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Petition to make hasan a mod pjorn SPUTNIK'S FAVE RAPPER: ROUND 1 Toad 
All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (63-21) onionbubs All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (126-64) onionbubs 
Record Store Day WellDressedBalloon New 'The War On Drugs' single review Archelirion 
What's The Most Unique Vinyl Record You Own? Korpcun Obscure April releases owen 
Punk Movies.. butcherboy AFI - Decemberunderground Ranked GreyShadow 
Two Years of Boney / Buddies theBoneyKing Help? Risodo 

Petition to make Uni a mod UniqueUniverse  0Songs with Months in the Title ErocktheGreatest  5
My band's new single DrGonzo1937  3Rec me tech dm if you pls Mort.  25
Animal Collective Ranked Brandon  0petition to stop deleting my nigga sach's reviews famousghost  16
Went To A Free Rise Against Show GreyShadow  8List of Rawk II AdolfChrist  23

EF y'all, no one ever comment on my lists, :'( sprezzph  25Petition to make hasan a mod Featured pjorn  35
If Pro Wrestlers were Bands/ Artists WetHarmonica1916  19Snide Goes Post Rock (Black Malachite) Snide  43
Fav Star Wars Movie? pizzamachine  60USERS RANKED Rigma  27
NEW CD IS TONIGHT hasan  32Horror Punk Recommendations bcelt1cs33189  10
Top 50 Iron Maiden Songs charbyno  7SPUTNIK'S FAVE RAPPER: ROUND 1 Featured Toad  62
1 year on this site Enzx  6

Halo Live BallsToTheWall  11Top 20 Alkaline Trio Songs Crawl  3
all sputniks rotate till i die buzzkites  33CZECH MY NEW ALBUM GUYS OvDeath  20
Histrorical top 40 albums SunlightCityDrive  3Need help finding information about a record TakeToYourGuns  4
Linkin Park albums ranked DORBUSCUS  46

Petition to make sach a mod GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  103March 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0
Death metal essentials (for REAL this time) kingdedethefifth  62All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (63-21) Featured onionbubs  19
Blood Stain Child Albums Ranked MagicMonk777  15On Today's Rotation dreamgauze  1
Evok's DM Goats Vol. I Evokaphile  12Favourite Spoon. (One song per record) butcherboy  20
New to the Site - Some Recent Digs dribbcot  18Songs with repetitive second halves LamboGD  22
Sputnik Band-Off: Round One - Metalcore Snide  132Latest CD and Vinyl Purchases BenMorrison  0
Vinyl collection part 1 MoosechriS  6So many rhythms and melodies... chupacabraisreal  1
An underground scene in this small shipyard town. DrGonzo1937  9Rap AfterTheBreakdown  1
dragon ball super? Typhoon24  6Let's Talk About The Holy Bible TVC15  16
Top 10 City and Colour (Dallas Green) Songs Muisc4Life26  1Unpopular opinions of mine smfk9  17
recommend me death metal KennyAlwaysDies  25Beauty in Melancholy (Recommend me similar works) sprezzph  2

Rec me roadtrip music widowslaugh123  18February 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0
sputnikbooks Winesburgohio  18All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (126-64) Featured onionbubs  32
8 Years a Maniac Maniac!  39Feels Are Real TheEnigma  5
January 2017: Top 8 Hip Hop Albums/Mixtapes Davidl31  0Turned 20 today dfevil085  32
Playlists Dylan620  11Superlatively Good Songs of 2016 ChoccyPhilly  2
Looooooooooong Songs.. butcherboy  70Music To Mislead dreamgauze  15
1,5 years at Sputnik - 1000 listened albums cor22222  4Record Store Day Featured WellDressedBalloon  54
Sunrise Yoga BallsToTheWall  4Just 10 Albums That Never Wear Out On Me RIPGemmy  18
Swans Ranked: Worst to Best Corney  26rigma's big 500 rating bonanza Rigma  11
most lyrical hip hop Typhoon24  28

ETID ranked dixoncocks  16Hydra Head CD Box hesperus  17
SPUT'S FAVORITE RAPPER TOURNEY (SUBS) Toad  89New 'The War On Drugs' single review Featured Archelirion  20
albums that will be considered "before their time" Ryus  55birthday list BullettoBinary2  5
Top 200 Albums (Part Two) EasterInTheBatcave  6What's The Most Unique Vinyl Record You Own? Featured Korpcun  34
Public image ltd. ranked widowslaugh123  9Veldin's Top 50 of 2016 Veldin  7
Bad Religion? More like bad music! Satellite  55Hip-hop album recommendations? DeadlyNightShade  34
7 desert island albums ianblxdsoe  13Need "recs" for my grandson SirCumsalot  24
Rec me diriving tunes NastyCrab  18Obscure April releases Featured owen  17
need sum good '17 shit rabidfish  11AFI - Crash Love Ranked GreyShadow  14
Jacob's Top 15 Best Albums Of 2016 JacobHuerta  6

Top 200 Albums (Part One) EasterInTheBatcave  24Rip Bill Toley :( HarshNoiseHenry  6
My Hydra head cd box came in CaimanJesus  20Which emo review is next TheCharmingMan  10
Need summer rock music recs WeinerMan  17Finally retiring at 71 years old SirCumsalot  55
Three Years of Sputnik ExplosiveOranges  21Favorites NikkiAngelus  4
hey famousghost  8Punk Movies.. Featured butcherboy  73
Top 25 Rappers ATM porkchoppal195  22Roadburn 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) Dewinged  9
2017 Hip Hop Recommendations Davidl31  9AFI - Decemberunderground Ranked Featured GreyShadow  19
Two Years of Boney / Buddies Featured theBoneyKing  50

Help? Featured Risodo  35Kendrick Lamar: This Generation's OutKast? TheMrAlexK  22
Dance Gavin Dance Ranked treos777  19drinking beer jammin hip hop evilford  85
Analbumparty 50iL  28Death metal essentials ZippaThaRippa  33
Top Ten Favorite Blink-182 Songs WetHarmonica1916  1seventh sputversary Hellscythe  7
Generic Digs: Good Beer Maniac!  58Rec Me Stuff Like This? erizen826  7
Death metal essentials kingdedethefifth  99give me sad recs MyNameIsPencil  15
Old Prog/Kraut/Proto-Doom/Avant-Rock Stuff AcidCaravan  6listen to these 73 albums Chortles  68
St. Louis Music Stereochrome1  13A Guide to Indie Music: Indie-Folk Featured SowingSeason  69
Amazing American Black Metal ZSquared  13Enema of the State Ranked oisincoleman64  8
Band T-Shirts.. butcherboy  32Artists I used to love in middle school ZSquared  13
DAMN Ranked! StarlessCore  20Aaron Hernandez kills again!!! ZippaThaRippa  19
Roadburn 2017 (Thursday & Friday) Dewinged  7Sufjan Stevens Ranked Brandon  6

TOAD'S THIRD SPUTVERSARY Toad  26Submit List pizzamachine  3
Your Favorite Non-English Speaking Bands/Artists Masochist  42Dissonance Recreate  4
If laboratories had their own background music rodrigo90  11The Drugs Ladder POLISHJANGSTA1  16
The things I get called and other such nonsense POLISHJANGSTA1  0POLISH'ED POLISHJANGSTA1  0
An Anticlimactic First Sputversary / 1000 Ratings Featured FullOfSounds  88Katatonia ranked (from what i've heard so far) kingdedethefifth  30
my new album is out and it's as bad as it could be Featured kascetcadettt  124Album Art.. butcherboy  53
My Album Art L4titudes  44Favourite Cereal? pizzamachine  44
Faith No More ranked ZSquared  8Rank: The Flaming Lips 86-06 SunlightCityDrive  11
2017 General Election- Corbyn's Last Stand Tunaboy45  44Kung Fu Kenny Ranked nukethewhale  13
to those with introverted hobbies/interests Typhoon24  56digalogue 1 Featured cylinder  20
The Unsung Sput Hip-Hop classics tourney ROUND 1 Jasdevi087  74

Positive Vibes SoccerRiot  12Bands I haven't listened to in a while smfk9  9
Captain's Log pbateman  4Artists Who I'd Love 2 Get New Stuff From [2017] JigglyPDiddy  24
The Holy Bible Ranked TVC15  27Jazz Frippertronics  129
The Haunted albums ranked karagiannis1908  150 Songs to Feel Fucked-Up.. butcherboy  18
2000 Ratings Divaman  9NATION. ranked KendrickIsGod  104
Ranking Green Day from Favorite to Least Favorite WetHarmonica1916  14Giving You Some Hard Dick BallsToTheWall  32
Kendrick Lamar Ranked LordePots  26Stay Safe Cleveland Spec  34
Top 10 Colour Haze Albums nuno2028  4

I'm cheating on Storm In A Teacup  15Obscure but amazing metal (part 2) kingdedethefifth  15
The Sputnik Lovin' Playlist Tunaboy45  67should i release my first song SweeneyTodd  7
Consistent Artists Rigma  39Hiatus/Thank You FreddieDelaney31  32
Rec Me Solo Piano Taxt  14Latest Discoveries for a MDM Noob. ArmyOfRage  4
Resident Evil 7 TheMagicalBlender  16What is the sixth best shyamalan movie? theacademy  22
Coffee opinions pizzamachine  84Which album should be my 1000th rating? bgillesp  27
SHOCKING REVELATIONS KendrickIsGod  8Happy Easter! Third Day Albums ranked [Revised] smfk9  0
Turkish referendum.. butcherboy  15Doof Holiday Playlist DoofusWainwright  15
My favorite bands of all time Rocknro11  9The Unsung Sput Hip-Hop Classics Tournament SUBS Jasdevi087  203

Guilty Pleasures smfk9  6The Best Song of All Time oisincoleman64  6
album covers i like cylinder  6I came up with an insane DC comics storyline Featured CaliggyJack  52
Work drama blows (Work Rage Vent Thread) Snide  17channel ORANGE Ranked runaways  3
LINKIN PARK FULL ALBUM METAL REMIX Featured Beardog  29it's been a while, vinyl jamz MoosechriS  2
Random Electronic Digs, rec me some more Dctarga  7Rec me good music nolerthebowler  33
Perfect songs (Indie edition) butcherboy  20Music to stop taking your meds to HarshNoiseHenry  11
Nihilistic Recs for Suicide Fossegrim  19New to Sputnik, Any Music Recs? WetHarmonica1916  43
My favorite 3rd Tracks of All Time bbgames  6Aubrey Drake Graham - Ranked tellah  18
Quick update my dear Sputnik-peeps logicisirrelevant  0favorite albums of all time of 2017 alcazar  6

give me recommendations based on my pie chart BootCamp  14Some of my least favorite album covers smfk9  3
Favorite Albums Of All-Time FrozenInTime  16Favorite Black Metal Pieces CompostCompote  27
You're fabulous!!! BallsToTheWall  8BIGQUINT Appreciation Thread Toad  40
THINGS THAT I HATE ON SPUT Sinternet  48important announcement KendrickIsGod  8
Tidal AltAccount  15socially consious posers KendrickIsGod  19
the sputnik racism situation KendrickIsGod  26say something kascetcadettt  12
notice me senpai kendrick KendrickIsGod  72017's Albums twipzdeeauxilia  0
Favorite Users=users that listen to coheed. theacademy  10NOFX? More like no talent! Featured Satellite  74
Got a New Job Sevengill  29New Star Wars trailer VaxXi  31
Cool users kingdedethefifth  34Tom Waits rrrrrranked.. butcherboy  38
In case tomorrow I eat a missile from North Korea. Dewinged  40DAMN. LethalPaintball  13
I Love Sputnik (Where We've Been/Where We Will Be) Snide  55The Perfect Guitar Hero Soundtrack Shamus248  14
Boney's Anticipated Albums 2017 theBoneyKing  27Every Coheed song ranked Featured TooManyFriends  58

Vinyl Update 4/13/17 FlipTrackz  2Banned Users Archive AdolfChrist  235
Y'all're pretty cool Kompys2000  11Favourite Covers.. butcherboy  33
Spring Break hyyyyyyyyyyppeee TheMrAlexK  30Artists ZSquared Loves That Actually Suck Louksy23  46
Someone please explain HUMBLE to me. ZSquared  64My 20 favourite records of all time LedZep94  5
Top 20 Disturbed Songs HouseOfClouse  27Top 20 Slipknot Songs HouseOfClouse  30
I'm not PC LibertyHobbit  11Deep Hip-hop BeyondCosby  21
rate my 5s kiddos polyrhythm  59Bands that just use random sounds/samples Eons  9
New school hardcore/Mathcore late 90's early2000's loulou  3electronic/idm/techno shizzzz Hawks  14
Finally got a bass guitar TVC15  11yet another massive album BMDrummer  6
Best albums of 2017 so far ZSquared  82017 Music Diary SunlightCityDrive  11
4 years on Sputnik! BenMorrison  8Albums that have shaped my musical tastes CopsNRoberts  7
Jiggly's Q1 2017 JigglyPDiddy  9

Cross's Q1 2017 ThyCrossAwaits  10rec Tyler 2k17 Tyler.  28
All Alexisonfire songs ranked TooManyFriends  13Favorite album for every year of my life smfk9  15
they locked me up and threw away the key famousghost  41A List No One Clicked Even Though I Bumped It Twice Spec  22
Summerfest 2k17 Conmaniac  20god damn emailsneverdie  26
My Favorite Song Off Of Each Of My 5's Featured hogan900  77Recommend me NEW innovative bands/artists deadcrown  51
music that sounds like dreaming IronGiant  21Charlie Murphy is dead. pjorn  30
Made A New Song Funeralopolis  3Bands I wish hadn't broken up ZSquared  10
27 years of music discovery. starboystargirl  5Harsh Noise TakeToYourGuns  4
enter electronic underground Sheaiskl  39twenty-six Ziguvan  11
WilsonAlroys AOTY List WilsonAlroys  6Bands That I Thought Would Have A New Album By Now GreyShadow  8
Snide Nu-Metal Demo 2 Snide  54Rec me sum Hippity Hop, suckas Toad  29

Ulver LPs Ranked Hawks  57Nick Cave and the Ranked Seeds Jasdevi087  9
Best band ever ranked Winesburgohio  12Incubus albums best to worst Rocknro11  9
Punk rock recs; looking for new music from sputnik McTime50  20Top underrated rock bands still around today Rocknro11  17
Whatta bargain! Kompys2000  13L4titude's best of Q1 L4titudes  13
Share Some Singles 4! wtferrothorn  24Albums which divided fanbase rodrigo90  19
life has gotten better, life is good. ianblxdsoe  6Just Garbage Gateway Bands fullautorpg  36
Posting someones 5's to prove a point kingdedethefifth  92Update/Lack Long After Ranked MarsKid  17
I'm a total asshat SweeneyTodd  24albums i've seen on tour literallyzach  11
Guilty Pleasures SuperMatt  37Help! I Can't Remember The Name Of This Damn Song! fallenbird  17
5 Underrated Black Metal Masterpieces ZSquared  26The Album Game Mattallica  17
Happy Easter Everybody YUJOS  6rasputin 2016 Featured rasputin  25
In Need For Album Recs ViperAces  15Criminally Underrated Kompys2000  9
CDs i own BootCamp  5i love it when sputnik servers crash LethalPaintball  25
Hydra head $40 cd box CaimanJesus  11

Kill me kingdedethefifth  227 years on Sput pjorn  15
where do you get your music? Typhoon24  35Popular Bands That I Loathe Rowhaus  52

Alternative Deftones Names ArtBox  12Albums That I Bought For Only One Song KManoc1  10
underclass hero cd songs worst to best hasan  26Ass dreamgauze  2
Rec me atmospheric black metal FakeOne  21Some of my favorite albums covers smfk9  11
First-Quarter Top 10 Sevengill  9Avant-garde Metal jseijo  16
Slipknot albums ranked TheClansman95  13RHCP albums ranked DORBUSCUS  10
hey GENUINE 100% AUTHENTIC NO FAKE GUARANTEED RESU kongoz  60Album recommendations for April 2017 ZodiacalWolf  1
Top 18 Albums Of My Adolescence MisterOpturus  9A Snide Birthday! Snide  70

Music Similar to these albums pls farmer56  6Alestorm vs. Swashbuckle Korpcun  16
Should I Support The Local Bluegrass Band dreamgauze  8Toad's Top 10 Records of All Time Toad  24
a list of sum 41 good to best CDs hasan  68Top 101 Metallica songs (IMO) Aromero98  0
2017 unmentionables TheWrenKing  23hey Featured hal1ax  130
Slipknot Albums Ranked KManoc1  9My Favorite Album of all time (April 2017) Twilightfern  2
best horror movie OSTs budgie  22Recent Hip-Hop Digs Stereochrome1  14
Screwed up cryptologous  28Opinions on the new Harry Styles track maxer  13
A Buck-Tick Analysis Vol.2: Dress 50iL  6Chips chips chips rule the world I love chips Realm  28
My Top 15 Prince Songs Muisc4Life26  2Top 11 Trophy Scars Songs Corney  6
Top 11 Sufjan Stevens Songs Corney  8Great Guitarists Progking  22
Jam electronica Progking  3Pink Floyd Disciples Progking  4

Top 9 all time, 8 from UK Progking  1MusicGator's Favorite Joey BadA$$ projects MusicGator9185  0
3k+1 Ratings; Dist is Ligs TVC15  22Mastodon Ranking Explained Sevengill  31
Willie's Q1 - 2017 Featured Willie  14Katatonia Tonight TheEnigma  6
Vinyl Update (My Girlfriend is Awesome Pt. 2) neekafat  34Help Me Bridge the Gaps (Rec Me Old Stuff) bgillesp  8
Ranked Mastodon Albums Lubricant  11Toronto Raptors Ranked + Predictions tellah  17
my underclass hero review + new cd info hasan  11Can 0.999.. Mathematically Be Proven To Be 1 dreamgauze  35
Best music to skate to Featured starboystargirl  41Depressing albums ZSquared  14
Worst Albums By Good Bands DORBUSCUS  33Digs for Friday AaroN911  0
Do you think you're smart but feel dumb sometimes Brewtality91  18Interesting new writer DDconjoined  1
coupla giants pbateman  224 Karat Gold Tour Divaman  3
Rec me similar metal FunInTheSun  142017 ratings evilford  32
1000 Soundoffs (You Blew It!) zaruyache  20

My shitty old band from years ago jesterhead92  9Take Some Shots.. BallsToTheWall  26
Top 5 Caladan Brood Albums Maco097  5How to become a pile of crap in 40 easy minutes! dbizzles  57
Is There An After Life dreamgauze  87Busted speaker cord :( Trebor.  4
good pop, need some good songs to hear hasan  28Falling in Reverse ranked (does not include new al theacademy  8
End my life famb [2] HarshNoiseHenry  14Don Rickles is dead Satellite  12
80000 comments KILL  83Just the Jams 1 tacos N stuff  4
Been Listening To a Bunch of Psych Lately Stereochrome1  5Another Deft...Depeche Mode Ranking list rodrigo90  10
Alex's Top 10 Kendrick tracks TheMrAlexK  26Top 10 Converge songs Confessed2005  4
It's my birthday - Music through the ages rodrigo90  14Albums I've been enjoying. ZSquared  5
Otep Ranked artiswar  11alright albums and songs pjorn  18
Kendrick Lamar: GOAT? BelieveInDog  28A Few Bands I've Been Enjoying Lately fullautorpg  16
1 2 3 4 brainmelter  16Neil Young Ranked Dwap  11
1,000 ratings or whatever HazelMotes92  6

The Greatest Of The Sponge WellDressedBalloon  15should i have some chocolate cake Tyler.  56
I just put out a couple demos!! (Not Snide) fallenbird  14Toad the Wet Sprocket Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  3
Toad Drops Mixtape Toad  64Vacation jams TakeToYourGuns  3
Boys 2 Men BallsToTheWall  24PJ's Yearly "Been a While" pjquinones747  10
Con's To-Do List Conmaniac  45Bands that punch you in the balls L4titudes  46
Deftones Ranked Alouette  11Best of 1973 Anthracks  11
Best Albums and Songs of March 2017 BlazinBlitzer  5THE LAW OF THE SAW ZippaThaRippa  23

Annual Sputnik Maddness WINNER EVILFORD Featured FourthReich  114Shuffled EverythingEvil2113  1
Guns N' Roses Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  12Shit bands with potential to make great albums StKiyo  38
Rec Me Accessible Synth Pop Ebola  8Listen to some folk songs I made furpa  3
MaRcH 2017 FlipTrackz  7Skillet Albums Ranked KManoc1  13
Sats? More like SMHats. HarshNoiseHenry  8HAPPY MUDDY WATERS' BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!! CompostCompote  9
Snide Nu-Metal Demo Snide  276Meat's Not Dead MeatSalad  20
the deftones CDs List ranked worst to best hasan  18Horrible Movie Channels Derek123  4
The ultimate sputnik playlist Featured kingdedethefifth  117ArtBox's Art Box Week 13: The Mars' Bars Volta ArtBox  0
LATIN JAZZ?!? Piglet  8Favourite Rolling Stones tunes.. butcherboy  11
NOT deftones ranked evilford  47

another deftones ranked list LethalPaintball  5deftones correctly ranked betray  26
Annual Sputnik Madness CHAMPIONSHIP FourthReich  11910 bands which needs to break up for good rodrigo90  38
Mastodon - Correct Ranking Dwap  28Best Melodic Metal Albums with Electronic Elements MagicMonk777  41
Young Fathers: A Melting Pot of Perfect JigglyPDiddy  9new crazy album question hasan  12
Leave Time SoccerRiot  10Albums with a great 1-2-3 start smfk9  5
Hilary caught shapeshifting on video Part II L4titudes  27Amazing and Bad FullOfSounds  25
Anyone Seen Periphery Live? erizen826  21I went to San Francisco literallyzach  10
Will go to any show theacademy  9Film: Q1 2017 neekafat  26
rec me upbeat/happy music so I don't die TakeToYourGuns  22Top 20 TOOL songs ZSquared  33
HARDY BOYS!!! BallsToTheWall  28hahaha i spend too much money ahaha Sinternet  31
Black Malachite Redux Stream Snide  68Music Videos with Flashing Lights Rowan5215  17
Does Spooky Still Post Here? SharkTooth  15

Skid Row Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  15Concerts I've Attended scooper34  8
Which School? Divaman  15Trumps ties with Putin revealed! Part 1 L4titudes  18
Shit Bands I Wasted Money On Seeing Live When I LordePots  73Top 10 Projects Released Under TDE Louksy23  5
Kings first quarter digs kingdedethefifth  3Synthwave/Cyberpunk future-noir night music Spiral Skies  12
New messFX album MercuryToHell  6what do you do when you can't rate something? rabidfish  12
Weekly Music Recommendations Stereochrome1  7A friend died (went to a memorial yesterday) Snide  46
Does Doof 'Rock'? DoofusWainwright  53Deathcore Brabiz  11
rec me lofi edgy shit i'm a pleb ianblxdsoe  14dance-wankbox-dance butcherboy  14
Bowie Ranked Samppaliini  3pretty concerned betray  55

A Charming Night w/ The Menzingers TheCharmingMan  4Xeno's Q1 2017 List Xenorazr  2
Mastodon Ranked SultansCurse69  34Dewi's 2017 Q1 Dewinged  55
Rick n Morty Yo zaruyache  64First Quarter '17 Metal Digs slikphuk  12
Favorite Closing Tracks Rowhaus  17Metallica Albums Ranked Worst to Best [Revised] smfk9  16
Dipset (Hep's Town) Hep Kat  512 years on sputnik Storm In A Teacup  23
One is better than the other OldCrime  7Boring Music for Boney GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  18
Ferr0.25 wtferrothorn  9Ebola's Q1 2017 Ebola  1
Getting a-HEAD! CompostCompote  12Planning my debut review dreamgazing  60
Mercury's Q1 of 2017 MercuryToHell  3Q1 2017: Albums I Liked McTime50  1
Every Turnover Song Ranked ianblxdsoe  9Dead Men Tell No Tales BallsToTheWall  4
Breaking Benjamin Albums Ranked KManoc1  8The part that no one wanted Sniff  7
Every Ulcerate Song Ranked Featured Jacquibim  45Top 10 albums of 2015 peartnoy  10
Annual Sputnik Madness Final 4 FourthReich  145

Underrated Albums smfk9  11Scuro's 1/4 2017 ScuroFantasma  24
March 2017 resumé Featured UniqueUniverse  16Rec Me Uncomfortable/Suffocating Music Funeralopolis  18
Cycle 3 brokencycle  2Bands with Philosophical lyrics rodrigo90  62
Yes! A Mastodon Guitar Solo Spec  59Mods can flob my knob Realm  5
Albums I've Outgrown Shamus248  42GREAT ALBUMS: March 2017 Brandon  10
The Weeknd Ranked Louksy23  6Best Metal album of the first quarter of 2017 AntalWS  7
Best tracks off of every Linkin Park album DORBUSCUS  17rec me DM RunOfTheMill  89
The Weeknd ranked ZSquared  18Berkeley Blues TakeToYourGuns  2
Slashs March 2017 Hurricanslash  6Snarch -17 Sniff  27
2017 Albums I've Liked So Far oisincoleman64  13Rec. albums with electronic or jazz influences... SunlightCityDrive  21

my new Ep AnimalsAsSummit  1I Saw Lisa Loeb Divaman  4
Black metal fans, help! Sevengill  139Sput's favorite comedy albums Kompys2000  45
Favourite Guitarists butcherboy  4Kutless Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  0
Hello sput avery14th  36top secret mission DamnVanne  3
Death Grips Ranked Rigma  89 months until 2018 Featured Archelirion  33
my record collection budgie  25Anal Cunt Ranked Korpcun  0
Social Distortion Ranking AbsolutePain  026 Today AdolfChrist  50
first world rant about hipster bullshit SweeneyTodd  60Sputnik Job Census Devastator  96
Tracklist Remix: Alkaline Trio - Agony and Irony onionbubs  24College TakeToYourGuns  7
E M O T I O N: Ranked BallsToTheWall  10Best lyricists ZSquared  3
the infinite chill phase out J A M S riffariffic Featured TheWrenKing  23fml Conmaniac  71
Storm In A Southern Country Cup Storm In A Teacup  19Challenge Me!!!!!!!!!!! CompostCompote  35
Rec me free albums FakeOne  21My vinyl / CD Wishlist frigyourgenre  6
LEGION finale, let's talk UniqueUniverse  11that good home cooked hip hop Typhoon24  1

Concerts I've Attended Featured TalonsOfFire  58r/ottawa random  20
Please Help L4titudes  79Mastodon Ranked CompostCompote  14
Running Songs MonotoneMop  8Annual Sputnik Madness Elite 8 FourthReich  163
How Was Your Day, Sputnik? Snide  130RIP Dark Souls johnnydeking29  36
Marilyn Manson Ranking AbsolutePain  12Carnifex Ranked Brabiz  5
Carnifex Album Ranking AbsolutePain  8My Top 30 In No Particular Order onigarden  0
Top ten left-field rap albums ZSquared  25Sputnik's favorite new Gorillaz track dreamgazing  25
Dissonant Tech Jacquibim  17stuff piled up to listen to. spongie68  2
600 Ratings Drifter  23

sputnik's favourite songs Featured Rigma  212Mastodon RE-RANKED (Yes Another One) Kompys2000  51
chris cornell projects ranked BootCamp  12alienessentials alienobserver  12
10 Years On The Sput (A Decade of Music) Featured cvlts  32Wolfe Digs Pt. 6 Featured Relinquished  28
Better Call Saul !! butcherboy  17Rate my National Anthem dreamgazing  14
Black metal and Classical Dinosaur  13Favorite Albums of 2016 Louksy23  6
Sputnik Discord Server pjorn  23Death Grips ranked ZSquared  8
Longest Time You've Ever Slept In? random  20Some Good Songs pizzamachine  5
Emperor of Sand ranked Sevengill  19Questions Ledgy  33
New band w/Jamie Behar (ex-Off Minor/Saetia) hesperus  4Bought A Vape Spec  88
5 "Fun" bands to listen to. fullautorpg  20When Members Leave Bands Thealwaysopenedmind  4
Heavy Metal Roots 1967-1974 (Lot of obscure gems!) Featured BenMorrison  20Throwback Tuesday BallsToTheWall  8
Drake Ranked Brandon  29My All-Time Favorite Albums Anothertwo  18
Ugh Storm In A Teacup  50The Best Records You've Probably Never Heard Anothertwo  18
Top 5 Favorite Albums of All Time (In No Order) BlownSpeakers  7Need stuff to listen to for a long drive TakeToYourGuns  15
Recent Purchases KManoc1  1ZONING HARD charlesdivision  2

You Are Freaking Out... MAN SaucepanNation  3Revive the Funk SaucepanNation  2
Breaking Benjamin Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  15Best Dylan Covers butcherboy  13
Parquet Courts ranked Spluger  6RINGED CITY demigod!  26
Best Ahab songs kingdedethefifth  6Highly Influential Albums for Metal Hundt  9
artuma plans to leave sputnik soon kascetcadettt  83Underrated albums from 2016 ZSquared  5
Breath of the Wild FreddieDelaney31  78Favorite Opening Tracks DORBUSCUS  9
saw the menzingers last night w J.Ro & rozwell kid ianblxdsoe  8ArtBox's Art Box Week 12: The Weez ArtBox  4
good sludge albums I've heard recently evilford  102

My Top 20 Rap Albums Ever Muisc4Life26  11End my life fam HarshNoiseHenry  17
Favorite CCM artists smfk9  3Coen Brothers Ranked neekafat  98
Rec some good doom metal kingdedethefifth  41lil yachty>led zeppelin Ryus  42
Trip Hop I Have Listened to So Far... ArsMoriendi  20Good Anime? Muppelope  163

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