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Tracks 2014 Pangea 15 Rappers To Look Out For In 2015 imjustjoshinya 
Potsy 2014: 2014 List To End All Lists In LordePots Lesser Known Hip-hop Masterpieces JasonCarne 
Railway Through 2014 Rail Daddy's 100 Songs Of 2014 ComeToDaddy 
2014qt. treeqt. Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014 FearThyEvil 
My Top 100 Albums Of 2014 Aids Top 25 Of '14 Beauville88 

Untitled BMDrummer  8The Lack Long After Ranked SnakeDelilah  9
Killer Music Video greencorn5  1My Melodic Hardcore Band pmmets07  4
10 Albums I Found Underrated Ziguvan  0Fish Says Hi StarFish  7
School Bomb Threat Jams erizen826  36A Slashing 2014 Hurricanslash  4
Help, I'm Falling Into Indie Pop And El Parallels  24Judas Priest Or Iron Maiden Muisc4Life26  39

Red Hot Chili Peppers Best To Worst Albu Blakethemusicman123  1720 Melodic Hardcore Albums dixoncocks  17
My Band ADanceReturns  11Top 5 Weezer Guitar Solos Slut  15
2005 Throwbacks RoyalImperialGuard  14I Take My Shirt Off To Eat Ramen YakNips  34
Rec Me No-bs Rock KerfuffleinaHussle  34Rec Me Black Metal Please thacoconut94  30
Give Shits On Your Favorite Band Hep Kat  31Top 10 Cure Albums WilliamBlack  1
Best Drumming Mendross  15Feel The Angst JWT155  19
Pink Floyd Studio Albums, My Ranking hedunadan  201989-2014 In Metal Ranked trve  16
2015 Is Off To A Bad Start. Dodenakker  21Bowie: Best To Worst Stereochrome1  21
My Most Anticipated 2015 OwMySnauze  24

Death Metal Cd For The Car! TheSonomaDude  19what should i review swagb0b  28
Top 5 Metal Albums Of All Time! myopinionsarefact  13Top 10 Offspring Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  6
Top 50 National Songs VertiginousWorld  23Tv Shows/series Vs. Films Gameofmetal  59
Top 30 Alternate albums of 1994 WilliamBlack  27The Smiths Ranked Muisc4Life26  12
Tracks 2014 Featured Pangea  14Album Cover Games menawati  10
Sludge And Doom Recs childishbrandino  8Dir En Grey Ranked - Average Blasphemy/b Angelboros  6
Current Album Digs. puntugruhm  3Rec Me Anything oisincoleman64  51
Welsh Bands mete0ra  14Gimme Some Recommendations hyllengren  7
Need Help Finding Source Material? WashboardSuds  3

My Personal Favorite Musical Artists WesleyJones  43Top 5 Albums From 2014 MrBoom  53
Best Gilmour Solos Rawmeeth38  30Endless Fucking Playlist Of Good Shit To Spliffhanger67  27
Taken By The Light RoyalImperialGuard  1The Machines... boff  3
Industrial Recs ResidentNihilist  27Top 50 Thrash Metal Albums InfernalOarsman  54
If Future Garage Is A Thing... BobbbyLight  18High School Bullshit iSkane  11
Favorite 100 Albums Deadsouls96  18Cosby's Choice Awards 2014 BeyondCosby  6
Bansheebeat Launches Label / Drops Compi Rev  37Heavy Post-rock Recs chinesewhispers  37
Rec Me Female Fronted Albums AmericanFlagAsh  45

Guiltless Visual-kei Bands? Jasdevi087  21Teck Metul Kore JokineAugustus  6
Non-american Post-hardcore Recs Please?? Storm In A Teacup  29state of emergency declared in northeast swagb0b  118
Japanese Music Nikkolae  41The Best Songs By The Who BatmanSixx  6
Some Really Cool Album Covers InfernalOarsman  8Another New Song Madbutcher3  1
Itchy Might Be A Daddy Itchy2015  51New Jams JJKeys  4
15 Rappers To Look Out For In 2015 Featured imjustjoshinya  49Recent Digs moshpotatoes  0
Rec Me Nu Metal Albums Please thacoconut94  58No More Blink? BeneaththeDarkOcean  7
Tom Leaves Blink 182 Tunaboy45  80Vinyl Acquisitions 2015 (thus Far) WellFedWhiteMale  7
Neo-folk puntugruhm  20Top 50 Favorite Aphex Twin Songs TychoBrahe  33
My Fav 2014 Albums mikep87  1Personal Best 2014 Live Shows! NJeroen  4
Straya Day Jacquibim  16Sauna OvDeath  21
Potsy 2014: 2014 List To End All Lists I Featured LordePots  102

Top 10 Most Influential Albums facetheslayer666  9Lesser Known Hip-hop Masterpieces Featured JasonCarne  45
When Life Is Like A Movie Thuglifethor  14Jon Axed 4 Hip-hop Recs Spliffhanger67  9
Feels: Summer 2014 Miami  43Non-hip-hop/rap Albums I Liked From 2014 imjustjoshinya  4
Resident Evil: Remastered BigPleb  94Favourite Albums YaWantSum  14
I Need Some Jazz/jazz-fusion Recs InfernalOarsman  13Rec Me Stuff II: This Time It's Persona VaxXi  23
Top 25 Dream Theater Songs spitfyre877  4Ranking Dream Theater spitfyre877  0
Recent Purchases CapnJizz  5Underrated RoyalImperialGuard  8
Top 100 Of 2015 So Far sonictheplumber  6Bruce Springsteen Ranked 1973-1987 Rawmeeth38  0
Guess The Skramz!!!!!! Chin  8Metal Recs For A Friend Flugmorph  10
Summery Jams For A Wintry Weekend Ryus  30Oceansize Ranked HappyNipples  12
Best Top 40 Songs Of The 21st Century chinesewhispers  11Underrated Linkin Park Songs furpa  18
New Radiohead Song Muisc4Life26  9

Steam? beefshoes  5Top 10 Green Day Songs WesleyJones  14
Seasonal Depression yourgodisinferior  26January 2015 Is Sick wtferrothorn  24
Top 20 Songs Of 2014 sin69  8Drone Essentials treeqt.  15
Top 5 Electronic Albums facetheslayer666  8Portugal. The Man: Ranked bbdmittenz  4
Potsy 2014: You Guys Are Idiots For Thin LordePots  50My 10 Favourite Albums Of 2014 ShuteTheRunner  0
A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik SomeSayShesNaive  46Songs that sound similar to other songs. DecayingMajesty  27
The Warriors RoyalImperialGuard  14Top 10 Cure Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  1
My Top 10 Albums: 2014 ChrisPoi187  0Drone. puntugruhm  14
Best of 2014 progsun  14Awesome Movies, Vol. IV riffariffic7  8
Rec Me Shoegaze Albums Royl123  23Kiss Albums Ranking footballtrivia  11

Top 10 Albums From The 80's TheMagicalBlender  13Potsy 2014: Top 20 Eps LordePots  45
My Favorite Albums Of All Time BatmanSixx  21Potsy 2014: The Final Cocktease LordePots  43
4 Best Songs Ever Made ExcentrifugalForz  24Dream Of Fair To Middling Amounts Of Vin TheWrenKing  1
I Broke My Glasses Chin  48Eminem Ranked oisincoleman64  13
Winter Metal pedro70512  14Townes Van Zandt DominionMM1  9
Any New Or Old Psychedelic Rock Suggesti Rawmeeth38  26Upcoming Concerts thecheatisnotdead  8
Folk Black Metal puntugruhm  412015 Kicking Ass Already BigPleb  37
Recs For Vapers bach  251000 Ratings imjustjoshinya  4
2014 Clean Up Jasdevi087  9

New To Sputnikmusic... MrWonderful69  49You Call Your Metal "black"? OvDeath  42
My Favorite Albums Of All Time facetheslayer666  10Top 10 Nirvana Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  17
Who are you listening to? johnnydeking29  20Things You Don't Like About Sputnik Relinquished  238
Some Cool Album Art Avagantamos  12Dark Ambient Essentials treeqt.  27
Need Metals For Party thepaintedalice  74Illbient Cyberduck  6
Atmospheric BM puntugruhm  33Japan Knows How To Post-hardcore discovolante  12
Selling Out Vakarian12  17Ash's 2014 Albums AmericanFlagAsh  4
Dark Ambient puntugruhm  26New Music Ive Been Working On MATTVLACH  0

Bands That Suck Live BAT  76Top 10 Albums Of The 70s BatmanSixx  35
Top 10 Alice In Chains Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  29The 2010s: It Had Some Decent Music helpoemer420  27
Top 10 Soundgarden Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  17Top 5 Songs On "Under the CD Tree" csmith1999  0
Sput Metallers Goin Soft RoyalImperialGuard  60Music Sleepiness Torontonian  17
Judas Priest Best to Worst Albums Blakethemusicman123  12Albums I Don't Get pbass0  44
Favorite Local Nashville Bands jcurry094  2My 2014 Wishlist SpaceZeppelin  4
Vulnicura Ranked JJKeys  15Psych. 280 postrockpaperscissor  16
It's Getting Creycrey (collection U.p.d Flugmorph  9Going To My First Concert oisincoleman64  59
Itchy 2014 Itchy2014  6Modern Post-hardcore Recs? DjensenAckles  16

2014 Top Picks ( A Little Late) decoyoctopus  0War Fvkking Metal OvDeath  18
New Volcanic Queen Album In The Works Graveyard  10Check My New Ep SethEZ  1
Sputdiss Chin  48Eclectic Recs Please IronGiant  12
Albums I'm digging at the moment Rawmeeth38  2Bands Like Amaranthe? Everythingsmagic2  10
My Brother Wants To Die bakkermaarten007  18UK Politics johnnydeking29  42
I Have $25 In Itunes Money TheGreatQ  28Confused Boner LaKeSRiVeRn  4
Recent Digs Stereochrome1  1Yourgodisinferiors Late 2014 List yourgodisinferior  14
proper 2015 mryrtmrnfoxxxy  14Bjork - Vulnicura!! Discussion Dimor  35
Playlist For A Girl. dixoncocks  5150 Favorite Albums Of 2014 Gassman3268  0
What I'm Listening To Lately WhereTheSkyEnds  16Prepare For Hell Tour Tunaboy45  29
1 Year Of Sput: Ranking My 5s AmericanFlagAsh  44I'm Straight-Edge Hurricanslash  36
New Drum-Set and Russian Circles Ranked Spokklett  10Best Kanye Songs childishbrandino  31
Final Exams 2CHAINAL  11Best Eminem Songs childishbrandino  25
Recent Digs ellagos  2Obscure Prog Winner Friday13th  59

College Park High School Music Scene TheSonomaDude  6Too Soft For Death Metal Pajolero  47
The Knicks Won A Game Ryus  14How To Report Mischevious Behaviour On S spookynewghostfriend  33
Terrible / Average Bands I Enjoyed As A Markedforgreatness  44Top 10 Fall Out Boy Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  32
Heavy Ass Songs BigPleb  44Late 2014 List GBJ  4
Users Who Should Log Out Chin  34Lost Whole Music Library Gwyn.  34
Albums My Best Friend Calls 5/5 oisincoleman64  44Sup Sput Bros carved  7
5 Great Hip Hop Albums puntugruhm  15New Periphery Is Out! Dolving999  22
My Screamo Band's Music Video BlueW  29More Incredible Beats HalfManHalfAmazing  3
Awesome Movies, Vol. III riffariffic7  9My Favorite Albums Of All Time MotoMusic  5

10 Great Doom Albums puntugruhm  13Jams From My 20's BlackLlama  1
Free Video Editors? YakNips  8Dean Garcia Cyberduck  0
R.e.m. Best Albums Ranked From 1983-1987 Idoltrous8991  7Sorry 4 The Wait 2 On Tuesday imjustjoshinya  6
Garagy/psych dspaceman  7Greatest Power Metal Albums Of All Time Ebola  27
Saw Periphery Live Last Night TheSonomaDude  1080's Rock Power Ballads danielcardoso  21
The Unholy Trinity Of Blackdeath Metal 2 OvDeath  17Aesop Rock Ranked brokendogleg  10
My Favorite Non Hip Hop Albums Of 2014 devontaewest  1Championship Pop Bottlez Sunday Hep Kat  41
Study Jams Oneironaut  17I Need Industrial Ricochet  32
My Favorite Film Directors Royl123  105Box Car Racer Ranked AtrumCimex  8

Electronic (and Other Assorted Swirling WashboardSuds  8Kiss Me Thru The Phone Phlegm  21
Top 10 Albums Of The 90s BatmanSixx  60Dream Theater Ranked UnderTheNorthernScar  20
Any Vapors On Sput? apokolypz  52Musical Garden wtferrothorn  1
Judas Priest Cover Art Ranked TheMagicalBlender  10Top 10 Bittersweet Songs facetheslayer666  14
Favorite Metal Bumz 14 puntugruhm  4Top 15 Punk Bassists AtrumCimex  32
3000 Unread Emails RoyalImperialGuard  4Top 10 Acoustic Ballads cagedbutterfly  30
Blink-182 (inc. Side Projects) Ranked oisincoleman64  6Nine Inch Nails NickLizard49  10

Best Chillwave Bands/albums? IronGiant  9Recommendation For Sputnik yourgodisinferior  27
Saw Mayhem Last Week M/ Negator  18A Pencil's Top 200 Albums (51-26) MyNameIsPencil  8
Albums I'm Currently Obsessed With Flappadoink  4Obscure Prog Finals Friday13th  35
Bought 12 Albums For 28 Dollars brokendogleg  6PJ Harvey Ranked/Hype Thread ArsMoriendi  10
Favorite Underoath Tracks Muisc4Life26  6Rec Me Dance Music spookynewghostfriend  57
The History Of Sputnik SadAndHolyGlow  256Bands With Anticipated (and Hopefully Aw Snowdog808  5
Albums I Shall Next Acquire YetAnotherBrick  11Rec Me Music En Espanol, Por Favor TychoBrahe  16
Switched To Vaping Betray  65Inherent Vice londoncalling457  27
My 10 Current Favorite Bands Flappadoink  3Which Album Should I Listen To oisincoleman64  17
digs / give me recs dude mryrtmrnfoxxxy  18Hiatus joshieboy12345  14
New Year's Resolutions PunkMoon  4Opie's Top 25 Of '14 opie  1
Why The Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Tril DrGonzo1937  15My Favorite Albums From 2014 BenMorrison  0
Railway Through 2014 Featured Rail  30Films I Wish I'd Seen Sooner BigPleb  38
Logging Off Of Sputnik bach  50Recent Hip Hop Listens NocTurnEarl  4
Sputnik Age Census furpa  193Not A List Just Saying Though! zoso33  3
Albums My Friends And I Listened To In H Stereochrome1  9

Posse Cuts HalfManHalfAmazing  102014: The Lost And Forgotten Insurrection  9
Zaru's 2014? zaruyache  5Started A Record Collection Kman418  4
Can You Feel It Sputnik? RoyalImperialGuard  11Hmu W Recs Chin  14
My Top 20 Casting Crowns Songs Anonymous777  1Obscure Prog Semi-finals Friday13th  43
Albums I Heard In 2014 (top 50) jearoslawve  3Music From 2014 DecayingMajesty  8
Digs, Hello ZilbelPing  3Recommend Similar Bands/Songs Markedforgreatness  5
Most Disturbing Films You Have Ever Watc rockandmetaljunkie  148CAPS JAMS demigod!  18
Best Out Of The 17 Albums I Heard From 2 oisincoleman64  6Toondude10's Academy Award Predictions Toondude10  32
2014 - Meh Year For Hip-hop? UnkleUrple  21My Ipod Just Died YetAnotherBrick  48
2014: Best Dynamic Range? BeneaththeDarkOcean  2

100 Albums From 2014 aaronrkc  4Top 5 Worst Albums Of 2014 FuneralMarch  19
Incubus Ranked PinkTractorBeam  12Adulthood Chin  129
Daddy's 100 Songs Of 2014 Featured ComeToDaddy  30Can't Be Bothered Ryus  23
Highly Recommended... LaKeSRiVeRn  3Stangeruay N Juice Hep Kat  8
Classical - Where To Dive In? Friday13th  14Leaving Sputnik KrazyKris  234
The Most Important Japanese Albums discovolante  25My Band Released Our First Ep - Thoughts hahGAY  1
Seeing Swans In Nyc YankeeDudel  19Ya Boi Spitting Hard Hurricanslash  3
Amazing Female Artists BigPleb  90Awesome Movies, Vol. II riffariffic7  19

Weezer Ranked PinkTractorBeam  19New To Sput! List Of Recent Digs lakefever  41
Horror Movies That Are Actually Good Iamthe Nightstars  186Falling In Reverse Just Released A New S melonade  17
Someguest Gets Steamed someguest  33My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 jovalmathew  0
Friends' Basements And Flavored Vodka LaKeSRiVeRn  2Fav Metal/deathcore? Albums LaKeSRiVeRn  9
Top 10 Vocalists In Rock/Metal Music MrBoom  15Top 10 Napalm Death Albums RATM46  11
My Top 15 Extreme Metal Bands RATM46  15Psycroptic Ranked JCGold14  5
I Wrote A Song glassg7  14Recs plox/A New Kick Parallels  7
2014qt. Featured treeqt.  176Ever Been In Love? calgarydude12  210
Big 4 Ranked FlyheadMetal  38Tryna Disguise A 'cool Songs' List Wit helpoemer420  5
Stuff Thatll Probly Be Worthwhile In '1 Spare  41My Top 15 Aoty Picks PunchedPeach72  6
Perfect Songs Nikolai  10Paysage D'hiver Ranked pedro70512  21
Top 15 Progressive Death Metal Albums pyroflare77  32

Opinion On ArsMoriendi  7Obscure Prog Elimination Rd Friday13th  50
Chortles' Half Decade Chortles  33F*CK! DUCKS! fromtheinside  96
11000 Comments deathschool  25Fearthyevil's: Best Of 2014 Featured FearThyEvil  38
Superman Punching The Userbase RoyalImperialGuard  92014: A Summery Supercoolguy64  2
Chesse/slut's Top 10 4 2014 Slut  13Best Of Bandcamp Free: Vol. 2 VaxXi  9
My Top 10 yourgodisinferior  36New Trvth Album CaptainDooRight  18
5 Artists Of 2014 TheNexus100  15My Ten Favorite Punk Albums Cal665  7
My Ten Favorite Progressive Rock Albums Cal665  12Rainy Day Jams BigPleb  30
The Decemberists Ranked SowingSeason  15

Albums I Like By Artists I Don't beyondthethreshold13  32Dark & Slow Balerion  10
Got Any Recs? Faraudo  41Albums Like These? postrockpaperscissor  26
Post Your Soundcloud NakedSnake  26Comment With Your Dad's Email Address londoncalling457  20
Porcupine Tree Ranked trve  35Ambience Wadlez  4
Review Tips? oisincoleman64  22Favourite Films Of 2014 furpa  36
Top 10 Albums Of 2014 (how original) peartnoy  4If You're Not A Metalhead You Might As OvDeath  51
Recent Death Metal Digs RottingChrist  5iTokoloshe's 30 Albums Of 2014 Tokoloshe  1
Rec Me Some Post-hc/noise Rock Arbrathe  18Awesome Movies, Vol. I riffariffic7  12
Favorite Nine Inch Nails Songs BatmanSixx  5Let Me Be Yr Friend SanderCohen  21
Can't Rate Any More Albums pedro70512  9

Megadeth Or Metallica TheMagicalBlender  59Pop Recs Torontonian  25
Fuck Yeah Minnesota Minushuman24  19Best Shoegaze Of The 2000s IronGiant  18
Moxy By Proxy Crymsonblaze  1Do You Have Bm Art? CaptainDooRight  58
Excited For 2015 ArsMoriendi  14Happy New Year! Flugmorph  4
Weird Time Signatures In Metal TheSonomaDude  59Top 10 Iron Maiden Songs Ebola  10
Emo/skramz flalafell  18Missed 2014 Gems thelastsignal  12
Sick Jams JokineAugustus  9Next BMDrummer  40
Stoned Digs TheNexus100  7Create List. Press Play NorthernSkylark  6
Shows I Saw in 2014 AmericnZero02  0I Wrote An Essay About The Current Publi YetAnotherBrick  13
25 Love Songs grish  7Need Good Prog Rock/metal samsquanch  51

Miss Me Bitches? Samshine  40Top 15 Albums That Turn 10 This Year RATM46  14
My Top 100 Albums Of 2014 Featured Aids  35Great Rap Tracks, Vol. VII riffariffic7  4
My Top Ten Favorite Solo Artists Royl123  25My Favorite Album From Each Year, 1990-2 CapnJizz  15
Your Favorite Album Ever StallionMang  136Top 25 Of '14 Featured Beauville88  15
Droney Atmospheric Bm Recs TheNexus100  24Shameless Promoting. Dodenakker  13
My Cd Collection 5NightsAtFreddys  8Consistent Bands/solo Works BigPleb  55
Under 50 Votes, Part 6 Greem  11

Top 10 Of 2014! leviegalapon  3Top 10 Episodes Of House, M.d. YoYoMancuso  11
Brilliant Boc menawati  17Yazz_40 2014 Featured Yazz_Flute  15
Great Rap Tracks, Vol. VI riffariffic7  5BEST 2014 LIST Featured lou1000  51
Bought A Pair Of Grado Sr80e's emester  9Recent Purchases Hurricanslash  10
What Should I Review Next? Supercoolguy64  9Physical Albums (or Cds)? thecheatisnotdead  16
New To The Site TheMagicalBlender  97I Bought A Keyboard, + Peter Diggage YankeeDudel  9
Mmxiv Review Featured slapguitarer  5Abyss 2015 Relinquished  23
Metal Album Purchases Of 2015 (1-100) Agoremageddon  3Phillie Elverumz TheNexus100  20
Recs (Hardcore and Hip-Hop) 2CHAINAL  21Trophy Scars Ranked Chin  24
Best Of 2014 fromrows  0Just Finished One Piece Funeralopolis  18
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 6 Jasdevi087  10Do Any Of Guys Skate? Muisc4Life26  41
I Wanna Be A Writer YetAnotherBrick  392014 Best 2.0 PrewDelisek  1

What Is Your Major Malfunction Numbnuts 5NightsAtFreddys  24Great Rap Tracks, Vol. V riffariffic7  5
Which Metal Vocalist Would You Chill Wit TheSonomaDude  632014 Sputnik Award Winners FourthReich  228
Soundtrack To January 2015 LaKeSRiVeRn  5Favorite New (and Old) Albums Of 2014 LaKeSRiVeRn  2
Favorite Ae Songs To Sing Along To Avagantamos  12Music I Listening D To In High School Slut  34
University Choices ChoccyPhilly  61A Pencil's Favourite Movies MyNameIsPencil  7
Needs More Votes And A Review Ricochet  7Yotimi 2014 Now That I've Heard Every A Featured Yotimi  42
Top 20 Porcupine Tree Songs KingdomOfTyrant  18Top Albums Of 2014 RATM46  12
Personal Favorite Albums 5NightsAtFreddys  4Steam Me Hard demigod!  16
Finding Snow In Arizona BornDeadBuriedAlive  4

Disappointing Films Of 2014 BeneaththeDarkOcean  47Hacked. Minushuman24  38
Blazing Saddles RoyalImperialGuard  15Music Decade Battle TheSpaceMan  50
OutKast Ranked Muisc4Life26  8Ten TheNexus100  42
The Essence Of Everything FevaPowa  440 Albums From 2014 Underflow  6
Recent Jams (sans Bjork And Anubis) JJKeys  8Iron Maiden Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  10
Obscure Prog Discovery M7-8 Friday13th  147Btbam Ranked Betray  28
Thousand Island Boros (+recs) Angelboros  212 Hidden Gems Of 2014 Atari  11
I Made A Mixtape Of The Best Diy Tunes helpoemer420  5I Just Finished Shadow Of The Colossus Muppelope  19
Fresh Start Oneironaut  25Ep Out On Bandcamp JohnTheSavage  3

Desperately Need Recs loveisamixtape  32Classic-era Beatles Ranked StallionMang  14
Cmaitland421's Top 20 Albums Of 2014 cmaitland421  6Caved In And 5d Em Trebor.  10
Potsy 2014: The Really Good But Still No Featured LordePots  109U2 Ranked ksoflas  32
Potsy 2014: The Passable LordePots  46Just Another Favorites Of 2014 Metal Lis YUJOS  11
Most Listened To Bands 2014 Veldin  14Albums Of 2014 Rated tmagistrelli  8
Taking Back Sunday Ranked. earlygrave  11Official Hype Thread treeqt.  58
Is Emmure Finally Good? Ayil  16Anticipated 2015 Releases 2CHAINAL  10
I'm Sorry Artuma  60Best Tech Death Riffs? KevinBaecon  38
2010-2014: Favourites Of The Half-decade stevendah  0Great Rap Tracks, Vol. IV riffariffic7  13

when bae just dont get it Bogs  45Rec Me Electronic Pop Punk geezers1989  10
10,000 Comments TalonsOfFire  21Aok's Top 10 Of 2014 Featured aok  19
How To Get Girls Thuglifethor  65Best Rap Stuff 5NightsAtFreddys  13
Why Is It Cool To Love Swans? yourgodisinferior  56John Coltrane Far! Torontonian  18
2014 Live Sets Yaaa PrewDelisek  110 Best Tool Songs TheSonomaDude  20
30 Songs Of 2014 Featured ChoccyPhilly  16I Hope Spooky Comments On This List ADanceReturns  27
Favorite Black Metal FlyheadMetal  29Bach 2014 Fool bach  15
Ashcrash's 2014 List ashcrash9  4The Best Of 2014 (Please Rec) LowellWolfe  3
2015 Expectations sadchild  13Typical Fangirl Albums DrainedDoom  28
Phloating Through 2014 Phlegm  38Breakingthefragile's 2014 Of Whatever I Featured breakingthefragile  9
Cast Away theacademy  20

Metallica Best to Worst Albums Blakethemusicman123  31Van Halen Best to Worst Albums Blakethemusicman123  5
Klap 4 2014 Featured klap  44Green Day Albums Ranked AtrumCimex  20
Heavy Songs With Light Endings. lardplanet  18And 2015 Beginns ricardohrr  3
Albums I Got For The Holidays: Finale!/s wtferrothorn  8Modern Classics BatmanSixx  36
Norma Jean Album Ranking. earlygrave  7Ride The Lightning Vs. Master Of Puppets KrazyKris  48
Qhqhqhqh wakeupdead  7Opeth Albums Ranked TDBiscuits  13
Rotm: Bands I Saw In 2014 RunOfTheMill  4Deftones Album Ranking earlygrave  36
Playoffs RoyalImperialGuard  110Festive Blues Jams BigPleb  27
Obscure Prog Discovery M6 Friday13th  116My Favorite Hip Hop Albums Of 2014 devontaewest  4
A new song by me! Beardog  1Top Albums With A Circle In The Middle O TheAnimator  21
Which Should I Jam First? TheSonomaDude  21

Aoty 2014 I3loodlax  10Wizards Top 21 In Heavy Music For 2014 Featured Wizard  92
My Humble 2014 Top 10 Essence  5Fiddy Faves Of 'fourteen imsopunk  1
Yak 2014 Featured YakNips  67Potsy 2014: How Not To 2014 LordePots  173
Another Year-end Fave List ProjectFreak  5Top 12 Favorite Albums Of 2014 fleshstorm94  4
2010 - 2014: A Mid-decade Review ibringyoufire  6Winter Recs? btors  18
50 Favorite From 2014 anobsoletevernacular  3Aoty List 2014 KevinGoldfinger  0
10 Biggest Discoveries In 2014 Zantera  8Hip-hop In 2014: Lps aaronrkc  18
Hip-hop In 2014: Eps aaronrkc  1Hip-hop In 2014: Mixtapes aaronrkc  1
Sethdavid's Top Ten Of 2014 sethdavid  1Top 10 Biggest 2014 Disappointments SGGreenman  13
Top 25 Albums Of 2014 JoeMcSatanBalls  4

My Top 20 Albums Of 2014 HarryJL  1More Vinyl demigod!  4
2014's Honorable Mentions BeeRyan  0Metal Lifer's 2014 TheMetalLifer  0
My Top 25 Albums Of 2014 jtswope  0The Sangs 2014 DANcore  3
Get My LP For Free SethEZ  52k14 I Guess climactic  24
The Best Of 2014 In Metal ManintheBox  18New Year Digs RoyalImperialGuard  2
Top 30 Of 2014 SchebbARN  0Got Any Catchy Bands People Should Be Ge Redincineration  16
Jacob's Top 15 Best Albums Of 2014. JacobHuerta  2A Short And Sweet 2014 ILJ  2
Mmxv - The Second Angel Angelboros  13Top 10 Of 2014 BreakerdeGodot  0
My 2014 List KrazyKris  8Saw Rainer Maria live theacademy  10
Great Rap Tracks, Vol. III riffariffic7  1Released My 2nd Lp OldManGramps  15
2014-n-stuff SharkTooth  12Sputnik, Like Noplace Is There Featured VisionsFromTheDarkSide  38
Bryan's Top 10 Album Of 2014 BeeRyan  0Favourites Of 2014 flabbywhale  0
Southern Lights Of 2014 Featured NoiseForZeus  4Cool Albums From 2014 BIaziken  0
Northern Lights Of 2014 NoiseForZeus  02014 - Voivod's Random Best Of Pt. II Voivod  20
I Released My Mod Kman418  212014 - Voivod's Random Best Of Pt. I Featured Voivod  19

Stuff I Didn't Like: 2014 Edition Mister Twister  6Workin On New Years sonictheplumber  21
Rowan's '14 And Happy New Year Featured Rowan5215  74Top 10 Of 2014 According To The Hikingme hikingmetalpunk  6
New Years Eve tresm87  115New Years Recs Deathbeds  4
40 Favorite Albums Of 2014 crankstrap  2The Beatles Ranked BatmanSixx  14
New Year/ New Album AnimalsAsSummit  6Top 20 Beers From 2014 TheManMachine  9
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