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Thibs' 2014: Metal

With less than a month left, here are the metal releases I've enjoyed most this year. This is very loosely ranked. Feel free to rec anything essential I've missed (I do have Solstafir, The Great Old Ones, and Horrendous on the radar)
1 Mastodon
Once More 'Round the Sun

Progressive - Not really #1 for 2014 but a terrific release nonetheless. Starts out like The Hunter and ends with Neurosis
2Morbus Chron

Progressive/Death - Psychedelic riffs, filthy vocals, strong songwriting. Album rules

Death/Black - Can't wait for a full length from these guys.

Death - Modern metal gem. So many influences/styles here and it's just straight up fun. How this band is unsigned...
5Nero Di Marte

Post/Death - Great job of keeping intensity and dark atmosphere throughout. The drumming is fantastic and the build ups are epic

Black/Folk - Most uplifting black metal I've ever heard

Folk/Black - Beautiful acoustics here. I would likely enjoy this more as an instrumental album. Though unique, the German whispers are just slightly off-putting

Death - Atmospheric and heavy af. What Behemoth's The Satanist wanted to be
9Spectral Lore

Black - Beast of an album. So many dynamics here
10Execration (NOR)
Morbid Dimensions

Death - Old school death influences with razor sharp riffing
Melana Chasmata

Death/Doom - All around quality. EMILY!
Foundations of Burden

Doom - A very strong follow-up to one of my favourite albums from 2012
Sacred White Noise

Black/Different - Challenging yet rewarding listen. Otherworldly gets thrown around to describe this, appropriately. Fans of all things heavy should check this out
14Horn of the Rhino
Summoning Deliverance

Sludge - Filthy sludge metal going criminally unknown. They mix up the vocals nicely. Check this out
15Dead Congregation
Promulgation of the Fall

Death - Brings the old school brutal as well as anyone

Sludge/Doom - m/

Death/Black - The riffs are melodic and catchy, though the drum sound is slightly inorganic
18Ne Obliviscaris

Progressive/Death - The drum sound also hurts this release slightly but the musicianship (particularly in the softer sections) is top notch
19Mekong Delta
In a Mirror Darkly

Progressive/Thrash - Vocals aren't my thing here but the technical riffs and drumming will make any metalhead smile
Roads to the North

Black/Folk - Another solid 2014 black metal album. Some transitions are a bit awkward but overall an essential album with lots of variety. You should listen for the drumming performance alone
21The Mire
Glass Cathedrals

Post - I can't quite pinpoint what makes this one so great. It Slow and steady headbang
A World Lit Only by Fire

Industrial - Dem grooves, dat bass. Loses its strong initial appeal after a few listens but will always be a quality record to go back to
23Every Time I Die
From Parts Unknown

Metal/hard-core - Another 4 from ETID

Alternative/Metal - I rarely come across an album that blends metal with a pop alternative rock sensibility effectively but these Germans nailed it
25The Atlas Moth
The Old Believer

Sludge - The dual vocals are so well executed here. Catchy stuff, great songwriting
The Satanist

Death/Black - Not the Behemoth from their last few records (which disappointed early on) but this slowed down progressive leaning blend of blackened death does still bring an epic sound not many bands can produce. That last track...
27A Sense of Gravity

Progressive - A solid blend of older progressive metal (Fates, Dream Theater) and more recent technical (BTBAM, Protest) influences. Tons of skill here, the vocals are lacking slightly
28Ghost Brigade
IV - One with the Storm

Melodic Sludge - Katatonia meets Dark Tranquility playing sludgy stoner progressive shit. A bit cheesy and lengthy overall but some great moments throughout
29Anubis Gate

Progressive/Power - Extremely accessible and catchy. They wrote some awesome songs if you can stomach some power vocs
Esoteric Symbolism

Progressive - More accessible clean vocal progressive metal/rock. They wrote some amazing songs albeit too long (they could sing the choruses a couple times less in each track). Sput rating for this is too low, takes a couple listens to really appreciate
31Conquering Dystopia
Conquering Dystopia

Instrumental - Jeff. Loomis.
Nothing but the Whole

Death - Atmospheric and very heavy. Some quality riffs sprinkled throughout but it drags slightly at times
33Bastard Sapling
Instinct Is Forever

Black - Heavy, dark, especially lyrically. Quality throughout. You can hear some hardcore/punk influences at times
Primitive and Deadly

Doom - Perfectly executed drone doom. You can count the riffs on half your hand

Grind - I don't listen to much grind. This was a treat though. The last grind album I liked this much was Nasum - Helvete
36Ethereal Riffian

Stoner - Blaze

Progressive - Opeth-Tool blend done quite nicely. It's damn good
38Job for a Cowboy
Sun Eater

Metal - Surprised the shit out of me. I listened to some of their previous work (due to festival lineups) which grew off quickly but they shed the deathcore influences (mostly) and just wrote some quality metal songs. Dudes are def skilled
39Lord Mantis
Death Mask

Sludge/Black - Filthy stuff. Pretty enjoyable, very dark just not quite consistent enough throughout. I rarely listen to the whole thing through
40The Wounded Kings

Doom - Awesome female-fronted Sabbath worship
41Artificial Brain
Labyrinth Constellation

Death - A few moments on here are tops for the year but again, consistency is an issue. Some sections are just boring
42Spectres (USA-CA)
Ghosts of Revolution

Melodic - Another quality modern metal release from an unsigned band. Check them on bandcamp for free
Symmetry in Black

Sludge - Riff masters keep riffin
Savage Gold

Sludge/Black - A nice direction for this band. The riffs are more at the forefront compared to Path of Totality but there's still something missing preventing me from revisiting a whole lot
45Distorted Harmony
Chain Reaction

Progressive - All cleans. Cool songs, pretty catchy.
The Amanuensis

Metalcore - Feelin djenty?

Melodic Death - I've always had mixed feelings about this band. Great riffs in good songs
48Bloodshot Dawn

Melodic Death - Very strong musicianship. Drums and guitars are tight. The vocals/choruses etc are just sort of there though. It's all about the other players
The Flesh Prevails

Death - Love the wall of sound heavy this brings but it didn't fully click with me like it did with others

Thrash - Hilarious lyrics, great riffs, call response chants. Fun stuff
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