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Best Albums of 2016 DavidShaw1213 Music For Your Consideration - 1 VaxXi 
Share Some Singles! wtferrothorn A Boney 2016 theBoneyKing 
A Terrible Tragedy porcupinetheater JWTs Tracks: 2016 Edition JWT155 
Sounds' Top 50 of 2016 FullOfSounds Top 30 Metal Albums of 2016 ManintheBox 
Sputnik Users Yearbook 2017 Edition TVC15 Round's Favorite 101 Albums Of 2016 RoundOnEndHiInMiddle 
Jac's Top 40 of 2016 Jacquibim Ferro's Faves: Albums 2k16 wtferrothorn 

New Japandroids Album Stream dreamgazing  2The Haunted albums ranked karagiannis1908  2
Sowing's Championship Picks SowingSeason  26DENTIST APPOINTMENT! random  5

Flaming Lips Albums Ranked Kompys2000  8Anyone See City of Caterpillar Yet? eliminatorjunior  0
Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult TVC15  5Metallica - Ranked tellah  4
Sleepin' music GeorgeWBush  10Top 30 Favorite Musical Artists/Groups porkchoppal195  0
7 Riffariffic Music Videos riffariffic7  0Best shit 2017 edition Maco097  4
Converge Albums, Ranked letlovereignsupreme  8DJ'ing sister's wedding, help me find songs! VirtualBlaze  26
Top 3 Worst Albums of 2016 Ghost22446  16Desktops OvDeath  22
How's life? random  43Please shoot me Divaman  45
500 Ratings Drifter  19Top 10 Albums (as of January 2017) xanderdake  1

Christopher Nolan Ranked neekafat  105Beer Me dmp3131  68
Birthday pickups CaimanJesus  2trying to get my friends into metal oh god help me ianblxdsoe  60
Finals week study music recs rabidfish  9Musical Ink TheEnigma  28
Recent Death Metal Listens ExecutiveExecuterexe  0Best Albums of 2016 Featured DavidShaw1213  3
A List of Unfortunate Events BeyondCosby  29Black Metal Recs Spec  42
DJ Khaled Album Titles Ranked Trebor.  11MLK Day (Belated) Shamus248  5
Metal with Male & Female Vocals? MotherFucker  37Podcasts guitarded_chuck  27
Rec SputnikMan Math Rock... SputnikMan  23Pokemon Diamond / Pearl Remakes BlackMalachite  46
Most anticipated games of 2017 talktothehead  107Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link Feather  21
Music and Sanity TheEnigma  39

Regular Show calmrose  46Hardcore Whore AdolfChrist  34
Pandora Radio ZippaThaRippa  13Ricky Steamboat BallsToTheWall  11
eMo AsS SHIT i'm going to ianblxdsoe  132016: A Year In Concerts engleprunt  0
I want to be a college radio DJ [2] Dylan620  13deftones ranked Cimnele  8
Music I've Recently Got Into Brandon  1My Guitar Albums (First to most recent) CWBrown  8
Obscure 5s runaways  18The Guest. bentheREDfan  6
Movie Tournament - Round 9 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  28Rec me good albums that don't have reviews Owens54  26
My 649th rating. kingdedethefifth  11

Gs3k's Top 60 Albums Of 2016 GrandpaSeth3000  0Playlist Sample 1/16 DavidShaw1213  0
Hilariously bad hip hop lyrics TVC15  97vinyl (& CD) pickups ive made in the past monthish ianblxdsoe  1
Ocean's Favourite Songs Ocean of Noise  152 Close to the Edge bgillesp  4
Album Review Wishlist 2017 evilmangoes  9maleable musical analogy game Storm In A Teacup  6
The 10 best albums of 1996 Xurxo  8Viny Grabs: 01/15/17 Atari  7
Bands whose whole discographies I will listen to BookoftheFallen  38When do the 2017 charts go up? Rigma  12
New Job TheSpirit  12big daddy still loves eisley theacademy  6
9 fav emo albums (kinda in order) ianblxdsoe  36Sputnik: The Video Game (Suggestions) BlackMalachite  117
Road Head BallsToTheWall  21Music Banned By The Soviet Union In 1985 americanohno  25
man treeqt.  31im a coward bach  26
Dream Bowie setlist Rowan5215  20Grammy Nominees for Album of the Year Samalone  32

2017 Metal Hawks  12New Dzö-nga EP Sevengill  20
ESSENTIAL 2017 SUMMER BANGERZ bbgames  4Musical Stories dfevil085  4
Albums That Are Following Me WellDressedBalloon  8Sheogorath, found in real life Storm In A Teacup  7
What Should I Review? Conmaniac  22hey guys i found a really cool band Sinternet  22
Sweet Chili Doritos And Chill BallsToTheWall  6Music For Your Consideration - 1 Featured VaxXi  48
Albums I've Been Missing Lately xLiamStrongx  3Pre-Ordered the Nintendo Switch... Xenophanes  74
Strictly Beats FullOfSounds  7Movie Tournament - Round 8 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  27
Doof Gym/Running Most Played Songs DoofusWainwright  21Someone discovered Jesus eatdirtfartdust12  7
Charbyno's Top 5 Albums of 2016 charbyno  4

Young Man Listens to Music... americanohno  1Added and reviewed a really cool prog "friendband" deadcrown  5
Re he heally pbateman  8Share Some Singles! Featured wtferrothorn  76
Need Cuntry Recs BlackMalachite  5910 "Teenage" Albums cheapcrayon  2
Disturbed Ranked Ikarus14  6Psycho Baby TheEnigma  19
AOTY 2017 Predictions MotherFucker  20check my horrible acoustic EP kascetcadettt  13
Summer Jams Jankus  1A Boney 2016 Featured theBoneyKing  57
Electronic Recs Thealwaysopenedmind  17top 7 fav hip hop albums ianblxdsoe  10
Short Stuff (Personal Use) bgillesp  4Best Album Art 2016 Alastor  25
In Noise We Trust 2017 CoreLeone85  3Nintendo Switch Press Conference AmericanFlagAsh  118
Study Jams ScuroFantasma  30Linkin Park Ranked Ikarus14  14

Rec me downtempo, trip-hop, generally chill stuff GeorgeWBush  17Rec Me Short Stuff bgillesp  29
A Very Late, Half Assed* Sputiversary elliootsmeuth  382017 Movies I'm Psyched For Divaman  35
here's an MX-80 Sound compilation Cimnele  4TOAD HIATUS HURRAH! Toad  27
Yuppie Panic and Favourites theNateman  5Tacos > Pizza PizzaSauceAssCream  31
JoJo's bizarre playlist Vol. 1 MrSirLordGentleman  7Shameless Self-Promotion PitchforkArms  0
GAD bentheREDfan  19Metallica Playlist... /m/ /m/ karagiannis1908  10
Doof 101 Most Played Albums DoofusWainwright  113My favourite album each year for the last 30 years Rodstar  22
Recent Jams 1/12 FlipTrackz  1

RIP San Diego Chargers SPRFanOf5H  79My Favorite 10 Joni Mitchell Songs Divaman  13
LISTEN TO BLACK KRAY DJNVLL  19Loss of Motivation TheMrAlexK  23
Top 25 Albums Of 2016 Sunnyvale  9A Terrible Tragedy Featured porcupinetheater  90
Say10 Hype Thread Tunaboy45  49Mix4Mandy gnarwhalsam  1
Movie Tournament - Round 7 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  40Who's Been To Their 10 Year Reunion? BallsToTheWall  30
took 4 years to get 1000 ratings frigyourgenre  7Albums I plan on listening to in the next few days Owens54  16
My Ten Favorite Albums of 2016 Monstar1790  1Sput's Favorite Pizza DinosaurJones  301
A7X: A Mildly Controversial Ranking neekafat  3320 from '16 TheEnigma  18

January week 1 pickups Hellscythe  7Albums That Need a Press to Vinyl elliootsmeuth  19
2016 covenspeak  1ive been having a horrible tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime onionbubs  406
Favourite 25 albums as of my life disintegrating Winesburgohio  7Obsolete Incarnation New Album ExecutiveExecuterexe  3
Top 3 fav artists from your country owen  2715 fav albums ever as of right now ianblxdsoe  15
JWTs Tracks: 2016 Edition Featured JWT155  11Sowing's Divisional Picks SowingSeason  389
Made An Album :] pizzamachine  3catholic/religious aesthetics alienobserver  40
Do you guys know how to... TVC15  34My LPs 2 YeezyStardust  17
V A P O R W A V E Kompys2000  21writing an essay, need heavy shit to stay awake ianblxdsoe  33
I'm Coming for You Kid AdolfChrist  19

Electronic Recs dfevil085  13Rec Me All the Hippity-Hops neekafat  62
Sounds' Top 50 of 2016 Featured FullOfSounds  67Avenged Sevenfold Ranked Ikarus14  10
January '17 digz SwanSoup  5My Favorite 10 Paramore Songs Divaman  9
Top 30 Metal Albums of 2016 Featured ManintheBox  28This like best song rignt now Sinternet  17
Iron Maiden albums ranked karagiannis1908  11Top 25 of 2016 SchebbARN  4
Metallica Ranked Ikarus14  19Movie Tournament - Round 6 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  73
Playlist Sample 1/9 DavidShaw1213  1Dream Theater albums ranked karagiannis1908  20
I'm out LambsBread  752017 releases shoutbocks Cimnele  7

Back to school jams TVC15  15hi there SnakeDelilah  19
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited SONGS RANKED KabalUT  7Kiss - Destroyer SONGS RANKED KabalUT  2
The Beatles - Revolver SONGS RANKED KabalUT  3A Poll of SNIDEfluences BlackMalachite  54
Ex GF Won't Stop Messaging Me like gtfo 50iL  142Top 30 metal/rock albums of 2016 MathMetal09  2
Iced Earth albums ranked karagiannis1908  4Music and Partners TheEnigma  97
Read My Screenplay kascetcadettt  16my kanye ranked ianblxdsoe  7
Testament Album Ranking cor22222  42K17 Overkill Album Ranking cor22222  0
Electronic recs please (nominee for bland title award 2017) Archelirion  31New Track Up ButteryBiscuitBass  8
Boney's Back! / What Did I Miss? theBoneyKing  192016 favorites kx8  0
Top Albums of 2016 soulxstlr  1

Tell Me What to Play On the Jukebox AdolfChrist  31Top 50 Albums of 2016 BradleyLayne  2
Got a Promotion Dinosaur  15Best Albums PG2001  0
My 2016 list portableheadd  0Most Anticipated Albums of 2017 Divaman  11
December 2016 Soundtrack ticklemeemo  0Nas - Ranked tellah  26
Pizza With Hot Sauce BallsToTheWall  28Wild Card Weekend SPRFanOf5H  88
Most overrated albums 2016 Mordaunt  13noise adjacent 2k16/17 thiswastheyear  13
first snow Ryus  14CONTEST: REC TOAD ♫ 4 PRIZE! / 4000 COMMENTS Toad  55
recommend me sad/emo shit ianblxdsoe  262Alex16 TheMrAlexK  17
Sputnik Users Yearbook 2017 Edition Featured TVC15  439Rec me boring, mid-tempo, unoffensive rock music Eons  27

the wonder years ####RANKED DEADASS B 😂👌 ianblxdsoe  4old songs I wrote thiswastheyear  7
Favorite Albums Revised Saturnica  1Rec Me Feel Good Pop Music oisincoleman64  34
RIP Tilikum Jasdevi087  9Round's Favorite 101 Albums Of 2016 Featured RoundOnEndHiInMiddle  11
Doing Some Digging. BallsToTheWall  1Biggest Disappointment of 2016 Beauville88  6
Top 20 of 2016 Beauville88  0Disciple Ranked bentheREDfan  3
Hello :) xXSuicideKittyXx  130ALA#2 TVC15  42
Bgillesp's 2016 Metal Necessities bgillesp  6TASTE MY TASTE DinosaurJones  22
Millicent Waffles is Over AnimalsAsSummit  3ABBA albums ranked TheUnmoored  7
my dillinger escape plan ranked ianblxdsoe  14Movie Tournament - Round 5 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  53
My Favorite 10 Eurythmics Songs Divaman  19

top 15 touche amore songs ianblxdsoe  7Live Albums BreakerdeGodot  17
Pure Noise Records: Who to Watch Out For xLiamStrongx  3Turnover has finished recording their third album rufinthefury  9
InVogue Records: The Best of Currently xLiamStrongx  1Top 25 Albums 2016 AlexTM510  2
Royal Blood: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  20My First List WhatKeepsMeHere  8
My top 10 of 2016 IceDoesntHelp  18Amazing 1 euro pick ups maxer  6
Assassin's Creed pizzamachine  6Albums/Artists I "discovered" in 2016 McMegaMountain  11
I Am Not the Mod of This List Toad  158New Black Malachite EP Stream! BlackMalachite  46
Sowing's Wildcard Picks SowingSeason  153Out of normal music kingdedethefifth  21
My Dog Just Died FourthReich  78i can show you the ways of the Force!! YetAnotherBrick  16
Two Years dmp3131  17

Avenged Sevenfold Ranked Brabiz  27Jac's Top 40 of 2016 Featured Jacquibim  32
Covered in covers Kompys2000  2Need Isolation-Type Recs TheCharmingMan  1
A Dinosaur(Jones)'s Vinyl Collection DinosaurJones  9Electronic indie folk albums GeorgeWBush  7
Never Misclick FullOfSounds  48My new EP is on bandcamp! deadcrown  11
New Ra in 2017! pizzamachine  16Need help finding some albums TVC15  9
Sab's cute 2016 list Sabrutin  4Albums I bought for X-mas/New Years Eve rockandmetaljunkie  15
Rec me 2016-2017 Shit SharkTooth  7My vinyl collection after 2 years Couteau  1
Christmas Acquisitions elliootsmeuth  5My 5's Brandon  4
My Favorite 60's Rock Albums protokute  5Lost earbud depression TheMrAlexK  11
Movie Tournament - Round 4 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  58Gimme Dadrock: 200 Greatest Albums of the 1970s BlaireCoucher  12
Colossal 2016 Mixtape dimsim3478  3Best 2016 Concerts NJeroen  3
Best 2016 Albums NJeroen  3Digs and Jamz - Assorted ScuroFantasma  5
Merch logicisirrelevant  5Gucci Mane in 2016 joshrhodes  1
Seven's 10 Faves of 2016 Sevengill  32

01.03 - join the party Drpibb  7Generic Year End List: Who Gives A Fuck Edition Danred97  17
my remaining vinyl thiswastheyear  6 Tyler.  203
Got a USB Mic sixdegrees  192 Years, 2000 Comments, 500 Ratings Ebola  8
gotta get something off my chest... SteveOffProbation  7Snide's Best Users of 2016 List BlackMalachite  37
Best of 2016: Shit Taste Edition MonotoneMop  0Our Debut Multi-Genre Album oisincoleman64  16
Artists I got into prior to 2016 GeorgeWBush  7Current Iron Maiden Era Ranked. Ikarus14  2
Artists I got into in 2016 GeorgeWBush  9good shit ArizonaIcedOutBoys  0
Ashcrash's 2016 List ashcrash9  13not okay Cygnatti  44
Rec me japanese shoegaze/shoegaze inspired bands Astronewt  22Vinyl Collection HarmonizedDeath  3
Who got PS4 claygurnz  362017 Predictions WellDressedBalloon  1
Shit i bought in the last two months or so m/m/m/ Sinternet  37Top 10 Pop Albums of 2117 BallsToTheWall  7
My Top 15 Albums of 2016 tom79  077vs16 BONUS EDITION DoofusWainwright  52
I'm Going To EDUCATE Myself: americanohno  30Most anticipated 2017 releases owen  9
Sach and Futures Get Hitched AdolfChrist  441Bands i saw 2016 Agonba  14
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared TVC15  28The Use of Lyrical Repetition tacos N stuff  65
The Search For The Worst: Week 4 ConcubinaryCode  23

Official Best Sputnik Users List // 1000 Toads Toad  139V. productive record store experience Ignimbrite  11
Big pop recs? nolerthebowler  13Help me choose a band name yourgodisinferior  195
Ferro's Faves: Albums 2k16 Featured wtferrothorn  35Vinyl I picked up in 2016 Pherin  0
The State of Sputnik BlackMalachite  1042Movie Tournament - Round 3 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  46
Hip-Hop is Dead yourgodisinferior  54The Dear Hunter Acts I-V: All Songs Ranked sempiturtle  21
Exile on Main St. SONGS RANKED KabalUT  2Real Quick List Of The Songs I Listened To While D americanohno  0
Antal's Top 25 of 2016 AntalWS  1Rec Me An Album You'd Think I'd Like AmericanFlagAsh  18
Steve Smith Retires BallsToTheWall  14New arrivals Rastapunk  12
Melodic Black Metal: A Starter's Guide Illoomorpheme  9Songs From 2016 I Liked dmp3131  5
Top 50 Worst Albums of 2016 BradleyLayne  6Cool Bands I Found in 2016 rocktheboat  0
Deschutes' Top 10 Metal Albums of 2016 Deschutes  11

USER AWARDS 2016 WINNERS GET YOUR ACCOLADES HERE Featured Sinternet  276Gimme Dadrock: 200 Greatest Albums of the 1970's BlaireCoucher  13
Recommend Me Something Experimental Idolatrous  732017 Musical Expectations MarsKid  13
Top 10 Albums of 2016 cheapcrayon  3Jas' 2016 and holy shit thank god that's over Jasdevi087  13
MercuryToHell has a new single MercuryToHell  9Favorite Albums of 2016 loulou  2
My New Album "A Seraphia Entwined" Out Now AnimalsAsSummit  3six degrees of 2016 sixdegrees  18
EP's of the year 2016 SwanSoup  2Flug's fav sangs of 2k16 Featured Flugmorph  51
Looking Ahead: A Maniacal Journey Maniac!  26Flug's December 2016 in Music Flugmorph  4
Best of 2017 AdolfChrist  23December 2016 resumé UniqueUniverse  3
2Con16 Featured Conmaniac  141CDs I got for Christmas Divaman  9
2016 Best of Japanise Metal Fan fanta  0nevertoolate's most sublime albums of 2016 nevertoolate  13
Albums In Need of a Review (2017 Edition) DoofusWainwright  5616 Favorites from 2016 TheSupernatural  3
The Best Albums of 2016 Bardinova  3Bye '16, January 2017 releases Dewinged  42
My 5 Favourite Album Covers of All Time KabalUT  3Thankfully no more "16" lists wham49  9
100 Greatest Albums of the 1960's BlaireCoucher  15Snidecore (A New Track!) BlackMalachite  63

my favorite band this year TenSecondsToThink  7My 2016 Soundtrack ExtinguishingTheSun  1
My Vinyl Collection 4.0 MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  1Top 10 Albums of 2016 ambiance762  0
GoM's top ten 2016 and a buncha other good stuff Gameofmetal  8Omik's Best of 2016 omik1116  0
Czeched II: New Year's Tang Angelboros  7Favorite albums of 2016 mayesaman2  0
Obligatory Best of 2016 List TVC15  44Favorite rock/metal albums of 2016 rhinocerosmilk  2
REC ME 1 DOOM/GOTH M/ album americanohno  52016: The Few Albums I Heard neekafat  11
MMXVI batstevens  0Top 50 Albums of 2016 Brandon  4
My Top 30 albums of 2016 Rodstar  02016 Favorites someguest  6
Sage Tellah's 2016 tellah  0Evokaphile's 2016 AOTYs Evokaphile  0
Top 12 Albums of 2016 (again lolz) ianblxdsoe  3Albums Of The Year (2016) R3fl3cti0ns  0
2016 Q4 Ranked YetAnotherBrick  6Feliz ano novo! Ziguvan  6
What Will 2017 Hold? BallsToTheWall  3My top of '16 betweentheburiedandi  0
Top 10 2Pac Songs Muisc4Life26  0Sput Death Pool 2017 Sinternet  61
Best Facedown Records Bands xLiamStrongx  3Vinyl Collection so far.. RageKage  1
Movie Tournament - Round 2 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  92Happy New Year! Shamus248  5
Necro's Top 20 albums necropig  0Bands I saw live in 2016 Pherin  0
My 13 favourite albums of 2016 WePartWays  030 Albums I discovered using Sputnik in 2016 Enzx  2
Shit I dig pricealex  8Diagnosed with DID BlackMalachite  170
Just Saw Thursday's Reunion Show GreyShadow  3Fiesta Bowl Tomorrow Feather  15
materialism vs content dreamgazing  23

The Devil Wears Prada - Ranked tellah  6Girlfriend in a Hospital TheCharmingMan  12
Top 20 of 2016 N2B3J  2Dead Bird Omen yourgodisinferior  9
Disappointments gryndstone  0Just Got Hired AdolfChrist  58
Top 40 Songs of 2016 cheapcrayon  1Top 10 Most "Underrated" Albums of 2016 cheapcrayon  11
New Black Malachite EP Stream BlackMalachite  3Some more albums that need attention Saturnica  3
New user EP. Inspired by "Infinite Jest". UpSimbaX  5New to me in 2016 Kingdok  1
My Album Collection Shamus248  0recent vinyl pickups SweeneyTodd  5
2016 BreakerdeGodot  0My Top 25 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes of 2016 Davidl31  2
Recent Additions To the ol' Vinyl Collection Stereochrome1  6Unimpressive vinyl collection GeorgeWBush  5
hey guys XD new user :P CandyApples  27lonely winter songs (cardigan indie) Pheromone  6
Top 50 Worst Albums of 2016 Featured Brandon  57Elbaliem's 2016 Featured elbaliem  7
Rec me shoegaze/dream pop TVC15  46albums I might review thiswastheyear  10
My ten favourite jams this year TheUnmoored  2Tworty Sixteen Featured JamieTwort  85
sach slams pt. 2: the rise of slamdown/slamcore Featured bigsoulja  822016 Hellscythe  8
Top 30 - 2016 Maco097  9Top 60 Albums Of 2016 SubmissiveOstrich  6

Sick Jacquibim  25Rec me crust closed  10
Christmas Vinyl Haul Atari  15Use an album title or a song to describe your life rockandmetaljunkie  47
Trip Hop Post Rock? Muppelope  32Dillinger's Dissociation: Preferred Tracklist tre  3
Best Surprises of 2016 Shamus248  9Stuff I want to review ThatSchoenbergianRag  4
So I met a musician... TVC15  142016: The Okayest Year Featured VirtualBlaze  9
Top 10 Underrated Albums of 2016 Brandon  4worst albums in the year of our lord 2016 Futures  71
NBA discussion thiswastheyear  112om telolet om Sinternet  30
The Chortles 2016 Spectacular: Best Of Featured Chortles  111Top Albums of All Time (Only kinda ordered) lamont01  3
Top 10 Albums of 2016 artyzmu  0Gucci Mane Ranked Kurisu  17
Mindle's 2016 mindleviticus  7Good riddance to 2016-favorite 80 records of the year mardin65  1
Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Albums 2016 AlphaGoon  1"Guilty Pleasure" - A Flawed Concept BlackMalachite  19
Not Sick elliootsmeuth  10CD and Vinyl purchases since November BenMorrison  3
Movie Tournament - Round 1 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  86Your oversight 2016 Featured UniqueUniverse  30
Recent digs (prelude to AOTY list) SwanSoup  0GuyMan's Top 15 of '16 0GuyMan0  5
Big Ups On a Bad Day ThyCrossAwaits  4I'm a-seein' Thursday today GeorgeWBush  4
400 Ratings Drifter  18100 Greatest Albums of the 1980's BlaireCoucher  5

Top 25 EPs of 2016 BradleyLayne  6Carrie Fisher's Mother Died BlackMalachite  47
what I liked this year musicallychallenged  7So Vektor just broke up? Sevengill  56
Things I can't Live Without BallsToTheWall  27Academy of 2016 Featured theacademy  25
5'ing Spree calmrose  32Shows I went to in 2016 TheManMachine  1
My Top 10 Albums of 2016 HarmonizedDeath  6200 Greatest Albums of the 1990's (200-101) BlaireCoucher  5
Top 10 Albums of 2016 Moge  0End Of Year 2016...2017 We Dine in Hell. deezer666  24
Post Metal 2016 teamster  5Securing a Future For the White Race One List @ a americanohno  8
My Favorite Death-ish Metal pricealex  9The Antlers Ranked SowingSeason  44
Brostep's Very Official Last Ever List Featured Brostep  25Cosby's Choice Awards 2016 BeyondCosby  8
New Tournament Idea - Favorite Movie [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  252Favorite Black Metal Albums of 2016 (Top 13) RedWinterwolf  3
The Strokes: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  21

2016 Albums I listened to SpaceZeppelin  4Cherish Your Life BallsToTheWall  10
200 Greatest Albums of the 1990's (100-1) BlaireCoucher  14thrice and dance gavin dance ranked Ryus  14
My Top 16 of 2016 Rigma  1Top 10 Overrated Albums of 2016 Brandon  19
Diggggs MotoOnSputnik  8Reckless Records Avagantamos  11
2016 ckssr1  0Ear Infection Jams FullOfSounds  42
2016 was cool Keyblade  81Top Albums of 2016 Reviewc0re  0
Sin's shows 2016 Sinternet  1039 +1 great debut Albums karagiannis1908  18
Spreading the Love MarsKid  2Richard Adams, RIP DanielNightLewis  9
RIP Carrie Fisher MrSirLordGentleman  108Doof3000Ratings (10,000 comments) Worship Me DoofusWainwright  63
T'was my Birthday yesterday Devastator  7Most Emotional of 2016 GaugeOT  7
FlagAsh's Top 15 of 2016 AmericanFlagAsh  13Hug 2017 - Your first spin of the year Dewinged  29
Pooh's top 50 of 2016 Evreaia  13Nd'^^%,,{[$]TtT//&~~y_-^```.mes keepbanningmelol  40
Speak, Sounds Top 50 Albums of 2016 SpeakSound  13

recent buys ArizonaIcedOutBoys  0Favorites From 2016 Taxt  3
My Favorite EPs cowboydan89  2My Top 25 Albums of 2016 Featured jtswope  11
Top 10 "I hope you die" rodrigo90  49Psychedelic Black, Doom, and Post-Metal Recs BenCee  10
2016 had some okay songs JJKeys  112016 I'm Gay List Emo  2
Shad-death of 2016 ShadowRemains  1472016 Stereochrome1  0
Favorite Swans Album loulou  6Slutnik Music ArtBox  4

Trve Grvnge Brabiz  34Demilich LPs Ranked bbgames  5
Icelandic Bm Hawks  30Gift Playlist For My Dad ashcrash9  11
happy hanukkah Ryus  6Metalcore Whore AdolfChrist  14
smoked out locced out thiswastheyear  37Our Second Single, Merry Christmas!! oisincoleman64  16
Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 3 pricealex  15Best Christmas Gifts You Got? BallsToTheWall  129
Merry Christmas Shamus248  7rec me anger loveisamixtape  60
Favorite 2016 albums insomniac15  8Feliz Navidad, ¡Sputnik! Dylan620  2
*Scuro's Top 15 2016 + Blurbs + Extras* ScuroFantasma  14My Top 20 Metal Albums of 2016 pricealex  3
Merry Christmas Sputnik BlackMalachite  20favorite song of 2016 budgie  10
Albums I Got for Christmas neekafat  32

tylers 10k comment extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tyler.  28Because You Never Let Me Have the Aux Cord (2016) billyboy48  0
Happy Christmas Everybody! Asdfp277  212016 SUCKED THESE ALBUMS DIDNT helpoemer420  19
Sputnik Yearbook Revised Edition Vote Thread GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  28Atari's 2016 Highlights Featured Atari  20
A Sleepy 2016 AsleepInTheBack  17Hawkwind top ten Ianman  5
2°¹6 maddin  0Top 25 Non-2016 Albums in 2016 TheManMachine  9
June 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  0shit i don't like AKA i'm edgy thiswastheyear  108
Merry Christmas/Happy New Year Sputnik SowingSeason  22Dr Superbs 2016 deluxe version jsounnd  8
Piglet's 2016 Featured Piglet  20Albums That Deserve a 5 Rating. cagedbutterfly  35
My Top 20 for 2016 Haresh500  0

plane 4 2016 Featured plane  19engleprunt's 2016 - Albums engleprunt  7
Have a shit ton of PS4 games (digital) to offer FreddieDelaney31  32016 Albums I Enjoyed closed  6
My Top Ten Albums of 2016 SteakByrnes  7I'VE GOT A CHIP ON MY SHOULDER ZippaThaRippa  25
Top 50 Albums - 2016 TheManMachine  1these albums are good albums thiswastheyear  27
FUZZYXPICKLES guide to 2016 FuzzyxPickles  1Rum Ham! BallsToTheWall  34
My new EP bnelso55  8A Sample of DinosaurJones v2.0 DinosaurJones  5
Doom's 2016 Featured kascetcadettt  108Best albums of 2016 eloimayano  0
Calc's Cool Cuts 2016 Calc  152016 Top 50 Greem  3
Weezer's White Album: Alternative Tracklist Drifter  4

Trumpstep BlackMalachite  11Dear 2016, you absolute piece of shit. ZodiacalWolf  7
Most Disappointing Albums of 2016 Divaman  023rd Birthday deathofasalesman  1
Some songs ZodiacalWolf  4Instrumentation For Ambient/Electronic Music Spiral Skies  8
engleprunt's 2016 - EPs engleprunt  0Selected Radiohead Works Part 2 Featured TVC15  26
Sugar Cookies And Pecan Whisky BallsToTheWall  2Jasdevi's Leftover 2016 Pizza Jasdevi087  17
new album by yak and graveyard YakNips  11Ferro's Faves: EPs 2k16 wtferrothorn  14
Blue Oyster Cult My top 10 Ianman  5Heavy Flow: Metalcore, Grindcore and More CliffBar  8
Reflecting on 2016 MarsKid  7Pistol's 2016 Featured PistolPete  5
Final Grades elliootsmeuth  61Favorite Band Bios. What Are Yours? bgillesp  12
JS19: 3PLUS in 2016 JS19  3Wolfe Digs Pt. 5 Relinquished  24
2016 Kind Of Sucked Altpeth  232016...a shitty year with some good music analogplutonium  2
Five albums of 2016 sspedding  3End of uni, deluged in music swallowtales  0
It's me birthday Sinternet  61

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