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Ignimbrite's 2014.5: Now and Later

the correct list
1 The Best So Far

...in no particular order unless noted otherwise

atmospheric black/folk metal: This is easily my favorite of the year so far. Roots
was fantastic, but this blows it out of the water. Fewer draggy parts, more inter-
song variation, the existence of "The Awakening"... Holy shit, this album is so
Roads to the North

atmospheric black/folk metal: This is Lunn's best album since 'Collapse.' It has
the aggression of 'Social Disservices' without the untrimmed fat of that album,
the atmosphere of 'On the Subject of Mortality' without the boring bits of that
album, and the diversity of 'Kentucky' without the disjointed, clunky songwriting
of that album. Fantastic stuff: his drumming here is particularly good.

post-metal/hardcore: Their debut was extremely solid, but their sophomore is
miles ahead in terms of songwriting, technical ability, and originality. This isn't
your average Cult of NeurIsis-worship post-metal: it's fast, aggressive, dynamic,
and powerful stuff. The 19-minute opener ("The Thinker") is spectacular.
5Dead Congregation
Promulgation of the Fall

death metal: I'll admit that I'm not that much of a death metal guy most of the
time (well, Ulcerate), but I thoroughly enjoyed this album. The production is raw
without being grating, the technical ability is impressive without hurting the
songwriting, and the riffs are fucking fantastic.
Distant Satellites

progressive rock/alternative: This is my first exposure to Anathema, but holy
shit, I'm in love with this album. There are a couple weaker tracks, but they are
more than compensated for by masterworks like "Dusk (Dark Is Descending),"
"The Lost Song, Pts. 1 & 2," and the title track. This man is an incredible singer.

sludge metal: This is the best Thou album to date, and that should be enough to
convince anyone to get on this.

black metal/hardcore/sludge metal: I have the new Teitanblood sitting on my
computer, waiting for me to listen to it, but until I do, 'Abalam' is easily the
most frightening and unrelenting album I've heard all year. It's fairly- one note,
but this hellish experience wasn't recorded for the sake of musical diversity.
9The Great Old Ones

atmospheric black metal/sludge metal: Fantastic French black metal with
Lovecraft-themed lyrics. It's a lot darker and heavier (despite the
experimentation, there seems to be a good amount of influence from second-
wave black metal here) than their fantastic but sometimes dragging debut.
Really, however much I enjoyed their first album, this is an improvement in
every way.
Melting Sun

metal/shoegaze: Lantlos ditch every trace of black metal (like Alcest, too, did
this year) and create their most interesting album yet (unlike Alcest did this
year). The vocals are a bit rough, but the production is spectacular and the album
flows like nothing else.
11The Body
I Shall Die Here

sludge metal/electronic/drone (?): This is almost as terrifying as the new Hexis,
albeit in a completely different way. I've loved the past couple albums from The
Body, but I won't deny that they had their share of dull patches. Collaborating
with dark ambient (?) producer The Haxan Cloak has fixed every problem they've
ever had: 'I Shall Die Here' is fresh, heavy, unique, compact, and unabashedly
fucked up.
12Mongol Horde
Mongol Horde

hardcore/post-hardcore: This fucking rips. Nice one, Frank Turner.
13Woods of Desolation
As the Stars

atmospheric black metal/blackgaze: It's not quite on the level of 2011's 'Torn
Beyond Reaon,' one of my favorite "blackgaze" albums, but despite the odd
production choices here, Woods of Desolation still manage to stand head-and-
shoulders above what almost anyone else involved in this kind- of-microgenre-
scene-niche thing could even dream of being. This is the prettiest anything black
metal can get.
The Embers of the Stars

atmospheric black metal: Just really, really solid all around. Not overproduced,
not draggy (even with 14-minute songs), and some fantastic riffs.
15 The Best to Come

Darkspace - Dark Space IV, but I've only heard unsubstantiated rumors about it
dropping this year.
16 Wardruna
Runaljod - Ragnarok

dark folk/tribal: I wasn't that big on 'Gap Var Ginnunga,' but 'Yggdrasil' is my
favorite dark folk-ish album that wasn't made by Tenhi, and considering that this
is the last in the Runaljod trilogy, I'm expecting this to be fantastic.
17 Fallujah
The Flesh Prevails

I mean, the two songs they've released so far are better than anything they've
ever done, so this can only be good.
18 Godflesh
A World Lit Only by Fire

industrial/sludge: hell yes
19 sleepmakeswaves
Love of Cartography

post-rock/post-metal: Their debut was one of the most exhilarating albums I've
ever heard, and this one should be just as good.
20 This Will Destroy You
Another Language

post-rock/drone: Some people think their past work was boring, and that this will
also be boring. Some people are wrong on both counts (subjectivity, opinions, etc
etc screw that).
21 Trenches

post-metal/metalcore: Assuming they actually fucking release this. God damn it,
I've wanted this since 2008 and they keep delaying (which I'm sure they have
good reasons for, but either way: bah, my needs are more important).
22 Rosetta
Flies to Flame

post-metal: 'The Anaesthete' may ahve been one of the biggest disappointments
of 2013 (in my opinion), but these guys have put out some pf my favorite post-
metal albums and I have faith in them.
23 *shels
Samwise the Demon

post-rock/post-metal: 'Plains of the Purple Buffalo' was fantastic, if a bit
lengthy, and this should be no different.
24 Yndi Halda

post-rock: Holy crap, the only thing I'm more excited for is the new Jakob.
Confirmed for best crescendocore band ever.
25 Jakob

post-rock: They've been promising this for a couple years now, but it's more-
likely-than-not gonna drop near the end of 2014, and I literally cannot fathom
being more excited for an album than I am for this. 'Solace' is one of my
favorite albums, and 'Cale:Drew' isn't far behind.
26 Equilibrium
The Turn of the Tides

I mean, it's Equilibrium.
27 '68
In Humor and Sadness

If this is just The Chariot 2.0 I'm totally okay with that.
28 Callisto

post-metal: It'll be interesting to see where they go after the unique-yet-
divisive 'Providence.' Whatever happens, these are some talented dudes and this
should be a great album.
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