Helmet - Meantime by UpwardSpir
Bullet for My Valentine - Scream, Aim, Fire by Keyblade
Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal by McStabby
Devin Townsend Project - Ghost by Keyblade
Savatage - The Hall of the Moun by McStabby
Motorhead - Bad Magic by McStabby
Ghost (SWE) - Meliora by LordePots
The Slow Death - Ark by CaptainDoo
Ghost (SWE) - Infestissumam by Tunaboy45
Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us - D by DoctorDoom
Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire by CaimanJesu
Cloudkicker - Little Histories by johnnydeki
Metallica - ...And Justice for A by RunOfTheMi
Nazareth - Play 'n' the Game by danielcard
Between the Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect by BigPleb
Tool - Lateralus by GooGooGajo
Pantera - Power Metal by Mister Twi
In the Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Ma by SpiritCrus
Cult of Luna - The Beyond by TheCrocodi
Metallica - Reload by romulanran
Eyehategod - Eyehategod by DikkoZinne
Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic by BigPleb
X Japan - Dahlia by RunOfTheMi
Disturbed - Indestructible by Keyblade
Tool - Aenima by facupm
Warlord - Deliver Us by lalchimist
Boris - Heavy Rocks by rockandmet
Swallow the Sun - Songs From The North by Archael
Pantera - Metal Magic by danielcard
Shrinebuilder - Shrinebuilder by rockandmet
Armored Saint - Win Hands Down by TheNotrap
diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence into t by Gwyn.
Black Sabbath - 13 by OmairSh
Intronaut - Prehistoricisms by BigPleb
Sevendust - Time Travelers and B by riffariffi
Swallow the Sun - Songs From The North by ChoccyPhil
Meshuggah - Koloss by beefshoes
Disturbed - Immortalized by Zanareth
Tool - Undertow by ChopSuey
Gloryhammer - Space 1992: Rise of by Nazzadan
Ufomammut - Ecate by Ashen
Unruh - Setting Fire to Sink by Mort.
Universe217 - Never by Asdfp277
Monuments - The Amanuensis by jmh886
Halford - Resurrection by Thiagao
Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell by manosg
Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory by RunOfTheMi
Neurosis - Souls at Zero by romulanran
Steak Number Eight - The Hutch by Michichach
Sevendust - Kill the Flaw by riffariffi
Swallow the Sun - Songs From The North by TalonsOfFi
Iron Monkey - Iron Monkey by ffs
Minsk - The Crash and the Dr by SgtShock
Godflesh - Streetcleaner by evilford
Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine: Biome by BenThatsMy
Eyehategod - Confederacy of Ruine by evilford
Eyehategod - Take as Needed for P by demigod!
Queensryche - Rage for Order by OmairSh
The Mire - Vice Regalia by PistolPete
Rosetta - Quintessential Ephem by Mongi123
Judas Priest - Killing Machine by RunOfTheMi
Queensryche - The Warning by OmairSh
Rwake - Voices of Omens by DominionMM
Venom - Hell by Insurrecti
Savatage - Sirens by Sabrutin
Mastodon - The Hunter by CosmicPie
Intronaut - The Direction of Las by climactic
Dio - Lock up the Wolves by Sabrutin
Queensryche - Hear in the Now Fron by CusmanX1
Dirge - Hyperion by RogueNine
Dir En Grey - The Marrow of a Bone by jesterhead
The Mire - Glass Cathedrals by CrimsonLie
Dio - The Last in Line by Sabrutin
Dio - Dream Evil by Sabrutin
Iron Maiden - Powerslave by Friday13th
Tempel - The Moon Lit Our Pat by RivalSkoom
Arcane - Known/Learned by ComeToDadd
The Arcane Order - In The Wake of Colli by FrozenVain
Om - God Is Good by Funeralopo
Mercyful Fate - Melissa by lalchimist
Motorhead - Ace of Spades by InFlamesWe
Slipknot - Slipknot by sapient
Intervals - A Voice Within by climactic
Savatage - Gutter Ballet by OmairSh
Rosetta - Wake/Lift by RogueNine
Savatage - The Dungeons Are Cal by OmairSh
In Flames - Used & Abused...In L by Storm In A
Dio - Strange Highways by Sabrutin
Pentagram - Sub-Basement by wham49
Fear Factory - Demanufacture by Fluttertra
Evergrey - In Search Of Truth by OmairSh
Rorcal - Heliogabalus by CaptainDoo
Dir En Grey - Uroboros (Remastered by jesterhead
Between the Buried and Me - Colors by StreetsofS
Swallow the Sun - Hope by Hawks
Neurosis - The Eye of Every Sto by oltnabrick
Queensryche - Condition Human by ksoflas
Katatonia - Viva Emptiness by DoctorDoom
Katatonia - Jhva Elohim Meth...T by DoctorDoom
Dir En Grey - Arche by deathofasa
My Dying Bride - The Manuscript by Flugmorph
Animals As Leaders - The Joy of Motion by BigPleb
Swallow the Sun - Emerald Forest and t by TalonsOfFi
Sunn O))) - White2 by Funeralopo
Dio - Sacred Heart by Sabrutin
My Dying Bride - 34.788%... Complete by Flugmorph
40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room by CaptainDoo
Mare - Mare by CaimanJesu
Riot - Thundersteel by RunOfTheMi
Disillusion - Gloria by Dis_Con_Ne
Evergrey - Recreation Day by OmairSh
Farmakon - A Warm Glimpse by porcupinet
In Flames - Reroute to Remain by Funeralopo
Bullet for My Valentine - Venom by SnakeDelil
Dir En Grey - Arche by thelocalhe
Followbane - Dead Fantasia by Kusangii
My Dying Bride - A Map of All Our Fai by Tunaboy45
In Flames - Lunar Strain by Funeralopo
In Flames - Soundtrack to Your E by InFlamesWe
After Forever - Decipher by Calculatin
Intronaut - Valley of Smoke by Mongi123
Draconian - Sovran by Hawks
Riot - Nightbreaker by Sabrutin
Swallow the Sun - Plague Of Butterflie by Shattered_
Dir En Grey - Vulgar by bach
Overmars - Born Again by Feels
Corrupted - Loss by ComeToDadd
Periphery - Periphery by danrawkz
Bell Witch - Four Phantoms by DarkNoctus
Animals As Leaders - Animals as Leaders by YakNips
Destrage - Are You Kidding Me? by NonApplica
Swallow the Sun - Songs From The North by Crysis
Rosetta - The Galilean Satelli by Mongi123
Acid Bath - When the Kite String by DeadGuy
Saxon - Battering Ram by linguist20
James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonanc by Beardog
Worship - Terranean Wake by rasputin
Skepticism - Ordeal by Gyromania
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire by Butkuiss
Lou Reed and Metallica - Lulu by Gmork89
Isis - Mosquito Control by Spacesh1p
Metallica - Metallica by JeetJeet
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell by JeetJeet
Psychotic Waltz - Mosquito by Voivod
Godflesh - Selfless by Flugmorph
Mournful Congregation - The Book of Kings by lalchimist
Lamb of God - VII: Sturm und Drang by jmh886
Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nat by romulanran
Polyphia - Muse by CWBrown
Godflesh - Godflesh by Supercoolg
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the Swans by Ocean of N
Iced Earth - Night of the Stormri by RunOfTheMi
Harvey Milk - Courtesy and Good Wi by NeroCorleo
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone by YuriZakhae
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes by JeetJeet
My Dying Bride - The Barghest o’ Wh by Tunaboy45
Noothgrush - Erode the Person by evilford
Dystopia - Human = Garbage by NeroCorleo
Sleep - Dopesmoker by NeroCorleo
Skyharbor - Guiding Lights by Voltimand
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silve by AtomicWast
Strapping Young Lad - Alien by SirDrumsal
Manowar - Gods of War by TheClansma
Cry For Silence - The Glorious Dead by Confessed2
Tool - Lateralus by evilford
Paradise Lost - The Plague Within by DoctorDoom
Dream Theater - Dream Theater by TalonsOfFi
The Ocean - Pelagial by ChoccyPhil
Blotted Science - The Animation of Ent by Geadom
Yngwie Malmsteen - Spellbound by jayt851
My Dying Bride - Feel the Misery by DarkNoctus
Evergrey - The Inner Circle by OmairSh
Meshuggah - Catch Thirtythree by RogueNine
Living Colour - Vivid by RunOfTheMi
Mastodon - Blood Mountain by LapisLazul
Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Sc by Parallels
All Them Witches - Lightning At The Doo by SharkTooth
Dream Theater - When Dream and Day U by LepreCon
X Japan - Jealousy by zaruyache
Giant Squid - Metridium Fields by jmh886
Blinded Colony - Bedtime Prayers by Angelboros
Cloudkicker - Woum by Mongi123
Shining (NOR) - International Blackj by Wizard
Mastodon - Once More 'Round the by Kole
Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six by tigersbrok
Sevendust - Cold Day Memory by Hellscythe
In Solitude - Sister by someguest
Motorhead - No Sleep 'til Hammer by FunkyClaud
King Diamond - The Eye by manosg
Dir En Grey - MACABRE by Jasdevi087
King Diamond - Fatal Portrait by InFlamesWe
Manowar - The Triumph of Steel by TheClansma
Iron Thrones - The Wretched Sun by JeetJeet
Soilwork - The Ride Majestic by InFlamesWe
Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom by Sniff
Disillusion - Back to Times of Spl by XfingTheSu
Neurosis - A Sun That Never Set by BMDrummer
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day by Mongi123
Sacred Blade - Of the Sun + Moon by KILL
Drive - Characters in Time by KILL