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08-02Krallice Ygg huur STAFF
08-01Phinehas Till the End tshosp01
Coil The New Backwards Arnaud
Dynfari Vegferð Tímans Chamberbelain
Assemble The Chariots World Architects XfingTheSullen
Vorum Current Mouth Jacquibim CONTRIBUTOR
07-31Fear Factory Genexus STAFF
Miss May I Deathless William21
07-29Bong Stoner Rock Chamberbelain
Holy Moses Queen Of Siam ChaoticVortex
High on Fire Luminiferous jtswope
07-28Northlane Node Gameofmetal
Akitsa Grands Tyrans anobsoletevernacular
Symphony X Underworld OmairSh
Celldweller End of an Empire - Chapter 04: Death CL0VER
07-27Moonspell Extinct PsychicChris
07-26Iron Maiden Live at Donington TheMoonchild
07-25Cultes Des Ghoules Henbane Gameofmetal
Locrian Infinite Dissolution STAFF
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places Chamberbelain
07-24Phinehas Till the End Gameofmetal
Isis Celestial Confessed2005
We Lost the Sea Departure Songs PortalofPerfection
Lamb of God VII: Sturm und Drang TalonsOfFire
07-23Persuader Evolution Purgatory ChaoticVortex
Goatsnake Black Age Blues PsychicChris
Helmet Seeing Eye Dog Supercoolguy64
A Forest of Stars Beware the Sword You Cannot See Chamberbelain
Church of Misery Master of Brutality SheriffOfHongKong
False Untitled zaruyache
07-22Northlane Node Nocturnalize
Slayer Show No Mercy Spaten
Kamelot Haven PsychicChris
07-21Mendel Oblivion TalonsOfFire
Sunn O))) Monoliths and Dimensions Chamberbelain
Wold Postsocial idontcareaboutthis
Kamelot Haven crashandridemusic
07-20Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic paradox1216 CONTRIBUTOR
Broken Hope Omen of Disease MistaCrave
Monarch Dead Men Tell No Tales Chamberbelain
Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic TheMoonchild
Exterminator Total Extermination idontcareaboutthis
07-19High on Fire Luminiferous PsychicChris
Rosetta Quintessential Ephemera Mongi123 CONTRIBUTOR
Reign of Fury Death Be Thy Shepherd Chamberbelain
Rest Among Ruins Fugue peartnoy
07-18Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate MistaCrave
All That Remains The Order of Things Chamberbelain
Helmet Monochrome Supercoolguy64
Godsmack 1000hp PassiveMetalhead
Parkway Drive Atlas kingdedethefifth
Von Satanic Blood Angel SCREAM!
07-17Agalloch The Mantle ahsanimam
Shai Hulud That Within Blood Ill-Tempered joshpayne
07-16Ancient Bards Soulless Child crashandridemusic
Sevendust Sevendust ahsanimam
07-15Paradise Lost The Plague Within PsychicChris
Fall of the Leafe Vantage deathschool
Riot Born in America Sabrutin
Crossfaith Apocalyze DrGonzo1937
Phinehas Till the End pjquinones747
Helmet Size Matters Supercoolguy64
Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic Masthews
07-14Dir En Grey Dum Spiro Spero CWBrown
Falloch This Island, Our Funeral DarkNoctus
07-13Iron Maiden Flight 666 (DVD) BigHans
Helloween The Time of the Oath McStabby
Mudvayne The New Game DrGonzo1937
Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches Hawks
Helmet Aftertaste Supercoolguy64
07-12Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches TheSpirit
Bury Tomorrow Runes McGuire95
For All Eternity Metanoia Shabz
Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic crashandridemusic
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places LivingThrowaway
Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches TalonsOfFire
07-10Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal Shamus248
Zao Xenophobe/Fear Itself SadAndHolyGlow
Vattnet Viskar Settler zaruyache
07-09Thy Art Is Murder Holy War ADV123
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places Masthews
Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches STAFF
Crowbar Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form brazilianaire
Crowbar Symmetry in Black brazilianaire
Death The Sound of Perseverance FirstStrikeIsDeadly
07-08Helmet Born Annoying Supercoolguy64
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace Hawks
07-07Helmet Betty Supercoolguy64
07-06Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic Insurrection CONTRIBUTOR
Helmet Meantime Supercoolguy64
Celtic Frost Monotheist beyondthethreshold13
All That Remains The Order of Things McGuire95
Ice Ages This Killing Emptiness LifeFeedsOnLife
07-05Desolate Shrine The Heart of the Netherworld Hawks
Thy Art Is Murder Holy War Gameofmetal
07-04Coldworld Melancholie Hawks
07-03Drudkh A Furrow Cut Short STAFF
Helmet Strap It On Supercoolguy64
Nothingface Skeletons deathofasalesman
Vondur Stridsyfirlysing FlyheadMetal
07-02Whitehouse Bird Seed MewCore
06-30Whitehouse Bird Seed LivingThrowaway
The Armed Untitled Sunn177
06-29Abyssal Antikatastaseis Jacquibim CONTRIBUTOR
06-28Suicide Silence The Black Crown A7XBVBFFDP
06-27Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill Y'all$ Unitcircle
Mudvayne L.D. 50 TayBad
06-26Walking With Strangers Terra AndreBourbeau
Trivium Shogun mindleviticus
06-25Metal Church A Light in the Dark miketunneyiscool123
06-24August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places BSN1194
06-23August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places William21
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places TalonsOfFire
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places MewCore
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places ConsumerOfNut
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places Beardog
Iwrestledabearonce Hail Mary cmaitland421
06-20In Flames The Jester Race BloodOfDemons
Fear Factory The Industrialist KevinKC
Iron Maiden No Prayer for the Dying piroga84
Soilwork Figure Number Five Zipzop5565
06-19Threnos By Blood and By Earth elcrawfodor
The Word Alive Real Shamus248
Goatsnake Black Age Blues linguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR
Rise to Fall End vs. Beginning Dmax28
Vallendusk Homeward Path MewCore
Virgin Steele Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation manosg CONTRIBUTOR
06-18Galactic Cowboys Machine Fish McStabby
Attila Guilty Pleasure Shamus248
Pyrrhon Fever Kingdoms zv003478
Midnight Odyssey Shards of Silver Fade MewCore
06-16Gorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis Hawks
06-15Arcturus Arcturian TalonsOfFire
06-13exist trace Twin Gate Angelboros
At the Gates The Red in the Sky Is Ours Jacquibim CONTRIBUTOR
John 5 The Art of Malice DrGonzo1937
06-12Paradise Lost The Plague Within TalonsOfFire
Disarmonia Mundi Cold Inferno Dmax28
Haste the Day Coward Toondude10
Tank Filth Hounds of Hades DrJohn
06-11Thulcandra Ascension Lost TalonsOfFire
06-10Currents Life // Lost ReAnimator
06-09Rage Reign of Fear Sabrutin
High on Fire Luminiferous ScottAndrij
Lorna Shore Psalms Nocturnalize
06-07Bleed the Sky Paradigm In Entropy ReAnimator
06-06Paradise Lost The Plague Within STAFF
Armored Saint Win Hands Down SoccerRiot
Darkthrone Goatlord pissbore
06-05Make Them Suffer Old Souls Gameofmetal
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Mouth of the Architect - The Violence Beneath by CaimanJesu
Iron Maiden - Live After Death by Ikarus14
TesseracT preview Polaris by DatBeefPud
Metallica - Ride the Lightning by InFlamesWe
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel by InFlamesWe
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machi by SoccerRiot
Dream Theater - Dream Theater by Onirium
Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Futur by cjgone
Sunn O))) - Monoliths and Dimensio by BlacKapes
APOSTATE - Against All Odds by DotEight
Dream Theater - Images and Words by idontcarea
Tiamat - Wildhoney by KILL
Between the Buried and Me - Alaska by Eons
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time by FlyheadMet
King Diamond - ''Them'' by mcauleyada
Mercyful Fate - Into the Unknown by Titan
Mercyful Fate - Dead Again by Titan
Mercyful Fate - 9 by Titan
Mercyful Fate - Time by Titan
Helmet - Monochrome by Davil667
Animals As Leaders - The Joy of Motion by Ending
Godflesh - Streetcleaner by chesse13
Disturbed fire up new song by Dreakon
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone by nylerticke
Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate by Titan
Goatsnake - Black Age Blues by OldCrime
Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol by InFlamesWe
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seven by beefshoes
Fear Factory - Genexus by Willie
Soulfly share new lyric video by figure337
Metallica - St. Anger by StreetsofS
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metall by yuneek
Iron Maiden - Brave New World by beefshoes
Motorhead release new song by InFlamesWe
Obsequiae - Aria of Vernal Tombs by osmark86
Disturbed announce new album; debut new song by InFlamesWe
Mercyful Fate - In the Shadows by Hawks
Judas Priest - Jugulator by miketunney
Rollins Band - Weight by Titan
Earth - The Bees Made Honey in by SheriffOfH
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath by pissbore
Paradise Lost - Icon by facupm
Kauan debut new music video by bnelso55
Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics... by NeroCorleo
Mercyful Fate - Melissa by NeroCorleo
Diamond Head - Lightning to the Natio by NeroCorleo
W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol by manosg
Iron Maiden debut trailer for their new LP by InFlamesWe
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden by manosg
Bong - Mana-Yood-Sushai by RunOfTheMi
King Diamond - The Puppet Master by Titan
Neurosis - Given to the Rising by DominionMM
Symphony X - V: The New Mythology S by Shuyin
Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets by deathschoo
Cult of Luna - Vertikal by Ignimbrite
In Flames - Siren Charms by Toondude10
Abstracter - Wound Empire by Confucius
Bong - Stoner Rock by RogueNine
Sybreed - Antares by mindleviti
King Diamond - Fatal Portrait by manosg
Soilwork - The Living Infinite by XfingTheSu
Indian - From All Purity by Relinquish
maudlin of the Well - Part the Second by Ending
Life of Agony - River Runs Red by Emim
Earth - Angels of Darkness, De by BMDrummer
High on Fire - Luminiferous by EvoHavok
Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake by miketunney
Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heav by Ikarus14
King Diamond - Abigail by Ovrot
Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor by jtswope
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime by BigPleb
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone by tresm87
Kylesa announce new album by NonApplica
Protest the Hero - Fortress by Anthracks
Kylesa - Ultraviolet by Hellscythe
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Sing-Along Songs for t by Asdfp277
Paradise Lost - Shades of God by InFlamesWe
Pantera - The Great Southern Tre by Ocean of N
Ghost (SWE) - Opus Eponymous by linguist20
Mercenary - The Hours That Remain by ComeToDadd
Symphony X - Underworld by OmairSh
Holy Grail - Ride the Void by NonApplica
Periphery - Periphery II: This Tim by Propose
Skepticism debut new video by ComeToDadd
Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy by wham49
Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Soul for R by wham49
Black Sabbath - Reunion by wham49
Sevendust announce new album by skoopy48
So Hideous - Last Poem/First Light by YakNips
X Japan - Art of Life by Calculatin
Machine Head - The Blackening by DoctorJack
My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun by DikkoZinne
High on Fire - Luminiferous by jtswope
Judas Priest - Painkiller by miketunney
maudlin of the Well - Leaving Your Body Map by Ending
Elder (USA-MA) - Lore by RadicalEd
maudlin of the Well - Part the Second by Kman418
Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Pur by BigPleb
Godflesh - A World Lit Only by Fi by Confucius
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day by DoctorDoom
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the Swans by Flugmorph
Meshuggah - I by Hovse
Iron Maiden - Live at Donington by TheMoonchi
Melvins - Bullhead by NeroCorleo
Weedeater - Goliathan by Pho3nix
Lamb of God - Resolution by Insurrecti
Lamb of God - New American Gospel by Insurrecti
Control Denied - The Fragile Art of Exi by FlyheadMet
Nero di Marte - Derivae by stabbler
Isis - Panopticon by JS19
Down - NOLA by JS19
Fear Factory - Digimortal by Flugmorph
Fear Factory - Demanufacture by Flugmorph
Evergrey - In Search Of Truth by DoctorDoom
We Lost the Sea - The Quietest Place on by Flugmorph
Manowar - Kings of Metal by DikkoZinne
Tank - Filth Hounds of Hades by DikkoZinne
Fear Factory release new song by KILL
Between the Buried and Me - Colors by Ocean of N
The Ocean - Pelagial by Oc3anic
Isis - Celestial by Oc3anic
Dir En Grey - Kisou by Vorpax
Dir En Grey - Uroboros (Remastered & by Calculatin
We Lost the Sea - Departure Songs by PortalofPe
Protest the Hero - Kezia by DoctorDoom
Melvins - Houdini by Dylan620
Corelia - Nostalgia by MuhNamesTy
Born from Pain - War by CaimanJesu
Goatsnake - Black Age Blues by grannypant
Lamb of God - VII: Sturm und Drang by TalonsOfFi
Ufomammut - Ecate by MikeC26
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death by miketunney
Metallica - Metallica by MrSirLordG
Yngwie Malmsteen - Spellbound by jayt851
Animals As Leaders - Animals as Leaders by beefshoes
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell by FlyheadMet
My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours by Flugmorph
Devin Townsend - Ziltoid the Omniscient by Flugmorph
Isis - In the Absence of Trut by Underflow
Black Sabbath - Sabotage by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 by NeroCorleo
Dir En Grey - The Marrow of a Bone by Calculatin
Church of Misery - Master of Brutality by Cygnatti
Helmet - Seeing Eye Dog by Supercoolg
Neurosis - Through Silver in Bloo by evilford
Black Sabbath - 13 by romulanran
Metallica - Master of Puppets by miketunney
Metallica - Death Magnetic by miketunney
Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine: Biomech by Flugmorph
Iron Maiden - Virtual XI by InFlamesWe
Metallica - Master of Puppets by TheNotrap
Judas Priest - Ram It Down by miketunney
Judas Priest - British Steel by miketunney
Judas Priest - Point of Entry by miketunney
maudlin of the Well - Bath by Ending
Metallica - ...And Justice for All by InFlamesWe
Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocaly by OmairSh
Steel Panther - All You Can Eat by BigPleb
In the Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad by iambanders
Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Hi by deathschoo
Metallica - Kill 'Em All by Supercoolg
Elder (USA-MA) - Dead Roots Stirring by rockandmet
The Safety Fire calls it quits by DatBeefPud
Dir En Grey - Dum Spiro Spero by FadedSun
Universe217 - Never by Asdfp277
Steel Panther - Feel the Steel by BigPleb
Eyehategod - Dopesick by DikkoZinne
Rest Among Ruins - Fugue by peartnoy
Monuments - The Amanuensis by r1xTer
Dio - Dream Evil by manosg
Uneven Structure - Februus by tacos N st
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality by NeroCorleo
Slipknot - .5: The Gray Chapter by JeetJeet
Black Sabbath - Paranoid by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath by NeroCorleo
Ghost (SWE) - Infestissumam by Hellscythe
Metallica - Load by romulanran
Sunn O))) - Black One by Valkyrion
Rosetta - Quintessential Ephemer by dbizzles
Sunn O))) - Monoliths and Dimensio by Alastor
Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic by Insurrecti
Dio - The Last in Line by OvDeath
Queensryche post new song by rayraypine
Dio - Holy Diver by MrSirLordG
Judas Priest - Painkiller by KILL
Mendel - Oblivion by Tunaboy45
Paradise Lost - The Plague Within by StormChase

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