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Willie's Q3

Every 2014 release that I've heard in Q3 (in my order of quality). What am I missing?rI know I'm posting this early, but, looking ahead, I won't have time later.
Last Tangle In Paris - Live 2012

4.2 - 3 discs of their best stuff. High energy, great sound and a good way for the band to (maybe) set off into the sunset.
2Nero Di Marte

4.0 - This is some dark and intense post metal. This album has very few quiet mellow sections and plenty of heavy dissonance. Almost reminds me of 'Given to the Rising' era Neurosis meets the darker sections of an Ulcerate album. Definitely recommended if your like Amia Venera Landscape

4.0 - No surprise -- another great, chill, atmospheric hip hop album. Awesome.
4Cannibal Corpse
A Skeletal Domain

4.0 - I only like the CC albums from 2006 forward and this is another good one. Of the four, this is probably the darkest, most technical and most varied. There's also a slight thrash feel on a lot of the riffs that I really like. Also, some of band's best solos are on here... the production on this is powerful and in-your-face, too.
5Finch (US)
Back To Oblivion

4.0 - There has been some discussion about how this album would sound in relation to the two previous releases. The general consensus has been that it will be closer to WIITB than SHTTS, because SHTTS was just something they had to get out of their systems -- well, they were technically right. 55% WIITB / 45% SHTTS; 100% awesome.

3.8 - This is one of the better atmospheric doom/death albums to come out. it is diverse and dynamic and has some really great riffs.
Once More Round the Sun

3.5 - Mastodon streamline their current sound. The result is something that's no better or worse than their previous few.
8The Pineapple Thief

3.5 - TPT take a more streamlined approach to progressive rock with great results.
Live From the Pit

3.5 - Excellent song choices, excellent sound and the performances are tight. If you like the albums, buying this is a pretty safe bet.
10Doomed (DE)
Our Ruin Silhouettes

3.5 - Crushingly oppressive funeral doom that still manages to have enough dynamics that it won't just force you into a coma.
The Re-Arrival

3.5 - To me, this doesn't sound all that different from the originals -- but I'm also not a big fan of theirs and couldn't even tell you which songs on here are the new ones. It's good, though.
12Emilie Simon

3.5 - I'm pleasantly surprised. She has kind of returned to what made her good in the first place -- quirky french pop. Fuck yeah.
Turning Tides

3.5 - It kind of reminds me of a Modern-era Fates Warning meets modern-era Porcupine Tree with a touch of Angelrat-era Voivod with a bitmore wankey prog thrown in for good measure.

3.5 - Anberlin were incredibly solid and consistent throughout their entire career. Just because they're disbanding doesn't mean they're suddenly going to do anything different.
15The Haunted
Exit Wounds

3.4 - The Haunted switch back to their other singer and go back to their roots. Consistent album without any filler. Great for the gym.
The World We Left Behind

3.4 - Kind of a post black metal, atmospheric black metal kind of album. Rarely gets into really fast parts -- prefers to stick with a mid-paced kind of delivery. Pretty good.
Through Art We Are All Equals

Features the vocalist of Emarosa. If you're familiar with any of his other projects, then you basically know what to expect here. Maybe a little more 'experimental' or whatever, but basically the same.
18Crown the Empire
The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways

3.4 - One of the more ambitious post hardcore/metalcore bands that I've ever heard, and for the most part they've actually pulled it off.
19Within the Ruins

3.3 - Proggy dejenty metalcore with some cool little effects. Nothing too out the ordinary, but pretty well done.
20Mournful Congregation
Concrescence of the Sophia

3.3 - Lethargic, heavy, melodic funeral doom. 20 minutes for a song. Everything it should be.
21K. Flay
Life As A Dog

3.3 - Not a big hip hop fan, but I like this. Probably because her rap/singing style kind of reminds me of an upbeat Trip Hop album.

3.3 - It's like a car wreck and I just can't look away.
Digital Dream Sequence

3.3 - Another bout of crazy, random instrumental Bungle-ish jazz/rock/whatever.
24Viral Millennium

3.2 - There isn't anything out of the ordinary about this band, but they do play some pretty solid industrial metal with a melodic undercurrent.
Fair Youth

3.2 - I like their more electronic-based albums more. This is good and mellow and doesn't suffer from that post rock sickness of too long songs without enough going on.
26Novembers Doom
Bled White

3.2 - Kind of reminds me of a more death metal influenced version of Daylight Dies. Meaning it's good, but kind of no-frills doom/death.
Elements of the Infinite

3.2 - Thrashy, melodic semi-technical death metal. I can't compare it to their older albums because I haven't heard them, but this one is definitely solid.
The Flesh Prevails

3.2 - This has some pretty interesting ideas in spots, but in others it just seems to drag along without any real direction.
29Arctic Sleep
Passage of Gaia

3.2 - They definitely have a modern Funeral sound to them. From the vocals to the morose atmosphere to a lot of the riffs. These guys might be a little more dynamic, but they're definitely similar.
VI: Flora

3.2 - Very good stuff. It kind of reminds me more of a faster paced post rock than black metal, but it's still good. I just can't stay engaged to the songs for very long... something is lacking...
Clearing the Path to Ascend

3.2 - This is pretty good, but I just can't pay attention to it for too long. It all kinds of blends together into one single plodding tempo and tone.
Maximum Overload

3.1 - The riffs are definitely thrashier than the previous albums and the song tempos/styles/whatever are more diverse. It's still definitely Dragonforce (With a weaker vocalist these days), though.
33Godlike in Ruin

3.1 - Pretty good for a new band. These guys' sound is a little more streamlined and consistent than BTBAM, but it's still a good comparison.
For the Kingdom

3.0 - Decent new songs. Excellent live songs. The two best members of Helloween still have it.
35Lana Del Rey

3.0 - The album started and I really liked that kind of mellow vibe she had going on. And then it went to the next track and the next and the next with almost no variation...

3.0 - Semi-thrashy power metal. Pretty solid stuff. Has a few modern influences as well such as the occasional death metal growl.
37Primal Fear
Delivering the Black

3.0 - The Gamma Ray albums with Ralf Scheepers on vocals are the only really good ones, so I had high hopes for this band. It turns out that this is band is just kind of a conventional metal/power metal band. Not bad music, but nothing I could listen to all of the time.
38Rise Against
The Black Market

3.0 - Rise Against by the numbers. Kind of generic, but not bad.

3.0 - Phish release a jam rock album... yep. No surprises.

3.0 - This is pretty damn cool in very short doses. After the initial few minutes, though, it all just blurs together in one linear wall of noise.
41The Colourist
The Colourist

3.0 - Upbeat indie pop. Not bad not great. There's just no defining characteristic to this band.
42Raum Kingdom
Raum Kingdom

3.0 - Standard post metal... maybe a little more doom-influenced than a lot of the post metal bands. Good stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary.
43Misery Index
The Killing Gods

3.0 - Good death metal. Nothing out of the ordinary. All the songs kind of blend together.
44Deathrow (IT)
Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening

3.0 - Some good, raw, old school black metal. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but it is well done.
45Judas Priest
Redeemer of Souls

3.0 - It's a Judas Priest metal album. I've never really been a fan of anything other than Painkiller, so...
46Empress AD
Still Life Moving Fast

3.0 - The band kind of have a proggy post metal/hardcore thing going on, but seemed to have left the best elements of all three genres on the cutting room floor. Still not bad, but nothing too exciting.
47Lily Allen

3.0 - If you like the old albums, why wouldn't you like this? It's a good listen. Same formula as before...
Powerful Passionate Favorites

3.0 - It's solid 80s rock. Decent selection of songs.

3.0 - Atmospheric black metal from this one-woman band. Not too exciting, but definitely an interesting take on the genre.
50Jenny Lewis
The Voyager

3.0 - It's not bad. I don't really hear anything special in this. Basically, it's just pop/pop rock without any defining characteristics.
Pale Communion

3.0 - It's better than the previous release, but that one was a train wreck of ideas. At no point did I ever think this album was terrible, but there was a never a 'holy shit, that's cool' moment either. The album just lacks substance... it kind of just floats by.
10 Year Anniversary Edition Instrumentals
53Montibus Communitas
The Pilgrim to the Absolute
54Atrum Tempestas

3.0 - Doomy, atmospheric black metal. The songs are long and go through many movements, but nothing really seems to come together.
55The Asteroid No. 4
The Asteroid 4

3.0 - Mellow psychadelic rock -- it's good, but not really special.
Blackstar Act Two: Awakening

3.0 - It's good mainstream industrial rock, but just not the same without vocals.
57In Flames
Siren Charms

2.8 - To be honest, the music isn't bad. I like their mix of metal, mainstream and electronics. What I don't like is Anders' vocals. The better the band gets, the worse he sounds.
Conjuring the Dead

2.7 - Blurgh, blurgh, phrawwwwww, blurgghh, blast beat, blast beat, blawwwwqqqq, blucrh, grawwww, blast beat, blast beat, burrrrrrrppppp, atmospheric semi-melodic section, greeawawawa, baaaaarrrrr!

2.5 - I really like these guys, but this is the first one that really just feels lifeless and average.

2.5 - Apparently there are some people that really like this. It's basically another average folky black metal release. No wonder he joined Borknagar, his solo stuff is bland as fuck.
61Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour

2.5 - I've never really found these guys to be all that special. It's another bland death/thrash album.
62Katie Rox
Paper Airplanes

2.5 - Standard pop rock. It's okay but doesn't have any lasting appeal at all.

2.3 - Average radio metal... what a surprise...
The Turn of the Tides

2.3 - This is the first time I've ever heard these guys and they definitely are trying for that Dead Can Dance kind of vibe -- but it kind of sucks. If you can stomach this, you should listen to Decoryah (especially the debut). It's like this, but still retains a bit more of the metal.

2.0 - Why is folk metal always so fucking cheesy. The vocals are weak and so is most of the music. There are some decent folk-influenced melodies, but not enough to save the album. The second song starts with little tweeting birds... fuck.
66Machinae Supremacy
Phantom Shadow

1.0 - Kind of reminds of a more ambitious version of Lost Prophets, but the vocals are fucking terrible.
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