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2009: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7 Under the Radar 2015 Part. 1 djunior 
*Drops Mic* Recspecs Nocte's 2/12 of 2015 Report NocteDominum 
Oranges' Nine Albums of Power ExplosiveOranges Sowing's 10 Most Influential Albums SowingSeason 
Epics MrSirLordGentleman 2015 insight Phlegm 
Ranking Every Brand New Song (with Descriptions) Green Baron The Buckethead Pike Suggester Froot 
Sputnik Users Irl LordePots Djunior's 2014: Top 100 Albums djunior 

Blink-182 Ranked MotoOnSputnik  0Lets Have A Debate?!! Muisc4Life26  20
Japanese Playlist OldCrime  3Fav albums heavy metal, so far Romhec89  16

Making Beats OysterizerInsomniac  0Rob's 31 Greatest Albums of All Time oldmangloom207  6
Cam's Top 100 Albums Ever thesongneverends  14Albums para gostar de Synth-Pop Matielliz  5
Top 10 Best Albums Of 2014 TheFourthCircle25  0Top Five Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 TheFourthCircle25  0
Potsy: February 2015 LordePots  56February In Review emester  16
A (Basically) complete Vinyl list widowslaugh123  4What's Up Fuckers, Cave Clops Is Here And Ready To CaveClops69  18
SycAmour & Brightwell Live BlueSwan  1Yellowcard: The Ranking MyNameIsPencil  8
Agalloch Ranked (Including EPs) MotoOnSputnik  14Morning Jams WesleyJones  10
The Best Is Yet To Come: Sowing's Most Anticipated SowingSeason  20Some of my favorite guitar solos brainmelter23  16

2009: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart Featured riffariffic7  10Hit a brick wall rapideyemovement  17
Rochester and Rosenstock Green Baron  16Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  7
Top Ten Albums of February 2015. efterljus  1Ins' debut EP info Insurrection  35
Musica para ouvir chapado (ou não) Matielliz  1Recent Digs oisincoleman64  1
Songs you can't help singing along to Avagantamos  41B A S E B A L L treeqt.  50
Kiss "Creatures of the Night" ranked facupm  4B A S K E T B A L L AngloSaxophone  0
Mah most hated Metal Albums Necromaniac  17Some Really Bad Albums By Really Good Bands InfernalOarsman  25
Mah favorite Death Metal ALbums Necromaniac  7albums with less than 10 ratings that are really letme69johndarnielle  2
Febuary: Slightly Less Sick Than January wtferrothorn  7Rec me music for night time road trips! SwanSoup  16
100 Favourite Albums Of All Time (Revised!) TheRunningPanda  3Top 10 Porcupine Tree Songs (With Description) UnderTheNorthernScar  14
My Favorite Prog Albums AnimalsAsSummit  24Worst Career Reinventions lz41  26
Feel the love. Dodenakker  7Musical Decades Ranked Muisc4Life26  54

Metallica Ranked LPFTW  10Rec Me Black Metal emester  12
Indian broke up :( lardplanet  4Black metal digs Aftertheascension  4
Stand-up comedy albums Froot  13Top 10 Scores of 2014 JesusChristLives  6
Black Metal Greyvy  22Deftones: Ranked MaggieG  10
007 Goldeneye N64 Levels Ranked Graveyard  32LindaMar BlueSwan  2
5 Albums I Have Been Fucking With Lately DukeofWarden  6Under the Radar 2015 Part. 1 Featured djunior  33
Summoning Intros Ranked carved  5Which band do you own the most merch of? SCREAM!  88
2015 february qt. treeqt.  15One Long Song Gapless Albums? BarryMckokiner  26
Top 10 Hip-hop Beats yourgodisinferior  15Groove Metal Recs? PrefrontalCortex  14
Top Five Sellout Rock/Metal Bands WesleyJones  25Rec Me Tech Death Wonderbread  29
The 5's To Be? GreyShadow  14Lyrics to a Song I Just Wrote YetAnotherBrick  6

First List in a Year and a Half cvlts  14Am I Patrician Now? Also Digs. Ichangedmynametojeff  15
Everything I Listened to in 2015 TheMagicalBlender  12TBDM Rated Aftertheascension  10
90s Alternative Gems Muisc4Life26  13Most Overrated Albums Ever BlacKapes  169
digs musicallychallenged  2Metallica Title Tracks Ranked LPFTW  8
My Sputnikmusic project MotoOnSputnik  74100 Favorite Albums of the 60s anobsoletevernacular  24
My Death Metal Top 20 Donchivo  5brutlistic tendencies FlyheadMetal  1
Hidden Gems from the 60s and 70s IronGiant  4things treeqt.  38
death metal/trying out the new lists Ryus  31My top Gentle Giant albums MrGumby  9
Leyland's Top 20 For March 2015 adamleyl  0Best Deathcore-ish Stuff You'll Probably Find chinesewhispers  6
enlighten me bach  17Worst Album Closers Ever Insurrection  33
Griefing Rice303  62010: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  9

Some of my favorite metal song finales/endings XfingTheSullen  13Top 10 The Doors Songs romulanrancor  7
Underrated Megadeth Songs (Chronological Order) TheMagicalBlender  9a djent a day keeps the derp away LeCoolestMver  7
and1selfies Hep Kat  8Dimebags Grave Desecrated wakeupdead  42
Kiss "Music From The Elder" Ranked facupm  7February 2015 anobsoletevernacular  0
January 2015 anobsoletevernacular  12My List of my personal Must Haves Fred2112  6
My Top 5: all time 11/10's MadMikeLove  0Sales Pitch: Albums/Films of 2014 deathofasalesman  11
Walks of Life (February) LifeFeedsOnLife  0Benny The Jet Rodriguez appreesh Hep Kat  5
It's my new album, I guess Hurricanslash  12Enter Shikari Live Mort.  5
ghostface travisbickle36  0Lefondre's top 15 releases of 2014 Lefondre  0
Great metal you might have missed from 2014 brainmelter23  11Weezer Albums Ranked WesleyJones  3
Some Of The Best Albums of 2014 Handers  3

WHO FUCKING PUT THIS SHIT PILL IN MY POTATO SALAD BubbaTheShitPill  050 Favorites From 2010-2014 EverythingEvil2113  3
I think i'll use the site again. list is dig-ems MadMikeLove  17Rec Me Girl Pop and Indie Rock zhengyu  5
Actual 5's for me 24gadjet  24Which is better? Linx  17
Digz tom79  0February 2015 JCGold14  9
noise rock illmitch  48*Drops Mic* Featured Recspecs  88
i'm still cute bungy  19My Top 15 Rush Songs charbyno  13
Blatant Beach Boys Rip Off Recs IronGiant  16January/ February 2015 thejared  0
Punky IDDQD Hipster Mode -- On Parallels  9Anything Somewhat Similar To These? postrockpaperscissor  9
Top 10 Judas Priest Songs romulanrancor  12My Mountain Goats Cover OvDeath  10
Nocte's 2/12 of 2015 Report Featured NocteDominum  12January/February 2015 - Best Of Frippertronics  11
hey give me movie recs Kman418  44

Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. IV LordePots  50Favourite Vocalists FacelessMan  19
Hidden Gems and Great Recent Stuff emester  21top 2 albumszc DoomCity  0
Glitchy/Electronic/IDM/Ambient/MathRock Recsss? boredcore  20Best Unknown Psych Pop IronGiant  11
Class Playist TheGreatQ  3In the valley of the best Marilyn Manson albums in order... boff  4
My Favorite Directors InfernalOarsman  45I hurt my shoulder Slut  5
3.5. Is really a usefull rating? Detritivore  65I Made An EP ashcrash9  7
Rec me some post-hardcore metalheadrunner  14My first Vinyl record Atari  29
A Snide EP ASnideReturns  28Deathcore Nocturnalize  14
Mods please delete my accoumt melonade  13British Comedians OmairSh  47
Rec Me Atmospheric Black Metal mikep87  10CardboardCat 1drummer  2
Snow Day 2015 SeaAnemone  51Possible to Connect turntable to TV? Evreaia  20
Your favourite thing in your music collection? Jasdevi087  34Need moar Hip-hop theNateman  49
What albums do you recommend of doom metal? Romhec89  19Seeking Good Black Metal DAKODA  28

02.25 Albums of the Past Year Mutantsnowstorm  3currently digging travisbickle36  0
Favorite Thrash Metal Albums zachbuddie  10Fallujah and Deafheaven fans should check these guys out. MattyTop  4
NFL: A Silly Pencil's Ranking MyNameIsPencil  11Well I guess I'm startin' over deadcrown  11
Check Out These Bands (P-Hardcore,Metalcore,etc..) BlueSwan  3Tool: Ranked MaggieG  19
Best Tracks (all time, no particular order) yoKenny  0Bands. dodgep  2
MBTI & Music ArsMoriendi  30Artists That Ended On Their Best Album trackbytrackreviews  67
Jeff Rosenstock Ranked MyCarandMyGuitar  31Under the Radar Black Metal yourgodisinferior  18
Sound City wakeupdead  6Rec me some documentaries TheSonomaDude  25
Recent Pick Ups Brabiz  1Top 5 most underrated AC/DC songs BigLeach65  11
DRose hurt...again Hep Kat  26'The Mindsweep' - Ranked InFiction  8

Top 10 Most Overplayed Rock Songs WesleyJones  30Albums to Review JokineAugustus  10
Oranges' Nine Albums of Power Featured ExplosiveOranges  55Top Ten Albums of 1997 Royl123  30
Dubstep Please Muisc4Life26  20Winter Storms Mix pbass0  0
Bacon Wrapped Pizza at Little Caesars Veldin  8Top 10 Streetlight Manifesto Songs AtrumCimex  10
So you want to be hardcooore... iamamanfromspace  27My favorite Albums of 2014 Linx  9
Favourite Band You've Experienced Live PrefrontalCortex  69Red House Painters vinyl boxset judasgoat  2
dist is ligs climactic  18Space Echo ZombicidalMan  5
Rec Me Some Music PrefrontalCortex  16R.I.P User Betray Dancedrewdance  23
Deserted Island: Your Top 5 Albums qiblas  7New Godspeed You! Black Emperor announced Thuglifethor  35
Worst Metallica songs TheSonomaDude  10Albums Worth Checkin' [2] Cygnatti  34
Album Rated Under 1: Found wtferrothorn  5Best of 2014 Wrap-up pedro70512  5
Nickelback Ranked Necrotica  29Fav.10 albums that has forgotten Sputnik Romhec89  2
Rec Me New Music Calc  22

Potsy: Potsy Albs U Hvnt Evn Hrd: Potsy Edition LordePots  522011: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  10
the one album you'd give a 5.5 trve  69Top 10 Real Estate Songs argonaut  7
Riffs Tunaboy45  35Recent New Shizzle JJKeys  10
Black Sails Hep Kat  26Caligula's Birthday Party Ranked! AngloSaxophone  3
Top 35 metallica songs ranked SuicycoManiac7  17Essential Reviews? PunkMoon  25
Sowing's 10 Most Influential Albums Featured SowingSeason  63Top 10 AC/DC Opening Tracks TheMagicalBlender  4
Cartoons demigod!  14020 Favourite EPs Travelhead  4
Having Good Songs Stuck In Your Head BornDeadBuriedAlive  0A Pencil's Top 25 albums. MyNameIsPencil  11

Testament Rankan FirstStrikeIsDeadly  23Top 10 Grindcore Bands DAKODA  35
Sculpting The Throne Ov Recs deyp  21Anyone ever use a fleshlight? Greyvy  21
Sunday Funday TheEnigma  5do you guys smoke weed? bach  19
Your TOP albums in another language Romhec89  3210 Favourite Tool Songs FacelessMan  9
tap into the 80's NorthernSkylark  17Devin Townsend Ranked zachbuddie  4
Almost Finished With Our Album!! Brabiz  5Some Really Bad Album Artwork SharkTooth  58
U2 ranked JimmyofSuburbia99  16Daydream Nation 1st Listen Rawmeeth38  11
Hey, it's another Genesis albums list! HappyTheMan12  44Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 7 Jasdevi087  13
Coheed and Cambria Ranked KenboSlice  11we cool leaked Kman418  16

Recent Finds cryptside  11Best Albums for Sex NickLizard49  41
Epics Featured MrSirLordGentleman  95Check out my band Tarzandragon's first official EP aresx  2
Bands to dig bodyboggi  0Old Skool Electronic Muisc4Life26  20
Beer Festival RoyalImperialGuard  6SNOWY WEATHER MUZAK zoso33  6
Kurt Busch Convicted of "Smashing" Girlfriend's Head SnakeDelilah  33Melodeth recs Gameofmetal  12
1986 isnt even that good trve  1Descendents Ranked mdrive  7
Live Psychedelic/Progressive Rock albums? IronGiant  11Johnny reviews the new list interface. johnnydeking29  13
1986 - The Year of Thrash? NeroCorleone80  15thanks mx mryrtmrnfoxxxy  4
Guitar Pickups? ScuroFantasma  28Shaking the Habitual Ranked ArsMoriendi  68
2015 insight Featured Phlegm  57THIS IS A TEST demigod!  39
L'arc-en-Ciel ranked Jasdevi087  5Listen To My New Track OvDeath  9
Recommend a band to fill the hole in my heart? 24gadjet  5

Recommend Good Comedy YoYoMancuso  48Steve Albini vs. Ian MacKaye Ichangedmynametojeff  13
Punk/Post-Punk Recs Idoltrous8991  8Best Album From Every Genre You Know IronGiant  0
Top 50 Beatles Songs BatmanSixx  27An Introductory Jazz(ish) List Torontonian  54
Relapse Records Sampler lyzakthellama  5New Volcanic Queen Single Graveyard  16
Kanye Ranked wtferrothorn  58Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. Iii LordePots  69
Albums Worth Checking DrMaximus  27I Need Recommendations! endofalldayz16  13
Recent Vinyl Acquisitions emester  36 ~worst Mm Songs~ mryrtmrnfoxxxy  45
Worst Modest Mouse Songs mryrtmrnfoxxxy  1Folk puntugruhm  2
Best Dragonforce Songs pedro70512  22:] ~ Positive List :] ~ Hippo101  2
Pink Floyd Top 30 Rawmeeth38  17Rip Harris Wittels DecayingMajesty  7
Cult Of Luna Ranked Nud  112012: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  7
Top 10 Albums Of 2014 DAKODA  9

Best Illuminati Artists/Albums Ranked AngloSaxophone  3Favorite Albums By Non-favorite Bands metalheadrunner  5
Feedback On My First Songwriting Attempt? minty901  19Ughh.. conraddson  3
Sputnik Song Rating Idea manicmonkey  34I Didn't Choose The Thug Life RoyalImperialGuard  8
Pantera Ranked TheMagicalBlender  15New Music Coming In March AnimalsAsSummit  14
Commodore Jesus Lean Hep Kat  10Opeth Ranked trve  20
Boards of Canada ranked Hippo101  8Top 35 Best Megadeth Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  7
Joyce Manor Ranked CapnJizz  13Pistol's 2014 PistolPete  13
The Essential Boobs-Core JoeMcSatanBalls  210 Albums On Repeat DrGonzo1937  0
Bolt Thrower Ranked Valhala  17Kiss "Unmasked" Ranked facupm  8
Rec Me Stuff Nud  122015 Metal Releases LommyGreenhands  5
2013: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  15

Pizza N' Punchlinez Hep Kat  19Top Ten Foo Fighters Songs WesleyJones  11
Loudness War? LPFTW  26Korn Albums Ranked romulanrancor  30
Megadeth Albums Ranked romulanrancor  11An Introduction To The User Valkyrion  42
Metallica Albums Ranked WesleyJones  22February Digz Graveyard  9
Bbc 6 Music Festival AliW1993  14Rec Me Some Heavy Stuff trve  40
"lost In Love" ghosta  0Top 35 Soilwork Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  1
Who Are You People Counterfeit  68Concert Twas Dope AtomicShane  0
Afroman Punching A Woman BigBlob  101The Names Appear! :d DecayingMajesty  22
New Tunes! SitarHero  10Albums That Sound Like Their Covers: The Third Child Jasdevi087  11
Comforting Songs Supercoolguy64  21

10 Albums I'm Currently Obsessed With sncold  10Recs For Albums Like These? JasonCarne  10
New Years Challenge camtee156  13Top 20 Favorite Films thestop5  8
The Feel Good Drag Or Feel Good Drag? metalheadrunner  14Kiss "Dynasty" Ranked facupm  10
Songs That Keep You Up At Night oisincoleman64  4210 Fave Movies - Crymmy Edition Crymsonblaze  11
Best Anime Films I've Ever Seen AnimalsAsSummit  30Solid Free Music musicallychallenged  12
My Top 10 Favorite Movies Muisc4Life26  5Music Run!! metalheadrunner  6
My Top 25 Movies Of All Time charbyno  20Foxxxycore demigod!  26
new alien ant farm stream mryrtmrnfoxxxy  16My Top 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time ScarlettPimpernail  19
Post Metal Giants Ranked trve  30Recs (hardcore And Hip-hop) 2CHAINAL  12
You Don't Have To Go To College Thuglifethor  29Green Day Ranked mdrive  20
Wasting Time Here [2] LambsBread  112014: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart riffariffic7  19

Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. Ii LordePots  42Indie Winter Muisc4Life26  7
Favourite Filmmakers/directors furpa  55Best Grindcore Albums Stoutness762  17
Beverages I Can't Live Without RoyalImperialGuard  130A Procrastinator's Guide To 2014 - Top 50 Albums Thanntos  11
Diggity Digs BigPleb  10Kiss "Love Gun" Ranked facupm  15
Rec Me Fairly Recent Cold Ass Bm With A Little Atmosphere, N sonictheplumber  26My Personal Top 10 Favorite Albums TheMagicalBlender  22
Top 35 Slipknot Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  15Top 30 Best Van Halen Songs (IMO) Blakethemusicman123  6
Prog Archives Pt.II Mythodea  282/16/15 PrewDelisek  3
Three Long Long Years Jacquibim  51Observations De La Cult De Luuuuuune Flugmorph  9
Golden's Current Favorite Albums GoldenGuy444  0Freak Folk IronGiant  9

Your Favorite 5 Albums Of All Time aoz007  0How Was Valentines Day? MyCarandMyGuitar  41
Metallica - ...and Justice For All Ranked TheMagicalBlender  6Top Ten Unrequited Love Songs Royl123  29
Two Years In This Hell Hole MrSirLordGentleman  48Ipod Most Listened 2014 Closk  3
Kamelot Ranked VaderGator  8A Very Sowing Valentines SowingSeason  31
I Love These Album Covers! mdrive  18Blink-182 Ranked mdrive  35
Dream Theater Live Album (top 10) Valhala  1

Ranking Every Brand New Song (with Descriptions) Featured Green Baron  319It's Snowing... Hep Kat  43
Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. I LordePots  68Kiss "Rock And Roll Over" Ranked facupm  9
Alphabetical Taste (Albums) dmp3131  2Heartwork Ranked Madbutcher3  1
New Shoegaze/slowcore Music eternium  13Need Techno/house Recs Plz thepaintedalice  12
Prog Archives Pt.I Mythodea  26Best Modern Emo Lettuce  31
Metal Is Childish Greyvy  119Happy Valentine's Day YetAnotherBrick  14
Fifty Shades Of SHITE (plus Dir En Grey Ranked, Suckas) LepreCon  9Users I'd Go On A Date With Itchy2013  87
Top 35 Slayer Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  5Behemoth Ranked VaderGator  11
Inhypobolipticism BMDrummer  7St. Jerome's Laneway Festival - 8/2/15 Arcade  4
Kingsman: The Secret Service Gameofmetal  43Albums For Your Eyeballs zoso33  3
Liszt AngloSaxophone  1Ten Terrible, Terrible Bands WesleyJones  80
Bensin Avagantamos  7

Songs About Dicks someguest  40Ege Bamyasi Is The Greatest Album In The Universe Ichangedmynametojeff  7
Best Of Bandcamp Free Vol 3. VaxXi  7Kiss "Destroyer" Ranked facupm  16
Anticipated 2015 Releases sblevins95  13Experimental Gothic Post Death Punk Rock Music FruityCatOfDoom  2
Anime Avatars Ranked ffs  7Rating Averages That Will Probably Go Up In The Next 10 Year oisincoleman64  21
Devin Townsend Vs. Steven Wilson CK  29Buying Sputnik yourgodisinferior  23
A List Of Favorite Albums (1959-2014) killrobotmusic  7 can i be emeritues mryrtmrnfoxxxy  17
Ten Or Nevermind Muisc4Life26  32Dire Straits Top 10 Rawmeeth38  5
2015 Hit The Spot hybreda  1What Once Was.. 2014 In Review hybreda  0
Top 20 Rush Songs KingdomOfTyrant  9My New Diglets Necrotica  4
Awesome Movies, Vol. VII riffariffic7  13Favorite Postcore/metalcore Aftertheascension  5
My Top 20 Favorite Albums PinkZeppelinVan123  17

Records Records Frippertronics  38Dance Gavin Dance Ranked twlichty  16
Thrice Soad Refused Confirmed By Amnesiac Rockfest Storm In A Teacup  7Top 10 Thrash Albums TheMagicalBlender  25
Kiss "Dressed to Kill" Ranked facupm  9Favorite Releases Of The Past 20 Years musicallychallenged  5
Tv Recs Cygnatti  49Comic-con/cosplay SmersH  6
Deja Entendu Ranked oisincoleman64  15New Crooked Sun EP GmemberKills  6
Rec Emo Revival Balerion  25Gojira Ranked VaderGator  11
How Do I Into Pop Punk Froot  31U-ziq Might Unleash 64+ Hours Of Unreleased Material TychoBrahe  34
Noise And Lo-fi Cyberduck  4Things I Hate About Local Stores Shiranui  37
Crusty D-beats? JokineAugustus  13

Best Pop Albums Of The 80's facetheslayer666  12My Favorite Skaters Muisc4Life26  20
Favorite Green Day Songs metalheadrunner  22My Last List Ever pizzamachine  10
Top 10 Stoner Rock Albums LiamMrChino  11The Vaselines Are Pretty Cool ArsMoriendi  10
The Buckethead Pike Suggester Featured Froot  23Recent Digs, Could Use Recs! lyzakthellama  17
Top 10 Krautrock Albums WilliamBlack  1920 Albumd Every Drummer Should Own hedunadan  25
Norther Ranked Aftertheascension  2Ambient-idm/experimental (updating) federicogambato  11
Top 10 Musical Genres trve  28Top 20 Albums Akerfags91  0
Sputnik Users Irl Featured LordePots  33020 Random Albums I Adore sumyunguy  3
Potsy: Music And Things And Stuff LordePots  42Settling Opeth Ranked Lists Through Technicality Jasdevi087  25

Playlist Of "emo"/"punk" dmp3131  11My Top 5 Yes Albums Muisc4Life26  11
The Only Correct Deftones Ranking MyNameIsPencil  18Dank Nugs Pt 2 Fort23  3
Opeth Albums Ranked TheAristocrat96  15Top 10 Avenged Sevenfold Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  13
Kiss "Hotter Than Hell" ranked facupm  18Why Do Old White People Hate Kanye West RosaParks  115
Should I Go See In Flames? RivalSkoomaDealer  23Rec Me Albums Like These SirDrumsalot  32
Unbanned 2k15 Lakes.  20Top Ten Albums of January 2015. efterljus  5
Rec Me Blackened Punk/ Raw Black Metal emester  15Eminem Sober Vs. Eminem On Drugs childishbrandino  22
Music Library On Hard Copy Vs. Digital theNateman  7Making A Fake I.d. dimsim3478  18
ambient, drone, noise recs iamamanfromspace  38Folk Recs titanslayer  16

2014's Best Black Metal Albums Hastein45  17Hip-Hop Essentials Stereochrome1  17
The Black Death OvDeath  1410 Favorite Symphonies Snowdog808  3
Favorite Slipknot Songs metalheadrunner  5Top 10 Albums 09/02/15 FadedFellow  2
Off Kilter Bm Recs yourgodisinferior  18Hozier Is Amazing UnderTheNorthernScar  15
Djunior's 2014: Top 100 Albums Featured djunior  24Objective Top 40 Incubus Songs Ranked Yazz_Flute  6
Pink Floyd Best To Worst Albums Blakethemusicman123  13Arkham Awaits & Loyalist Live Dancedrewdance  1
Avagantamos Top 100 Avagantamos  21Birthday! Average Score For Every Year I've Lived Sniff  2
Will's Billboard Top 20 Albums 9/2/2015-15/2/2015 WilliamBlack  3Grammy's - Best Metal Performance 2015 TheSonomaDude  26
Songs That Rule BigPleb  26Poll Help (controversy In Hip-hop) Zeh1996  22

Who Tf Is Beck? MyCarandMyGuitar  72Omfg My Friends Booked The Dwarves To Play Atlantic City Hep Kat  3
Taroo's Albums Of The Years From 1965-2014 taroo  5Is There Anybody Out There? Tunaboy45  52
2015 Recent Digs Stereochrome1  3New Review I Posted Sucked - Need Help/ Advice TheMagicalBlender  12
Hardcore puntugruhm  11Recorded A New Song For My Next Album Final Origin  5
Awesome Movies, Vol. VI riffariffic7  13Top 50 Death Metal Albums InfernalOarsman  37
Best Of 2015 (so far). fdrc  19Overlooked Indie Albums Vol. Ii Featured SowingSeason  40
Top 35 Anthrax Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  6Everclear Is Bae ZilbelPing  16

Albums I Currently Have On Rotation rumblebee70  8Metal Tournament For The Ages Ichangedmynametojeff  33
Epic Album Closers Torontonian  30Check Out My Mixtape moshpotatoes  4
Got The Apartment To Myself For Awhile londoncalling457  3Kiss S/T Ranked facupm  12
My Favourite Pop Albums, For Today TheWrenKing  18Digz MoosechriS  7
Thinking Of Buying A Bass PunkMoon  17Observer Forever Ponton  3
I Hate Radio Rock (but These Bands Aren't Terrible) metalheadrunner  36Favorite Metal Of Death Aftertheascension  20
Hep Kat's Bangerz Guide: Favorite Raps Of 2014 Featured Hep Kat  39Kiss - Psycho Circus Ranked TheMagicalBlender  6
Top 35 Misfits Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  6Top 20 Favorite Albums...revisited WilliamBlack  10
Check Out My Mixtape moshpotatoes  0

How To Make A Pro Greatest Radiohead Album List Like An Mlg AtlastheGreat  23Need Help... Palatial  4
Bad Astronaut Songs Ranked VaxXi  0What Should I Jam First? Supercoolguy64  23
Made Some Fresh New Jams laughingman22  23My Least Favorite Bands Ever InfernalOarsman  32
Bought 4 New Rap Cds LambsBread  11Top 20 Metal Songs (mostly Goth/Doom/Dark Stuff) Travelhead  11
What Are We Drinking Tonight Skoj  143A Pencil's Checklist MyNameIsPencil  5
Top 35 Fear Factory Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  7

Rec Me Doom chuutya23  28Hybrid Theory Ranked Muisc4Life26  33
Top 10 Nirvana Songs WesleyJones  23Best Rock Instrumentals BatmanSixx  29
New Here, Give Me A Warm Welcome (with Comments) VaderGator  32Need Some Recs IncurablyInane  13
Ratings I'll Probably Get Shit For (if I Haven't) oisincoleman64  40So Why Don't User Names Come Up On Discussions Charts Anymo Nocturnalize  94
Top 35 Korn Songs Ranked SuicycoManiac7  14Top 35 In Flames Songs SuicycoManiac7  10
Do People Here Like D&d? Crymsonblaze  16Saddest Metal Songs SuicycoManiac7  22
Tumblr Ranked Betray  57Albums To Listen To While Your Friends Are Getting High beyondthethreshold13  23
Depressive/sad Non-metal Music Recs Please Greem  19Good Happy Music? Flugmorph  74
Some Artists I've Had The Honor Of Meeting. discovolante  25

Aphex Twin Is Giving Away 150 Tracks TychoBrahe  18Hey, The Last Fm Counter Is Fixed! deathschool  31 Is Finally Working Again! AmericanFlagAsh  66Lyrics As Review Summary MyCarandMyGuitar  31
Top 15 Shinedown Songs dmp3131  21The Riffter Scale Balerion  35
Hogan's Favorite Anime hogan900  49Saw Jack White In Oklahoma Monday Napolesonic  2
Bands I've Been Meaning To Get Into But Just Haven't metalheadrunner  20King Crimson Best To Worst Albums Blakethemusicman123  18
Geogaddi Vs. Music Has The Right To Children CK  60My Top 20 Rolling Stones Songs Muisc4Life26  13
My 100 Favorite Albums WilliamBlack  810 Favorite "core Albums" PunchedPeach72  16
Top 10 Metal Songs February 2015 adamleyl  3January 2k15 (plus Some Dec) FuzzyxPickles  4
Everything On My Phone brokendogleg  7

Awesome Movies, Vol. V riffariffic7  5Just Finished Playing Ico MyCarandMyGuitar  11
Tool Vs DT, Agalloch Vs Ulver, Neurosis Vs Mastodon MotoMusic  61Top 10 Biffy Clyro Songs nononsense  13
Rec Me The Good Stuff Thuglifethor  4Need Some Lovin' Minushuman24  17
2015 January Qt. treeqt.  38Feels Parallels  9
All Aboard The Guess The Album Cover Train! lz41  11My Top 20 Pixies Songs yourgodisinferior  32
Good Free Music Cyberduck  5Classic Post-rock ('90s & Early '00s) iamamanfromspace  28
Mount Eerie/the Microphones Main Albums Ranked thatdamnpunk  0Hip Hop With No Sput Love :( deezer666  12
Focus In Music wtferrothorn  31Annihilator Albums Ranked SuicycoManiac7  16
Gimme Grind deathschool  34Creepy Online Videos BigPleb  47
Groundhog Day Playlist 2015 Dylan620  2

Existential Ambience? letsgofishing  20Bands I've Been Digging Currently metalheadrunner  12
2014's Best Country Albums Hastein45  142015 Is Bein Cool YakNips  35
Songs From The 2014 Year dmp3131  7Bands I've Seen Live In 2014 Pherin  1
Save Thaiboy DecayingMajesty  13Album Of The Year 2013 Pherin  5
Behemoth Ranked InfernalOarsman  26Leaving Sputnik melonade  49
So Wsup smith1  26Pink Floyd Albums Ranked ShuteTheRunner  28
Black Sabbath Best To Worst Albums Blakethemusicman123  14Tryna Get Hip-hop On The Pie Chart Betray  73
Top 10 Jams Of 2014 LOOKALIVE49  0Top 10 Kanye West Songs thestop5  30
Finally Joining Sputnik Fandalf  23Smith Street Band / Pup / Great Cynics dimsim3478  7

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