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Tox's Top Anime

so apparently today marks my being on MAL ( for one ryear, so i might as well make a top 10 anime of stuff i've watched. like most people, i came rfor action and badassery and stayed for the... high school romcoms? wait, that can't be right. rseriously though, some of this stuff i couldn't have seen myself watching a year ago, but it rall has quality writing.

Steins;Gate - Speaking of romances, here's one that blends typical anime characterization/romance with an intriguing and unique time travel plot. It's about a group of people who start fucking around with time travel, basically. It's got fantastic writing that carries the show.
2Brand New
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - I've got a soft spot for this since it's what made me realize anime isn't all Naruto, Pokemon, or hentai. It's basically about a pair of brothers in a world where alchemy rules over physics. Them trying to bring back their mother from the dead (the one taboo of alchemy) sets off the chain of events that Brotherhood is about. It's basically a grittier Avatar: the Last Airbender
3Stars of the Lid
And Their Refinement Of The Decline

Cowboy Bebop - Pretty much a classic. It's got awesome animation that shows no signs of being dated, and of course that awesome jazz soundtrack. Not to mention the most iconic character in the medium and a cast of other interesting, deep characters. It's basically about the adventures of "space cowboys" (bounty hunters) and dealing with their pasts. Recommended for anyone with good taste in television
4Sergei Rachmaninoff
Piano Concerto no. 2 in C Minor, op. 18

Nodame Cantabile - This is a niche show if I've ever heard one. Probably the most girly / "tox seriously are you gay for watching this" show on this list. It's a college romance at heart, but its true heart lies in its showcase of classical music. Basically if you have any experience in classic music, this is just a fucking awesome watch, doubly so for me since I'm a pianist (piano is the most prominently featured solo instrument on the show). It follows a prodigy pianist/violinist who wants to become a conductor, and his neighbor/love interest (well it's one-sided) pianist who's weird but has beautiful expression in her piano. Also heavily uses this piano concerto which is the best piece of music ever.
5Antonin Dvorak
Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95

Shinsekai Yori - An adaptation of a dystopian fantasy novel, this is one of the most unique anime out there. No anime tropes in the least, and it has some of the best worldbuilding in anime. It has a pretty compelling story with morally complex characters and focused themes. I think there's something missing in the emotional core of the story that stops it from truly being a masterpiece, but this isn't something you can find often on TV, anime or not. Focuses on a false utopian society where humans can manipulate their surroundings (e.g. like psychic powers). A really interesting watch. Also has the best ED of all time.
6Kashiwa Daisuke
Program Music I

Kids on the Slope - this is by the same writer of Bebop, but it's a coming of age story based on a manga by another author. It's about two boys, one a tough guy/ delinquent, and the other a rich, smart, classically trained piainst kid, whose mutual love for jazz creates an unlikely friendship. Again, not exactly what I thought I'd be watching when I started anime a year ago but it's really well-written. Plus it has an awesome jazzy soundtrack and it makes me want to learn to improvise on a piano myself.
7Elliott Smith

Bakemonogatari - Okay this is probably the most creative, unique, and weird anime out there. Strike that out, not anime but show. Seriously, you'll never find anything like it. The characters, the artistic direction, etc. The whole thing is so unique I'd be doing it an injustice by trying to summarize it in a short blurb. It's awesome.
8The Reign of Kindo
Rhythm, Chord & Melody

Fate/Zero - You might recognize the heroine from my avatar. As someone once put it, this is anime's answer to Game of Thrones. It's basically a battle royale over the holy grail, where legendary warriors from the past are summoned as servants to fight for it. Winner makes a wish. It's as awesome as it sounds, except for a horrendous first episode (purely expository). The budget on this thing must've been massive, because this anime is absolutely stunning. This is another huge recommendation if you like darker and grittier TV, if you can get past that first episode!
9Utada Hikaru

Oregairu - I'm too lazy to write the English translation, but this is basically satire on the typical anime high school romcom. It's actually great social commentary on its own, and somehow I get the feeling people here on Sput might just be antisocial enough (considering its anti-mainstream vitriol) to relate to the protagonist. All the characters are well-developed and feel like actual people, to the point where you're almost a little disappointed that the writer decided to satirize high school, instead of writing something more ambitious.
Modal Soul

Samurai Champloo - Okay this was a tough one, since I'm down to the 8s on my MAL. What Champloo lacks in narrative drive it makes up with a sick soundtrack (courtesy of Nujabes, RIP), rich character backstories, and some of the sweetest battle scenes ever. I mean seriously, samurai to hip-hop, how many things are cooler than this?
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About

Missing: You might notice a lack of Eva, FLCL, and other beloved/critically acclaimed classics. Well, I haven't seen them yet. There are a good 10 shows I have on my "to- watch" list on MAL that I think could enter this list that I simply haven't gotten to. Hopefully Version 2.0 will have accounted for these favorites
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