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5 Years Of Sputnik

It's been five years now since I first signed up on Sputnik. While that doesn't quite make me ra founding member, it does mean I've rbeen here for a fucking long time. In those 5 years rI've become a rlegal adult, finished high school, lost my virginity and very nearly rlost my rlife. Now I find myself two weeks away from being rdischarged from a 6 month stay in rhospital, a paraplegic. It's been rmy tradition to post my favourite albums on the anniversary rof my rsigning up each year, so here it is again, in a little more detail.
White Pony

This was my favourite album five years ago when I joined up, and I still is now. I still get shivers listening to it. It's the darker side of sex, and boy is it sexy. Nothing I can say could live up to how perfect White Pony is. Listen to Knife Party from the original release webcast of the album:
2Misery Signals

On an emotional level, there is nothing that comes close to this record for me. Every scream, every breakdown, every melody just GETS to me. This is the album I've cried to countless times. Listen to Set in Motion:
3Ling Tosite Sigure
Inspiration is DEAD

This is the sound of growing up. Or more specifically, the moments after you realise you need to but before you actually have to. It's all that pent up anxiety and tension exploding in one last night of almost innocent, raucous fun. The vocals may not be to everyone's taste, but the guitarist is one of those rare gems whose instrument is really just an extension of himself. Watch DISCO FLIGHT:
4 Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet & Mogwai
The Fountain OST

Stunning beautiful. Gorgeous and transcendent in all the same ways as the actual movie. This is the last album on this list that I see as absolutely, unchangeably perfect. Listen to Together We Will Live Forever:
5Poison the Well
You Come Before You

While Controller got higher in this list for purely emotional reasons, You Come Before You is probably the real moment that metalcore hit it's peak. The Opposite of December pioneered a style, The Tropic Rot invented surfcore, but You Come Before You just got it so so so right. Check out Zombies Are Good For Your Health: v=4wXrc0bWC1E&feature=related
Jane Doe

C'mon, you guys know the drill. Watch The Broken Vow:
7Bloc Party
A Weekend in the City

Before Kele went to shit, he was writing brilliant, socially conscious lyrics while his band were playing electronically inspired indie rock without actually being electronic. Watch Hunting for Witches:
8Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

One of the most extraordinarily different and out of the blue albums I've heard. Where the fuck this came from no-one knows, but it's Fear Before at their most genius. Taking a wild source of influences and styles, throwing them together and somehow making it a completely cohesive and smoothly flowing record is no small order. Drowning the Old Hag:
9Modern Life is War

It's the album that redefined modern hardcore, and theres a pretty fucking good reason why everyone's been copying this template ever since it was released. There's just something about the sound that gets into your heart and makes you want to scream the lyrics to anyone who'll listen. It's the soundtrack to the middle classed and disenfranchised. I'm Not Ready:
10The Butterfly Effect

Clint's magical voice is what really makes this album. Beautiful in its dealing with the death of a loved one, it can be a really haunting listen for me. In A Memory:
11HORSE the Band
Desperate Living

Despite their birth as a joke band, HORSE abandoned this (mostly) on Desperate Living. Sure, the keyboard overblows the emotions, but thats half the point. Desperate Living is painted in big, hyperactive blobs and when a genuinely stupid song like Science Police crops up you know its just part of the picture. The Failure of All Things (probably the most serious song on the album): v=GDJ8EudS_F0&feature=related
Lost in the Sound of Separation

No other album I've heard has encapsulated the very sound of desperation and confusion that Underoath managed here. I'm not religious, and yet my own struggles with the idea of a God are weirdly applicable with this very, very Christian band. So there you go. Emergency Broadcast:
13Against Me!
Reinventing Axl Rose

The exuberant energy of Reinventing Axl Rose is probably one of the most addictive things I've ever encountered. Match that up with the fucking gorgeous spring weather and I can't help but smile like a nutter. Walking is Still Honest:
The Shape of Punk to Come

I really don't think this needs my description at all. It's fuckin' Refused and they're fuckin' dead. Deadly Rhythm: v=zaUHG3y8-9c&feature=related
15Disney Soundtracks
The Lion King

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've painted my childhood in more than a little bit of gold, so I'm sure that has an effect on how I view this album...but only a little, since it's just so brilliantly crafted. I'm not going to post a link to this one, just go and watch the movie again, if you haven't already recently since it came out in 3D not long ago (most pointless thing ever, but whatever, it was cool to see it in the movie theatre).
Automatic for the People

One of the most depressing and shockingly beautiful albums I own. It also boasts my favourite song, Nightswimming, which I love so much I wrote an essay on in my end of school exams. Here it is live:
Saturday Night Wrist

I think it becomes pretty obvious by this inclusion that Deftones is my favourite band, and it's for good reason (as a lot of Sputnik knows judging by their ratings). If it wasn't for Pink Cellphone, this actually would have been a lot higher. As it is, the song comes close to ruining the album but fortunately the rest of the material is just so fucking strong. I couldn't find a decent live video of my favourite song, Kimdracula, so here's second best. Combat:
The Satellite Years

Fuzzy, warm, incomprehensible. Before they wrote boring alt rock, Hopesfall was writing brilliant emotional hardcore. The Bending:
19Pianos Become the Teeth
Old Pride

Before I had my 'accident' (I threw myself off a balcony), I thought these guys were ordinary at best. Since my accident, I've found their music perfectly captures my feelings for whats happened to me. Maybe it's because they sing about a personal tragedy as well, and its in every note they play. Cripples Can't Shiver (although I beg to differ, since I broke my back my bodies central heating doesn't work properly so I get cold A LOT easier):
In Rainbows

Another album you all know, or bloody well should by now. Thom Yorke's vocals are angelic throughout and the music matches him perfectly. A few years ago I became convinced I was a bad person, and this is the song I used to help convince myself that I wasn't:
War All The Time

Geoff Rickley's vocals at their most overwrought, backed by a band at it's most intense and hyperkinetic. It's also Thursday at their catchiest and most socially aware. Signals Over the Air: v=O0T936litWc
22More Than Life
Love Let Me Go

I have a very distinct memory of this album. Last year, during the final few weeks of my high school experience, I found myself sitting on a hill in the warm Australian sun watching near enough the entire school on one of the ovals. We were having a soccer competition and so there was a lot of yelling and fun. It was an extremely friendly and inclusive school and I'd come to love it even as I began to yearn for life outside of it, whilst I also found myself falling steadily in love with a girl in a younger grade (who is now my girlfriend). I was listening to Love Let Me Go, and the moment was perfect. Scarlet Skyline:
The Artist in the Ambulance

I'm pretty sure Thrice is popular enough on this site for anything I say about this album to be pretty pointless. A lot of you love it, and I love it for much the same reasons. v=k2N0aycGPE8&feature=fvst
24 Envy
All the Footprints You've Ever Left...

A second Japanese band! In truth Pianos Become the Teeth took their sound pretty much fully formed from Envy's hands, so I'm not sure why I prefer them over Envy. But Envy are still fantastic and this album is the peak of their performance. I've spent countless nights coming home from a nightshift, walking lamplit streets to the sound of this album. Left Hand:

I'll just let the music speak for itself, COTE:
Lost Ground

One of those bands riding on Modern Life is War's coattails I mentioned before, except unlike most of them Defeater are taking the sound and actually expanding on it. Their newest LP is probably the best example of that, but I prefer this EP for some reason. Maybe it's because it's their catchiest release, their most fistpumping and mosh worthy. Red, White and Blues:
Grey Britain

There aren't many bands that sound more British than Gallows, and there's one other thing they share in common with me other than their blood - their absolute distaste for the place. Fuck England. Go sing along to Misery:
28The Angelic Process
Weighing Souls with Sand

The perfect soundtrack to epic daydreams. No live tracks, The Promise of Snakes:
29Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

I don't listen to radio much, so I never got sick of Chasing Cars. The songs on this record are so delicate, so perfect in their lyrical construction of a relationships rise and fall. If Snow Patrol were at all capable of playing emotions such as anger, this record might well be perfect. As it is, it's pretty fucking good. Here's that song you all learned to hate, but still reminds you of that perfect moment with your partner: v=wbLkdXNLk2o
30City and Colour
Little Hell

Dallas Green truly excelled himself with his newest release. The delicate, haunting emotion showed all over Little Hell has stuck with me from the moment it was released. I first heard it a few days before my accident, and as soon as I was ready to listen to music again properly (it took a few months) I rediscovered it. Have a look at the most heartbreaking of the lot, and one I can unfortunately relate to, Oh, Sister:
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