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Willie's 2015 Story so Far

Here is everything I've listened to from 2015. From best to worst. Still looking forward to new Anthrax and Queensryche (off the top of my head).
1Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

4.5 - Paradise Lost pick up where 1993's Icon left off, but they include the death metal vocals of their debut, the clean singing of their latter albums and the solid songwriting that they've always been known for. Excellent and dynamic doom.

4.5 - The best thing they've done since their debut. Mixes the best of the first three albums while smartly ignoring the fourth.

4.0 - This is the gothic metal album that could have come after Irreligious. This is everything that is right about gothic metal without any of the cheese. Great clean vocals, sparse harsh vocals, great melodies and excellent atmosphere.
Juggernaut: Omega

4.0 - Melodic and proggy Djent. I never really liked their older stuff, but this one is pretty good.
Rarities & B-Sides

4.0 - These types of compilations are almost always crap. This one, on the other hand, is really good full of great B-sides and well-done remixes. If you like Delerium's electronica meets pop meets new age sound, you'll be into this too.
Here Comes the Sun

3.7 - Atmospheric prog. Kind of like a cross between Porcupine Tree and latter-day Katatonia. Not as psychedelic as PT but not as doom & gloom as Katatonia.
Of Beauty and Rage

3.6 - Red return to what made them great in the first place. Emotional alt. rock driven by some very symphonic melodies.
8Atlas Losing Grip

3.5 - Great Melodic Punk featuring the vocalist from Satanic Surfers. One of the better punk releases I've heard lately.
9Veil of Maya

3.5 - Djent, metalcore, deathcore… what is this album exactly? I was never a huge fan of their previous releases, but I like the new direction on this album. The clean vocals add a much-needed diversity.
Juggernaut: Alpha

3.5 - The more subdued of the two Juggernaut albums. This one isn't as good, but it's still pretty damn great overall.
11Faith No More
Sol Invictus

3.5 - The comeback album… not nearly as good as Angel Dust or as metal as The Real Thing, but it's much better than their last two albums.

3.5 - Mechina are nothing if not consistent. They've got the symphonic industrial death metal thing down… it's just too bad that, despite improvement with each album, it just feels like more of the same at this point.
Secret Youth

3.4 - Melodic and atmospheric post metal. Almost feels like the album has an alt. rock feel, too.
14The Dreaming
Rise Again

3.4 - The core of Stabbing Westward re-unite. There are definitely some Stabbing Westward elements here and should appeal to anyone that liked their brand of Industrialized Rock.
15Feed Her to the Sharks

3.4 - Chugging metalcore. Everyone seems to be bitching about how generic this album is and how it isn't 2006 anymore… who fucking cares? It's good and the only real problem is that a lot of the choruses sound similar.
The Moon Lit Our Path

3.4 - Instrumental metal that doesn't include any shredding. Instead they kind of riff their way from beginning to end utilizing a mix of post metal and black metal.
Enigmatic Smile

3.3 - More Djenty metalcore. The songs seem more fleshed out than one the debut, but I still prefer that one.
18Marilyn Manson
The Pale Emperor

3.3 - Not nearly the same band from the 90s. This is mostly mellow and catchy rock with a slightly dark atmosphere and a bit of a rhythmic delivery. Probably his best album since Mechanical Animals.
The Embers of the Stars

3.3 - Epic melodic black metal with extended song times and an excellent use of atmosphere.
20Keep of Kalessin

3.3 - Slickly produced melodic black metal with a ton of clean vocals. Overall it's pretty good but the clean vocals do have a tendency to diminish instead of enhance the songs.
21Rabbit Junk

3.3 - Rabbit Junk is incapable of making a bad album. More industrial metal (or Digital Hardcore) that hops genres from metal to hip hop
World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud

3.3 - The spiritual successor to Neonism (my least favorite Solefald album). There are some really cool tracks on here, but there are also some straight up duds. Kind of a let down, especially after how good the previous release was.
23Frantic Amber
Burning Insight

3.2 - Primitive death metal meets Arch Enemy melodies done by an all-female band. There are so many flashes of greatness, but it's dragged down by a lot of really average parts. Good enough that I can't just delete it.
24At War With Self
Circadian Rhythm Disorder

3.2 - Instrumental mixture of Progressive Metal, Jazz, ambient, and classical. It's very good - sometimes reminding me of old Thought Industry, other times old Cynic and more modern stuff as well.
25Red Moon Architect

3.2 - Atmospheric doom/death metal. Heavier and darker than the EP, but it seems to be missing something to really make it stand out.
In Times

3.2 - More proggy black metal. I guess I'm just not that big of an Enslaved fan.

3.2 - Basically the same concept as Tempel, but not executed as well. Instrumental metal that doesn't include any shredding. Instead they kind of riff their way from beginning to end utilizing a mix of post metal and black metal. Also, more of a focus on the black metal tempos than Tempel.
Undo Exit

3.2 - Instrumental metal that kind of alternates between heavy sections and smoother Satriani-style sections. Also has a cool electro-industrial undercurrent through most of the songs.
29Napalm Death
Apex Predator - Easy Meat

3.2 - Death metal infused grind. Not as riffy and awesome as the previous release, but this is still good.
30Barren Earth
On Lonely Towers

3.2 - Mixing 70s prog, folk and doom/death metal. I liked their previous albums and they've definitely progressed musically, but I don't like the new vocalist as much.
31Paper Aeroplanes

3.1 - Solid female-fronted indie pop. Chill and catchy.
32Natalie Walker
Strange Bird

3.0 - Natalie Walker started out as the vocalist for Trip hop artists Daughter Darling. She eventually moved into a low-key pop kind of solo sound. That is what she continues with here, but it's not as good as her earlier stuff.
33Funeral for a Friend
Chapter and Verse

3.0 - This band has really changed their sound since 'Hours'. They've moved in a much more hardcore style of music. It's not bad but it definitely isn't as good as their earlier releases… and the vocals are definitely worse these days.
34Tech N9ne
Special Effects

3.0 - Another good release from the rapid-fire rapper, Tech N9ne. My favorite album is still K.O.D. and this doesn't come close to that one, but it's still good.
Live in the Heart of Helsinki

3.0 - Live album from these guys. It's not bad, but the vocals are much better with some studio magic.

3.0 - No-frills black metal. Good stuff.

3.0 - Symphonic death metal with Male/female vocals and a prominent Dream Theater influence. Not as good (or just as horrible, depending on your mood) as that might sound.
38Life Cried
If I Don't Wake Up

3.0 - Synth-dominated industrial. It's not bad, but it's lacking the atmosphere and melody that made 'Banished Psalms' such a good album.
39Adrenaline Mob
Dearly Departed

3.0 - Not nearly the sum of its parts. Generic rock that is still good, but nothing exciting.

3.0 - A little more subdued and catchy than previous releases, but what do you expect from a band that has been around for so long? Basically post punk meets alt. rock.

3.0 - One of the darker, more atmospheric, industrial bands out there. Unfortunately, they don't deliver on the quality of their last three albums. Still not bad, but kind of a let down.
42Corrosion of Conformity

2.9 - I really liked their first few albums way back when… this is still not bad, but I won't come back to it.
43The Prodigy
The Day is My Enemy

2.8 - It's not a bad album, but it seems like The Fat of the Land is destined to be The Prodigy's only really good album.
44Courage My Love

2.8 - Standard female-fronted Alt. Pop. It's not bad, but there's nothing to keep you listening on purpose.
45Abigail's Ghost

2.8 - A short little EP from the band that worships Porcupine Tree. The songs are good, but overall the EP is way too mellow and one-dimensional.
46The Agonist
Eye of Providence

2.8 - So, they lose the face of the band and replace her with some other screamer chick. Nothing special, but not terrible.

2.5 - Is it me or does this album just feel lethargic? I really liked a few of their earlier albums, but this one seems to lack energy. Even the faster songs just feel lethargic.

2.5 - The new indie pop project from Dia Frampton (from the band Meg & Dia and the TV show The Voice). Not as quirky as her original band and not as slick and catchy as the TV show produced album. Just kind of there.
Endless Forms Most Beautiful

2.5 - Another singer, another average Nightwish album. I really try to like these guys, but I can never get into more than a few songs per an album. On this one, I can't even do that.

2.5 - Cheesy folk metal with terrible vocals. What the hell is this?
51Silence the Aria

2.3 - Atmospheric and heavy progressive metal with female and black metal vocals. It has a few bright spots, but mostly doesn't go anywhere.
52All That Remains
The Order of Things

2.3 - What happened to this band? They want so bad to break into the mainstream, but it will never happen because they suck.
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