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The Year So Far

In the past five months, a lot has happened. Not to me, particularly, but in general. I don't know what, exactly, since I don't really follow current events, so I can only assume, really. Here's my favourite albums of the year so far. I haven't listened to a whole lot because I've mainly been listening to older stuff, but out of the things I've listened to, these are the best. And some anticipated albums are also gonna be listed.
Ma-IoN 'Formulas Of Reptilian Unification'

A perfectly diabolical mix of black metal and ritual ambient music. I bought the limited edition A5 digipack, an undisclosed number of which came with snakeskin and funeral incense. I got a copy with both.
The Dreaming I

Essentially what I wanted Nightbringer's new album to be. So, unlike aforementioned Nightbringer album, this wasn't a disappointment.
Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar

I still hold firm in my belief that this is the best tech death album of the year. Perfect mix of modern technical capabilities with the production and aesthetic of old school death metal, not to mention a buttload of sick riffs.
4Chaos Echoes

Disturbing, ritual, meditative droning death/doom metal.
Evil Power

Without a doubt one of the best albums of the year, and clearly the greatest thrash metal album that will be released all year. You'll be hard-pressed to find any modern band that does thrash anywhere near to the standard set by Deathhammer. This is the return of darkness and evil.
6Deverills Nexion
Collected Works

A collected discography of occult ritual ambient project Deverills Nexion. Part of the MMP Temple crew, basically a collective of anonymous musicians releasing occult ritual music on limited edition, bare-bones tapes. One of my favourite labels at the moment. If you ever get the chance to buy a tape from them, do it.
The Deathmass Cloak

A modern death/doom band that is forgoing any sense of trend and releasing obscure, experimental and highly polarising music. Some hate it, some love it, some are indifferent, but the only right answer is to love it since it's clearly fantastic and full of some of the best riffs and solos all year.
8Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress'

Probably the first time I've ever found me praising Godspeed, this album is the first album I've listened to and kept coming back to from this group of regularly boring musicians. I actually like most of the other projects they're affiliated with, but Godspeed never clicked, of course, until now. The drones and the climaxes and overall much rawer attitude to the music is the best thing the band has ever done.
Shaped By Aeolian Winds

If I see Kroner come in here and make another snitty remark about this album's title, I'm gonna make more disgruntled complaints. // Really fantastic black metal with an incredible approach to melody.
10Heaving Earth
Denouncing the Holy Throne

I could compare this band to a fuckload of other bands, which they do sound like and at the same time don't really. They obviously take influences from many corners and while the similarities are constantly striking, they're never a clear-cut copy of anyone. The technical, brutal, old school and dissonant style of death metal here is refreshing, interesting and some of the best of the year.
11Hooded Menace
Gloom Immemorial

Not really new material, but this album is an amazing and welcome compilation of the band's excessively large catalogue of split releases. The box set comes with beautiful artwork and has an art card for every release included in this compilation. Altogether this might be one of the best things Hooded Menace has released.
Persisting Devolution

This album is a non-stop riff fest of balls out black/thrash that kicks too much ass.
13Lost Salt Blood Purges
The Voids We All Long For

Self-plug: my most recent album. Check out the review for it. Give it a listen or a download or a purchase. Cassette tape edition limited to 50 copies coming out soon: http://lostsaltbloodpurges.bandcamp.com/
Below the Hengiform

Honestly, I preferred their demo from 2013, but this is still without a doubt one of the best black/death releases of the year.
Söngvar elds og óreiðu

Really incredible Icelandic black metal. I reviewed this, check out the review for more info.
16Morbid Angel

Not really a new album, since the audio and video for this has been out for a dog's age, but this is the first time the audio has had a proper independent release, also serving as their 'J' album. Essentially the best live recorded Morbid Angel you'll hear, from their early touring for Altars of Madness.
17Morpheus Descends
From Blackened Crypts

Serves as a new EP as well as a collection of their entire back catalogue, including live tracks, demos and work from when they were simply Morpheus. This comprehensive collection of the band's work is essential, not to mention the brand new EP tracks also rule!
18Mount Eerie

So far, my favourite album of the year. Actually, it's tied with one other for the best of the year so far, but I haven't listed the other AOTY yet so I'll save the suspense I guess. Anyway, this is the newest Phil Elverum masterpiece and it's simply incredible. A bit more directionless and sparse sounding than his last few, this is the ultimate culmination of his sound, I feel. From the very first second, this was perfectly familiar, comfortable and warm and beautiful. With some of Phil's best lyrics yet. Simply incredible.
19Obscure Infinity
Perpetual Descending into Nothingness

Old school death metal with some clean production and a bit of melody. I mainly love this for the artwork and the spacey atmosphere I get from it, but that's more of an aesthetic value rather than the album actually sounding spacey or atmospheric. I'm weird when it comes to death metal and how I value it, sue me.
Ghost Chants

Another excellent black metal release from this year. I'll probably be reviewing it sometime. I recommend buying the wooden box edition, if it's not already sold out.
21Serpent Noir

And here it is, my other AOTY. Only rivalled by my love for Phil Elverum. This album is what occult black metal needs to sound like in 2015, the perfect incarnation of old school black metal brought into a psychedelic and ritual ambient setting. Flawless organic production, mid-paced and riff-heavy black metal with gorgeous synths and organ backings, not to mention the aforementioned ritual ambient flex. This album also has lyrics from the always-great Thomas Karlsson, renowned occultist who founded the esoteric order of Dragon Rouge. He's also closely tied to a few metal bands, namely the brilliant Therion. Anyway, if you like black metal and even more so love the real atmosphere that defines occult music, you need to hear this album.
22The Slow Death

Gorgeous, heartbreakingly beautiful funeral doom/death metal. I say heartbreakingly because of how melancholy the music is, coupled with the fact that the band's growling vocalist Gregg Williamson died before it was released, so experiencing the bittersweet effectualness of his growls after his demise only makes this even more intense. This album also features guitarwork by the guy from Pallbearer.
23Spectral Voice
Necrotic Doom

Awesome death/doom demo that you should all grab a hold of if you can. I think the original version is sold out, but Iron Bonehead recently released a European version that's pretty widely available (last time I checked, anyway). Don't sleep on this band. They're gonna make waves in year or two.
The Children of the Night

Really fantastic follow-up to The Formulas of Death. Essentially shedding all the death and black metal skin, aside from the growled vocals, and producing the best occult heavy metal around. I don't know if this band is just exceptional, or if growls are what all the other modern occult heavy metal bands are missing, but basically, this isn't as fucking boring as most bands in the movement.
25Twist Ending
Musica di Morte

Steve-O, most notably famed for his work with horror deathgrind legends IMPETIGO has found his newest project in Twist Ending, a giallo-cinema themed death metal band. This music features heavy sampling, but the sampling here isn't the regular metal band features twenty second sample before the music" type deal, the sampling here serves as a fully-fledged part of the music, and it's really done quite fantastically. The way the death metal and the old samples work together is something that needs to be heard.
26Volcanic Queen
The Structure of Hidden Fire

Lots of drone/ambient/noise/industrial/field recordings in this terrific new release by sput user Graveyard. I plan on reviewing this soon.
27Cultes Des Ghoules
The Rise of Lucifer

ANTICIPATING: the first of albums I am looking forward to is the new Cultes des Ghoules EP. The best modern black metal band by a huge mile, and one of the best of all time, frankly. This EP snuck up on me and I just ordered the vinyl yesterday, which was promptly sent out by the always great Malignant Voices distro. Hopefully it arrives soon because I can't fucking wait to spin this.
Into the Eye of Satan

This one isn't going to be digitally released until August, which is when the vinyl and tape release will take place as well, but the CD edition of this album is shipping now, so it will be out on the internet soon. I am gonna wait for the vinyl and tape before I buy it, but I can't wait for a good CD rip to leak before then.
Old Earth

The album is called 'Douve' and will be ready sometime before the end of the year. The band has temporary artwork for it on their bandcamp, but because it's not the final artwork, I decided not to add it to the database yet.
The Underground Resistance

Darkthrone are going into the studio in September! So that means we'll see a late-2015 release, or an early 2016 release. I'm hoping for the former, because the sooner I get my hands on a new Darkthrone album, the sooner I can accuse people of being plebes for not liking it.
Thy Kingdom Cum

Even though their new album 'The Curling Flame of Blasphemy' hasn't been officially announced yet, the album is listed as an upcoming release in the newest Hells Headbangers compilation, and also features a new track. I can't wait for it, whenever it may be, because no band does blaspheming, dirty, rotten, disgusting black metal quite like Profanatica does.
Woes of Mortal Devotion

This is supposed to be out, but due to delays with the physical copies getting to NWN!, we still haven't heard it yet. Hoping to hear this soon, since it's promising to be one of the most unique and brilliant black/death metal albums of the year.
The Science of Horror (Compilation)

Whilst technically the same material as the other Nocturnus demo compilation album, this new version of it features a different production and mastering job (or something like that), as well as new artwork. So, I can't wait to hear these undoubtedly superior quality recordings of the ever-classic Nocturnus demos, I guess. The LP is taking a while due to the art booklet being a magnificent, painstaking work of art in progress. Can't wait to get it.

New album this year or early next. It's Ulcerate. We all know that we need to hear it.
35Hooded Menace
Effigies of Evil

New album is gonna be ready sometime soon. The band's been posting plenty of regular updates. No title or artwork yet.
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