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Everything 2014

I wrote this with in depth description up to #20 before accidentally hitting back and rlosing it all. So here it ris again with much briefer summaries.

Alcest loses any semblance of black metal but it still sounds pretty.

Sludgy, ugly goodness.
48The Black Keys
Turn Blue

No radio hits to be found here, but an excellent bluesy album.
47Have a Nice Life
The Unnatural World

Not Deathconsciousness but probably more focused I'd say in the songwriting department.
The Satanist

These guys blend black and death metal so gloriously.
45Foo Fighters
Sonic Highways

Bit of a letdown after Wasting Light but still solid. Documentary was superb.

Sad lo-fi piano tunes that really works well with this time year.
43 Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Won't make you forget about Radiohead, but interesting IDM nonetheless.
42Andrew Jackson Jihad
Christmas Island

Pretty disappointing for me personally since Knife Man is one of my favorite albums, but it's a great folk/punk romp.

Would be higher up if I hadn't heard most of the album on previous EP's. Chino's voice is godly. Favorites are Bitches Brew and Option.
Primitive and Deadly

Droning psychedelic goodness that's best experienced with headphones in the dark.
To Be Kind

I'm not sure I'll ever really "get" Swans (and lord knows I've tried) but if I'm in the right mood for them they can still leave me floored.
38How to Dress Well
What Is This Heart?

Pretty electro/r&b stuff with an unfortunate album cover.
37The Afghan Whigs
Do to the Beast

Not on par with their 90's output but a fantastic reunion album anyways.
36Job for a Cowboy
Sun Eater

After dismissing them after their deathcore days my friend implored me to listen to this and I wasn't disappointed. Great tech death.
Roads to the North

Mixes black metal and bluegrass in a way that's not forced nor cheesy.

Fantastic death metal with a black metal vibe and folk flourishes.
Claymation Courtyard

Haven't heard all the pikes because there's a shit ton but this is the best I've heard this year. Everything good about Buckethead can be found on this one.
32Devin Townsend Project

First disc is incredible with it's epic wall of sound vibe. Second disc let's up a bit with the silly concept, but musically it's still a treat. Great album overall.

Omar and Cedric from ATDI and TMV team up again with a surprisingly upbeat affair full of energy and catchy hooks.
30Pink Floyd
The Endless River

This could never live up to what they've done in the past, but on it's own it's Floyd being Floyd. You know the sound by know.
Pale Communion

Opeth continues in this more proggy direction and though I miss the metal side of them I will say this is a step above Heritage and still a worthwhile listen.
28Conor Oberst
Upside Down Mountain

One of Oberst's most immediately enjoyable albums that any fan of his or folk music in general should enjoy.
27The Smashing Pumpkins
Monuments to an Elegy

Say what you want about Corgan but the dude can still write a song. This is Smashing Pumpkins in name only since it's basically Corgan on every instrument but the songs are solid alt rock and that's all that matters.
26Ne Obliviscaris

A natural progression from their debut, Citadel sees them focus more on songwriting and creating a more cinematic experience. Epic in all sense of the word.
25Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

Didn't listen to too much rap this year but this was pretty great. I'm probably in the minority in saying I like the first album better but this shows that El-P and Killer Mike still have some rocket sauce left in them.
24Cannibal Corpse
A Skeletal Domain

Favorite CC by far. Love the thrashy nature of this.
23The Menzingers
Rented World

Buddies and I played this to death over the summer. As it stands it kind of grew off me a bit from where I thought it would end up initially, but still a memorable effort.
22Thee Silver Mount Zion
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

I have to admit I haven't followed this offshoot of GY!BE too closely so when the vocals crept in at the beginning it kind of threw me, but I grew to enjoy them. Post-rock with a punk attitude.

Covers all the bases with Boris. Drones, fuzz/stonger metal, shoegaze, ambience. It can all be found here and pulled off with flying colors.
20Rival Sons
Great Western Valkyrie

There aren't too many acts out there waving the rock flag anymore. Sure you have the Foo Fighters and Jack White maybe, but there's aren't too many bands out there just playing down to earth bluesy rock music. Well enter the Rivals Sons and this great album. Sounds like something out of the early 70's in the best possible way.
Shadows of the Dying Sun

If you've heard Insomnium by now then you definitely know the formula and it doesn't change much here, but damn do they pull it off well.
18Manchester Orchestra

I'd to throw in the counterpart to this album, Hope, to the #18 spot. Cope sees MO at their most brash and "heavy" whereas Hope lifts any sort of aggression there was and reveals the beauty behind these song. I wish they could have mixed the two albums together in some way to make a single well rounded effort though.

One of my favorite BM releases from the year. I'm a sucker for folk tinged BM and Saor pulls it off very tastefully here without sounding tacky.
16 Damien Rice
My Favorite Faded Fantasy

I've only listened a handful of times because it just leaves me so emotionally floored after each listen. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
15Electric Wizard
Time to Die

More riffs and fuzzier than ever, Electric Wizard seems to be getting stronger with age which is scary.
14Jack White

Sort of similar to Blunderbuss but with enough new stuff to make it interesting. Jack White is one of the true "rockstars" of this generation.
13 Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
We Don't Have Each Other

Singer from The Wonder Years creates a heartbreaking Americana album.
12Kayo Dot
Coffins on Io

After the behemoth that was Hubardo, Coffins on Io is a sigh of relief. More melody with a gothic/80's vibe to things. Toby Driver knows how to keep you on your toes with each release.
Melting Sun

Lantlos shows Alcest how to properly drop the "black" from a blackgaze band.
10The Gaslight Anthem
Get Hurt

A band that I think suffers from comparing what they're doing with what they've done. Get Hurt sees them branching out a bit from the Springsteen worship and sounds a bit more modern than their previous efforts. But the songs are still there, the hooks are still there, and the stories told in the lyrics are still there. A worthy addition to their discography.
9Low Roar

A pretty daunting listen, but a worthwhile one too. I think of it as if Sigur Ros met Death Cab for Cutie.
8 Mastodon
Once More 'Round the Sun

The band that made Leviathan is gone, but there's no need to fret because Mastodon has shown they are more than capable of crafting rip roaring tune are rip roaring tune without concept of mountain sasquatches and killer whales. More The Hunter than Remission, OMRTS shows Mastodon adopting a song by song album that is still pummeling and catchy.
7Musk Ox

Can't say I've heard too much Neofolk/Classical stuff outside of Vali or early Ulver, but this album is gorgeous. It's one of those listens where you can shut off the world and be taken somewhere serene and calm.
6Spectral Lore

Monster of an album. With over an hour and a half of material here it's not easy to digest, but just know that Spectral Lore has shown here there's still plenty more to offer from black metal.
5Kenn Nardi
Dancing with the Past

A behemoth of a record with 28 songs and over 2 hours of music, Dancing with the Past a sampling of so many different styles of metal from the Anacrusis frontman. There's thrash, doom, power, and almost any subgenre of metal you can find here. The only fault is it's massive length which makes it's replay value limited, but it's that same massiveness that provides all these different styles.
4Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

What it sounds like if The Gaslight Anthem was closer to hardcore than Springsteen. Has an honesty to it that's refreshing and really tells a great story.
3Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool

Leave it to Devin Townsend to release and ambient/country record. Doesn't sound like it should work but if you've heard by now it certainly does. The spacey ambient mixed with the acoustic plucking of Townsend send you to another world where the female vocals swirl around you. After hearing Ghost by DT I thought I had heard the ambient Devy, but this is completely different and completely wonderful.
2Aphex Twin

Absolutely worth the wait. I've always been more of a fan of his SA 85-82 stuff than say his Druqks stuff. So while listening to this and getting a more ambient vibe I immediately fell in love. Comeback album of the year.
1The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

A record that stick with you for a long time. This was the soundtrack to many moments of my life this past year and I don't think I'll ever forget it. Americana meets shoegaze is a lazy way to summarize it because it hits on a much deeper level. It's nostalgia in music form and my favorite album from this year.
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