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Sputnik Madness Round of 32 SowingSeason My what seems to be annual list as in one a year MassiveAttack 
Ed's top 100 albums part 1 RadicalEd Ins' EP - Fool's Gold Insurrection 
Albums that deserve more attention. ComeToDaddy Hep's Underrated Punk Gems v. 1.0 Hep Kat 
JT's Half Decade JamieTwort Potsy: February 2015 LordePots 
2009: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7 Under the Radar 2015 Part. 1 djunior 
*Drops Mic* Recspecs i'm still cute bungy 

Top 20 Favorite Guitar Players Palatial  6

A Leak Ruined my LP's CursedBell  33Top 10 Hit Singles of 2005 Froot  3
3 Favorite Songs From Prog Metal's Big Three Snowdog808  13Blackwater Park ranked trve  11
Defeater Ranked furpa  23gross story Supercoolguy64  20
Bought too many vinyl records today iPim  21Vinyl Adds (Bin-Addiction) WellFedWhiteMale  3
Artists Who Stopped/Broke Up After Best Album Rawmeeth38  32DEATH GRIPS SUMMER TOUR Halfman  7
Seeing Death Grips in June MyNameIsPencil  23The Breakfast Club If They Were Artists SnakeDelilah  7
Threeversary OvDeath  13I have an open spotify playlist, fill it pl0x DanielNightLewis  1
Favourite Guest Features Rowan5215  32A Journey Through Metal: Part 19 1985 BenMorrison  2
top 10 tool songs because we're doing this now howmanycanyoufit  12Gimme some essentials for road trips HarryBoBerry  22

Give Me Bm Hawks  342 years on sputnik YakNips  49
Potsy: 7 Year Sputnik Annibirthsary & 2015 Stuff PotsyTater  55Give me all your recs!!! Thuglifethor  16
Jedi Flipping TheSpaceMan  20Top 10 Tool Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  21
Psychedelic Recs wtferrothorn  14Favorite bands/Albums/Tracks AstralBlood  2
Therayder's 2013 therayder  0Heavy Music in 2015 Q1 SpiritCrusher2  20
I hate everyone on sputnik SwanSoup  15Sputnik Madness Round of 32 Featured SowingSeason  78
A Journey Through Metal: Part 18 1984 BenMorrison  1My what seems to be annual list as in one a year Featured MassiveAttack  12

We Broke Up Rawmeeth38  33New MINSK Song Relinquished  8
shitty steam game code giveaway howmanycanyoufit  262015 Recommendations? therayder  14
Loma Prieta SnakeDelilah  16More Vinyl Pickups Snowdog808  5
Best Album Per Genre IronGiant  411998 mttgry  11
Q1 2015 RivalSkoomaDealer  13How do you rate? Cyberduck  87
Rare CDs I own FlyheadMetal  9I Dropped a New Album AnimalsAsSummit  15
Recent Vinyl Grabs ButteryBiscuitBass  7Dub Recs Shuyin  24
A Journey Through Metal: Part 17 1983 BenMorrison  1do you ever feel demigod!  56
Redo brosephmcbrah  1

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. II riffariffic7  2What???! TDG vs Death FlyheadMetal  78
Need new music to help me through my dissertation isabelisabell  11Explosions in the Sky Ranked Muisc4Life26  14
Organic Sludge Attack, Vol. 0 pissbore  10Please Recommend Me Some Electronica Mikatron  26
March is Madness Deathbeds  0My favorite clean vocalists Linx  43
The X-Files is back! TheGreatQ  12Hammerheart Ranked Snowdog808  6
Hold me cirq  38Top 25 of 2014 Abscurat  2
Pianos Become The Teeth Ranked furpa  7Bloodborne MalleusMaleficarum  169
Sputnik Madness Bracket B - The Field of 68 SowingSeason  166A Journey Through Metal: Part 16 1982 BenMorrison  1
Depression Recs Fossegrim  35SUPER OBSCURE DEATH METAL! Vetimus  10

Sputnik Telephone pedro70512  67Embrace Vs. Rites of Spring Idoltrous8991  3
Favorite Black Metal Records Olik1984  1210k plays YakNips  20
Jazz puntugruhm  11Cool As Heck Metal Albums With Less Than 50 Rates. Spag  10
Half Decade Part 4: 2013(qt.) treeqt.  20Thrice Ranked Royl123  11
Rec me some albums DamnVanne  13im engaged! itchybutthole  70
Record Store Day 2015 WellFedWhiteMale  6Van Halen Albums ranked hedunadan  4
Metallica: Ranked MaggieG  1Volta Ranked JJKeys  0
Milestone: 1000 Ratings/50 Albums Dodenakker  41997 mttgry  8
Released New Trvth lp CaptainDooRight  9Stuff I've liked in 2015 so far ellagos  5
Finished Persona 4 theacademy  9At The Drive-In: Ranked JoeMcSatanBalls  9
The Albums I Have Been Waiting! Travelhead  0Nowadays, I Listen To These Ten Albums Travelhead  3
Top 10 Metal Album Covers anguirel21  0A Journey Through Metal: Part 15 1981 BenMorrison  4
Introducing albums smaugman  19CLASSIC THRASH METAL YOU MUST HEAR! Vetimus  7
OBSCURE UNDERRATED BLACK/DEATH METAL Vetimus  20i really wants some y-3s Phlegm  50

Workout Recs IncurablyInane  36New Old Records cryptside  3
My Top 50 'The Prodigy' Songs! M1CH03L  2Squidward WesleyJones  36
Most annoying computer virus ever. TheSonomaDude  27Make Do And Mend Ranked furpa  3
Leviathan Ranked Hawks  32Is Rock Music Dead? WesleyJones  50
Join the Sludge Rising pissbore  18Modern Classics? fish.  32
Top 10 Clutch Songs as of 3/22/14 grungetongue16  1HRH Prog linguist2011  1
The Crow: Awesome Mix, Vol. I riffariffic7  1Halo Ranked. DrGonzo1937  138
Reggae session Rastapunk  7New death/sludge metal song Madbutcher3  1
What's Up Sputnik? Tunaboy45  45Rec me bands with no bad albums MotoOnSputnik  144
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 8 Jasdevi087  6Aaron's 2k14 Hip-hop/pop Playlist aaronrkc  3
A Journey Through Metal: Part 14 1980 BenMorrison  2Sputnik Madness Bracket A - The Field of 68 SowingSeason  236
rock albums worth a shot 2015 mawdicker411  2

Really? Romhec89  3My top of Pantera Albums. justAman  9
Underrated Metal Albums Vetimus  11MOUNTAIN GOATS LEAKED dimsim3478  3
Potsy 2015: March Week III LordePots  42Tool Ranked MotoOnSputnik  61
great punk albums slarti  0808s and Dark Grapes III Single IronGiant  6
My Faith No More list justAman  9Death Grips (Ranked) beefshoes  32
World Cup SitarHero  19Enslaved ranked TheHamburgerman  9
Favourite YouTube Channels oisincoleman64  68My Top 30 Favourite Albums M1CH03L  7
Currently Digging M1CH03L  2John Frusciante Solo Records justAman  1
Top Ten Weezer Songs WesleyJones  18The Most Underrated Wu-Tang Emcee jmh886  0
New BTBAM, 'Coma Ecliptic' IAMLEGION  3Power Metal jopower  5
VOTE NOW! Sputniks DM Classics Flugmorph  382Favorite albums of all time smaugman  25
I made a new song! Beardog  4My objective list of metal:: Romhec89  6
A Journey Through Metal: Part 13 1979 BenMorrison  02015 Metal Releases LommyGreenhands  0
100 Favorite Albums (3/15 Update) JCGold14  580 gig iPod Classic yeah VaxXi  18
What's the deal with people mislabeling emo music? BLUEOmni  51

Broken Record: AOTY 2014 Frisbee  1how come there's peacocks in the front yard bungy  20
Spring Break Music Marathon wtferrothorn  7ya'll still listen to music? Greyvy  36
Advertisement galore DecayingMajesty  8yak/itchy split YakNips  13
Fist Her Relinquished  24Iron Maiden ranked meatwadsprite  5
50 Abhorrent Releases SomeSayShesNaive  23Ya Should Check These Out TheWrenKing  4
Top 10 Best-Selling Rock Albums TheMagicalBlender  10Rate my second LP Apetzar  4
5 Great Songs Trebor.  13Rush ranked 2 (as requested) smaugman  8
Rishloo Ranked MotoOnSputnik  17Give me your picks for best metal album nakedwesmile  38
Deftones smaugman  10partial solar eclipse in europe right now!! Flugmorph  46
Opeth ranked smaugman  44A Journey Through Metal: Part 12 1978 BenMorrison  7
Rush albums ranked smaugman  13Did album art for the new EP by Thundercloud Kid Brabiz  4

Life's a garden. Dig it. Oneironaut  3Hard Digs YetAnotherBrick  7
bands that were just better in the 90's NorthernSkylark  662015 Metal Hawks  58
be a god damn man chemicalmarriage  57Worst album covers Aftertheascension  57
do people even care silentstar  40Favorite Death Cab Single So Far...? postrockpaperscissor  9
Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. VI LordePots  53Recent CD Acquisitons wtferrothorn  8
My Top 10 Albums PinkZeppelin76  15 All Time Favorite Albums JamesMcNulty  5
2014's Beefiest Cuts beefshoes  3JENNY DEATH NOW FourthReich  82
10 Best Ambient Albums of All Times NickLizard49  39Current Fav 15 boredcore  0
Some of my favorite albums of all time MrGumby  11My spotify deathcore list XfingTheSullen  0
Essential Power Metal BlackLlama  17The definitive Opeth list Flugmorph  49
A Journey Through Metal: Part 11 1977 BenMorrison  0Opeth Ranked (Sorry) MotoOnSputnik  47
Best Titles of 2014 SputnikSweetheart  5Best Albums of 2013 SputnikSweetheart  4
my band's new song botb  8

1996 mttgry  9Top 10 Bands as of March 18th 2015 grungetongue16  10
Top 15 Albums of March 18,2015 grungetongue16  1I Don't Get It Muppelope  65
Yr Avrg 2015 Lst TheWrenKing  10Half Decade Part 3: 2012(qt.) treeqt.  28
My favorite Albums from all time. justAman  7Neurosis Ranked MotoOnSputnik  12
Newest Additions to my Collection Flugmorph  11Punk Shows Rule YetAnotherBrick  3
Fave Albums all time kdobailey  9Recent Vinyl Purchases and Stuff Thuglifethor  4
A Journey Through Metal: Part 10 1976 BenMorrison  0New vinyl day! Halfman  6
Jazz/Progressive Rock Recs. Roboscott  13Kendrick Lamar ranked Riviere  24

Please Do Not Look At This List WashboardSuds  22Top 5 Greatest Albums kenoalbumreview  2
Rec Me Hardcore / Powerviolence / Crust emester  23My Favorite Albums at the moment Linx  6
Recent Jams theNateman  3Ratings Purge StallionMang  47
La Dispute Ranked furpa  19Recommend decent music .... Markedforgreatness  15
My Top 6 Drummers dathvada321  20TED NUGENT IS UNDERRATED charbyno  30
Vinyl So Far Underflow  14Meshuggah Ranked MotoOnSputnik  45
1995 mttgry  8Guitar Playing Gloves bakkermaarten007  16
Clash of Clans: Anyone Play It? CaptainDooRight  25JS19's top 150 songs: 100-50 JS19  8
A Journey Through Metal: Part 9 1975 BenMorrison  2

Best Post-Hardcore Bands (imo) Danred97  21FANTASY BASEBALL! Green Baron  15
delayed 2014 favorites list puntugruhm  72015 Releases LommyGreenhands  1
Aaron's Guitar Music 2014 Playlist aaronrkc  2Modern Trip-hop TheWrenKing  5
March Madness 2015 YoYoMancuso  22Cool Japanese Bands? Ichangedmynametojeff  40
Mastodon Ranked MotoOnSputnik  106JS19's top 150 songs: 150-100 JS19  11
A Journey Through Metal: Part 8 1974 BenMorrison  2free Acoustic EP by loveisamixtape loveisamixtape  20
THRASH / POWER / SPEED / PROGRESSIVE METAL Romhec89  4Our Album Is Out!! Brabiz  12
pls recommend me pop punk Eulogize  23Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. V LordePots  28
Recs for Those Who Fear Tomorrow Pls deyp  42Thinking About Buying A PS2 Muisc4Life26  37

Drone Doom Ocean of Noise  7goin soft? Ryus  29
Most jammed jams this month DangerBatty  0Half Decade Part 2: 2011(qt.) treeqt.  19
Guess The Album Tunaboy45  102Is NEET life any good? Froot  19
Stuff I've Been Jammin' Lately TylerLamberg  5Rec me metal geumjandi  9
Choose my playlist. johnnydeking29  11Seeing TDWP Tonight erizen826  17
1994 mttgry  8The Mars Volta top 30 jmnewcomer18  19
New Track Up ButteryBiscuitBass  25Ed's top 100 albums part 1 Featured RadicalEd  45
Whats going on with Putin hey? 24gadjet  26A Journey Through Metal: Part 7 1973 BenMorrison  0
Katatonia Ranked MotoOnSputnik  19

Songs for my BS mood 24gadjet  11Favorite 60s Psych I've Heard IronGiant  15
Blue (Sput cliche #23) Jasdevi087  52Potsy 2015: March Week II LordePots  29
Doom recs please? Gameofmetal  45Blue Mountains Folk Festival Rowan5215  12
We Not Cool. SnakeDelilah  8My Vinyl Collection (So Far) Atari  14
Need a drummer ASAP glassg7  1Lost My Concert Virginity oisincoleman64  9
Sputnik Madness 2015 SeaAnemone  125So Did You Hear About the Thing? ThyCrossAwaits  6
Ins' EP - Fool's Gold Featured Insurrection  17A Rainy Vinyl Saturday londoncalling457  6
Album Of The Year 2014 Pherin  6Albums that you own(ed) t-shirts of Froot  45
1993 mttgry  7vinylesque NorthernSkylark  10
Christian bands that everyone likes Toondude10  79Incubus: Ranked MaggieG  7
metal hard tempest--  12A Journey Through Metal: Part 6 1972 BenMorrison  0
No Wings To Speak Of vs. The Satellite Years chinesewhispers  3Best of Japanese Indie 2014 amaoto  2
Vinyl Destination Ryuujin  4Fury controlled  4
Best of Japanese Indie 2013 amaoto  215 unknown jewels deadstory  5

Spring 2015 Listens kdobailey  1Top 15 Favorite Emo Albums fushiigi  6
Rec me Post Hardcore stuff... JohnFire  41rip ipod Classic MMX  32
Recommend me something like these geumjandi  3Favorite Actors InfernalOarsman  31
judio and bm split BMDrummer  26Overrated CursedBell  40
A Journey Through Metal: Part 5 1971 BenMorrison  11992 mttgry  9
WEEN ranked yep123  11Best Classical Songs herbulver  5
Uh Huh This My Shit idonthavetimeforthis  0My Most Influential Albums BeyondCosby  5
favorite black metal Aftertheascension  44Dark Tranquillity ranked trve  10
Vinyl ButteryBiscuitBass  17Sonic Youth Ranked yep123  17
More Metal. controlled  18how do u write about music RosaParks  17
where's my pizza Killerhit  11

Slipknot Ranked oisincoleman64  10i saw nothing YakNips  13
Opeth Ranked InfernalOarsman  12Fifty of My Favourite Releases from 2013 WellFedWhiteMale  2
Isis Ranked MotoOnSputnik  24Return To Form. CrazyBrave1982  13
Fugazi Ranked Aftertheascension  26Favourite IDM/Noise? Cyberduck  13
New Wave of American Heavy Metal mikep87  37A Journey Through Metal: Part 4 1970 BenMorrison  5
Favorite Albums + EPs (2) shmowzow  42008: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  1
1991 mttgry  16My Shitty Nostalgia List iSkane  7
Random Album List (for the SpotonJohnny) Frippertronics  14Wrote a sweet little acoustic song figure337  3
Excellent Modern Hip Hop Muisc4Life26  9Metal Radio Station - Most Played FlyheadMetal  5

Best albums rock 70's Romhec89  0Classical Jams Atari  11
Questionable Album Titles lz41  4Rec Me Some Good Rock/Punk/Metal Extended-Plays TheMagicalBlender  11
My Top 15 Favorite Albums of All Time WesleyJones  9Hip-Hop '15 > Hip-Hop '14 Hep Kat  51
Any Chill Recs? BigPleb  31Rate All My 5s oisincoleman64  49
10 great albums under 100-vote mark gagnonov  113 Years EvoHavok  19
1990 mttgry  0A Journey Through Metal: Part 3 1969 BenMorrison  6
Happy 311 Day Lakes.  33Classical and classical influenced/related music puntugruhm  16
Sput Aftertheascension  18Intronaut Ranked MotoOnSputnik  7
Rap I kinda sorta like I guess? GreyShadow  57

Top 50 Favorite Albums fushiigi  24Strong Openers Supercoolguy64  15
Gojira Ranked MotoOnSputnik  15Potsy 2015: March Week I LordePots  51
Strapping Young Lad Ranked InfernalOarsman  25Metal. controlled  2
Best 15 Albums of 2014 LackingInCharm  1SputnikMusic: The First 50 Classics SalteyBacon  6
Hittin the sauce londoncalling457  250 favorite albums atm, rec some Bedex  6
Best Fugazi Closer Idoltrous8991  21it's time to rank modest mouse mryrtmrnfoxxxy  18
alberta prem vodka Spec  12A Journey Through Metal: Part 2 1968 BenMorrison  0
El mejor subgénero del BLACK METAL Romhec89  18

Death Ranked InfernalOarsman  12Pet Sounds Ranked ParanoidAndroid96  15
Sum 41 Ranked oisincoleman64  8Green Day Ranked WesleyJones  20
Gorguts Vinyl Reissues Balerion  23Rec me breakbeat / happy hardcore / rave tnuoccayawaworht  12
A Pink Floyd Epiphany MyNameIsPencil  15Which age group is right? bakkermaarten007  85
Lowest Rated Album You Gave A 5/5? TheMagicalBlender  91insomnium ranked trve  10
A Journey Through Metal: Part 1 1967 (Proto Metal) BenMorrison  7Godspeed You! Black Emperor Ranked MotoOnSputnik  18
Excellent overlooked records of all styles. JasonCarne  14disturbing. yep123  37

Loudness War Albums that I Unfortunately Enjoy LPFTW  18Kreator Ranked InfernalOarsman  8
Symbolic Ranked [2] Necrotica  9Favorite Albums + EPs shmowzow  0
Albums that deserve more attention. Featured ComeToDaddy  89a return to lists Ovrot  2
Top 20 favorite albums pannkakesangen  12Happy Woman Day treeqt.  45
Symbolic Ranked FacelessMan  32Fall of Efrafa Ranked MotoOnSputnik  6
Check Out My New Album! Final Origin  7International Women's Day bakkermaarten007  72
My 5/5 albums FlyheadMetal  16All-Time Favourites FilmAvenue  0
Carolina Rebellion Lineup 2015 zachbuddie  2My Top 10 Deathcore Albums Of All Time HisBelovedMaker  15
Top 100 Albums Blackbelt54  0Vinyl Collection Started cryptside  48
Quick jamz list MoosechriS  1Steel Panther Live Tunaboy45  11
Metallica Top Ten Songs WesleyJones  13Bands I'm digging in the past weeks WhereTheSkyEnds  5
The best of Dream pop/Shoegaze Romhec89  18

Led Zeppelin Ranking Muisc4Life26  9Bands to watch for in 2015...or not. OverSlyZed  32
Half Decade Part 1: 2010(qt.) treeqt.  19Why I Hate My School Friends oisincoleman64  58
Hep's Underrated Punk Gems v. 1.0 Featured Hep Kat  58My top 20 albums Tobmast  3
JT's Half Decade Featured JamieTwort  80Top 100 Albums InfernalOarsman  13
Some interesting stuff AWOL3  3Night(s) Out BigPleb  26
Core v core michaelmyerstbh  9Jazz n' Prog Torontonian  27
Good old metalcore HisBelovedMaker  23Angel Dust Ranked FacelessMan  27
Devin Townsend = BEST SHOW EVER! SitarHero  8Recent Digs metalheadrunner  6
Top 10 Pantera Songs romulanrancor  8As Tall As Lions Self Entitled Album Ranked MercilessBat  4
Top 8 Van Der Graaf Generator albums MrGumby  5My top Frank Zappa albums MrGumby  14
Death Ranked (Updated) Necrotica  12Black Metal BOR  6
Of Mice & Men - All Songs Ranked ToddDC  5Nirvana - All Songs Ranked ToddDC  13
Thibs Digs Thibs  15My Top 100 Albums ToddDC  7
tonight rules fam mryrtmrnfoxxxy  33

Name that Album Cover: Sput cliche #14 Jasdevi087  25My Favorite Music Bands/Aritists GoldenGuy444  0
More Underrated Thrash RVAHC13  4Name That Album Cover II: The Sequel - Answers Given TheMagicalBlender  35
Modest Mouse Ranked TalonsOfFire  43The Dark, Dark Bright - Ranked GreyShadow  9
Enslaved ranked Artuma  22Vinyl Addic-quisitions WellFedWhiteMale  12
Death (Band) Ranked MotoOnSputnik  33TOYPAJ Ranked oisincoleman64  5
Done With Midterms Judio!  13Obscure Recs IronGiant  9
Current Digs/Recs Welcome YoYoMancuso  115 Favorite Albums of Each Year of the 1970s Snowdog808  5
Cosmos AstralBlood  82015 deadstory  11
The Smiths Ranked StallionMang  15Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010 joepiestar  6
Emperor ranked Aftertheascension  18Rate my album (finally on Bandcamp) CatsEatNetherlands  4
Sput cirq  21Going to L.A. Tomorrow Necrotica  16
AOTY titanslayer  11Played With A Band For The First Time Today Funeralopolis  10

Forgot to Promo This. boredcore  1I Saw Magic Johnson HalfManHalfAmazing  21
Top 20 Best Songs Sigh99  0Red House Painters / Sun Kil Moon ranked Deadwing42  5
More Humble Rappers Please Watchman97  20Slayer Ranked InfernalOarsman  10
Review my Metal Band's Debut LP pissbore  100Bass Player Albums FunkyFleaBass  31
My Favorite Songs ToddDC  7Official Maxo 187 Listening Party/Hype Fred Hep Kat  58
Attack of the ear worm TheSonomaDude  5Hey, check out my band's new EP! Thor  10
Cam's Top Albums 200-100 thesongneverends  10Blink-182 Ranked MotoOnSputnik  5
Japanese Playlist OldCrime  21Fav albums heavy metal, so far Romhec89  16

Making Beats OysterizerInsomniac  4Rob's 31 Greatest Albums of All Time oldmangloom207  8
Cam's Top Albums 100-1 thesongneverends  21Albums para começar a gostar de Synth-Pop Matielliz  8
Top 10 Best Albums Of 2014 TheFourthCircle25  0Top Five Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 TheFourthCircle25  0
Potsy: February 2015 Featured LordePots  189February In Review emester  16
A (Basically) complete Vinyl list widowslaugh123  4What's Up Fuckers, Cave Clops Is Here And Ready To CaveClops69  18
SycAmour & Brightwell Live BlueSwan  1Yellowcard: The Ranking MyNameIsPencil  8
Agalloch Ranked (Including EPs) MotoOnSputnik  14Morning Jams WesleyJones  18
The Best Is Yet To Come: Sowing's Most Anticipated SowingSeason  22Some of my favorite guitar solos brainmelter23  17

2009: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart Featured riffariffic7  12Hit a brick wall rapideyemovement  17
Rochester and Rosenstock Green Baron  17Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  8
Top Ten Albums of February 2015. efterljus  1Ins' debut EP info Insurrection  59
Musica para ouvir chapado (ou não) Matielliz  5Recent Digs oisincoleman64  1
Songs you can't help singing along to Avagantamos  41B A S E B A L L treeqt.  57
Kiss "Creatures of the Night" ranked facupm  4Mah most hated Metal Albums Necromaniac  17
Some Really Bad Albums By Really Good Bands InfernalOarsman  25Mah favorite Death Metal ALbums Necromaniac  7
albums with less than 10 ratings that are really letme69johndarnielle  2Febuary: Slightly Less Sick Than January wtferrothorn  7
Rec me music for night time road trips! SwanSoup  16100 Favourite Albums Of All Time (Revised!) TheRunningPanda  3
Top 10 Porcupine Tree Songs (With Description) UnderTheNorthernScar  19My Favorite Prog Albums AnimalsAsSummit  26
Worst Career Reinventions lz41  26Feel the love. Dodenakker  7
Musical Decades Ranked Muisc4Life26  65

Metallica Ranked LPFTW  10Rec Me Black Metal emester  12
Indian broke up :( lardplanet  21Black metal digs Aftertheascension  4
Stand-up comedy albums Froot  17Top 10 Scores of 2014 JesusChristLives  6
Black Metal Greyvy  22Deftones: Ranked MaggieG  10
007 Goldeneye N64 Levels Ranked Graveyard  34LindaMar BlueSwan  2
5 Albums I Have Been Fucking With Lately DukeofWarden  7Under the Radar 2015 Part. 1 Featured djunior  39
Summoning Intros Ranked carved  5Which band do you own the most merch of? SCREAM!  89
2015 february qt. treeqt.  31One Long Song Gapless Albums? BarryMckokiner  26
Top 10 Hip-hop Beats yourgodisinferior  15Groove Metal Recs? PrefrontalCortex  14
Top Five Sellout Rock/Metal Bands WesleyJones  26Rec Me Tech Death Wonderbread  29
The 5's To Be? GreyShadow  14Lyrics to a Song I Just Wrote YetAnotherBrick  6

First List in a Year and a Half cvlts  14Am I Patrician Now? Also Digs. Ichangedmynametojeff  15
Everything I Listened to in 2015 TheMagicalBlender  14TBDM Rated Aftertheascension  10
90s Alternative Gems Muisc4Life26  13Most Overrated Albums Ever BlacKapes  173
digs musicallychallenged  2Metallica Title Tracks Ranked LPFTW  8
My Sputnikmusic project MotoOnSputnik  74100 Favorite Albums of the 60s anobsoletevernacular  24
My Death Metal Top 20 Donchivo  5brutlistic tendencies FlyheadMetal  1
Hidden Gems from the 60s and 70s IronGiant  8things treeqt.  38
death metal/trying out the new lists Ryus  36My top Gentle Giant albums MrGumby  12
Best Deathcore-ish Stuff You'll Probably Find chinesewhispers  6enlighten me bach  17
Worst Album Closers Ever Insurrection  33Griefing Rice303  6
2010: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  10

Some of my favorite metal song finales/endings XfingTheSullen  14Top 10 The Doors Songs romulanrancor  7
Underrated Megadeth Songs (Chronological Order) TheMagicalBlender  15a djent a day keeps the derp away LeCoolestMver  7
and1selfies Hep Kat  8Dimebags Grave Desecrated wakeupdead  42
Kiss "Music From The Elder" Ranked facupm  7February 2015 anobsoletevernacular  0
January 2015 anobsoletevernacular  12My List of my personal Must Haves Fred2112  6
My Top 5: all time 11/10's MadMikeLove  0Sales Pitch: Albums/Films of 2014 deathofasalesman  11
Walks of Life (February) LifeFeedsOnLife  0Benny The Jet Rodriguez appreesh Hep Kat  5
It's my new album, I guess Hurricanslash  13Enter Shikari Live Mort.  5
ghostface travisbickle36  0Lefondre's top 15 releases of 2014 Lefondre  0
Great metal you might have missed from 2014 brainmelter23  11Weezer Albums Ranked WesleyJones  3
Some Of The Best Albums of 2014 Handers  3

WHO FUCKING PUT THIS SHIT PILL IN MY POTATO SALAD BubbaTheShitPill  050 Favorites From 2010-2014 EverythingEvil2113  3
I think i'll use the site again. list is dig-ems MadMikeLove  17Rec Me Girl Pop and Indie Rock zhengyu  5
Actual 5's for me 24gadjet  24Which is better? Linx  17
Digz tom79  2February 2015 JCGold14  9
noise rock illmitch  48*Drops Mic* Featured Recspecs  89
i'm still cute Featured bungy  19My Top 15 Rush Songs charbyno  13
Blatant Beach Boys Rip Off Recs IronGiant  16January/ February 2015 thejared  0
Punky IDDQD Hipster Mode -- On Parallels  10Anything Somewhat Similar To These? postrockpaperscissor  9
Top 10 Judas Priest Songs romulanrancor  12My Mountain Goats Cover OvDeath  11
Nocte's 2/12 of 2015 Report Featured NocteDominum  15January/February 2015 - Best Of Frippertronics  11
hey give me movie recs Kman418  45

Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. IV LordePots  52Favourite Vocalists FacelessMan  19
Hidden Gems and Great Recent Stuff emester  21top 2 albumszc DoomCity  0
Glitchy/Electronic/IDM/Ambient/MathRock Recsss? boredcore  20Best Unknown Psych Pop IronGiant  11
Class Playist TheGreatQ  3In the valley of the best Marilyn Manson albums in order... boff  4
My Favorite Directors InfernalOarsman  45I hurt my shoulder Slut  5

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