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Thibs' 2014 Ytd Riff Ranking

and some non-riffs.

4.7 Alt/Prog Rock ? Brilliant album that really took some time to sink in. Once it does, it's definitely something special. Dark at times, odd others but highlighted by some beautiful moments and great songwriting.

4.7 Black/Folk Metal ? I don?t listen to a lot of black metal but gave this a shot and really enjoyed this start to finish. Great atmosphere and top notch musicianship all around. Flutes usually bother me but it?s not overdone. Loved to vocals here as well.
3 Mastodon
Once More 'Round the Sun

4.5 Fucking Mastodon ? A definite meeting ground between the mainstream direction Hunter took and the more traditional prog metal heaviness found on previous albums. Some of the earlier tracks here took a little getting used to but it?s a fun fucking record. If you haven?t heard this yet. HEY. HO. LET?S FUCKING GO.
4Divine Chaos
A New Dawn In The Age Of War

4.5 Thrash/Death ? Not sure how this has no Sput exposure yet but this is some solid modern death/thrash metal with just the right amounts of groove. Lots of Testament and Carcass influences present but they do maintain their own identity well enough. Each player is tight, these guys can really shred and actually write great songs (and solos). Check it fuckers.
Melana Chasmata

4.3 Doom/Death ? Love this fucking album. Great riffs, very heavy and nice changes of pace throughout. I liked the subtle use of female vocals. Solid all around. EMILY!
6Dead Congregation
Promulgation of the Fall

4.2 Death Metal ? Riffs fucking hard. Heavy as fuck. Great slower doom sections. Nothing faux about this, just brvtal. Go listen.
Borders of Babylon

4.2 Alt/Prog Rock ? Criminally unknown. Some of the songs on here have stuck with me more than any other in this list. Get past the euro accent (from Budapest) and some repeating lyrics and you are in for a treat start to finish. Go listen to this here:

4.0 Doom ? This is my first Thou album and I fucking love it. I couldn?t stop thinking this is what it would sound like if Zao did doom (more so vocally). Crushing riffs here, Sabbath-like. This is how I like my doom.
9Morbus Chron

4.0 Death/Prog Metal ? I love the old school psychedelic goth riff influence here. Aggressive as fuck vocals. I think I enjoy the instrumental sections more than those with vocals though. Reminds me a lot of Tribulation?s The Formulas of Death from last year. Can drag a bit at times losing my attention slightly but still a solid fucking album.
10Anubis Gate

4.2 Power/Prog Metal ? Anubis Gate wrote some great songs here. It?s a little cheesy overall so it won?t appeal to everyone, but there?s a certain uniqueness in the songwriting and vocal performance I really enjoy. Decent guitar work, catchy vocals and solid songwriting. Surprised the shit out of me really (more so on the 2nd or 3rd listens).
11Mekong Delta
In a Mirror Darkly

4.0 Prog Metal - Dark thrashy progressive riffage. I can?t wait to see how this album will grow on me. Not huge on the vocals but some of the instrumental sections will blow your mind and/or load.
12Every Time I Die
From Parts Unknown

4.0 Metal/hardcore ? Another great release. One of my fav bands to shuffle whole discogs because they are all solid 4s, and this one is no different. It is slightly better than Ex Lives (riffs hit a little harder) but not by much. Lacks a bit of variety but that?s not really what you should be listening to ETID for.
13Ethereal Riffian

4.0 Stoner/Doom ? Marijuana recommended. Headbanging inevitable.
Esoteric Symbolism

4.0 Prog Metal ? The musicianship on this record is top notch. Lots of groove in the guitar work, solid drumming and vocals that have very decent range as well as catchiness. They straight up wrote some great songs with strong attention to detail. I?m hooked.
15Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool

3.8 Ambient/Country ? Another interesting release from Devy. Though not the same in style at all, I?m left feeling the same as I did with Ghost; lots of filler but lots of awesome. The female vocals are beautiful and really draw you in. Extremely chill well written slow country songs that I?m looking forward to playing around a campfire real soon.
The Satanist

3.8 Black/Death ? This took a few listens to really hit home. It?s really good but I prefer the relentless pummeling Behemoth found on Demigod/Evangelion to this more black metal influenced effort. Nonetheless this is still very intense, very extreme and despite some slightly boring sections in the first half, very solid overall. Last song is so fucking epic.
17Frozen Ocean
The Dyson Swarm

3.8 Electronic/Ambient/Black ? I never listen to electronic music especially not with spacey black influences so I can?t say for sure that what I heard here is unique but it sure was to me. Very interesting listening experience. I would imagine some shrooms or acid would take this album to an unreal level. You really do imagine floating through space while listening. Awesome drum beats. Like black metal Chemical Brothers? Hard to describe, check it out.
Illusory Blues

3.8 Alt/Folk Rock ? A great soft rock release. They write some really good songs. Vocals remind me a little of Josh Homme?s when he mellows right out. Only knock would be it?s a little too slow overall and could have used more than just the one guitar solo. I?ll be anxious to hear what they put out next, however.
19Artificial Brain
Labyrinth Constellation

3.8 Death Metal ? This is really fucking heavy. Some classic old school death metal epic moments will be found here. It?s pretty consistent but most of the album (even those standout moments) can be slightly samey after a while. Pretty good stuff though if techy death with old school influence is your thing.
Plan For world Domination

3.8 Death/Thrash/Black/Heavy ? So that?s the problem, they play too many styles. Each song is executed very nicely and there is a lot of skill here but it?s hard not to get lost in it all in one sit through. Could just mean it?s more of a grower, we?ll see. The guitar work is really good, especially when you consider how many styles they play. It has an older school sound to it I think many of you would dig. Worth checking out.
21Animals As Leaders
The Joy of Motion

3.8 Prog/Djent/Junz/Chugz ? This was better than I expected (pre Sput jizz). The guitar work is phenomenal and jazz influences here do set them apart from the rest of the scene. The album loses my attention in one sitting however and can become more a display of technical skill than anything else. I enjoy listening to them do their thing I just don?t find a whole lot sticks after the fact. Perhaps that?s not the purpose here though.
22Brood of Hatred
Skinless Agony

3.7 Death Metal ? This is on par with this year?s Artificial Brain and Dead Congregation. Heavy as fuck techy shit. The only thing that hurts the album is the machine gun bass on the drums.
A Voice Within

3.7 Metal ? I was a fan of Interval?s instrumental EPs. Wasn?t really feeling the new vocalist early on but with repeated listens it comes together nicely. There?s some catchiness here, and I like the guitar work from these dudes, djent grooves and all. Solid album.
Time Travelers and Bonfires

3.7 Acoustic Rock ? Ya ya Sevendust, fuck off. I hadn?t listened to these guys since Animosity but wanted to hear what they could do with an acoustic album. They killed it. Obviously if you find his vocals annoying/tiresome don?t bother.
Distant Satellites

3.7 Alt/Prog ? Pretty much what I expected from Anathema, seeing them stick with the mold of their last couple albums. Some really beautiful songs (nothing reaching ?Simple Mistake? heights) as well as some pretty mediocre ones. As with Weather Systems and WHBWH, it?s just not consistent enough throughout. I end up with another handful of tracks to add to my Anathema playlist though (which is becoming pretty fucking epic).
26Nickel Creek
A Dotted Line

3.7 Country/Bluegrass ? My wife likes this shit and so do I. A little more pop oriented than previous releases but once again the skill/instrumentation and musicianship is really great.
The Quantum Enigma

3.7 Power/Gothic ? I found this to be a very fun listen. Not something I?ll listen to often but that speaks more so to the genre than this band. Female vocals are pretty good here if you can handle opera-like epic shiz. Again, small doses. I was really impressed with the guitar work and screaming vocals particularly in the death metal sections. It?s kind of long to get through but has its catchy moments and just enough overall to keep you coming back at least infrequently.
28Demon Hunter

3.7 Metal ? I?m not sure why I liked Demon Hunter?s last album as much as I did but True Defiant stands as the best thing they?ve ever done. My sister kept playing it and eventually it was just ?ya these songs are pretty fucking good?. Extremist stays in the same direction but I found a little something was missing. It comes down to the songs not being as good as on True Defiant, but not all that bad either.
The Road of Bones

3.7 Prog Rock ? Some very typical modern prog rock elements present on this album. It?s enjoyable. Has some Porcupine Tree/Opeth-Heritage/Haken vibes. I was just left wanting bigger guitar moments throughout the record. Almost seems as though they played it safe a little bit, I don?t know. Very clean and polished sound throughout the record.
La Gargola

3.5 Hard Rock/Alternative ? Not much to say. Slightly better than their last release. Good album to play with non-metalhead buddies around. It?s not really a band I listen to very often anymore but read good things. It?s pretty good.
The Deadcalm

3.5 Metal ? Above average release but nothing groundbreaking. It?s recycled older Soilwork meets Meshuggah with some industrial Gojira influences. These dudes can play and it?s very listenable when in the mood for something heavy and straightforward, but the lyrics are terrible and it doesn?t bring a whole lot new to the table.
32The Mire
Glass Cathedrals

3.5 Metal ? Hard to pinpoint what it is exactly that sets this record apart but I really enjoy listening to it. Does lack variety as all the songs just kind of melt together. Not really an album to put on for a focused listen necessarily. Good to put on in the background while you?re doing something but still want a steady headbang going.
33Tuomas Holopainen
Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge

3.5 Classical/Soundtrack ? Nightwish dude doing some symphonic classical shit. It?s pretty good. More nice female vocals and great melodic atmosphere. A couple standout tracks for sure and nice instrumentation throughout.

3.5 Metalcore ? I only listened to this a couple times and, gay cleans aside, it actually shows some promise. Very faux though, so sput elite stay away. They use keyboard electronics effectively in sync with the guitar. Not your typical metalcore scene band imo. Breakdowns aren?t overused and the screams are good. Honestly, they wrote some cool tracks. This listens to like a Protest the Hero meets Haste the Day album.

3.5 Electronic Rock ? I like the first track a lot. It?s pretty hit and miss throughout. Listens to like a NIN album but not as dark. Chino?s vocals do go nicely with this brand of electronic rock I find, but too much of the album is boring. About as satisfying as that Palms record was actually.

3.5 Goth/Power ? More female fronted epic goth shit. Very good for an independent band. If you liked Epica check this out.
Guilty of Everything

3.3 Shoegaze / Alt Rock ? I don?t listen to much shoegaze at all and I?m not sure this will have me listen to much more anytime soon. I didn?t mind it though. The drums are pretty cool, lots of layers and cool fuzzy riffs. Much like Lantlos it just gets boring after a while. A few songs I do love, a few I hate and the rest is OK. Overrated though.

3.3 Doom ? Something about this just didn?t grasp me at all. I?m only a few listens in so this could change. Seems pretty generic for the most part and I don?t particularly enjoy the vocals.
39Killer Be Killed
Killer Be Killed

3.3 Metal ? Not really my cup of tea. Generic riffs for the most part. It has kind of a nu-metal industrial vibe to it especially in the first half. The second half of the album has slightly more variety and a couple standout tracks. The highlight for me is Troy Sanders? vocals. Expected lack of consistency and focus from a ?supergroup? release.
40Sun Kil Moon

3.2 Folk ? This has grown on me a bit more lately. Still need to be in a pretty drab mood to listen to it. Vocals just kind of piss me off a lot of the time. Some really nice acoustic sections though and the songwriting is pretty decent.
Melting Sun

3.0 Shoegaze/Post Rock ? It?s OK. Kind of boring. Kept putting me to sleep even when I wasn?t tired.
42The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

3.0 Americana/Indie Rock ? Not sure why people love this so much. Found it un-spectacular. Seeing as I don?t listen to very much of this style of music, I?m picky with it (if that makes sense). Last year?s Kurt Vile record was way better. Figured I?d throw that out there?
43Linkin Park
The Hunting Party

2.0 Nu-metal? - Not a whole lot to take away from this. Didn?t enjoy it.
44Wolves at the Gate

2.0 Metalcore - Pretty awful
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