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New Volcanic Queen EP (User-Made) Graveyard Electronic Favourites Cyberduck 
MODERN HARDCORE GuanoBumbershoot Barbaric Warriors OvHeavy Metal OvDeath 
A Sugary Sweet Machine Music Video laughingman22 101 Forgotten & Unknown Death Metal Records JasonCarne 
New Echo Tail Album (User-Made) Final Origin Pavement: Retrospective danielcardoso 
The Best & Worst - Death/Black/Doom Metal in 2015. JasonCarne Overlooked name-your-price Bandcamp albums Hellscythe 
MO and co. release The Absurd Horror MO A Look at Lo-Fi Black Metal Recordings emester 

My Favourite Albums 2005 NorwichScene  2My Favourite Albums 2006 NorwichScene  6
Top 50 Favorite Albums Muppelope  7Did another new track, need moar feedback/opinions Gameofmetal  3
Top 50 Metal Albums PunchedPeach72  33Favorite "Metal" Albums CWBrown  6
4.5 Supercoolguy64  30Top 10 2012 wafagan  0
New Volcanic Queen EP (User-Made) Featured Graveyard  19Top 5 Biggest Assholes on Sputnik Cygnatti  43
Sowing's Recent Digs SowingSeason  18the wonder years ranked correctly idontcareaboutthis  9
Good TV Recommendations Gyromania  109A Pencil's (Updated) Top 50 MyNameIsPencil  19
Creepy Album Covers DisciplineRecords  44School Starting Soon. iReturnToDust  6

bong broes daht cahm Urinetrouble  010 Albums I loved when I was 10... kdobailey  4
Awesome title tracks Dylan620  7Favourite songs of all time UpwardSpiral  11
real cool times jagride  2Yak and BandNewbac did a split YakNips  21
Electronic Favourites Featured Cyberduck  12Top 10 of 2013 wafagan  5
rec me doom n gloom dm sonictheplumber  10Vinyls that I own strawberriesandgravy  3
Psychedelic 2015 idontcareaboutthis  8Slayer live at Mayhem Fest - The Woodlands, Tx TheSonomaDude  10
Something to destroy my room too torchedice  23Seeing Tigers Jaw Tomorrow BandNewbac  9
Metallica albums ranked jelzel23  28Top 5 biggest assholes in rock Cimnele  8
Top 5 biggest assholes in rock (Part II) Starman72  46

MODERN HARDCORE Featured GuanoBumbershoot  43top 5 favorite dishes trvvve  21
Just Bought a PS4 InFiction  35the reefer has dried my eyes out Hep Kat  23
Top 5 Hip Hop Albums HarrySmalldini97  12Top 50 Metal iReturnToDust  9
Best rock albums. Stjimmy101  35Noise Rock/Post-HC et similia AcidCaravan  9
5 Favorite Live Iron Maiden Albums Ikarus14  12015 In Heavy Music So Far Stereochrome1  27
July 2015 anobsoletevernacular  3Worst Album the Person Above You Gave a 5/5 Kalopsia  243
Top 5 biggest assholes in rock Starman72  76Megadeth - 'Youthanasia' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  6
Favorite Iron Maiden album covers Ikarus14  8dogs huskerdoo  10
50 Albums That Rocked my World sspedding  5Favourite Cloudkicker moments micpattern  3
Top 5 Alice Cooper albums mooncrazy  0Greatest Deep Purple songs happywizard  4
Rec Me Minimal Techno yourgodisinferior  14TOP 5 ALBUM COVERS! MikeDrumz2  2
Albums I Love that aren't "cool" to like MikeDrumz2  11

Recs similar to this? CapnJizz  5Updated Top 100 (Part 1) + News MyNameIsPencil  0
Iron Maiden: Ranked beefshoes  8Happy 10,000! discovolante  27
Had an epiphany Jasdevi087  2The Big Fiddy kdobailey  9
Need Industrial recs Toondude10  48Pointless list of good bands! MattyTop  3
Favorite Songs of All Time stuffedninja  11local Houston metal bands FlyheadMetal  1
My top BTBAM songs betweentheburiedandi  122015 So Far and Anticipated Stereochrome1  8
Judio and Laughingman Present........ Judio!  29New Account! iReturnToDust  56
Brood Together. BallsToTheWall  0"finding" music through dreams trvvve  11
radiohead albums ranked camdc27  27Best Album the Person Above You Gave a 5/5 TheMagicalBlender  188
June/ July 2015 thejared  0Osheaga Today peaks40  2
PROG METAL RECs leviathan82  19Favorite Hardcore Albums TheLindowWicker  19

under 10 vol. II puntugruhm  5Esham Ranked discovolante  6
Favorite Tracks From the Metal Genre CapnJizz  7Rec me 90s alt/good grunge ConsumerOfNut  12
Some recent jams for you babes djentsy  2Digs + Recs (July) oisincoleman64  5
Ferro's July 2015 wtferrothorn  2Top 10 Hardcore Albums skatepunk  19
She Wants The D BallsToTheWall  30Rec me shoegaze Thuglifethor  16
August: Everything I'm After thecheatisnotdead  9Interpol Tonight peaks40  8
Dark Tranquillity Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  17Frank Turner Ranked Comatorium.  7
Jokers Ranked Rowan5215  61On The Long Road To Philly JWT155  1
Metallica ranked guilouzzz  21Pink Floyd Ranked guilouzzz  10
My Top 25 Avenged Sevenfold Songs TheMrAlexK  14The Real Thing (FNM) vs Mother's Milk (RHCP) FunkyBassCovers  10
Sowing's 2015 NFC Predictions SowingSeason  66

Communist and Anarchist Metal Recomendation thesatanfromhell  0Nirvana albums ranked. Stjimmy101  16
Best grooves of the day, son. 0ct0pu5kRAt0MToniJ  2my metal shirt collection FlyheadMetal  11
8 essential Damon Albarn albums. Stjimmy101  2Can you... ncguitar  38
Top 10 Bring Me The Horizon Songs TheCalebRobinson  13Rec me some hip hop SmileNerd  9
Rec me hip h0p hal1ax  22Arrested Development CK  17
21 years on the Earth: Top 50 albums flabbywhale  13Weaks Decapod  16
I Went Through a Pound of BBQ Sauce in Two Weeks Trebor.  9Barbaric Warriors OvHeavy Metal Featured OvDeath  42
A Pencil's Fugazi Ranking MyNameIsPencil  11New Fymega EP (User-Made) Hurricanslash  8
Gentle Giant Ranked SoccerRiot  13Favorite metal tracks ApocalypticCows  22
LIFE sucks chesse13  22Left and Leaving Ranked strawberriesandgravy  1
Favorite Concerts AffableMartyr  18Saw Modest Mouse This Weekend SGGreenman  13
that moment when you realize... FlyheadMetal  7

drunk and listening to grotesque (1st time omg) SillyCaringRabbitPal  9Pls Rate/ Listen to My Album AnimalsAsSummit  14
My Top 20 Albums from the 80s BewareOfDarkness  7Potsy 2015: July Week IV LordePots  21
First 10 R.E.M. LP's Ranked strawberriesandgravy  6Classics of the 2010s travisbickle36  20
Music Diaries of a Heroin Addict MikeDrumz2  9Warped Tour (after) SparkToBelieve  12
A Sugary Sweet Machine Music Video Featured laughingman22  32Depths Ov Doom Round 2 Match 1 SharkTooth  17
Ranking Mika albums Stjimmy101  4Rec me relaxing music MotoOnSputnik  44
Symphonic Black Metal AstralBlood  13Fresh Fruit Vs. Plastic Surgery KrazyKris  19
Which is Better and Why? LPFTW  5Top 10 Clash Songs bagof4grapes  8
70s movies jagride  18Ranking Green Day albums. Stjimmy101  10
Symphony X Ranked pyroflare77  4Milk yourgodisinferior  126

rec me anything AdolfChrist  30Opinions On These Instrumental Demos oisincoleman64  4
dankest vinyl Ignimbrite  30Fantasy Premier League - 460246-196530 2muchket!  2
Favorite six stringers. charlesdivision  4101 Forgotten & Unknown Death Metal Records Featured JasonCarne  56
Feel Good Songs yourgodisinferior  21MY Top 5 Modest Mouse Songs Ranked MikeDrumz2  23
Canada Crust jackboblamont  5Grad school applications, plz advise Ignimbrite  20
i did another thing Supercoolguy64  24Zazz BallsToTheWall  19
Wacken Again! Flugmorph  33Work Tunes. DinosaurJones  19
Rate my sister's music taste apokolypz  58DC Hardcore 1980-Now aaronrkc  20
weezer blue album ranked camdc27  11

albums i plan on listening too kingdedethefifth  8post-punk vs post-punk Cimnele  23
Most br00tal guitar tuning? JonLDials  45Building a vinyl collection Dylan620  9
Exodus Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  2The Gaslight Anthem ranked strawberriesandgravy  11
Favorite soda? :} Greyvy  115gibbe recs based on my ratings Froot  3
Morbid Angel TonyOlive  5Potsy: My Non-Edgy Fav Artists as a Whole TBH LordePots  88
Metallica - ...And Justice for All Ranked... Again TheMagicalBlender  5The Only Warped List That Matters melnadaiid  36
Led Zeppelin albums ranked jelzel23  12Black Sabbath Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  19
Discuss. SillyCaringRabbitPal  33Rise Against ranked strawberriesandgravy  29

Arcade Fire's Funeral Ranked grungetongue16  2Obligatory Warped In MN list Minushuman24  8
The Age Of Adz Ranked wtferrothorn  6I'm back TheHandsOfKarma  7
Cool For The Summer BallsToTheWall  14Van Halen ranked strawberriesandgravy  1
Sell used CDs? Palatial  21Stay What You Are ranked KrazyKris  9
MCU Ranked [Phase 1 - 2] Kalopsia  48Running Albums DoctorJackal  20
The College Dropout ranked deadcrown  10Shameless self promotion of my band oWhoadYo  12
Back a bro to make a film johnnydeking29  15Discover Weekly by Spotify [2] TheGreatQ  4
New Echo Tail Album (User-Made) Featured Final Origin  49Need opinions on my new track Gameofmetal  19
My amazing sputnikmusic dream last night FlyheadMetal  55Discover Weekly by Spotify Mort.  23
My Small Vinyl Collection MikeDrumz2  3GY!BE Rankked. OvDeath  42
Darkest Sounding Metal. Vetimus  15My 1/2 2015 List BlueW  15
The Black Metal List yourgodisinferior  60Top 5 Albums of 2015 meliphis  13

It's Official. YoYoMancuso  29Metallica Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  7
Anthrax Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  11Megadeth Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  13
Slayer Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  29Top Ten Best Thrash Metal Debut Albums! miketunneyiscool123  6
Bad albums by great bands camdc27  11My 100 Favorite Albums EverythingEvil2113  19
My Personal Big 4 DoctorJackal  4gold age (idm) Avagantamos  34
The Fall of Hulk Hogan BallsToTheWall  84Sick openers deadcrown  38
Guiltily Pleasures xDeathoholic  13why is he so cute bros treeqt.  29
Ways to store music online and access it anywhere? DeadGuy  13Funeral Ranked YetAnotherBrick  18
Top 5 Guitar Solos of All Time (In Metal) KingdomOfTyrant  26Saturday Morning Cartoons BallsToTheWall  6
Savatage ranked BenMorrison  3all time favorite songs lifechanging songs suddykilljaywalkers  11

weezer albums rankings camdc27  26What do you think was the best year for music? Dylan620  55
film puntugruhm  5410 Albums I Like That Need More Attention Part 2 SmileNerd  1
15 Albums That Are Turning 20. grungetongue16  2Opeth vs Evergrey band members OmairSh  11
shut up Ryus  33Unknown and Un-noticed Brabiz  4
Recent listenings travisbickle36  0Sputnik Hip Hop Authorities LambsBread  56
My metal/rock CD collection (part 14) sixdegrees  8Lamb of God Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  15
My metal/metal CD collection (part 73.4) FlyheadMetal  9The AP Awards Show Feather  6
metal cock cd erection danielito19  8The Waxening (Vinyl Update) WellFedWhiteMale  3
Favourite Smoking Albums InFiction  4Crack the Skye Ranked Sevengill  42
My metal/rock CD collection (part 1) Cherubian  1Favourite Post-Punk/PP Revival Albums Greem  22
needs some sput love tnetennba  3Doof's Recent Track Digs Mar-July, Listed One New / One Old DoofusWainwright  4
Bad Rhyme lz41  3Nuggets MrSirLordGentleman  13
ill draw you a drawing chesse13  126

A Game To Play Calc  37100 Favourite Bands~17 Year Old Outsider's Ipod rovert620  16
Top 50 Swans Songs Idoltrous8991  22Elbow Ranked oisincoleman64  3
My Top 10 Rock Singers BewareOfDarkness  15good digs sonictheplumber  18
Rec me Protest The Hero sounding bands BlueSwan  22Super Cool Guys (One Year Anniversary) Supercoolguy64  56
is there anyway you can change your username? xDeathoholic  20Top 20 songs on Green Day's uno dos and Tre. Stjimmy101  14
25 Best Post Punk Albums Intothepit  43My Top 10 Favorite Guitarists TheMrAlexK  90
Minhas Bandas Favoritas Thiagao  1Call of the Mastodon Ranked Sevengill  14
Christian Metalcore rocks my socks SparkToBelieve  12Albums I Gave a 5/5 to in Seventh Grade TheMagicalBlender  26
Great thrash metal albums Lasseg  2410 More Pounds Left SoccerRiot  20
park of amusement JonLDials  5My Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums ranked. MikeDrumz2  16
Blood Mountain Ranked Sevengill  29My Top 15 Of All Time. MikeDrumz2  8
Potsy 2015: July Week III LordePots  27

Godfather Marathon BigPleb  8Recent CD Digs + TV Series ScuroFantasma  5
Albums/TV I've Been Loving This Month DoctorJackal  21Maryland Deathfest YetAnotherBrick  40
Warped Tour 15 BlueSwan  23pop puntugruhm  31
Warped Tour Tomorrow Feather  6Led Zeppelin Trilogy Ranked KrazyKris  20
digs for the century sonictheplumber  29Horses adr  95
Best Albums of 2014 mcauleyadam100  7I beat Fallout 1, somehow KeithStone582  52
Girls, Girls, Girls Pch101  20Not For Peasants BallsToTheWall  13
My CD Collection Part 2 yep123  1My CD Collection Part 1 yep123  8
XTC ranked MrGumby  2Depression - looking for a rec. MercuryToHell  40
50 flaws with sputnikmusic treeqt.  25I Produced an Album lyzakthellama  4

Lemmy tell ya wham49  7Re-Reload romulanrancor  6
Drunk BallsToTheWall  34Just had surgery Gameofmetal  12
My CD Collection Supercoolguy64  23Don't Call It a Comeback pbateman  21
If Load and Reload Were Released as One Album KingdomOfTyrant  8Top 20 underrated Eminem songs. Stjimmy101  13
Death Ranked (Correctly This Time) UnderTheNorthernScar  17My new name-your-price techno EP is out now! MercuryToHell  17
20 Favorite Metal Albums ROFLwaffle  16My CD Collection oisincoleman64  12
Decent Headphones Around $100? elcrawfodor  51A Band for Each Letter bagof4grapes  6
Leviathan (band) ranked DoctorDoom  26Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Original TheMagicalBlender  61
do aliens exist? huskerdoo  56One album per artist floflo79  1
Leviathan Ranked Sevengill  24Work is slow again. DinosaurJones  7
bored smith1  4Top 50 Eminem songs Stjimmy101  25
Top 10 Glassjaw Choruses UnderTheNorthernScar  15Cheese is overrated JonLDials  30
bm covers of 80's pop hits idontcareaboutthis  7

Radiohead Ranked georgeharold818  15I need you... Brostep  18
Remission Ranked Sevengill  202014's "They Really Are That Good" torchedice  4
Underrated X-Files Episodes Insurrection  123Judas Priest - 'Painkiller' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  13
Older CDs Mixed Quietly? Muppelope  60druggy music recs ParanoidAndroid96  30
adr's first half of 2015 adr  26What's been in the shuffle lately Cole673  5
50 Cent vinyls JWT155  15lol reddit CL0VER  59
Top 10 mewithoutYou songs UpwardSpiral  9Artists I've Written About For My Weblog aaronrkc  2
No one will agree with this ranking. failicide  13My top 10-Metalcore kingdedethefifth  14
Between the Buried and Me Albums Ranked StarsDie  6half decade climactic  10

Review? JonLDials  1Really Overrated albums Torontonian  16
Top 10 Math Rock jebus FX  5No Country For Old Men BigPleb  54
Rec Me Hidden Gems oisincoleman64  14Metal With Panache BallsToTheWall  5
The Mid-Summer Death Metal Extravaganza (Rec List) emester  37Any Bloodborne Fans? elcrawfodor  89
One album per year: 1990-2014 Dylan620  7New tunes from Bon Iver Watchman97  2
5 Albums I Grew Up With, But Still Enjoy xDeathoholic  95 Albums I Grew Up With, But Now Hate xDeathoholic  11
Entry level rap? (?) Aftertheascension  3750 Favourite Songs KrazyKris  16
What should I be listening to this summer? JoylessBastard  4New to sputnik bagof4grapes  15
Give me some good hip hop slagun  13Album sequels (suggetions welcome !) floflo79  13
One album per year (1967-2014) floflo79  13Pavement: Retrospective Featured danielcardoso  54
Top 25 Death Grips Tracks gryndstone  2Favorite Shows xDeathoholic  12
Vinyl so far Totengott  18Rec me screamo/skramz/emo whatever Mort.  56
A not very noisy half a year Nimb49  111

Watsky - Top 10 Songs furpa  4Potsy 2015: July Week II LordePots  60
The Offspring Ranked Muisc4Life26  5Top 10 Weezer Songs bagof4grapes  11
Scar's Top 5 Albums of All Time (With Descriptions) UnderTheNorthernScar  14A nice overrated albums list johnnydeking29  35
Acclaimed albums I dislike (or dont like as much) SomeSayShesNaive  135What is your current AOTY? erizen826  98
I have Lymphoma rocketsfall  59Flutt 3/4 Years FluttRTrank  14
1200 Reviews Later - My 5/5s Skoj  14Best Albums of 2015 mcauleyadam100  0
Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 15) oisincoleman64  19Bandcamp home music SomeSayShesNaive  2
Clutch Ranked grungetongue16  6The Gospel Of Raptor Jesus BallsToTheWall  13
2015/2 BandNewbac  39Insanity SoccerRiot  12
Should I Start Doing Reviews? xDeathoholic  102015 is an AMAZING year for music apokolypz  16

101 Favorite Albums wafagan  7give me a review schedule idontcareaboutthis  12
Top 50 Gorillaz songs. Stjimmy101  11drunken memes Static  45
Controlled Chaos twlichty  4Green Day Ranked grungetongue16  6
My Kind of Woman Best Song? Tobmast  1Essential Metal Albums DoctorJackal  50
Core band names I'm surprised aren't already taken Trebor.  23Which Would You Give Up for the Rest of Yr Life SnakeDelilah  60
100 Favorite Albums ROFLwaffle  19Game Franchises You Can't Get Into? TheMagicalBlender  76
Nick Bassett ranked travisbickle36  3Top 100 Green day songs. Stjimmy101  23
Chicago Adventure! MyNameIsPencil  6New Song/Bandcamp figure337  7

Influences + Most loved. TheDjentyRanga  29My Small Vinyl Collection robotmagician  7
Going to Munich Tomorrow... Final Origin  11The Most Underrated Album You've Ever Heard Supercoolguy64  77
The Most Overrated Album You've Heard TheMagicalBlender  141Best Smiths Songs Ryus  66
The Offspring Ranked almosttolerable  1250% 2015 Cyg Edition Cygnatti  66
Vader Ranked RunningRed  3Bored at Work. DinosaurJones  8
Albums that take you on a journey SoundBagel  17List of Albums I Want To Listen To xDeathoholic  3
Some outstanding death metal pls brainmelter23  21Great Band...Greatest Song DoofusWainwright  32
Metal For The Feels... Vetimus  17what have you been up to idontcareaboutthis  17
Today's my birthday GreyShadow  11top 10 nirvana songs camdc27  0

I'm selling Unsane S/T CD on Ebay. Go Buy it yep123  0does someone want to plug chesse13  2
Starting to produce beats, here's my first CrimsonFloyd  3half of the year 2015 YakNips  41
Rec Me Noisy Stuff emester  15LinkedIn Feather  2
Converge ranked travisbickle36  6Great Song... Terrible Band ChoccyPhilly  27
The Best & Worst - Death/Black/Doom Metal in 2015. Featured JasonCarne  31my 15 favorite albums! fruitjuncture  2
Overlooked name-your-price Bandcamp albums Featured Hellscythe  47Great Band...Terrible Song DoofusWainwright  78
Cheeky Fives treeqt.  35Albums That Were Never Meant To Be Supercoolguy64  20
Luc The Liar FlyheadMetal  5Albums that people loves, but not me. floflo79  30
20 vaporwave albums that I like/love floflo79  3Best Blur albums Stjimmy101  10
Aeroplane Ranked Aftertheascension  2In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Ranked grungetongue16  18
56 Nights of Monster Mode thesystemisdown  3Some Of My Favourite Lyrics (Vol. 1) oisincoleman64  14
My cd and vinyl purchases the last half year BenMorrison  1.0.2015 P0nto  11
Are AFFC and ADWD really that bad? Strider  19Death - Chucktastic Riff Collection FlyheadMetal  10
What to buy 2: This Time It's Personal CL0VER  22

remain in light ranked chesse13  19DIRTY SPRITE 2 7/17 Fort23  10
Some Guilty Pleasures... trackbytrackreviews  11Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality Ranked romulanrancor  10
15 favorite bm albums trvvve  36Best Eminem albums Stjimmy101  48
Brutal Skull Crushing Death. Vetimus  26Favorite Metal Album Art DoctorJackal  5
Growls From Hell UnderTheNorthernScar  50Lovely Noise Needing Love PortableHead  7
My top 50 albums of all time floflo79  46gimme your dub techno/ambient techno Ryus  31
Recommend Similar Bands/Songs? Markedforgreatness  3My Top 25 Favorite Albums TheMagicalBlender  35
MO and co. release The Absurd Horror Featured MO  25Top 30 Blur songs Stjimmy101  11

Mac Demarco Leakage apokolypz  6Best songs of Damon Albarns career. Stjimmy101  5
10,000 scrobbles Gameofmetal  41CD Collection So Far xDeathoholic  4
A Look at Lo-Fi Black Metal Recordings Featured emester  73Record Collection So Far xDeathoholic  4
Record Goals xDeathoholic  1My Top 5 Favorite Bands Twilightfern  1
Best albums on Green days ¡Uno! ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! Stjimmy101  113 Best TSSF Songs Per Record Clumseee  2
Most unintentionally funny song you've ever heard? Ebola  36Indie Labels Featured mttgry  3
Help me complete a song(s)! Drummerboy123  16A Beautiful Day for Music YetAnotherBrick  3
Last Album You Bought Physically And When? oisincoleman64  68My Top 40 Metallica Songs TheMrAlexK  18
Metal Church Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  13Dance Gavin Dance Ranked SweeneyTodd  35
Top 10 Game of Thrones characters jmnewcomer18  46Good Japanese Rock/Alt-Rock PinkTractorBeam  6
Mid year 2015 AlexTM510  3

Best Albums of the Decade CL0VER  2500 Ratings SmileNerd  7
5 Worst BtBaM Songs Insurrection  18Iwata Passed Away Minushuman24  32
looking for gothic rock/darkwave recs Hellscythe  11Top 20 Weezer Tracks SmileNerd  0
10 Albums I Like That Need More Attention SmileNerd  5Weezer Albums Ranked SmileNerd  0
High Times Pt. 3 pbateman  3Houses of the Holy Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  18
Howard The Duck BallsToTheWall  8Another Death Metal Recs List emester  5
To The Nameless Dead vs. The Gathering Wilderness CK  21Top 10 Albums Of 2015 (So Far) argonaut  2
hooky hook hooks melnadaiid  5The Inevitable 1-Year Sputversary List Angelboros  15
August Burns Red: Ranked MaggieG  7Panic! At the Disco ranked SweeneyTodd  12
Compulsory Favourite Albums List Sinternet  8Best of 2015 Amry  0
rec me punk trvvve  15Kate Bush vs. Tom Waits porcupinetheater  10
Live at the Ministry of Sound 1991: Review Let  1John Cusack Ranked dannyboy89  21
Potsy: TV Shows LordePots  243

Jac's First Half 2015 Featured Jacquibim  61Converge Ranked xDeathoholic  31
McGregor Vs Mendes BallsToTheWall  10Metroid Prime: Federation Force Petition SoccerRiot  11
Vinyl Collection ParanoidAndroid96  6Metallica's Master Of Puppets Ranked romulanrancor  25
Evreaia's Vinyl Collection Evreaia  18My CD Collection (Part 2) erizen826  7
My CD Collection (Part 1) erizen826  3Songs With Filthy Bass Supercoolguy64  5
Some hardcore/emo that needs more attention. jesterhead92  27the current year sixdegrees  31
Friday Music Release - Thoughts? theBoneyKing  12Lambda's Top 10 of the Decade So Far Lambda  34
Rec Easy Prog Songs To Learn on Acoustic Royl123  24

F***ing Bowie for the third time (1967-1999) WilhelmBlack  37time to FlyheadMetal  48
rainy day solongatlast  9All Megadeth Singles Ranked romulanrancor  18
Death Ranked xDeathoholic  19Songs That Rule Minushuman24  14
Metallica - Death Magnetic Ranked TheMagicalBlender  8Silverstein Ranked Muisc4Life26  0
My Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs KingdomOfTyrant  29some recent purchases Hellscythe  2
Great Cynics Atari  5My lists keep getting deleted. SomeSayShesNaive  10
20 Underrated Albums (on sputnik) yourgodisinferior  24music documentaries dudemanbroguy  4
2015 x 0.50 WellFedWhiteMale  0Bad To The Throne BallsToTheWall  5
Seeing Rosetta tonight thecheatisnotdead  6Not So Great Album Covers SharkTooth  40
Elbaliem's 2015 so far elbaliem  6Recent digs Mort.  8
Pro Factor T 2000 hadijukuy  0Top 10 Tool Songs LegendaryOrangeBear  16
Great album covers Cyberduck  18Still here pjquinones747  7

Black Metal 2015 yourgodisinferior  26The Cure Ranked almosttolerable  11
Albums Better Than Your Entire Existence Maniac!  932015 So Far erizen826  8
Depths of Doom Match 9 SharkTooth  24Apple Music Digs Atari  8
2015 Metal Recs argonaut  21Emo/post rock recs Mart49  34
CKN's Top 25 Albums TheMagicalBlender  20Pretentious Music Attitudes BallsToTheWall  43
Recent CD Acquisitions/ Recent Digs wtferrothorn  11What to buy, what to buy? CL0VER  32
Extraordinary Ordinary Rock Albums Masochist  15Potsy 2015: July Week I LordePots  37
Kickass metal Aftertheascension  16m buon compleanno STATIC m/ Gestapo  0

Sput Party Fouls Spec  154Long Trip Recs AtomicWaste  18
My Favorite Songs (Part 2) DayOfLavos  0My Favorite Songs (Part 1) DayOfLavos  0
Bands That Changed For the Better HellPriest  22Bands That Changed For The Worse HellPriest  89
Judas Priest Ranked romulanrancor  20Valk's 52% of 2015 Valkyrion  11
need powerviolence recs xDeathoholic  22Rec Me Evil Thrash Metal MrNippleLipz  14
Top 10 Weezer Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  7Really Long Albums Supercoolguy64  35
50%: The Shit List Cygnatti  57Top 10 Alt Rock Albums of 1994 almosttolerable  18
Favorite metal albums ever travisbickle36  13The Brighton Scene Sinternet  9
10 Years, 500 Comments Final Origin  23I'm Back Yay Muisc4Life26  9
Best albums 1990-2015 xDeathoholic  23Guess The Lyrics SowingSeason  61
depression music FlyheadMetal  33best albums of this decade 2010-2015 ScourgieBoy  11
rec me dark music idontcareaboutthis  37

The Movies JonLDials  16The Fest 14 tom79  9
Cool Album Titles Supercoolguy64  11Bargain Bin Finds Sinternet  17
These albums need attention FlyheadMetal  62015 Thus Far Sk8punkEmO  3
Late Night Listening Cyberduck  4Thibs' 2015: Mostly Metal Mid-Year Thibs  11
Rate Your Last Ex BallsToTheWall  168Every Day Chronicle Nodevice  1
My area is bad for music. BandNewbac  55Made brownies this morning Hep Kat  26
Overrated Albums from Artists You Like? TheMagicalBlender  87Nine Years: Syd Barrett Rowan5215  26
2015 Mid-Year Ranking stevendah  3

Important and Essential Music treeqt.  18Albums I've Actually Listened to in Full MisterPhoenix  0
Important and Essential Music SomeSayShesNaive  101Albums of 2015 So Far... RunningRed  4
Digs n' stuff adr  22Branching Out (Rec Me Non-Metal Stuff) emester  23
rec me math rock kentishh  22rec me metal FlyheadMetal  25
Top 70 Albums of 2014 mttgry  4

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