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I Beat Bloodborne!

I have now beaten Bloodborne and I loved it. I wouldn't say that this game is as good as Dark Souls, but it's design and atmosphere are absolutely stunning. The combat is fast and addicting, and the bosses are great, so I'm gonna rank them from hardest to easiest, including the "Mini-Bosses" Let me know how this one compares to anyone elses
1Gay Witch Abortion

Witch of Hemwick
The easiest boss in the game really, and not very fun or well designed. The battle consists of you running in a circle till you find her! Fun. Hemwick as an area, is fantastic though- OH also fuck those dogs
2Blue Oyster Cult
Fire of Unknown Origin

Celestial Emissary
Get your Luddy and just Charge attack over and over there ya go done.
the Upper Cathedral Ward was one of the most rage inducing areas, had to cheese the wolves and then the Brainsuckers in this area.... jesus christ, they are the most annoying fucking thing in the game
3Black Sabbath

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
My least favorite boss in the entire game, its very very poorly executed. You just run around for five minutes then wail on him. That's it, Fuck this guy
4The Ghost of a Thousand
This Is Where The Fight Begins

Cleric Beast
A good first boss battle, lets you get used to the combat system and he's pretty easy.
Dog's Blood

Blood-Starved Beast
Only healed once, I just wailed on him. Apparently people have a lot of trouble with him that I did not encounter
Petitioning the Empty Sky

Darkbeast Paarl
If you have a long weapon, like Ludwig's sword, this enemy is kinda sad. Second try I rolled once then stagger locked his entire health away, without him getting a hit on me. The design on him is fantastic
Losing Youth

Moon Presence
The secret ending boss and he's kind of a pushover. He almost killed me a few times, but he's a very straightforward boss, who's only difficult because he blocks your healing
8Nurse With Wound
Shipwreck Radio Volume Two

Mergos Wet Nurse
The final required boss, her design and music are incredible, this fight oozes with atmosphere, the only time this gets panicking though is when she summons duplicates of herself and you have to just rooooolll
9Lich King
Necromantic Maelstrom

Martyr Logarius
Forsaken Castle Cainhurst is probably the coolest area in the entire game and this bossfight is awesome, its pretty much a PvP, it's stressful, but not very hard.
10Against Me!
As the Eternal Cowboy

Not an actual boss, but might as well be, he was intense, like most Hunter Vs Hunter fights, and my first one.
Shouldn't have killed him, but I did, cause I did not know
11Every Time I Die
From Parts Unknown

The Nightmare Frontier in general is pretty awful, its just one of the worst areas in the game, its boring and its not very fun, which is a shame because the lore behind it is soooo goood, and the Lecture Hall is an amazing area of the game. The boss doesn't shape up to be much fun either, this is probably an area I'd skip in the future

Ebietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
God Damn she's freaky. One of my favorite bosses and her lore is awesome. This fight is all about stamina and vial management, you need to almost always be at full health, cause her charge will fuck you up immediately, luckily she's not too hard with some circle strafes

Rom, The Vacuous Spider
Great Idea, Great Lore, Great Design, Great Atmosphere, and Great Character really, but horribly executed. Her Arcane magic is ridiculous, minions annoying, and the fight just all around tedious. It can become simple with the Tonitrus and clearing out his spiders in the first phase and just wail on him
14In Flames

The One Reborn
I had a bad time with this guy, not fully understanding the fight really or that you have to be on him all the time. He was a decent fight otherwise, gross, but awesome design. This area was one of my least favorite though, took a while before I just decided to run through most of it. Sad, really, cause this is one of the coolest feeling and looking area in the game

Gehrman, The First Hunter
From Software realllllly know how to make a final boss great, the area and music is absolutely stunning. The Fight itself is exhilarating, and will test every thing you know about the game. It's very similar to Gwyn in that it's a reluctant fight, Gehrman only fights back to prevent you from suffering his same fate, It's beautiful, melancholic, and my favorite Souls fight ever.
Blood Mountain

Vicar Amelia
I fucking love Amelia, she's a great fight, it's sad and beautiful. Oh and she's the coolest looking boss in the entire game. That being said, this fight is a bitch, she is the second time I got majorly hung up on a boss, I died to her countless times, until i finally somehow beat her.
Hangman's Hymn

Shadow of Yharman
God damn this fight man. I only beat them on my 3rd try cause I accidentally summoned a cooperator, otherwise I think I would have had numerous failed attempts under my belt. This fight just gets crazier and crazier as the time goes on and fucking snakes man FUCKING SNAKES. The second half of the forest is also awful, i hate it. fuck snakes.
18The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of Us Is the Killer

Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
This dude is intense. His pistol is a 2HKO and he is a master at parrying, Luckily he has the Chikage, which is his downfall. Just dodge till he tricks it and drains his health, when he tricks it Charge up your attack and repeat. Near the end of the fight he stops using it, making him an extreme pain in the ass, I'll admit I stood in the doorway and threw stuff at him till he died, no shame
The Hunter

Father Gascoigne
The first boss I encountered in this game, I was still base level when i fought him and i got him all the way down to his beast stage, and he fucked me up immediately. I was blown away, it was one of the most enthralling, exhilarating boss battles I've ever had, I was excited to get at it again.... and again.. and again. and again many many times more, till I no longer loved this fight and it became the bane of my existence. Every time I'd get him down to his beast stage he wrecks my shit, and it didn't help that I was piss poor at parrying. This is the fight that set me off from this game for about three months, till I decided I needed to beat it... and he got me over and over again, then i just said FUCK IT and summoned a friend for some jolly good cooperation. I still feel like I never beat him.
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