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Annual Sputnik Madness Sweet 16 FourthReich favourite lyrics Rigma 
2 New Volcanic Queen Releases Graveyard Top 25 Snoop Dogg Songs (actually with effort) Drifter 
Ranking Every Dance Gavin Dance Song CuddlyCaucasian Usernames. kingdedethefifth 
Doof Top 101 Songs DoofusWainwright Sowing's 2017 Q1 SowingSeason 
I released an album today. VirtualBlaze Pots: Books and Music Digs LordePots 
5 years a sput evilford A Buck-Tick Analysis Vol.1: My Funny Valentine 50iL 

RINGED CITY demigod!  5None of These Are Shit AdolfChrist  5
Best Ahab songs kingdedethefifth  6Highly Influential Albums for Metal Hundt  8
favourite music videos BootCamp  9artuma plans to leave sputnik soon kascetcadettt  83
Underrated albums from 2016 ZSquared  2Breath of the Wild FreddieDelaney31  26
Favorite Opening Tracks DORBUSCUS  9saw the menzingers last night w J.Ro & rozwell kid ianblxdsoe  4
My CD Collection Enzx  2ArtBox's Art Box Week 12: The Weez ArtBox  4
good sludge albums I've heard recently evilford  66Kendrick Lamar Leaked Tracklist FlipTrackz  37

My Top 20 Rap Albums Ever Muisc4Life26  11End my life fam HarshNoiseHenry  17
Favorite CCM artists smfk9  2Coen Brothers Ranked neekafat  60
Rec some good doom metal kingdedethefifth  38lil yachty>led zeppelin Ryus  42
Trip Hop I Have Listened to So Far... ArsMoriendi  20Good Anime? Muppelope  148
soundgarden ranked BootCamp  28send positive vibes SnakeDelilah  47
albums your dog likes alienobserver  20I'm Hungover Send Emergency Recs BlackMalachite  260
Retro/Synthwave Recs? BenCee  7Mass Effect Andromeda Dewinged  99
We All Need A Little... BallsToTheWall  17New Lifeless LP (user-made) Greem  0
FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING COMBOS SitruK6  102selling my account FEATURED EliteTaste  72

Top 20 bands smfk9  10My Favorite Albums by the Dear Hunter Flomink  4
bands/artists/music groups i'd like to see live BootCamp  12Today was sunny m/m/m/ Sinternet  18
Q1 2017 Calc  11Rob Lowe's staff digs MARCH 17 Realm  24
Your worst job.. butcherboy  47Percy Ingle Steak Bites claygurnz  3
Walks of Life: Depressivism Digs 'n Recs LifeFeedsOnLife  10Artists That Don't Need to Exist DoofusWainwright  209
My albums, check them out sugarcubes  101I'm Being Stalked By A MILF (Tinder Sucks) BlackMalachite  159
Annual Sputnik Madness Sweet 16 Featured FourthReich  149

Sputnik Users Yearbook 2017 Edition Vol. 2 TVC15  67Writing a Song a Day oisincoleman64  22
recent digs OysterizerInsomniac  4Devin Townsend From best to worst loulou  12
Springy Time in Los Angeles SaucepanNation  4100th List! (Dragon Ball Z Villains) BlackMalachite  99
favorite album IHaveNoBrain  12Check out my new song, Quaint Blue 2017~ wwf  18
Albums These Are Favorite All Time My Ever StrokeVictim  8What to review next? butcherboy  5
My Record Collection dmullica  93/6/9 BlushfulHippocrene  12

Overlooked Emo Albums that Deserve More Attention hogan900  27Bands I've seen live smfk9  7
get recced Storm In A Teacup  7albums i like less than sputnik Rigma  36
Rec me weird/math/patton/jazz please Glossolalia  18Live Action Death Note Netflix Teaser BlackMalachite  188
albums i like more than sputnik BootCamp  15woaaaaah fukkin hell boyyz EliteTaste  41
purple Tyler.  100Let's Talk Art MarsKid  34
Need stuff to listen to emester  5Chocolate and jams Archelirion  1
drone-rock recs plz cylinder  18doot doot alienobserver  4
Rec me interesting Belgian heavies DanielNightLewis  19More albums like these? Enzx  8
World Baseball Classic Source  29Skramz/Re4L Scream-oh. G0atC0re  12
Sum 41 Albums Ranked KManoc1  10Perfect Songs II butcherboy  5
PostHardMetalCore Winsomniac  19New Chappelle Specials Satellite  25
henlo betray  32@Snide Remarks Hep Kat  84

Vans Warped Tour 17 AbsolutePain  72015 Brandon  0
STUFF I DISCOVERED RECENTLY AND DIG Stereochrome1  25Top 5 Gamma Ray Albums KyoZM  6
Bands I can't get completely into smfk9  23RIP Dallas Green Green Baron  22
Vans Warped Tour 2017 Shamus248  11favourite mewithoutYou lyrics Rigma  14
Writing Names On LP Covers + Recent Purchases Korpcun  5Favorites Of 2016 AbsolutePain  3
Attila Vs. Emmure Middle18  5just some interesting bands/artists brainmelter  11
"Sorry dude, I just can't stand your voice." DoofusWainwright  104Trivium Ranked. Ikarus14  1
22nd March Westminster Attack Tunaboy45  245What Blogs you use? DJNVLL  4
Vinyl Collection FlipTrackz  6My vinyl collection ZSquared  4
Ben's latest cd and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  1Audiophile Rush CusmanX1  5
Favorite Skramz Songs Prancer  26Annual Sputnik Madness Round II FourthReich  207
Snide Rap Side Project BlackMalachite  478My Favorite 10 Jethro Tull Songs Divaman  18

favorite album covers LethalPaintball  6Stone Temple Pilots Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  33
favourite lyrics Featured Rigma  41help! need 3.5 90's shit plz rec dtrichard  11
What book should I read? TheMrAlexK  82How fucked was your day? kingdedethefifth  125
I released a free electronic/post-rock EP! twlichty  8Bands I've Met/Played With/Will Play With Conmaniac  51
Favorite Opening Tracks Derek123  18An Honest Ranking Of Anthrax TheMagicalBlender  14
CDs I own DORBUSCUS  50Pig Destroyer albums ranked ZSquared  22
Sputnik Dream Journal BlackMalachite  51

Getaway Pt. 2: Portland dtrichard  5KISS Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  18
Pile's Best Songs furpa  311 Favorite Albums Ikarus14  21
favorite closing tracks ianblxdsoe  36Too many listens = Less of an impact yourgodisinferior  35
2 New Volcanic Queen Releases Featured Graveyard  13Sippin On That Emerald Rain BallsToTheWall  3
sludge/doom/satan Hawks  24¡ Garageband ! Josh D.  17
Try Not To Headbang Challenge bloc  19Favorite Post Rock Songs Emo  4
Experimental, But Catchy and Energetic Recs? EarthboundHellion37  21HORSE the Ranking dbizzles  16
Death Metal jseijo  12Wintersun Crowdfunding Opinions Tunaboy45  26
Buckethead has some good music. DinosaurJones  5AFI Ranked (fixed) artiswar  12
generic "stuff i dig right now" list Eminor  3New Black Malachite Track (Redux) BlackMalachite  45
bach's favorite albums 2017 BOOLIN edition bach  86Warped 2017 Lineup Leaked sempiturtle  31
Seeing Senses Fail But Don't Know Senses Fail theDisconnect  33

whomst'd'tve here uses Cymbal ianblxdsoe  15Most overrated album of all time? LethalPaintball  46
Aerosmith Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  15life rules evilford  91
Top 25 Snoop Dogg Songs (actually with effort) Featured Drifter  36Mental radio Dylan620  5
rad TheWrenKing  10Anything Good, 2017? bgillesp  16
Melodic Black Metal jseijo  19albums sputnik likes more than i do BootCamp  34
Decisions... calmrose  29Well Fuck elliootsmeuth  230
roast me alienobserver  21The Sputnik Story Part One: BlackMalachite  63
Favorite Album Covers Potarto72  15MORNING BAKERY charlesdivision  0
Favorite Post-rock Songs Prancer  22rec extremely scary horror movies UndineParty  62
Ranking Every Dance Gavin Dance Song Featured CuddlyCaucasian  44Punk AbsolutePain  6
Deathcore AbsolutePain  1Usernames. Featured kingdedethefifth  238
Deftones Ranked artiswar  37

Annual Sputnik Madness Round I Pt. 2 FourthReich  169Undertale Soundtrack / Fan Music dreamgazing  6
my shitty taste in music/fave albums skinnyfiststoheaven  92Drake's More Life... Drifter  76
Pop Punk butcherboy  5grad school // toad does poetry Toad  33
RIP Chuck Berry Sinternet  37All Time Low Ranked Shamus248  4
Weird Album Checklist porkchoppal195  7Pluto's Awesome 100 Songs Pluto12345  11
Is Porn Bad For Relationships? BlackMalachite  201Doof Top 101 Songs Featured DoofusWainwright  62
Punk I need to listen BlackWizard  1Deathc0re I Liek G0atC0re  11
Vroom Vroom UndineParty  24top 1 of 2007 MyNameIsPencil  5
Kata-fucking-tonia ConcubinaryCode  9

My 10 favorite Deftones songs LethalPaintball  16Best Celtic Music Albums Divaman  8
A Tall Cold Glass Of Stout ATallColdGlassOfBud  11AC/DC Albums Ranked jack2244  0
Sowing's 2017 Q1 Featured SowingSeason  23Enter Shit-kari SweeneyTodd  18
Iron Fist Disappointment Thread neekafat  21Unemployment Jams MonotoneMop  21
Stuff and Things elliootsmeuth  13Thou Ranked Relinquished  23
I released an album today. Featured VirtualBlaze  8Death Albums Ranked jack2244  0
SURF!! butcherboy  4Best Drummer in Metalcore? chinesewhispers  54
Recent Repeats (Songs) JKnott  5

Celtic Pop and Folk Divaman  1Bands I've Seen Live G0atC0re  14
when the springtime comes again alienobserver  2Extreme Metal - 1985 - 1989 (Thrash, Death, Grind) SitruK6  10
make out party pbateman  9back again AfterTheBreakdown  25
The Shins Ranked SowingSeason  14What Your Ratings Mean. MyCarandMyGuitar  41
Top 10 Death Metal Bands Rowhaus  7Hard Digs BallsToTheWall  10
2003-2005 Was The Best Time To Die Dancing kascetcadettt  11life is good so far Royl123  25
super rare now defunct MELODIC hardcore band CoreyHaimsGhost  0Gojira/Code Orange Live Tunaboy45  25
Boney's Recent Downloads theBoneyKing  53More famous artists I can't stand ZSquared  10
Favourite Lyricists DoofusWainwright  47Sludge Grudge AdolfChrist  75

Best Punk kinderfall1  47MusicGator's Top Jay-Z Albums. MusicGator9185  0
amazing song titles cylinder  27Fuck the ACT elliootsmeuth  45
Twisted Sister Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  10How do you discover music? cowboydan89  43
RIP Mortuusinsomnis777 ZippaThaRippa  4Celtic Rock Divaman  1
Hey how is your book going? CoreyHaimsGhost  2League fans? kingdedethefifth  29
Being Gay Will Make You Sad literallyzach  67The Best of Architects butcherboy  35
Non-Pretentious Top 50 Albums of All Time Raultrevizo  15defonmitive top 10 marina and the diamonds jams theacademy  10
Feeling Depressed Coon  23Critically acclaimed artists I don't enjoy ZSquared  45
CDs I Recently Bought xLiamStrongx  6Top 101 Hip Hop MC's GodLovesUgly  15
Top 15 Jimmy Eat World Songs Muisc4Life26  21

albums my cat finds boring BootCamp  15Fuck Illinois elliootsmeuth  48
Best Modern Pop Punk LiftASail  17Van Halen Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  10
my top 25 albums of all time (as of 3/14/17) Rigma  10HMV closing sale finds alman219  20
Foo Fighters Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  10Annual Sputnik Madness Round I Pt. I FourthReich  253
Greatest Songs of All Time I Remember Right Now dreamgazing  112010 - 2017 in black metal TheSpirit  30
Top 25 Albums of All Time xanderdake  53Limey Punk butcherboy  9
2017 Recs Sunnyvale  21Essential Deathcore Pt.3 Nocturtle  35
Goo Goo Dolls Albums Ranked: Worst to Best smfk9  2Collective Soul Albums Ranked: Worst to Best smfk9  2
I guess I have to contribute now Conmaniac  18Converge albums ranked ZSquared  4
I want to die UndineParty  46Best of 1972 Anthracks  6
ohhhhh SHIIIIITTTT! Hep Kat  22Female Experimental-as-hell Artists VirtualBlaze  19
Best metal album closers! Jerryyz  30Best metal album openers! Jerryyz  8
Songs That Have Great Build-Ups/Payoffs EarthboundHellion37  19Best of Everything Mark, Tom, & Travis patinthehat4000  24
Ulcerate's Top 10 Tracks StarlessCore  4Gojira tonight! m/ BigPleb  16
Who is gonna win the Stanley Cup? Crawl  88ryus' pop jams Ryus  20
essential gayniggacore alienobserver  28Music taste "mellowing" as you get older? Not me. SunlightCityDrive  63
The East Coast is a Winter Nightmare FullOfSounds  48Top 25 Beatles Songs NateMa  12
Beatles albums. From worst to best. QueenZepBeat  0Black Malachite Debut Redux BlackMalachite  26
Februhary 2017 FlipTrackz  1Black Mirror AdolfChrist  108
MusicGator's Favorite Kanye West Albums MusicGator9185  5Black Metal Archive #2 UndineParty  15

The Dillinger Escape Plan albums ranked ZSquared  11existential crisis ianblxdsoe  33
Top 10 QOTSA songs BigPleb  47Nostalgic Tunes luckdaboss  6
Live shows so far cowboydan89  4Best Lifting Albums bloc  28
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked KManoc1  4I made another album CaptWaffles  5
my really hip library picks wham49  35The 90s Ocean of Noise  33
Deerhunter vs The Dear Hunter SCREAM!  27i bought some shit SweeneyTodd  12
Heavy. Dissonant. Mathy. G0atC0re  28My girlfriend is in Germany and I am so bored rufinthefury  54
comfort albums Tyler.  27Serj Tankian songs ranked from "least favorite to favorite" Aromero98  0
My Favorite Death Metal Bands Metal2003  0The Downward Spiral Dinosaur  24
My Favorite Black Metal Bands Metal2003  0Lost My Grandma A Few Hours Ago Spec  53
Death Metal Archive UndineParty  19

Why are Producer Drops so annoying on mixtapes? TVC15  20Florida butcherboy  15
Got a PS4 Frippertronics  108what are your favorite movies??? ianblxdsoe  215
Rec me quiet music NorthernSkylark  44ASMR cryptologous  32
MusicGator's Top Underground Hip-Hop Albums MusicGator9185  8Exumer Ranked Metal2003  0
My 10 Favorite Thrash Metal Albums Metal2003  5

Samurai Jack ZippaThaRippa  41Pots: Books and Music Digs Featured LordePots  165
Selected Shoegaze Works 800% TVC15  18your top 5 best sounding records budgie  31
Half a decade on Sputnik EvoHavok  26Favorites of late cowboydan89  0
Essential Deathcore Pt.2 Nocturtle  35movie ideas.. butcherboy  5
The New Funeral List Altmer  11Top 5 March and April releases I'm anticipating ZSquared  1
Sputnik: Mental Association BlackMalachite  63My favourite guitar solos rodrigo90  7
Every Time I Die deep cuts 0GuyMan0  0Hesiod: Maintaining Sentinel Evolution AnimalsAsSummit  5
Getaway Pt. 1: Seattle dtrichard  3

Marsbro's Recent Digs and Such MarsKid  17when you need motivation to kill yourself BootCamp  21
Leaving Sputnik HotGrill  7where to start with black flag??? Glossolalia  26
Share Some Singles 3! wtferrothorn  24Do you have any hobbies or collect something? MrSirLordGentleman  74
Back from the dead FourthReich  56Tool's studio albums ranked ZSquared  22
Worst albums on "Best of all time" chart? UniqueUniverse  163Favorite Guitarists NeroCorleone80  7
Bad albums by good bands, final Nazzadan  8Best Hot Dog Toppings? WeinerMan  87
Mastodon albums ranked karagiannis1908  5Flattery thecheatisnotdead  6
March of the Dinosaurs DoofusWainwright  36Breakdowns (srs). G0atC0re  30
Smashing Pumpkins: An Honest Ranking neekafat  34

Recommend me some non metal stuff combustion07  29MusicGator's Favorite Notorious B.I.G. Songs MusicGator9185  7
The First 100 Minushuman24  2Staind Albums Ranked KManoc1  1
Free Agency BallsToTheWall  36Albums I own on vinyl BootCamp  0
Rec Me Music to Gaze at my Shoes to SCREAM!  22that rosy-minded fuzz (my top 10 Nationals) cylinder  10
Bluetooth Speaker recs Devastator  11Rec Me Hip-Hop Eminor  6
rec me laughably bad albums LethalPaintball  42Top 5 good metalcore albums ZSquared  15
5 years a sput Featured evilford  125Bad albums by good bands part 3 Nazzadan  19
Favorite Death Metal Records Stereochrome1  21it's sunny wtf romulanrancor  6
My favorite albums from 2016 ZSquared  6Clinical Depression butcherboy  31
rec me baby one more time polyrhythm  15Gimme some recs guys HexagonalZebra  14
My 15 favorite "Big Four" progressive rock albums QueenZepBeat  21

Mastodon Ranking Stereochrome1  27Top 5 Death Metal Albums??? Hawks  55
Anyone live near New Orleans? Minushuman24  23Your Collection from your Favorite Artist Midjicka  33
who wants 2 die alienobserver  37Bad albums by good bands part 2 Nazzadan  12
best live albums wham49  41Recent comic reads Devastator  27
Rec me some catchy ass shit!! DafterWainwright  16My Vinyl Collection xLiamStrongx  3
Recent Jams (been digging on them headphones) zoso33  0

MusicGator's Favorite Beatles Songs MusicGator9185  2Vinyl Collection - March 7, 2017 luckdaboss  2
Tracklist Remix vol. 3: 30 Seconds to Mars TVC15  2give me indie recs LethalPaintball  24
Best music from my state: West Virginia Sdc123sdc  12If you've ever felt stupid... lz41  15
Best Albums of 2017 mcauleyadam100  13get back on drugs you fat fuck.. butcherboy  11
Rec Me Skate Punk oisincoleman64  9top 10 albums fressfrieda  3
Bad albums by good bands, part 1 Nazzadan  20The Last Jedi Discussion Thread dbizzles  69
Couldn't afford a Switch Oneironaut  9I'm 30 today. DrGonzo1937  49
Beatles albums ranked NateMa  24Horizon Zero Dawn Xenorazr  34
Five Word Story theBoneyKing  163

Depressing albums recs talktothehead  99Favorite songs tuviejaentanga  0
Create a poem random  18slept zero for two months onionbubs  14
Leaving Sputnik ATallColdGlassOfBud  44HDMI Stereos GeorgeWBush  4
Christian Slater BallsToTheWall  13How many spins before rating? Dewinged  98
typhoon's top 10 hip hop albums of 00s Typhoon24  19any recs for project diva? theacademy  4
Rec me Emo please Drifter  47Lars von trier Vs. Nicolas winding refn Middle18  27
Songs that deserved a music video Derek123  12Essential Deathcore Nocturtle  62
Perfect Songs.. butcherboy  12Fairly Late Best Songs/Albums of February 2017 BlazinBlitzer  5

Favorite Rawkus Records Albums MusicGator9185  8The Black Dahlia Murder top 10 solos brainmelter  17
These Rule dmp3131  3April Shows TheEnigma  1
Sputnikmovies(?) Spiral Skies  19Jazz I've Been digging wham49  3
Buffy to be taken off Netflix SnakeDelilah  44Radiohead Ranked McTime50  19
It's Sunday My Dudes ATallColdGlassOfBud  14Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic and Drone Recs StarlessCore  8
Ferro's Jan/Feb 2017 wtferrothorn  26Hellenic Black Metal BallsToTheWall  13
My 10 Favourite Indie Rock Albums oisincoleman64  17recs? IronGiant  8
My band made a half-alright song LordHugoThePoet  6Worthwhile Deathcore Albums PuncakeTheThird  26

Rock N Rolllllll wakeupdead  15Pakistani music for ya 2, NESCAFE Basement session OmairSh  16
HELP S.O.S. (Sputnik Web Problems) neekafat  25cool users bro Sevengill  28
Lo-Fi House (?) (!) protokute  18OUGH! B3nnysBack2  0
Reviews ALA would like to do talktothehead  93Screaming Demon.. butcherboy  1
Rec Me A Band to do a Discog List on. CaliggyJack  28Toilet Paper BallsToTheWall  22
Dino's non-Metal list Dinosaur  7Anarcho Punk clobberintime69  5
Sputnik PSA BlackMalachite  43

A Riddle (Part One) BlackMalachite  33Albums that took a few listens for me to enjoy. nuuprizing  4
Best 100 albums:2016 progsun  3Weird Albums Hundt  9
CD Collection Midjicka  4Happy Weekending Pals! ATallColdGlassOfBud  15
Gonna Be An Uncle DinosaurJones  17A Buck-Tick Analysis Vol.1: My Funny Valentine Featured 50iL  17
First song logicisirrelevant  4Albums Sputnik likes more than I do LethalPaintball  20
recent jams 🔥 thiswastheyear  19Google "metalcore bands" Xenorazr  6
Slayer/Behemoth/LOG Tour 2017 DungeonBoy  7If the Roman Emperors had a Favorite Album #2 CaliggyJack  24
LOGAN DavidShaw1213  290I Won't Fuck Us Over Featured SowingSeason  92
A generic first list LamboGD  9Short Reviews 7.. the reckoning.. butcherboy  6
Genuine Sput Meet - Zak and Doof DoofusWainwright  72My Favorite Metal Bands Metal2003  0
industrial/PE/noise/whatevers archive UndineParty  12Favorite Def Jux Albums MusicGator9185  0
Black Metal clobberintime69  4Favorite T.I. Albums MusicGator9185  2
Katatonia EP's Ranked Xenorazr  0Logan... ScuroFantasma  19

come sm0ke a good weed aGOODbowlofWEED  12albums by artists that aren't in the database EliteTaste  23
The Weakerthans, All Songs Ranked Featured ashcrash9  30d-beat hal1ax  47
90's Norwegian Black Metal classics kx8  11Some of my "guilty pleasures" LethalPaintball  28
1,000 Records (Vinyl) WellFedWhiteMale  7Vinyl Collection (Part 3) Midjicka  6
If the Roman Emperors had a Favorite Album CaliggyJack  41Short Reviews 6.. butcherboy  8
Albums With Fewer Than 15 Ratings II | User-Mediated Edition Featured SandwichBubble  113Top 20 Albums of 2016 Mattallica  3
Best Picture Noms Ranked 2017 neekafat  91Midnight (Official Zelda: BotW Hype Thread) Atari  30
My record collection Sdc123sdc  4IGN gave the Nintendo Switch a 6.7 BlackMalachite  56
So critics are blowing loads over the new Zelda guitarded_chuck  54get down and groove Ryus  24
6 albums for 2016 zundza  4

New Alaskalana Album Featured JigglyPDiddy  9Favorite Pop Shamus248  10
people are rats emailsneverdie  50Flexi discs TVC15  11
Some more cd pickups plus white label haul Sinternet  272017 Iron Maiden Book Of Souls Setlist Prediction evilmangoes  10
Brand New Ranked McTime50  9Sum 41 Ranked fullautorpg  12
My CD Care Package Came Today Divaman  4Vinyl Collection (Part 2) Midjicka  1
Jarome Iginla SnakeDelilah  14Short Reviews 5.. butcherboy  17
Story time kingdedethefifth  4If the Presidents had a favorite Video Game CaliggyJack  67
D-D-D-Digs elliootsmeuth  1Worst Album Covers Vol 2 Hundt  9
Recent Doof Song Digs DoofusWainwright  17Bjork albums ranked Sdc123sdc  3
February 2016 resumé UniqueUniverse  2Slashs February 2017 Hurricanslash  6
Snide Review Schedule BlackMalachite  63Lupe Fiasco Ranked Muisc4Life26  4
GREAT ALBUMS: February 2017 Brandon  0Top 15 Kendrick Lamar Songs nukethewhale  17
Should I Do a PhD? EasterInTheBatcave  28

favorite rappers IHaveNoBrain  32017 Recs Part 1 Storm In A Teacup  1
Helloween Ranked Sevengill  16Any Cymbal Users? Thealwaysopenedmind  11
Boreal dtrichard  9Vinyl Collection (Part 1) Midjicka  1
You're A Good Person ATallColdGlassOfBud  72Love List February 2017 AddTheCub  0
tøp five synthpøp recørds dreamgazing  20Inherited Bowel Levitation Ovrot  9
Cycle 2 brokencycle  0My 10 Favorite Chevelle Songs LethalPaintball  1
Louis CK or Bill Burr? BullettoBinary2  69Top 10 Favorite Albums fullautorpg  12
Marsbro's 2 Year Sputversary Extravaganza Featured MarsKid  70New Jerry Jones Trophy Scars project Storm In A Teacup  1
Rec Doof ONE Album Released Between 1950 and 1973 Featured DoofusWainwright  363Short Reviews 4 butcherboy  3
Favorite Rap Albums AcidCaravan  6Immolation Actually Ranked StarlessCore  11
Current Top Ten zakalwe  29Sniffbruary -17 Featured Sniff  38
Ten Years On Sputnik zoso33  10Immolation Ranked evilford  24

One year on Sputnik cryptologous  26I know someday I'll wake up to the best news ever rabidfish  7
My Favorite Albums Of All-Time LiftASail  102017 REVIEW A RANDOM ALBUM GAME Featured Frippertronics  172
My Favorite El-P songs MusicGator9185  0So About That 1-Star Review... Xenorazr  18
About closing... AntonChigurh  10Papa Roach Albums Ranked KManoc1  7
Kyo's Top 5 2k16 Metal Picks KyoZM  0Overlooked gems on sputnik Featured GhandhiLion  30
Worst Album Covers Hundt  41Short Reviews 3.. butcherboy  5
Streets ov Fire BallsToTheWall  0Blog Needs a Name macman76  63
Late night studies neilxstc  0Wassup wit it BelieveInDog  2
Recs for solid Sludge Metal and Post Hardcore? Rawmeeth38  22Some stuff I heard in February Gwyn.  5
My 10 Personal Favorite Female Singers (currently) EricArcadia  16Rowan's Playlists Deux: The Doof Years Rowan5215  26
My 10 Personal Favorite Rappers (currently) EricArcadia  2Oscars n'shit UniqueUniverse  36
Musicians Thread AdolfChrist  85

Atmosphere Playlist MusicGator9185  1Okay which one of you clods is this Hep Kat  8
MU!!! SoccerRiot  17What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss AntonChigurh  15
Back on Sputnik HotGrill  11i have an essay to write... u know what that means ianblxdsoe  10
Crack Open A Cold One With The Boys ATallColdGlassOfBud  58Paysage Ranked Hawks  27
Pots: Also Important! LEGION LordePots  154Pots: Important! LordePots  52
More snow this morning dtrichard  3Sometimes I sit when I pee Spluger  29
I'm making an ethnography essay about sputnikmusic Aberf  152-Year Sputversary in 2 Days. AMA MarsKid  21
just lost my virginity fellas alienobserver  124RIP! Bill Paxton SnakeDelilah  27
Short Reviews 2.. butcherboy  6rec me grime if u pls Mort.  25
Favorite Concert DVDs Ziguvan  3HELP MEEEEE SputnikMan  13

My Vinyl Collection 4.1 MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  2Storm Doris SweeneyTodd  14
what get from TACO BELL budgie  68Tiny vinyl haul today Owens54  13
Top 10 Current Digs (As Of 2/25/17) Korpcun  02016 // SeaAnemone // Best SeaAnemone  24
doling out the dole TheWrenKing  8Jaar-ful of Nico's Best Featured JamieTwort  23
Drinking Beer, Jamming Metal Hawks  34

Primus Ranked evilmangoes  12My Favorite Rock Bands Metal2003  0
just shovelled for the 2nd time today Spec  70You Can't Handle The Grind (Pt. 2) Korpcun  7
Swords Dance diatribes  3Top 5 Flaming Lips Albums BigSur  0
You Can't Handle The Grind (Pt. 1) Korpcun  3songs i've cried to IronGiant  27
Favorite Film Soundtracks Ziguvan  16Cave In White Silence fix'd jesterhead92  15
Best EPs of 2016 UniqueUniverse  21ROLL UP ROLL UP: User album to check out. Featured BandNewbac  48
Emmure Ranked BorderlineRetarded  6Gojira ranked Jerryyz  12
Math homework jams TakeToYourGuns  10sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup su betray  53

Favorite Albums Nickdefiancebear  4TØP❤❤❤~~~~~ dreamgazing  47
Attila Ranked JoshThompson  312008 plane  6
jack2244 is my dad voltairesangryglove  25Sputnik, what are your favourite live albums? Rigma  24
New users on sputnik kingdedethefifth  47A Tyler.  190
Hot Peppers BallsToTheWall  60

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