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93vs94vs95vs96vs97 (+recs) DoofusWainwright Insult The User Above You Spec 
Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 8 SCREAM! hals half 2016 hal1ax 
Doof2000Ratings DoofusWainwright 35 under the radar 2016. Sniff 
Rowan1000 Ratings Rowan5215 End of an Era: Hyperion's Top 25 Hyperion1001 
1K Ratings: 5/5 CL0VER sorry para, not happenin' iloveyouall 
75 Favorite Movies With Your Good Pal MyCar MyCarandMyGuitar Sputnik Leaves the House: Perfume Houses Ranked Toad 

Half-year Greem  0Top 10 Nirvana Songs Drifter  1
Vocal Melodies twwerkcity  7

Need help finding an album TVC15  12Find me more beats like this! Typhoon24  6
Yellowcard Ranked Stereochrome1  8Future Shows, Help Me Out Conmaniac  7
Rec please DanielNightLewis  7Death Grips Ranked MotoOnSputnik  6
Vinyl Collection So Far AtomicWaste  9(you)core TheMrAlexK  76
Adventure Quest BlackMalachite  14Cyg has generic taste in metal Cygnatti  38
My To-Get List thecheatisnotdead  0Morning Jon List yourgodisinferior  12
REVISED TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1983/1984/1985 miketunneyiscool123  3My favourite releases this year so far cloakanddagger  2
93vs94vs95vs96vs97 (+recs) Featured DoofusWainwright  87Who here is Australian? Madbutcher3  49
My Band Released A Single FranzSchubert  2

Steam Summer Sale Calc  58Insult The User Above You Featured Spec  524
Obscure Metal Tournament Finals CaimanJesus  10AC/DC Albums Ranked Dwap  3
Motionless in White Albums Ranked halloweendude  6TOP TEN SOPHOMORE THRASH METAL ALBUMS miketunneyiscool123  10
Albums I Know By Heart AngryChief95  62016.5: my taste is garbage ibringyoufire  11
Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 8 Featured SCREAM!  102016 Recs pls TheGreatQ  8
Need New Shoe(gaze)s Conmaniac  50Releases you're looking forward to? BullettoBinary2  16
Bloodborne Bosses Ranked emester  6SHort and sweet EPs TVC15  11
The Sputnik Spam Ghost StarlessCore  34Top 10 Greatest Albums All-time Shoegazefan9789  22
(IN PROGRESS) The Best Metal-ish Albums of 1980 marf1300  7Anyone here use tidal frigyourgenre  6
Most influential albums twwerkcity  7REVISED TOP TEN THRASH METAL DEBUT ALBUM! miketunneyiscool123  12
Copa America > UEFA EURO Detritivore  55Top 25 of Jan-June 2016 TheMrAlexK  9

Lil' Antlers Story apokolypz  5June Jams: Week III HeckToPay  0
How many albums in your music library? LewisShaw  59show yourself!!! MyNameIsPencil  1364
Best Motorhead's albuns that i heard Thiagao  3My Measly Vinyl Collection So Far Pt. 2 Stereochrome1  9
Bloodborne Bosses: Ranked Xenophanes  24Rec Me Not Metal bgillesp  20
My Measly Vinyl Collection So Far Pt. 1 Stereochrome1  2Does your image reflect the music you listen to? BallsDeep  161
Blue Night gnarwhalsam  0Genres that Piss Me OFF. Conmaniac  275
Slipknot albums ranked! Jerryyz  7Another black metal list? Just what sputnik needs! twwerkcity  43

Funniest TV Shows MistaCrave  112Clutch Albums Ranked Dwap  9
100 ratings alienobserver  28FH 2016 timeforkayodot  0
More like LINESburn, Ohio: it's '80s time ROCK YEA Winesburgohio  16The Gr8est LP OAT Under 200 votes (free refill) Final Round Jasdevi087  6
Vinyl collection so far SB129  1RAWRRRR! BallsToTheWall  1
hals half 2016 Featured hal1ax  96Over 100 Vinyl Records! mortifierftw  6
Stuff I've Added to Sput! Conmaniac  11Spotify Family Plan Feather  56
RIP Hunter Watson - Black Out Band CL0VER  5My Lord's Poison In Darkfire Illusion AnimalsAsSummit  8
My Top Ten of All Time Hideman  6Best Albums of 2016 mcauleyadam100  8
My Top 10 Favorite Album colejaeger  6Spotify has failed me Amnesian  40
Check out my band's EP BewareOfDarkness  3Potsy: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Week 1342 Part 427 LordePots  32
We Came As Romans anydaynow  6

Weird Rec, Watcha Got? apokolypz  21Favorite Albums of 1/3 of 2016 FlipTrackz  1
My Favorite Indie Albums Hideman  2Obscure Metal Tournament Round 4 CaimanJesus  9
Dylan620 Turns 20 on 6/20 Dylan620  7rec bubs some shoegaze? onionbubs  24
Ranked: My Shit 5's twwerkcity  9Numbered Album: System Of A Down Drifter  13
Summer Music MistaCrave  18Happy First Day of Summer! Conmaniac  49
My Friends Are Getting Sort of Famous Toad  18My Fleetwood Mac Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  4
RIP The Warriors Ryus  190Shameless emo/pop punk recs G0atC0re  18
pepsi universe Avagantamos  17Return of the lambsbread LambsBread  14
Rec Me Something SmallLuigiBigHeart  17

Baroque/chamber pop recs rabidfish  28Most "Ranked" List Bands Ranked bgillesp  20
Really Sad Music Unwinding  27Natedogg's halfway house theNateman  10
Albums I want to like, but can't Saturnica  51Ash's Halfway 2016 List ashcrash9  10
April 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  0Thanks Sputnik : Anti-Depressant AngryLittleAlchemist  31
My Led Zeppelin Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  47digs slackened  5

New Here, Need Some Recs EverythingWentBlack  40A Metal List Muisc4Life26  5
King Diamond RANKED vonseux  31Can We Talk About Tinnitus? Tunaboy45  215
Swans Sexual Assault/Sockweb BlueSwan  127Birthday Digs brettgoespunk  3
Shit. Is. Rough. MercuryToHell  33New Song (Electronic) BlackMalachite  4
Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 7 SCREAM!  19Bad albums with great covers? rabidfish  11
Vinyl PortraitsOfDecay  4

SputnikMovies // Toad's Top Watches Toad  57Rec me PS2 Games Funeralopolis  95
Friday Grabs chipperjones  3How come vinyl in the US is so cheap? Sinternet  43
Indie Folk recs? MyCarandMyGuitar  19Awesome artwork! Jerryyz  3
Favorite Metal Albums AnimalsAsSummit  15Owl City and Kanye West Ranked SmallLuigiBigHeart  16
RED: AtlantaFest 2016 bentheREDfan  4EU: remain or leave? DrGonzo1937  586
Should I listen to Hip hop? Valkyrion  42"I love the sound of Fuzz in the morning" BenMorrison  6
Best 90's German Heavy Metal vonseux  1My Rolling Stones Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  7
Explain Electronic music subgenres to me AngryLittleAlchemist  27Favorite Albums BleedIntoTheAbyss  2
My Top 25 Rise Against Songs Muisc4Life26  7RHCP Ranked TheSleepys  22
Rec Me Blaxploitation Films SharkTooth  18The Gr8est LP OAT Under 200 votes (GMO free) rnd 4 Jasdevi087  3

let's talk about my feeling. EmailAccounts  18Overlooked 2016 Jams Taxt  2
EDM? brettgoespunk  35Warped '16 Bands That're Worth a Shit erizen826  25
Top 40 Weezer songs Stjimmy101  13I need more bands like this. IceDoesntHelp  7
101 Awesome Artworks CamiloG  22SSRI's Spec  50
Megadeth albums ranked - top 10 vonseux  15Italian Kickass music magicuba  21
Favorite Albums of All Time Stereochrome1  39 Years. BallsToTheWall  29
Marathoning My Top 25 TheMagicalBlender  20Marilyn Manson: Albums from worst to best borbloom  10
Infrequent user omgbecky  24All-Time Favorite Albums MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  8
Great albums that I discovered here SB129  3My Beach Boys Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  18
A Year on Sputnik MistaCrave  17

Released a new track alarm  4What Band is America's Radiohead? Royl123  99
Help: Classical on Sputnik Jacquibim Users on Sputnik? Bromero  32
Amazon pickups AngryLittleAlchemist  25June Jams: Week II HeckToPay  4
First Ten Songs On Shuffle Spec  94Push It To The Limit BallsToTheWall  6
Favorite anime movie?! ♒(★‿★)♒ KikuGirl  22Obscure Metal Tournament Round 3 CaimanJesus  7
March 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  0Match The Lyrics: Vol. 1 danielcardoso  22
Top Tier DM Digs TheSpirit  25Unwound RANKED StarlessCore  13
Why Haven't I Czeched These Conmaniac  352016 Metal albums in need of more love Evreaia  10
Familiar Place gnarwhalsam  1More albums to listen to kingdedethefifth  2
What's your favorite anime character?! O(≧▽≦)O KikuGirl  39Graduated College random  23

My Top 25 Nirvana Tracks apokolypz  9Lifted Riffs JasonCarne  30
so i checked grotesque onionbubs  40Listening to music made by "bad" people? Spiral Skies  102
Rec UK Hardcore LewisShaw  162016 TomBombadil  0
Let's Talk E3 Masochist  37I have a question Torontonian  63
Yesterday Was a Great Day FullOfSounds  7Do (you even) Wop? oltnabrick  5
Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 6 SCREAM!  55Deftones suck FreddieDelaney31  24
The Hound... BallsToTheWall  12• GY!BE vs. Swans • BullettoBinary2  72
Doof2000Ratings Featured DoofusWainwright  74Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusions Ranked charbyno  1

Doo (you even) Wop? BlackLlama  15favourite Metalcore VVild18  12
February 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  1

LEVIATHAN ranked Brabiz  5My Underrated Albums (no particular order) ShadyTwist  1
Rec me emotional/tearjerker films Sinternet  61This Sucks SgtShock  16
Need new av TVC15  32Listen to Gates Intothepit  11
35 under the radar 2016. Featured Sniff  31The Soulja Boy Hate & Ridicule is Sickening to Me imjustjoshinya  9
Black Metal Recs MistaCrave  16Orlando gay nightclub shooting PansexualSheepDragon  1406
torts turns a birthday torts  29Goat Punk BlueandOrange  8
Metalcore Roadtrip dixoncocks  7Favorite Albums From Artists Goblin  3
Which Video Game Should I Buy? Toad  55THINK HAPPY DAMMIT TVC15  193

Top 5 Hip-Hop Tracks of 2015. OmoLasgidi  2Slipknot Ranked oltnabrick  55
25 Songs I Love (And So Can You) riffariffic7  2Top 10 Emotional BoC Shoteru  30
bye sputnik Parallels  128Top 25 Yo La Tengo Songs Idoltrous8991  1
May 2016 Greatr  0potential albums with pheero Pheromone  9
Favorite Classical Pieces Greem  23My Top 10 Stone Temple Pilots Songs csmith1999  6
RIP Christina Grimmie rufinthefury  33Rowan1000 Ratings Featured Rowan5215  69
Furry Tomodachi (┛❍ᴥ❍)┛彡┻━┻ KikuGirl  30

Best New Discovery in The Black Territory insaneanguish  0My 10 Favorite Albums Goblin  5
My Journey In Music cowboydan89  3Albums I Find Overrated pt.1 TheMrAlexK  13
sad recs HeckToPay  26Halp. Posthardcore/Metalcore/Prog & Indie Rock recs IceDoesntHelp  15
Mis Sigs Ranked Shoegazefan9789  13peores discos de toda la historia totogiorgi  7
End of an Era: Hyperion's Top 25 Featured Hyperion1001  7930 Best Circa Survive Songs TheHung89  6
SummerSeason SowingSeason  42Alice Cooper solo albums: 2000-2011 Gemini1979  0
Alice Cooper solo albums: 1986-1994 Gemini1979  3Album with Most Ratings? TheCureSucksHard  23
Rec artists for music festival BullettoBinary2  5Death Metal Everywhere Rowhaus  21
Current Music / Film Digs Mad.  7I had a three-way with John and Channing Free AMA ftinside  6
1000 Comments (Top 30 Albums) Muppelope  17Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 5 SCREAM!  27
Counting the minutes wham49  180s music please Troggy  21
Escapism in music and for writing Delusionalwolf  196 months, 6 5's AngryLittleAlchemist  20

Deftones in No Particular Order SmallLuigiBigHeart  10Spartan Races BallsToTheWall  6
Music when I'm angry (⋋▂⋌) KikuGirl  3380s U2 Songs You Should Prob Jam onionbubs  19
Walked for 27.3 miles today Dylan620  20top 50 discos favoritos totogiorgi  4
Sunn O))) and Big Brave Tonight chipperjones  2Alice Cooper solo albums: 1975-1983 Gemini1979  2
Metalcore recs elliootsmeuth  13Summer concerts brosephmcbrah  2
Favorite Opeth Tracks FullOfSounds  11January 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  0
Moonshine Tunes thwipthwip  1What Should I Bump to a 5?? Conmaniac  45
Best of 1970 Anthracks  28GIMME GIMME GIMME - I NEED SOME MORE Skoj  9
Diabolus is finally legal theacademy  22Rec me some hip hop/rap/r&b/literally anything ArtBox  13
New Lifeless LP (user-made) Greem  3Vinyl Update Sinternet  9
MyNameIsBirthday MyNameIsPencil  10Rammstein albums ranked! Jerryyz  0
Punk Rawk. theNateman  11live albums TVC15  19
2016 Best Albums Rakkie  8🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 user  9

1K Ratings: 5/5 Featured CL0VER  114sorry para, not happenin' Featured iloveyouall  148
The Best of the Best neekafat  7OVerWatcH characters RANkeD Tyler.  15
Obscure Metal Tournament Round 2 CaimanJesus  33What manga got you into manga *(@ _ @)* KikuGirl  58
Birthday pickups 2 AngryLittleAlchemist  4875 Favorite Movies With Your Good Pal MyCar Featured MyCarandMyGuitar  49
(Almost) Country Recs 4 Country Haters Conmaniac  27Get Schwifty Chortles  29
This site is filled with holier-than-thou douches. AHandfulOfSweatpants  42Rec Me Recs? :) Delusionalwolf  12
June Jams: Week 1 HeckToPay  4hals '16 metal hal1ax  16
this is my final album and life is mostly not good doomjitsu  31Digs fo ya Brigs pbateman  2
This decade Grind/PV/HXC Punk recs StarlessCore  10Favorite Porcupine Tree Tracks FullOfSounds  8
Soundtrack to my Life Altmer  5Albums that meant a lot in my musical experience Rastapunk  3
So what have I missed? Recspecs  45Richard Simmons BallsToTheWall  8
Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 4 SCREAM!  34wanna have a slap bet guhan  6
TA TA FOR NOW Toad  12Top 20 Movies of All Time Matthaios  77
Top 30 Favourite British Comedy Shows DoofusWainwright  68Some more underrated bands you should check out. Tomstein  5
My favorite band albums Tomstein  10How Do You Dress Up Cheap Beer? Spec  174
Mail Day chipperjones  4I'm Back!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ KikuGirl  33

Hip Hop: One year four months later theNateman  17The Gr8est LP OAT Under 200 votes (Low fat) ROUND3 Jasdevi087  20
Vinyl Collection Recommendations? aoz007  8R.I.P. Bernie's Campaign / 600 Ratings Toad  106
2016 Best Albums xHit  0summer shows 2016 climactic  11
For a friend Lagoped  3Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M16 CaimanJesus  18
Let's Play A Game Supercoolguy64  81check out this great band qib  39
Mac & Alyssa's Essential Albums koazey  5does accessible music have lower artistic value? SitruK6  119
Top 12 Favourite Shows DoofusWainwright  33belting recs (soul, folk, etc) Fossegrim  4
Flug's May 2016 in Music Flugmorph  18Rec me actually good thrash Sinternet  47
ZZ Top ranking: 1994-2012 Gemini1979  0Gapless, One Long Song Albums? LickMyAcehole  27
RIB vs PTK vs DD Shoegazefan9789  11My New Classical Album Sevengill  13
Cards in Hand BallsToTheWall  7List of some favorite Tv Shows. Valkoor952  75
RIP Muhammad Ali TheSonomaDude  35

Vinyl Collection (Rec me stuff) alman219  9Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M15 CaimanJesus  43
Palm Reading with Sachtradamus iloveyouall  109why won't it go away EmailAccounts  35
1998 favorites Ingridsbrother  18EURO 2016 Nocturnalize  877
Pitch Me One of Your 5s Like You're a Salesman ArsMoriendi  109Current albums/songs worth mentioning. NewBallistics  7
Addicting Songs Conmaniac  7Free Music To Add Vocals To CaptainDooRight  16
dm binge Keyblade  48First Solo Full Length from The Phonies laughingman22  8
Video Games and Bands CamiloG  26Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 3 SCREAM!  40
my 666 rating? what should it be? rabidfish  31Can't Find My Towel SmallLuigiBigHeart  7
May 2016 Digs and Recs oisincoleman64  14Music I Can't Stand Shamus248  75
Boney Graduated High School theBoneyKing  40How do I 'appreciate' music better? emprorzurg  48
The Vocal Range List 2: Updated and Improved ver. Jasdevi087  29Electronic 16.5 brokencycle  5
Going on deployment chinesewhispers  42Recent Jams TheACNightmare  4
When I Was A Painter gnarwhalsam  0

Listening/Drawing to 50s sci-fi horror flicks sailSAway  6Indie Rock/Folk Recs MistaCrave  10
Sputnik Leaves the House: Perfume Houses Ranked Featured Toad  93Violent Rap? Rawmeeth38  53
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M14 CaimanJesus  57Tis been a year already TheMrAlexK  20
Clover's Dop-who even cares CL0VER  42Summertime Sadness Altmer  3
Favorite Album Covers FullOfSounds  24I don't feel like coming out of my room today AngryLittleAlchemist  53
Train journey jams Rikkukun  4Summer Albums Rowhaus  15
Sputnik at Hogwarts Featured SnakeDelilah  285Should i bump these to a 5? SitruK6  38
Writers Wanted: Q2 Infinite Playlist 2016 Featured Brostep  47A tip for music streaming Cyberduck  1
iPod classic help? onionbubs  60walked in on my parents having sex grindcorecore  84
AshestoashesIsmokedust gnarwhalsam  2Higher Learning gnarwhalsam  2
another new ep (user-made) prelyks  6Overwatch Aftertheascension  62

how many hours do you usually sleep a night? EnyaFangirl  67Rec me sludgy/doomy stuff geezers1989  8
Weezer albums ranked 1-10 kingnateofhastings  0How good is your music listening experience? rabidfish  81
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M13 CaimanJesus  1163.5 rating should be changed claygurnz  50
Birthday pickups AngryLittleAlchemist  86Vinyl Day thecheatisnotdead  6
Tired. gnarwhalsam  30Rec me drone / doom / sludge. thesaddestday  29
Women who sing and stuff NLD  13Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 2 SCREAM!  116
The most extreme of the extreme PlasticRadioBand  21Recs for a sad gay? PansexualSheepDragon  25
Presenting my favorite bands pt. 1 (Pentagram) BenMorrison  10Albums I've Been Into Lately FullOfSounds  2
Doom (2016) Anthracks  37Stress Be Killin' Me OvDeath  33
RIP Muhammad Ali Keyblade  77"Best" Metal Releases So Far leatherrebel  25
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M12 CaimanJesus  41OKComputerPots: Compu Back Slash May Week 78 Part0 LordePots  34

Ranking The Strokes, Fuck Consequence of Sound ArtBox  5Converge - Jane Doe ranked SAPoodle  16
Need Help Finding a Song MalleusMaleficarum  16Concerning Rating Variance PlasticRadioBand  6
Guilty Pleasures FullOfSounds  6sitting underneath the critical surface musicallychallenged  2
Albums I wuld rate 1 if I culd cuz I h8 them extremesensei50  25Screaming bentheREDfan  26
Albums with Oceanic Themes/Sounds/Vibes? oisincoleman64  22I made an album colejaeger  2
Why rate what you don't understand? yourgodisinferior  822016 Metal Records I Loved So Far Stereochrome1  7
First Count to Altek album in 2 yrs AnimalsAsSummit  4Which is more influential? CharlotteAnnXiong  12
100 One and Done Bands (wip) anatelier  59ZZ Top ranking: 1970-1990 Gemini1979  2
Sunhouse V. Beethoven SmallLuigiBigHeart  133Nirvana V Foo Fighters claygurnz  22
More Influential : Jackson vs Prince vs Bowie AngryLittleAlchemist  11Albums You Should Love Conmaniac  9
3rd Sputversary SharkTooth  10More influential: Beethoven or brokeNCYDE PlasticRadioBand  18
Vocalist in a black metal band. Brabiz  7Good starting album for Bob Dylan AngryLittleAlchemist  35
Rock digs NLD  0

More influential : Led Zeppelin or Foo Fighters AngryLittleAlchemist  39Concerning objectivity PlasticRadioBand  25
Cheeses Ranked ZippaThaRippa  68Recommend me some songs/bands FullOfSounds  8
Gnarly/Obscure/Overlooked Digs Spag  3Phil Elverum's Wife Diagnosed with Cancer chinesewhispers  9
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M11 CaimanJesus  16Cradle of Filth ranked/300 lists/20,000 comments TheSpirit  16
grunge, shoegazer, black metal influence hentaislut  7More Indie rock in need Jethro42  26
Looking for Metalcore Recs MarsKid  147Thursday>Thrice onionbubs  43
Current Favorite Songs 6/2/2016 FlipTrackz  1Music Packaging Brabiz  55
Who needs new Black Metal? Featured yourgodisinferior  73Albums I've been listening to non-stop #2 Stjimmy101  10
It's an Early Halftime! YetAnotherBrick  24Beastliness BallsToTheWall  12
Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 1 SCREAM!  44I need some grooves torts  32
SuspendingGlow's May 2016 SuspendingGlow  0More Influential: Pink Floyd or Radiohead? guitarded_chuck  112
My 60 favorite records Conexus  20Made a Pokemon Remix BlackMalachite  3

Workout Jams Calc  26Metal Journey CamiloG  23
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M10 CaimanJesus  16Thrice Ranked PansexualSheepDragon  3
My Top Ten Most Scrobbled Albums erizen826  24Ready to Die Remaster PlasticRadioBand  5
List Cuz I Can Conmaniac  5no albums johnnydeking29  36
My (Current) Top 5 Albums of All-Time Bromero  12Summer Slayin - Death Metal Tourney SCREAM!  75
Alt RnB/Pop Recs Thealwaysopenedmind  16Metal Workout Rowhaus  35
TREEMAN'S MOVEMENT 2016 Treeman  3The best guitar work you've ever heard? Wearingyourmomsface  58
Hardcore Hawks Featured Hawks  82So my dog got 'accidentally' put down.. BallsDeep  36
2016 1/2 SowingSeason  15May Jams: Final Week HeckToPay  6

Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing ranked SAPoodle  10Rec Me Noise Rock MistaCrave  32
May 2016 wtferrothorn  5Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M9 CaimanJesus  10
Help a Waior Out Waior  33What genre should chinese get into chinesewhispers  37
The Gr8est LP OAT under 200 votes (with nuts) ROUND 2 Jasdevi087  59THE BEST THRICE LIST onionbubs  17
A Better Thrice List SowingSeason  10Rec me haunting Black Metal Flugmorph  38
The Man Who Fell to Earth PlasticRadioBand  8A Thrice List SnakeDelilah  4
Slashs May 2016 Hurricanslash  11Thrice chipperjones  12
May 2016 resumé UniqueUniverse  6Stuff 16.5 TwigTW  4
One Gotta Go-Meat Edition claygurnz  73Poll: Most Over-hyped Album of the last decade TheMrAlexK  213
Sputnik Top 100 Rated EvilEyez  59Thrice - 25 Top Tunes osmark86  19
Albums made by Baw Bags FondleMyBaws  0Falling on Hard Times Altmer  7
Converge - Petitioning the Empty Sky ranked SAPoodle  11Top 10 Albums of May 2016 BradleyLayne  2
The Clover Approved Jim Jam Jems Vol. 1 CL0VER  19

Review One Of My Albums JigglyPDiddy  9Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M8 CaimanJesus  35
AOTY/GFOTY 90'-99' holy shit babey yes Winesburgohio  15The TOP 10 Most Unnecessary Music Videos to Exist BlackDragon999  13
Music for Happy Listening: Vol 3 tacos N stuff  29House ov Starks BallsToTheWall  4
Autechre Songs yourgodisinferior  72Favourite Beers claygurnz  125
Symphonic Rock recs? dfevil085  12My Favorite Cartoons Muisc4Life26  151
Can someone review my first full-length album? peartnoy  10Happy Birthday Balls Featured Spec  40
Any Rockers On Tonight? Spec  83

The TOP 5 Most Unnecessary Deluxe Albums Ever BlackDragon999  23The Colour in Anything ranked sumyunguy  8
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M7 CaimanJesus  12the truth about meghan trainor Clair  40
Terrible Users AdolfChrist  455 BAAAAD users on this site HeckToPay  25
it's a beautiful sunday afternoon YakNips  17Top 10 Favourite Songs LorenzoDeAngeli  0
No Man's Sky Delayed BlackMalachite  81List is Summer Time Bandcamp Digs. Rec me similar! sprezzph  10
Rank my 5s johnnydeking29  15Best album of the decade owen  14
Top 5 Death solos Shoegazefan9789  19Jiggly's Birthday JigglyPDiddy  22
rec me recent music Cimnele  21Hidden Electronic Gems SlackContortion  9
The 50(-ish) States Of Music CL0VER  14Converge - Halo in a Haystack ranked SAPoodle  10
Ranking In Rainbows AngryLittleAlchemist  25Most Embarrassing Crunk Party Jams random  9

Rec me 2015/2016 Dubstep (burial, swarms, etc) sprezzph  5My Top 25 Records Right Now Muisc4Life26  43
Sup ftinside  4Merica BallsToTheWall  14
Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M6 CaimanJesus  25RaFi's list for uptight hipster fa**/#s rabidfish  8
New to Sput (+vinyl collection) BullettoBinary2  55Rating Problem. WTF? brettgoespunk  36
Resorting the Top 200 2: User Usage Weighted Mean Featured macman76  42

Albums of 2016 I've Checked Out LastEpic  5Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M5 CaimanJesus  25
2016 so far ranked TooManyFriends  15up in this bitch (new here) Clair  58
Unable to 1/1.5 Albums? Conmaniac  250Summer mix logicisirrelevant  2
April/May Record Pick-Ups WellFedWhiteMale  2A Moon Shaped Pool: Reshuffled SowingSeason  17
Thrice Ranked Stereochrome1  24Doppelgangaz StarlessCore  4
sum basikchanL  0yo when's the chart gonna change to 2016 HeckToPay  33
Random Songs I Vibe With Dctarga  2Ichiro BallsToTheWall  20
Nice work playlist TiedDown93  4neo-folk is pretty cool 7ColoredFish  16
Megadeth Production Ranked Betray  12

Should I 1 it? Toad  39Eating ghost pepper for the first time Dryden  56
Bottomless Pit! Judio!  16What clothes should I wear next? yourgodisinferior  15
(Prog) Metal Recs? TheFirstLemur  8My first full length album is up Storm In A Teacup  10
Orchestral jazz? Mystletainn  11Best of 2016 so far btati  11
Should I 5 it? yourgodisinferior  97Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M4 CaimanJesus  17
Rec me Trap Bangers TVC15  48Gucci Mane is Free imjustjoshinya  12
Bands I have seen live( Part 1) Manqaness24  1500 Ratings MistaCrave  20
Recent cheap pickups twwerkcity  0List Of Favorite Bands, Maybe You Agree Dctarga  5
recently acquired jems wham49  10Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous Ranked Torontonian  5
Whittling down a tracklist Storm In A Teacup  6Top metalcore albums kingdedethefifth  29
Need some new Recs Robred390  1why obama should b elected uh 3hird term TheMagicalBlender  29
Iron Maiden ranked h0rsehunter  10Flagellating Xenomorphs OvSci-Fi Metal OvDeath  28
I'm new 7ColoredFish  45Emerson, Lake & Palmer Albums Ranked FloydZepp4ever  1

Remixed my last song figure337  1Obscure Metal Tournament R1 M3 CaimanJesus  15
2010-2012 TomBombadil  2Vinyl Collection #2 Ziguvan  2
Symphonic Black Metal Brabiz  30Hans' Epic Concert Month BigHans  8
you guys heard of DONELD TRUMP Kman418  39Pure As The Sun BallsToTheWall  10
transcendental recs Fossegrim  15Katatonia Ranked laralan1977  7
Favourite instrumental albums anthonyp426  16Best Bands Ever Superreallycool  15
0. Prog// anthonyp426  12Post-Rock Starter Pack JigglyPDiddy  26
upcoming games smaugman  95cutting the grass in may Gestapo  14
May I share a Jam with you? theNateman  2Best Bands Ever luigybetis  48
Soul cirq  4Yu-Gi-Oh BallsToTheWall  60

10 Minutes (More Or Less) Supercoolguy64  7Obscure metal Tournament R1 M2 CaimanJesus  28
The Gr8est LP OAT under 200 votes limited edition round 1 Jasdevi087  146Top 5 Favorite Screamo Songs Crymsonblaze  77
We want the funk laughingman22  12Favorite Kendrick Lamar Album? Muisc4Life26  41

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