Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax: Hypersle by BigPleb
Heir Apparent - Graceful Inheritance by Snowdog808
High on Fire - Art of Self-Defense by dh198
Need - Orvam: A Song for Home by ksoflas
The Obsessed - The Church Within by sonicthepl
In Flames - Siren Charms by ASnideRetu
Fall of Efrafa - Owsla by wacknizzle
Novembre - The Blue by OceanMecha
Name - Internet Killed The Au by Ecnalzen
In Flames - Clayman by Insurrecti
Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons by OmairSh
Wreck and Reference - Want by YakNips
Eluveitie - Origins by Metalstyle
DevilDriver - The Fury of Our Maker' by MoosechriS
Meshuggah - obZen by Froot
Harvey Milk - My Love Is Higher Than by GhettoHmbr
Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New Y by oltnabrick
Black Sabbath - The Dio Years by TheSonomaD
Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes by NeroCorleo
Control Denied - The Fragile Art of Exi by beefshoes
Steel Panther - Feel the Steel by XfingTheSu
Motorhead - Overkill by DikkoZinne
Manowar - Louder Than Hell by InFlamesWe
Katatonia - Viva Emptiness by Flugmorph
Meshuggah - obZen by Betray
Life of Agony - Ugly by accomplice
Rodha - Raw by AaronIsCru
Between the Buried and Me - Alaska [Instrumental] by TheWovenWe
Chimaira - Chimaira by JokineAugu
Harvey Milk - My Love Is Higher Than by SheriffOfH
Cloudkicker - ]]][[[ by RogueNine
Protest the Hero - Volition by TalonsOfFi
In Flames - Siren Charms by NocteDomin
Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud by JokineAugu
Elder (USA-MA) - Dead Roots Stirring by conesmoke
Shining (NOR) - Blackjazz by JokineAugu
We Made God - It's Getting Colder by PortalofPe
Hacktivist - Hacktivist by JSJC
The Austerity Program - Beyond Calculation by Supercoolg
Venom - Welcome to Hell by InFlamesWe
Neurosis - Sovereign by DominionMM
Isis - Wavering Radiant by Shuyin
Demon Hunter - Extremist by gordodusti
Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Do by Mongi123
Riot - Narita by Sabrutin
Melvins - The Maggot by BMDrummer
Animals As Leaders - Animals as Leaders by JokineAugu
In Flames - Siren Charms by Crysis
Disturbed - The Lost Children by toomanyxsi
Bullet for My Valentine - Scream, Aim, Fire by deathschoo
APOSTATE - Seaborne by DotEight
The Mire - Glass Cathedrals by Shuyin
Melvins - Honky by BMDrummer
Melvins - Stag by BMDrummer
YOB - Clearing The Path To A by Willie
Warning - Watching from a Distan by DarkNoctus
Queensryche - The Warning by Snowdog808
High Spirits - You Are Here by leobrodinh
Last Chance to Reason - Level 3 by ChuckyTrua
Meshuggah - The True Human Design by gr3yghst
Bad News - Bad News by Arcade
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists by miketunney
Disturbed - Believe by miketunney
Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy by MrSirLordG
Manowar - Into Glory Ride by Snowdog808
In Flames - Reroute to Remain by XfingTheSu
Destrage - Are You Kidding Me? No by RosaParks
Author and Punisher - Women and Children by TheBarber
Chimaira - Resurrection by FearThyEvi
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Powe by miketunney
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Powe by miketunney
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Powe by miketunney
Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium by AcidCarava
Within Temptation - The Unforgiving by EnyaFangir
Chimaira - The Impossibility Of R by Tunaboy45
Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer D by Vakarian12
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer by NeroCorleo
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell by miketunney
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell by miketunney
Pantera - Vulgar Display of Powe by miketunney
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality by miketunney
Tool - Lateralus by retributio
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel by miketunney
Pantera - Reinventing the Steel by miketunney
Keith Merrow - The Arrival by PikkaBird
Sleep - Dopesmoker by satanicale
Boris - Amplifier Worship by aircycle
Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm by BigPleb
Black Sabbath - Sabotage by NeroCorleo
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 by NeroCorleo
Harvey Milk - Courtesy and Good Will by SeaAnemone
Gus Drax - In Search Of Perfectio by InFlamesWe
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven by miketunney
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven by miketunney
Pantera - The Great Southern Tre by miketunney
Om - Advaitic Songs by DominionMM
Helmet - Meantime by slagun
Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scen by smaugman
Black Sabbath - Forbidden by miketunney
Nightmare - TABOO by Jasdevi087
Iron Maiden - Brave New World by facupm
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death by facupm
Iron Maiden - The X Factor by facupm
Bullet for My Valentine - Hand of Blood by BallsToThe
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind by facupm
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind by facupm
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin by KILL
The Psyke Project - Guillotine by wacknizzle
Earth - Primitive and Deadly by BMDrummer
Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla by KILL
Lethian Dreams - Red Silence Lodge by DarkNoctus
Riot - Rock City by Voivod
In Flames - A Sense of Purpose by Funeralopo
Iced Earth - Night of the Stormride by KILL
Arch / Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance by Snowdog808
In Flames - Siren Charms by Madbutcher
Mushroomhead - M3 by MO
Godflesh - Pure by Mendross
Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regenerat by treefinger
Metallica - Death Magnetic by miketunney
Metallica - St. Anger by miketunney
Ghost B.C. - Opus Eponymous by Arcade
In Flames - Come Clarity by XfingTheSu
Metallica - Ride the Lightning by miketunney
Metallica - Metallica by miketunney
Metallica - ...And Justice for All by miketunney
In Flames - Sounds of a Playground by RosaParks
Corrections House - Last City Zero by emester
Metallica - ...And Justice for All by miketunney
Devin Townsend Project - Ghost by Phlegm
Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes by NeroCorleo
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver by forkliftjo
Shadow Gallery - Room V by Snowdog808
Eluveitie - Evocation I: The Arcan by linguist20
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar by bach
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Pinata by Froot
Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood by DrGonzo193
Circus of Dead Squirrels - The Pop Culture Massac by Supercoolg
Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today by linguist20
Pantera - The Great Southern Tre by trackbytra
Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac by KILL
Electric Wizard - We Live by linguist20
Devin Townsend - Physicist by JokineAugu
Disturbed - Asylum by toomanyxsi
Electric Wizard - Let Us Prey by linguist20
System of a Down - Hypnotize by Krigo
Black Sabbath - Mob Rules by NeroCorleo
Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal by mark7477
Neurosis - Through Silver in Bloo by Flugmorph
Black Sabbath - Forbidden by danielcard
Steel Panther - All You Can Eat by FeedingNet
The Devin Townsend Band - Accelerated Evolution by JokineAugu
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls by Sevengill
Budgie - In for the Kill! by sonicthepl
Danzig - Danzig by NeroCorleo
Metallica - Kill 'Em All by TalonsOfFi
Metallica - Kill 'Em All by miketunney
Satariel - White Ink: Chapter One by XfingTheSu
Dope - Life by Puckingham
Satariel - White Ink: Chapter One by zaruyache
Palms - Palms by savaah
Dio - The Last in Line by manosg
Iron Maiden - Live After Death by Egarran
Living Colour - Vivid by InFlamesWe
Black Sabbath - Seventh Star by NeroCorleo
Dog Fashion Disco - Committed to a Bright by Voivod
Wo Fat - The Conjuring by osmark86
Earth - Angels of Darkness, De by oltnabrick
Om - Conference of the Bird by Funeralopo
Mudvayne - The End of All Things by fromtheins
Horn of the Rhino - Weight of Coronation by emester
Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn by MrSirLordG
Fates Warning - Disconnected by Titan
Black Sabbath - Tyr by NeroCorleo
Dope - No Regrets by FeedingNet
40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room by Sniff
Black Sabbath - 13 by danielcard
Demon Hunter - Extremist by Beardog
Nazareth - Hair of the Dog by danielcard
Soilwork - The Living Infinite by FeedingNet
Alter Bridge - Fortress by Toondude10
Fit For A King - Creation | Destruction by tresm87
High on Fire - Surrounded By Thieves by Totengott
Slipknot - Mate. Feed. Kill. Repe by mryrtmrnfo
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell by DikkoZinne
Sithu Aye - Invent the Universe by Dancedrewd
Isis - Oceanic by CaptainDoo
Dio - Dream Evil by thestop5
Theatre Of Tragedy - Aegis by manosg
BABYMETAL - Babymetal by ASnideRetu
Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay by DominionMM
Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth by facupm
Winter - Into Darkness by Hawks
The Atlas Moth - The Old Believer by Inveigh
The Sword - Warp Riders by Shuyin
BABYMETAL - Babymetal by DrJohn
Polyphia - Muse by paradox121
The Ocean - Heliocentric by OceanMecha
Kashee Opeiah - Panic In Solitude by jesterhead
Grand Magus - The Hunt by emester