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Ambient/Electronic/Related puntugruhm Unholy Lords OvDeath Metal OvDeath 
The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 1 SCREAM! Johnny Turns 10000 - Top 100 Albums (100-51) johnnydeking29 
One 20th of April After ExplosiveOranges Paradise Lost Flugmorph 
Shark's 2015 So Far SharkTooth My New Industrial/Experimental Album Graveyard 
Potsy 2015: April Week I LordePots Greg's Q1 of 2015 greg84 
Toondude10's 25%: The Year So Far Toondude10 My Dog Needs Surgery OvDeath 

2014 Favorites JoeMcSatanBalls  0David Bowie Jethro42  12
My Favorite Albums of All Time Redincineration  0Writing my thesis Pherin  7
Kreator Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  2Favorite Albums from "Odd" Genres IronGiant  1
top 2 deicide sonictheplumber  5Ambient/Electronic/Related Featured puntugruhm  26
House/Trance Ocean of Noise  5rec me 2015 tempest--  7
40% of 2015 Xenophanes  93rd Lonney(s) LP released! OldManGramps  5
Jazz/Classical/Rhythm&Blues fromtheinside  9The Digs Never End pizzamachine  4
Favourite Songs By Each Of My Favourite Artists oisincoleman64  5The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 2 SCREAM!  21
Butt Rawk Cage Match WesleyJones  920k plays BMDrummer  14
Fave Albums zdmik  1DGD Ranked erizen826  10
Millencolin ranked MrCoffee  2Elder MotoOnSputnik  6
katatonia ranked trve  9Alter Ego Greem  9

Opeth's Damnation Ranked Royl123  14Yeezy ranked BreakerdeGodot  13
Lateralus Ranked almosttolerable  22Top 5- Dissection hal1ax  2
Holy Moly Truckfighters MotoOnSputnik  17Rate these please Rawmeeth38  20
Rec me 2015 stuff Biologist  8Saw a Sufjan Stevens concert yesterday Thuglifethor  8
Doomy Stoner psych (recs?) Rastapunk  16My Record Store Day Picks SmartWentCody  6
Minutemen vs. Nomeansno yourgodisinferior  8favourite Hardcore/Crust/Punk VVild18  3
progressive thrash metal FlyheadMetal  25Favourite Metalcore VVild18  21
Favourite Prog VVild18  17Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 - Breakdown/My Thoughts WesleyJones  22
36 Crazyfists- Best Of. CrazyBrave1982  1saved stamp  1
top 5 zappa sonictheplumber  17top 5 priest sonictheplumber  17
top 5 kiss sonictheplumber  8Top 5 Hip Hop Albums mikedrumz  9

Rating Averages That Confuse Me solongatlast  21Vinyl Collection Mandais  1
Mew: Ranked beefshoes  14Rec me Post Rock/Metal auxilia  9
Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. VIII LordePots  31Megadeth Ranked InfernalOarsman  1
All Judas Priest Characters TheMagicalBlender  8Hip-Hop Rediscovery SPRFanOf5H  9
2000's // under construction BOR  0My Top 50 Albums of All Time BewareOfDarkness  5
Top 10 Favourite Bassists JokineAugustus  21VOTE NOW! sixdegrees  40
Recent downloads (Kyuss Inspired) MotoOnSputnik  14VOTE NOW! Thrash metal evilford  93
should i change my name howmanycanyoufit  22Jams, as of late tragic.details  0
Wu-Tang Emcees Ranked jmh886  33Best Metalcore / Post Hardcore recs sadchild  13
All Time Low Ranked oisincoleman64  3Typhoner's 2014 Typhoner  9
top 10 favorite durgs trve  52Korn Greatest Hits TheSonomaDude  15
Cheerful spring/summertime vibes PappyMason  14Overrated albums geumjandi  51
VOTE NOW! Melodic Death Flugmorph  149Sputnik Voted: Prog Metal Flugmorph  18
Unholy Lords OvDeath Metal Featured OvDeath  73My Favourite Albums 2010 NorwichScene  6
Top 11 Bands AstralBlood  15

Looking for HEAVY music glassg7  50The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 1 Featured SCREAM!  59
Summer Concerts Feather  22The Blackest Metal Tourney SCREAM!  73
A few under appreciated experimental jazz gems HarrySmalldini97  6Your Least Favourite Album oisincoleman64  99
My Ultimate Maiden Album romulanrancor  3Potsy 2015: April Week III LordePots  12
Fat 2015: One Punk's Guide to Oblivian. Hep Kat  5My Albums of the Week Linx  5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Ranked HarrySmalldini97  14Rec Me Horror Films BigPleb  64
The Gathering Ranked Travelhead  1rec me thrash and/or death metal evilford  23
Best Bruce Springsteen Songs Rawmeeth38  9Best album Openers BigLeach65  31
Favourite Black Metal Records VVild18  9galilean satellites ranked trve  3
Favourite Grindcore Records VVild18  4Summertime Jams cryptside  17
Top 10 worst songs I've heard Aftertheascension  6Top 10 Games of Gen. 7 TheMagicalBlender  131
Hevy Devy Ranked thumbcrusher  17Johnny Turns 10000 - Top 100 Albums (100-51) Featured johnnydeking29  31
Some good minimal techno/dub yourgodisinferior  10

One 20th of April After Featured ExplosiveOranges  56Favorite Deathcore Aftertheascension  11
Good Core Hawks  29My Feet Slipped Beneath the Weary Steps seanormans  1
I love Opeth evilford  32whats up fam Kman418  6
New EP from me, guys Hurricanslash  2Thinking Outside The Box Isn't Always A Good Idea WesleyJones  18
Royal Blood Ranked oisincoleman64  2Top 10 Death Grips songs ChoccyPhilly  14
Evreaia's Q1 of 2015 Evreaia  254/20 JoeMcSatanBalls  4
Happy 4/20 Rawmeeth38  14RSD Acquisitions WellFedWhiteMale  5
5 worst songs I've ever heard tricksareforkids  602015 Recs? ScuroFantasma  21
hitler riffs Ovrot  54/20 Playlist beyondthethreshold13  8
Top 10 Modest Mouse songs UpwardSpiral  21Annual Plz Don't Delete It Stoner Christmas Thread Hep Kat  31
Tons of Free Bootlegs dimsim3478  1Ten of the best- Korn. CrazyBrave1982  3
Simpsons Recs WesleyJones  17

metal. fromtheinside  19Music for nightly walks Flugmorph  24
Captain Beefheart Is Fucking Amazing Ichangedmynametojeff  13Disintegration Ranked almosttolerable  9
In Uteros runaways  11Backlog 2 Karpizzle  0
hip hop kick loveisamixtape  35Favourite Acoustic Songs oisincoleman64  11
Recent Vinyl Snags furpa  8Happy Closers Supercoolguy64  11
Record Store Day 'Fifteen' Frippertronics  10MY NEW VINYLS Closk  4
Backlog Karpizzle  0Good Songs/Albums By $hitty Artists WesleyJones  24
Guitar Hero: Metal FlyheadMetal  135/5,000 & 2015! beefshoes  7
Ban worthy? grannypantys  23 years on sput bach  25
Lovecraftian Metal Brabiz  16Need Post Rock and Post Metal recs Mongi123  40
Sam's Town Ranked oisincoleman64  0Top 10 Unwound Songs UpwardSpiral  10
Joy Division Ranked lz41  14Deftones top 20 jmnewcomer18  9
Favourite Albums Year by Year Greem  2Metal Album Covers nakedwesmile  10
INCUBUS RANKED Slut  14Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. VII LordePots  71
Record Store Day 2015 JoeMcSatanBalls  3

is sputnik dying? evilford  49Recent album purchases Napolesonic  0
Bands With All Excellent Ratings? TheMagicalBlender  24Chocolate and Cheese Ranke LordePots  82
Best Nas Albums ndhreviewsrap  0new swagbob track howmanycanyoufit  17
In a prog mood Brabiz  8I saw fucking nails Deubah  7
Time To Waste Money Today Minushuman24  9Record Store Day 2015 Hep Kat  40
God Listens someguest  8Very difficult riffs to play on guitar TheSonomaDude  9
Record Store Day! Torontonian  13Chocolate and Cheese Ranked almosttolerable  8
Vinyl collection so far h0rsie  6Superunknown Ranked CK  48
Paradise Lost Featured Flugmorph  57High School Favourites... jsaf7  7
Career-Defining Lines lz41  8John Zorn's 20 Best LP's Veldin  13

├ćnima Ranked almosttolerable  31Prelude to Johnny's Top 100: 113-101 johnnydeking29  6
Hey Guys, Rec Me Some Cool Shit Minushuman24  41Just Got Banned Snorlax  21
sput LP 2 BMDrummer  72VOTE NOW! Prog Metal Flugmorph  221
Are Heavy Metal Fans Destroying The Scene? Gameofmetal  2422015: Debut Albums Apetzar  10
Rec me artists who shout a lot Watchman97  33Diggins deadcrown  2
Are Deftones good live? IronGiant  41Deftones: Ranked Worst to Best WilhelmBlack  28
american educational system Aftertheascension  26deftones ranked howmanycanyoufit  31
The Dear Hunter top 20 jmnewcomer18  6

Machinic assemblage scissorlocked  2Top 100 U2 songs lz41  22
NEW STAR WARS TRAILER FourthReich  187Avenged Sevenfold Ranked almosttolerable  6
Tell All Your Friends Ranked oisincoleman64  2Next DM Band Shirt I Should Buy... Palatial  19
Nile ranked Flugmorph  21Metal Is False Deathcore Nocturnalize  37
Type O Negative BigPleb  23Made a satirical hiphop mixtape Thuglifethor  2
pop punk recs Aftertheascension  20NBA Playoff Predications MyNameIsPencil  28
Top 10 Hip Hop Sad Songs Andre90CostaRica  14

It's Been A While. 2CHAINAL  10whatcd invite Ryus  20
2001 mttgry  20How Many 5's Could A User 5 If A User Could 5 5's TheWrenKing  17
My 10 favorite grind albums lassieboy  10Free New Hyacinth FULL ALBUM mindleviticus  19
Vinyl Acquisitions Prior To RSD WellFedWhiteMale  12Current 2015 Top 10 ITsHxCTOASTER  3
Sputnik Voted: Black Metal Flugmorph  1062015 Stanley Cup Playoffs DominionMM1  182
Need Hip-Hop recommendations! SmartWentCody  30Nevermind Ranked oisincoleman64  9
hi,,.sputnik? listenwelltome  14Ginger / The Wildhearts / Other Output Ranked Bazman  0
metallica ranked Aftertheascension  15Dips in form. CrazyBrave1982  1
My top 10 Hip Hop Anger Songs Andre90CostaRica  4albums for which I need to get physical copys Avagantamos  2
Albums Like Still Life Solaire  5Broke up with my girlfriend today Watchman97  139

My Crappy Records felldownawell  0Name the album cover 2: This time it's personal Jasdevi087  40
Check out this Black Metal Ambient group KingSpook  10Let's Rank Opeth Hawks  57
Rec me Surf Rock twlichty  22Potsy 2015: April Week II LordePots  73
Roxy Music top 20 Jethro42  21Top Ten Albums TheMagicalBlender  9
A "Want To Listen To" Feature? AmericanFlagAsh  26Official 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread SnakeDelilah  61
Danger Days Ranked oisincoleman64  6Topical Steroid Withdrawal bakkermaarten007  5
Mewithoutyou Pale Horses IncurablyInane  9New User almosttolerable  59
Have a great day, Sputnik cirq  37Out of form (?) Aftertheascension  3
Teen Suicide Thuglifethor  8Concept Album? Underrated/underestimated? DoofusWainwright  19
Upcoming August Burns Red Release metalheadrunner  11Tips for Reviewing Music chinesewhispers  10
My top 15 of today (14.04.2015) nakedwesmile  3

Sputnik Voted: Alt Rock Winners Royl123  46Ghost Rider: Awesome Mix, Vol. III riffariffic7  1
Best Movies of 2014? MyCarandMyGuitar  30Definitive Dance Gavin Dance LP Ranking Trebor.  15
Kanye/ Immolation Mash-up Funeralopolis  14Shark's 2015 So Far Featured SharkTooth  49
Fav Album From Each Year (1960-Present) Nigtwig  5Sputnik Voted. Jazz. nakedwesmile  4
Wainwright's Top 10 Easy Holiday Morning Picks DoofusWainwright  1Top 10 Late Night Headphones Walkabout Picks DoofusWainwright  9
Wainwright's Top 10 Night Time Bedroom Picks DoofusWainwright  9MORTAL KOMBAT X DoctorDoom  17
Progggggg FlyheadMetal  41Project 86 Ranked metalheadrunner  1
My Tune with Vox from Michael Snoxall ButteryBiscuitBass  49New ABR Song HarryBoBerry  0
2000 mttgry  17Black Holes & Revelations Ranked oisincoleman64  2
My New Industrial/Experimental Album Featured Graveyard  43new built to spill stream mryrtmrnfoxxxy  17
It's happening guys SowingSeason  40James Bond Movies Ranked Insurrection  54
Game of Thrones Season 5 Leak! Gyromania  38

death punk titanslayer  9(Early) Instant Gratification Ranked GreyShadow  3
ford's favorite album art evilford  49Best of 2014 EmceeKain  0
Bill Evans Ranked Torontonian  15April 2015 - Weeks 1 and 2 Frippertronics  14
Metal from every state FlyheadMetal  36VOTE NOW! Alternative Rock Royl123  70
The Return No One Asked for Nor Wanted TheShining1980  7Sweet record store haul MoosechriS  21
Top 25 Kanye West Songs wtferrothorn  402015 p4p  16
RIP Commodore Jesus Lean Hep Kat  21Best 2015 Albums So Far xenocide.  21
Some 90s Classics BOR  4New Job! theNateman  7

Hello, dweebs organizedsound  5first quarter 2015 jams Thor  1
Saw a Metalcore Show Yesteray lol ArsMoriendi  38Top 5 Tim Hecker Albums HarrySmalldini97  19
My First Festival- Eaux Claires ranked Watchman97  3The Heist Ranked oisincoleman64  16
Another Tune Up ButteryBiscuitBass  15Hip-Hop cryptside  30
Summer Albums Mort.  34Flying Lotus Ranked HarrySmalldini97  19
My Red Hot Chilli Peppers list justAman  10Army Life Fandalf  5
Check My New Track Greem  5

Salvation Army thrift shop selections Dylan620  3My 5s & 4.5s Ranked ChoccyPhilly  22
New Album Out (LP3) Apetzar  15Some Rusty Acoustic Albums With Sad Voices and Yes Travelhead  9
Hot Fuss Ranked oisincoleman64  8My Favorite Albums That Start With A Muisc4Life26  13
Favorite Albums LeaveThatThingAlone  4Overtime Fuel (Death Metal) Atari  32
Top Albums of 2014 BibiloBombus  4Your Favorite Album? TheMagicalBlender  165
Audience Shedders lz41  2Wainwright's Most Disappointing Albums 2014 DoofusWainwright  6
My Path Through Heaviness ryallen  11Best Produced Albums ryallen  29
I miss base evilford  13

Rec Me hip-hop with personality or bangs Funeralopolis  30Albums With Haunting Atmosphere Rawmeeth38  36
Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums PaddyPooHead  21Rec me post-rock plz hal1ax  18
Louie demigod!  13My Genericore metalheadrunner  6
Are these Sennheiser's any good? Frisbee  7Big Four Of Thrash Ranked WesleyJones  45
Thibs Digs 2 Thibs  16Early 9 year sputversary londoncalling457  13
Marilyn Manson Ranked oisincoleman64  7Sputnik Telephone (I am bored) WilhelmBlack  18
Wainwright's Top 10 2013 DoofusWainwright  3Morbid Angel announces long awaited J album pissbore  21
Japanese Music CapnJizz  28Rec Me Disgusting, Filthy Sludge/Doom. JoeMcSatanBalls  17
Pinkerton Ranked wtferrothorn  10Top 10 Instrumentals romulanrancor  23
Best Cannibal Corpse Album? PrefrontalCortex  29Wainwright's Top 10 2014 DoofusWainwright  0
Love Everyone YetAnotherBrick  282014's Best Technical Death Metal Records Hastein45  7
The Clash Top 100 songs lz41  01999 mttgry  4

Gavin is a Great Dancer Apparently MyNameIsPencil  21Kyuss aye MotoOnSputnik  20
Led Zep Ranked lz41  31Mobb Deep Plug Nite pissbore  17
Death Grips Is The Shit oisincoleman64  3Vinyl + Digs (Or Every Other Sputnik List) TheWrenKing  7
IIxxEdAnOlEmxxII edanolem  7All Time Favorite Albums KwaziYolo  4
Red Hot Chili Peppers Ranked SamuelV  17A well known artist stole my song Beardog  6
My Top 5 80s Hits Muisc4Life26  8An exquisite first quarter of 2015 Kronzo  12
VOTE NOW! Austronesian Traditional Music Ryus  39Sowing's Q1 SowingSeason  16
Ranking Slayer TheMagicalBlender  12My 15 most jizzworthy future releases MegaJake1024  8
Best DM song ever?? FlyheadMetal  63Wax on Web Phlegm  14
New Wave of Thrash Metal: Around the World MathMetal09  3Vinyl collection ComeToDaddy  13
VOTE NOW! Jazz!!! nakedwesmile  98Heavy/Br00tvl as hell metal Aftertheascension  17
Cd and Vinyl collection (updated/improved version) Jasdevi087  16

6 years on Sput(5 on this account) RosaParks  28How to get a really heavy metal guitar tone?? FlyheadMetal  20
Bands i got to know through my dad's vinyl collect trve  2Pink Floyd Ranked RageKage  49
Potsy 2015: April Week I Featured LordePots  1166 Years in the Making... JWT155  48
Rec me female bands MattTD  30Harsh Noise zarling53  42
Fifthy Album Covers I Like Travelhead  3Favorite Grind Albums Anthemic  57
Drake + All Time Low theacademy  12Ranking Metallica TheMagicalBlender  17
5 metal albums before dating... +1 piroga84  16My Favorite Noise Rock yep123  4
Personal Top 10 CWBrown  142014's Best Death Metal Albums Hastein45  10
Meaning of life? johnnydeking29  51Alcohol Quit Me. R.I.P. Iamthe Nightstars  156

This week I'll be seeing... CK  145 long hard years on this website Slut  15
Top 25 Albums of 2014 KingSchwag  6Just Got Engaged dixoncocks  32
Ranking Megadeth TheMagicalBlender  32Up and Coming Directors yourgodisinferior  22
im on break Ryus  53i have a bunch of freeleech tokens Solbrave  1
Gateway Albums To Heavier Music oisincoleman64  36Album covers drawn by the band members Supercoolguy64  28
New EP from my solo project thing. Thoughts? Oske7  2Dream Festival Line Up Closk  0
MY FAVORITE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME. (1 per artist) mikedrumz  5What I've been listening to this year. mikedrumz  1
Year Of The Bunny 2014 Ricochet  4Q1 2015 McMegaMountain  2
Looking for sick riffs TheSonomaDude  42Gimme dem sweet recs KerfuffleinaHussle  10
Favorite Teams (any and all sports) DoctorDoom  62Opening Day is Here JWT155  146
Congratulations Demigod SowingSeason  52New Song ButteryBiscuitBass  10
sputnik programing? titanslayer  5Memorable lyrics apparently 24gadjet  8
Albums I Love shmowzow  1

recs Aftertheascension  11Rec me some stuff please Palatial  8
Ranking Anthrax TheMagicalBlender  14A celebration MyNameIsPencil  7
Just Dropped My Band's Demo Online aaronrkc  3Fix Your Life Let  26
Gorillaz Ranked romulanrancor  10Underrated Metallica tracks TheSonomaDude  20
Entered a riff writing contest figure337  55Some Of My Least Favourite Songs oisincoleman64  21
Crimson's Vinyl Collection Part 2 CrimsonLies  49Edge of Sanity ranked Flugmorph  21
March Digs InfernalOarsman  130 dollars in iTunes VaxXi  11
A Sonic Tribute To Christ someguest  15Top AC/DC songs BigLeach65  8
PrinceoftheDogs Top 40 Albums/EP's - 2014 PrinceoftheDogs  0Rec me 'big city' music SAPoodle  18
How come I never made a "best of 2014"-list? NightProwler  9ASL? fromtheinside  57
Incubus ranked jmnewcomer18  11Psych/Prog Rock puntugruhm  21

The best music creators in ford's humble opinion evilford  65You're Nothing MassiveAttack  14
Jesus Christ oisincoleman64  57Best music ever made ever WesleyJones  13
Le Powers that B LPFTW  3What Team Do You Support? Pheromone  100
Green Day Vs. Blink-182 WesleyJones  2150 new rap albums better than Kendrick Lamar LambsBread  84
Favorite metalcore, hardcore, and post hardcore Aftertheascension  42Gorillaz S/t Ranked oisincoleman64  12
New Tune Up ButteryBiscuitBass  23I Just Took A Sh*t WesleyJones  10
VOTE! Sputnik's Fav Metalcore demigod!  182Mark's Q1 2015 List cryptside  8
LOOKING FOR AN ELECTRO SONG TenSecondsToThink  7The Mountain Goats albums ranked therayder  5
1/4 of 2015 = 503.75 JJKeys  62015's been aight so far helpoemer420  7
Under 50 Votes, Part 7 Greem  72k15: Favourites Tesla  0
Potentially Shitty -core Albums I Quite Enjoy furpa  15

Favorite Allman brothers albums (Studio only) BigLeach65  13Top instrumentals BigLeach65  7
Best Albums Ever IronGiant  23one howmanycanyoufit  20
5 favorite stoner rock-ish albums deadcrown  2For Klap: Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell Ranke PotsyTater  24
System of a Down Ranked MotoOnSputnik  23New EP: Cavern Eye Madbutcher3  0
Favourite Albums Of 2015 So Far (Quarter Way) oisincoleman64  9rec me something to download or something Slut  6
John Goodman's Playlist herbulver  0Douchebag: the band FlyheadMetal  17
The Eminem Show Ranked oisincoleman64  4Greg's Q1 of 2015 Featured greg84  18
smokers evilford  157VOTE NOW! Sputnik goes Black Flugmorph  274
Sputnik Voted: The Doom Flugmorph  28In a musical quagmire AaronIsCrunchy  26
Jasdevi's modest 1st quarter of 2015 Jasdevi087  15

OK Computer Ranked FacelessMan  35Come to the Demon Lab! pissbore  11
Top Ten Death Metal Albums Anthemic  35Albums To Which I'm The Most Partial someguest  88
10 underrated ambient/idm/drone/downtempo works federicogambato  72015: January - March ibringyoufire  2
Pink Moon Ranked loveisamixtape  14Thank you Sputnik Bassman91  7
The Marshall Mathers LP Ranked oisincoleman64  15Some Bands I Saw Live in 2014 JoeMcSatanBalls  9
My Favorite Albums Captain3  12First Trimester, 2015 OvDeath  9
Enslaved Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  15Get An Ambluance, Because March Is Crazy Sick wtferrothorn  7
Need to Make a Decision sawesomeness  12Rec me energetic metal/hardcore Aftertheascension  12
More Vinyl Grabs ButteryBiscuitBass  24Jac's 1st Quarter 2015 Jacquibim  30
Favourite Metalcore/Mathcore Bands MaggieG  15A Journey Through Metal: Part 25 1991 BenMorrison  3
My Favorite Album by Year Since I was Born, in 1971 ExitOnly  10Wanting More Hip-Hop like this JustinKing  22
Dad metal? FlyheadMetal  45

Overkill Ranked InfernalOarsman  8Reading/Recs YoYoMancuso  34
The Big 4 Albums Ranked (that I have listened to) PinkZeppelinVan123  2Butt Rock Cage Match WesleyJones  14
March 2015 JCGold14  1Toondude10's 25%: The Year So Far Featured Toondude10  38
Architects: Ranked MaggieG  11The Velvet Underground Ranked lz41  12
Potsy 2015: March Week IV PotsyTater  37The Slim Shady LP Ranked oisincoleman64  8
A Guide to Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal JasonCarne  20Str8 Fiii Fort23  5
I went to a show DanielNightLewis  0Heavy Metal (1985 - 1986) ExitOnly  0
Heavy Metal (1980 - 1984) ExitOnly  0Top Ten Albums of March 2015. efterljus  2
Mainstream rock bastard albums tresm87  12Heavy Metal (pre 1980) ExitOnly  0
My Dog Needs Surgery Featured OvDeath  45Kansas City Here I Come aaronrkc  5
Hip Hop (Classic to Excellent) ExitOnly  0Tallest man on earth leak ti0n  18
Fugazi Ranked ExitOnly  0Metal Albums I Need to Hear ExitOnly  0
Two.Five Heavy Metal ExitOnly  0Three.Zero Heavy Metal ExitOnly  0
Three.Five Heavy Metal ExitOnly  0Test Skull917  1
Sputnik Final 4 SowingSeason  175Four.Zero Heavy Metal ExitOnly  0
Four.Five Heavy Metal ExitOnly  0Five.Zero Heavy Metal ExitOnly  0
Thank you Sputnik ThrashTillDeath94  33A Journey Through Metal: Part 24 1990 BenMorrison  0
All-Time Favorite Hip-Hop Records SmartWentCody  11Sputnik TBT Skramz Edition (classic reviews here) Fort23  5

Top 15 Bjork Songs Torontonian  36Favorite Album Covers By Bands I Like Supercoolguy64  6
favorite albums different generes benjvmin  6Everyday Robots Ranked oisincoleman64  1
GY!BE/Death Grips/TFB Ranked edanolem  22Q1 2015 anobsoletevernacular  17
Quartuma 1/2015 Artuma  36One Direction ranked WesleyJones  11
March 2015 anobsoletevernacular  22015: Psychedelic, so far Featured TWIGtheWONDERKID  53
Touche Amore Ranked furpa  11Unpopular opinons TheSonomaDude  47
Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs justinkrap  15My Megadeth List. justAman  2
Most Overrated Albums Ever, Pt. 2 BlacKapes  89A Journey Through Metal: Part 23 1989 BenMorrison  0
Just dropped an EP botb  26

Ars's Guide to the Music of Frank Zappa Featured ArsMoriendi  74Been on a hip hop binge lately. Brabiz  13
Bands/Albums that Deserve More Recognition AmbivalentGoat  5Mother Soundtrack Vinyl Kickstarter Calc  5
A Sputnik Revolution PortraitsOfDecay  43Under the influence 24gadjet  4
My own Black Sabbath discography ranking. SomeSayShesNaive  19General Election 2015 Tunaboy45  199
Quarterly Reflection (Winter) LilLioness  30Devil's Night Ranked oisincoleman64  1
Xiu Xiu Ranked - Insult to Real Fans Certified Edition Frippertronics  411st quarter of 2015 NorthernSkylark  10
2015 Q1 RadicalEd  19Decided to start collecting Vinyl Final Origin  12
(Help out the Kelly family) Neurosis Ranked DoctorDoom  22Rec me ambient/dream pop/drone EPs Froot  9
A Journey Through Metal: Part 22 1988 BenMorrison  2Sputnik Elite 8 SowingSeason  195
Manic Street Preachers: Ranked MaggieG  2Public Library Finds and Other Gets BeneaththeDarkOcean  7
The life cycle of a thrash metal band Featured FirstStrikeIsDeadly  40

Your Top 5? Hawks  104...-- -....- ...-- ----- -....- ..--- ----- .---- oltnabrick  23
Some good psychological thrillers? yourgodisinferior  81long extreme metal song recs trve  11
Post-rock/Math suggestions? Rawmeeth38  9Deaf Metal leviathan05  37
Here Are My Favorite Releases of This Year, 2015 SeaAnemone  23What is This? CursedBell  10
21st Century Breakdown Ranked oisincoleman64  16VOTE NOW! Sputnik's Doom Flugmorph  240
Check out my newest EP North0House2  4Horn Of The Rhino FlyheadMetal  5
Katatonia Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  16Sputnik Voted: Death Metal Classics Flugmorph  42
Shitty Music In One Word WesleyJones  9The Apex Live BlueSwan  2
A Journey Through Metal: Part 21 1987 BenMorrison  0Deadbeets glassg7  1
CD 102.5 Day 1 TheGreatQ  0

Challenging albums to play 24gadjet  20Apologies to Frippertronics SharkTooth  28
IGN's Top 25 Metal Albums TheMagicalBlender  35A Pencil's CD Collection. MyNameIsPencil  10
Jamming these and drinkin some Lionshead londoncalling457  5Foetus Ranked Supercoolguy64  1
6 Favorite Songs from Prog Rock's Big Six Snowdog808  26Creepy/haunting records. JasonCarne  31
Immortal R.I.P. Alastor  12The Room BigPleb  46
2 0 1 5 Ryus  54In Order... boff  1
police BMDrummer  13A Journey Through Metal: Part 20 1986 BenMorrison  3
Sputnik Sweet 16 SowingSeason  107it follows Kman418  15
Top 20 Favorite Guitar Players Palatial  29

A Leak Ruined my LP's CursedBell  33Top 10 Hit Singles of 2005 Froot  23
3 Favorite Songs From Prog Metal's Big Three Snowdog808  23Blackwater Park ranked trve  19
Defeater Ranked furpa  23gross story Supercoolguy64  23
Bought too many vinyl records today iPim  21

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