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"There's nothing left to save" :: Snoopcow Snoopcow Female Djs ShitsofRain 
If Pokemon Were Albums ZombicidalMan The Black Death Amphoteric 
Obligatory "Best Of" 2014 Guzzo10 Artuma's Top 200: 150-101 Artuma 
Why I Love Electronic Music (part 2) Eloriaz 1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Greem 
All Anberlin Songs Ranked (with Descriptions) Green Baron Just Released A New Album AnimalsAsSummit 

Vocals GnFnRs87  13Rec Me Some Emotional Ambience Pls Froot  18
Trying To Get Into Opeth DjensenAckles  30Deathcore Albums That Are Worth A Listen Br00talK1d  30
Like Fleet Foxes samsquanch  4Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 3 Jasdevi087  20
Album Pickups 8/1 JCGold14  3Rec Me Bass Stuff Salvidian  15
Just Cracked 500 (vinyl) WellFedWhiteMale  15Top 10 July thejared  2
My Top 3 Underappreciated Artists BrandonNeedles  32Crazy Donkey's Audio Guide To Going Nut RoyalImperialGuard  5
Porcupine Tree Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  10Hard Drive Beeping Noise Shuyin  21
Hit A Music Wall... IronGiant  63Feel The Trash M//// evilford  17
5 Thrash Essentials Atari  28Thrash Up The Rear M/ BigPleb  29
Uploaded My First Song alarm  3Extreme Thrashing Hyperion1001  45
No Job, Listen To Music. omnipanzer  9Weird Dreams I've Had Supercoolguy64  7
Excellent Albums Are Classic aok  26Rec Me Recent House Plz theacademy  5
Album Digging - July (2nd Half) JJKeys  2Jeff Rosenstock Live dimsim3478  17
Fat Of The Land Ranked Froot  19Album Zoo pannkakesangen  2
Just Listening ScuroFantasma  13Wasting Time Here LambsBread  27
4 Years climactic  36Osheaga Weekend! peaks40  1
Gonna Thrash Binge Hawks  35

Albums I Was Into When I Was 9. Betray  33Spacecore FuzzyxPickles  18
New To Sputnik/recs? sumwun20  26Summer Jams gryndstone  2
Listen to My Recording Project This Summ Final Origin  10Need Rap Recs loveisamixtape  32
Meantime Ranked Supercoolguy64  7Rec Me Spoken Word ChoccyPhilly  40
Brand New - Deja Entendu Ranked pannkakesangen  20American Idiot Ranked pannkakesangen  11
Dookie Ranked pannkakesangen  5My Top 3 Musical Artists BrandonNeedles  48
Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging pannkakesangen  8Im A Slightly Productive Member! Minushuman24  9
Some Bands That Shaped Modern Music wwba  29My Top 5 Favorite Albums BrandonNeedles  120
The Return Of Darkness And Evil bloodsorcery  2My Favorite Bands M1sam  8
10 Most Infectious Yeezy Tracks Froot  4Top 10 Most Pretentious Song Titles idkpokeit  17
NEW SECRET BAND ALBUM mryrtmrnfoxxxy  143July Vinyl Madness, Feels Good NorthernSkylark  10
Favorite Metal Albums Of 2012 0GuyMan0  15I'm On A Boat! ExcentrifugalForz  12
Helmet Ranked Glassjawx  6Recording ButteryBiscuitBass  16
July Jams Part 2: Return Of The Jam tempest--  10Hard Times North0House2  21
Ulver (post-bm) Ranked beefshoes  37

Records I've Been Digging henrygraham513  3Scary Movies? Iamthe Nightstars  83
Brace Yourselves TheEpic7thVermicide  12Rec Some More Stuff Like This 24gadjet  2
"There's nothing left to save" :: Sno Featured Snoopcow  26My Favorite Electronic Music Artists Royl123  17
Rec Me Interesting Dm Flugmorph  47Ratings? KrazyKris  58
Hey, Help Me Heal NorthernSkylark  26Best Instrumental/wankery Albums Notaflower  15
K.i.n.g.s.o.l.o.m.o.n.s.m.i.n.e. mkaloga  4Who's Watching Nathan For You? OwMySnauze  16
Top 15 Albums That Got Me Into Metal Palatial  2Best 90's Nickelodeon Shows TomArnoldsArmpit  33
Experimentations Gone Right CelestialOuroboros  16Hardest Rocking Albums Skull917  16
Albums From 2014 I'm Just Now Listening humblerodent  16{live} Filter + Helmet Glassjawx  8
High School, Revisited thelastsignal  1410 Most Infectious NIN Tracks Froot  13
Buying Studio Monitors egothelivingplanet  3Minstrel Show Music americanohno  1
My Favorite Metalcore & Post-hardcore Al BrandonNeedles  70Worst Deathcore Albums Ever Br00talK1d  166
Dark Souls 2 Dlc Thoughts/opinions/tips Gameofmetal  3Feather's Favorites Of 2014 Feather  7
Devin Townsend - Where Do I Start With T GreyShadow  10Cap Recs For You #14 CaptainDooRight  19
New Fav Band bakkermaarten007  5So What I'll Die Alone theacademy  11
In Utero Fans mryrtmrnfoxxxy  15Scottish Independence menawati  27
Anno Mmxiv In Metuhl 3 osmark86  9Favourite 2014 Albums Thus Far HamishObserves  10
Betray's Warped Tour Experience Betray  74

Black/Death Metal Blogs? beefshoes  14Best Of 2014 As Of Now zombietransit  5
Artists That need to stop making music BrandonNeedles  35Couple Things mryrtmrnfoxxxy  14
First List: 2014 Warped Tour Bands Revie A257U2  15What Is Up Ha Ha londoncalling457  17
Top Notch Deathcore Br00talK1d  133Awaken The Guardian Ranked Snowdog808  2
My Pie Chart Is Sexy yourgodisinferior  1315000 Comments Of Hep Thread Hep Kat  16
Female Djs Featured ShitsofRain  4210 Most Infectious Bad Religion Tracks Froot  4
Most Important Albums Of My Childhood P0WERSHIFTER  2Good Vibes YakNips  72
Best Of 2014 So Far progsun  7Tr00 Br00tality Br00talK1d  15
Metal Newcomers OwMySnauze  7Digging Digs MoosechriS  7
Awesome Thrash Debuts ultimatethrasher  19Mediocrity Digs RoyalImperialGuard  13
Which Band Is The Led Zeppelin Of This G wwba  92Great Year So Far samsquanch  14
How Do You Keep Up? Mythodea  14Join My Group oltnabrick  35
Funeral Ranked dh198  0If Pokemon Were Albums Featured ZombicidalMan  67
2014: The Big Four FeedingNetherlands  9How Do You Rate Albums? Lettuce  49
Top 20 Albums I've Heard Thuglifethor  12Fantasy Football (epl) Adabelle  9
Top 10 Realest Hip Hop Albums idkpokeit  1115 Favorite Metal Albums Of 2011 0GuyMan0  3
Pleb's Late 2014 Gig List BigPleb  36X Files Ranked. DrGonzo1937  88
Post Funniest Reviews Here PitchforkArms  63

Why Is Metalcore So Horrible? FrankieFrog  76Ebola Virus YoYoMancuso  29
Best Scandinavian Thrash Metal Albums ruuthsinn  1New Unrecognized Post-hardcore AffableMartyr  9
Fall Semester Is Approaching... F0RBES  2Last Fm Top 10 July TenSecondsToThink  5
The Boondock Saints TheMoreira  52Alive Like Me ? moshpotatoes  2
Bands/artists I've Seen Live Flugmorph  3Rec Me Post/prog/math/alternative Eggvander  15
The Blood Brothers Ranked Supercoolguy64  6Anberlin Ranked unaMUSEd  5
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Ranke KrazyKris  24The Black Death Featured Amphoteric  43
Two Years Of Pencil MyNameIsPencil  28Overlooked 2014 PitchforkArms  36
Weird Stuff From China, Russia... Cimnele  12Best Of Anberlin Compilation fallenbird  11
Back From Israel: Birds Flying Into Plan emester  16 Minus The Bear News mryrtmrnfoxxxy  30
Depressingly Good Music ExplosiveOranges  38What Is Your 2048 Score? theacademy  28
2014 So Far 808muzik  2Ten Favorite Metal Albums Of 2010 0GuyMan0  22
Godzilla 2: Rodan, Mothra, & Ghidorah GodzillaFucker  10Looking For Some Screamo Like This Adamk7861  42
Best Of 2011 EmceeKain  11

Ranking Autechre Avagantamos  49My Favorite Songs TammyMaynor  15
Biffy Ranked Markedforgreatness  3Most Appropriate Album Covers ZombicidalMan  21
Jamz On Jamz fuckyourneonshirt  5My Top 3 Deftones Albums ArcticWolf616  19
Looking For Ptc Contributors TheSpirit  13Falconer Ranked Dummit  3
Damn I Look Good SourAK  44Albums With Potential To Become 5s AmericanFlagAsh  38
Give Me Albums DrMaximus  1822 Songs For The Asking NorthernSkylark  11
Aa And Bfmv Headlined Pulp ericu03  11Recent Jams/throw Me Recs samsquanch  6
F I V E Y E A R S oresttt  20Rec Me Ethnic Stuff Ricochet  23
2007 Avagantamos  11They Came In Here To Play Goddamn Songs oltnabrick  24

Obligatory "Best Of" 2014 Featured Guzzo10  38Rec Me Metal Bands With Harsh Vocals Royl123  57
My Top 10 Metallica Tracks BlackLlama  6Favorite Thrash Palatial  10
Factual Evidence Supporting The Claim Of treeqt.  34Some Of The New Guy's Favorite Songs At cakeonyou  3
What Is Your Least Favourite Genre? MyNameIsPencil  172Shit I Need To Check Out SubtleDoubt  6
My Favorite Bands CCSara12  41My Current, Top Ten Albums - Suggestions 6chris15  8
Recs For Hawks Hawks  25Badass Covers (Part Two) beefshoes  5
Top 5 Songs, Sevendust Albums Ranked riffariffic7  3Rec Me 2014 Releases Plz BMDrummer  24
Artuma's Top 200: 150-101 Featured Artuma  81Ice Cold 666 RoyalImperialGuard  2
Favourite 50 Albums Of All Time (july ' eddie95  5Top 100 Metal Albums Of The 1990s GrandpaSeth3000  25
The More I Look At It... BigPleb  12Songs I Like GiannaPTV  49
Talons Gets 5000 Comments TalonsOfFire  41Anthrax Albums Ranked P0WERSHIFTER  6
Summer Is Here dmp3131  23My One-man Band Made An Album FeedingNetherlands  15
Judas Priest Ranked BenMorrison  10Concert Review: Paul McCartney And Sun K scottpilgrim10  5
Fav 80's Songs Greem  15My Top 10 Lord Of The Rings Characters Muisc4Life26  31
Why Is Shrek Piss? Trebor.  11

Cute As Fvck omgbecky  17Favorite Film Directors RVAHC13  38
Intriguing Album Titles Jasdevi087  17Master Of Puppets Ranked FiveLeavesLeft  41
Great Album Closers Supercoolguy64  9Why I Love Electronic Music (part 2) Featured Eloriaz  74
Land Rover Vs Bmw???? Nikkolae  19A Teriffic Friday Xddd RiffOClock  19
It's Friday Night: Sentimental Highs RoyalImperialGuard  2Master Of Puppets Ranked KrazyKris  20
Daft Punk Albums Ranked musicallychallenged  3The Most Amazing Thing Happened To Me To Speed512  8
Bands That Deserve Honorable Mentions CelestialOuroboros  13Actual Extensive Indisputable 2009 List treeqt.  43
New Secret Band Song mryrtmrnfoxxxy  29Rec Me Music In General Gameofmetal  50
Do You Even Shred OwMySnauze  12Why Do People Hate Attila? returnofthekushmemes  45
Bands I Like GiannaPTV  155New Weird-ass Ep Cimnele  9
Going On A Vacation Hurricanslash  3Opeth Pale Communion Ranked charbyno  10
Recommend Me A Guitar combustion07  9Dark Souls 2 Bosses Vakarian12  73
Can We Have Img Comments Back SeaAnemone  32Favorite Concept Albums XxUpinsiderxX  24
Reviewing Tips Keyblade  19What Would You Ask Seether? NocteDominum  7
Any Thrash Recs? ericu03  1811 Guitar Solos Markedforgreatness  10
For Those About To Rock true  17Best Metalcore Tracks JesusMilosovic  37
Opeth Noob Ranked + Recent Digs Veldin  13Rec Me Good Music SubtleDoubt  27
Audiosurf Supercoolguy64  13

Trying To Electronica / Idm frigyourgenre  19Top 5 Bm Albums Hawks  90
Ableton avonbarksdale221  8Fav Melodic Death Atm Flugmorph  17
Clipping Wiseguys With Zazz RoyalImperialGuard  9Best Melodic Death Metal megadeth16  6
Megadeth - Worst To Best DragonTundra  20Wacken 2014 Flugmorph  0
New Vocal Demo Track North0House2  16Rec Me New Wave Thunderkat  14
Florida Curse.  22What I'm Looking Forward To For The Res JCGold14  2
The Day I Went To Warped Tour Mutantsnowstorm  2Deftones Ranked (100 Lists Anniversary E Flugmorph  16
One Vote Cmon menawati  132014 Definitive ThyCrossAwaits  7
Favorite Vocalists XxUpinsiderxX  15July 22 Releases Ranked whatsernam  0
It Was Only Just A Dreaaaammm Part 2 CurlOfTheBurzum  23Favorite Albums Of 2009 0GuyMan0  37
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2014 So Far Lettuce  32Headphone/earplug Help FourthDyke  64
Rec Me Jammy Prog Funeralopolis  15 dont wann liv in this stupid werld mryrtmrnfoxxxy  114
Albums I've Actually Paid For With Real Gameofmetal  29Best Prog Rock Albums Of All Time KingdomOfTyrant  66
Albums I Listen To When I'm Pissed VVild18  17Happy Birthday Slash! danielcardoso  16
Sputnik Fantasy Football Black Ink  4010 Albums I'd Take With Me To A Remote perUmbram  5
Top Five Bands That Are Based On Jungian TehControllah  10Death Bed Album OmairSh  42
Radiohead Ranked (imo) Pokermask  5

Amazing Drum Tracks sblevins95  8Listening To Mineral With The Lights Off Trebor.  8
User Spotlight 2.0 SowingSeason  126Soundtracks? Muisc4Life26  32
Rec Me Some Punk Supercoolguy64  57Michael Jackson's Best "XSCAPE" Songs Luk31  1
Comatorium Goes To Warped Tour Comatorium.  1010 Comment Milestone alarm  21
Metal That Everyone Should Give A Listen Skull917  11Slayer Albums Ranked P0WERSHIFTER  14
Overkill Albums Ranked P0WERSHIFTER  9Interview Today thelastsignal  10
In This Moment, I Am Euphoric Ignimbrite  11Interview ButteryBiscuitBass  19
The Best Albums I've Never Listened To ExplosiveOranges  30Top 10 Favorite Albums Of 2008 0GuyMan0  11
Need More Stuff Like This Pls StormChaser  6 give me 2014 emslash mryrtmrnfoxxxy  35
My (current) Favourite Albums! GasparXR  21Cannibal Day BigPleb  38
Hollier's Favourite Hardcore Thus Far Motiv3  10Albums That Need Reviewing? ComeToDaddy  18
My new ambient EP (PLS CHECK OUT PLS) witchxrapist  8Top 10 Megadeth Albums thestop5  15
Any Ihsahn Fans? mkamrass  13

Christmas In July Vinyl Contest Frippertronics  109My Top 15 Favorite Death Metal Albums FuneralMarch  5
Top 10 Thrash Metal Albums P0WERSHIFTER  12Red Hood Confirmed For Arkham Knight Graveyard  6
Black Aeon Decapod  2Cool Sputnik Users Torontonian  51
Lights Ranked theacademy  6Lights Ranked RoyalImperialGuard  6
Favorite Album Covers Hommecidal  14Vinyl Recent Additions And Favorites Lettuce  6
Work. Athom  14Rec Me 2014 Shiz chaseguitar  14
Web Design Nerds!!! cirq  1Rec Me Bands Worse Than Emmure iBlue  66
Worst Metal Hammer Compilation Yet? Cimnele  14Artists I Would So Go On A Date With (or LPFTW  22
Most Important Album Of Every Metalcore wwba  34Been Adding To The Record Collection... Spokklett  4
Kushmemes Went To Warped Tour 2014 returnofthekushmemes  3Music's Greatest Opening Lyrics jefflebowski  46
Good Day/Dream Theater Ranked beefshoes  30Top 10 Of 2007 0GuyMan0  9
Summer Playlist For Vibes (good Ones) theacademy  10Listen To My New Album? johnnydeking29  12
Rec Me Atmospheric Black Metal KingdomOfTyrant  14You Can't Bring Me Down Bitches VermTheAgressor  15
Best Albums Of 2014 PrewDelisek  2Rec Me Epic Post Metal/hardcore Tracks VVild18  14

Neckbeard/hipstercore Genre Game Jasdevi087  80My Dad Is High Off His Ass Watching Brai YakNips  64
Rec Me Dm Palatial  20Deathcore 2014 Part Uno SourAK  68
Which Prog Or Metal Album Is The Worst? Snowdog808  20Life Is Tough, Keep The Faith RoyalImperialGuard  17
Shufflelistin' YetAnotherBrick  2Best Daft Punk Songs DylanProductions5  10
Rec Me Prog Metal Please erizen826  48 just the tilde 2014 mryrtmrnfoxxxy  42
Progressive Death Recs Pls iBlue  15Wanna Talk Christcore witchxrapist  56
Rec Me Death Metal evilford  59jam nu metal oltnabrick  30
Any Users Around? SteveTurnsInsideYou  10Birthday Jamz ultimatethrasher  8
Need To Fill Up This 160gb Ipod tenspeed78  20My Debut Lp sublimefan1991  4
Fav 70's Songs Greem  9My Top 10 Star Wars Characters Muisc4Life26  117
Lastimer johnnysbestfriend  65 Comments Trebor.  102
Rec Me Concept Albums Like These... OwMySnauze  22All-time Favorite Bands Lol drasticaction74  12

2014: Epic Closing Tracks BeneaththeDarkOcean  45Rec Me Some Good Soul/r&b vMusicaLity  11
Most Underrated Song From Your Top 3 Ban IronGiant  34Just Realized yourgodisinferior  21
Tool New Album Odds Tunaboy45  44Miss Machine 10th Anniversary slagun  10
Old School Buckethead Ranked Froot  3Ok Computer Ranked Royl123  70
Joy And The Such AwwBushpig  6Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 Artuma  150
Life, The Universe, And Everything deathschool  445 Xtreme Pieces Of Music For Your Pleasu AtlastheGreat  20
Radiohead Albums Ranked AstrialExpedition  28A Display Of Progressive Metal anachronisticanarchy  16

Eps TheManMachine  18Familiars Ranked TheNexus100  6
2013's "They Really Are That Good" torchedice  11Destiny Beta Devastator  33
Boys And Girls In America Ranked AmericanFlagAsh  5beastie boys(what could have been) ExcentrifugalForz  1
Top 10 Radio Rock Albums Of All Time pannkakesangen  11Musically Rebooting Ichangedmynametojeff  5
Rec Me Some Metal With Clean Vocals hexfix93  41Gene Simmons Wants To Buy The Rock And R danielcardoso  15
Why Do Sputnik People Hate Experimental wwba  60Adele is a Monster!!! theacademy  20
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Featured Greem  32Songs For The Deaf Vs. Clockwork yourgodisinferior  47
My Favorite Hardcore Bands jacklikesmen  20

Top 20 Favorite Albums shodan007  5Recent Acquires/digs/listens BeneaththeDarkOcean  8
Rec Me Some More Jams? ElvisAlt12  21All Anberlin Songs Ranked (with Descript Featured Green Baron  135
Favorite Albums (ever) saintofseneca  25Top 10 Of 2014 Thus Far humblerodent  16
Emergency & I Ranked AmericanFlagAsh  16Y E A R Z GrandpaSeth3000  7
Favorite Albums Each Year 1985-2010 pannkakesangen  8My Top 15 Favorite Black Metal Albums FuneralMarch  6
Aoty So Far??? demigod!  91Yearz SeaAnemone  54
Best Mosh Calls? witchxrapist  13Opinions On Pitchfork? Thuglifethor  27
Vinyl kevin234  2unbanned already BMDrummer  17
Pale Communion Ranked Hawks  70If You Don't Like Jazz Then You Don't Lettuce  42
2011 PytkaWonsza  12012: 2 Years Later RivalSkoomaDealer  0
Doom 2015 Reveal mryrtmrnfoxxxy  30My Top 10 Bm Nud  23
Tool Ranked JJKeys  34Anime Soundtracks FeralMemories  14
Some (hopefully) Good Albums I'll Check wwba  4I Love Vinyl. FruityCatOfDoom  8
Vladislav Delay - Best To Worst danielsfrebirth  2Help Me Find Decent Bands That Sound Lik mawdicker411  14
Where The Blood And Fire Bring Rest Vs L Muisc4Life26  125 Guitar Albums That Are Awesome!!!!! AtlastheGreat  26

A Barrage Of Mathcore. anachronisticanarchy  9My Top 15 Favorite Doom Metal Albums FuneralMarch  14
Top 10 Best Industrial Albums Ever NickLizard49  11"the Music's Coming Through Me" YoYoMancuso  15
Demon Hunter Ranked mawdicker411  7Deftones/glassjaw-esque Bands mawdicker411  12
Insomnium Ranked alarm  3Some Recent Emo/screamo Digs TomTomato  37
Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine GeebaGooba  145Peter Gabriel Ranked (imo) Pokermask  12
Vinyl Acquisitions (vol. &) WellFedWhiteMale  0Rec Me Low Tempo Metal Cimnele  23
My 31 Favourite Death Metal Releases... VVild18  9The Best Album Art From All Of The Bands Jasdevi087  14
Awesome Albums From The 90s!!!!!!!!!!!! AtlastheGreat  38All Of You Suck JesusMilosovic  85

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Ranked DeSadeDisciple  8Summer Jamz hahGAY  10
10 Excellent Episodes Of Lost AmericanFlagAsh  10Gorguts BigPleb  40
Just Released A New Album Featured AnimalsAsSummit  472012 PytkaWonsza  0
My Favourite Albums Of All Time KingdomOfTyrant  12 my pie chart is sick mryrtmrnfoxxxy  31
Going To See Kiss And Def Leppard Tonigh erizen826  13Tm 27 RoyalImperialGuard  3
Bass Metal Recs For My Bday Geadom  222014 Quarterly Report #2 Featured Lambda  19
Sowing Is An Old Head Featured SowingSeason  74Rec Me A Reggae Album Review Rastapunk  8
Musically Creativity CCSara12  24Top 13 Favorite Albums Of All Time 0GuyMan0  5
Updated Top 50 Of 2013 NightProwler  11Transformers 4 ScuroFantasma  66
Rec Me Good Television Shows Thunderkat  85Progressive Metal IWillReturn  21
Current Top Favorite Emo (or Emo-ish) Al blackjambert  24Top 30 Best Albums Of 2013 FuneralMarch  5

Ten Songs From Ten Artists, Part 2 SalteyBacon  0The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl Ranke mttgry  3
Plug Jams djunior  7breaking bad fromtheinside  220
Gimme your recs Thuglifethor  10Need Serious Advice sheelanagig  16
Seeing Kiss And Def Leppard Tonight TheGreatQ  6Gorillaz Top 15 KrazyKris  22
Manic Street Preachers Rated By A Loony Cimnele  2Post-hardcore Recs ? JSJC  41
Recent Digs thelastsignal  9Lana Del Pop NetherlandsAreDead  7
Music From Your Area Betray  53How Many Of You Guys Make Music? Lettuce  48
Top 10 Moloko Songs Ziguvan  1When I Say This, You Rec... Spokklett  13
So I Made My Friends A Btmi Playlist PortraitsOfDecay  0Leadz Ov Trvthhvzov demigod!  16
Yes Ranked (imo) Pokermask  12Rock I'm Digging Because Of Sputnikmusi mikep87  7
Top 10 Of 2003 0GuyMan0  7Top 10 Of 2004 0GuyMan0  4
Top Drum & Bass Tracks Cyberduck  28B'day Music ScuroFantasma  4
My Chemical Romance: Worst To Best MaggieG  16Fav's Of 2014 (first Half) thatdamnpunk  1
The Original Extreme Drummers TheGooseTavern  8Opeth Albums Ranked AstrialExpedition  11
Fav Album First Impressions Jacquibim  43Recs, Please. btors  6
Post-punk In 2013-14 aaronrkc  10Rec Me An Album..... YoYoMancuso  28
What Do You Think Of My Bands First Sing hahGAY  6July Jams: The Final Jams tempest--  18

Went Premium yourgodisinferior  3Favorite Songs stuffedninja  10
Top 10 Albums Of 2005 0GuyMan0  2Top 10 Albums Of 2006 0GuyMan0  2
My Top 15 Albums, Ever SowingSeason  23Rec me some good stuff Thuglifethor  2
Show Me Your Music loveisamixtape  70Angry Albums Part 2 titanslayer  19
Ambient Favorites (Redone) Cyberduck  1Underrated On The Site Part 1 Trebor.  28
Long Album Recs BMDrummer  402014 deadstory  3
Favorite Albums stuffedninja  92013 PytkaWonsza  4
Document Ranked KrazyKris  16My Favorite Radiohead Songs Muisc4Life26  10
25 Greatest Actors JesusMilosovic  81Bring Me The Horizon: Worst to Best MaggieG  26
Til Bastille Day Existed B4 The Rush Son theacademy  16Rec Me Your Least Favorite 5 CK  34
My Best Of Daft Punk ZeCham0  4My Favorite Guitarists tubadude007  2
Looking For A Lyricist/screamer For My M wwba  17Favorite Drummers XxUpinsiderxX  14
Isis Ranked... Another One ;-) VVild18  8Metal I'm Digging Because Of Sputnikmus mikep87  24
Top 10 Metallica Songs BigPleb  46Beer Digs (and Music Digs) joshuahuntkc  30

Dickinson Vs Halford forkliftjones  48Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes nononsense  62
Top 10 Favorite Albums kidthatplaysguitar91  9Weirdly Motivated O_0 Phlegm  35
Biggest Sports Day Ever. Insanity theacademy  20My 100 Favorite Albums theTourist  11
birthday digz Graveyard  18Godspeed! Ranked Spokklett  18
Screamo Albums I Really Like YakNips  81Sputnik Guitarists danielcardoso  37
My Personal 2013 Best Szwagier666  3A Friend's Band Just Put Out An Lp SitarHero  13
Killer Be Killed Vs The Satanist Showdow Tunaboy45  28Great Albums Of 2004 (in No Particular O Atrus  2
Great Albums Of 2001 (in No Particular O Atrus  1Great Albums Of 2012 (in No Particular O Atrus  3
Great Albums Of 2013 (in no particular o Atrus  5Terrifyer Vs Prowler In The Yard Artuma  26
My Top 20 Favorite Pentagram Songs BenMorrison  1Top 5 Opeth Songs KingdomOfTyrant  16
Post Punk Recs Muisc4Life26  24You Guys Rule ComeToDaddy  10
Another Top 25 Films List JokineAugustus  30Atmospheric/ambient Pop IronGiant  8
Warped 13 Dancedrewdance  2

Ranked Emery Albums MercilessBat  6Top 30 Dinosaur Jr. Songs YoYoMancuso  19
Warped 12 Dancedrewdance  0Radiohead Heading To The Studio In Septe MyNameIsPencil  17
Rec Me Stuff Torontonian  28Warped 11 Dancedrewdance  0
Warped 10 Dancedrewdance  02014 Is Already Better Than 2013 Onirium  15
Thrift Store Haul YetAnotherBrick  19Albums I've Found And Loved Thanks To S Greenpaw  22
2014 Halfway List deezer666  64.1 4.1 4.1 Trebor.  24
For Sad Times pannkakesangen  4Albums For A Great Time pannkakesangen  6
Sting To The Wwe RoyalImperialGuard  15Stoned Drunk American Summer 2 Inveigh  17
This Is Hardcore EyeForAnEye  7Japanese Jazz CameronLaD  3
La Dispute - Rooms Of The House Ranked pannkakesangen  32014 Ranked Thus Far krthll1  1
Saw Wittr Last Night. isthathenry  1Vinyl Wishlist SnakeDelilah  18
Some Good, Underrated Metalcore Jams wwba  42It's Good For You It's Good For Me Trebor.  26
Updated Top 25 Films YoYoMancuso  241

My Top Ten Favorite Drummers Olik1984  16Warped 09 Dancedrewdance  0
Warped 08 Dancedrewdance  0Rec Me Headphones slagun  18
The Tragically Hip - Ranked Clumseee  2Name Your Price On Bandcamp Featured FearThyEvil  53
Under The Radar 2014 Pt. 2 Featured djunior  302014 So Far xenocide.  16
Top 25 Albums Of All Time pannkakesangen  27Florida Gonna Be Cray RoyalImperialGuard  29
Polyphony/skram Life witchxrapist  10Metalcore Galore, Pt.1 anachronisticanarchy  15
The Ocean Ranked PitchforkArms  9Top 5 Led Zeppelin Albums thestop5  12
Desert Island Discs thetempler  1My Prediction Flugmorph  14
Nightmares demigod!  36Insane Sounding Music Recs ? JSJC  36
Wish I Was Here Soundtrack Douglas  2The Best Album Covers That I've Come Ac Skull917  17
Help Me To Find A Band With An * In The MikeNew  13Psychedelic Hooks? apokolypz  14

5 Metal Albuns From 2014 JesusMilosovic  27All Star Game Concert Minushuman24  7
Broadening Horizons Betray  26Brostep Goes To Warped Tour 2014 Featured Brostep  43
Deathcore : A 2014 Retrospective FuzzyxPickles  8Budding Vinyl Collection Friday13th  2
Dinosaur Jr. Ranked Featured BMDrummer  45Attack On Titan Is Life TheMoreira  75
Underappreciated Gems AnimalsAsSummit  3Relatively Unknown Classic Albums To You IronGiant  40
One Year Sputversary Featured Futures  133Top 5 Greatest Rappers Of All Time witchxrapist  4
All My Ratings Gone? Hospital  30Rec Me Industrial Black Metal Artuma  36
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Saw Qotsa Last Night peaks40  25Im Such An Adult Now Pestiferous  19

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