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In celebration a name change swallowtales Talons' 2016 Favorites TalonsOfFire 
Doof's Top Songs 2016 DoofusWainwright Yourgod's Top 50 ov 2016 yourgodisinferior 
Things to Look Forward to in 2017 McMegaMountain Rowan's Top 20(16) Rowan5215 
2016 - Voivod's Random Best Of (suppl01) Voivod DaveyBoy's Top 50 Albums Of 2015 DaveyBoy 
Electronic Explorations Relinquished Rerunnin and runnin and runnin sach 
Shinedown Albums Best to Worst SoundofMadness1 Pie Charts 2016 Storm In A Teacup 

Gothenburg My God khole  6Aoty List 2016 KevinGoldfinger  2
Seether ranked from "least favorite to favorite" Aromero98  0LEMME GET UUUUUHHHHHHHHHH alienobserver  4
New To Spuntikmusic Migrant  145 favourite albums of 2016 ghostgiraffe  3
My christian metal band! Unalaskan  19Recs for danielcardoso ArsMoriendi  13
Greg's Top 50 Albums of 2016 greg84  7Linkin Park: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  55
Christmas Shopping BallsToTheWall  16Music & Film Mad.  9
top five christmas themed songs oweinerwaltini  8Favourite 10 albums of 2016 cloakanddagger  7
The Current Year: Time Moves Slowly OvDeath  14Bands I've Discoged (As of 12/8/16) neekafat  9
Random drinking games random  2

New EP mindleviticus  5recent listens ArizonaIcedOutBoys  3
My Favorite 10 Springsteen Albums Divaman  8Top 10, 2016 ThyCrossAwaits  3
Relient K Album Reranking by Fans kingoftacos  8Released My First Mixtape UpSimbaX  2
Hey I just released a new single VirtualBlaze  1My Favorite Albums of 2016 Wirertragen7  1
anat 16 anatelier  11Taters/Kat Collab Hep Kat  5
My 99 Artists With Most Plays on in 2016 Snowdog808  0Sputnik Instagram bloc  31
One of my best friends was in an accident TheGreatQ  47Transformers: Beast Wars Storm In A Teacup  7
Top 2016 HugoG  0My top 10 of 2016 I guarantee you will hate. majordevlin  3
Last.FM - Last.year in music DatsNotDaMetulz  5My 5s kingoftacos  6
Great Package! wham49  1McCluskey's Best Albums of 2016 kylemccluskey  30
Best of 2015 EmceeKain  1Breakup recs n' shit GeorgeWBush  11
In celebration a name change Featured swallowtales  462016 (first 11 months) in Scrobbles theacademy  8
Talons' 2016 Favorites Featured TalonsOfFire  34Top 10 most overrated bands of all time oweinerwaltini  74
Doof's Top Songs 2016 Featured DoofusWainwright  46New EP Greem  6
Yourgod's Top 50 ov 2016 Featured yourgodisinferior  30Two Oh One Six 2016 defectorbot  2

Pencil's Week 14 Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  2The Evolution of My Music Taste Shamus248  29
Happy Holidays from Logicisirrelevant! logicisirrelevant  4Should One Listen To Music? americanohno  22
Dropped an album blacklightjer  26My Top 15 Favorite Albums of All Time elioto  13
Best of 2016 According to me. DuGBloodnut  4Hitting the studio this weekend Hep Kat  14
Dropped an EP JJKeys  7Metallica albums ranked karagiannis1908  26
AngryJohnny's Top 25 Albums of 2016 AngryJohnny  5Top 30 of 2016 At the Moment Stereochrome1  0
Anthems of 2016 by IDHTFT idonthavetimeforthis  1Golden Oldies Pt. 5 Emim  34
My future death metal band ExecutiveExecuterexe  9My Top 10 Albums (as of 12/07/16) Rigma  6
Top 25 Live Performances of 2016 hesperus  4rec me nice folk rock smaugman  12
I might start working on a DM album ExecutiveExecuterexe  0heavy rotaiton 1st week of december oweinerwaltini  0
Classic Rock ranked Best too Worst of all time theblackcredenza  10Winter Albums theNateman  9
Favorite Post-Metal Albums Leprosy123  102016 concerts pinniped  6
Metal Things 2016 Dinosaur  15Haven't made one of these in a while SCREAM!  11
Your Taste Sucks AdolfChrist  66Recent Listens ExecutiveExecuterexe  4
Chamberbelain's Top 25 Albums of 2016 Chamberbelain  5Current Digs DatBeefPudding  8

2 0 1 6 24gadjet  5Best 20 albums of 2016 AffableMartyr  26
Favorites of 2016 gnarwhalsam  1The Beatles - A 1971 Album ArsMoriendi  15
Finalest of Fantisies 15 Devastator  5Great albums to beat meat to? Yssup  14
The Polls Did Alright macman76  95Cheapest Music King_Smithy  20
All Hail Tuna claygurnz  20Unsung Heroes 2016 AsleepInTheBack  8
Rec me female fronted psych Rastapunk  26slipknot albums ranked oweinerwaltini  12
Resequenced: The Beatles (1968) Frippertronics  46

tech death no joke lorr  64 Songs 4 Right Now americanohno  2
bitch dont kill my vibe Greyvy  6Things to Look Forward to in 2017 Featured McMegaMountain  37
rec the feels BullettoBinary2  5Actually Good 'Core Winsomniac  52
Flug's November 2016 in Music Flugmorph  20sadboii stuff Hedgehog32396  9
Songs with Beautiful Lyrics Torontonian  10New to Sputnik... Need recs Owens54  22
2016 - Voivod's Random Best Of (suppl02) Voivod  0My Weekly Playlists (compilation 1) Eminor  1
Favorite Eps of all time loulou  5Made Another EP ButteryBiscuitBass  16
Growing Pains BallsToTheWall  13Need to get my shit together TVC15  41
Good Metalcore/Deathcore Eminor  34Ben's favorite album covers! Not rated! BenMorrison  3
Uncharted ranked DarkSideOfLucca  34List of Rawk AdolfChrist  16
this site is censoring. :/ fromtheinside  1Rec me Grunge please Drifter  45

Jeremy's 35 Favorite Records '16 jeremologyy  8Rowan's Top 20(16) Featured Rowan5215  62
25 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs StephenIsHere  15Paired Genres macman76  38
Rec me some indie GeorgeWBush  33Playlist Sample 12/5 DavidShaw1213  0
2016 - Voivod's Random Best Of (suppl01) Featured Voivod  11Tracklist Remix vol. 2: Nevermind TVC15  9
Record Store Pickups ft. Dad 50iL  142016 - Voivod's Random Best Of Voivod  12
Noctus' Favourite Albums of 2016 DarkNoctus  21Real Homie Roll Call random  20
My Favorite 10 Rock Christmas Songs Divaman  9

Eternal Doomnation ZippaThaRippa  24The Last of Us Part II Scoot  37
Actors I Dig BallsToTheWall  70Storm's Favorite 25 Rappers/Groups Storm In A Teacup  25
Albums I Really Like elioto  30Melancholy Ledgy  1
Favourite Guitarists Ziguvan  9Favorite Agalloch Songs Ranked Deschutes  12
DaveyBoy's Top 50 Albums Of 2015 Featured DaveyBoy  30Awesome Post Rock You May Have Missed In 2016 teamster  10
diglist magicuba  0Uplifting/vocal/prog Trance Pestiferous  21
Albums That Deserve Attention II Drifter  1Top 10 Albums of 2013 porkchoppal195  6

Weekly digs RLWFormula  12007 Top 25 albums gobfinger  0
PSA Hep Kat  12Laugh at how bad I am at singing LordHugoThePoet  7
Today's CD Pickups BullettoBinary2  3Albums I Need To Listen To Pt 2 pricealex  0
Rec me 5/5 POP albums GmemberKills  40RCT2 dmp3131  31
Albums I Need To Listen To Pt 1 pricealex  0Warganization: New Mixtape Log S.  3
Cor's Definitive 2016 Ranking cor22222  3Green Day: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  43
Ben's favorite albums of 2016 BenMorrison  3Worst Albums of 2016 Shamus248  20
Bands that would be good if the vocals didnt suck BigBlob  68The Goats! BallsToTheWall  6
Do you think there will be a Hitch 2? tellah  112016 favorites JesusCage  3
Overlooked Death AdolfChrist  1top 10 buckethead albums oweinerwaltini  12
HELLO BASTARDS :D (ranked) TheCharmingMan  0800 Ratings elliootsmeuth  13
The Best Black Metal Albums Leprosy123  80Frank Turner Live AsleepInTheBack  12
Downloads MotoOnSputnik  2name your top 2 favorite songs budgie  71
Black Metal Mt. Rushmore twwerkcity  10Fried in the mind Evanpowers  2

Best Albums of 2016 (By Category) Shamus248  57Electronic Explorations Featured Relinquished  72
What Does the Prefix "Post" Mean in Music? MistaCrave  32Album to-do list FlomTheGuy  1
Pencil's Week 13 NFL Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  14Recommend Avant-Garde Music Please Snowdog808  30
Tracklist Remix vol. 1: Deftones TVC15  10idk what to listen to anymore loveisamixtape  15
Favorite album the user above you 5'd tacos N stuff  472November 2016 resumé UniqueUniverse  2
Favorite 10 Christmas Albums listed on Sputnik Divaman  19Favorite 2016 songs Evenoss  19
2016 To Do List FlipTrackz  7Top 10 Albums of November Brandon  2

Shamus' Year End "Awards" Shamus248  2Top 10 Albums of November 2016 BradleyLayne  1
Favorite albums of 2015 loulou  0Rec me Singles Cygnatti  39
My top 10 all-time favorite albums. FlomTheGuy  8Hey what's up guys it's scarce here Scarce  46
Digs/Albums You Should Check calmrose  28Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked CWBrown  14
Rerunnin and runnin and runnin Featured sach  40Tattoos are expensive DarkSideOfLucca  45
Made a new song Sevengill  54OK fuckers (marvel movies) theacademy  78
too many albums, too little time Conmaniac  65They Want Me Dead, But It Ain't Gonna Happen AdolfChrist  12
top 10 guitarists of all time oweinerwaltini  40Movie Madness (November-December) Toondude10  27
Top 2006 Xurxo  0Alaskalana's first LIVE GIG!!!! JigglyPDiddy  7
Rec me Death Metal CaimanJesus  25loud stuff that i like Dmitri  15
10/10 Songs (pt 2) TomorrowIsTuesday  7Essential Metal Albums MalConstant  17

FUCKING MOON TOOTH Kompys2000  7Made A Talk Show! BlackMalachite  40
My Favorite 10 Pink Floyd Albums Divaman  9Post-Hardcore Recs MistaCrave  21
The Originals BallsToTheWall  7Shinedown Albums Best to Worst Featured SoundofMadness1  61
My Top 25 Metal Albums of the 1980's masterofreality  6Essential Hardcore ('81-'84): Recs for Ryus and others Chortles  42
Wolfe Digs Pt.3 Relinquished  27Pie Charts 2016 Featured Storm In A Teacup  120
The Best Prog Metal Albums Leprosy123  28Winter Jams TVC15  10
the two album curse TheCharmingMan  15oweiners top 10 metal subgenres oweinerwaltini  15
first snow adr  85favorite doom albums AnimalsAsSummit  14
Just another list HAHA! ellagos  12Emo G0atC0re  38
how has no one mentioned akimbo  12The return of lambsbread and the end LambsBread  11
whats good? whats Up? oltnabrick  48

Another Black Malachite Music Video BlackMalachite  21shit i bought this week m/ Sinternet  56
Wintery recs btors  12Most Metal Country Rowhaus  46
taste post emotional events? alienobserver  34Essential Albums: Death Metal Leprosy123  19
oweiners top 10 thrash albums of all time oweinerwaltini  10How ya doin? random  53

The Best Albums OvAll Times OvDeath  38WITCH ZippaThaRippa  103
My LP "Collection" FakeOne  1Best Headphones? / What Do You Use? Toad  44
80s jams Ryus  59More Misheard Lyrics TheMagicalBlender  12
2016 Much Disappoint LordePots  101Startin' Guitar Learnin' Maniac!  19
Crapmas 2016 Krvst  242016 Disappointments and bad albums Gyromania  45
Leggings BallsToTheWall  16Favorite live performances Saturnica  0
50 Favorite Black and Death Metal Albums of 2016 Deschutes  14My Go-To Albums Lately YetAnotherBrick  13
Deftones' Bestones tre  16Albums That Deserve Attention Drifter  4
Metallica: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  35

albums from 2016 that suck Mystletainn  33Tim Hecker Ranked buttholewasabi  0
Best albums of 2016 nuuprizing  7Album Rankings If Only Trve Fans Counted macman76  120
List is digs TVC15  24worship me Sinternet  86
my itunes playlist rn TheCharmingMan  1Albums to check out batstevens  2
Rec Me Your Favorite 2k16 Jams pt.3 (/pt.2 recap) TheMrAlexK  25Just came back from watching Dr. Strange HOLY SHIT rabidfish  25
I don't wanna turn 20 Conmaniac  104Worst of 2016: LordePots Hath Spoketh LordePots  132
shits and diggles pbateman  0My Favourite Albums 2016 NorwichScene  17
Fellow sound engineers/producers on sputnik? gobfinger  0Toad's Top Albums for 2016 Featured Toad  99
My Body Isn't Ready BallsToTheWall  4Top 100 Albums of 2016 Ranked (Re-post) AddTheCub  10
Audiophiles/Cinephiles Anonymous theNateman  21Metal and Other Music Recommendations Funeralopolis  0
Essential albums: Doom Metal Leprosy123  5210 Years on Sputnik Featured Crysis  81
post music genres ranked Ryus  68it's happening again grindcorecore  41
2000 / 100 Greem  7Metallica Ranked MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  6
quick list betray  11Sick with the Flu and Can't Sleep bgillesp  2
Metallica Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  5

Just Some Random Songs I've been Loving Recently CriticalCriticals  2Nine Inch Nails Re-Ranked MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  3
Looking for a song (similar recs) BlueandOrange  0My Favorite 10 Bayside Songs Divaman  4
So I finished a song AStableReference  10Wolfe Digs Pt.2 Relinquished  31
sorry toondude AdolfChrist  144Ranking all of Bad Religion's Albums Stjimmy101  13
Top 100 Albums of 2016 Ranked MrNovember41  282008 Top 10 albums gobfinger  6
I should rate more music MH18  19What is your usual mental state? owen  43
Merry Jiggles Thanks Giving/Black Friday/Whatever JigglyPDiddy  11The Beatles: A Controversial Ranking neekafat  29
Dark Female Singer Songwriters Dewinged  40'Blum covers for musicheads that tickle you'r ears theblackcredenza  3

Pencil's Week 12 NFL 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  33Thanksgiving Drama Spiral Skies  40
Recent Pickups from Relapse CaimanJesus  12Experimental recs TheBonerKing  18
100 Days of Hip Hop Project chinesewhispers  25Rec me good Post-Rock with vocals Shuyin  19
Black Sabbath Albums Ranked FloydZepp4ever  16Skin Dylan620  42
Things I need to listen. BlackWizard  9Another new guy FakeOne  16
Sitting tight charlesdivision  3Built to Last (HF ranked) Agonba  0
iomoio? OZZGabriel  32016 metal albums worth the time? OldCrime  27
hello = ] amiablenewspecterpal  13

70 Songs I Love (And So Can You), Part VII riffariffic7  1What is the most patrician pizza topping? YeezyStardust  45
I'm a frustrating scatter brain. DanielNightLewis  7Southern Recs? closed  29
Rank ur top 10 autechre tracks frigyourgenre  21Neez Duts Squill098  3
Sputnik General Election Sevengill  47PitchforkArm's new EP Featured PitchforkArms  28
Rec Me EPs oisincoleman64  25The Search For The Worst: Week 3 ConcubinaryCode  18
Selected Radiohead Works 800% TVC15  33Favorite Albums of 1997 Shamus248  2
Top 1999 Xurxo  210 bands I used to hate when I was a teenager rodrigo90  0
8 songs I'm thankful 4 americanohno  9A VideoGame Tourney Featured worthlessscab  145
Fav Bands through the ages tysly  0Death Worship Part II AdolfChrist  6
what can i say Phlegm  18not very happy... just venting actually, ignore me wristcry  66
why do i like everything i listen to swallowtales  45

The Top 250 Users: The App Featured macman76  269emerald isle TheWrenKing  22
Good 2016 electronic Pasts  35Wintery Black Metal Recs MistaCrave  8
R.I.P. User BallsDeep GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  271Ambient Essentials chaseguitar  41
Deftones Listening Guide BeyondCosby  41I Always Miss My Sput-versary erizen826  4
Top 5 Phil anselmo bands oweinerwaltini  2Tracks that simply click every time Aberf  6
Master of Sabotage Bloody Paranoid Vol. 4 wham49  10Pepperoni Pizza Jumpsuit BallsToTheWall  13
Sputnik's Favorite Video Game FINAL ROUND [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  96How I got into BM and harsh vocals Rastapunk  19
Need more like this theNateman  7my gums r bloody oltnabrick  131

Digs random  0Conjuring 2 BigPleb  13
GOAT Pop Punk elliootsmeuth  34Psychoactive Toads BallsToTheWall  31
I've been missing out... BullettoBinary2  39Spotify Playlists yo Vildh  5
Awesome Album covers Momentai  4My Favorite 10 Who Albums Divaman  8
life Keyblade  102Instrumental tracks by non-instrumental artists Kompys2000  32
top 5 eps of all time oweinerwaltini  40t313v1si0n guitarded_chuck  40
Best 2016 albums kaparoni  8November Week 3 - digs, recs and revivals Dewinged  9

Getting a PS4 on Thursday DarkSideOfLucca  1242017 tho Storm In A Teacup  77
Introduce your alts Sevengill  343Gimme AOTY recs pjquinones747  91
Playlist Sample 11/21 DavidShaw1213  0Sputnik Users on Bandcamp Featured ArtBox  86
Hardwired...ranked Dwap  20Kamelot Ranked pyroflare77  3
Vinyl Collection Part 2 Rigma  5Vinyl Collection Part 1 Rigma  2
My favorite albums AngryLittleAlchemist  223Jazz Plus TwigTW  36
Got my ratings wiped; rate my 5's TheMagicalBlender  37It's Fucking Furious! kascetcadettt  0
My Top 10 Albums At All Time knobgobber  9

Favorite Albums of 1998 Shamus248  13mess with me and I'll doxx you haha TheHung69  16
Kanye show tonight ahhhhhhhh SmileNerd  602009 Top 10 albums gobfinger  13
Dylan's To-Check List: Part II Dylan620  172010 Top 10 albums gobfinger  9
2011 Top 10 albums gobfinger  0Great albums I found because of Sputnik tre  2
2012 Top 10 albums gobfinger  0The Big 4 Are Back brettgoespunk  15
2013 Top 10 Albums gobfinger  22014 Top 10 albums gobfinger  4
Digamundos Rsetness9  02015 Top 10 albums gobfinger  0
saturday hot takes w/ theacademy theacademy  8I Need Recs (Energy! Energy!) kascetcadettt  22
Bands more popular outside their own country rodrigo90  36Level Plane Records elliootsmeuth  8
Sputnik's Favorite Video Game ROUND 5 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  177A Tribe Called Quest Ranked claygurnz  3
recent ArizonaIcedOutBoys  1The Rainbow Album TheSpaceMan  17

Fashion Week vinyl release on black friday ArizonaIcedOutBoys  6New TITD Album + TITD Ranked Supercoolguy64  4
Dylan's To-Check List: Part I Dylan620  16top 10: Loudness war FTW!!!! rodrigo90  27
Recent vinyl~ RunOfTheMill  5New Trvth Album Featured CaptainDooRight  63
Favorite Albums of 1999 Shamus248  9Favorites of 2016 thiswastheyear  1
Tribal/Polyrhythmic Drumming RECS Fossegrim  11Bangers, Posse Cuts, & Hype Tracks Fossegrim  9
Hello, new user is what I am! MyNameIsEraser  5recent spins polyrhythm  8
hank iii albums ranked oweinerwaltini  4Stuff you should listen to. Featured DinosaurJones  26
Am I famous yet? (The Getaway ranked) OZZGabriel  11My top albums of 2016 emptyvessel  0
examscorecore grindcorecore  62Tragedy In A Teacup Storm In A Teacup  53

ArtBox's Art Box Week 11: Demon Hunter's Demons ArtBox  3Hardwired......To Suck Trebor.  15
Pencil's Week 11 Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  71Pulchritudinous ArsMoriendi  30
My goats pt. 3 batstevens  4metal/punk recs travisbickle36  11
I have a man crush on all these gentlemen. teamster  9just buried my cat lisa sitecopyright  31
What.Cd Dead?? Asdfp277  57Albums like Emergency & I? nolerthebowler  15
Favorite Album Covers theNateman  7Album "Making of" Videos oisincoleman64  13
Sputnikmusic's Q3 Infinite Playlist Featured RogueNine  11In Flames' Descent... AaroN911  43
Dark Classical Music Recs Fossegrim  28Lords of Chaos TVC15  68
Electric Wizard Ranked StarlessCore  3Nostalgic Music elliootsmeuth  7
Headphone reccs? Enzx  47interesting listens wham49  3
Disappointed in You Sputnik AmericanFlagAsh  32DRAGON SLAYER...? DinosaurJones  17
Favorite Converge Albums loulou  23THE FIRST THING I SAY IN THE MORNING... SweeneyTodd  10
Late Night Listing of Some Favourite Records Wayfarer1991  6My Top 5 Favorite Bands Twilightfern  3

DGD Mothership Ranked Featured GreyShadow  15No more Last Fm integration? RLWFormula  19
10 favourite Epic songs rodrigo90  39Slept past halloween! straightedgeghostboi  15
Rec me disturbing albums TVC15  39World of Tanks Flugmorph  10
New Black Malachite Music Video BlackMalachite  21Carcass/DFHVNshow TheSpirit  7
Your Favorite Bands? BarryMcKockinner  26Underworld: Blood wars BallsToTheWall  10
Typhoon's top 25 rappers Typhoon24  26Pirate hooker BM redemption voyage Sevengill  17
top 10 bassists of all time oweinerwaltini  26The Tooth Saga: The Final Chapter elliootsmeuth  12
Best-Of Homme: ULTIMATE BIG-ASS COMPLETE EDITION neekafat  9The True History of Black Metal: The First Wave Featured OvDeath  129
Top 1992 Xurxo  3Top 2000 Xurxo  2
Top 15 Wilco Songs nukethewhale  13Favorite Black Metal Album Each Year Since Birth Deschutes  18

New Judio EP! Jam it! Judio!  20Music For You 7 VaxXi  21
2016 Hip-Hop... what's the story? Jasdevi087  5050 Favorite Rise Against Songs Joeman82  24
Wolfe Digs Pt.1 Featured Relinquished  46Top 2015 Xurxo  5
My favorites from 2016 so far Tomstein  3Taking a Sputnik Hiatus BlackMalachite  111
REAL Sputnik Constution Featured SmallLuigiBigHeart  190Shrines of Paralysis, Ranked StarlessCore  15
In Flames Ranked Funeralopolis  30Conmaniac's Band's EP! Featured Conmaniac  114
Worst Albums of ____ Charts Kompys2000  26Fall Playlist yourgodisinferior  13
The Tooth Saga Continues elliootsmeuth  20green day albums ranked oweinerwaltini  14
2016 arcane Featured TheWrenKing  50Bands I saw live magicuba  6
Hate being sick (Feat. Cymbal) TVC15  10Some of my favorites Kwhite7022  0
i need noise RLWFormula  15Emo Recs? Momentai  42
Tomorrow's the Big Day SoccerRiot  29

bossa nova recz hal1ax  25Heavy Metal Music Playlist americanohno  7
Rec Me OSDM/Similar Stuff ThyCrossAwaits  6Feeling off elliootsmeuth  18
10 unpopular albums I consider my favourite ones rodrigo90  34Best fiction of the 21st century IronGiant  15
Spooky Stops Sputniking To Spite Sach Featured spookynewghostfriend  60Hopesfall Celebration Thread Storm In A Teacup  57
Who would you have voted for? logicisirrelevant  44Albums I own kingdedethefifth  4
Favorite Albums of 2000 Shamus248  8Japan! BallsToTheWall  59
Sputnik's Favorite Video Game ROUND 4 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  186Black Mirror rapideyemovement  48
Blvck Mvtvl Recreate  17Devo albums ranked oweinerwaltini  5
Lesser Known Digs 2 ellagos  3My 5s Featured Storm In A Teacup  51

Favorite Album Covers pricealex  1Top 15 Always sunny pinniped  18
Playlist Sample 11/14 DavidShaw1213  0nodapl bout to blow aka more evidence against U.S. Storm In A Teacup  11
We did a bunch of live covers oisincoleman64  2Updated: Potsy November Shows LordePots  96
Where Have You Been All My Life? BallsToTheWall  4great movies from 2015 theacademy  7
high school Avagantamos  9Acts I've Seen Live - Ranked BullettoBinary2  2
the search for the worst: week 2 ConcubinaryCode  30Super Supermoon theBoneyKing  19
Favorite Albums of 2001 Shamus248  14New Teen Suicide Ranked MonotoneMop  4
Need music for winter CzechyGuy  35Sputnik's Favorite Video Game ROUND 3 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  81
Is metal its own genre? claygurnz  184The End the Madness! Tour Divaman  5
Death Metal Around The World Donchivo  9masterpieces that are misunderstood AnimalsAsSummit  59
greatest albums covers in history Mister Twister  14What's Your Favorite Album? Drifter  57

Bubba Burgers Are Clutch BallsToTheWall  14My Top 10 BM Artists yourgodisinferior  26
The 666 Greatest albums ever made! Cnewman88  2NYP's the Way to Be Kompys2000  0
Obligatory Digs List FullOfSounds  23Sabbath Sucks StarlessCore  18
i want to be cold Ryus  26Potsy November Happy Fun Times List Featured LordePots  97
2016 Metal AnAngelAscending  6Flug's October 2016 in Music Flugmorph  12
Hip-hop I need to listen BlackWizard  0Albums that changed my life rodrigo90  22
Favorite Albums of 2002 Shamus248  4Sputnik's Favorite Video Game ROUND 2 [CLOSED] TheMagicalBlender  61
Vinyl Collection #3 Ziguvan  0KANYE WEST FOR PRESIDENT 2020 CaliggyJack  37
Grease BigPleb  14

things I've learned from sputnikmusic DOT com MyNameIsPencil  52Jiggly's Rough 2016 AOTY Draft JigglyPDiddy  17
Digs elliootsmeuth  12ArtBox's Art Box Week 10: Fucking Puddle of Mudd ArtBox  2
started volunteer work Sinternet  15Trvth Project Update CaptainDooRight  20
New Album mindleviticus  32Massive Attack ranking yourgodisinferior  16
The best of 2016 Mystletainn  15Ashcrash's Political Satire Album ashcrash9  13
Top 10 Albums of 2016 (A Non-Objective List) wafagan  0My Band Just Released Its New Album! Check It Out! KriegdemKriege  3
Quitting smoking RLWFormula  21punk is dumb ArizonaIcedOutBoys  17
Best rappers of all time Featured vagenheart  292Favorite Albums of 2003 Shamus248  0
Atm. Black Metal 2016 Sevengill  75rec me the fuzz TheWrenKing  11
jams for the soul AnimalsAsSummit  377vs91 GRAND FINAL DoofusWainwright  67
top 10 live albums of all time oweinerwaltini  5Favorite Albums 1966-2016 BenMorrison  16
EVERYBODY SHUT UP! DinosaurJones  52Some Albums I Immensely Enjoy (One From Each Artist) MrSelfDestruct1999  5
Soundtrack to the Trumpocalypse Kompys2000  17Bret Easton Ellis DDconjoined  28
Slow Dance Jams runaways  4Suddenly Relevant Angsty AF Bush-Era Songs neekafat  37

Favorite Albums of 2004 Shamus248  4Best Albums of 2016: SHREKT Shrektacular  10
Leonard Cohen Dead at 82 BlazinBlitzer  5RIP Leonard Cohen sawesomeness  21
Marilyn Manson Ranked Brabiz  3November - Week 2 Dewinged  2
Tom Waits vs Nick Cave JokineAugustus  28An Introduction to the Blues brochenski  4
Noise rock, jazz, hawdcore & grind weirdness owen  20Album Cover Creativity: 0 wtferrothorn  70
School Sit-In elliootsmeuth  54Depressed but not so suicidal theonlywayisthis  5
Recently Bought Albums... AaroN911  13Rec me a reggae review Rastapunk  5
DINOSAUR LASER FIGHT!!! DinosaurJones  33just a normal list Hellscythe  42
top 10 concept albums of all time oweinerwaltini  36Valley Ridge Dreamers DDconjoined  3
I'm a productive working man... random  7

Top 20 Alkaline Trio Rowan5215  17Pencil's Week 10 NFL Pick 'Ems MyNameIsPencil  24
Underrated Soul Music CrisStyles  3Favorite Albums of 2005 Shamus248  5
Bad Religion albums ranked Joeman82  7escapism music Conmaniac  68
21st Century Thrash austin888  11@Spookynewghostfriend Greyvy  15
Post Metal Overload OverSlyZed  11Overlooked Metalcore/ Deathcore dixoncocks  20
The Best Election Ever Toad  22Enough politics, MEMES Devastator  12

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