Nightmare - NIGHTMARE by Jasdevi087
Judas Priest - Turbo by RamblinHam
Boris - Akuma No Uta by Greyvy
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machi by gnrcdstrtd
Supermachiner - Rise Of The Great Mach by Artuma
Accept - Blind Rage by ExplosiveO
Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge by Mongi123
Time To Burn - Is.Land by climactic
Vildhjarta - Masstaden by Brometheus
Boris - Noise by Zombicidal
In Flames - Soundtrack to Your Esc by gocsa666
In Flames - Subterranean by Atari
King Diamond - Conspiracy by Titan
Earth - Hex: Or Printing In th by BMDrummer
Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry by OmairSh
Doom:VS - Dead Words Speak by FiveLeaves
Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny by rockarolla
Depressive Age - First Depression by evilford
Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell by Amphoteric
YOB - The Great Cessation by Inveigh
Nero Di Marte - Nero Di Marte by deezer666
Baroness - Red Album by savaah
Meshuggah - I by beefshoes
The Pax Cecilia - Blessed Are The Bonds by wacknizzle
diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence into the by emester
Manowar - Battle Hymns by DikkoZinne
Mastodon - Remission by beeroine87
Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine I by RoyalImper
Animals As Leaders - Weightless by TomTomato
Helmet - Strap It On by BMDrummer
The Room Colored Charlatan - Primitives by trilogique
The Ocean - Pelagial by siIverspaw
Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol by NeroCorleo
Queensryche - Promised Land by NeroCorleo
Melvins - Houdini by Mendross
Fates Warning - No Exit by OmairSh
Fates Warning - Parallels by OmairSh
In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy by Vakarian12
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime by beefshoes
Isis - In the Absence of Trut by Sevengill
Amenra - Mass V by Sniff
Armored Saint - Symbol of Salvation by MadPat
Destroy The Runner - Saints by tresm87
Disillusion - Back To Times Of Splen by Flugmorph
Alter Bridge - Fortress by Itwasthatw
Periphery - Clear by jmh886
Mastodon - Crack the Skye by TalonsOfFi
Godflesh - Streetcleaner by evilford
Evergrey - Solitude Dominance Tra by OmairSh
Earth - Earth 2 by icatchthir
Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian by OmairSh
Paradise Lost - Draconian Times by NeroCorleo
In Flames - Colony by OmairSh
Evergrey - A Night To Remember - by OmairSh
In Flames - Lunar Strain by NeroCorleo
Evergrey - Recreation Day by OmairSh
Stealing Axion - Moments by Pizzabakke
Alter Bridge - Blackbird by sokorny
Alter Bridge - One Day Remains by sokorny
Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother by sokorny
Shrinebuilder - Shrinebuilder by emester
Meshuggah - Alive by InbredJed
Meshuggah - None by Flugmorph
In Flames - Soundtrack to Your Esc by Toondude10
Tool - Undertow by TalonsOfFi
Symphony X - Paradise Lost by walfernu
Fear Factory - Demanufacture by michaelcra
Tiamat - Wildhoney by Sevengill
Savatage - The Wake Of Magellan by DrJohn
Meshuggah - Koloss by wacknizzle
Black Water Rising - Black Water Rising by smoothdome
Mnemic - Mnemesis by Madbutcher
Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve by MunchoMunc
Worm Ouroboros - Come the Thaw by Friday13th
Orphaned Land - Mabool (The Story of t by CaptainDoo
Acid Bath - When the Kite String P by FeedingNet
Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake by Funeralopo
John 5 - Careful With That Axe by Froot
Five Finger Death Punch - The Way of the Fist by UnrealMara
Volbeat - Outlaw Gentlemen and S by DELienz
Whispered - Shogunate Macabre by Flugmorph
Inborn Suffering - Regression To Nothingn by Pizzabakke
Cyclamen - Ashura by botb
Down - Down IV - Part II by Zombicidal
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier by deslad
Black Sabbath - Sabotage by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell by miketunney
Godsmack - 1000hp by FeedingNet
Metallica - Ride the Lightning by miketunney
Metallica - Master of Puppets by miketunney
Neurosis - Neurosis and Jarboe by Totengott
System of a Down - Hypnotize by TrantaLock
Seven Nautical Miles - Every Ocean Reversed by Shuyin
In This Moment - Blood by zaruyache
Dream Theater - Dream Theater by OceanMecha
White Zombie - Astro Creep: 2000 -- S by sapient
Meshuggah - Chaosphere by adr
Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Hi by Artuma
Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an America by Brabiz
Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless by gocsa666
Corelia - Nostalgia by MuhNamesTy
Thy Catafalque - Tuno Ido Tarlat by Illoomorph
Godsmack - 1000hp by fromtheins
YOB - Atma by Inveigh
Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead by DikkoZinne
Mastodon - Call of the Mastodon by MeatSalad
Save Us From The Archon - Thereafter by OwMySnauze
Eyehategod - Take as Needed for Pai by MalleusMal
Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard by MalleusMal
Bruce Dickinson - Tatooed Millionaire by thetempler
Judas Priest - Painkiller by walfernu
Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Ange by BigPleb
Dream Theater - Dream Theater by OmairSh
Iced Earth - Something Wicked This by TPM731
Deathstars - The Perfect Cult by sinsexsodo
Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes by frenchtoas
My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark by CosmicPie
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls by DrJohn
Riot - Thundersteel by walfernu
Riot - The Privilege of Power by walfernu
Godflesh - Hymns by emester
Accept - Balls To The Wall by facupm
My Dying Bride - 34.788%... Complete by CosmicPie
Iron Monkey - Iron Monkey by AngryNeigh
Swallow the Sun - The Morning Never Came by BladeRunne
Meshuggah - I by tempest--
Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan by ExplosiveO
Devin Townsend Project - Ki by BigPleb
Delain - The Human Contradictio by thelastsig
My Dying Bride - A Map Of All Our Failu by CosmicPie
System of a Down - Mezmerize by Supercoolg
APOSTATE - Against All Odds by ShitsofRai
Tombs - Savage Gold by MiotalTrom
Soilwork - The Living Infinite by Froot
Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Futur by MrNippleLi
Devin Townsend - Infinity by JokineAugu
Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes by OmairSh
Rorcal - Heliogabalus by guitarded_
Disturbed - The Sickness by bach
Metallica - Garage Inc. by trackbytra
Monuments - Gnosis by climactic
We Lost the Sea - The Quietest Place on by Shuyin
Queensryche - Dedicated to Chaos by Snowdog808
Motorhead - Iron Fist by oltnabrick
Eluveitie - Slania by InFlamesWe
Dream Theater - Dream Theater by Xenorazr
Dream Theater - Falling into Infinity by Davil667
Protest the Hero - Volition by gordodusti
Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets by BMDrummer
Scale the Summit - The Migration by Koffiiing
Psyopus - Our Puzzling Encounter by Br00talK1d
Within Temptation - Hydra by XfingTheSu
Novembre - Classica by AngryNeigh
Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Eve by Xenorazr
Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain by lalchimist
Judas Priest - Nostradamus by OmairSh
Tool - Salival by ValarMorgh
Torche - Harmonicraft by tempest--
Kamelot - The Black Halo by OmairSh
Queensryche - Hear in the Now Fronti by OmairSh
Paradise Lost - One Second by OmairSh
Skyclad - The Wayward Sons of Mo by manosg
Animals As Leaders - Animals as Leaders by OmairSh
Judas Priest - Painkiller by Snooze00
Neurosis - Times of Grace by climactic
Meshuggah - Nothing by Aftertheas
Meshuggah - Nothing (Re-release) by Aftertheas
Adramelch - Irae Melanox by Eunuch
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver by Xenorazr
Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner T by adr
Buzzov-en - Sore by Cimnele
Year of No Light - Nord by Shuyin
Dog Fashion Disco - Adultery by slagun
System of a Down - Steal This Album! by trackbytra
Nightmare - Anima by Jasdevi087
Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama by OmairSh
Soilwork - Figure Number Five by OmairSh
The Austerity Program - Beyond Calculation by Wizard
Stoned Jesus - Seven Thunders Roar by eyehategod
Tarot - Spell of Iron by KjSwantko
Evergrey - In Search Of Truth by KjSwantko
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos by Xenorazr
Devin Townsend Project - Addicted by BigPleb
Neurosis - Through Silver in Bloo by emester
Evergrey - The Inner Circle by OmairSh
Metallica - Master of Puppets by miketunney
Metallica - Master of Puppets by miketunney
Uneven Structure - Februus by beefshoes
Metallica - Master of Puppets by miketunney
Nightmare - To Be or Not to Be by Jasdevi087
Skyclad - Prince of the Poverty by emester
Isis - Celestial by Shuyin
DIR EN GREY - Vulgar by Ultihelmet
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel by Froot
Metallica - Death Magnetic by KILL
Queensryche - Frequency Unknown by Willie
Devin Townsend Project - Ghost by OmairSh
Dream Theater - Train of Thought by adr