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Why I Love Electronic Music (so Far)

Bored in my bedroom, so here it is: 65 electronics albums that have had quite an impact on me. List is very very very loosely ranked and made. Bear in mind that I was a newbie only months ago. Have still lots and lots to learn. I expect a whole new bunch of favorites for me in the next few years. Electronic music has changed my life and visiting Sputnik has helped me cultivate it. Most of these are obvious and deviantly confirmed albums you probably already know (thank you Deviant...I'm still waiting for DnB recs). But there's everything on here: synthpop, drum & bass, house, dubstep, IDM, techno, you name it... Making for a much eclectic & personal list I hope/I guess. So Why Do I Love Electronic Music? And as always, recs are welcome!

I hold a soft spot for it, since it was one of the first house albums I truly enjoyed. Fresh, young-spirited, somewhat inventive, several floor-fillers.
64Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin is a crafter. You taste his drums like exquisite food. A labyrinth of rhythms. Complex work.
63Dom and Roland
The Big Bang

Dom, Inventor of the Tramen Break. The Big Bang happens in my ears! This is why I love DnB: It is restless.
62VNV Nation

EBM is not house, nor trance, nor techno. Well what is it then? A little bit of each. Inspiration: Victory Not Vengeance. Yes. Listen to "Saviour" for a tremendous end- of-the-world dance masterpiece.
61Infected Mushroom
Vicious Delicious

Psytrance. Bleeps, bloops, glorgs, glurgs, pzzzziii, pzzzuuu. One of my first electronic albums. Nostalgia.
My Demons

Shadows everywhere! Dubstep full of curious echoes... and monstrous bass.
Split The Atom

Title track goes like this: teh-teh-teh-teh... teh-teh-teh-teh... tah-tah-tah-tah... teh-teh-teh-teh.
58Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles II

Dance & melancholy. I saw them live once. I went Total-Nuts during "Baptism".
Les Chansons Neurotiques

Futurepop cool as hell, meant to be played loud under neon-lights.
56State Of Mind
Take Control

DnB you can both dance & daydream to. "Sunking" calls for you! Let's do this! Now!

O delicate O sweet O vast, "O Me O Life, of the questions of these recurring"...
54 Black Sun Empire
Cruel and Unusual

Another reason why I love DnB: It is glorious.
Beaucoup Fish

Techno & house. Underworld: One of the greatest dance acts in the Multiverse. "Moaner" will play during the Apocalypse. Get ready.
52The Prodigy
Music for the Jilted Generation

Rebel. Elite. Superb. Breakbeat for free thinkers! Thank you Liam Howlett.
51New Order
Power, Corruption and Lies

All I need to do is open "Age of Consent" and smile. Despite the album title and the lyrics, New Order will always celebrate life in the end. Noble.
50Simian Mobile Disco
Attack Decay Sustain Release

I always dream of sex when I listen to this. Sharp, so sharp... and wet, and sensual! Mmmm...

Vince Clarke is quite the synthhead. And yes, Erasure made other songs than "Always". Baroque & theatrical synthpop to lift up your mood.

The Sound of the Infinite. Bike Windwind 444 let me rest in you.
47DJ Shadow

46Gary Numan
The Pleasure Principle

Right before the 80s, there was this. Holy shit moment when I discovered that the bassline on "M.E." is the one sampled by the Jaxx on "Where's Your Head At"! Mindblown.
45Depeche Mode
Black Celebration

Atmosphere, yearning souls & keyboards.
44Tim Hecker

Wooooowww............I feel dizzy. I've been waiting for such an album.
43Pet Shop Boys

Another holy shit moment when I heard "Heart". "Hey I know that song!!" The Single Most Addictive Vocal Hook. Oh-ah-oh-oh-ah. Oh-ah-oh-oh-ah.
42Calyx and Teebee

Not an album - it's a movie! Drum & Bass meets Black Hawk Down meets Indiana Jones. Kind of.
Rhythm And Stealth

How do you make an album after Leftism? Somehow Neil Barnes and Paul Daley managed it. Tribal vibe, as always... Thank you for the adventure. Make a third one please.
40Daft Punk

Obvious reasons. Can't get more iconic than that. "Around the World" for Earth President. I could have chosen Discovery too.
39The Chemical Brothers

Because The Chems want you to enjoy existence. Thanks Tom & Ed. Now would you come to Canada?

Melodies & visions. Bangers too. The closing opus of the mind.in.a.box trilogy. Run.For.Your.Life!
37Basement Jaxx

Playful. Adorable. Eccentric. Pyjama party! Anyone?

Polished. Crafted. Visionary. Dub. Step. Gar. Age.

Why I Love Electronic Music? This album is why.
34Amon Tobin

David Lynch meets The Mummy meets electronic music. Drums!
33The Crystal Method

The Matrix has you. Vegas has you. Breakbeat has you.
32New Order

Because New Order.
31Daft Punk
Alive 2007

2007 Daft Punk: Best Daft Punk.
30Claro Intelecto
Reform Club

Both pensive and comforting. Sound. Silence. Breath. Peace.
29A Guy Called Gerald
Black Secret Technology

Good ol' Gerald. He is regularly posting on Facebook. Thoughts, poems, ideas. Such a gentleman. Black Secret Technology is a whole jungle poem too.
28Simian Mobile Disco

SMD are probably one of the most underrated electronic acts around. Why don't people talk about them? Unpatterns is tasty & mysterious altogether.
27Fatboy Slim
You've Come A Long Way, Baby

I will never ever forget the first time I heard "Right Here, Right Now". I had it on repeat for dozens of listens.
Second Toughest in the Infants

Highways & helicopters. Perhaps the most ambitious Underworld album.
25Basement Jaxx

The Jaxx were the next logical step after Pet Shop Boys. Remedy is the best ice tea you have ever tasted.
24Adam Freeland
Coastal Breaks II

Breaks. That is all.
Orbital 2

I love this expression: tumble down the rabbit hole.....................orbital hole...............
Old Raves End

When despair approaches... Old Raves End is here. God Bless You.
21Passion Pit

Exuberant is the word! Joy. Excess. Celebration.

Genesis Chapter 1: In the beginning Ima created the heaven and the earth. Yup!
Trans-Europe Express

As Pure as Vanilla. The Great Originators. Of course.
18 Photek
Form and Function

Drum & Bass for the ninja in each of us. Some of the most deeply innovative DnB tracks.
17Depeche Mode
Music for the Masses

We're flying high / We're watching the world / Pass us by. Oh, Alan. Oh, Dave. Oh, Martin. Oh, Depeche Mode.
16The Prodigy
The Fat of the Land

Most contagious breakbeat.
15Pet Shop Boys
Discography: The Complete Singles Collection

Golden beats. What a songwriter Neil Tennant is! West End Girls. It's A Sin. Being Boring.
14Boards of Canada

Mysteries. Enigmas. Secrets. Geogaddi is full of them.

For love & humanity. Don't worry. I'm here. Hold on to life.
The Astral Traveller

The Spaceship of my dreams. Andromeda here we come.
11Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Like a second mother.
Parallel Universe

Drum & Bass for Ladies & Gentlemen! Welcome! May I offer you a glass of 4hero?
Tri Repetae

IDM for Ladies & Gentlemen! Welcome! May I offer you a breath of Eutow?
8Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Architecture & Morality

"Souvenir" & "Maid of Orleans" most beautiful synthpop songs. The New Wave Kraftwerks.
7The Chemical Brothers
Dig Your Own Hole

The Great King of Coolness.

Karl Hyde one of the reasons why I am almost bisexual. Heartfelt & sweet, sweet techno.
5The Orb

Meet you all in Babylon & Ting. I shall never want to leave. Lose myself in The Orb.
4The Future Sound Of London

Because I can't conceive to live without this album.
3New Order

Because hope is one of the greatest feelings.

The Great King of Dance. I am a Leftist. Are you?
1Depeche Mode

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