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2016: To Be Sputnik Is to Be Nowhere macman76 Three Days Grace Albums Ranked KManoc1 

Papa Roach Albums Ranked KManoc1  1Kyo's Top 5 2k16 Metal Picks KyoZM  0
Overlooked gems on sputnik Featured GhandhiLion  19Worst Album Covers Hundt  28
Short Reviews 3.. butcherboy  5Streets ov Fire BallsToTheWall  0
Blog Needs a Name macman76  55Late night studies neilxstc  0
Wassup wit it BelieveInDog  2Recs for solid Sludge Metal and Post Hardcore? Rawmeeth38  21
Some stuff I heard in February Gwyn.  5My 10 Personal Favorite Female Singers (currently) EricArcadia  13
Rowan's Playlists Deux: The Doof Years Rowan5215  16My 10 Personal Favorite Rappers (currently) EricArcadia  2
Oscars n'shit UniqueUniverse  34EPs tre  8
Musicians Thread AdolfChrist  71

Atmosphere Playlist MusicGator9185  1Okay which one of you clods is this Hep Kat  6
MU!!! SoccerRiot  10What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss AntonChigurh  16
Back on Sputnik HotGrill  11i have an essay to write... u know what that means ianblxdsoe  10
Crack Open A Cold One With The Boys ATallColdGlassOfBud  56Paysage Ranked Hawks  27
Pots: Also Important! LEGION LordePots  84Pots: Important! LordePots  52
More snow this morning dtrichard  3Sometimes I sit when I pee Spluger  29
I'm making an ethnography essay about sputnikmusic Aberf  152-Year Sputversary in 2 Days. AMA MarsKid  21
just lost my virginity fellas alienobserver  124RIP! Bill Paxton SnakeDelilah  27
Short Reviews 2.. butcherboy  4rec me grime if u pls Mort.  25
Favorite Concert DVDs Ziguvan  3HELP MEEEEE SputnikMan  12

Disabled account? Xenorazr  13My Vinyl Collection 4.1 MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  2
Danimals as Leaders shadedroot  10Storm Doris SweeneyTodd  14
what get from TACO BELL budgie  68Tiny vinyl haul today Owens54  13
Top 10 Current Digs (As Of 2/25/17) Korpcun  02016 // SeaAnemone // Best SeaAnemone  24
doling out the dole TheWrenKing  8Jaar-ful of Nico's Best Featured JamieTwort  23
Drinking Beer, Jamming Metal Hawks  34

Primus Ranked evilmangoes  11My Favorite Rock Bands Metal2003  10
just shovelled for the 2nd time today Spec  70You Can't Handle The Grind (Pt. 2) Korpcun  7
Swords Dance diatribes  3Top 5 Flaming Lips Albums BigSur  0
You Can't Handle The Grind (Pt. 1) Korpcun  3songs i've cried to IronGiant  27
Favorite Film Soundtracks Ziguvan  16Cave In White Silence fix'd jesterhead92  15
Best EPs of 2016 UniqueUniverse  21ROLL UP ROLL UP: User album to check out. Featured BandNewbac  39
Emmure Ranked BorderlineRetarded  6Gojira ranked Jerryyz  12
Math homework jams TakeToYourGuns  10sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup su betray  53

Favorite Albums Nickdefiancebear  4TØP❤❤❤~~~~~ dreamgazing  47
Attila Ranked JoshThompson  31The Headiest Jams of 2016 (AOTY List) Evokaphile  17
2008 plane  6jack2244 is my dad voltairesangryglove  24
Sputnik, what are your favourite live albums? Rigma  24New users on sputnik kingdedethefifth  47
A Tyler.  190Hot Peppers BallsToTheWall  60
Leaving Sputnik HotGrill  27The End of an Era WellDressedBalloon  9
And when I leave you will finally understand, why dreamgazing  15Best songs of best Metal Bands Itsonlyme  13
Linkin Park's Greatest Hits blacklightjer  22Some of the most frustrating albums I've heard Xenorazr  28
Vinyl Collection #2017 Ziguvan  3Top 15 Favorite Songs fullautorpg  14

Death Metal Archive bbgames  253rd Sputversary -torts SteveOffProbation  16
Coolest Album Covers JayEnder  30Sputnik, what are your favourite EPs? Rigma  63
Fripperator ZippaThaRippa  32unsettling weather SnakeDelilah  41
My Album Collection KManoc1  162007 plane  20
what's the peak time of sput activity kascetcadettt  26My Top 10 Favorite Albums Sdc123sdc  10

Dr Superbs 2015 jsounnd  3petroleum jams nolerthebowler  6
Patient Zero ZippaThaRippa  16Underrated "Christian Alternative" Bands Danred97  43
grab a cold one and sing along BullettoBinary2  8Death by the Numbers Evokaphile  70
2006 plane  5New to Sputnik HotGrill  66
FLEX CREW AnimalsAsSummit  3Agoraphobic Nosebleed Ranked Korpcun  4
EPs 2017 dreamgazing  3What else do you guys rate? TitsAreGross  33
Who Has A Record Player? WhatKeepsMeHere  75Megadeth - Ranked tellah  12
Fucked Up And Ready To Keep On Living BallsToTheWall  3This is me SuiCiDaLChEeZe  4
What does Sputnik have against Bill Hicks? Ziguvan  23All time fave albums Confessed2005  5
Group projects are cancer TheUnmoored  111Warcraft 4? (Fuck Overwatch) BlackMalachite  120
Diggin' a Hole jgrunge107  2Thibs' 66.6% Heavy 2016 Thibs  6

RIP IMDb message boards Source  362014 plane  12
Self Harm ZippaThaRippa  84DoomDouche AdolfChrist  31
TOAD RAPS! Toad  50iwrestledabearonce Ranked Korpcun  0
Hip Hop Archive UndineParty  10Albums I've Loved In 2017 VirtualBlaze  14
2012 plane  3JJ's 2010-2016 AOTY JJKeys  2
5 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017 GreyShadow  13Anyone Play TPPCRPG? BlackMalachite  3
JoJo's Bizarre Playlist Vol. 2 MrSirLordGentleman  17Thanks Spotify Discovery! (now help me out) Conmaniac  39
Arche's dingy basement of NYP Featured Archelirion  27Latest Favorite Progressive Albums (2/20/17) XXMurdaBeatzXX  0
My Top 25 Favorite Metal Albums TheMagicalBlender  8My late, outta date favorite songs of 2016 MusicGator9185  9
New Echo Tail Album: The Ancestry Final Origin  9Best mainstream metal/rock acts kingdedethefifth  24
I don't like japandroids.. butcherboy  1Albums on my iPod/Phone MusicGator9185  9
Riffz I'm gonna jam today at work SitruK6  8riffz SoccerRiot  16
My Current Favorite Hip-Hop Songs MusicGator9185  14

Top 10 Local Albums 2016 (LI + NYC) Divaman  4Arcade Fire Ranked Muisc4Life26  11
Check In With Pots Featured LordePots  329Top 25 Favourite Songs DafterWainwright  21
Food Poisoning closed  10

NBA all star weekend SpiritCrusher2  2Diggity Diggity Digs! GreyShadow  9
Winds Of History 1 ogan  4Winds Of History ogan  3
Albums Ahead of Their Time oisincoleman64  12Rec Me Bandcamp Buys Rsetness9  7
Zakalwe Quotes Featured FullOfSounds  126Eminem Worst To Best Stereochrome1  6
80s Songs? Emim  23Albums to check out batstevens  0
Crit my song (Novelties hype 2017) wwf  18Rec Sputnik Something Featured Calc  88
CD Collection (201-264) jgrunge107  0Top 20 Songs of 2016 Divaman  5
The Power of Metal BallsToTheWall  5Alien Metal Brabiz  15
Best djent albums ever ( best list ever #4) CowboyInTheShell  21Top 15 Dream Theater songs ( best list ever #3) CowboyInTheShell  24
Savers pickups OldCrime  4Going to Wisconsin to make a sex tape Hep Kat  13
Just saw TFK bentheREDfan  13

My band's debut album came out today! Blind  10Spot the Similarities neekafat  18
So i'm on this binge yourgodisinferior  25Music I Love A-Z Shamus248  8
Favorite Artwork of 2016 theNateman  14Top 10 Free Jazz Albums Ziguvan  10
YOU CAN COOK P0nto  9Let's Get High.. BallsToTheWall  11
Best concerts kingdedethefifth  35Debt and Taxes Feather  10
Katatonia Albums Ranked Xenorazr  13How I became bourgeois rodrigo90  30
Albums 2016 Pangea  2590's bands.. butcherboy  12
Top 10 Nine Inch Nails songs ( best list ever #2) CowboyInTheShell  25why are so many neckbeards libertarians? EliteTaste  340

I must acquire a taste for free form jazz. WellDressedBalloon  9Wrists Hurt - Music Rules ScuroFantasma  10
Top 10 Albums of 2016 Divaman  9Crown the Empire Ranked Shamus248  2
Things I fancy pbateman  9Background music in public places random  2
Newely Discovered Tech Death & Tech Deathcore DatBeefPudding  5Predicting Metallica's Setlist at Comerica Park charbyno  21
Jay-Z - Ranked tellah  11Wine and Painting BallsToTheWall  7
Top 10 Andrew McMahon Songs SowingSeason  3My Stay in a Mental Hospital Featured Trebor.  293
Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs GoatFucker73  7Linkin Park's New Song fullautorpg  23
Circa Survive Deluxe Giveaway dbizzles  25Top 10 Periphery tunes ( best list ever) CowboyInTheShell  29
New Immolation m/ BigPleb  48Overlooked Top 100 of the far (pedantic edition) DoofusWainwright  13

RECENT DIGS Tyler.  23Emo Trumpetz TheCharmingMan  11
Stood up on Valentines Day SweeneyTodd  27favourite vidya of all time Rigma  29
Attack of the Ads Am3n  18Need More Punk Rock oisincoleman64  142
jazz hands or just parkinson's? butcherboy  0that's fucking gross, dude rabidfish  106
Rec me more black metal like this magicuba  33Overlooked Top 100 of the 00s DoofusWainwright  28
Soon To Metal neekafat  78

Rec me similar albums OldCrime  14Substance abuse kingdedethefifth  282
Last ten album buys jesterhead92  9Habs Fire Michel Therrien SnakeDelilah  23
List GeorgeWBush  112-Tone Boy.. butcherboy  4
It's been awhile ChuckyTruant  109Top 12 Favorite Bands fullautorpg  28
Valentines Day Blues elliootsmeuth  30My Favorite Albums (February of 2017) OminousGargoyle  16
Worst games of this gen and worst albums ever CowboyInTheShell  93Top 2017 Rotkung  0
Undeniably Beautiful and Majestic Covers DrMaximus  18Overlooked Top 100 of the 90s DoofusWainwright  65
My personal completely subjective 2016 Lefondre  12How Often Do You Feel Like You're Gonna Die? BlackMalachite  64
CD Collection (101-200) jgrunge107  9

Valentine's Day Shamus248  32Need my Black Metal fix FlipTrackz  4
Ghost In the Shell Trailer AdolfChrist  87hbd metal (?) eatdirtfartdust12  12
Mellow Jazz-Hop/Chill-Hop Saros  5Sputnik Discord Server Aberf  45
CD Collection (1-100) jgrunge107  44th Sputniversary MrSirLordGentleman  44
Digs I Dig When Digging BallsToTheWall  18Top 10 Cradle of Filth songs kingdedethefifth  4
Just a bunch of musics you all already know. Headlessness  11Rec me music to bump in my car Owens54  13
Fuck, Marry, Dump (Sputnik Users Edition) ArsMoriendi  152Fuck, Marry, Dump (male edition) TheEnigma  58
Ni-Oh Calc  24digs ugly  1
Fuck, Marry, Dump BlackMalachite  94Reveal random  11

Live Grammys Thread neekafat  101My New Noise Album Featured Graveyard  18
Bands That My Friend Got Me Into KManoc1  422000 Ratings AdolfChrist  29
Short Reviews.. butcherboy  22Has anyone watched Death Note or One Piece? IronGiant  81
Peter Gabriel: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  16Rediscovering Some old stuff and some new picks Ankit  3
On the Aesthetic Perfection of National Socialism americanohno  2The Best Techno of All Time (Comprehensive List) BlackMalachite  23
AFI - Sing The Sorrow Ranked GreyShadow  5

users ranked for real this time Tyler.  180If Naruto Characters were bands rodrigo90  39
The Worst Album Ever oisincoleman64  27Top 10 QOTSA songs RLWFormula  5
Chemtrails...Real or Fake? diolives80s  0Who's the Best Metal Singer of all Time diolives80s  18
Albums I should've listened to a long time ago. VirtualBlaze  15Share Some Singles 2 wtferrothorn  16
Remix Suggestions (Got A Few Ideas) BlackMalachite  5Some actual top 10 Nu-Metal ScuroFantasma  17
albums I am addicted 2 Rsetness9  6My Top 10 Nu Metal Songs KManoc1  20
rec me top-tier nu-metal betray  43Andy Black's The Final Curtain Tour Divaman  7
post sludge prog exredhouseresident  18I'm 21 Now ArsMoriendi  93

Playlist #2 dmp3131  1Season 7 BallsToTheWall  24
Check my album yo johnnydeking29  13Red me great soundoff pages TVC15  17
Friend Featured on P.O.S's new album; Check Out His Project blakedoc  0New Lost Salt Blood Purges: BLACK LAGOON Featured OvDeath  75
20 Best Thrash Bands Of All Time diolives80s  20Short and crude and sweet.. butcherboy  18
Masturb8 Years Xenophanes  15Evanescence Albums Ranked KManoc1  6
Don't Listen To This If You Don't Want To kascetcadettt  18(What I Consider to Be) Modern Classics porkchoppal195  16
Calexit (How retarded is my state?) BlackMalachite  49Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.18 engleprunt  3
AFI - All Hallow's EP Ranked GreyShadow  1

2016: To Be Sputnik Is to Be Nowhere Featured macman76  29Can somebody do me a huge favor ????????????????? Tyler.  22
top 100 (9/2/17) totogiorgi  7Green Apple Gatorade SnakeDelilah  24
Favorite Albums of 2016 DadEsquire  5A Dynasty... BallsToTheWall  10
Jazz Recs? Rowhaus  162016 Albums I still need to check TVC15  18
Rec Me Anything AsleepInTheBack  36Digs 2017 Edition FullOfSounds  32
Three Days Grace Albums Ranked Featured KManoc1  20Dewi's drunk faux prog list. Recs welcome. Dewinged  32
drillin modpack  23AFI - The Art of Drowning Ranked GreyShadow  9
dddddddddigs BMDrummer  7

A Beginner's Vinyl Collection neekafat  36Electric Wizard Ranked SCREAM!  20
Good workout music (any recs are awesome) kingdedethefifth  38Blink-182 vs Green Day maxer  84
houston most underrated hip hop region? Typhoon24  15Dance Recs TheEnigma  17
Learning To Cook Trebor.  137Anansi butcherboy  2
My Top 5 most disappointing albums fullautorpg  44M83 Ranked SowingSeason  15
Paramore Albums Ranked KManoc1  8Best String Quartets? Atari  23
All Star Mashup talktothehead  18Death metal I need to listen BlackWizard  11
Slam That Doesn't Suck AdolfChrist  105AFI - Black Sails In The Sunset Ranked GreyShadow  13
Sputnik Sucks, Bye Guys Featured BeneaththeDarkOcean  132

Things a Sputniker would never say SoccerRiot  129Home Insurance 2: Electric Boogaloo grannypantys  4
What are some Sput meames? BlazinBlitzer  267Not Blanduary 2017 FlipTrackz  6
4 Years and a Story Featured KimmsightMatters  48The manliest voice of ALL TIME Kompys2000  82
A Beginners Guide To Funk emptykev10  5Arctic Monkeys Ranked Rigma  16
Linkin Park Albums Ranked KManoc1  12Disturbed Albums Ranked KManoc1  4
Amon Amarth Ranked Dwap  3INVESTIGATE 311 RanchItUp  56
Albums I Gots ta Get thecheatisnotdead  1Trivium albums ranked karagiannis1908  8
Nioh is a good video game thiswastheyear  56Rec Me Epic Heavy Metal Recreate  10
Favorite Frank Zappa Instrumentals Ziguvan  8

Bring Back Mayhem Festival Shamus248  13(awfully... and wonderfully) and hilariously over the top sugarcubes  7
Songs I've Cried To Rigma  12Any Nerdfighters on Sput? GeorgeWBush  15
'North American tours'... TheEnigma  60What does sput think of spice 1? frigyourgenre  4
My Top 10 Alternative Metal Songs KManoc1  10two gay nerds go at it hard for 18 minutes YakNips  26
Songs I've Cried to xanderdake  30New digs and buys Rastapunk  8
If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar. YourStarryEyes  0The Dung Beatles butcherboy  2
Moving Jams theNateman  10

Writing riffs is pretty hard TVC15  58The Dead C Ranked Winesburgohio  10
im so fucking bored please rec me some shit ianblxdsoe  16digs//future listens Conmaniac  11
Horror Movies??? Hawks  74Will I Survive To Make Another 100 Lists On Sput.. americanohno  6
Interpol El Pintor Download Giveaway bgillesp  25Philly Cheesesteaks! BallsToTheWall  19
GAy maRriAGE tunes butcherboy  3Snake's Superbowl Prediction SnakeDelilah  30
Cavalry's Top 10 Films of 2016 cavalrycaptain  0random shit i bought cheap part 1000000 Sinternet  31
I was asked in my DE class "What is Music?" BlazinBlitzer  22My new EP is here! :0 AnimalsAsSummit  1
picked up some random ass shit last night ianblxdsoe  12need some inspiration brainmelter  35

Trustkill Records random  13Personal Blog, 2-4-2017 theacademy  10
Unique Worst of 2016 awards UniqueUniverse  13Pop archive UndineParty  12
I wrote a Pop Punk/ Indie/ Emo song TheseModernThings  1Miscellaneous Shows Feather  14
January '17 Digs and Recs rabidfish  6Kate Bush Ranked - From Worst to Best arismccarthy  13
Melodic Post hc/Metalcore ChocolateStarfish  71LepreCon passes his driving test LepreCon  24
Ambiance RadicalEd  47Top 49 Seether songs (IMO) Aromero98  0
Supercar ranked Royl123  2Walked roughly 10 miles today BlackMalachite  48
Shit I've Been Jamming Constantly Lately xLiamStrongx  5

Favorite Albums Of All Time JoshThompson  14At 70,000 Tons of Metal pedro70512  13
Bandcamp and ACLU Dinosaur  15just saw rings lol ianblxdsoe  40
I'm here to get the keys to the lock back Hep Kat  474/5 - artists/albums NorthernSkylark  10
Best Albums and Songs of January 2017 BlazinBlitzer  4Journey to the Center of the Musiverse BallsToTheWall  10
Users ranked from Best to Worst CaliggyJack  37users rated Sinternet  362
Jazzed Up in Punk Shit butcherboy  1Djent Bands For John SteveOffProbation  10
Emo/Post Hardcore. G0atC0re  23Recs like these albums (Gorguts Obscura) closed  12

7 random ass songs im digging ianblxdsoe  16Alex's List of Lists TheMrAlexK  40
proof matt bell(end)amy is a big fuckin meme Rigma  11Converge YFM Redux giveaway dbizzles  93
funerals suck SnakeDelilah  50Slow start to the year BeyondCosby  79
Top 10 Favourite Live Albums Samppaliini  6Boston Calling Feather  11
2016 was a good year p4p  14Best cheap mic for recording guitar? BigBlob  24
Make me cry cryptologous  32GREAT ALBUMS: January 2017 Brandon  2
Cycle 1 brokencycle  2Happy Smae demigod!  7
Top 50 Favorite Albums of All Time Shamus248  16Love List January 2017 AddTheCub  0

1st of tha Month random  57 albums that make me cry like a little BITCH ianblxdsoe  20
Favorite DonaldDuck  2Artists I Like More Than Their Music lz41  6
If You Don't Like These, You Like Dick AdolfChrist  113Christian Lovers deathofasalesman  24
First metalcore Bands Hanusko  14Top 40 The National TheHamburgerman  19
January 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  2this body is a breakroom Satellite  29
Fastest Double Bass WeinerMan  21Persefone Discography Ranked MarsKid  5
Driving across Washington State MonotoneMop  15pennies for your thoughts TheWrenKing  15
Favorite New Music | January 2017 Shamus248  3Ten hour flight TheUnmoored  12
best emo/skramz band names illmitch  7Top 50 Mark Eitzel Songs DoofusWainwright  10
2000 Ratings YetAnotherBrick  9Arche's sick January Archelirion  8
Digs Rawmeeth38  0Sniffuary 17 (jams) Featured Sniff  40
Mort.'s January 2017 Mort.  33Working on a Doom Metal album Brabiz  7
I can't fall asleep demigod!  8

Made that rip of Winterkaelte Sevengill  8Cool Users Ranked Spec  188
why am i always writing fucking essays ianblxdsoe  29Negged reviews kingdedethefifth  59
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? pbateman  1600 ratings boi SteakByrnes  21
site sucks do something interesting you old slags Sinternet  15R.I.P. John Wetton Featured Divaman  23
Dumbest Metalcore Band Names WeinerMan  68Monstercat Post-022 FullOfSounds  17
10 years clean thiswastheyear  79FATALITY!!!! BallsToTheWall  5
Well it's finally happened... GoatHumper  8do u got bars doe cryptologous  2
Check out my music if interested! CaliggyJack  5Love You James Laurence RIP Featured Trebor.  14
Music Origins kingdedethefifth  21

Hit rock bottom Nocturtle  51The thing I saw coming, but didn't accept Dinosaur  6
sad FRIENDZONE news musicallychallenged  18

rec me some somewhat decent generic metalcore ianblxdsoe  15Cant seem to get into neurosis :/ frigyourgenre  20
I collect records 2 forget my crippling depression nolanzz  12Black Malachite Album Stream BlackMalachite  40
Devolution of Lars' hairline bananatossing  5Good books? IronGiant  64
So who else saw Turnover + mwY + Circa Survive TheCharmingMan  9mwY Ten Stories giveaway DL dbizzles  24

Sput server crash puns TVC15  70Lesser Known Emo Shiznit elliootsmeuth  16
Sputnik vs RateYourMusic tre  78fix this shit adr  70

king green ep teaser up on the tube AnimalsAsSummit  1Good ass albums that black folk made. MillionDead  43
Winter Break Films ArsMoriendi  12sobered up grindcorecore  14
R.I.P. John Hurt Toondude10  12Top 15 Uncle Tupelo Songs nukethewhale  2
Drummer Butch Trucks Found Dead BlazinBlitzer  2The Soundtrack Project bentheREDfan  5
perfect songs Ryus  34an intimate discussion: sach SteveOffProbation  41
listen to this cute song Cimnele  5Rec me artists like Shad Owens54  3
drowsy days butcherboy  1Black Metal Archive UndineParty  18
My personal 100 favorite metal albums(1 per band) botman  2My 10 Favorite Chevelle Songs LethalPaintball  14

January 2017 recs? zaruyache  39touche amore ranked ianblxdsoe  7
Is Coloured Vinyl a Cheap Gimmick? SweeneyTodd  74C*NTS Sinternet  47
Hilarious Live Videos MarsKid  4Best QotSA B-Sides neekafat  6
Rating Music When Stoned yourgodisinferior  26Favorite 15+ Minute Long Songs WeinerMan  39
Asthma BallsToTheWall  41RESIDENT EVIL 7 DinosaurJones  58
ability to search for album on homepage Typhoon24  26Creepy Rap/Hip Hop recs DarkSideOfLucca  13
Thy Art Is Murder Ranked Derek123  18

Top 5 Personal Favorite Guitar Solos Of All Time evilmangoes  14Electronic W/ Sick Vox Shuyin  15
rec me drum and bass/techno UndineParty  13Looking for stuff like this: BullettoBinary2  4
Earbud recs? danielito19  9the not so fine line between bein real and fufu af modpack  65
Crocodile Junzdee Nocturtle  4X-Men movies ranked (not deadpool tho) theacademy  13
7 new and old digs ianblxdsoe  21977-2016: AOTY compendium illmitch  12
Prog is Dead 2016 menawati  12The Dude Abides BallsToTheWall  3
Underrated albums on Sputnik wwba  15Sowing's Superbowl Prediction SowingSeason  206
Fearthyevil's: Best of 2016 Featured FearThyEvil  24nocturnal Ryus  29
Pls rec me some jazz in the line of StormChaser  14

Most Overrated Bands Ever 2 cagedbutterfly  1337 favorite hardcore albums ianblxdsoe  14
My Tony Hawk Soundtrack Derek123  3450's First Sputiversary 50iL  100
Radiohead SweeneyTodd  15Top 70 Albums Of 2016 mttgry  16
Ben's CD and Vinyl purchases in January BenMorrison  4My Band's First Music Video! xXFOADXx  5
THE Metal Voice wham49  6589th Academy Award Predicitons Toondude10  117
favourite Grind VVild18  7Hypothetical retail situation cryptologous  10
The best beers IsARealRoy  12The best teams IsARealRoy  29

What should i have for dinner Tyler.  143Top 30 Albums of 2016 timbo8  4
Top 25 of 2016 cjbizzlebizzle  2Summer Video Game Stockpile ArtBox  58
Albums with good mixing/production? Rigma  40PS4 to stereo send help pls GeorgeWBush  1
adr's late 2016 list adr  20Yo yo yo whats up fam?! AntwonJackson  11
Sputnik Introduced Me To... WhatKeepsMeHere  3Thom Yorke & the Radioheads Ranked JigglyPDiddy  22
Anyone Not Working on an Album? WeinerMan  44Debut EP or Debut LP? yourgodisinferior  25
Favorite Female Singers Greem  21New Black Malachite Album / Single BlackMalachite  198
3rd Season of Black Mirror TVC15  22Stuff I'm reviewing 2017 DatsNotDaMetulz  4

How reliable is buying from Discogs? bgillesp  29Blink-182 albums - Ranked! CWBrown  9
Hey Everyone! SoccerRiot  23Albums I've Recently Discovered ArmyOfRage  6
Genesis 4 Melee Singles Finals MarsKid  122theacademy's Championship Pics theacademy  12
Rec Doof Bandcamp 'Name Your Price' Albums DoofusWainwright  40Album Art yourgodisinferior  58
CITY OF CATERPILLAR calmrose  132nd new messFX single of 2017 MercuryToHell  2
What political party do you identify as? Wario  1437 fav modern pop punk bands ianblxdsoe  20
My Favorite Mostly Metal Albums of 2016 marf1300  17

Top 10 Deathcore Albums Jangostar  72Musical Masochism WellDressedBalloon  13
My Top 25 Black Metal Albums ticklemeemo  14January jams SwanSoup  0
shows I'm going too/complaints about the mn music SteveOffProbation  39From First to Last Ranked treos777  8
Exploration Minushuman24  19

3rd (and 2nd) Week of January in Albums BlazinBlitzer  7Spag's List of Obscure Albums Worth Jammin' Spag  25
Yellowparafin released another single! Ricochet  2Workingmen Of All Countries Unite! Spec  165
Serpent Bite's BallsToTheWall  9Epic Randomness 4 idonthavetimeforthis  0
Seeing Led Zeppelin Tonight!!!!!! WeinerMan  22Inauguration Playlist SweeneyTodd  28
AFI Ranked SnakeDelilah  8Seventh Day Slumber Ranked (Canon only) bentheREDfan  0
AFI ranking, past 15 years... AaroN911  12DILLINGER TONIGHT! BigPleb  33
New Alaskalana collab EP is out on bandcamp. JigglyPDiddy  3Music every Dark Souls game should have kingdedethefifth  26
Best Self Titled Converge Songs Mendross  6Dewi's solo album Featured Dewinged  41

whats that one album dreamgazing  53Top 20 Post-Black Album Metallica Songs evilmangoes  8
New guitar amp? Suggestions? Help? wacknizzle  54Flug's bad albums 2016 comp Featured Flugmorph  45
Zippa's Rippin' Playlist: JAMUARY 2017 ZippaThaRippa  22Bands debut LP yourgodisinferior  22
i am free ClintDangerous  12New Music Binge AdolfChrist  29
2K16: Stylin' in Shadows Featured Metalstyles  13New Japandroids Album Stream dreamgazing  12
The Haunted albums ranked karagiannis1908  4Sowing's Championship Picks SowingSeason  183

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