lower than Slipknot. They fared no better as a Hard Rock outfit, as they went for the angsty-teenage rage that made you a big star back in the late-90's, a sound which they revived with Hybrid Theory and Meteora (much to the disdain of music critics, metal-heads, and basically anyone tired with the Papa Roaches of the 21st Century). So it really isn't much of a concern that they all but left their pseudo-metal origins--in fact, it was a relief. 2.3/5
5Linkin Park
Living Things

Arguably the band's best and most cohesive work since Meteora or even Hybrid Theory (later topped), though to most without the nostalgia this will probably reign as a hollow compliment. 2.6/5
4Linkin Park

To begin with, a general thought of me is that to criticize something you have to feel it and know everything about it. People who don't have the faintest idea about something or just say what they have heard others say should better keep their mouth closed. In this case, we talk about MUSIC, a simple word with few letters..but its importance can't be's a word with a lot of meanings . . . . . Well, I have heard countless persons making fun of Linkin Park -included this album- and I can't imagine how they think. I know everyone has his own taste and opinion in music and we have to respect it..But I really can't understand those who say that Linkin Park is a band just for immature teens to listen...I completely disagree with them. Of course better music rhymes,riffs etc have been through the years but it's good for people to have an 'open ear', willing to listen everything no matter if or not like it at the end..just not to be snob without having a taste first. Every song's lyric from Meteora describe exactly the way i feel and I find the music and the vocals quite excellent. ..ok now that I see the rocks Meteora opposite my balcony I think that there's one more reason for Meteora being my favourite LP's album , what a coincidence to live under the rocks that inspired my favorite band to name my favorite album like that ! 3.2/5
3Linkin Park

Everytime I read reviews written by average people on the internet about Linkin Park I get confused. Lots of people seem to feel the need to point out how they are the epitome of mainstream, yet I've never really seen anyone claiming they're not. Of course Linkin Park is mainstream music, it's typical pop of the 00's. But so what? They're in no way exceptional, but then the same thing can be said for a lot of truly "underground" stuff - Informatik, Heltah Skeltah, Dir en Grey to name a few. I mean, you rarely read reviews about Dire Straits, Manowar, Cypress Hill etc. complaining about how they're mainstream? (Or at least I haven't come across any.) With that short rant out of the way, let's get on to the actual review. I got this album expecting some light-weight rap-metal with a techno touch, and hey, guess what? That's exactly what I got. Catchy tunes with details that keeps me interested. And at least two stellar guest performances, by Black Thought and Pharoahe Monch, two of my favorite rappers. I also don't see why people feel the need to bash this album in comparison to Hybrid Theory. I sincerely think the mixes bring something different to the songs, making them more club-friendly and in most cases making them groovier than the originals. The only reason I actually took the time to write this review however, is that I think there needs to be some nuance. I mean, come on, this is by no stretch of the imagination one of the worst albums ever. It is a finely crafted, very well produced, piece of techno/pop/rap with a touch of metal. Of course, many people today don't seem to be interested in the actual music, but instead focus on everything around it - the media hype, band image, general conception and last, but by no way least, the social status conferred by listening to/bashing/appreciating certain kinds of music. 3.6/5
2Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Not a track is out of place here. Most fans should be able to relate to the angry white boy romp that these musical geniuses have mastered. "Hybrid Theory" is a record that towers over other less worthy rock acts, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and King Crimson. Besides, those bands are really old and nobody cares about their stuff anymore. It just isn't relevant today. Not only that, but this record is extremely brutal and bonecrushingly heavy. You can really feel the lead singer's pain when he shouts lines like "shut up when I'm talking to you!" and "I wanna run away/never say goodbye". This record led me to believe that there is always some sort of beauty in pretentious, heartbroken, made-for-radio rock. So just ignore the fact that this was probably pieced together by a legion of money-hungry label executives who sat around one day, wondering how they could dupe the American masses. We've never been a tough crowd to fool. Instead, focus on the sheer passion and depth of "In the End", the greatest nu-metal ballad of all times. And that's saying a lot. If you can sift through the pounding, down tuned riffs and jaw-dropping vocals and generic yet hypnotizing drum solos which are completely nonexistent on "Hybrid Theory", you'll have a much wider appreciation of the band's craft. I promise you this, and I know a lot about music more than anybody ever has before. Even the hardcore raps, which have a gritty street feel and sense of honesty about them, are enough to make this worthy for any fan of commercialized, formulaic pop. You'd be a fool not to buy "Hybrid Theory". And, considering that it'll be a favorite of 99 cent gas station CD bins in the years to come, who wouldn't want to get their hands on this? 4/5
1Linkin Park
The Hunting Party

Easily their best album to date. 4.7/5
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