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AaronIsCrunchy's 2015 thus far AaronIsCrunchy 2015.5: Cool Shit Edition ibringyoufire 
Potsy: Half A Years Worth of Better Taste Than You LordePots Quartuma 2/2015 Artuma 
JT's First Half of 2015 JamieTwort Toondude10's 50%: The Halfway Stretch Toondude10 
2015 Metal Recs Thread Relinquished MO and co. release new track MO 
Grime/UK Hip Hop helpoemer420 User Spotlight 4.0 SowingSeason 
My Top 100 Albums of All Time Pheromone 5 Favorite Bands of All Time SoccerRiot 

I'm New RunningRed  0Certified Bangers BallsToTheWall  4
June 2015 UniqueUniverse  0Jasdevi's SUPER MODEST 2nd quarter list Jasdevi087  7
Kid A Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  12My Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2015 SO FAR SmileNerd  0
2015 1/2 PrewDelisek  0Osmose Productions - coolest metal label ever. JasonCarne  3
An Entire Vinyl Collection beefshoes  82015 So Far Ranked oisincoleman64  3
Sputnik Amiibo Discussion ASnideReturns  132015 releases pls BMDrummer  22
Creativity KerfuffleinaHussle  17I hate C++ so much rufinthefury  60
Upcoming Gigs! BigPleb  25Gaddam I'm bored DamnVanne  11
I've heard like 7 noise album LivingThrowaway  105

Teenage Nostalgia SoundBagel  3Prog Rock? Hawks  106
The Best Band to Ever Exist pissbore  20She Has Arrived At Long Last melnadaiid  9
The Blue Album ranked. MyNameIsPencil  15Best Albums of 2015 So Far georgeharold818  4
Summer Of Hearts BallsToTheWall  111/2 of 2015 puntugruhm  25
Favorite Albums of All Time stuffedninja  2Weezer Ranked Kronzo  9
Batman Arkham Games Ranked apokolypz  12Top 70 Albums of 2013 mttgry  13
5/5 Classic Albums NamelessAndShameless  11Ultimate Megadeth Concert romulanrancor  3
Doof's Top 15 Best 1st Half 2015 / Top 5 Most Disappointing DoofusWainwright  23give me albuma to rate smith1  10
Ultimate Megadeth Concert TheMagicalBlender  13Thoughts on America yourgodisinferior  26
Discoveries Hardcore/Crust/Powerviolence VVild18  2Rec me Space Rock CK  20
Why? - A Questionable Top Ten TheWrenKing  3The Cure: Worst to Best (revised) WilhelmBlack  9
my 2015 rated albums list ranked TooManyFriends  8

Site is completely unusable on mobile chesse13  80Busking eatdirtfartdust12  4
Being Open To New Music melnadaiid  44Meeting the Schuldiners!!! (Plus more metal awesomeness) FlyheadMetal  30
Lego GB7  32Off the Beaten Path EverythingEvil2113  6
Oceansize: Ranked beefshoes  14Rate My Pie Chart Royl123  30
I'm back! ncguitar  37My favorite bands ZeroxSP  7
AaronIsCrunchy's 2015 thus far Featured AaronIsCrunchy  192015.5: Cool Shit Edition Featured ibringyoufire  14
My band released our first album today oWhoadYo  28We Are The Sad Boys BallsToTheWall  44
Potsy: The Worst OAT LordePots  148My Kanye Album Rankings LegendaryOrangeBear  9
Potsy: Half A Years Worth of Better Taste Than You Featured LordePots  100Quartuma 2/2015 Featured Artuma  46
halftime15 ShitsofRain  7What Albums on the Sputnik Top 200 Have You 5'd? TheMagicalBlender  30
Radiohead: Superior Computer failicide  18Top 10 Lust For Youth Songs Graveyard  1
More New Tracks Off My Next Album Final Origin  3JT's First Half of 2015 Featured JamieTwort  48
Bad Metallica songs JonLDials  16Evans's Best of 2015 So Far emester  25
Top Albums of My Life LPTheory  1Check My EP JonLDials  9
Depths ov Doom Matches 7-8 SharkTooth  16

2000-2009 Albums Tourney - Round II - M7 Frippertronics  24EAI/Onkyo: Sound as a shape LivingThrowaway  73
Top 10 Smith Street Songs porcupinetheater  152015.5 so far 808muzik  6
Recent Digs dmp3131  1130 Favorite Bands/Musicians Ikarus14  3
Strong beer and good jams SCREAM!  16Stone Sour Ranked metalheadrunner  3
RED Ranked metalheadrunner  13Digs and 2015 Recs oisincoleman64  1
Toondude10's 50%: The Halfway Stretch Featured Toondude10  50Most Controversial Albums of All Time AnimalsAsSummit  39
Louder Now: New Again Edition PatsGoingAllWay  1Best of Tangerine Dream SweeneyTodd  14
Self-discovering Music vs Recs PunchedPeach72  12Rec bands with similar vocals? ZeroxSP  16

I made an album CaptWaffles  15SCOTUS fromtheinside  32
Kendrick's best tracks BreakerdeGodot  25Clutch's Self Titled Ranked grungetongue16  0
Earworms to fight Earworms deathschool  22Rec me music almosttolerable  8
How I rate music Ocean of Noise  43A Fistful of Doom Metal's Finest. JasonCarne  17
Awful People on Facebook SillyCaringRabbitPal  57The NFL Approaches BallsToTheWall  92
Top 70 Albums Of 2012 mttgry  6Graduation: The Album Stories apokolypz  4
2015 is GAY CL0VER  16So I made a Youtube video OmairSh  25
Lebron James Intothepit  37supreme court rules on marriage equality evilford  140
Top 15 LP's of ' far so good Dickens44  7Best hip hop albums of all time HipHopKid  26
10 Great Songs From 2015 GreyShadow  7squarespace, css cirq  2

What does Sputnik mean JonLDials  15Pleb's Upcoming Album BigPleb  61
Thrift Store Finds solongatlast  14Blink-182's Enema of the State Ranked grungetongue16  2
About changing my username? SomeSayShesNaive  10Best MC's of all time HipHopKid  19
2015 so far tom79  4Metal Radio Stations leviathan05  3
2015 Metal Recs Thread Featured Relinquished  82Demo Albums Supercoolguy64  7
Create A Side Quest Funeralopolis  21Top 20 The Strokes Songs apokolypz  4
Favourite Records/Albums By Genre (Hardcopy) WellFedWhiteMale  9Recs again please? ZeroxSP  7
Blink-182 Singles Ranked oisincoleman64  14Metallica - 'The Black Album' Singles Ranked TheMagicalBlender  19
Top 30 Black Sabbath riffs NeroCorleone80  45Great Actors in Terrible Movies Intothepit  77
Mid 2015 Inspection JerzyNebraska  6Can't go a day on Sputnik... widowslaugh123  4
Bon Jovi albums ranked jelzel23  6Another Snide EP ASnideReturns  25
Recommend me Lo-Fi Garage Rock Travelhead  12(faceless plea for recommendations) eatdirtfartdust12  11
metal from obscure places FlyheadMetal  41

Top Ten Nirvana Songs grungetongue16  8Green Day's American Idiot Ranked (again) grungetongue16  7
August Burns Ranked InFiction  11report my troll ratings 2015 Gestapo  17
Kid Amnesiac FacelessMan  13Albuns favoritos do Judas Priest Thiagao  1
Recommend me some bands? ZeroxSP romulanrancor  3
chillz everytim frigyourgenre  4My Very Own Metal EP Iamthe Nightstars  18
Saw The Who (plus, The Who ranked, suckas) LepreCon  5My Band: The Pyrotechnics ElephantStoner1865  4
Found Some Gems in Michigan Deathbeds  0what's your favorite band Static  71
Local H Ranked Supercoolguy64  11Choose 1 Album From the Two (Part 1) AmericanFlagAsh  26
Tomato jams AaronIsCrunchy  5Starting A Band yourgodisinferior  15
Releasing the same album over and over again Feather  42The Black Dahlia Murder ranked and new single brainmelter23  22
Load and Reload vs Risk FlyheadMetal  18Vinyl Collection ButteryBiscuitBass  20
Recommendations for similar bands Manqaness24  4Best YouTube Music Reviewers oisincoleman64  66
Breaking Benjamin Ranked SweeneyTodd  51Rammstein Ranked SweeneyTodd  16
Albums with a better 2nd half SoundBagel  42dank 2015 post-metal Ignimbrite  27
Underrated Metallica songs, Pt. 2 JonLDials  9Kindling for a Metal Kick eatdirtfartdust12  16
To Get List (CDs) mikedrumz  5Recent Random Digs Stereochrome1  2
Dear Hunter Acts Ranked jmnewcomer18  15Failure Album Stream Masochist  1
2000-2009 Albums Tourney - Round II - M6 Frippertronics  64D'Angelo: Overrated? stevendah  5
My Favorite Albums for each genre mikedrumz  17

Top 20 favorites from 2000-2015 SonofSnow  10Albums for a rainy day BreakerdeGodot  4
Best TV Shows Currently Airing MyCarandMyGuitar  36GOTYs: 2010-2014 TheMagicalBlender  24
Women That Take Steroids BallsToTheWall  495 favourite albums ever NickLizard49  10
The 5 Worst Paramore Songs TheCalebRobinson  9Help me find an artist + instrumental cloud rap IronGiant  7
Pop Punk Bands That Don't Suck almosttolerable  28Bands I've Seen Live SmileNerd  10
where did my lastfm plays go Ryus  14creepy kids on the cover Supercoolguy64  29
Overlooked Britpop Bands UniqueUniverse  75 Worst Kasabian Songs UniqueUniverse  1
wtf idontcareaboutthis  17sometimes I have just a .... bungy  7
Beach Boys Albums Ranked theTourist  12Popular Hip Hop Albums I just don't like much mikedrumz  13
5 Worst Arctic Monkeys Songs UniqueUniverse  55 Worst Muse Songs UniqueUniverse  17
I'm Addicted To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate emester  5Greatest Songs Led Zeppelin Never Wrote lz41  9
Rappers Who Are Missing An Eye aaronrkc  4Classic RPG's Flugmorph  46
It's 3 AM why can't I go to sleep JonLDials  31Bright eyes ranked widowslaugh123  3
R.I.P. James Horner Lambda  5The Path of Apotheosis ranked brainmelter23  0

Top 40 Progressive Death Metal Albums pyroflare77  9Potsy 2015: June Week III LordePots  24
My Body Wasn't ready For This BallsToTheWall  6Fantastic Dual Vox OwMySnauze  21
Coma Ecliptic Ranked Insurrection  15Rush Last Night peaks40  10
Top 70 Albums Of 2011 mttgry  19Top 20 Favourite Albums georgeharold818  11
Mewithoutyou ranked widowslaugh123  11Rush Ranked charbyno  3
ASnideStream ASnideReturns  33Messy Breakup FourthReich  73
Top 40 Technical Death Metal Albums pyroflare77  10

new tool sounds like this idontcareaboutthis  9Rec Me Noise Albums torchedice  22
50 albums i've listened to this month Brabiz  2the best in modern tech death Thor  17
August Burns Red hype thread (OFFICIAL) Ignimbrite  35False Black Metal leatherrebel  32
So I just saw Inside Out... (Spoilers) CL0VER  15Top 50 Favourite Albums (Age 15) oisincoleman64  14
Sputnik is a mess altertide0  98Is your profile picture you? Sevengill  74
Dig Diggy Digs YetAnotherBrick  3Fort Minor is back! MyNameIsPencil  6
Stuff I want to check out but keep forgetting eaglefan1998  7Recent listens/suggestions sumwun21  4
EPschool deathschool  6Chill Day BallsToTheWall  1
Kill 'Em All Ranked TheMagicalBlender  4How do you listen to your music? Rawmeeth38  27
My Favorite Bands Of All Time vitornpedroso  0Upcoming Albums I'm Hyped For xDeathoholic  2
Cryptopsy greatest hits FlyheadMetal  6true detective and lone star Chortles  96
MO and co. release new track Featured MO  29OK Computer Ranked theBoneyKing  4
minor spending spree MoosechriS  7Heavy-Psych/Doom/Sludge/Stoner VIBES AcidCaravan  4
Dream lineup for Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. HeavyMetal25  2I accidently spo0ked Angelboros IhateMana  7
2000-2009 Albums Tourney: M5 Frippertronics  64Looking for something emotional GreyShadow  39

Cats vs. Dogs Supercoolguy64  50spectre sound studios FlyheadMetal  12
I gave birth SoccerRiot  27The Stooges Ranked lz41  10
Blut Aus Nord Ranked Hawks  29Colombian Brutal Death Metal LivingThrowaway  61
Transatlanticism Ranked oisincoleman64  9Best albums of the decade so far BreakerdeGodot  2
My Top 10 of all time?? mikedrumz  0Albums to smoke weed to... mikedrumz  11
Linkin Park ranked Ikarus14  145 Favorite Faith No More albums Ikarus14  7
Avenged Sevenfold ranked Ikarus14  4Some krazy guys Top 50 KrazyKris  24
Machine Head ranked Ikarus14  2Favorite Death Metal bands HeavyMetal25  1
Good Deathcore. HeavyMetal25  11I just finished watching Justified danielcardoso  6
my cat gave birth Supercoolguy64  77June is Being Pretty Nice emester  3
More underrated gems ComeToDaddy  25list smith1  6
Got a new Rap-EP out Hurricanslash  26Favorite Bass Guitarists Royl123  24
late night summer walk music idontcareaboutthis  12

Don't Eat Me Graveyard  13Warped Tour 2015: Bands I Wanna See erizen826  14
Seriously bad day. MercuryToHell  25Who Should I See Live? oisincoleman64  22
NEW PIERCE VEIL THE SONG heavydirtysoul  8Top 25 Red Tracks ASnideReturns  13
Top 70 Albums Of 2010 mttgry  16Misinformed Idiots Make Wearing ISIS Shirt Awkward onehugespork  65
looking for ptc contributors TheSpirit  22Grime/UK Hip Hop Featured helpoemer420  44
Depths of Doom matches 5-6 SharkTooth  63Def Leppard Ranked jelzel23  11
2015 Metal Recs Pls Jacquibim  55cool users Static  195
Underrated Green Day songs JonLDials  16My Top Ten Grunge Albums grungetongue16  30

Worst Album's I've Sat Through xDeathoholic  47Iiie9al substances that i've tried ranked alwaysright  28
What's Your Favorite Punk Record? Minushuman24  92To all Vinyl Users! apokolypz  21
Live.Love.LOUIE (Seasons Ranked) EyesWideShut  14Um... Aftertheascension  29
sputnik votes: best music genre || results trvvve  29Q2 2015 McMegaMountain  0
Grand Grand  16What type of music do you listen to? Feather  124
Vinyl Adequatulence WellFedWhiteMale  14Knife Party Ranked mete0ra  11
Hungover Mort.  28Honest To God Guilty Pleasures xDeathoholic  10
25 Personal Favourite Albums of All Time Travelhead  6Goropsy new album / Facebook oltnabrick  17
recent album to reView? (CLOSED FOR POSTING) SillyCaringRabbitPal  16

User Spotlight 4.0 Featured SowingSeason  87Dream Line-Up Rowan5215  58
Rec Me Shit Like This Judio!  34Ocean's 3rd Sputaversary Ocean of Noise  17
Pretentious Metal Bands leatherrebel  116The Cure's Albums Ranked (from Best To Worst) aoz007  9
Metal Gear Solid games ranked TheCharmingMan  59New Summer Music 2CHAINAL  8
Saviors of Real Modern Country Music Stereochrome1  8My Top 100 Albums of All Time Featured Pheromone  64
U2 Tonight peaks40  11Zodiac Signs in Crimes on the Nephilim's Dime Angelboros  24
Why Were Punk Bands So Against 70's Rock Bands? TheMagicalBlender  52Under 50 Votes, Part 8 Greem  3
Alternate 007 Bond theme songs micpattern  102000-2009 Albums Tourney: M4 Frippertronics  139
Neurosis Ranked BigPleb  42The Depths ov DOOM match 4 SharkTooth  46
Characters I wanted added as DLC to Smash ASnideReturns  56Recs Please! Torontonian  24

Bjork top 20 songs micpattern  1Potsy 2015: June Week II LordePots  24
hip hop recs! Ryus  36Essential Country Albums Stereochrome1  10
Why does everyone hate wolfmother? BlueSwan  34Official: Porcupine Tree ranked CK  4
met an atheist yesterday SillyCaringRabbitPal  107Quench my thirst for music good fellows. Grand  29
13 BtBaM Songs Insurrection  33video games suck danielito19  147
Rap Binge Recs TheCollectiveFacade  1225 of 2015 (so far) ellagos  16
Shenmue 3 DrGonzo1937  14raw black metal/noisy black metal TheSpirit  42
Top 10 Favourite Vocalists (and friends) DoofusWainwright  26sputnik votes: best music genre to exist trvvve  170
rec me stuff pl0z Sharpyyy  95 Favorite Bands of All Time Featured SoccerRiot  66

My current top ten favorite albums 6/15/15 WilhelmBlack  13E3 2015 Sony Conference SonofSnow  44
My Most Frequently Listened To Albums seangroundzero  2Pantera Albums Ranked seangroundzero  14
theBoneyKing's "To Review" List theBoneyKing  5Agalloch: Ranked beefshoes  9
Some Surprising Artists I've Never Listened To LepreCon  13GTA San Andreas JonLDials  12
10 Hour Drive to Michigan; Need Recs Deathbeds  26Albums That Have Grown On Me TheCalebRobinson  6
Top 70 Albums of 2009 mttgry  72015! What have I missed? Sniff  14
Quentin Tarantino Ranked dannyboy89  77Death Ranked TheMagicalBlender  13
league of legends Aftertheascension  3Roy's back in Smash ASnideReturns  44
Deftones ranked SweeneyTodd  16WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB JonLDials  9
top 10 favorite explosives trvvve  5

Game of thrones season finale was awful Slut  281Quasi-DJ'd for a grad party tonight Dylan620  4
Meus 10 ├ílbuns favoritos do Iron Maiden Thiagao  9Meus 10 ├ílbuns favoritos do Helloween Thiagao  0
E3 2015 Bethesda Conference SonofSnow  23Rec Me Songs (Again) oisincoleman64  15
Def Leppard ranked numetallover69  6Portugal. The Ranking bbdmittenz  3
50 Favorite Books vmcoia91  70Top 12 Best Muse Songs Mesm277  15
My Favourite Albums 2007 NorwichScene  17My Favourite Albums 2008 NorwichScene  5
2000-2009 Albums Tourney: M3 Frippertronics  161So I just saw Jurassic World... (No Spoilers) CL0VER  147

put out a cool compilation of cool stuff YakNips  6New Track off my Upcoming Album Final Origin  21
Sputnik Contest!!! BlueSwan  29My Favourite Albums 2009 NorwichScene  9
Recent DVD purchases KrazyKris  16My Top 5 Post Rock Bands Royl123  33
Vote Now! Official Deftones Ranking Gestapo  25Best Hair Metal Bands numetallover69  7
My Top 10 Films of All Time BewareOfDarkness  18My favorite emcees jmh886  8
Top 15 Portugal. the Man Songs apokolypz  2My band is on iTunes and Spotify aresx  7
1200 AnimalsAsSummit  6Top 10 Fall Out Boy Songs TheCalebRobinson  8
Your Favorite Film? TheMagicalBlender  187Vinyl Update 1.1 h0rsie  4
more recent vinyls ElviGemini  3Could use some new electronic music lyzakthellama  28
Updating All My Music To FLAC, (F's) DeadGuy  4

Newer than the guy below me IhateMana  19New to this site. Psychosphere  15
Most Wanted Upcoming/Unreleased Albums GmemberKills  10Wanted: New Metal Nud  14
Playing Silent Hill 2 Again Graveyard  21I made an album BlueW  51
entry level metal bungy  25Edge of Sanity vs. Opeth trvvve  25
Top 10 Paramore Songs TheCalebRobinson  15My Musical Journey Through High School emester  4
Physical Graffiti Ranked argonaut  18Limp Bizkit ranked numetallover69  14
If I Wasn't Here... YetAnotherBrick  5Deftones Ranked Kronzo  20
NUFAN Atari  5Albums I'm Excited For thecheatisnotdead  7
Super Cool 16th Birthday!!!!! melnadaiid  17Overwhelmed brosephmcbrah  2

Depths of Doom Match 3 SharkTooth  37Rush ranking Jethro42  54
Tunes With the Wife Thibs  36Best "Hipster Black Metal" Albums to Check Out LordWretch  64
Christopher Lee Dead Rowan5215  37Top 10 Throbbing Gristle yep123  4
Best Aesop Rock albums :) slipandslide  13Agaetis Byrjun finally hit a 4.4 SAPoodle  20
2000-2009 Albums Tourney: M2 Frippertronics  139Light Bearer songs ranked Sevengill  4

Alice In Chains vs. Nirvana CK  94High On Fire Ranked emester  13
Feels. Heavy. BallsToTheWall  5Top 20 Metal Albums of the 1980's DiogoAlexandre  6
rules of sputnik Aftertheascension  18Top 20 Metal Albums of the 1990's DiogoAlexandre  6
Top 20 Metal Albums of the 2000's DiogoAlexandre  8Writers Wanted: 2015 Q2 Infinite Playlist Featured Brostep  48
Best Deftones Albums DiogoAlexandre  5Hardcore Recs TheCollectiveFacade  22
Shoegaze dreampop stuff travisbickle36  5godspeed tracks ranked trvvve  7
Ins' Second EP Info Featured Insurrection  13My Music On Youtube Graveyard  6
I Don't "Get" Death Grips LukeAtmadik  45Since you hate the Dead wham49  2
Corniest 80's Hit Chart Songs LordWretch  32On Sputnik @ Work Feather  49
James Cameron Ranked dannyboy89  23

Guess what Slut  14I made a really sad concept EP furpa  14
Upper Endings Supercoolguy64  6I saw Bjork live lyzakthellama  8
Anthrax Concert TheMagicalBlender  2Best Albums of the Les Legions Noires LordWretch  3
Albums ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 RushLover  1Sputnik Religion Census Ebola  328
All Time Favourite Songs SweeneyTodd  298 or 9 years worth of my shit taste AndManyMore  7
The Top 55 Greatest Rappers. GodLovesUgly  6Five of the most overrated modern bands 13km  15
The best post-hardcore you haven't listened to rufinthefury  22Just Accidentally Listened to Half of Revolver ArsMoriendi  36

What Is The Appeal Of Deathcore oisincoleman64  57Black Metal Digs NLD  7
Advice from musicians CoolCalmJoe  12Only God Forgives BigPleb  38
Vote Now! Speedcore SillyCaringRabbitPal  9Female Vocalists rodigo1  21
The Cure: Worst to Best WilhelmBlack  9rec me long tracks trvvve  49
New Favorite Electronic Finds yourgodisinferior  7this guy metal202 JohnTheSavage  10
Willie's 2015 Story so Far Featured Willie  45Old Shoegazing/DreamPop/NoisePsych gems AcidCaravan  15
Concert Pictures and Videos Feather  9Seriously lacking in recent Hip-hop Strider  14
Prom Tonight SnakeDelilah  6Jenna is Back SowingSeason  19
Suggest me some similar industrial albums lassieboy  5Depths of Doom Match 2 SharkTooth  38
Vote Now! Industrial Flugmorph  175Bunbury Music Festival Feather  5
beautiful post hardcore / post rock recs please heavydirtysoul  24crunchy or smooth? demigod!  40
There's not a dry eye around here.. micpattern  72000-2009 Albums Tourney: M1 Frippertronics  217
Radiohead Ranked lz41  16Best Of 2014 (in my opinion) xDeathoholic  2
Justin K Broadrick yep123  8alts 8genre  15
Rec Me Night Music Calc  37

Thick as a Brick Ranked BearzUnlimited  11someguest's treasured records 06/2015 someguest  14
Favorite Albums [In Order] michaelwalsh  0Another Top Ten Jimmy Page Solos FloydZepp4ever  3
Potsy 2015: June Week I LordePots  25Rec Me Hip Hop With Dark or Minimalist Production georgeharold818  22
Ecstatic Recs Let  22a decidedly non-kvlt black metal list. (rex pl0x) DanielNightLewis  12
Downer Endings Supercoolguy64  19Albums I Bought So Far This Year CalculatingInfinity  32
Recent Listens / Digs MassiveAttack  3I just released an EP BandNewbac  23
Evan's Assorted Recs of Heavy Music #4 emester  4Dance Gavin Dance Ranked Kronzo  22
Fallout 3 or New Vegas SonofSnow  87'Kiss My Ass' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  3
Great U2 songs most people don't know almosttolerable  10saw the Black Keys last night Dylan620  4
80s music was tight travisbickle36  9Albums of the 00s Preliminaries (2000-2009) Frippertronics  137
Hannibal S3 Rowan5215  82015 Q2 RadicalEd  11
Rate my 1s 8genre  6Sputnik Sexuality Census ArsMoriendi  1104
Record Update mortifierftw  11

I made a Harsh vocal cover for Gridlink! MadMikeLove  0Top 12 Worst Muse Songs Insurrection  104
...Is A Real Boy Ranked oisincoleman64  11Animal Costumes BallsToTheWall  7
Rate my 1's Jasdevi087  57Summer! Torontonian  22
Academy's First Amendment to Sowing's 2015 1/2 Featured theacademy  39Cult's Top 15 of '15 CultofTerra  3
LGBT AmericanFlagAsh  462Best of 2013 Travelhead  1
Rate Lambda's 5's Lambda  40Sputnik Jobs LordePots  237

2015 Metalz Recs Hawks  27Thibs digs 3 Thibs  2
Trying to start a music project TheSonomaDude  6Rate my 5s TylerLamberg  21
i have to pee real bad, so here's Dillinger ranked Froot  23Rush Ranked and Rated SoccerRiot  28
Damn, 2015 Is Really Great So Far Stereochrome1  3From The Depths of Doom Match 1 SharkTooth  53
2 lists 1 day 8genre  2My Chemical Romance Ranked SweeneyTodd  31
Experimental epics LPFTW  26feeling a hard sob to a light cry rufinthefury  1
Green Day Ranked SweeneyTodd  10Better than Opeth? This Album Shocked The World! SillyCaringRabbitPal  25
Aesop Rock Ranked DropoutBear  0Dark is Heavy Travelhead  1
Load/ReLoad should've just been one CD TheSonomaDude  20Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (ranked) AmericanFlagAsh  21
Never Say Ecstasy NeroCorleone80  27My Top 20 Green Day Songs BewareOfDarkness  0
"The Depths ov DOOM" Tournament Preliminary SharkTooth  9980's Iron Maiden Ranked TheMagicalBlender  15
Rec me really dissonant death metal Thor  9Moar Like Dis boredcore  4
The evilest record you know. lardplanet  74New Maya Jane Coles is KILLER!!!! SillyCaringRabbitPal  13
Sputnik 8genre  21

There's a possible serial killer in my area Iamthe Nightstars  78My Top Ten Albums theDanger  7
rec metal with horns heavydirtysoul  35Favorite Recs from Pop Punk Bands almosttolerable  13
Go Dodgers! BallsToTheWall  10A Summer Season In My Soul JamieTwort  19
Final Fantasy Feather  160Albums that are like your love life Thuglifethor  39
I The Mighty - Connector Ranked GreyShadow  4haven't made a list in a while / assorted digs Ryus  19
new stvff coming in a few months AnimalsAsSummit  3Spine,Tingling Film Scores WilsonTik  10

2015 and why this list means absolutely nothing... Frippertronics  35The best one of the Big 4 of Britpop Gard3n  15
Personal Favorite Metalcore Albums. xDeathoholic  10Jack's Top 100 Albums jflem94  16
'Load' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  18Alice in Chains: Ranked MaggieG  18
Fuck u bethesda Parallels  73Converge Ranked lists Ranked SillyCaringRabbitPal  7
Gonna work for Amazon Froot  20Favorite Hip Hop Groups/Duos DropoutBear  9
thrash: germany vs usa trvvve  9List 1 idonthavetimeforthis  0
Wolves In The Throne Room ranked Gameofmetal  9Fugazi Ranked Kronzo  15
Converge Ranked Hawks  69Veldin's Half Decade 2015 Top 20 Rodeo Veldin  5
I want to travel Strider  11Favorite games of this generation The777777thVermicide  52
Top 10 Albums of 2015 Thus Far Bazman  4digs mryrtmrnfoxxxy  8
Possible Fallout 4 annoucnement? SonofSnow  65Sowing's 2015 1/2 Featured SowingSeason  84
Trojan Horses lz41  5Some lesser known albums/recommendations. xDeathoholic  0
These Aren't Your Top 10 II: Nine Inch Nails ArsMoriendi  10Depressive bm? Aftertheascension  20

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay SnakeDelilah  60Hold My Hand BallsToTheWall  10
Dead in the 70's wham49  3Emery Ranked IAmInsect  4
sad music for sad feels J1996  17Who Can Kick My Ass? Intothepit  73
Growers ComeToDaddy  10top 3 helloween sonictheplumber  14
RH-11 ranked trvvve  4Need uplifting recs hal1ax  39
So yeah guys Tenement Hep Kat  21New Chelsea Wolfe Single And Some Drone Travelhead  10
Rec me decent rock music Cygnatti  67Overrated Albums Over2000Ratings  73
Rockavaria Festival Davil667  2Metalcore/Hardcore Recs andrianoc  22

Shark's May 2015 SharkTooth  9Favorite Endings in Film vmcoia91  89
Top 10 of 2015 so far humblerodent  92015 Surprises BallsToTheWall  7
Graduated High School ashcrash9  8GY!BE Albums Ranked Final Origin  19

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