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25 Love Songs

A bunch of great lyrics from 69 Love Songs by The rMagnetic Fields. Heavily biased toward the first rdisc because it's the one I'm the most familiar rwith, and perhaps the best of the three. Stephin rMerritt does a wonderful job of combining rsincerity, wit, and sarcasm in this album, which ris one reason the lyrics are so fantastic.
1The Magnetic Fields
Absolutely Cuckoo

Know now that I'm on the make. And if you make a mistake, my heart will
certainly break. I'll have to jump in a lake, and all my friends will blame
There's no telling what they'll do. It's only fair to tell you: I'm absolutely
2I Don't Believe In The Sun

They say there's a sun in the sky...but me, I can't imagine why. There might
been one before you were gone, but now all I see is the night.
3Reno Dakota

Reno Dakota, there's not an iota of kindness in you. You know you enthrall me,
and yet you don't call me, it's making me blue. Pantone 292
4Come Back From San Francisco

Come back from San Francisco. It can't be all that pretty when all of New York
misses you. Should pretty boys in discos distract you from your novel, remember
I'm awful in love with you...You need me, like the wind needs the trees to blow
like the moon needs poetry. You need me.
5The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side

Andy would bicycle across town in the rain to bring you candy. And John would
buy the gown, for you to wear to the prom with Tom the astronomer, who'd name
a star for you...But I'm the luckiest guy, on the Lower East Side. 'Cause I've
wheels, and you wanna go for a ride. [...] The day is beautiful, and so are
you. My
car is ugly, but then, I'm ugly too. I know you'd never give me a second
But when the weather's nice all the other guys don't stand a chance.
6All My Little Words

Now that you've made me want to die, you tell me that you're unboyfriendable.
And I could make you pay and pay, but I could never make you stay...Not for all
the tea in China; not if I could sing like a bird, not for all North Carolina;
not for all
my little words. Not if I could write for you, the sweetest song you ever
heard. It
doesn't matter what I do; not for all my little words.
7I Don't Want To Get Over You

I guess I should take Prozac, right? And just smile all night at somebody new.
Somebody not too bright, but sweet and kind, who would try to get you off my
mind. [...] I could make a career of being blue. I could dress in black and
Camus, smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth, like I was seventeen. That
would be a scream, but I don't want to get over you.
8I Think I Need A New Heart

You've lied, too, but it's a sin that I can't tell the truth. 'Cause it all
comes out
wrong unless I put it in a song, so the radio plays, "I Think I Need a New
just for you.
9The Book of Love

The Book of Love is long and boring, and written very long ago. It's full of
and heart-shaped boxes, and things we're all too young to know.
10The One You Really Love

I gaze into your eyes of blue, but their beauty is not for me. You're thinking
someone who's gone, you're dreaming of the one you really love.
11A Pretty Girl is Like...

A pretty girl is like a violent crime: If you do it wrong, you could do time.
But if
you do it right, it is sublime...I'm so in love with you, girl, it's like I'm
on the
moon. I can't really breathe but I feel lighter.
12My Sentimental Melody

I live on the blue planet, that I saw in your eyes. But now I can't stay,
knowing it's
made of beautiful lies. [...] Love can kill people, can't it. Well it still may
kill me.
Each drop of rain is a glass of champagne. It's sweet and it's free.
13Nothing Matters When We're Dancing

You've never been more beautiful, you're eyes like two full moons, as here in
poor old dance hall, among the dreadful tunes. The awful songs we don't even
14Sweet-Lovin' Man

There's an hour of sunshine for a million years of rain, but somehow that
seems to be enough. When love falls from the sky, nobody ever asks why. You
just take it or you leave it where it was.
15Time Enough For Rocking When We're Old

There'll be time enough for sex and drugs in Heaven, when our pheromones are
turned up to 11. But tonight I think I'd rather just go dancing. There'll be
enough for sex and drugs in Heaven, my love, and time enough for rocking when
we're old.
16Long-Forgotten Fairytale

I guess you've had your little joke, but I have lost my sense of humor. My
medication's wearing off, for it's just not strong enough, to cover this.
17Papa Was A Rodeo

I like your twisted point of view, Mike. I like your questioning eyebrows.
made it pretty clear what you like, it's only fair to tell you now...that I
leave early
in the morning, and I won't be back till next year. I see that kiss-me pucker
forming, but maybe you should plug it with a beer.
18The Way You Say Goodnight

The way you say goodnight, I dream of all day long. Oh, I could write a song
about the way you say goodnight...
19I'm Sorry I Love You

Do not listen to my song. Don't remember it, don't sing along. Let's pretend
it's a
work of art. Let's pretend it's not my heart.
20The Death of Ferdinand De Saussure

I'm just a great composer, and not a violent man. But I lost my composure, and
shot Ferdinand.
21How To Say Goodbye

You can't open your mouth without telling a lie. But baby, you know how to say
22Queen of the Savages

My girl is the queen of the jungle folk. You should see the things we see when
smoke. We think all of life is a funny joke. She's sharp as a tack, I don't
care if I
never get back.

And if some dim bulb should say we were in love in some way, kick all his teeth
for me. And if you feel like keeping on kicking, feel free...Meaningless, who
say it wasn't meaningless? Shout from the rooftops, and address the press. Ha
ha, it was totally meaningless.
24Bitter Tears

And as I tell everyone, crying all the time is fun. Bitter tears keep me going,
through the years, freely flowing. What have you done? Only a gun could stop
these bitter tears.
25If You Don't Cry

Softly the crystals falling on 17th Street do their dance and die and are gone.
Millions of crystal balls roll around your feet and nothing gets done. An hour
goes by, she doesn't. If you don't cry, it isn't love. If you don't cry, then
you just
feel it deep enough.
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