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Willie's Final 2015 Willie A Guide Through the Depths of Black Metal Hawks 
Made an Album Shuyin Andrew W. Gold EP #2 (Updated) Insurrection 
101 under 101 Sinternet Rec Sputnik an Album ScuroFantasma 
evilDeath Metal evilford Music For Happy Listening tacos N stuff 
Buckethead Pike Dispenser 1-100 CL0VER Some Albums for Daniel Omaha 
Albums you should prob jam dathvada321 Obscure stuff y'all might like* CL0VER 

THE BEST THING EVER (EXPLORE) HerCloudwalkers  314.6 cjsixpointfive  2
Pearl Jam ranked glorybox94  11Recent aquisitions MotoOnSputnik  0
Bandcamp Grab Bag Vol. 2 CL0VER  16

Religion and music LPFTW  18Cyber Monday Pickups 2CHAINAL  3
Sup. MrSirLordGentleman  34Favorite YouTube Channels TheMagicalBlender  106
90s Alternative Greatest Hits? onionbubs  9east coast, west coast, or southern hip hop? Ryus  62
indie folk 4 jesus Ignimbrite  10November 2015 wtferrothorn  12
electronic music that makes u joyful and tingly alienobserver  15My Top Prong Songs Tomstein  2
Where I started with music Ledgy  40New band info Sowders  92
Favorite TFK Songs metalheadrunner  3November Digs + Recs oisincoleman64  6
1112 cjsixpointfive  710 solid jams of 2015 Matt97  1
Would 'classic' albums hold up if released today? BallsDeep  35Screw the broncos jrm96  150
Help a writing utensil out MyNameIsPencil  1411.11 cjsixpointfive  12
RIP White Iverson Hep Kat  9Thinking of Designing a board game JokineAugustus  9
Tom Araya's wife cant take care of dogs TheSonomaDude  64Many Albums, Few Votes Britch2tiger  7

What happened to Flyheadmetal? JoeMcSatanBalls  1351500 AnimalsAsSummit  8
i need some music CL0VER  28What's your favorite 80's Judas Priest song? miketunneyiscool123  10
None Heavier :) My Top Crowbar Songs Tomstein  7Potsy 2k15: November Week IV LordePots  51
Great Indie Bassists (that are never talked about) Idoltrous8991  14thanksgiving is finally over HeckToPay  0
False Black Metal (2) SCREAM!  71Willie's Final 2015 Featured Willie  49
Favourite Female Fronted Bands/Solo Artists SweeneyTodd  24Seen Live (part 1) peanut  6
5 Bad & 5 Good Albums 2015 alexrupert  0Too much music theBoneyKing  134
Current Spins 4 deezer666  9Hungover BallsToTheWall  12
Radiohead Ranked MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  44Add Me on Bandcamp and I'll Add You deathofasalesman  11
Black Friday Record Store Day (and beyond) WellFedWhiteMale  172015 Zazz Sunnyvale  32
My Top Pro-Pain songs Tomstein  0Zazzy Riffs and Lifts Ovrot  63

Radiohead: Sputnik's Favorite Songs Royl123  13Stay Blessed BallsToTheWall  59
November Jams: Week IV PunchedPeach72  11As/ins/pers/piration TheWrenKing  5
rec me dance music ParanoidAndroid96  36My top Madball songs Tomstein  1
Vote Now! Noise Rock Flugmorph  111New Track Greem  3
Top 50 albums of the 80s jelzel23  26Is learning musical theory crucial to songwriting? BallsDeep  57

My Vinyl Collection MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  11I gets headshotz at high percentages (hep ama) Hep Kat  90
Animal Farm BlueandOrange  9I'm Making a Film deathofasalesman  24
Steely Dan Albums by Best Song CynicalComplex  6Cryptopsy's None So Vile Ranked romulanrancor  18
Future Reviews peanut  5Are lyrics important when rating an album? CamiloG  91
Preachy Cunt Demo CS coming Spring 2016 Hep Kat  7Some spacey music for the winter Cyberduck  8
Bandcamp Grab Bag Vol. 1 CL0VER  8Top 15 albums of 1985 jelzel23  5
910 cjsixpointfive  12Vote Now! Post Hardcore Flugmorph  161

albums i'm thankful for HeckToPay  6Still Undefeated ultimatethrasher  20
Name-your-price screams 'n' shizznit AaronIsCrunchy  1510.2 cjsixpointfive  3
Band suggestions please..I'm in a drought! Swoon420  28Rec Me Glitch Pop wtferrothorn  17
Favorite Albums - Ever tysly  0Catalog of Favourite Bands tysly  0
Albums that I can't get into. Starman72  45bands/artists digging 11/26/15 ProwlerInTheYard  4
Trying to explain cjsixpointfive onionbubs  10Happy Thanksgiving! Ichangedmynametojeff  24
Favorite Extreme Metal Ichangedmynametojeff  18Sputnik's Favorite Radiohead Song Royl123  82
Many One Album Bands (Pt IV) Britch2tiger  3Bump Day CamiloG  27
10.1 cjsixpointfive  1634 Great New(ish) Alt/Rock/Metal etc. Songs idonthavetimeforthis  10

9.11 cjsixpointfive  17708 cjsixpointfive  2
506 cjsixpointfive  5andgrond's pinchable cheeks tho grindcorecore  14
what u been listenin to alienobserver  7My Top 10 Double Albums BewareOfDarkness  29
Vinyl Collection #1 Ziguvan  1Wisdom Tooth Blues OvDeath  17
Boring Bathtimes album BandNewbac  10A Guide Through the Depths of Black Metal Featured Hawks  129
Queensryche Ranked Snowdog808  3304 cjsixpointfive  7
Doof's Top 100 Artists DoofusWainwright  38Top 100 Albums taroo  6
I'm In Love BewareOfDarkness  199Potsy 2k15: November Week III LordePots  87
Favorite Albums Jaret10  0Favorite Albums Jaret10  0

Wrapping Things Up Hawks  9it's been real, guys jorgerodrigoallen  70
bag of four grapes onionbubs  63Nice Things in the 90s NiceThings  9
Favorite Releases of 2015 Elvis  8Favorite Album From Each Year CapnJizz  9
OK Computer vs. Kid A yourgodisinferior  75NEW MUSIC PLEASE LADS Crimson  14
Need help with band name Conmaniac  566Bands I Listen To The Most metalheadrunner  25
102 cjsixpointfive  7-1.6 cjsixpointfive  1
-1.4 cjsixpointfive  0-100 cjsixpointfive  2
Don't Stop Believing BallsToTheWall  6Sell Me on foobar MyNameIsPencil  5
Listening list Mort.  9Stupid Band Names BlacKapes  71
Non pretentious music list Nymris11  16Punk/Hardcore Essentials Muisc4Life26  16

phone shuffle challenge thing HeckToPay  2How to change username? (iPod shuffling game) bagof4grapes  21
Grooves Supercoolguy64  12CD Collection LotionLord  17
Favorite Albums LotionLord  29Three Flawless Albums TheMagicalBlender  34
The best Slowcore rufinthefury  28More Classical Jams Atari  20
I'm Back (If That Matters To Anyone) emester  16Who's singing what on 'Loveless'? IronGiant  3
sick day Ryus  33Best punk rock bands Stjimmy101  82
My Band's First Demo KriegdemKriege  17Who Is Who on Spiderland's Cover? Greem  13
Rec me albums with killer bass BallsDeep  34Give me your Bandcamp to follow Spacesh1p  28
Altgrungegaze SCREAM!  8New Order's 'Ceremony' hentaislut  1

Deftones ranked glorybox94  21Ripping vinyl digs MoosechriS  16
Green Day ranked glorybox94  15Top 10 Cloudkicker songs johnnydeking29  11
November Favorite Albums mixmaker  0November Jams: Week III PunchedPeach72  4
Made an Album Featured Shuyin  16rec me cheap cloud storage options grindcorecore  10
The Memories Tomstein  2Do You Sleep to Black Metal? EverythingEvil2113  52
Top 15 Albums of All Time EasterInTheBatcave  26Recommend me some shoegaze/blackmetal or whatever hentaislut  11
New York Hard Core hentaislut  11

Rec Me Ethereal IDM BigPleb  19Just copped a 160gb ipod classic CapnJizz  30
fretless drums trve  18Best Krautock Bands? eaglefan1998  20
Birthday Bjork Tunaboy45  21Fretless bass albums TheSonomaDude  17
LIMBO DESCONOCIDO Carlosilich  8Today is a great day! HeckToPay  12
Putting out an album Dec. 2nd. (inspirations) brokatar  2Rainy Mood gosk8n  18
Pre-Calc and Snow 2CHAINAL  26A Night At The Metro YoYoMancuso  4
Megadeth Ranked TheMrAlexK  510 Important Electronic Releases yourgodisinferior  25
favorite MCs Ryus  27CORPSE #Chris Barnes CARNIVOROUS  2
Fun with Drums DoofusWainwright  9dubtrack demigod!  22
Rec me Experimental Post Hardcore or Jazz or Rap Calc  45Pretentious Rock Bands part 2 leatherrebel  58

rec me 2015 fish.  21Favorite Bands, Worst Album Covers Supercoolguy64  16
bands that suck now Hep Kat  75Ugly Mix #1 YetAnotherBrick  8
The Ghost Inside involved in fatal bus crash rufinthefury  9My Top 10 Tool Songs brettgoespunk  18
My Top 10 Metallica Songs brettgoespunk  8Steel Reserve Drunken Noise Binge Graveyard  11
SYL City songs ranked Metalrain  8Your Favorite Band/Artist? TheMagicalBlender  85
Music For Happy Listening Vol. II tacos N stuff  9The Smashing Pumpkins ranked glorybox94  9
Biggest Disappointments 2015 Beauville88  20Best Screamo ever? StarlessCore  58
POW!! BallsToTheWall  10The Beatles Vs. Pink Floyd CamiloG  68
Concerts I've been to bnest  2periphery + veil of maya + good tiger live tonight magicuba  3
Brilliant, overlooked metal albums you haven't hea Kusangii  28Just Got Sworn In SoccerRiot  28

Shows I've Been To Spacesh1p  24One of each :) Tomstein  15
My Concert Experiences Ranked Conmaniac  13CD Collection Part V PunchedPeach72  5
My Top 5 Snoop Dogg Albums Muisc4Life26  0Thanksgiving Break beefshoes  33
Sputnik Movie Night TheSonomaDude  21Feelin' Blah ashcrash9  20
Devin Townsend Ocean machine: Biomech songs ranked Metalrain  7Oceanic vs Leviathan BallsDeep  58
My Favourite albums 2015 NorwichScene  11Bands I like that most people seem to dislike. Tomstein  41

Post-Punk is Cool AnimalsAsSummit  17My Top 100 Songs of All Time BewareOfDarkness  22
Help me buy them HQ Headphones TheMrAlexK  16Whistling Wind Jams BigPleb  12
30 Artists That Should Be In the Rock Hall of Fame DavidShaw1213  41Stuff I'm Listening to 5: RIP Clover CL0VER  15
Where to start with Gucci Mane? CapnJizz  28Music for the Melbourne Underground (Australia) GooGooGajoob  2
Trump 2016 Funeralopolis  148Concerts I've Attended brettgoespunk  18
Just some thrash metal FirstStrikeIsDeadly  9Judas Priest - 013 Nagrarok  24
Perfect Drawing List BOR  1Solid 2's idonthavetimeforthis  3
top 10 X Japan songs Metalrain  25albums you would want to see live trve  41
The Best of the B-Sides peanut  8Ashen: metal and core and ish Ashen  39
comforting music musicallychallenged  22

My Band Released Our Debut Single FranzSchubert  24Bob Dylan Question Veldin  8
Watchtower's Four New Singles Ranked Snowdog808  0Recs bagof4grapes  10
Non-Metal 2015 Recs? tacos N stuff  12Star Wars: The Force Awakens Anticipation Thread LordePots  402
Stoned :> BigPleb  24Of Montreal ranked zoso33  3
Top Ten Golden Six Black Sabbath Songs TheMagicalBlender  15Damien Rice Top 10 KrazyKris  7
Must have thrash metal albums PART 2 Metalrain  11101 Albums That Make Me Feel RadioSuicide  10
Top 10 Hip-hop NeroCorleone80  9Top 8 Hip Hop Albums of All Time KyleMillllz  12
Favorite Rap Projects of this Day in Age KyleMillllz  15Year Of The Bird 2015 Ricochet  8
german thrash recs trve  4Check My 1's Ziguvan  18
Nu Metal Albums that Rule 0GuyMan0  41Pray For My Ipod Jacquibim  49
everything went to shit grindcorecore  2How to fuccboi in 2015 eatdirtfartdust12  43

Downloading like a madman lately MyNameIsPencil  6Remaster These! stevendah  8
Canciones para animarte al suicidio Carlosilich  1User 2015 Top 10's LordePots  132
Hep Kat rejects (deathschool soft cock appreciation thread) Hep Kat  169Does anyone here play Left 4 Dead on the Xbox 360? CicatrizESP  11
Weekend Vinyl Grabs II Atari  6CD Collection (New User) tomasstrikesagain  4
about to do a line fam HeckToPay  19Best of 1967 Anthracks  8
2nd Week Of NBNM November Jamz PunchedPeach72  13Top 15 albums of 1971 jelzel23  9
top 10 Metallica songs(2 per album) Metalrain  5Desert Island Discs Rory32  8
Cometh the Wintyr ZippaThaRippa  4I Probably Need Help (Vinyl Pick-Ups) WellFedWhiteMale  3
Mom Rock Captain3  50ETID Kicked My Ass BigPleb  17
Eat food to stay alive SillyCaringRabbitPal  37Collection Corpsewave  0
Relinquished For 7 Years Relinquished  49Potsy 2k15: November Week II LordePots  45
I need teammates for black ops 3 gbs Deathbeds  6

Cheer up recs FreddieDelaney31  19Andrew W. Gold EP #2 (Updated) Featured Insurrection  44
Favorite album productions peartnoy  32For Your Consideration: What I Kept In Hiding CL0VER  15
Top Tier Album Closers HeckToPay  40101 under 101 Featured Sinternet  54
Wash Away the Stress cryptside  8Cam Newton BallsToTheWall  54
The Best Artist of 2015 CapnJizz  10Top 25 Descendents tracks Stjimmy101  0
Similar shit pls StallionMang  10Toxicity Ranked oisincoleman64  18
Some Best LPs of All Time zoso33  29Great Album Trilogies SlackContortion  65
weird instruments that you'll never play that you jorgerodrigoallen  12UFC 193 JizzInMyPants  43
first review user  4finished my exams y'all grindcorecore  12
New Digs 2015 Manqaness24  0

top 25 muse songs camdc27  6Need metal recs travisbickle36  5
recommend me some good modern post-punk GreenIllusions  6EIGHT OLD BLACK METAL FAVORITES AcidCaravan  6
Best of Panic! At the Disco SweeneyTodd  15HATE ETERNAL RANKED CARNIVOROUS  5
Rec me autumn albums UpwardSpiral  15saw slayer+anthrax yesterday trve  13
Definitive Post-Punk TheWrenKing  32Top 10 thrash metal bands of all time Metalrain  7
top 10 Overkill albums Metalrain  3Outstanding Thrash Tasty  5
For Your Consideration: AQUARIA CL0VER  12

recommend me good albums that you think i should l alienobserver  18SEX PRANK (GONE SEXUAL) HeckToPay  5
Top 10 Albums of 2004 BeeRyan  11Top 10 Thrash metal songs Metalrain  7
Rec Me Chamber Music Atari  23Black Metal Recs iwrestledabigmaconce  14
N64 vs PS1 Tunnelvision  10210 fave songs from this yr brainmelter23  15
Have you guys heard the EP of the year? Dolving999  2Open To Recs danielcardoso  10
All Green Day Albums Ranked LorenzoDeAngeli  0All Queen Albums Ranked LorenzoDeAngeli  0
Rec me post rock BigLeach65  17Must have thrash metal albums PART 1 Metalrain  45
Alvin and the Chipmunks on 16 Speed? CL0VER  14

Rec Sputnik an Album Featured ScuroFantasma  190Favorite Albums As Of Now SlackContortion  4
Vinyl Collection #1 grungetongue16  52015 Year's End list hopefuls LifeFeedsOnLife  21
My Top 30 Metalcore picks CMX97  27Post-Haste! We Must Capture The Sun 'Fore We Lie D squaaab  12
Winter Recs? oisincoleman64  38My Favorite Bands Synner  3
top 5 teachers at my high school torts  31Best Gapless Albums? BarryMakokiner  24
Favorite Violin Concertos SapphireFace  19top 5 favorite computer scientists treeqt.  19
R.I.P Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor romulanrancor  12Corny Prog Over2000Ratings  19
top 5 favorite chemists trve  18Seeing Megadeth Tonight! m/ romulanrancor  34
Up & Coming Prog Metal Recreate  1Songs that got me into bands SweeneyTodd  28
Rec me an album Piglet  39Blink-182 ranked glorybox94  17

good music documentaries portableheadd  31Brace Yourselves! BallsToTheWall  15 ChoccyPhilly  21family values cleanpeter  3
Slayer - 'Reign in Blood' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  13Peep Show Tunaboy45  47
Modern indie/emo ranked rufinthefury  48Rec me 80's artists altertide0  36
Promising, unsigned bands 1Sopel6  11Blue Swan Records rated 1Sopel6  10
Happy Birthday to MistaCrave MistaCrave  37Lyrics I've Written That I Don't Hate oisincoleman64  85
thrash recs romulanrancor  11Fallbad 4 StarlessCore  301
Check Out My Demo Album KriegdemKriege  11Top 5 Mathematicians FourthReich  48

super silly lovable users that are hard to dislike jorgerodrigoallen replacement thing Mister Twister  1
Digs For The Fun Of It wtferrothorn  8Vinyl Collection Conmaniac  9
Middle School bagof4grapes  61Folk Punk Recs LPFTW  28
jayums HeckToPay  1Current 'Travelling to damn shows' spins (3).... deezer666  24
6 Very Cool Items in My Music Collection Snowdog808  7Tool ranked glorybox94  16
Rec me 2015 oresttt  14My top 10 favourite albums UpwardSpiral  8
Saw Megadeth, Lamb of God and Children of Bodom LepreCon  7A Douchebag's Gym Playlist BallsToTheWall  26
good documentaries portableheadd  11Katatonia Ranked CamiloG  6
What I'm Listening to 4: A New Hope CL0VER  30My Top 10 Elliott Smith Tracks Muisc4Life26  35

Metalcore/ Post HC Recs dixoncocks  23Disturbed Ranked TheMagicalBlender  24
Ixnay On The Hombre Ranked KrazyKris  14If My Classes Were Albums PunchedPeach72  57
Fallout 4 Thread ConcubinaryCode  150Who's heard Hail The Villain? metalheadrunner  4
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me Ranked bagof4grapes  3630 Songs Van Halen hedunadan  25
Favourite Grindcore VVild18  30Top 25 of 2014 Sniff  26
Potsy 2k15: November Part I LordePots  72Digging a hole to China theNateman  2
Recommend me some 2015/2014 post rock? hentaislut  5Top 10 Albums of 2005 BeeRyan  15

nokturnus series AnimalsAsSummit  4LSBP Tapes Are In! OvDeath  35
Trve Shoez: Dreamgaze Noise pop Mystletainn  40NFC Underdogs BallsToTheWall  13
Sensory Deprivation Ranked Supercoolguy64  16Sesame Street Is STILL Counting... Britch2tiger  4
Daniel Craig David Oneironaut  0Rec Me IDM MistaCrave  41
Meme Math: The Sum Of All Integers =-1/12 (Week I) PunchedPeach72  22ya boy got locked out of his profile HeckToPay  27
Rec Me Pop Rap oisincoleman64  33Awesome 2015 stuff with less than 20 ratings elephantREVOLUTION  12
Green Day Ranked bagof4grapes  7NOFX ranked Crawl  6
exam procrastination jams grindcorecore  9My dream lineup for a band or an album BenMorrison  10
Interrail 2015 CusmanX1  3Minecraft Alt Rock ASnideReturns  13

jamz on jamz on jamz BigDixRLameStix  1Was "BookBurner", am now "43PercentTurnt" 43PercentTurnt  6
Got These Thursday metalheadrunner  5i hate the flu MyNameIsPencil  10
Counting Along w/ Sesame Street Britch2tiger  20Gazpacho top 20 Jethro42  8
Album covers that make me like the album more Conmaniac  25My weight room setlist VeganGains  29
Many No Album Bands Supercoolguy64  13Every Classic Megadeth Song Ranked TheMagicalBlender  15
Talons Turns 21 Years Old TalonsOfFire  49master of none Ryus  5
Top 10 Unwound songs before Leaves Turn Inside You UpwardSpiral  4Perdition City Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  7
My Favourite Albums Rigwiz  310 Artists That Need To Quit Making Music! PretentiousListener  75
Top 50 Korn Songs of all time willhun15  12CD collection SweeneyTodd  11
My Top favorite underrated bands list Tomstein  12evilDeath Metal Featured evilford  138
Many One Album Bands (Pt III) Britch2tiger  6Jazz like this Vetimus  23

My Interpretation of The Rating Scale iReturnToDust  21CD Collection Thus Far brettgoespunk  10
All The Music Sounds The Same SmileNerd  40SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT Aids  35
cattle decap ranked Ovrot  11Where Is The Love? Jacquibim  145
best summoning tracks enedwaith  6Paul Thomas Anderson Films hentaislut  12
November 2015 aloehrle306  0Top 100 of 2015 Jamesblah  12
A Plea, A Promise Markedforgreatness  11Yea Archael  39
Got my BTBAM Ticket... YetAnotherBrick  7Top 10 Albums of 2012 cheapcrayon  7
Albums I've rated 4.0+ in the last few months mikep87  12Deafheaven/Envy Webster Hall StarlessCore  17
Favorite Melvins songs so far MotoOnSputnik  15Albums that I dig immaarvin  1
So much music, so little time (Pt. II) SwanSoup  3Advice For Guitar Players PretentiousListener  32
October 2015 tjare  0Need Post-Rock Recs ASnideReturns  27
super silly band names jorgerodrigoallen  33

Favorite Piano Concertos SapphireFace  31Songs I've been playing on repeat Conmaniac  20
jams of the past few days iReturnToDust  11Favorite EPs CapnJizz  16
Interesting Musical Evolutions Flugmorph  44Live Albums peanut  17
super silly username anagrams jorgerodrigoallen  83Favorite Films of 2014/2015 hentaislut  38

onions reborn squaaab  12Birds in Row-like Hardcore Recs MegaJake1024  5
Help me to figure out these lyrics Cyberduck  3Obligatory 1k ratings list Aftertheascension  20
rec me post rock with screams magicuba  31Your Favorite EPs of 2015? wtferrothorn  24
Chevelle Albums Ranked SweeneyTodd  23Birthday Vinyl WellFedWhiteMale  6
My Pending Albums CamiloG  27Radiohead albums ranked Swoon420  27
What are your favorite albums of 2015? JoeMcSatanBalls  34Psychedelic morning MotoOnSputnik  8
Rec Me Post Metal CaimanJesus  20Rec Me Pop Funeralopolis  36
THANK YOU BASS GOD Masochist  44

Upcoming Albums 2015 CL0VER  3111/2015 musicallychallenged  16
One Year of (Good) Metal MistaCrave  66The upcoming 2015 bag (favs thus far) MassiveAttack  7
Made a Nine Inch Nails Remix Final Origin  6M.E.T.A.L. BallsToTheWall  5
DoooOOoooOOoM MotoOnSputnik  11Rec me Drop D metalheadrunner  21
Worst. Albums. Ever. Stjimmy101  26Top 10 Favourite Intros KrazyKris  23
My Top 5 Coen Brothers Movies Avagantamos  38Recommend Life Changing Albums Torontonian  48
Back on Sput ihaveaids  22Best Christian thrash metal albums of all time. jksilvi  7
Converge Ranked Confessed2005  8My Top 12 Favorite BTBAM Songs psychicpug44  2
Help me pick a "mood" song for a school project. YungEarnYourStripes  29New Floral EP OysterizerInsomniac  6
real cool times vol 2 jagride  0No permanent residence unemployed blues Pajolero  3
Modest Mouse ranked glorybox94  19Pixar Movies Ranked acdlewis  47
Top 15 albums of 1991 jelzel23  58Pat Metheny Group ranked CusmanX1  3
My Rap Album (The Return of Hutcher) AnimalsAsSummit  1Best Post-Rock Bands Bardinova  3
What Type of Music Fan Are You? Muisc4Life26  21Favorite Rainy Day Music farmer56  2

My Band yourgodisinferior  5my top 10 favourite albums camdc27  4
Sputnik Vegans VeganGains  7660s Psychedelic recs? ArsMoriendi  53
In Need of Recs chemicalmarriage  7Albums Im choosing my 2015 best from Wirertragen7  4
Rec me some bands to check out..thanks Swoon420  10Rec me some Drop B metalheadrunner  16
happy birthday me chesse13  8Moreira's band new EP, care to check? Pennywise_M  12
Traditional music recs anyone? Bedex  7Top 15 albums of 1974 jelzel23  25

School work BigLeach65  10Recent digs from a college kid Conmaniac  6
Potsy 2015: October Week IV LordePots  34Nothing But Black Metal November has begun iReturnToDust  20
The best debut albums rufinthefury  53Most Anticipated Games of 2016 TheMagicalBlender  53
Hating Your Own Music? ASnideReturns  44My doom band just released its debut album HenchmanOfSanta  6
Chill/laid back music p4p  21October Digs + Recs oisincoleman64  6
Avenged Sevenfold Ranked bagof4grapes  8I was just recruited by ISIS SwanSoup  27
Top 15 albums of 1989 jelzel23  19Fall Back 2015 Masochist  6
Music For Happy Listening Featured tacos N stuff  67Halloween Hip-Hop imjustjoshinya  11

Halloween Black/Death/Doom/Crust Dinosaur  5halloween! [2] iReturnToDust  20
100 Favorite Bands TheCrowing27  10Howl-o-ween Movie Marathon Graveyard  7
Many One Album Bands (Pt II) Britch2tiger  8Judio and BMDrummer Split LP Judio!  27
Oh, the Horror (Movies)... Insurrection  30Halloween Jamz UnderTheNorthernScar  15
Perfect Underrated Albums for your gloomy life WilhelmBlack  11My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2015 SalteyBacon  7
best span of years for music? Avagantamos  80CD Collection Part IV PunchedPeach72  4
2015 SweeneyTodd  26Shows I attended in oct/shows I will attend in nov SwanSoup  8
Cursed MotoOnSputnik  4Top 15 albums of 1988 jelzel23  46
Many One Album Bands (Pt I) Britch2tiger  8

The Super Terrific BS List wham49  36criminally ignored Bands on this site wham49  63
dance-punk/synth punk recs alienobserver  8Halloween Supercoolguy64  20
Halloween Metal Hawks  46halloween squaaab  4
Favorite 40 OSDM Albums Anthemic  30Albums and the places I link them to. rufinthefury  8
Vinyl #3 PrewDelisek  5No 'Vember Like November thecheatisnotdead  1
Short Remix EP (User-Made) Hurricanslash  6Freddy Movies Ranked Iamthe Nightstars  18
Check out my band! Mesm277  18Study Music RadicalEd  22
Top 15 albums of 1987 jelzel23  29Lists is digs indiagulf9er9er  2
can you smoke music? ImmortalPaper  19Downloaded Dissection finally MotoOnSputnik  37
Sick Releases TheDjentyRanga  82016 Best Albums sixdegrees  48
2015 Best Albums Rakkie  82014 Best Albums Rakkie  1
2013 Best Albums Rakkie  12012 Best Albums Rakkie  1
2011 Best Albums Rakkie  02010 Best Albums Rakkie  0
Best Albums of 2015 (as of 10/30) KyleAndrews12  7

Kindling for a metal kick eatdirtfartdust12  11halloween! iReturnToDust  2
Road Trip metalheadrunner  7Bands that You Heard About from a Video Game? TheMagicalBlender  24
CD Collection Part III PunchedPeach72  9Early Halloween Playlist Travelhead  0
Rec me stuff MotoOnSputnik  40Greatest italian albums ever NickLizard49  18
Yeezy clothing line bakkermaarten007  9Top 10 Favourite Albums of All Time Saberzauls  9
Hel(l)p tmagistrelli  34Top 15 albums of 1986 jelzel23  88
Prog sucks indiagulf9er9er  33The Desert Island Can't Live Without 'Em Albums 0GuyMan0  71
My most enjoyable bands at The Aftershock Festival Dmax28  2Let's rank mastodon MyNameIsPencil  28

Dark Side of the Moon is overrated MotoOnSputnik  110I beat Dark Souls Minushuman24  102
hit me up with halloween albums enedwaith  44Good Music Cuisine JamieTwort  18
Definitive Indie TheWrenKing  44

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