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trynna get my 2k17 blackout-rave mix together nocuffin Conthousand, a review Conmaniac 
HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT: Don't you forget us #3 UniqueUniverse Share Some Singles Vol. 4: Submission Thread wtferrothorn 
ranked: all of bojack Rowan5215 trap/drill-17 nocuffin 
Willie's 2017 So Far Willie Ten Years of Bliss someguest 
noise in this year of our lord nocuffin Classical!! Gwyn. 
2000 Ratings for Talons TalonsOfFire Every* Brand New Song, Ranked ashcrash9 

Screamo Bands I Am Really Digging Right Now - 9/24 JLR2DEG  1reminder that if youre going to boycott the nfl it theacademy  9
Uni's 2017 Tourney UniqueUniverse  10Favorite Soundtracks Greem  18
my coolest and newest additions to the collection. spongie68  1100% OBJECTIVE RADIOHEAD ALBUM RANKING VirtualBlaze  1
Toad Drops New Single Toad  28digs 808muzik  0
Albums,bands,music I've enjoyed goblinilbog  2

What's your favorite lesser used instrument? ArsMoriendi  36In bed staring at the ceiling recs erizen826  16
Rnd 15: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  6I'm Back For Now - Send Modern Metal Recs TheMagicalBlender  8
New arrivals MoosechriS  0Creme's Best Albums of 2017 so far CremeBrulee  2
trynna get my 2k17 blackout-rave mix together Featured nocuffin  17Question: Why can't us normies rate things 3.8? GreyShadow  50
Obligatory fall black metal list MistaCrave  16

Neek's First Listen: The Killers' "Wonderful(x2)" neekafat  15FOR AGAINST: Don't you forget us #5 UniqueUniverse  8
Have any of you seen 'Mother!'? brainmelter  2213 Albums I Need to Check for 2017 Divaman  3
Rnd 5: Pjorn Doesn't Hate Everything pjorn  30Oppressive Music Day Xenophanes  5
bore me cryptologous  63Albums for grieving CugnoBrasso  8
Doof: 15,000 useless comments, 4000 dumb ratings DoofusWainwright  51Progday Discovery M2 Friday13th  43

Songs I Can Never Listen to Again (Neek's Blues 2) neekafat  126to let you know on the web site hasan  36
TUXEDOMOON: Don't you forget us #4 UniqueUniverse  9Harder Daddy BallsToTheWall  6
Morning Metal dixoncocks  4Conthousand, a review Featured Conmaniac  89
Rnd 4: Pjorn Doesn't Hate Everything pjorn  77Thrice ranked johnnydeking29  10
YEEZY RANKED Ryus  59Good music, questionable views oweinerwaltini  12
Spreading the black word (list is digs) MoosechriS  12In Memoriam pjquinones747  5
Recc Good DSBM? Ninjahague  16

Be careful with what you wish for rodrigo90  97HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT: Don't you forget us #3 Featured UniqueUniverse  23
Rec me blackness for the basket NorthernSkylark  14Dear sputnik evilford  36
CHRIS NOLAN RANKED (Post Dunkirk) yanquiuxo  70Chilled Vodka BallsToTheWall  7
Drifter's Top 5 Rainy Day Albums Drifter  28Doof: Rec me consistent DoofusWainwright  119
Rnd 3: Pjorn Doesn't Hate Everything pjorn  87rec me one of your 5s Mort.  92
Rec me obscure Djent itsyaboicobby  22Official NHL season 2017-18 thread Artuma  33
Emotions ampharos4life  10Marilyn Manson ranked DarkSideOfLucca  20
Clickbait title that vastly overexaggerates the im kingdedethefifth  18BoJack Horseman vinyl GeorgeWBush  3
sach's guide to dxc (for hal) nocuffin  105Blaqk Audio - Material Ranked GreyShadow  4
All the 2017 albums I've listened to so far bcl  8

The National Songs Ranked - Part 1 (100-51) CrisStyles  7The Deuce LeftyMcRighty  8
Rnd 2: Pjorn Doesn't Hate Everything pjorn  92Share Some Singles Vol. 4: Submission Thread Featured wtferrothorn  50
Tits.. butcherboy  86It: What Makes a Good Remake? neekafat  26
Upcoming video games Devastator  44SVEDAN VS NORWAH VS F1NLAND BlackwaterPork  28
Sleep Well Sowing SowingSeason  33Baroque Pop/revival theNateman  3
Pjorn Doesn't Hate Everything Rec Competition pjorn  147What albums are you guys looking forward to? DarkSideOfLucca  18
Connecticut Pride ampharos4life  225 favorite metal albums Faenrir  0
ranked: all of bojack Featured Rowan5215  93rec me stuff MyNameIsPencil  6
My Small yet Growing Vinyl Collection Ninjahague  2February 2017 / 100 albums Dewinged  1
My entire vinyl collection (for metal) DarkSideOfLucca  52help your boy with life logicisirrelevant  3
trap/drill-17 Featured nocuffin  82

Rnd 14: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  33RED Ranked CharacterMusings  1
Dream Funeral Playlist BallsToTheWall  6rec me love songs TheWrenKing  10
I want a post punk playlist TheMrAlexK  42Suggest me bands like these IceDoesntHelp  14
Chelsea Grin Ranked Ninjahague  14Painfully Terrible Slam/Death Metal Albums ExecutiveExecuterexe  28
RECORD MUSIC WHILE ALSO BEING BROKE theDisconnect  13REC ROULETTE ROUND 7 -- Build Butcher a Decade butcherboy  80
Rnd 13: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation tacos N stuff  43recs for an old crow like me? bach  17
Classic albums I haven't heard PART TWO VirtualBlaze  5

NHL 18 Spec  33rec roulette round 7: teach me how to hip hop bgillesp  49
You Guys Are Awesome FearThyEvil  35Rec me twinkle emo MistaCrave  12
Top 5 Songs of 2017 So Far PayneTiger777  5Woe is me artiswar  17
POST PUNK OFF, THE GRAND FINALE neekafat  142Rec Roulette 7: Fuckery after hiatus UniqueUniverse  26
Rec Roulette 7even Frippertronics  22Radio show - recording IDs cowboydan89  1
young thug ranked nocuffin  14Digs, Schmigs, Bollocks and Fig Leaves butcherboy  17
Willie's 2017 So Far Featured Willie  22Best Debut Albums BeatFoo  30
all music sucks bbgames  31Music Taste Divides Us, Death Unites Us BallsToTheWall  6

18!! BMDrummer  27Ten Years of Bliss Featured someguest  33
Recs Please! sludgy atmospheric desolate HeadOfTheBaptist  14female users SweeneyTodd  228
Users who pee sitting down newfoundgloryhole666  49EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 5: Shut up and Smile AsleepInTheBack  22
Top 5 albums of 2016 John7  28Techblogideas techblogideas  17

Radiohead Albums Ranked TheWalkinDude  31Old Bands Prove You Wrong BeatFoo  26
First Radio Show cowboydan89  7Enslaved ranked Allergist  13
How's your local music scene? DinosaurJones  53singles theacademy  4
multiples theacademy  8official album art for my DM band ExecutiveExecuterexe  42
noise in this year of our lord Featured nocuffin  88Some Recent Digs Brandon  2
Brand New Albums Ranked TheWalkinDude  6Neek's First Listen: Foo Fighters' "Concrete & Gold" neekafat  88
Rnd 12: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  46

my 20 favorite songs IronGiant  5January 2017 / 100 albums Dewinged  45
the best mewithoutyou songs LethalPaintball  5The 20 Best Songs Ever luckdaboss  19
New Music Kimm  1Vinyl Collection 9/14/17 ChrisBCreme  2
Best Albums of 2017 so far twlichty  11Graduation Ranked: 10th Anniversary Keyblade  14
Songs that deserve a bit more love fullautorpg  13Mixta_e mayh#m HELP johnnydeking29  1
Classical!! Featured Gwyn.  59Allmusic Sucks bbgames  73

Pink Floyd Albums Ranked TheWalkinDude  18Basic ass favorite albums list. Wructy  21
2k17 4 tyler period (so far) Tyler.  112000 Ratings for Talons Featured TalonsOfFire  42
(: music for super happy fun time listening #2 :) superluminals  39Michael Jackson Singles Ranked wtferrothorn  34
Thrice ranked Allergist  20Every* Brand New Song, Ranked Featured ashcrash9  41
gaze:dream:bliss GmemberKills  38The National "Moments" Featured BigHans  91
Chelsea Wolfe Ranked JZW1997  12Progday Discovery M1 Friday13th  185
/r/MusicToContemplateLifeTo PastaDownbeat  4Taking a break from the sput DeadlyNightShade  22
Linkin Park - One More Light track-by-track review DORBUSCUS  3Memorable album covers oweinerwaltini  5
90's early 2000's Emo recommendations TheSleepys  18almost died//sach slams (again) nocuffin  63
College Opinions? TylerLamberg  83

NEW MODEL ARMY: Don't you forget us #2 UniqueUniverse  20whitest band of all time polyrhythm  78
So I met CalculatingInfinity, and he met me Featured Archelirion  105Team fortress vs. overwatch vs. paladins rodrigo90  39
RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack track-by-track review DORBUSCUS  5J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars IX Kalopsia  164
Light/Dark kingdedethefifth  5Rec me music for writing a thesis UpwardSpiral  12
Genre on the Grid 2018 UniqueUniverse  27AFI - Burials Ranked (2017) GreyShadow  9

Favorite Albums of 2017 So Far... Louksy23  0Neek's Discogs Ranked neekafat  26
Seeing Brand New Tonight Dctarga  10Reasons you're not gonna go to that show after all TheManMachine  14
Fixed:How to explain the metal genre to your crush SCREAM!  10Seven Year Sputversary Butkuiss  5
Pie charts are dumb Allergist  59frabjous day ! ! TheWrenKing  7
15,000 Asdfp277  10Progday Tourney Preliminary Featured Friday13th  158
Rec It Ralph PastaDownbeat  1More Movie Digs. More recommendations? JZW1997  13
How to explain the metal genre to your crush rodrigo90  65Rec Me Reviews butcherboy  44
i got a new job :sunglasses: LandDiving  26Best Album Covers zoso33  7
Leanin' ChesterCopperpot  6

My Top 1000 Albums (Part 3 of 1000) CompostCompote  50KISS albums ranked Busch1841  0
Jas' OBTUSELY modest 2017 basetouch Jasdevi087  9Vinyl Collection - Sept 10, 2017 luckdaboss  1
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. VIII Featured Thalassic  7Hurricane Irma StrikeOfTheBeast  8
2017 TomBombadil  33 Days, 3 Shows tom79  2
AND ALSO THE TREES: Don't you forget us #1 UniqueUniverse  25Bayside Live Divaman  1

Roast Me random  12My Top 1000 Albums (Part 2 of 1000) CompostCompote  6
Artists My Girlfriend Loves luckdaboss  17All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell Ranked CharacterMusings  0
Albums that have no bad/weak tracks? Jon1988  45ooh boy here i go buying again Sinternet  29
Need your help: Genre on the Grid 2018 UniqueUniverse  61David Bowie Albums Ranked TheWalkinDude  23
Irma BallsToTheWall  9What Album defines you Aiwaz  90
COOL/ NOT COOL Hip Hop TheMrAlexK  62Gorillaz Ranked Brandon  5
Chel's Top 5 Death Metal Songs Chelmicki  1Chel's Top 5 Metal Album Chelmicki  0

Albums I would have 5'd at 16 years old Winesburgohio  23Favorite Albums of the Year So Far zoso33  2
50 Albums butcherboy  49American Dream Ranked ArsMoriendi  14
saw It (2017) last night... ianblxdsoe  11Sput's Best Users Aiwaz  30
Con/Asleep's Road to 1k Conmaniac  71Drifter's Top 5 Kendrick Lamar Songs Drifter  35
My top 10 Albums of 2015 HarmonizedDeath  4Worst users? UniqueUniverse  152
bojack season four Featured Rowan5215  207

The National studio albums ranked (SWB included) bcl  18Rnd 11: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  47
Best Songs and Albums of July 2017 BlazinBlitzer  14The Police Albums Ranked Divaman  14
The Black Dahlia Murder Ranked AaroN911  9What do you guys think of my cheap haul? brokendogleg  6
Memorable Sputnik Moments Calc  87Songs about her RaguSheep  15
Sputnik changes submission thread UniqueUniverse  31Rec an album from each of these genres SCREAM!  69
You'll float too... BigPleb  20Metallica - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam: 6/9/2017 Nagrarok  4
prog and whatnot Madbutcher3  10it was a very good week Winesburgohio  8
New dedes, new jams kingdedethefifth  12

Drifter's Top 5 Nirvana Songs Drifter  65Exploring Noise/prog/psych folk Frivolous  39
Drunk Kayo Dot Ranked loulou  15Brand New: Neek'd neekafat  22
Current Hip Hop Digs, A Playlist DeadlyNightShade  16August 2017 Digs anobsoletevernacular  3
Sput Lazaretto.. butcherboy  92i cracked my beeper ExecutiveExecuterexe  5
Top 10 Bands/Artists with Unique Vox PastaDownbeat  124 Worst Hip-Hop albums of the Year JigglyPDiddy  14
Zalgo text only ExecutiveExecuterexe  386.666 Comments InFlamesWeThrash666  17
Nicest Users? danielcardoso  338fuck all of you cosmopazz  15
Favourite Albums Ever (So Far) thomasdavidge  23Update #2/The Long Procession Ranked MarsKid  10
big worderinos cryptologous  33Rec me anything jemaiseyeti  18
'Science Fiction' - Ranked InFiction  9Sputniks, as described by bandnames Featured UniqueUniverse  163
Favorite Hip Hop Albums 2017 AlphaGoon  24random selection from the 2017 charts VaxXi  7

Top 5 Glam Metal/Rock Albums PastaDownbeat  5My Top 1000 Albums (Part 1 of 1000) CompostCompote  17
Where Did the Band Photos Go?! Thealwaysopenedmind  51Lucid's Decade (Songs) Lucid  37
come over nocuffin  149POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 9 DeadlyNightShade  115
End of the Road 2017 (Highlights) thomasdavidge  0The letters 'S' 'O' 'K' 'G' are not allowed Tyler.  132

Birthday gifts CharacterMusings  6I am in charge now. Shave  69
RIP Summer 17 TheMrAlexK  8R.E.M. Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  3
Sowing's Week 1 Picks SowingSeason  57My 15 Favorite Albums from 2016 (REDUX) TheWalkinDude  5
Favorite Albums of 2016 FoozerFan  9Favorite Albums of 2015 FoozerFan  3
Favorite Albums of 2014 FoozerFan  1DEATH RANKED CompostCompote  11
Twin Peaks: The Finale SPOILERS JigglyPDiddy  6Worst Superheroes.. butcherboy  57
An Education: Post Punk/Noise Rock LandDiving  156Neofolk/Dark Folk jseijo  2
JLIAT's (more popular drones) ranked nocuffin  6Death ranked kingdedethefifth  22
Smokin' Beers Again Evokaphile  10I Just Drank An Entire Bottle Of MtnDewPitchBlack americanohno  22

Help! Rate my recs johnnydeking29  13Movies About Poo - A Metaphorical Journey CompostCompote  6
Ten Fine Crunkcore Bands That Will Make You Erect bbgames  8Rec me albums cowboydan89  13
best my bloody valentine songs Ryus  37Arcade Fire Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  5
The Real Genre King kingdedethefifth  10Shoegaze Time, or The Gang Goes to a MBV Concert Frippertronics  123
Everything's a Five Toad  10Ten outstanding bands I found NiceBelethor  1
My seven favorite Progressive Metal bands NiceBelethor  1Five Doom bands everybody should know NiceBelethor  1
Give me Recs ExecutiveExecuterexe  2Ten obscure Black Metal bands I recommend you NiceBelethor  0

1 list per day keeps the mods away ExecutiveExecuterexe  7Ten Underground Black Metal bands you'll enjoy NiceBelethor  0
Five Blackened Thrash Metal bands you'll love NiceBelethor  0Seven unknown Metal bands you'll adore NiceBelethor  0
Five Raw Black Metal bands you need to know NiceBelethor  1Heavy Metal bands everybody should check out NiceBelethor  0
My Least Favorite Albums I've Heard In Full luckdaboss  5Albums That Are Actually 5's luckdaboss  16
Science Fiction Ranked UniqueUniverse  10The 4's You Don't Know.. butcherboy  22
1,000 Ways To Die BallsToTheWall  20Recommend me more ambient music like Godspeed You! Eons  23
Sowing's Objective Brand New Ranking SowingSeason  26My Brand New Ranking seamoose  23
Yellowcard Ranked In My Opinion AstoriaBoy  8r/RoastMe cryptologous  3
7 years, 777 albums in 2017 chupacabraisreal  4Essential Metal Albums Hundt  0
Death Metal Classics TheClansman95  33Fire Walk With Me Veldin  12
Rec Roulette Sixth Phase: Prototype Frippertronics  34

i will draw you something on ms paint Tyler.  115Death Ranked IN BBGAMES' OPINION Bloon  8
Death Ranked IN BLOON'S OPINION bbgames  72romantic frustrations/inspired by wine(s) nocuffin  17
Brand New Ranked In My Opinion AstoriaBoy  18Album recommendations for September 2017 ZodiacalWolf  1
Spotify Surf: August 2017 rifkadm  3rec roulette round 6: jazzy pants bgillesp  23
2017 Is Almost Over Guys ExecutiveExecuterexe  18Paramore Ranked Favorite To Least Favorite WetHarmonica1916  12
REC ROULETTE ROUND 6 --- Butcher Blackmail butcherboy  71Rec Roulette Round 6: Fuckery before hiatus UniqueUniverse  89
End of Summer playlist 2k17 lg433  1A Non-Pleb Top 25 EasterInTheBatcave  11
pole younger goes for round 3 and dies cosmopazz  15The Human Voice, Divine ryu  9
Genre kings- part 9 kingdedethefifth  13

Cool New Finds L4titudes  16August 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  12
Who loves the marijuana? NotANarc  64Dope Records I Got HeadOfTheBaptist  12
Recent Digs..... holy shit it's been awhile tmagistrelli  0ok so im just going to say it emailsneverdie  20
Frightened Rabbit Ranked anatelier  16Falsest black metal starboystargirl  0
Scrambles Ranked oisincoleman64  5Helloween Ranked jksilvi  2
Augusniff -17 Sniff  18Sharknado Film Series Ranked bgillesp  26
2017 AOTY Contenders luckdaboss  12Mountain and sea // digs of old and new Sabrutin  6
My (Small) Vinyl Collection DORBUSCUS  9

My 5 Favorite Acoustic Songs GreyShadow  16Winesburgdecade Winesburgohio  13
I just released a new single. Featured VirtualBlaze  4Tormato vs. And then there were three rodrigo90  7
Rnd 10: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  53Rnd 9: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  20
Queens of the Stone Age Ranked thomasdavidge  5super sad albums with female vox budgie  17
Science Fiction ranked johnnydeking29  6Coldplay for Nonbelievers neekafat  18
vinyl collection Hellscythe  5recent pickups Sinternet  11
EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 4: Do the Math AsleepInTheBack  129Underrated Albums luckdaboss  16

Science Fiction Ranked SowingSeason  21Ima put y'all onto a hex delivered unspent... Hep Kat  7
Serial experim. Lain explained with fear factory rodrigo90  6Favorite Albums of the New Millenium luckdaboss  7
Death Metal Guitar Solos Spaten  5Bullet For My Valentine Albums Ranked KManoc1  4
Cycle 8 brokencycle  2Video Garmes Astral Abortis  61
Rec me post rock with vocals CaimanJesus  20

Hurricane Harvey jams TheSonomaDude  7Dat GoT s7 Finale zaruyache  98
Desert Island Game Featured Winesburgohio  50bops Ryus  19
Robertsona's movie canon robertsona  86 years of sput Crawl  6
Favourite songs of all time BlackwaterPork  15Metal: Cult Classics Pt. VII Featured Thalassic  37
MY MUSICAL EVOLUTION!! butcherboy  21The most rated albums on Sputnikmusic. Ziguvan  29
REC ME CLASSICS AsleepInTheBack  399Life in Shlohmo Featured JamieTwort  19
Everything Everything Everything has made - ranked JJKeys  17Personal music taste evolution lg433  19
Saw Kayo Dot/Pallbearer MyNameIsPencil  8

Summer 2017 Joshsocializes  0Fantasy Football with Staff (NFL) Featured AtomicWaste  10
Good deathcore in 2017 wtf cloakanddagger  15Jon Tames the Ice Wyvern LordePots  26
Favorite RZA Beats Rawmeeth38  4That new new botb  4
5 great albums with unique drumming BewareOfDarkness  5All... One... Dollar... Get Jealous bgillesp  4
Too much prog omg SCREAM!  212017: Year of the Comeback Album? JZW1997  6
Doof Returns DoofusWainwright  25This is not real music lg433  27
Talons' 5 Year Sputversary Featured TalonsOfFire  24Black Veil Brides Albums Ranked KManoc1  5
record/cd fairs are fun! spongie68  9

Rec Roulette Round Fiver: Locked Myself Out Frippertronics  18I was going to take my own life today Yep321  41
Villains Ranked L4titudes  11stop caring what others think about ur taste Ryus  71
overlooked soundtracks literallyzach  8New A Bunny's Caravan music (sort of) akimbo  2
Neek's First Listen: QOTSA's "Villains" neekafat  10My Sputnik 1 Year Anniversary List DeadlyNightShade  26
Do you want me to review Spanish artists/bands? rodrigo90  37rec roulette round 5- gimme 2017 bgillesp  28
I'm stuck ExecutiveExecuterexe  4Iron Maiden Albums Ranked TheGuy  8
The Smiths Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  5Songs Where the Narrator is an Asshole lz41  13
new old-ass vinyl cylinder  5Just dropped an EP... check it out sugarcubes  15
Gwent polyrhythm  27

Floyd Mayweather is gonna win Aiwaz  63Favs of 2017 (So far) YeezyStardust  4
The Records That Got Me Into Death Metal Stereochrome1  21Recent albums that I really dig kraystomomis  0
Nightwish Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  1I need some w e i r d ass music brainmelter  41
bojack back in 2 weeks michael conforto hurt theacademy  7Post Rock Influenced Screamo/Skramz Bands - Part 2 JLR2DEG  7
Favourite albums Flashmobba  15Post Rock Influenced Screamo/Skramz Bands JLR2DEG  11
rec female vox budgie  52EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 3: New Kid on the Block AsleepInTheBack  76
whats up pals alienobserver  6Brand New - Science Fiction Track Rankings VikkiH  6
Best Tool Album? JZW1997  12Genre kings- part 8 kingdedethefifth  24
Screamo Bands/Songs I Am Really Digging Right Now - 8/17 JLR2DEG  4Calm LandDiving  30
Rec Roulette Round 5: The Year As It Is UniqueUniverse  75REC ROULETTE ROUND 5 -- Butcher Brace butcherboy  76
teenage pseud digs owen  6My Favourite Albums Ranked BeatFoo  7
Shitty digs CaimanJesus  6

analbumparty III 50iL  45Essential metal albums TheClansman95  54
Auto Draft BallsToTheWall  21Review list 2 BlackwaterPork  3
Ben's latest cd and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  0POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 8 DeadlyNightShade  68
Sputnikmusic's mandatory starter pack rodrigo90  58Album Mix-Up: Technical Ecstasy + Never Say Die! ArsMoriendi  6
Asleep's Top 100 Albums Featured AsleepInTheBack  59IKEA Music random  2
sach's diary of singles nocuffin  16Y'all fuck with Self Help Fest? erizen826  8
pally playlist 2: wacky wizards TheWrenKing  4masterpices of 2017 (so far) AnimalsAsSummit  19
4 years and a day of Mort. Mort.  17

That Good Nu Metal lg433  29The National's High Violet ranked bcl  9
Haha funny dog on the tv HarshNoiseHenry  104 Years of Ars ArsMoriendi  26
last airb or korra theacademy  62Lofi Hip-Hop Recs FlipTrackz  6
Death Metal Masterpieces butcherboy  460Genre Kings-part 7 kingdedethefifth  26
recent release recommendations Blackbelt54  47im engaged danielito19  57

4,101 1,401 1,041 brainmelter  9Solar Eclipse digs Toondude10  51
2017 Electronic, Pt. 3 (Wolfe Digs Pt. 10) Relinquished  18Discover Weekly BlueandOrange  6
EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 2: Back 2 Basics AsleepInTheBack  103

Emo Trumpetz Pt. 2 TheCharmingMan  8Fireball + Cream Soda + Metal BallsToTheWall  4
Night King Kills A Dragon LordePots  183Stuff outside of my usual music taste cloakanddagger  7
Hope You Guys Can Make It Tonight ATallColdGlassOfBud  15Fuck Brand New JigglyPDiddy  19
Top 10 Best Arcade Fire Songs ClassicJaguar  4Need Metal recs travisbickle36  14
Lethargy LandDiving  58Genre King- part 6 kingdedethefifth  14

A PRIVATE UNDERSTANDING: Song dissection #1 UniqueUniverse  7Bucket List Bands Divaman  1

Favorite Metal Albums of 2015 Jon1988  9Favorite Metal albums of 2016 Jon1988  4
997... BallsToTheWall  8Three Days Grace Albums Ranked jpjpablo26  19
Rush: A beginner's guide rodrigo90  3425 Favorite Metal Albums masterofreality  3
Share Some Singles Vol. 3: Submission Thread Featured wtferrothorn  45Pole Younger - EP No. 4 (5) cosmopazz  15
New User Created Music (The Atlas Ghost) Featured starboystargirl  17101 Two-Minute Songs.. Featured butcherboy  32
My band's mini-album is out today. Featured DrGonzo1937  232017's Albums and EPs, Part 2. twipzdeeauxilia  2
Rec Roulette Round IV: Con/Text Frippertronics  29Top 10 albums you own CaimanJesus  16
A Year on Sputnik Divaman  13sach's spicy slam stash as of 18/8/17 2:30pm AEST nocuffin  16

Neek's First Listen: Brand New's "Science Fiction" neekafat  32Fav Drummers past and present ryu  17
heavy metal list that is ranked Desdinova  10A Year Abroad Featured Chortles  72
POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 7 DeadlyNightShade  135Gym Songs Featured Aerisavion  22
Too Many Concerts thecheatisnotdead  16The Soft-Spoken Endeavours UniqueUniverse  2
Rush Studio Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  3"Mexican Radiohead" Ranked Featured Royl123  13
Song Rankings: Simon & Garfunkel - "Bookends" StephenIsHere  0

Post-Punk Heartbreakers UniqueUniverse  20what have I missed (2017 recs) emester  7
Genre King-part 5 kingdedethefifth  33Download BlackWizard  0
Boney's Shoegaze Journey theBoneyKing  247EMO CROWN 2 - Rnd 1 sincerelyaural  104
Best of Darkthrone's Unholy Trinity? JZW1997  25straightforward death metal Madbutcher3  22
holding it together artiswar  27ripquill's end of summer jams ripquill  3

Made a HNW/Number Station Broadcasts album TVC15  8in a musical rut Tyler.  33
Led Zeppelin: Neek'd neekafat  45Sputnik Pro Skater Soundtrack TheMrAlexK  19
Sputnik is a beautiful place.... Dissonant  33Recent reading cowboydan89  13
Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of the Year so far. JZW1997  6Bizarre/Horrible Albums by Great Artists KjSwantko  34
Kings of Leon Best Songs CompostCompote  5EMO CROWN 2: Decision making thread UniqueUniverse  86
Steven Wilson 3x Tobmast  6Big Four of Grunge Ranked JZW1997  20
Kanye Rest Wanked runaways  5POST PUNK OFF, A COMPETITION ROUND 6 DeadlyNightShade  59
The Bastard Gendry BallsToTheWall  19Hardcore/Grind G0atC0re  14
Best of 2017 (So Far) goatsandstuff  4Gojira albums ranked Jon1988  12
Genre King- part 4 kingdedethefifth  49Radiohead studio albums ranked bcl  6
the dillinger escape plan ranked cylinder  34

harsh noise/PE/death industrial pt. III ThyCrossAwaits  6Rec me anything CaimanJesus  26
pedal to the METAL Winesburgohio  23rec roulette round 4: Living Live bgillesp  27
High School cheapcrayon  7Every My Bloody Valentine Album Track Ranked georgeharold818  34
Terrible music videos to great songs starboystargirl  11The Ten Best Sufjan Stevens Songs Featured StephenIsHere  19
Rec Roulette Round 4 - Waves of Change UniqueUniverse  46Which review would you like to see more? BlackwaterPork  9
REC ROULETTE PART 4 - Butcher Bucolic Bliss butcherboy  28Recent Loves VikkiH  0
Sites for ratings Asdfp277  26

Gyro's 28th Birthday! Gyromania  272017 metalzzz Hawks  36
Favorite classical works levtolstoi  9post-hardcore.. butcherboy  77
Thank you Sputnikmusic! rodrigo90  34My Top 10 Industrial Metal Albums Revisited Pearlhead  25
Swallow the Sun Ranked Xenorazr  9nostalgia overload help needed Sinternet  28
Classical Competition Submissions Jasdevi087  31I Need Some Recs ExecutiveExecuterexe  15

Yet another dumbA$$ release about DICK$ AnimalsAsSummit  5Sputnik Fantasy League 2 MyNameIsPencil  38
Always Thinkin Bout Boys AmericanFlagAsh  47Albums I Need to Listen to Pt 6 pricealex  0
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doot doot robertsona  5Summer Slaughter, worth it or nah? Dctarga  15
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H e l l b l a d e Dewinged  16🏈 Sputnik Fantasy Football 2017 OFFICIAL THREAD Satellite  81
My High School List koolpizza  4rec me songs with guitar tones like these cosmopazz  8

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