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Poll: How do you listen (non-Spotify edition) theacademy Mildly Unsettling Metal Albums Thalassic 
Linkin Park vs. Papa Roach KManoc1 Psychedelic Jamz II: Cosmic Boogaloo tacos N stuff 
Flug's Fav Animu Sangz Flugmorph it's happening again. Arcade 
RIP Chris Cornell ShadowRemains New Jersey ain't so bad. JasonCarne 
Share Some Singles: Submission Thread wtferrothorn Greatest English Band wham49 
summer playlist 2k17 Ryus Who is the greatest American rock band? BullettoBinary2 

I need more black metal, help a chigga out brainmelter  6Current Jams Shamus248  2

Genesis Albums Ranked thefloydios  0Top Ten Favorite Paramore Songs smfk9  2
Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. 4 wub  1So Bad It's Good Corney  8
What if Chevelle went Pro Trump? fromtheinside  23Recent Vinyl Digs ErocktheGreatest  0
Netflix Original Movies AdolfChrist  25Favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs DORBUSCUS  11
You all are good people but one of you is the best kingdedethefifth  31Firefly Ocean of Noise  57
GREAT ALBUMS: May 2017 Brandon  3OC!!! SoccerRiot  24
I Don't Know About You But I'm FEELIN' 22 Spluger  9My Favorite Black Flag Songs Stjimmy101  2
Poll: How do you listen (non-Spotify edition) Featured theacademy  55My favorite albums LeOmegaInquisitor  22
Latest CD and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  3Dark Realm Records Deschutes  7
All Time Favorite Albums TylerM1997  12My Summer Jams TylerM1997  1
pokemon evolution Hellscythe  6

Fuck Linkin Park. WetHarmonica1916  48Bored-at-Work Digs List tom79  1
Sexy Digs brainmelter  6Why isn't there "modern" symphonic metal? DustyTill  21
Should I cut this track from my album? LogicTumble  2Mildly Unsettling Metal Albums Featured Thalassic  29
The Truth BallsToTheWall  7Most loved instrumental albums percyforward  1
Cycle 5 ( Dinky Edition) brokencycle  2Album Of The Year So Far For You? TheMagicalBlender  65
Linkin Park vs. Papa Roach Featured KManoc1  42rec me films bitch Winesburgohio  50
KISS Studio Albums Ranked EverythingEvil2113  2

Do you know the Candy Licker? Aiwaz  1My group's latest release is here AnimalsAsSummit  4
Friday the 13th Game RichEvans  2Favorite Paramore songs DORBUSCUS  10
Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 4 BlazinBlitzer  9harsh. Conmaniac  35
Albums about unrequited love claygurnz  11August 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  0
Manchester united won the europa league LeOmegaInquisitor  23My Personal Top Ten Favourite Albums of All Time draffy613  13
Alternative Facts KManoc1  16Band pages not loading correctly? owen  19
RATM Ranked 0GuyMan0  14Rec me funeral doom Nud  24
band/artist obsessions DJNVLL  2Recent Listening jgrunge107  3

Watch My Band's Live stream In Honor of 420 DLs oWhoadYo  92017 March Top 10 Dewinged  4
Top 20 Saosin Songs G0atC0re  9X-Men Movies Ranked Kalopsia  38
Cigarettes butcherboy  868 years of this dumb shit Satellite  27
keep your eyes peeled cosmopazz  9Favorite Gorillaz songs DORBUSCUS  3
Trying out bands we don't like, part 6 (final) Nazzadan  19Alternate Facts: Metal Edition fullautorpg  34
Shoulder Impingement bloc  2220k comments! tempest--  24
feeling out of the loop grindcorecore  25

Under rated Of Mice & Men songs DORBUSCUS  9Fear Factory Ranked artiswar  20
Why doesn't Sputnik show TMBG more love? TheSmashBro  16Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked thefloydios  16
Trying out bands we don't like, part 5 Nazzadan  16Sicily (+Hand over some Recs) butcherboy  26
Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. Thrice wub  9

Blonde Ranked runaways  8Worst Song for A Stripper to Give A Lapdance To? random  34
best death grips songs Ryus  30Best In-Ear Headphones Feather  26
Trying out bands we don't like, part 4 Nazzadan  18Songs of 2017 ThyCrossAwaits  6
Hip Hop..Recommended Ankit  14Why Bob Rock sucks rodrigo90  13
Under rated Linkin Park songs DORBUSCUS  7Riverdale BallsToTheWall  2
Tracklist Remix: Blur - Think Tank onionbubs  3has there actually been any good metalcore this yr Mort.  23
Can Anyone Help My Band Fill In These Tour Dates oWhoadYo  14Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 3 BlazinBlitzer  6
What to Review, What to Review? neekafat  12

rec me summer albums TenSecondsToThink  27Baby Mama Drama LeftyMcRighty  3
Chris Cornell's Lyrics charbyno  10Rec Me Poppy Music with Sad/Dark Lyrics oisincoleman64  17
Psychedelic Jamz II: Cosmic Boogaloo Featured tacos N stuff  48Top 15 Linkin Park (nu metal days) SowingSeason  31
R.I.P My Phone TheMrAlexK  19Trying out bands we don't like, part 3 Nazzadan  20
Favorite Agalloch songs kingdedethefifth  132000-2016 BelieveInDog  11
Death Albums Ranked KManoc1  15HELP ME Crimson  9
My Buckethead Albums List WORST to BEST 294-193 CaliggyJack  17The Best Albums Ever Made Rowhaus  20
Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. 2 wub  6

How do I get into Mount Eerie? VirtualBlaze  23Thirty Best Bands I've ever seen live. HeavyMetal25  10
50 Shades of Piss butcherboy  38Top 40 Albums of 2016 JesperL  9
Sweet Toof LeftyMcRighty  43 new vinyl original releases Storm In A Teacup  7
Flug's Fav Animu Sangz Featured Flugmorph  183Black Sabbath: An Honest Ranking neekafat  16
it's happening again. Featured Arcade  145Do You Even DJENT Bro?? G0atC0re  18
Albums to Hear When It's Close to Bedtime rifkadm  7Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. 1 wub  14

fruits ranked Ryus  132Black Metal Recs MistaCrave  28
Best post hardcore albums of the 2 or so years? anarchistfish  34A brief walk through Soundgarden's first three.. butcherboy  8
Linkin Park Ranked - 2017 Headstrong  18Top 10 Audioslave songs rodrigo90  5
Trying out bands we don't like, part 2 Nazzadan  9Compost Bin CompostCompote  12
Albums I am looking forward to in 2017. GhandhiLion  4Top 10 Soundgarden Songs onionbubs  19
Art Rock/Pop theNateman  17Return of the Salesman Pitch ArsMoriendi  29
Papa Roach Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  10Linkin Park Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  17
10 Tracks I Have Been Enjoying Recently (20 May 2017) RIPGemmy  2

here are some nice songs brainmelter  4Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 2 BlazinBlitzer  6
My Favourite Bass Lines G0atC0re  31The Weeknd - Ranked InFiction  5
Trying out bands we don't like, part 1 Nazzadan  21Sexy Moody Nighttime Driving Playlist NastyCrab  10
Sputnik Discord Chat Jacquibim  54Danny McBride vs. The Xenomorphs (No Spoilies) thecheatisnotdead  12
New Trvth BM album CaptainDooRight  11I just released an album wwf  17
Any tips on writing a review? WetHarmonica1916  33Bands to give my mom a heart attack fullautorpg  14
My band released an Anti-Trump Track Stereochrome1  55My band's new song pt.2 DrGonzo1937  2
First Listen: LP's "One More Light" neekafat  14

Americana recs? Ignimbrite  7Songs For A Broken Hearted Man protokute  13
RIP Chris Cornell Featured ShadowRemains  36"Soul Punk"?! mortifierftw  16
Top 10 A Tribe Called Quest Songs theNateman  10Power Electronics Jacob818Hollows  11

New Jersey ain't so bad. Featured JasonCarne  43Indie rock. Recommend it. GeorgeWBush  16
Albums I love that everyone kinda hates WetHarmonica1916  38Song Ranking: Of Montreal - "The Gay Parade" StephenIsHere  3
Least favorite song from some of my favorite bands smfk9  7w e i r d Conmaniac  72
Under rated albums in my opinion DORBUSCUS  15Dems Call for Trump Impeachment Today guitarded_chuck  242
Angry noise rock recs? RLWFormula  14Top 12 Metalcore Albums of All Time G0atC0re  15
Pantera Albums Ranked KManoc1  7Just jazzy sincerelyaural  4
Mountain Dew Ranked FlipTrackz  50

Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 1 BlazinBlitzer  15I hate nightclubs rodrigo90  17
Car Repairs BallsToTheWall  28Fuck Asthma TVC15  42
Share Some Singles: Submission Thread Featured wtferrothorn  25What do you take with your coffee? CompostCompote  96
Thrash Metal Albums jseijo  5Greatest English Band Featured wham49  109
Hey Sputnikmusic! Inventor of Peanut Butter here. NutterForTheButter  53Sabbath V Zep claygurnz  65
Tool albums ranked DORBUSCUS  21Perfect Indie Rock Songs butcherboy  11
Kendrick Lamar: Sputnik's favorite songs Royl123  16Kazooka's Top 6 Melodic Death Metal Albums Kazooka  24
Albums That Currently Mean The Most To Me shmowzow  0

Top 40 Favorite Stone Temple Pilots Songs smfk9  0hi, it's sach nocuffin  76
Underrated Prog-Metalcore/Deathcore Gems artiswar  7Running list of shows attended dtrichard  1
Trumps glorious root tootin wall BuddyBoyJenkins  18Top 100 Favorites ampharos4life  14
One Long Song Albums? Gunt  33Oweiners favorite Death albums ranked (revisited) oweinerwaltini  7
Disturbed albums ranked DORBUSCUS  6top 6 organs TheWrenKing  22
The Ruins of Beverast ranked kingdedethefifth  20I CAN'T COUNT!! butcherboy  25
Rediscovering..Post Hardcore/emo/Indie/Noise Ankit  23A Crepuscular Journey, Pt. I Astral Abortis  8
JEFF TWEEDY every album ranked nukethewhale  4EP been working on 5 years done zoso33  3
CDs I just threw out GregorSamsa  12

psa anouncement notsnide  12Made a mixtape, check it out DJNVLL  6
David Duke Is Only As Racist As The Average Chines americanohno  42017 February Top 10 Dewinged  6
Song Ranking: Weezer - "Weezer" (The Blue Album) StephenIsHere  8on the national dreamgauze  44
Paramore albums ranked DORBUSCUS  15Große Künstler L4titudes  32
Isis Remasters TVC15  14hello all nice to met sputnik. Thakari  2
iPhone Song Playlist Part 1 BlazinBlitzer  0moms rock sixdegrees  18
2017 Part 2 butcherboy  17lgbtq alienobserver  35
Fav albums of 2017 so far (mostly rock & metal) LedZep94  7The Ultimate Mother's Day Playlist bbgames  6
For The Mothers BallsToTheWall  7typhoon's favorite hip hop groups/duos Typhoon24  3
all eight Yndi Halda songs ranked CultofTerra  2Ultimate teenage elitist sincerelyaural  23

A Thousand Puns WellDressedBalloon  52Top 40 Pearl Jam songs smfk9  11
Pots Digs LordePots  92chief keef ranked (loosely) pt. 2 nocuffin  24
Going to be an Uncle calmrose  21Album of the Year 2016 Pherin  11
rec me one of your 5s polyrhythm  60Blink-182 Ranked from Favorite to Least Favorite WetHarmonica1916  9
Shit Ya Haven't Heard: Vol I ZippaThaRippa  37Album Review Exchange EasterInTheBatcave  21
metal (alternative and mixed genre) AngBaz  6progdaddy: hxc stuff, dirty punk, grind StarlessCore  11
How is my single sounding? LogicTumble  5Classic Albums I Just Can't Dig That Much TheMagicalBlender  24
Rock bands AngBaz  3summer playlist 2k17 Featured Ryus  48
Sputnik's favorite Kendrick Lamar song Royl123  44fuck airports Laeddis  17

Iced Earth Ranked Xenorazr  7Brrrr I'm Finna rant HarshNoiseHenry  24
Rec Me Some Bands that start with W, X, Y, or Z TVC15  34Favorites (But Remember, I'm Old) Divaman  16
Top Heavy Storm Metal Storm In A Teacup  6Just saw Alien: Covenant SweeneyTodd  26
Hey Mystletainn  32Charlie Hunnam BallsToTheWall  8
Top 10 Bill Callahan (Smog) songs. LeftyMcRighty  4Fav Heavy Albums so far in 2017 junkyarddog4245  8
Paramore Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  13Who is the greatest American rock band? Featured BullettoBinary2  148
All times greatest metal songs Itsonlyme  72017 January Top 10 Dewinged  4
First Listen: Paramore's "After Laughter" neekafat  17

Top 50 Bjork Songs brandontaylor  17deftones lists ranked LethalPaintball  4
Lo-fi hip-hop GeorgeWBush  152017 is [going to be] interesting (700 ratings) ianblxdsoe  5
Some 2017 so far BlackGiraffe  7Been out of Sputnik for almost a year Nikkolae  20
System Of A Down Albums Ranked KManoc1  14DAMN. Best to Worst BreakerdeGodot  13
Guitar Pickups Help!! BigBlob  26Vinyl Collection Vol.1 (A-C) ErocktheGreatest  2
Top 10 Paramore Songs SowingSeason  18Favorite Vinyl LeftyMcRighty  13
Dropboxx euro  0

Fuck Barnes N Noble TVC15  20James Comey, My Homey. JigglyPDiddy  9
illmatic ranked Ryus  36Cult Cartoons butcherboy  62
70 Hour Work Week SquidPunk  12deftones list to end all deftones lists TheMrAlexK  23
Going to see Zakk Sabbath this month bgillesp  6System Of A Down albums ranked DORBUSCUS  24
"shit its 2015-2017 better make my album art b&w" AnimalsAsSummit  22Sputnik MTG thread emester  10
1995 Ranked (Hip-Hop) BelieveInDog  12Cup of Dreams SlackContortion  2
RIP Robert Miles Sinternet  17Intoxicated Digs Toad  34

Fun Facts: Music Edition Supercoolguy64  8Got A New Track Out Graveyard  3
Prog Metal G0atC0re  30Film Adaptations Classification Theory Featured UniqueUniverse  53
A Line or Two of Coke TVC15  44for all the beginner musicians among us Sinternet  8
Song Ranking: Ween - "The Mollusk" StephenIsHere  10Record Store Day Pickups 2017 Stereochrome1  4
Bowie closers ranked.. butcherboy  14ya got spotify? romulanrancor  18
Just released a teaser for my album LogicTumble  7Neil Breen AdolfChrist  20
My first half of the year UndineParty  7Steven Wilson and Trains Featured Tunaboy45  50
New genre tags? owen  51Classic hardcore/metalcore ZSquared  12
Jiggly's Top 50 GOAT Albums JigglyPDiddy  21Tribal Ritual Shuyin  2
Top 20 Best Kendrick Lamar Cuts BelieveInDog  14Top Ten Christian Älvestam Songs SoilPethSymmetry  3

Guilty Pleasures Shamus248  12Great fan made music videos TVC15  32
Song Ranking: Elvis Costello - "Armed Forces" StephenIsHere  2Vinyl Collection Meta123  6
am I secretly snide? SweeneyTodd  19Recommend me : Power violence guilouzzz  26
Officially released my first EP. Give it a listen! figure337  4Gothic Metal Recs pizzamachine  15
Killswitch Engage Albums Ranked KManoc1  12enter electronic underground (2) Sheaiskl  8
Meshuggah In IKEA? random  8Rise Against albums ranked DORBUSCUS  25
Nintendo Switch BallsToTheWall  12Vinyl I scored at the GeeDub LeftyMcRighty  15

End of the semester digs/add me on steam or whatev Tyler.  16The Modern World Is The Punishment americanohno  2
Pillar Ranked bentheREDfan  6chief keef ranked (loosely) pt.1 Featured nocuffin  124
Drone music and How to listen to It protokute  17This list is gay bgillesp  6
Need 2017 Post Hardcore Calc  17R.I.P. Courtney the Cat Divaman  53
Rec Me Non-Soundtrack Bit Music oisincoleman64  6early 00s indie obscurities dreamgauze  16
Janky Halftime Diddies Vol. I Evokaphile  4All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (20-1) Featured onionbubs  22
What's the very last song you've played on your phone? UniqueUniverse  87Personal History of Concerts Davil667  24
Shuffle xanderdake  3my 50 fave los campesinos lyrics Featured Sinternet  19

Singers or Voices I don't care for smfk9  1I just saw the worst nirvana tribute band rodrigo90  18
need vocaloid recs theacademy  8Best Albums and Songs of April 2017 BlazinBlitzer  6
Garage Sales Minushuman24  20CD Rant Divaman  39
Top 250 Albums (Part Three) EasterInTheBatcave  6Gimme some Britpop TVC15  16
Underrated Dream Pop Digs, please don't sleep, Plz sprezzph  13Top Ten Bathory Songs TheMagicalBlender  4
some stuff TheSpirit  9

reasons to want to die MoeWigglebottom  19Top 10 Favorite bands (redux) fullautorpg  10
Listen Later XVII idonthavetimeforthis  1New Macky D nolerthebowler  9
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 theNateman  61Hardcore Punk Suggestions? Derek123  55
My Top 5 Favorite Bands KManoc1  22Top 5 albums I despise of synthstreaks2  13
2017 Part 1 butcherboy  21White!!! cor22222  16
i need your help icantfukwitufukwitu  18Favorite Opeth Moments Featured SoccerRiot  96

Headphone Recommendations? WetHarmonica1916  19Some of my favorite singers smfk9  7
Nicer Dicer Tyler.  49Of Mice & Men albums ranked DORBUSCUS  3
SPUT'S FAVE RAPPER: MF DOOM Featured Toad  143Jiggly's Favorite Album Covers JigglyPDiddy  5
Underappreciated shit LeftyMcRighty  4Watch me make the sputnik servers disappear owen  4
Doof Stag / 2017 So Far DoofusWainwright  29oh god, today I became old UniqueUniverse  18

My Mt. Rushmore of songs from my favorite bands smfk9  3Cheese list. kingdedethefifth  24
Glassjaw Worship and Tribute Ranked Ichangedmynametojeff  18Digs BallsToTheWall  6
even more sin pickups Sinternet  16They're all staring at you!! Featured butcherboy  108
Sput on Twitter TVC15  13Proggy Death? geezers1989  32
SputDiscord Quotable Quotes Aberf  103My top 2 songs from my top 10 bands/artists DORBUSCUS  9
Some of my favorite covers LeftyMcRighty  1April 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0
My Top 10 Female-Fronted Artists GreyShadow  12He is Legend Ranked ErocktheGreatest  2

10,000th Comment AdolfChrist  32Top 50 Albums ErocktheGreatest  8
Good Clean Vocals logicisirrelevant  27Popular Songs I hate deeply Pt,1 rodrigo90  9
SPUTNIK'S FAVE RAPPER: FINAL 4 Featured Toad  85Afghan Whigs album run-through.. butcherboy  13
new Hasan CD in june Ask Me Anything hasan  49New EP Featured Josh D.  9
American Gods Rowan5215  36Celebrating 18 years on Earth TVC15  46

Paramore > Mozart Asdfp277  55Overrated Albums fullautorpg  70
Worst Album of the year 2006-2016 tellah  8Sia Albums Ranked musicandoreo  7
The 13 Worst Songs of 2017 Aiwaz  14A7x Ranked fullautorpg  17
My band released the first single from our album Stereochrome1  21Best way to acquire new music? SirCumsalot  18
Starting a new Dark Souls 3 Playthrough Devastator  31Top 10 Albums DerekMotionless  15
Rec me Italian artists TheGreatQ  34My personal top 10 albums of all time DORBUSCUS  22
Cycle 4 brokencycle  690's Alternative Rock Greem  14
Arche's April Archelirion  37Perfect Indie Songs II butcherboy  12

*extremely TWIII voice* 1991 Winesburgohio  24MercyMe Albums ranked worst to best smfk9  7
Harry's 3 Year Sput-versary HarryBoBerry  18SPUTNIK'S FAVE RAPPER: ELITE 8 Toad  79
Digs and Classics OttoVonBismo  10Album recommendations for May 2017 ZodiacalWolf  8
Obscure Death Metal Albums KennyAlwaysDies  14My Band (Ladyfoot) recorded a new song LordHugoThePoet  7
Sputniks favorite Immolation songs. kingdedethefifth  24Rec me shit that sounds like this... widowslaugh123  31
New President of What? Single oisincoleman64  14GREAT ALBUMS: April 2017 Brandon  3
April 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  4Five Finger Death Punch Albums Ranked KManoc1  5
Slashs April 2017 Hurricanslash  5Snapril -17 Featured Sniff  28
Things that just came out that are good JS19  10Mastodon and Deftones Ranked AT THE SAME TIME bbgames  19

40,000 club/digz evilford  46architecture jams Conmaniac  18
Albums that I can listen to with my parents ShaquilleONeal  17Underground Metal for you all Aiwaz  20
Iron Maiden Ranked charbyno  8The funniest joke of all time TheCharmingMan  17
Misc stuff I've really liked this year ellagos  4Happy Birthday To Me VirtualBlaze  21
vinyl collection part 2 MoosechriS  6Vinyl flexing Ignimbrite  16

SPUT'S FAVE RAPPER: SWEET 16 Toad  124July 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  1
Unpopular Opinions KManoc1  75I hate it when bands go with self-titled Brewtality91  46
torts summer adventure mumbleTRAPPER  26AP Exams TakeToYourGuns  9
stupidly not completing 'artist discographies' SunlightCityDrive  23Fav For Every Year I've Been Alive 0GuyMan0  4
Bands starting with 'T' Dwap  15

Bangerz nolerthebowler  7MusicGator's Top Kendrick Lamar Projects MusicGator9185  3
hyosis album BMDrummer  7Top 10 Gorillaz Songs rabidfish  22
Heinous Man's Favorite Songs by Swans Evanpowers  3Xbox 1 BallsToTheWall  35
10 Favourite Bowie Albums ShuteTheRunner  37Kendrick Lamar Ranked ShuteTheRunner  20
Logging Off TheMrAlexK  18Throwback Thursday: Top Ten of 2001 ZSquared  2
Anarchopunk band reunites for split! eliminatorjunior  2its funny how... sixdegrees  98

Looking for a classical(?) album? RLWFormula  1Chicago Hardcore, punk, and Metal junkyarddog4245  7
Unsung Hip-Hop Classics Tourney R.I.P. Jasdevi087  18700 Ratings Drifter  11
Recs plz for heavy alt/grunge/post-rock/punk etc? MegaResurrectedJake4  26Night Time Albums L4titudes  21
Balance. kingdedethefifth  9SPUTNIK'S FAVE RAPPER: ROUND 2 Toad  141
Near-5's MyCarandMyGuitar  28Good Country For Idiots 101 AaroN911  93
New porcupine songs junkyarddog4245  2BLACK!! Featured butcherboy  59
OutKast Rankonia JigglyPDiddy  15Really seems like just a song to play live to get pizzamachine  11
The 2017 Lesser Knowns Minipack VaxXi  5600 Ratings ExecutiveExecuterexe  6
Currently favourite melodicdrama  1Songs with Months in the Title ErocktheGreatest  23
My band's new single DrGonzo1937  10Animal Collective Ranked Brandon  1
Went To A Free Rise Against Show GreyShadow  16

EF y'all, no one ever comment on my lists, :'( sprezzph  25Petition to make hasan a mod pjorn  107
If Pro Wrestlers were Bands/ Artists WetHarmonica1916  19Snide Goes Post Rock (Black Malachite) Snide  58
Fav Star Wars Movie? pizzamachine  216USERS RANKED Rigma  27
NEW CD IS TONIGHT hasan  35Horror Punk Recommendations bcelt1cs33189  10
Top 50 Iron Maiden Songs charbyno  8SPUTNIK'S FAVE RAPPER: ROUND 1 Toad  91
1 year on this site Enzx  6

Halo Live BallsToTheWall  28Top 20 Alkaline Trio Songs Crawl  3
all sputniks rotate till i die buzzkites  31Histrorical top 40 albums SunlightCityDrive  3
Need help finding information about a record TakeToYourGuns  4Linkin Park albums ranked DORBUSCUS  44

Petition to make sach a mod GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  107March 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0
Death metal essentials (for REAL this time) kingdedethefifth  62All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (63-21) Featured onionbubs  31
Blood Stain Child Albums Ranked MagicMonk777  15On Today's Rotation dreamgauze  1
Evok's DM Goats Vol. I Evokaphile  16Favourite Spoon. (One song per record) butcherboy  23
New to the Site - Some Recent Digs dribbcot  18Songs with repetitive second halves LamboGD  21
Sputnik Band-Off: Round One - Metalcore Snide  134Latest CD and Vinyl Purchases BenMorrison  0
Vinyl collection part 1 MoosechriS  6So many rhythms and melodies... chupacabraisreal  1
An underground scene in this small shipyard town. DrGonzo1937  9Rap AfterTheBreakdown  1
dragon ball super? Typhoon24  6Let's Talk About The Holy Bible TVC15  27
Top 10 City and Colour (Dallas Green) Songs Muisc4Life26  1Unpopular opinions of mine smfk9  20
recommend me death metal KennyAlwaysDies  26Beauty in Melancholy (Recommend me similar works) sprezzph  3

Rec me roadtrip music widowslaugh123  30February 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0
sputnikbooks Winesburgohio  16All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (126-64) onionbubs  32
8 Years a Maniac Maniac!  39Feels Are Real TheEnigma  6
January 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0Turned 20 today dfevil085  30
Playlists Dylan620  10Superlatively Good Songs of 2016 ChoccyPhilly  2
Looooooooooong Songs.. butcherboy  81Music To Mislead dreamgauze  15
1,5 years at Sputnik - 1000 listened albums cor22222  4Record Store Day Featured WellDressedBalloon  54
Sunrise Yoga BallsToTheWall  4Just 10 Albums That Never Wear Out On Me RIPGemmy  18
Swans Ranked: Worst to Best Corney  26rigma's big 500 rating bonanza Rigma  11
most lyrical hip hop Typhoon24  24

Hydra Head CD Box hesperus  18SPUT'S FAVORITE RAPPER TOURNEY (SUBS) Toad  85
New 'The War On Drugs' single review Featured Archelirion  20albums that will be considered "before their time" Ryus  49
birthday list BullettoBinary2  5Top 250 Albums (Part Two) EasterInTheBatcave  6
What's The Most Unique Vinyl Record You Own? Featured Korpcun  47Public image ltd. ranked widowslaugh123  9
Veldin's Top 50 of 2016 Veldin  7Bad Religion? More like bad music! ♦ Satellite  55
Hip-hop albums as rec'd by Sputnik DeadlyNightShade  457 desert island albums ianblxdsoe  12
Need "recs" for my grandson SirCumsalot  24Rec me diriving tunes NastyCrab  18
Obscure April releases Featured owen  16need sum good '17 shit rabidfish  11
AFI - Crash Love Ranked GreyShadow  14Jacob's Top 15 Best Albums Of 2016 JacobHuerta  5

Top 250 Albums (Part One) EasterInTheBatcave  24Rip Bill Toley :( HarshNoiseHenry  6
My Hydra head cd box came in CaimanJesus  20Which emo review is next TheCharmingMan  10
Need summer rock music recs WeinerMan  17Finally retiring at 71 years old SirCumsalot  55
Three Years of Sputnik ExplosiveOranges  21Favorites NikkiAngelus  4
hey famousghost  4Punk Movies.. Featured butcherboy  75
Top 25 Rappers ATM porkchoppal195  22Roadburn 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) Dewinged  9
2017 Hip Hop Recommendations Davidl31  9AFI - Decemberunderground Ranked Featured GreyShadow  19
Two Years of Boney / Buddies Featured theBoneyKing  57

Help? Featured Risodo  38Kendrick Lamar: This Generation's OutKast? TheMrAlexK  22
Dance Gavin Dance Ranked treos777  19rec me hip hop evilford  99
Analbumparty 50iL  30Death metal essentials ZippaThaRippa  33
seventh sputversary Hellscythe  7Generic Digs: Good Beer Maniac!  58
Rec Me Stuff Like This? erizen826  7give me sad recs MyNameIsPencil  15
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