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New User Created Music (The Atlas Ghost) starboystargirl 101 Two-Minute Songs.. butcherboy 
My band's mini-album is out today. DrGonzo1937 A Year Abroad Chortles 
Gym Songs Aerisavion "Mexican Radiohead" Ranked Royl123 
The Ten Best Sufjan Stevens Songs StephenIsHere No Love for Heart here? Aiwaz 
Best 3-Punch Metal Combos dbizzles Pots '67-'17 LordePots 
Rowbro ranks Coenbros Rowan5215 New user made music (Boring Bathtimes) BandNewbac 

Pole Younger - EP No. 4 (5) cosmopazz  13New User Created Music (The Atlas Ghost) Featured starboystargirl  2
101 Two-Minute Songs.. Featured butcherboy  20My band's mini-album is out today. Featured DrGonzo1937  11
2017's Albums and EPs, Part 2. twipzdeeauxilia  0Rec Roulette Round IV: Con/Text Frippertronics  5
Top 10 albums you own CaimanJesus  11A Year on Sputnik Divaman  11
sach's spicy slam stash as of 18/8/17 2:30pm AEST nocuffin  16

Neek's First Listen: Brand New's "Science Fiction" neekafat  30Fav Drummers past and present ryu  10
heavy metal list that is ranked Desdinova  5A Year Abroad Featured Chortles  40
POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 7 DeadlyNightShade  47Gym Songs Featured Aerisavion  12
Too Many Concerts thecheatisnotdead  16The Soft-Spoken Endeavours UniqueUniverse  2
Rush Studio Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  2playlisting: milo - who told you to think MyCarandMyGuitar  7
Iron Maiden Albums Ranked TheGuy  11what are your insecurities Sinternet  69
QOTSA Poll -- Sputnik's Favourite Songs.. butcherboy  57"Mexican Radiohead" Ranked Featured Royl123  13
Song Rankings: Simon & Garfunkel - "Bookends" StephenIsHere  0

Post-Punk Heartbreakers UniqueUniverse  19what have I missed (2017 recs) emester  7
Genre King-part 5 kingdedethefifth  21Download BlackWizard  0
Boney's Shoegaze Journey theBoneyKing  58EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 1 sincerelyaural  46
Best of Darkthrone's Unholy Trinity? JZW1997  17straightforward death metal Madbutcher3  22
holding it together artiswar  21ripquill's end of summer jams ripquill  3

Made a HNW/Number Station Broadcasts album TVC15  8in a musical rut Tyler.  32
Led Zeppelin: Neek'd neekafat  42Sputnik Pro Skater Soundtrack TheMrAlexK  19
Brand New are LIBTARDED CUCKS SweeneyTodd  35Sputnik is a beautiful place.... Dissonant  33
Recent reading cowboydan89  13Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of the Year so far. JZW1997  6
Bizarre/Horrible Albums by Great Artists KjSwantko  34Kings of Leon Best Songs CompostCompote  5
EMO CROWN 2: Decision making thread UniqueUniverse  86Steven Wilson 3x Tobmast  7
Big Four of Grunge Ranked JZW1997  21Kanye Rest Wanked runaways  5
POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 6 DeadlyNightShade  53The Bastard Gendry BallsToTheWall  19
Hardcore/Grind G0atC0re  14Best of 2017 (So Far) goatsandstuff  4
Gojira albums ranked Jon1988  12Genre King- part 4 kingdedethefifth  49
Radiohead studio albums ranked bcl  5the dillinger escape plan ranked cylinder  34

harsh noise/PE/death industrial pt. III ThyCrossAwaits  6Rec me anything CaimanJesus  26
pedal to the METAL Winesburgohio  23Rec Me Bounce pls Drifter  8
rec roulette round 4: Living Live bgillesp  18High School cheapcrayon  7
Every My Bloody Valentine Album Track Ranked georgeharold818  34Terrible music videos to great songs starboystargirl  11
The Ten Best Sufjan Stevens Songs Featured StephenIsHere  19Rec Roulette Round 4 - Waves of Change UniqueUniverse  39
Which review would you like to see more? BlackwaterPork  9New (user made) Music ButteryBiscuitBass  7
REC ROULETTE PART 4 - Butcher Bucolic Bliss butcherboy  19Recent Loves VikkiH  0
Mort.'s favs of 2017 (so far) Mort.  16Sites for ratings Asdfp277  26

Gyro's 28th Birthday! Gyromania  272017 metalzzz Hawks  29
Favorite classical works levtolstoi  14post-hardcore.. butcherboy  77
Thank you Sputnikmusic! rodrigo90  34My Top 10 Industrial Metal Albums Revisited Pearlhead  25
Swallow the Sun Ranked Xenorazr  3nostalgia overload help needed Sinternet  28
Classical Competition Submissions Jasdevi087  26I Need Some Recs ExecutiveExecuterexe  15

Yet another dumbA$$ release about DICK$ AnimalsAsSummit  5Sputnik Fantasy League 2 MyNameIsPencil  31
Always Thinkin Bout Boys AmericanFlagAsh  47Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 6 pricealex  0
2017 Black Metal by Dinosaur Dinosaur  21Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 5 pricealex  0
Six '80s Bands in Search of a Headliner Divaman  51999 in a nutshell rodrigo90  12
John Zorn Albums Ranked loulou  7Genre King-part 3 kingdedethefifth  85
Albums I Need to listen to Pt 4 pricealex  1My goats pt. 4 batstevens  2
Only One True Trivium Ranking cor22222  6Blur S/t Ranked oisincoleman64  11
doot doot robertsona  5Summer Slaughter, worth it or nah? Dctarga  15
Beck Ranked MyCarandMyGuitar  18Albums I Absolutely Love! natebearclaw  3
H e l l b l a d e Dewinged  16🏈 Sputnik Fantasy Football 2017 OFFICIAL THREAD Satellite  54
My High School List koolpizza  4rec me songs with guitar tones like these cosmopazz  8

FESTIVAL CONFLICTS TheEnigma  15A Sugary Sweet Video Game? laughingman22  10
fuk fuk fuk Dryden  15I published a new album Josh D.  6
Top 5 Death Metal Records of 2017 so far Inveigh  15Hardcore/Sludge/Doom recs? pjquinones747  11
rory ferreira ranked TheWrenKing  5Steam Games I Never Finished Supercoolguy64  12
Michael Amott is afraid of Jeff Loomis starboystargirl  12Neurosis Ranked NeroCorleone80  10
Sad Music and Meditation AdolfChrist  34Concussions Marehelm  24
Best folk metal 2017 (so far) Mordaunt  4

No Love for Heart here? Featured Aiwaz  57Neurosis ranked evilford  45
Good/Bad: The Competition RESULTS UniqueUniverse  36I fought the DJ (and the DJ won) rodrigo90  21
Chino Moreno is a hardcore fan of parentheses rodrigo90  35POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 5 DeadlyNightShade  128
101 Great Hip Hop Albums (Part lll) GodLovesUgly  21This might sound sad... widowslaugh123  35
just got out of the green day show LethalPaintball  18Genre King-part 2 kingdedethefifth  123
Rec Roulette Round Three - Black Light White Heat Frippertronics  25

Anarchist Genre-King LordePots  269harsh noise/PE/death industrial pt. II ThyCrossAwaits  21
Every Megadeth Album Track Ranked (100-1) georgeharold818  14Slayer Albums Ranked TheGuy  6
To Excess.............. BallsToTheWall  8seeing green day for the first time tonight LethalPaintball  15
Every Megadeth Album Track Ranked (160-101) georgeharold818  5Tunes to be played during World War III TheManMachine  4
Proggy Ranks Neurosis + Converge StarlessCore  6gimme ACID music loveisamixtape  25
Roadhouse Jams BigHans  82017 - you may have missed these JohnFire  8
00´s karagiannis1908  1010 Most awful music videos rodrigo90  16
condirector?? Conmaniac  51Rec me good chill out albums claygurnz  18
Genre king-pt 1. kingdedethefifth  92Electronic and Chronic L4titudes  14
My favorite electronic albums AnimalsAsSummit  4Rec Boney Shoegaze theBoneyKing  62
leaving Sputnikmusic TheMrAlexK  33Best 3-Punch Metal Combos Featured dbizzles  215
Guilty pleasures leatherrebel696  10

leaving sputnikmusic Tyler.  69REC ROULETTE ROUND 3 - The Brief Butcher butcherboy  53
Neek's Relationship Blues neekafat  53rec roulette round 3- I prog. Can you? bgillesp  28
Rec Roulette Round 3 - All of Today's Calm UniqueUniverse  19Best Persona 5 Tracks GreyShadow  5
Indie Folk Rock theNateman  11

YO give me y o u r music brainmelter  20Rec me electronic music please alman219  9
Do you believe in God? Desdinova  85Hard Rock ChocolateStarfish  8
Band that are BAD Desdinova  52We made a hardcore punk song oisincoleman64  6
i am so bored Sinternet  22Kanye West: A Scandalous Ranking neekafat  38
Fuck, Marry, Kill CompostCompote  16My top 6 heavy metal albums leatherrebel696  22
Rec me modern Hip Hop SitruK6  49Deviants Recent Listens (Dysentry Digs) LordePots  36
Recent movie digs. Any recommendations? JZW1997  322017 NFL Fantasy Football Kalopsia  36
Best Mayhem Vocalist? JZW1997  53Rec: Good Nu-metal Thealwaysopenedmind  21
you gave me these to keep. thank you. LandDiving  31Good/Bad: The Competition GRAND FINALE UniqueUniverse  143
Recommend me avant garde music that is hilarious Eons  33Hidden gems widowslaugh123  10

My Favorite Death Metal Records AnimalsAsSummit  221 year 1 rec '67-'17 Neatoo  16
Some Genesis Albums Ranked By Songs suddykilljaywalkers  5Converge albums ranked JZW1997  6
Recent Vinyl Pickups JZW1997  7fashion Ryus  130
harsh noise/PE/death industrial ThyCrossAwaits  35Opinion of Sputnik? Calc  202
Sputnik shuffle competition-winner kingdedethefifth  5Linkin Park Albums Ranked VinerichX  12
Rec roulette round 2- bgill bgillesp  34REC ROULETTE ROUND 2 -- The B-utcher butcherboy  32
2017 is rough Wirertragen7  0Rec Roulette Round 2: Per Aspera Ad Gaudium UniqueUniverse  29
Rec Roulette Round 2 - Politque Frippertronics  23kiddos betray  9
"Best" new metal leatherrebel696  85Another lame rec contest (round 2) ianblxdsoe  64
Game Changers BallsToTheWall  15

Pots '67-'17 Featured LordePots  91Metallica Ranked PavelDatsyuk  8
Bands I knew thanks to video games rodrigo90  15METALLICA )RANK( Desdinova  12
Top 10 Motorhead Albums TheGuy  0Metallica Albums Ranked TheGuy  4
hardcore/emo recs? kingdedethefifth  30POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 4 Conmaniac  121
For Better or Worse: The Competition ROUND 11 UniqueUniverse  73Rowbro ranks Coenbros Featured Rowan5215  44

Metallica Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  5Aaron Turner Kimm  13
Top 50 Favorite Albums (of all time...-ish :O) DixFoo  18Horror Comedies BallsToTheWall  29
Heavy DnB Digs Vol. I Evokaphile  6Album Of the Year So Far (Rock) SouthNortherner  3
Support trans rights, shop on Bandcamp hesperus  144Rec Me Uplifting Stuff oisincoleman64  18
Favorite Converge Songs Stereochrome1  22New digs and buys, august 2017 Rastapunk  0
I Bought a Shovel.. butcherboy  32A Land of Good and Bad: The Competition ROUND 10 UniqueUniverse  61
"This list sucks, jump off a bridge" siamesedaydream  12Send Help AsleepInTheBack  28

sup digs evilford  24Album recommendations for August 2017 ZodiacalWolf  7
Rammstein Albums Ranked TheGuy  5Sabaton Albums Ranked TheGuy  1
101 Great Hip Hop Albums (Part ll) GodLovesUgly  11Skillet Albums Ranked TheGuy  3
Yoshi is a pokemon DeusAutomata9012  56Sleep playlist (Ambient/Drone) Cyberduck  4
POST-PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 3 DeadlyNightShade  84New user made music (Boring Bathtimes) Featured BandNewbac  20
The Ultimate Guide to Devin Townsend Featured bgillesp  39Sputnik Birthdays 2.0 Dewinged  41
New Kattoo (reserved for soldiers MOST definite) Hep Kat  7New Meus Record due October ButteryBiscuitBass  7
today is a day LandDiving  44Uni's Monthly TV/Film Thread: What to adapt next? UniqueUniverse  24
Rnd 8: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  111

my least favorite words Featured Tyler.  189My Favorite Albums TheWalkinDude  6
Another lame rec contest (round one) ianblxdsoe  155Phase 1 Stats: Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  30
How is it August and charts still aren't updated? Featured Thor  55rec me books bitch Winesburgohio  66
Rec Roulette Round One - Cold Hours Frippertronics  20Albums I really wanna listen to YotamTS  0
Rec Roulette Round 1 - Unicorn UniqueUniverse  44rec roulette round 1- bgill bgillesp  34
REC ROULETTE ROUND 1 - The Butcher butcherboy  78Calling Recs: "Double Take" Albums rifkadm  13
like, some really good stuff guys ThyCrossAwaits  12In the summer train of Russia, 2017 cosmopazz  7
POST-PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 2 DeadlyNightShade  137Games that need more love DeusAutomata9012  38
Song Exploder Emyay  8Good or Bad? The Competition ROUND 9 UniqueUniverse  111
henlo again betray  14mY faVoURitE ALbumS evER !!! siamesedaydream  16

what films should i be looking forward to? Sinternet  42Wu-Tang Alignment Chart TheCharmingMan  0
Juliff -17 Sniff  12LepreCon is 30 LepreCon  21
Shuffle competition winners- round 1 kingdedethefifth  34rec me some garage and some house cylinder  6
Industrial bands similar to thrill kill kult Typhoon24  5Favorite bands/ artists marf  9
Recs: PS4 RPGs - no sound? Demon of the Fall  51Top 15 LP Songs Honorable Mentions ExecutiveExecuterexe  5
July 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  142017 fever, baby Featured Rowan5215  25
POST-PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION DeadlyNightShade  260The National's Trouble Will Find Me ranked bcl  12
Madonna's best (under construction) PolarTheQueen  0Rnd 7: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  159
GUTTURAL BRUTALITY ExecutiveExecuterexe  5Top 15 Linkin Park Songs ExecutiveExecuterexe  16

howdy MyNameIsPencil  62017 NFL Regular Season Predictions TheMrAlexK  105
Stuff I listened to in July... ArsMoriendi  17Trying to Send a Message Kimm  58
Industrial metal recs? Dissonant  26ALL TIME HEAVIEST SONGS )RANK( Desdinova  39
Justin Bieber: An Unfortunate Ranking neekafat  27rec me comforting albums Ryus  70
The Bad in Times of Good: The Competition ROUND 8 UniqueUniverse  147Linkin Park ranked PinkTractorBeam  12
Films lyzakthellama  11Dead Sno BallsToTheWall  19
Albums to be Listened dess05  0I Lied TheCharmingMan  11
subpar albums 17 anatelier  27Cycle 7 brokencycle  3
Fleet Foxes' Crack-Up ranked bcl  7moi favorite films Flashmobba  25

Blondie and Garbage Live Divaman  11Every Radiohead Song Ranked georgeharold818  11
Top 10 Rap Albums PavelDatsyuk  3"i'm not like other girls" pt. 2 siamesedaydream  19
Death Grips ranked by number of f-bombs DixFoo  9THE '67-'17 LIST YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR Sinternet  25
Air vs Daft Punk rodrigo90  10Queen albums from worst to best QueenZepBeat  3
1 Year and 2 Day Sput Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! bbgames  9Unfulfilled Sneeze LandDiving  28
Recommend Some Good Metalcore KManoc1  33Rainy day music NorthernSkylark  8
Worse and the Worst: The Competition ROUND 7 UniqueUniverse  98

Sputnik Birthdays Featured Dewinged  278bad list Featured Arcade  20
idk why i'm doing this tbh Featured nocuffin  49Top 20 Genesis songs QueenZepBeat  6
Recent Purchases CaimanJesus  6Best 8+ minutes long british prog songs/suites QueenZepBeat  17
Top 10 Pink Floyd albums QueenZepBeat  5The Good Among the Bad: The Competition ROUND 6 UniqueUniverse  88
2017 So Far Stereochrome1  8Underrated Albums tom79  5
hall of fame: '67 - '16 Keyblade  39Black Mile to Surface Ranked Featured SowingSeason  25
One Year Bloon  29CRUNCHY NOISE Travelhead  3
'66 - '16 Featured DrMaximus  12Shuffle competition vote kingdedethefifth  35
Efter punk Marehelm  18AOTY '67-'17 Picks - [Aiwaz Edition] Featured Aiwaz  17
YO its me! FarGO! Fargo  16Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven Ranked Featured GreyShadow  1

Hit me wit dat sad shit to hate myself to HarshNoiseHenry  12going to california Bismark  39
Albums i never remove from my music player 2 Nero  6Albums i never remove from my music player Nero  12
The Good Bad: The Competition ROUND 5 UniqueUniverse  162PJ Harvey Ranked.. butcherboy  35
Neurosis Converge Chicago HeadOfTheBaptist  2Generic '65- '17 List bbgames  8
Rnd 6: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  211Sense and Sensuality sincerelyaural  35
Yerba Mate Appreciation Thread SnakeDelilah  37Good and Bad: The Competition ROUND 4 UniqueUniverse  198
Alex's 67-17 AOTYs TheMrAlexK  10Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart Ranked bcl  12
Radical 67-2017 RadicalEd  15Easy Recent Digs... AaroN911  4
'67 // '17 doof list Featured DoofusWainwright  24+1300 ratings (!) digs n' stuff rabidfish  3
Billboard Adult Alternative (AAA) Chart Ranked bcl  2'57 // '17 , a copycat list // or the "guide" Frippertronics  26
Billboard Alternative Chart ranked bcl  5Arcade Fire ranked bcl  26
Easter's Best Albums: 1950-1999 EasterInTheBatcave  9halbums 66 -- 17 hal1ax  29
Top 5 Jethro Tull albums QueenZepBeat  1Top 5 Yes albums QueenZepBeat  2
Top 10 Genesis Albums QueenZepBeat  7Grey's 17 Favorite Songs From 2017 So Far GreyShadow  5
Top 10 King Crimson Albums QueenZepBeat  1

67 - 17: the absolute Winesburgohio  31Dark Souls OST Triple Vinyl Release Dewinged  12
Am Starving. Need Help. humandoorstop  10What To Get: August Edition thecheatisnotdead  6
New music, should I add vocals? Beardog  4Recommend Some Good Progressive Metal fullautorpg  23
Top 5 COD Zombies Maps and 5 Fun Albums To Play To JZW1997  9adr aoty list '63-'16 adr  30
AOTYs 1955-1965 bgillesp  12Album of the Year 66'-16' PavelDatsyuk  11
Sludgy Noise Rock IronGiant  14The Devil's Number theBoneyKing  12
AOTY 1965-2017, m/ Edition Nazzadan  10'67 -'17: The Cool Edition Featured VaxXi  36
Will the 2017 Chart appear before we see in 2018 DoofusWainwright  29Final Sputnik Snide Stream ThumbNail  96
Worst of the Best: The Competition ROUND 3 UniqueUniverse  163[Official] AOTY '65-'16 Featured pjorn  57
Ryus' AOTY 1967-2017 Featured Ryus  30Fear LandDiving  39
sad white gurlz polyrhythm  40Retarded Chuck's AOTYs '65-'16 guitarded_chuck  27
AOTY '67-'17 Featured butcherboy  108Best death metal songs Opethamphetamine  10
aussie dad who hates radio music siamesedaydream  15albums mia's jamming 27/07 siamesedaydream  6
"yes i use tumblr how'd you know?" siamesedaydream  4"i'm not like other girls" pt. 1 siamesedaydream  16
Favorite Album Art (1) Josuke  10My Sodom Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  9
Rnd 5: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  264Kansas Live, for prog rock fans Divaman  1

dont sleep on these jams Ovrot  242017 Constant Rotation Winesburgohio  7
hip hop in the year of our lord 2017 Ryus  31Obligatory underrated artists list DixFoo  6
The Black Metal Alphabet JZW1997  1Opeth Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  14
Vinyl Collection, updated Nazzadan  8Ferr0.5 wtferrothorn  8
I Need Help BallsToTheWall  18what are some avenged sevenfold songs from the las theacademy  21
Shuffle competition Featured kingdedethefifth  111Best of the Worst: The Competition ROUND 2 UniqueUniverse  292
Twin Peaks: The Return JigglyPDiddy  16every emo kid in grade eight siamesedaydream  15
(: music for super happy fun time listening :) superluminals  34top 10 wu solo albums Typhoon24  16
Stars of the Lid Top 20 Trophycase  10Gimme Some More Pap TVC15  17
Rec me good shit from this year or the last year SharkTooth  24

Tomasz Stanko Ranked loulou  23 Great Tracks For Ya'll (some pop math rock) GreyShadow  1
Radiohead Album Art butcherboy  38Pig Destroyer Ranked. JZW1997  3
Nightwish Albums Ranked ClassicJaguar  11Top 15 Manchester Orchestra Songs SowingSeason  31
Fucked Up Laptop Jams Supercoolguy64  6Radiohead: Neek's Countdown Fuckery neekafat  25
My favourite records Opethamphetamine  9Black Diamonds In The Rough JZW1997  6
Hey. FullOfSounds  57Top 10 Deftones Tracks artiswar  32
digalogue 2 cylinder  10Queens of the Stone Age ranked Dissonant  5
Best of the Worst: The Competition ROUND 1 UniqueUniverse  138Diy punk babely *af* babes Hep Kat  6

Rnd 4: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  252Death Wish Coffee random  29
Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 17) oisincoleman64  15Napalm Death ranked Dissonant  10
Night Time Driving BlueandOrange  14Mirth Featured LandDiving  91
Radiohead Albums Ranked ClassicJaguar  12Melodeath 2016 Opethamphetamine  5
Favorite Albums of All-Time. ONEPUNCHMAN  21

Pots Back Digs n Stuff (Heck u marskid) Featured LordePots  79I Can't Listen to JANK TheCharmingMan  12
any of ya spiritual fags out here? hailtruelove  16My tribute to Chester Bennington (RIP) ThumbNail  40
Anathema ranked johnnydeking29  13Muse Live Divaman  1
Wintersun's Jari AMA WintersunJari  21Metal: Cult Classics Pt. VI Thalassic  12
Bands I've seen live cor22222  8Metallica Ranked (The ones that I've heard) bbgames  14

Just released the single for my upcoming album! CaliggyJack  8Rnd 3: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  153
girl power ! ianblxdsoe  46Cryptocurrency DeadGuy  2
Favorite Songs of 2017 Divaman  9Goodwill Hunting bgillesp  8
My 50 favorite records in my collection. JasonCarne  3Underappreciated Metalcore Early 00s Hanusko  10
Euro Sputnikers Storm In A Teacup  54Favourite 2 Minute Songs ThePacifist  27
Seeing Muse Tonight SteakByrnes  44Top 5 albums of the first half of 2017 John7  22
crap am hearing hailtruelove  12Bands I've Seen Live Confessed2005  2
My Top 70 Post-rock Tracks Greem  4Myrtle Beach kingdedethefifth  22
Dimmu Borgir albums ranked aghast  4Iron Maiden Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  5

Floyd CogitoErgoFkd  2The Stigma of Suicide Featured Intothepit  156
music for cold, dark rainy days? IronGiant  11Death Ranked butcherboy  42
101 fav noise rock/punk records Featured hal1ax  89Top 10 shitty albums that i love rn geezers1989  8
Songs that makes me hate queen rodrigo90  53Digs BallsToTheWall  4
All Songs Ranked: Linkin Park onionbubs  36Cradle of Filth albums ranked aghast  3
Sonemic Beta theBoneyKing  17Christian Death albums ranked aghast  4
The Fateful Eight aghast  3Marilyn Manson albums ranked aghast  7
My band's new song (pt.4) DrGonzo1937  12Just a few thoughts AsleepInTheBack  15
YELLOW FOG SWORD Astral Abortis  13Tearjerkers Featured LandDiving  124
Linkin Park albums ranked YRI  4Blink-182 Albums Ranked KManoc1  13
Jazz 101 (70) butcherboy  48Linkin Park Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  7

Ranking Everything Jeff Rosenstock Has Done (most) ianblxdsoe  9Thank You Linkin Park (And R.I.P. Chester) Featured TVC15  29
My Top 10 Gojira Songs G0atC0re  12Top 2017 Dabaens  1
Has anyone heard the new WIntersauna album yet? BookoftheFallen  4Top 200 Favourite Songs (100-1) (Age 17) oisincoleman64  6
Top 20 Linkin Park tracks DeusAutomata9012  35Top 200 Favourite Songs (200-101) (Age 17) oisincoleman64  8
Dixys Mid-School Favorites DixFoo  8Ben's latest cd and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  2
7 novels that slapped me in the face yanquiuxo  358. Conmaniac  53
McDonagh Movies Ranked.. butcherboy  22Top 5 Songs of 2017. TheMonster  8
Made a Cover Song Greem  4Languages UniqueUniverse  93
Spotify Premium - opinions? Demon of the Fall  73Blaqk Audio - CexCells Ranked Featured GreyShadow  13
Incubus Live Divaman  110 Years Of Sputnik - A Decade Under the Influence Masochist  22

The Dinosaur List Dinosaur  13Attn: 17 Again and Hard Truths Hep Kat  15
7 Years 55,000 comments 115 reviews Trebor.  30Lite Emo Essentials DixFoo  76
Play Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood or derp DeusAutomata9012  12Hint of Bass bruttbratt  4
Metal bands that became parodies of themselves. starboystargirl  372017 Part 3.. butcherboy  66
What is your full-time job? DeadlyNightShade  115Ten Favorite Pillows Songs Saros  5
Rnd 2: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  169metal with middle eastern vibe ? hailtruelove  22
My top ten favorite albums of the 80s list nick69man  7Hello Again/Psycho Countdown Kimm  16

1 year on Sput Kompys2000  14Talented Musicians alexyancey  11
20 Jazz Funk Greats GhandhiLion  36Coldplay Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  12
Coldplay: An Honest Ranking neekafat  1825,000 Scrobbles TheMrAlexK  21
MF Doom Ranked L4titudes  8typhoon's 10 fav MF DOOM songs Typhoon24  3
Bands with late-career resurgences starboystargirl  41Top 20 Queens of the Stone Age Songs SmashIsTheWay94  11
Someone find me something heavy that isn't scream! DafterWainwright  17Music Is Life BallsToTheWall  21
Songs of Nostalgia Ocean of Noise  23So...Dunkirk Toondude10  120
is Breaking Bad the best TV Series of all time? yanquiuxo  236And the crowd goes RTJ TheHamburgerman  3
been dissociating a lot recently grindcorecore  13Black Malachite - The Fifth Album ThumbNail  145
CD Exchange with Co-Worker Pt. 2 Xenorazr  0

Vespertine Ranked Djang0  1Rec Me Riffy Emo Calc  9
update hasan  392017 ELCTRNC Pt. 2 (Wolfe Digs Pt. 9) Relinquished  21
My (Cruddy) Vinyl Collection TVC15  37going back nocuffin  30
Pitchfork Fest Bands I Filmed/Saw neekafat  16Sowing goes XXX Featured SowingSeason  58
RELEASED A NEW ALBUM ON VOLCANIC QUEEN'S LABEL!!! BradleyLayne  4Butcher's New EP!! butcherboy  36
some body once told me theacademy  24Snide Remarks Debut Single ThumbNail  232
a 3.9? really? Conmaniac  125Best metal records of the second quarter of 2017 AntalWS  5
It's 2017 and I think I've listened to 4 albums..? ONEPUNCHMAN  12My favorite albums (so far) of 2017. ONEPUNCHMAN  1
20 Personal favorite movies yanquiuxo  13A Charming Warped Tour TheCharmingMan  3
rec me melancholic//not sad albums for a long trip cosmopazz  25Fear Factory ranked rodrigo90  11
MusicGator's Mid Year Top Hip-Hop Albums list MusicGator9185  2

The Senate cryptologous  18CCR Ranked! ArsMoriendi  15
Favorite cereals when I'm, like, 32 TheManMachine  22Roger Waters Vs Thom Yorke zoso33  10
Nine Semi-obscure Movies.. butcherboy  17R.I.P. George A. Romero Featured calmrose  17
GRIM to the E Vildh  3Radiohead Albums Ranked SowingSeason  24
Summer '17 Playlist Featured JamieTwort  36My top 10 favorite albums Flomink  7
Favorite cereal when I was, like, 18 TheManMachine  43Belated Birthday AsleepInTheBack  9
In Search of 1974 ArtBox  13

i'm slowly dying and for some reason don't want to xLiamStrongx  3Thank you sput. kingdedethefifth  45
Upcoming Gigs BigPleb  14Castlevania BallsToTheWall  18
Vinyl Collection 7/14 (Part 2) FlipTrackz  1Vinyl Collection 7/14 (Part 1) FlipTrackz  0

My Epiphany SoccerRiot  19I made an EP SaintTomorrow  15
Jazz Prog Rock Funk Metal Fusion Goodness alexyancey  12EMO CROWN: CON VS. UNIQUE Drifter  1165
Sputnik Hall of Fame: Class of 2007 Featured SowingSeason  118Pub Songs random  9
Pole Younger - LP2 Featured cosmopazz  19New band, new track ButteryBiscuitBass  17
Les Claypool Best Albums PootyT  6Black Sabbath Openers Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  11
Generic Summer Jam List DinosaurJones  7Disturbed Albums Ranked TheGuy  19
Five Finger Death Punch Albums Ranked TheGuy  7Korn Albums Ranked TheGuy  5
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked TheGuy  6Slipknot Albums Ranked TheGuy  5
Greg's First Half of 2017 greg84  3songs of 2017 so far Agonba  2
summer of tyler Tyler.  34Snide Grind (New EP Announcement) ThumbNail  69

2017 Ranked (so far) TheMonster  9Overrated Artists L4titudes  26
Jim Recs bbgames  11Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation: Rnd 1 tacos N stuff  118

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