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Rec me your favorite creation

Lets get some hype for the music creators on sputnik. I want to hear your personal favorite track, song, composition, or whatever that you have made. Tell me how it was made, its inspirations, why it is special to you or anything else interesting and I will add you to the list. I'll start.
1The Phonies
A Mellow Extinction

Argument - All the electronics in my music up to this point have been made by programmed computer software, but for this track I received my dad's old 80's synthesizer (with floppy disk slots included). The synth had such a unique sound so I recorded a series of chords that I continued to slow down and speed up. I then recorded multiple layers of piano and drums on different speeds. When brought back to the original speed the song has such a hectic but uplifting feeling to it; completely changing the direction of the album. It felt really to cool to combine older technology with more modern like techniques to create a song.
2Single Soul
cold drone blues expanded

abby is pretty let's go to albertson's - i tried not to over-analyze any of the parts i was writing for it and as a result i ended up with this long seamless piece that captured all the moods i was aiming for in the right order, with the right dynamic shifts.
3Traveler (MO)
Something Blue

In Repair and Disappear Here - They're very near and dear cause it's a culmination of what I listened to in high school a lot and having fun with it. Nostalgia trip for me while doing new things for me.

Downpour - At the risk of sounding totally cliche I'll say that music is the only way I can really understand my feelings. When I put music together I always try and pour out how I feel into the songs. With Downpour, the whole EP really, I learned things about myself that I didn't know were there. Regrets and pain over decisions I though I was comfortable with, etc.
5Tyler Lemerise
6The Beatles
The Beatles

L.T. Brown - Miles Davis
7boring bathtimes
Souls in a World of Dense Air

A World of Dense Air (vii) - My favourite is hands down the last track on my last album. i was shooting for something huge with that album and i think that track encompasses the idea of transcending ones life into a cyclic existence perfectly. Through how the track flows and the soaring and wandering outro, its hard to even realise that i made it.
It also might be worth noting that a lot of it was improvised and what you hear is me playing it for the first time.
8The Beatles
The Beatles

Flugmorph's Epic Score.
its really bad btw
and the other one
9Echo Tail
Drowning the Pacific

Ends to a Mean - This was the first track I recorded properly for the new album and the first track I have ever done with an acoustic guitar. I wrote the lyrics at a pretty stressed time a few months back with feelings of isolation, recorded the track on a rainy day also which reflects on the lyrics. I did the acoustic rhythm and singing all in one take to make it sound more authentic and raw, and was pretty happy how it turned out. The heavier half of the track was heavily influenced by the Thrice track 'Stand and Feel Your Worth' off the Vheissu album, was listening to a lot during recording. Ends to a Mean is a personal highlight for me so far with the band.

I miss Fireabove with all my heart
11Sensory Deprivation

Miss Emma - i firmly believe i will never top this, the chord progression i came up with just emits so much sadness, especially when played behind the subject matter. for some reason, i have this morbid fascination with drug addiction, specifically heroin, and i have family and shit who has died of it, so it's sensitive of course. the whole atmosphere of the song to me is exactly what the album cover is too, which is my favorite part about listening to it. like i said, i doubt i'll ever top this, but i don't really care to either quite honestly. drumming is also some of my favorite i've done, specifically during that build at the end, where the bass drones until the explosion. that guitar cracking during that part was unintentional, but it's integral to the song imo.
12Ethereal Shroud
They Became the Falling Ash
Of Solitude and Solemn
13Lifeless (RUS)
Unstable Structures

NS1 - inspired by Boards of Canada's Gyroscope (Geogaddi), where child voice (or is it woman) repeating random numbers, kind of strange atmosphere. So I took a sample from the same album (The Conet Project) and put a sad piano music on it.
14Lost Salt Blood Purges
Only the Youngest Grave

Lanthanesthai - The bulk of the piece (i.e. the back-half noisy drone section) came about completely randomly. I was playing with a cheap distortion pedal and hitting my guitar with bass drum hammers, obfuscating the strings and fucking around with the amp and shit. It turned out to work really well for the sake of this piece, and I improv'd some stupid drum parts, saxophone, violins, etc. to go with it. In the front half of the track I'd had these droning feedback sounds since the very beginning of the recording process for the album and had nothing to do with them until this track came to be, and I devised the saxophone line and broke out into the drum section. Then Mark (from Echo Tail) was good enough to understand what I was going for when he designed the guitar line that supports that main rhythm. Overall, this is my favourite track on the album and the one I'm most proud of, since I was almost 100% sure I couldn't pull off the sound I wanted to...but did, somehow.
15The Heist Revenge
Taunt Me, Daunt Me, Do It Again

Fickle - About a month before releasing it and the other 5 songs on that EP, I had strep and mono at the same time, had to be hospitalized twice and missed 3 weeks of class in my first semester at college. When I returned to campus, my (first) girlfriend, who had given me the mono, had revealed she'd been seeing someone else while I was away and decided to call it quits. Between the overwhelming workload to catch up on, the lack of energy from the lingering mono, and being an emotional wreck from the breakup, the final month that semester was taxing as hell and led to me channeling all that stress into a handful of songs I uncharacteristically wrote and recorded within about 2 weeks - my preferred process is to drag the writing process out and fine-tune everything, but I was afraid to let myself out of the zone here and I needed to let the stress out sooner rather than later.
16The Heist Revenge
Taunt Me, Daunt Me, Do It Again

(cont.)I'm not very satisfied with the end result of most of those songs; it also doesn't help that I don't primarily write acoustic stuff and all I could use for this was an acoustic guitar and vox with a borrowed microphone I had to return which added more pressure to get it done quickly. But "Fickle," man, the whole thing came together so smoothly and the recording, which was in one take, is easily the objective "best" recording I've done to date. I normally don't write about love, but with everything going on then and some remaining awkwardness about my parents' divorce 3 years prior, all this anxiousness just came out in one of my best sets of lyrics yet, and I dunno, I guess it just felt really cathartic. The following spring, it became the first original song I performed live, and people seemed to love it. So yeah, probably my favorite creation.
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