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BM FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE OF SPUTNIK! SitruK6 guide to punk grindcorecore 
Vague Electronic Recs for FullOfSounds Pt. 2 Ryus Flug's September 2016 in Music Flugmorph 
Heavy/Hardcore/Sludge Palooza tacos N stuff Jas' Prince Journey Jasdevi087 
2011: Sput Resist macman76 The Future Of Black Music Masochist 
Clearing the air Hep Kat Flint Water Crisis Benefit Comp botb 
1 week sober Storm In A Teacup 3 Quarters -- What's Missing? Willie 

Leads for days Kusangii  0Game Recs pjquinones747  15
I found these death metal bands ExecutiveExecuterexe  2Seeing Brand New tonight Frisbee  9
tech/avant/whatever DM/BM/grind uhh  30favourite Grindcore VVild18  4
Battlefield 1 24gadjet  13Rec me shit Anthemic  10
top 30 Bladee oltnabrick  13Dragonball Xenoverse 2 BlackMalachite  7
All Episodes of Black Mirror Ranked theDisconnect  14

How exactly do i get my ratings wiped? Drifter  17Pencil's Week 8 NFL Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  33
My Favorite 10 Jethro Tull Albums Divaman  8Concept albums w lots of metaphors? ElegantElephant  17
BM FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE OF SPUTNIK! Featured SitruK6  57Some of my favorite album closers CzechyGuy  12
been playing too much overwatch recently Sinternet  39In Case You Weren't Aware bgillesp  8
Dragon Age: Inquisition pjquinones747  25Rob zombie films ranked oweinerwaltini  20
What do your ratings mean? Polyethylene  97primus albums ranked oweinerwaltini  5
Favorite Users elliootsmeuth  70Sufjan Stevens' Albums Ranked CWBrown  19
Dillinger ESC Top 25 Songs StarlessCore  12black sabbath albums ranked oweinerwaltini  22
What are your favorite Modest Mouse songs Swoon420  21Midnight 'bums deadcrown  3
It's been a while TylerLamberg  15Sick Trebor.  25
Tattoos & Piercings of the Sputnik Community Wearingyourmomsface  12shameless self-promotion Hellscythe  7
Essential 2016 Records? Recs Plz Toad  45

Albums with less than 15 ratings SandwichBubble  10Top 30 Horror movies DarkSideOfLucca  80
Moving to Argentina beefshoes  9good thrash v2 Shadowmire  15
Some Pretty Good Death Metal Sevhead G0atC0re  62
yawn HeckToPay  14Favorite long epic songs loulou  46
Top Albums of 2015 soulxstlr  2good thrash Sinternet  60
Arby's got the best of me... AaroN911  23death grips ranked ArizonaIcedOutBoys  12
Phil collins actually > le beatles theacademy  15So many new vinyl DarkSideOfLucca  23
October Bandcamp digs DungeonBoy  3Ramones albums ranked oweinerwaltini  15
Root Canal: Update elliootsmeuth  15Wearing earplugs to a concert SpiritCrusher2  64
Your Fav Primordial Songs? POZERKILLER  8Eminem Ranked Drifter  21
Underrated Riffs lz41  3

guide to punk Featured grindcorecore  51con's band did a thing Conmaniac  50
Aug-Oct 2016: The Whatever Edition wtferrothorn  15Guess The Sub-genre By The Cover ConcubinaryCode  23
1,000 ratings and loose favorite albums list brainmelter  20rec city bitch rec rec city bitch TheMrAlexK  28
have you ever noticed Sinternet  43Favourite Albums Jimmer  0
Band shirts frigyourgenre  17ep/short album recs Pangea  34
What are you gonna Be For Halloween? BallsToTheWall  87Root Canal elliootsmeuth  17
Visited the Satanic Temple in Salem, MA DarkSideOfLucca  23PLANET EARTH 2 deezer666  25
Playlist Sample 10/24 DavidShaw1213  0Favourite Genres? G0atC0re  86
October - Week 3 Dewinged  9Anime of 2016 Part 2 - Spring Aberf  12

I made a podcast! Check it out! list is digs MadMikeLove  10winter album BMDrummer  5
Vague Electronic Recs for FullOfSounds Pt. 2 Featured Ryus  53Arche's crusty NYP van returns Archelirion  15
dope albums Polyethylene  15Songs That Release My Inner Angry White Boy MetalApe  7
500 ratings + recs AsleepInTheBack  11My Favorite Guitarists (And Why) bentheREDfan  8
Completely timeless sonic masterpieces wy2sl0  5Started collecting vinyl Nazzadan  3
Top 10 A Perfect Circle Songs CoreyHaimsGhost  4Top 10 "new" Opeth songs sumyunguy  19
this guy has the worst soundoffs Sinternet  76Feels IlNancy  7
Blenderman's Fall Halloween Jams TheMagicalBlender  81000ratings TheMrAlexK  13
[HQ720] ganzer [TROLLS] Stream Deutsch - Kostenlos marthasiny77  0Metal albums that desperately need more votes! Thalassic  23
R.I.P Steve Dillon DrGonzo1937  0Self-promotion: How does it work? VirtualBlaze  12
Any hardcore bands from my area? random  3found fantano's acct and academy's secret alt Storm In A Teacup  30
Why not kill yourself? theDisconnect  270

The bass guitar 7ColoredFish  49Neurosis in order chipperjones  8
I Remembered My Password Phantom  18Give Me Movies To Watch closed  21
Which should I buy? TVC15  34president of sputnikmusic dot com emailsneverdie  45
(rym) help needed Conmaniac  14Handcuffs BallsToTheWall  55
Top 7 Albums of 2015 cavalrycaptain  0recommend me some electronic music frigyourgenre  20
hey guys come join the forums Sinternet  106Lifting Albums ChoccyPhilly  15
Bump the total ratings to at least a 4!!! Thalassic  31spooky halloween playlist climactic  16
this one's for the birds and the bees AnimalsAsSummit  3Rotten Tomatoes is awful Storm In A Teacup  187
Library Digs MIddle-High School geezers1989  1

Definitive 90's Mario Party Ties Britch2tiger  3My goats pt. 2 batstevens  5
Louis CK's Horace & Pete EyesWideShut  19ArtBox's Art Box Week 7: James Mercer's Artwork ArtBox  0
Anyone playing civilization 6? widowslaugh123  922, A Million Tracks: Ranked YeezyStardust  6
i couldn't think what list i should make today Sinternet  24Early Shift Advice claygurnz  15
Sputnik Election Day pjquinones747  266Flug's September 2016 in Music Featured Flugmorph  38
Mastodon Ranked buttholewasabi  0Internet attacked? brainmelter  22
Black Mirror Season 3 JeetJeet  62I'm bad at sput, help 24gadjet  14
Hardcore/Punk/Grindcore/Powerviolence - Some Jams ScuroFantasma  7Ultimate Sleep Playlist ryu  10
Best Dance Gavin Dance songs? theDisconnect  29Which Review To Finish First? BlackMalachite  34

My Favorite 10 Yes Albums Divaman  25Favorite Live Youtube Performances figure337  13
Underrated Albums on Sputnik GeorgeWBush  21Spotify vs. Apple Music TheMrAlexK  62
i feel bad for corey feldman ArizonaIcedOutBoys  21i wrote a song. check it out! emailsneverdie  14
For my bois, ASepiaReproduction and YeezyStardust MyNameIsPencil  5Furious Blasting Death Metal DeathMetalDungeon  0
Colombian Brutal Death Metal DeathMetalDungeon  2Bands that secretly want to be Linkin Park BlackMalachite  21
calmrose 101 calmrose  8Befriend , battle , feast hal1ax  121
Happy Birthday Snoop Drifter  4i am the best Sinternet  22
Rec me hardcore(ish) Recreate  7Fuckin Neighbors, Man 50iL  53
Which Fandom Is More Cringey? ExecutiveExecuterexe  34Mastodon ranked! Jerryyz  7
The new Nintendo console: The Nintendo Switch VaxXi  60Logan trailer is better than Rogue One trailer DarkSideOfLucca  599
Best Choruses Rowan5215  86Some more albums I've recently Listened To ExecutiveExecuterexe  1
Traditional Metal 2016 OvDeath  4leaving Storm In A Teacup  13

Remakes. BallsToTheWall  26WUT UP SPUIT SKRAM LIFE 2016 TOP 5 ALBUM THIS YEAR witchxrapist  21
Pencil's Week 7 NFL Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  12Toothache elliootsmeuth  19
Rocket League Spec  25Opeth Ranked pjquinones747  18
I have some weird black bar I can copy and paste Featured ExecutiveExecuterexe  19yung lean albums ranked oweinerwaltini  3
Leviathan Ranked buttholewasabi  0Punk rec's DarkSideOfLucca  23
Albums that introduced me to bands and stuff StrikeOfTheBeast  10Dumbest thing you've spent money on? DarkSideOfLucca  84
Acoustic VS Electric AdolfChrist  40Albums that expand the borders of music Mythodea  15
Underappreciated Albums/Artists SteakByrnes  282000's MelodiCore recs? geezers1989  17

Digs Rsetness9  0PSAT Tomorrow elliootsmeuth  102
The Cubs make me sad wham49  67User's 2016 Disappointment List dbizzles  78
psychedelic/transcendent music musicallychallenged  5I'm New and Need Some Recs MrNovember41  28
Heavy/Hardcore/Sludge Palooza Featured tacos N stuff  41Gothenburg Melodeath pjquinones747  59
Mastodon Ranked Recreate  32I've been thinking... Sinternet  45
This death metal album needs to be heard ExecutiveExecuterexe  32The Road to 300 SowingSeason  21
All New Pokemon Leaked BlackMalachite  49Topster 100 yourgodisinferior  10
High School Minnesota  65Destiny: any Platinums out there? theacademy  5
Ulver - the hardest list I've ever made. DarkSideOfLucca  23The Shuffle Game AmericanFlagAsh  27
Albums i need to listen Faenrir  0what's ya favourite games 24gadjet  140
Potleaf420 Potleaf420  53I want MyNameIsPencil's opinions on these albums YeezyStardust  9
Albums for my love to listen to (ASepiaReproduction) YeezyStardust  4A List of Album YeezyStardust Should Listen To ASepiaReproduction  15
Honest opinions random  22clim, dyke, relinq, wiz, acad and rasputin fromtheinside  26
The Sputnik Years: The Uncharted macman76  18

Jas' Prince Journey Featured Jasdevi087  16Digs and Stuff? bgillesp  5
give me recs ArizonaIcedOutBoys  12this is a list Sinternet  30
Opeth Albums Ranked Morningrise767  20Terrible Fanbases FlipTrackz  153
t0p 10 lean hal1ax  22The Dear Hunter Ranked manchildotero  6
77vs87vs94vs07 SEMI FINAL 2 DoofusWainwright  45Die Antwoord Ranked MotoOnSputnik  51
Favorite Japanese bands right now! Momentai  0Got a new Xbox 360 Set Up BlackMalachite  6
Death albums ranked oweinerwaltini  582015: We Sputnik? macman76  25
2014: Sputnik, Like NoPlace Is There macman76  11My friend made a new word ExecutiveExecuterexe  5
Facebook makes me hate people. DarkSideOfLucca  53Does vinyl add to a musical experience? SweeneyTodd  41
Albums I listened to over the last week ExecutiveExecuterexe  8Good Albums with 1-2 votes nukethewhale  12
Favorite Albums TheWalkinDude  6New year staff/contrib question... MercuryToHell  31

Bands/Music about Capitalism, Modernism and Race? ScuroFantasma  51Do You 5 ALL your favorite albums? rabidfish  109
great song, less than great album Polyethylene  47R.I.P. Eyedea elliootsmeuth  6
2013: Sputnik Will Find Me macman76  13Potsy Jams October 2017 Week Twelve and a Half LordePots  63
Hangover!!!!! BallsToTheWall  1Playlist Sample 10/17 DavidShaw1213  2
Recent Jams FullOfSounds  70LISTENER ON HALLOWEEN Stereochrome1  5
Anybody got any recommendations? alexrupert  8Preachy Cunt Demo 2.0... Hep Kat  6
Angry, Angsty, Modern, Hardcore G0atC0re  8Life is boring Royl123  76
road trips with my gf grindcorecore  17

Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time! POZERKILLER  146Favorite 10 Beatles Songs ArsMoriendi  33
Hitting a concert tonight TheGreatQ  82012: Through the Deep, Dark Sputnik macman76  9
The best of Cheese Metal dfevil085  19Living in a conservative bubble Storm In A Teacup  229
Top 10 of 2016 (So Far) Hellscythe  9Audio Tones Storm In A Teacup  15
Albums I've Kissed Your Girlfriend To suppatime  27~Alaskalana~ Album Stream JigglyPDiddy  10
Music like George Clanton? IronGiant  7AOTY Picks (So Far, Two Months to Go) BlackMalachite  29
Halloween Recs oisincoleman64  10Check out My Anarchopunk band... Again eliminatorjunior  38
Thank you, Sputnik! porcupinetheater  352011: Sput Resist Featured macman76  39
Ozzy Osbourne Ranked ScottNerot  8

2010: Sputnik Paralysis macman76  3Die Kreuzen rules FirstStrikeIsDeadly  3
Looking for an album TVC15  19Top 10 Favorite Albums Slowburner  9
My Saxon Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  0Slipknot Albums Ranked TheClansman95  10
Metalcore? pjquinones747  24Melodic Metalcore is Dead Alias  65
Ooky Spooky Halloween Jams FruityCatOfDoom  14Who's Gonna Win the Super Bowl? pjquinones747  288
Dance Gavin Dance Ranked SmallLuigiBigHeart  5Four New Black Malachite EPs BlackMalachite  129
Best 3 consecutive weeks in music ever DarkSideOfLucca  22Eight 5/5 songs by Sybreed KevinKC  2
ArtBox's Art Box Week 6: Ranking Beastwars' Artwork ArtBox  4

needing recs Gleam  14Best of Fit For a King logicisirrelevant  5
top 50 grouper and mogwai YakNips  11Jom's top 10 albums of 2016 Tyler.  16
Seven years on Sputnik TheSpirit  19Midterm Jamz theNateman  5
Seeing Jimmy Eat World tonight CrazyDiamond7  7Name the most bombastic albums ever maxer  42
o hIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii o onionbubs  72bitching time (HELP ME) SweeneyTodd  30
New Office Job - Sputnik Not Blocked pjquinones747  11recent digs ArizonaIcedOutBoys  0
Birthday Jamz evilford  23My Emerson Lake and Palmer Albums List BAD to GOOD CaliggyJack  8
Best Albums of 2016 pepa  132 Year Sputversary Sinternet  45
Dual/Dueling Vocalists/Vocals G0atC0re  24favourite Hardcore/Punk/PV Part.2 VVild18  2
Pencil's Week 6 NFL Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  19To the lost DarkSideOfLucca  24

Deftones Ranked buttholewasabi  0im with her theacademy  73
Wish List scooper34  1Vinyl Grabs: 10/12/16 Atari  4
Godzilla Films Ranked Sevengill  7My Converge Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  33
New Dillinger Has Leaked DillingerSucksPoop  56Sput Hockey Fantasy Spec  44
Latest Vinyl Purchases WellFedWhiteMale  0Top 15 Favorite Bands sempiturtle  11
Favorite Sounding Metal Records (Not In Any Sort of Order) Stereochrome1  30New Casey White Album TVC15  17
New Dangers is streaming StarlessCore  10Consistently Good Bands G0atC0re  38
2016 Besties ThyCrossAwaits  15

The Future Of Black Music Featured Masochist  94ABC's of Metalcore elliootsmeuth  23
Finally finished my acoustic EP figure337  52009: Hymn to the Immortal Sputnik macman76  9
DGD Ranking/ open discussion AdoreSwancore  24200K Scrobbles + Vinyl Collection cb123  12
A man walks into a zoo demigod!  19Music file quality? Polyethylene  27
2016-17 NHL season Artuma  49Slashs September 2016 Hurricanslash  2
Recent Jams YourStarryEyes  1HELP TRYING TO FIND BAND BeyondCosby  3
rec me live albums ArizonaIcedOutBoys  13All BioShock Games + DLC Ranked TheMagicalBlender  34
Jews win. DarkSideOfLucca  32It's fucking halloween kingdedethefifth  5
10 albums for 2011 zundza  415 albums for 2012 zundza  2
10 albums for 2013 zundza  210 albums for 2014 zundza  0
10 albums for 2015 zundza  0User Birthday Albums DoofusWainwright  153
RIP The Dillinger ESC Plan StarlessCore  36Rec me fuzz bigboss00  6
The Nice Things List cryptologous  28Recommend Me Some Synthpop BrandonLanders  12
Need to listen MusicNoobie  5Why Do I Like So Much Christian Music?? G0atC0re  55
Clearing the air Featured Hep Kat  196

My Favortite Kanye West Tracks ONEPUNCHMAN  52008: The Way of All Sputnik macman76  16
Poop eatdirtfartdust12  16 Tyler.  0
I'm sick give me recs pls twwerkcity  8Reasons why I'm broke ScuroFantasma  29
Best renditions of classical pieces TVC15  32How's it Going? [2] SoccerRiot  34
Sputnik Self Improvement Thread ArsMoriendi  214ambiguity alienobserver  6
My Band Is Playing This Rad Show Friday Stereochrome1  3Music For You 5 (+ 1-4 Mega Pack) VaxXi  19
Death til' death StrikeOfTheBeast  26ISideWith Politics (Six Months Later) BlackMalachite  174
Top 10 Meshuggah Songs CalculatingInfinity  12fav md5  5
New Albums Rated StarlessCore  12My Favourite Albums of the 90s BewareOfDarkness  3
Users I'd Fight In Battle With BallsToTheWall  26Bands Who Are Highly Regarded That I Do Not Like. CaliggyJack  17
Death Ranked buttholewasabi  22Flint Water Crisis Benefit Comp Featured botb  18
I met Casey Crescenzo hesperus  11NFL BLITZ! random  7
Top 10 Meshuggah Songs BigPleb  33Ford's meshuggah ranking evilford  24
The Biggest Douche Bag Musicians Of All Time! POZERKILLER  63

That debate though DarkSideOfLucca  460Bathory Ranked buttholewasabi  7
2007: For Sputnik, Forever Ago macman76  16Dillinger's Dissasociation needs to come out now DarkSideOfLucca  9
Favourite Souls/Bloodborne fights johnnydeking29  24Start-Up for Electronic Producer wtferrothorn  14
Attention Mods/Bad Albums Minnesota  64Trampoline Dodgeball BallsToTheWall  9
attention! Conmaniac  31Birthday Pickups Drifter  5
Pop Punk Battle Royale 2016 Middle18  32Little Ditty I made Ebola  6
ever fall asleep listening to an album onionbubs  44Wentzylvania, son Hep Kat  8
Viking/Pagan metal: An Introduction Alastor  201000 ratings/loose fav albums list Mort.  27
Underappreciated digs twwerkcity  111 week sober Featured Storm In A Teacup  117
Unsung Culinary Heroes porcupinetheater  28S.O.A.D. ranked from "least favorite to favorite" Aromero98  0
Anyone else have crazy writer's block? Crymsonblaze  8

good albums with cool covers adr  35Hurricane Matthew Review BallsToTheWall  14
lil wayne Ranked oltnabrick  55Une liste pour une Amie TheBarber  0
Dubtrack vs Plug (Poll) oisincoleman64  40Lost the roof of my car port StrikeOfTheBeast  31
Halo 3 soundtrack Storm In A Teacup  312006: The Devil and Sputnik are Raging Inside Me macman76  22
50 Most Listened To Albums, According To 2 I00GrandCanyon  7My Favourite Albums of the 80s BewareOfDarkness  5
ryus: top 20 Ryus  34The Planets Ranked Divaman  15
ArtBox's Art Box: Ranking SOAD's Artwork ArtBox  5The Continents Ranked Divaman  12
Pop Rock(s) BlackMalachite  30The Oceans Ranked Divaman  22

The Ocean Ranked Sevengill  24Meshuggah Ranked Hawks  58
Cool 2016 Stuff Under 20 Votes ashcrash9  24THE ULTIMATE RANKING OF COLDPLAY ALBUMS Kompys2000  6
Top 20 Nujabes Songs Muisc4Life26  7It all started with a Pimp C beat... Hep Kat  34
My Girlfriend of 3 Years And I Broke Up oWhoadYo  2542005: From Mars to Sputnik macman76  11
This Album needs to be heard ExecutiveExecuterexe  16The Dear Hunter Color Spectrum... AaroN911  10
Favorite Albums Lyrically elliootsmeuth  23Albums of 2016 ranked NateMa  0
They Want Me Gone, But It Ain't Gonna Happen AdolfChrist  142Top 25 Favorite Bands of All Time BlackMalachite  22
October 7th Pick Ups FlipTrackz  4Alexisonfire - Definitive Discography Ranking GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  36
The Dear Hunter Ranked Drifter  4The Song that got me into Metal ExecutiveExecuterexe  16
May 2016 résumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  2Another Meshuggah Ranked List KingdomOfTyrant  6
Friday The 13th Ranked Brabiz  10

Finally Got Employed random  572004: Back to Times of Sputnik macman76  20
bossa nova, samba and more: My favorites rabidfish  8It's that time of year again... MistaCrave  8
Mastodon Ranked Kompys2000  39My Favorite Bassists MetalApe  28
Let's Draw! Sputnikmusic | October 2016 SandwichBubble  30Headphones test CusmanX1  0
50 Favorite Songs AmericanFlagAsh  223 Quarters -- What's Missing? Featured Willie  35
Songs of Dust, Murder and Despair ZippaThaRippa  9Is Blink-182 the best band ever? oisincoleman64  50
Provisions BallsToTheWall  21Break-Up Albums Tb1114  10
Meshuggah Ranked DarkSideOfLucca  65Top 10 Punk & Post Punk Albums artyzmu  19
79vs91vs98vs10 SEMI FINAL DoofusWainwright  79First 3/4 of 2016 Thor  3
Sputnik Census:Top 10 Best Albums of 2016 thus far Wearingyourmomsface  30Hurricane Matthew StrikeOfTheBeast  7
Songs which brought me to metal Agonba  5A sick day UpwardSpiral  13
Should I be on meds? eliminatorjunior  41Pencil's Week 5 NFL Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  54
My Ultimate Bucks Night Guest List ryu  2

Timeless Songs (to me) mindleviticus  13Hurricane Matthew BallsToTheWall  57
Cubs Indians World Series 2016 Storm In A Teacup  474Albums That Need More Attention elliootsmeuth  18
Seventeen Hunnid yourgodisinferior  5gimme dat future bass Conmaniac  6
Best / Worst Sputnik Quotes of 2016 (Index) BlackMalachite  174Alphabet Soup brokencycle  3
Grind cableguy  22A life Full of Music SweetestPerfection  4
Violent Sleep of Reason leaked DarkSideOfLucca  25My Favorite Drummers MetalApe  23
POLL: How Does Sputnik Spend Time? Toad  57Seeing the Dear Hunter Tonight thecheatisnotdead  11
2003: The Return of the Sputnik Featured macman76  392016's Second and Third Quarters Archelirion  17
I Hate Censored Versions of Songs ExecutiveExecuterexe  39Potential 5's nukethewhale  6
The Dear Hunter - All Reprises/Callbacks JaySpiral  17Every Time I Die Ranked 0GuyMan0  11
Future's Discography Ranked BrandonLanders  72016 in Concerts xanderdake  0

RSIBLT FlipTrackz  2Why isn't this band more popular kingdedethefifth  49
Horror/Unsettling Recs Fossegrim  36GET SHREKT: Good Liquor Shrektacular  12
Q3 is Pretty Nifty Featured wtferrothorn  24Top 25 Favourite Albums Of 2016 (So Far) thomasdavidge  5
I Want to Write A review Sevengill  14Recent Additions To My Vinyl Collection Stereochrome1  12
MUSIC 4 U 4 LotusFlower  22Metalcore Bands That Don't Like Water Spec  28
My bands new EP widowslaugh123  1U, my family, are all mets fans now theacademy  62
My Top 10 Tool Songs MetalApe  1Good Death Metal that needs more love Featured evilford  90
All Time Favourite Albums LorenzoDeAngeli  0The volume I usually have my headphones/earbuds at ExecutiveExecuterexe  25
Offend Me Sevengill  109Celtic Black Metal BallsToTheWall  13
Top 10 Pop Albums artyzmu  12Collected Albums Xerian  0
Missing Albums Xerian  5electronic shit u should check dudes Sinternet  34
Sputnik Demographics: Locale Wearingyourmomsface  58My Top 10 Live Albums FloydZepp4ever  9
Christmas Cake CrazyDiamond7  8My Personal Favorite Albums of 2016 lumucc  10
My Personal Favorite Albums of 2015 lumucc  13Beware: Pointless Genre War Within G0atC0re  37

My Favorite Metal Vocalists MetalApe  11Westworld Riviere  22
teach me black metal YungEarnYourStripes  412002: The Sputnik Years Featured macman76  29
Rate my 5s Kusangii  21Local Love elliootsmeuth  3
Rec me grey desolation TVC15  10Friday: GD v Sum 41 claygurnz  14
Greg's Q3 of 2016 greg84  2Indie Pop/Folk/Rock Drifter  2
10 Death Metal Albums That I'm Trying To Get ExecutiveExecuterexe  5My 2016 album ranking for now cor22222  14
Top 10 Simpsons pinniped  30Favorite Swedish Metal Bands Stereochrome1  17
Rec me some Linx  13New Album Listens Ranked StarlessCore  7
Rec me some death metal ExecutiveExecuterexe  45Top 10 Rock Albums artyzmu  6
2016 3/4 Featured RadicalEd  38Jas' INEXCUSABLY Modest 3rd 1/4 of 2016 Jasdevi087  17
Rowan's Playlists Rowan5215  53Mac & Luke's Essential Albums koazey  1

New Potsy Album Slash Shit I Herd Recently LordePots  182my moms dog fucking loves fleetwood mac theacademy  18
2002's Objectively Best Albums Storm In A Teacup  372016 Q3 Ranked Featured YetAnotherBrick  25
fuck why is there so much music, no fair rabidfish  11Most underrated user on this site Tyler.  30
Vague Electronic Recs for FullOfSounds Featured LordePots  79Most overused line? oisincoleman64  48
Playlist Sample 10/3 DavidShaw1213  0How can I make my music sound... good? ApistatCommander  9
MLB Wild Card Picture calmrose  72016 Albums Ranked ShuteTheRunner  14
My top 25 albums Lassi1243  33Tesla's Recent Vinyl Buys Tesla  0

Check 'n' Rec Polyethylene  36DMT beings shamanicphysics  10
Electric Drum Sets theNateman  15The 30th Was Crazy FullOfSounds  27
Comedy recs? BullettoBinary2  17shoes Ryus  81
reviews? wham49  8October/Halloween Albums Stereochrome1  22
Got fired Boyproblems  393 Years of Garbage emester  7
September 2016 résumé UniqueUniverse  0Pop Recs Drifter  9
A Sputnik Encounter 3: Ménage à trois Maniac!  20ArtBox's Art Box: Ranking AiC's Album Artwork ArtBox  11
Possibly maybe AotY 2016 PolarTheQueen  210 minute classic album Storm In A Teacup  12
hi i'm new nursetorture  18Doof's Top 100 Albums (UPDATE) DoofusWainwright  48
Hurricane Matthew Dylan620  20Most Musically Ignorant Thing anyone ever said. POZERKILLER  172
things i've listened to as of late ArizonaIcedOutBoys  2Anime of 2016 part 1 - Winter Aberf  26

Scuro's 3/4 2016 ScuroFantasma  9Overlooked 2016 Gems Ebola  4
Top 10 Albums of September 2016 BradleyLayne  23rd Quarter 2016 was fucking awesome brettgoespunk  12
bets on US election? Typhoon24  35Three Days Grace Ranked Shamus248  8
Hip Hop/Jazz claygurnz  21rec me new wave smaugman  23
DGD Mothership Discussion Thread TheSpirit  22Rec name-your-price Bandcamp albums johnnydeking29  25
Donald J. Trump: The New Eminem someguest  59Microsoft Groove Sucks Shit MikeHockertz  16
Atlanta Live Q3 2016 hesperus  4Doesn't That Hurt Your Throat? ExecutiveExecuterexe  17
A Strangely Balanced Year BallsToTheWall  10The Final Yellowcard Ranked tmagistrelli  9
October Concerts Recreate  11Clown Threat YourStarryEyes  21
If being born was a choice Pajolero  36Birth is a part of life porcupinetheater  20
73vs74vs75vs76vs77 (+recs) DoofusWainwright  72Rec Me Breakup Albums GreyShadow  44
September Jams BlackMalachite  7Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton POZERKILLER  19
Occult Books Spec  20Alpha Male List. shamanicphysics  160
My Birthday Drifter  17

Threats to Autonomy in Our Society shamanicphysics  28Boobs or Butt? BlackMalachite  305
Albums for cool, rainy fall days someguest  22Horror Movies BallsToTheWall  89
First list on sputnik Featured gontyna  40Mothership Leaked erizen826  20
Is anyone here excited for LOL WCS? twwerkcity  18Ranking The SoulsBorne Franchise emester  31
Top 10 Albums of September 2016 BrandonLanders  6Lesser Known Digs ellagos  13
What Did I Miss? BeyondCosby  12Deathgrind? G0atC0re  20
Pencil's Week 4 NFL Pick 'ems MyNameIsPencil  111

Watching Films MarsKid  89Favorite Albums Pitpat  15
NBA Season '16-'17 Storm In A Teacup  208bands Featured oltnabrick  58
JAZZ FAVS. charlesdivision  5im dying alienobserver  22
Plan to Listen yellowist1001  9Birthday Money Acquisitions elliootsmeuth  9
Fries in frosties or nah? SnakeDelilah  50Sumimasen, rec me J-Pop timebetweentrains  16
what invention are you waiting for? Typhoon24  73

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