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2014 In Rock Mad. Linguist2011's Top 25 Albums Of 2014 linguist2011 
2014 A Year In Review RadicalEd Observer 2014 Ponton 
Jac's Top 30 Of 2014 Jacquibim 2014 Masterlist ThyCrossAwaits 
Mark's Top Fifty Of 2014 thelastsignal Thibs' 2014: 60 Favourite Albums Thibs 
Noctus' Favorite Albums Of 2014 :] DarkNoctus Obscure Prog Tourney Preliminary Friday13th 

Gears Of War! InfernalOarsman  1Looking For Some Recs Akagami  6
Glen Benton Deicide Vs Vital Remains VinVal  8Top 25 Thrash Metal Albums Of 2014 DakotaRogers  6
Hippo90 ItchyEatAss  8Hippo90 Hippo90  14
Wizard Rap spookynewghostfriend  21Shitty Meme Users Greyvy  92
Need Recs For Traveling Masthews  16My Top 100 Songs - 2014 Edition sublimefan1991  2
Post Hardcore sadchild  16Slayer Ranked ricardohrr  22
Revised Best Albums 2013 kdobailey  3Obscure Prog Discovery M4 Friday13th  12
High Expectations 2015 sailSAway  19Which Prog Or Metal Album Is The Worst? Snowdog808  8
Kingdok's 2014 Kingdok  5Best Revisits From 2014 TheManMachine  5
Personal Top 100 Metal Albums Of 2014 Agoremageddon  6Best From 2014 TheManMachine  5
Rushed 2014 List From Hell Flugmorph  9I Made Music! Beardog  5
Pooh's Top 50 Of 2014 Evreaia  1625 Songs From This Year NightProwler  3
Headphones? + Digs SaneTBP  15Top 10 Songs Of 2014 fallenbird  14
Songs That Get Me Every Time Torontonian //// btbam ranked Bogs  3
Stuff I Liked: 2014 Edition Mister Twister  525 Most Played This Year DangerBatty  3

Rec Me Modern Bass Guitar Music ZiggyLadyStardust  1730 Cascadian Black Metal Albums VinVal  16
Albums I Got For Christmas Part ll wtferrothorn  4Best New User Hippo90  31
Albums I Got For Christmas thacoconut94  10My Top Of '14 betweentheburiedandi  9
Invite To BeneaththeDarkOcean  72Come Jam DecayingMajesty  17
Top 25 Albums Of 2014 timbo8  3Obscure Metal Songs You Gotta Hear adamleyl  2
Soundcloud cirq  4Turntable demigod!  19
The Real Converge Ranked List JokineAugustus  12My Fav 100 Songs Ever Inigoamo  12
Top 5 Dark Ambient Albums Pearlhead  19Covers Almost Better Than The Original adamleyl  25
Records I Found Today aaronfuckingdaniels  4True Norwegian Death Metal OvDeath  15
Top 60 For 2014 insomniac15  12Big 4 Of Grunge Ranked ricardohrr  39
Addictive Themes From Cartoons, Games An adamleyl  4Top 10 2014 Pearlhead  5
Ali's 2014: Albums AliW1993  6My Most Played Albums Of 2014 adamleyl  0
My Most Played Metal Songs Of 2014 adamleyl  0

10 Best Albums Of 2014 Rumsiac  11The Year In Reverse (2014 The Definitive zoso33  2
My Favourite Lps And Eps Of 2014 WellFedWhiteMale  6Good Winter Black Metal Anthemic  31
Gucci Mane In 2014 imjustjoshinya  3Metalcore sadchild  63
Judge My Stuff, Yo! SitarHero  6Best Of Millencolin ricardohrr  0
Another 5 Albums: 2014 wafagan  12014 SnakeDelilah  54
Awesome Top 10 Industrial Metal Albums Pearlhead  15The Top 15 Albums Of 2014 WizardZombie  8
iTokoloshe's 30 EPs Of 2014 Tokoloshe  0Elbaliem's Favorite Albums From 2014 elbaliem  3
2014 In Rock Featured Mad.  21Out Of Detox Spec  22
Top 100 Albums Of The Half-decade (2010- mttgry  37

Rec Me Some Hip Hop AndTheTree  21Key Albums (in My Life) For 2014 SalteyBacon  2
My Amazon Music Album Playlist BeneaththeDarkOcean  2Vinyl I Got For Christmas Arbrathe  4
Rec Me Electronica CrackeTheSkull  34What I Got For Christmas Slozio  6
Vinyl X-mas Dreams Davil667  10Albums I Got For Christmas MoF  8
Six-string Bass beefshoes  16Linguist2011's Top 25 Albums Of 2014 Featured linguist2011  9
Obscure Prog Discovery M3 Friday13th  59Best Of Cannibal Corpse (Chris Barnes Er ricardohrr  1
Best Of Cannibal Corpse (George ''Corp ricardohrr  7Merry Waxmas SnakeDelilah  15
Albums I Got For Christmas wtferrothorn  15My Recent Vinyl Pickups Snowdog808  9
2014 A Year In Review Featured RadicalEd  52American Awesome Alliance ADanceReturns  3
Best Of 2014. fdrc  0Don't Finish Your Lists... deathofasalesman  9
Merry Christmas Sputnik!!!11!!!2 bach  202014: Top 5 wafagan  11

Merry Thrashmas tempest--  35Observer 2014 Featured Ponton  30
Red And Grey And Black And White Supercoolguy64  7My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 Drummerboy123  1
Hardcore In 2014: LPs aaronrkc  10Best Of Thy Art Is Murder ricardohrr  0
White Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean  12Best Of Belvedere ricardohrr  6
Best Of Comeback Kid ricardohrr  6A Post-rock List omik1116  4
Best Of Rise Against ricardohrr  6Check These Great Albums Hard evilford  8
Merry Christmas Shuyin  28Christmas Eve KrazyKris  46
Overrated 'classics' IronGiant  58My Top Ten Favorite Songs Of All Time legojedi101  12
It's that time again, folks... theacademy  7Capitalism DecayingMajesty  75
Korea's Internet Was Taken Down DecayingMajesty  87A Year And Some More Days Mythodea  6
Benelux' Finest Dodenakker  11Jac's Top 30 Of 2014 Featured Jacquibim  60
Best Of A Day To Remember ricardohrr  32014 Masterlist Featured ThyCrossAwaits  12
10 Disappointing Albums From 2014 DrGonzo1937  33Number One Song Of 1985 Roger That Negator  2
Number One Song Of Christmas Real Talk Negator  3Cut & Paste Album Covers Supercoolguy64  7

My Band Made A New Song Nikolai  3Vinyl Collection AndTheTree  0
Wow These Openers Ryus  28Favorites Of 2014 stillill124  1
Klap 4 Shows 2014 klap  20Top 30 Best Albums Of 2014 FuneralMarch  1
Sadcore Recz? boredcore  14Best Of 2014 RocksLikeToast  1
Thanks For Asking RoyalImperialGuard  102014 Recs Quick! JokineAugustus  8
Everything 2014 EverythingEvil2113  0Anathema Ranking EvoHavok  23
3 Year Relationship Just Ended Right Bef sinisterplague  982/0/1/4 NationalRadio  1
A Pencil's Top 200 Albums (75-51) MyNameIsPencil  1My 5 Favorite Tracks From Blood Sugar Se danielcardoso  14
Got My Wisdom Teeth Out UnderTheNorthernScar  9Favourite 2014 stoner rock Cactupuss  6
Led Zeppelin Ranked Superreallycool  25Rush Album's In Order Superreallycool  12
Death albums ranked Superreallycool  9Ol' Danny Brown Ranked 2CHAINAL  20
Best Black Metal Albums Superreallycool  8Best Albums 2014 Crowing87  1
Best Albums 2012 kdobailey  3Hardcore In 2014: EPs/demos aaronrkc  16
Exordium Music Hurricanslash  2Scene Kids ADanceReturns  13
2014 Favorites JerzyNebraska  22014 In Retrospect: Discoveries Dodenakker  4
Decent Deathcore Arbrathe  9

This Year glassg7  6My Top 20 Ramones Songs BatmanSixx  6
I Bought Vinyl For The First Time melonade  27Top 20 Albums That Didn't Suck This Yea HoAx  4
Some Tasty Jazz Muisc4Life26  8Are Swans Live Worth It? Onirium  17
First Listen Gold! tcat84  3Miami Marlins. RoyalImperialGuard  9
10000 Comments BMDrummer  252013-14 Post Rock? postrockpaperscissor  12
Retardical Recs? Retardicalquestions  152013 Was Better Than 2014 flabbywhale  34
Finalized Favorite Death Metal List InfernalOarsman  13Albums From 2014 I Liked Or Whatever Curse.  11
The Best Television thacoconut94  38My Top 10 White Stripes Songs danielcardoso  14
Thibs' 2014: Honorable Mentions Thibs  3This Band Or That Band TheShining1980  36
Not Another (twenty Four)teen List RivalSkoomaDealer  22Veldin's Favorite 2014 Metal Lps Veldin  19
Obscure Prog Discovery M2 Friday13th  111Zantera's Top100 Albums Of 2014 Zantera  4
Favourite Albums From 2014 DrGonzo1937  12Rec Help dungeonsynth  8
Best Albums 2014 kdobailey  22014 In Review - 35 Albums Rated Beej977  2
My Top 10 Black Metal Albums of 2014 (fu RedWinterwolf  2910thingsilikedaboutthisyear DanielNightLewis  1
"best" Of 2014. stevendah  3Your Favorite Albums Ever. AndTheTree  74
Dodenakker's Top 25 Of 2014 Dodenakker  10

Top 10 Death Grips Songs BigPleb  32Holidays ComeToDaddy  7
Ranking Judas Priest TheShining1980  21Sputblocked Cygnatti  25
Final Best Of 2014 List Wirertragen7  0My Personal Favorite Releases Of 2014. OnViolentNoise  0
Top 20 Linkin Park Songs KrazyKris  23From Antichrist To Mephistopheles FruityCatOfDoom  9
1000 Ratings! (and New Vinyls) Deathbeds  3Top 10 Bandcamp Finds 2014 Dickens44  5

My Best Albums Ever Handers  0Blink-182 Albums Ranked AtrumCimex  14
2014 Favorites WolfCocoon  7Christmas Contest? Frippertronics  83
House Shows Are Really Something Else ImmortalPaper  11What My Ears Like The Most This Year PaddyPooHead  10
Rec Good Hardcore-ish Albums 2CHAINAL  34Hold Up Hold Up - 2014 Lists Be Damned LordePots  70
My Top 5 Of 2014 musicallychallenged  32015 Aoty Ranked Atrophy  21
Albums I Own MoF  0Pizza And Black Metal In 2014 leviathan05  153
Top Ten Albums 2014 xMaLigNancy  0Best Of 2014 KingdomOfTyrant  3
Last Vinyl Acquisitions List Of 2014 WellFedWhiteMale  8People Know Just What To Get Me ,for My spongie68  0
My Favorite Singles Of 2014 jeremologyy  3These 2014 Albums All Suck helpoemer420  17
Mark's Top Fifty Of 2014 Featured thelastsignal  64Sputnik 2nd Anniversary WeSuckYoungBlood  2
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Musical Taste Sacul  2Yeezus Ranked wtferrothorn  3
Can Anyone Else Not Decide Their Major? Slozio  22I'm Not Really Into Pop Music.... ExplosiveOranges  18
Thibs' 2014: 60 Favourite Albums Featured Thibs  12'tronica frigyourgenre  8
Smite Aftertheascension  0The Usual Suspects BigPleb  34
Someone killed my list oresttt  112014 Digital Age Pish. zakalwe  9
Christmas Roadtrip Jasdevi087  6My Favorite Records/album Artwork Combos Couteau  8
Is There Anything Else Like This? Thealwaysopenedmind  9Crazy Mind-Fuck Films ChilledOutEntertaina  36

Underrated Thrash RVAHC13  11Favorite Rappers gagnonov  4
Ranking 80's Iron Maiden TheShining1980  14Top 14 Albums Of '14 TheSupernatural  9
Noctus' Favorite Albums Of 2014 :] Featured DarkNoctus  34Top 20 Albums Of 2014 (Updated) thatdamnpunk  1
40 Songs From 2014 sblevins95  8Rec Me Classic Rock/folk/progressive Wha LambsBread  21
Pantera Albums: Worst To Best romulanrancor  13Music Video I Directed deathofasalesman  15
Darkocean's Best Of 2014 BeneaththeDarkOcean  16Megadeth Albums: Worst To Best (So Far) romulanrancor  42
Northernskylark's Best Of 2014 ~ NorthernSkylark  16Cals's Cool Cuts 2014 Calc  12
Top Ten Power Metal Bands (revised) killth3p00r  32Obscure Prog Discovery M1 Friday13th  82
1 Year Anniv. + 2014 List Betray  22End Of Year Top 20 - 2014 deezer666  20
Best 20 Albums Of 2014 dbilidb  9Best Icp Tracks NickLizard49  8
Boring End Of Year List No-one Gives A C JS19  23Where's the new Horse the Band album? IAMLEGION  4
I Made A Super Dank Music Video BlueW  37Albums I Own On Cd EcoChocolatacchi  2

Ignimbrite's 2014 (extra based edition) Ignimbrite  31I Swear To God gryndstone  15
Top 25 2014 AlexTM510  3Killer Opening Tracks In Metal FlyheadMetal  24
Seeing Rosetta Tomorrow londoncalling457  11Jacob Hollows' Top 50 Of 2014 Jacob818Hollows  5
Junz Nocturnalize  10Djunior's 2014: The Honorable djunior  14
Communism DecayingMajesty  91Brothas, Brothas, Brothas Hep Kat  23
20 Favorites Albums Of 2014 eloimayano  42014 Eps HenchmanOfSanta  2
Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death Hyperion1001  62Obscure Prog Tourney Preliminary Featured Friday13th  117
Recommend Me Some Classics oisincoleman64  16Hench's Top 75 Of 2014 HenchmanOfSanta  6
What Do Y'all Think About Amiibos? Muppelope  110 Amazing Guitar Solos Rawmeeth38  3
2014HipHopRankings2014 FarveDollarFootLong  22Top 10 Melodic Death Metal Albums Of All BillSteerGod  30
The Best Of A Bad Year (2014) sspedding  22Eminem Overview Muisc4Life26  39
Top 25 Melodic Death Metal Albums pyroflare77  19

Awesome Albums From 2014!!!!!!!!! AtlastheGreat  24Personal Connection and the Love of Musi GnFnRs87  8
What I'm Looking Forward To In The Firs JCGold14  10Should Be On Lists yourgodisinferior  5
Overlooked Stuff In 2014 Relinquished  29Albums I Can't Stop Listening To Atm MotoMusic  10
Christmas Music scottpilgrim10  7Favourite Eminem Songs oisincoleman64  14
My Top 10 Underrated Green Day Songs danielcardoso  38My 2014 List SheWatchedTheSky  9
My Top Albums Of 2014 KBradley757  7Best 2014 Albums NJeroen  9
My List beatbuster95  6Albums I Own On Vinyl EcoChocolatacchi  6
Albums Worth Listening To That P4K Don' EcoChocolatacchi  22014 Albums That Just, No Hurricanslash  39
2014 Top 50 charlesdivision  12Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids Veldin  16

The Doors Ranked Muisc4Life26  14Jasdevi's 2014 Ranked Jasdevi087  11
Definitive 2014 Anthems EnyaFangirl  32Finished First Term Of Uni Hedgehog32396  9
Weepingcore Two-zero-one-four WeepingBanana  4Top 15 Rise Against Songs KrazyKris  19
*best Of 2014* Josh D.  152014, Another Best Of HugoG  1
2014 Good Year For Metal qiblas  29Best Grindcore FlyheadMetal  36
Rec Me Some Classical/movie Soundtracks CrackeTheSkull  14Green Day Ranked oisincoleman64  10
Death Metal Recs Gameofmetal  38Sup Sluts londoncalling457  12
fluffy heppy kitten 2014 Hep Kat  13Anyone Pump Iron? ChilledOutEntertaina  20
Terrence Malick ChilledOutEntertaina  1New To Metal Any Recs childishbrandino  64
Frances The Mute Finally Clicked furpa  16

Do U Even Converge Bruh? JokineAugustus  37Free Ep By Loveisamixtape loveisamixtape  17
Albums I Never Get Tired Of Rawmeeth38  4Music Related Project I Did For School Supercoolguy64  7
Worst To Best Exodus Albums (that I've TheDankMeister  4Rowan's Day Of Birth Rowan5215  125
Top 5 Favorite Death Metal Albums footballtrivia  71More Poor Usernames dopevoid  132
Hurrah For Bandcamp! Veldin  5My Top 5 Underrated Ratm Songs danielcardoso  26
Released my Third Album on Bandcamp Final Origin  3Didn't Care For 2014 - Just 5 Albums. Sacul  10
Ronnie Radke's Birthday Is Today RonnieRadke  18Johnny's New Free EP Featured johnnydeking29  14
Menawati 2014 Featured menawati  40Deep Purple From Worst To Best hedunadan  20
Genre-bending Albums Sacul  20Entombed Ranked FlyheadMetal  5
Dats not da aoty 2014 (top 20) DatsNotDaMetulz  72014 Tom2704  0
Food For Guitarists' Thought earlymorningmetal  0Death Metal In 2014 Jacquibim  73
Primus Albums Ranked Necrotica  8

Movie Recs loveisamixtape  51My Vinyl Collection Mutantsnowstorm  10
Top 15 Of 2014 likeshad0ws  52014 Is Coming To An End treeqt.  7
A Pencil's Least Favourite Artists MyNameIsPencil  16Some Bands Hard To Rank Avagantamos  19
Best Albums Of 2014 Spare  14Feeling Fabulous....... RoyalImperialGuard  16
Got Used CDs Today Dylan620  1The Velvet Underground Ranked BrownBillow  10
5 Albums (march 3) (modest Mouse!!!!) zoso33  02014 Top 5 iamthewalrus696  5
Another 2014 List? Yes. Faraudo  12Fifteen Under Twenty emester  0
Djunior's 2014: Top 50 Eps Featured djunior  52Hi-di-ho Neighborino flalafell  7
Best Hip Hop Songs Ever Imo HalfManHalfAmazing  44Recs IronGiant  3
Opinions On My Guitarist's Demo? oisincoleman64  7Ten Essential Avant-garde Listens Lambda  17
Top 10 Albums 2014 Manicanddisfigured  10Official 2014 List: Stoner Metal Official2014Sput  13
Scuro's Top Albums Of 2014 Featured ScuroFantasma  21Asking Alexandria ADanceReturns  5
Death Metal Freshman Vs. Sophomore sumyunguy  17Hip Hop's Golden Era/decade? LambsBread  26
My Favorite Albums benabel98  7

Anime I Checked Out This Year (not From Jasdevi087  72Omik's 2014 Picks omik1116  4
Northernskylark's Guide To An Introvert NorthernSkylark  16I Love Life Slut  96
Most Rated Albums Of 2014 Vs '13 RogueNine  7Albums I've Been Listening To This Week oisincoleman64  16
Memphis May Fire Unconditional Review furpa  2Cap New Electronic Album Featured CaptainDooRight  23
2014 Was Not As Good As 2013 BlackTaxi2d  0My Trauma thacoconut94  31
Affable's Top 10 Of 2014 AffableMartyr  21 Year On Sput! CalculatingInfinity  24
Where To Start With Swans ? Zorc2222  22Official 2014 List: Progressive Metal Official2014Sput  10
Top 100 Albums I Heard For The First Tim Featured Funeralopolis  15I'm An Ass bakkermaarten007  12
Saw Danny Brown Last Night HenchmanOfSanta  52014 Sucked SwallowShotguns  13
2014 Top 5 jamesturney  02014 Bottom 5 jamesturney  0
Top 5 Albums Of 2010 meliphis  1Top 5 Albums Of 2011 meliphis  0
Yet Another Best Of 2014 List SgtShock  5Behemoth/Decapitated tonight! BigPleb  13
Rising Jazz Fusion/exp Rock Band ViperAces  22014 Sputnik Awards Featured FourthReich  306
Top 10 of 2014 hostgalaxy  0Rip Chuck D: CK  27
Lambda's Favourite Songs Of 2014 Lambda  6

Any Recent Releases With Balls? ncguitar  36Top 5 Albums Of 2012 meliphis  4
Top 5 Albums 2013 meliphis  2Top 5 Albums 2014 meliphis  5
Stuff Similar To These Duckman118  5Sleap 2k14 Sleaper  8
Nope Ryus  19Eyeswideslut: 2014's Best.. EyesWideShut  22
top 5 listened 2014 mryrtmrnfoxxxy  12Top 10 Best Songs Of 2014 Danred97  14
I Read. Do You Read? ChilledOutEntertaina  87Led Zeppelin Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  7
Metal Concert W/gf MegaJake1024  28Where Is Mistertornado? CaptainDooRight  15
Albums To Inspire You While You Shit ChilledOutEntertaina  112013 johnnydeking29  12
2chainal's 2014 In Music 2CHAINAL  4Official 2014 List: Doom Metal Official2014Sput  8
2014 ti0n  3Doing It Way Big For 2014 Featured oltnabrick  57
Rec Me 2014 Albums Muisc4Life26  4Albums I Put On Repeat AlbinoJoe95  7
The Tomato 2014 Top 20 TomTomTomato  9

2014 Favorite Albums Stereochrome1  1The Unheard Of Aoty Contender IronGiant  7
Broken Headphones :c RonnieRadke  2Favorite Songs Of 2014 BatmanSixx  4
Music That Helps Me Study For Finals UnderTheNorthernScar  12Depression Makes College Hard RosaParks  175
Nicki Minaj Sampled Maya Jane Coles spookynewghostfriend  9Robot Dance Party Pt. 2 Hyperion1001  8
2-0-1-4 Featured ShadowRemains  65someguest Finds Purpose someguest  44
Top 25 Songs Of The Half-decade HenchmanOfSanta  5Underflow's 25 2014 Favorites Underflow  6
Best Of 2014: Honorable Mentions RivalSkoomaDealer  5Official 2014 List: Sludge Metal Official2014Sput  13
Number One Song Of 1987 Agreed Negator  12Meat Needs 2014 Recs MeatSalad  5
Sitarhero's Best Of '14 SitarHero  11Listen to my new Rap-EP Hurricanslash  14
Things To Look Forward To 2015 McMegaMountain  9Top 20 Albums Of 1973 Rawmeeth38  12
Diamond Eyes > A Thousand Suns Featured Crafthead  61Discovolante's Worst Of 2014 discovolante  6
Records Acquired nalapoke  6

I Finally Like Death /m/ (A Pencil's To MyNameIsPencil  8Top 15 Video Games 2014 Anthracks  36
Ranking Insane Clown Posse (redux) TheShining1980  13Top 50 Songs Of 2014 SGGreenman  2
I Wrote A Song To Green Day's X-kid oisincoleman64  7feelin good on a wednesday Lethean  11
Favorite Pizza :) Greyvy  58From Death, Comes Life deathschool  10
Deltron 3030 Vs The Cold Vein rufinthefury  12Aaroniscrunchy's Sputnik-fuelled 2014 AaronIsCrunchy  5
My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 N2B3J  2Choosing Sandwich Combinations At Burger willhallwho  8
My Bad Music Taste Of 2014 calgarydude12  14Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer  9
A Year In Metal, 2014: Volume I Featured Xenophanes  33Xenocide2014 xenocide.  13
2k14 Toones Monsterpoptart  4Buttering Up 2014 ButteryBiscuitBass  49
Favourite Tracks 2010-2014 NickLizard49  5My Top Everything xMEATWADx  3
Top 20 Songs For A Night Drive tragic.details  11Song I Worked On For Class NakedSnake  1
Top 10 Video Games GreyShadow  21

Best Vaporwave/chillwave Albums? IronGiant  152014: The Good, The Bad, and The Shitty Featured Insurrection  19
Elder Scrolls Iii: Morrowind (first Play beefshoes  50Billy Beane RoyalImperialGuard  3
Top 10 Pink Floyd Albums Rawmeeth38  18Jamz Of Darkness SCREAM!  30
My Top 10 Videogames slimdaddy  147My 64 Favorite Albums Of 2014 Featured steadyriot  46
Sides Of Exile, Rated TheManMachine  0Top Ten Melodic Death Metal Bands Royl123  17
Top 20 Of 2014 Travelhead  12Top 10 2014 rabidfish  1
New Sigur Ros Track Revealed IronGiant  9Cd Collection Totengott  29
Top 10 Albums Of 2014 HarrySmalldini97  0Favorite Prog Bands? ccostain  36
Best Rock Songs Of The 21st Century Mad.  32Twenty For Teen AnimalsAsSummit  13
Top 5 Guitarists Of All Time Rawmeeth38  232014 I Won't Vote sailSAway  9
Anyone Go To The Say Anything/saves The awyeahdevin  8Toondude's Top 10 Worst Albums Of 2014 Toondude10  25
Top 25 Tracks Of 2014 MyCarandMyGuitar  5Petitioning The Empty Sky Artuma  35
new modest mouse monday mryrtmrnfoxxxy  13Greatest Closing Tracks To An Album TheShining1980  11
Rip Dimebag Muisc4Life26  18Boiler Room Sets Of 2014 Sleaper  5
Top Albums Of 2014 Ghostface  16Digs Thanks To Sput Arbrathe  4

The Best Of Chill Hip Hop rufinthefury  20it's yaknips' bday / best tfot breakdo Static  22
2014 Favorites travisbickle36  3Thuckabe's Top 19 Of 2014 Thuckabe  4
My 2014 Favorites brandonstaley  525 Favourite Mcr Songs oisincoleman64  9
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice LordePots  78Really Really Good Albums musicallychallenged  13
Writing A Piece On End-of-year Lists Brostep  14Ronnies Digs 4 U RonnieRadke  41
Top 5 Albums Of 2014 PiratesWithHats  16Electronic Albums I'll Be Jamming Over Ocean of Noise  13
Fantasy Genre Tags ArsMoriendi  87Jazz Rn ParanoidAndroid96  3
Top 55 Records Of The Last 365 Days softwithrot  1The Best 2014 List iSkane  4
71 Best Albums Of The 90s SeaAnemone  121New Turntable emester  8
A Break From 2014 NorthernSkylark  9

My Favorite Records Of 2014 Featured jeremologyy  23My Favourites Of 2014 charbyno  4
My Top EPs/Live Albums/Comps Of 2014 steadyriot  5My Favorite Albums Of 2014 BYAMdrummer  2
Melonade's Top 10 Of 2014 melonade  35My Top 15 Albums Of 2014 UnstableConnection1  2
Sad BMDrummer  54 Disco Tag? wtferrothorn  13
The Best Bad Guys thacoconut94  54Favourite Diet Sodas? theacademy  64
If I Had A Time Machine... Supercoolguy64  52014's 100 Best Albums Featured JasonCarne  68
Cause It's Winter thacoconut94  17Best Live Metal Albums FlyheadMetal  12
Recommend Me Rap naeganaega  77User Stuff 2014 pedro70512  19
Going To Make A Christmas EP johnnydeking29  11Toxic Scenes Hurricanslash  13
I Made A New Song! Beardog  15Greatest Opening Tracks To An Album TheShining1980  29
A Few Songs Off My Third Album Final Origin  11Greg's Top 50 Albums Of 2014 Featured greg84  46
Check My Second Lp Plz Greem  5

Black Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean  26Top 10 Albums Of The Year Okay DangerBatty  8
Can Someone Review My First Ep? peartnoy  45Top 10 Rise Against Songs (2nd Ed) Telemarketer  39
Encyclopedia Metallum Is A Joke pedro70512  73Favourite Albums Of '14 tom79  8
Top 40 Of 2014 drasticaction74  2New Shit For You To Hate Hurricanslash  19
2014 Honorable Mentions steadyriot  14My Personal Top Metal Albums Pt.2 piotrekmax  0
Modern Babes Ranked RoyalImperialGuard  32Dj Mustard Tho spookynewghostfriend  13
Sleeper Albums Of 2014 tresm87  10Progressive Death Metal Recs? Tunaboy45  29
Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Of 2014 HarryJL  14Just Released My First Album OZZGabriel  10
My Presonal Top 50 Metal Albums piotrekmax  5What Songs Give U This Vibe FloatHereForever  10
Hit A Deer With My Truck North0House2  50Post-rock 100 Featured Greem  73
"getting" Black Metal/extreme Metal Swoon02  120The Sandwich Situation Spec  12
Recent Listening OaklandishMitch  2

2014: Top 100 (Damn I Listened To A Lot JCGold14  8Just Saw Birdman And Nightcrawler chinesewhispers  8
Wandered Into A Salvo Store Today.... spongie68  0lmao just made this on garageband glassg7  7
Records I Didn't Find Through Sputnik widowslaugh123  4It's Almost The End Of The Year dmp3131  4
Rec Me Happy Instrumental Music deathschool  242014 Blackbelt54  0
Does Anyone Have Snapchat melonade  15Top Fifty Of Twenty Fourteen hahGAY  27
Vinyl Acquisitions (addiction Cubed) WellFedWhiteMale  0This Is The Promised Land RoyalImperialGuard  15
Jake's Best Of 2014 totallyjake  1Anyone Else Think Rym Is A Mess oisincoleman64  112
Guitarist Vs. Guitarist Palatial  9Top 20 Rappers Atm BSS  27
Rec Me Experimental Jazz Multifarious  16Albums I Dug In 2014 Ramoy95  6
The Rating System Muisc4Life26  9We Were The Fires Of Rome Live Dancedrewdance  0

Flood Me With Recs apokolypz  13Specific Recs Aftertheascension  24
Give Me The Shoegaze glassg7  18Best Of '014 ParanoidAndroid96  9
It Feels Great To Call Myself Your Frien spookynewghostfriend  27My Top 20 Radiohead Songs BatmanSixx  16
I've Rated 2500 Releases aaronrkc  2Troo Presidential Election RoyalImperialGuard  5
Best Of 2014 piotrekmax  5Jazzy Songs To Play With My Band ViperAces  8
Excellent Games To Play Atm thacoconut94  35Gym Albums InfernalOarsman  31
Thibs' 2014: Metal Thibs  19Don't Take Sputnikmusic Too Seriously ncguitar  60
Help Me Find Something New To Listen To CrownOfMagnets  18aoty 2015 YakNips  25
Black Flag's Top Songs Livinglegend  1Top 20 Lengthy Songs Dodenakker  27
Album Of The Year 2014 Tunaboy45  12What Albums Were Released The Year You W BenMorrison  12
Jesu Ranked TheNexus100  8Favorite Albums Of 2014 pauldrakedsd  6
30 For 2014 McMegaMountain  3Recent Album Purchases MotoMusic  10
Bands That Overcame Their Best Work, And glassg7  11

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