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Bandcamp Albums You Should Check Out ScuroFantasma Post-hardcore Songs To Sing In The Shower danielito19 
New Sugary Sweet Machines Music Video laughingman22 2014 Re-ranked SowingSeason 
2014 So Far JJKeys Rowan's Favourite Male Singers Rowan5215 
Just Released A New EP! Judio! Under 50 Votes, Part 5 Greem 
Best Aphex Twin Tracks lou1000 Best Songs Of The New Millennium mhart8 

I Live In 1970s FeedingNetherlands  3Privacy Ending  5
"indie For Beginners" RoysWorld  2"metal For Beginners" RoysWorld  4
Who Am I? cellojello  9Warped 14 Dancedrewdance  4
Favourite Female Vocalists mudloop  7

Some Favorite Songs apokolypz  6Pitchfork Vs Sputnik? spookynewghostfriend  53
Starting Senior Year Of High School emester  14Cj Comes Thru Relinquished  6
Early/winter 2014 TheManMachine  0Bands With Food Names In Title TheShining1980  19
Francophones beefshoes  8Anberlin Concert Setlist (hopefully) Zeh1996  4
High School Digs Revisited BallsToTheWall  12Till-dawn Jams BonzoDatShit  0
Fav. Albums Discovered Through Sputnik Palatial  1Rio And Zeuhl Bands I Love EasyModeDX  11
Primitive And Deadly Graveyard  4Hi :d Lain  16
Rainbow Ranked Snowdog808  4Warped 13 Dancedrewdance  3
25 Most Played Albums On The Road. dixoncocks  13Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs KrazyKris  22
Bands I Have Recently Started Loving Linx  21The Big Four Of Modern Rock wwba  62
Albums That Really Made Me Laugh NickLizard49  10Brandon Needles is back! My CD collectio Linx  39
Some More Great Fucking Movies (more opi Glassjawx  17Math Rock-the List chesse13  24
10 Best Hip-hop Albums I've Ever Heard MisanthropicTurtle  6Hip Hop Recs Phobonnika  2
Jam Or Die Gestapo  20Sonata Arctica Ranked (albums) Xenorazr  5
Rec Me Tv Betray  73New Thread Froot  21
My Favorite Vocalists BenMorrison  23Some Great Fucking Movies (opinions) Glassjawx  49
My Top 5 Recommended Albums Mlochen42  1My Top 10 Thrash Albums facupm  45
Anberlin Top 15 (2003-2008) JM18  7My Anime Ranked Based On Their Openings Jasdevi087  38

90's Tunes For A Monday Evening BlackLlama  7Botched An Album Entry Need Help erizen826  4
Rec Me Metal Like This MikeNew  27Important Albums YakNips  61
Give Your Opinion On My 10 Favorite Movi TheShining1980  15Late Night Listening Tunaboy45  8
Summers Over Kman418  44Orchid Is Back witchxrapist  15
Some of my Favorite Bands TheShining1980  20Pink Floyd Ranked Torontonian  39
My Melodramatic Song Iamthe Nightstars  6Progressive Melodeath Madbutcher3  16
Soundtrack To Your Summer TylerLamberg  11More Additions to the Vinyl Collection Spokklett  6
Autumn Jams ExplosiveOranges  14Car Playlist Glassjawx  0
Highway To Hell Ranked KrazyKris  5My Top 30 Led Zeppelin Songs danielcardoso  17
Diggin In A Cave Caucasian  4Underrated/overlooked Albums PinkTractorBeam  4
Hi I'm New Here : D cellojello  101Ranking Led Zeppelin Albums TheShining1980  22
The Vines Ranked Supercoolguy64  6I'm 18 Lakes.  38
My Absolute Worst Guilty Pleasures melonade  18Favorite Black Metal Albums AstralBlood  31
Most Listened: August SwallowShotguns  15Death Of Summer Apollo  4
Best Jams Ryus  8What Kind Of Vocals Are These? Dolving999  3
Can't Grow Any Hair On My Face; Attempt Froot  1410 Bands/Albums Under 20 Ratings You Mus emester  9
Trip 11 ApplaudBlue  0School Tomorrow SnakeDelilah  44
Bandcamp Albums You Should Check Out Featured ScuroFantasma  41I Made Another Song! Beardog  10
My Favorite Green Day Songs Muisc4Life26  12I Love My Mother Like Pizza Pie chupacabraisreal  8
2014: July And August adace1  0Shirt Bands leviathan05  87
Deep Purple Live Dancedrewdance  1Bring Me The Horizon Live Dancedrewdance  23

Merch Trebor.  111000 Comments?!? Supercoolguy64  30
Deftones Ranked spookynewghostfriend  34Loving A Girl That Lives 5 Hours Away Su MATTVLACH  18
Progressive Metalcore LeviofDoom  17Rock Bands I Dislike/hate MaggieG  32
Formidable Illustrations Of A Pristine M Angelboros  6Blade Runner YoYoMancuso  12
Post-hardcore Songs To Sing In The Showe Featured danielito19  51Last Fm Top 10 August TenSecondsToThink  8
Descent Into Madness BallsToTheWall  22Got Stung By A Yellow Jacket Mookid  16
Earthworms Lakes.  60Riotfest (chicago) theacademy  11
Ranking The Pink Floyd Albums TheShining1980  45Pce sixdegrees  51
Albums I Can't Wait To Jam NorthernSkylark  25Coldplay Ranked (imo) Pokermask  7
Opeth Ranked (imo) Pokermask  13To The Flaming Fucking Jitbag Who 86'd Hep Kat  9
Back To School melonade  7Rec Me Artsy Sites! Dolving999  5
Always Prog Muisc4Life26  105 Favourite Webstores spongie68  14
Albums That Stuck With Me Over The Years mxbrady  4Earworms ArsMoriendi  61
Book Recs chesse13  55

Need Alt Rock. Recs RedFire128  1810 Best Albums Ever CWBrown  37
Favourite Album Artwork riseagainst7156  5Sonata Arctica Albums Ranked colony666  12
"Classic" Albums I cant get into MisanthropicTurtle  44First Review KrazyKris  8
Never Drink Onion Juice YakNips  81Reggae!! itchybuttwhore  6
Top 10 Experimental Recs wwba  45Balls Out RoyalImperialGuard  50
sp10's 2014 So Far scottpilgrim10  12Albums Like This titanslayer  5
Prince Ranked By Album Cover SharkTooth  22Most Reviewed Album Ever? ExplosiveOranges  30
Top 10 Rise Against Songs Telemarketer  37Interpol Ranked Faraudo  15
Bands I Enjoy Vs. Bands I Worship XxUpinsiderxX  12New Vinyl Buys MoosechriS  5
All Time Favorite Albums Celtics2448  25Bladelores OvDeath  11
Music To Make Friends To??? spookynewghostfriend  47Final Nine Inch Nails Albums Ranked Ichangedmynametojeff  7
Top 20 Of 2014 So Far CultofTerra  8Need A New Dig ShitsofRain  13
Did My Last List Not Show Up? Ichangedmynametojeff  4

NIN Ranked LPFTW  15Arcade Fire Tomorrow!! peaks40  11
Dance Gavin Dance: The Ranking Extravaga MyNameIsPencil  15Some Of The Best Bands I Discovered Rece discovolante  14
Stained Class Ranked Snowdog808  23New Sugary Sweet Machines Music Video Featured laughingman22  66
Melodeath Recs ? JSJC  30Warped Tour 2014 riseagainst7156  6
Top 10 August thejared  1Nine Inch Nails Albums Ranked Ichangedmynametojeff  8
House Of Blues Concert Sept. 14 NecroticaLives  6Tox's Top Anime (part 2) toxin.  62
HELMET's Betty - Ranked. 20 Years Later bbdmittenz  62014 Re-ranked Featured SowingSeason  47
Superb Digs Atari  18Best Album & Song Of All Time? ChoccyPhilly  31
Recs Based Upon My 15 Favourites? Phobonnika  10Choose My 50th Review thelastsignal  46
400 Ratings! Woo! Recent Digs. AmericanFlagAsh  18Feels And Stuff Vakarian12  1
St. Vincent Ruled Hard BigPleb  20Great Buys This Week For Me.... spongie68  6
Ya Boy Made Some Electronic Stuff Hurricanslash  3Bands Whose Discographies I Need To Fini Jasdevi087  16
An Elliott Smith List Muisc4Life26  25

Major Itunes Problem Trebor.  28Hello Friends Ayeohh  13
Malazan Book Of The Fallen? Ignimbrite  6Need Female Artists/bands brokendogleg  38
Dammit ArsMoriendi  40Stuck On Post Hardcore AffableMartyr  49
"What The Hell Are You Listening To?" Caucasian  59Favorite Guitarists Torontonian  27
"artsy" Movies? fallenbird  98Dmp's Current Top 25 "alt Rock" Songs dmp3131  1
Exodus Ranked KrazyKris  12New Black Project: Song Two beefshoes  7
Favourite Albums At The Moment (august 2 tonguesurfer  2My 40 Favs Caucasian  9
Finished And Just Released My Album! Final Origin  25Give Me Kvlt-tier Hiphop Koffiiing  15
Check Out My New EP Graveyard  142014 So Far Featured JJKeys  17
Reasons Why I Love Myself RoyalImperialGuard  9mewithoutYou LPs Ranked SadAndHolyGlow  10
The Day Of J Jams NorthernSkylark  14Cap Recs For You #15 CaptainDooRight  21
Some of My Favorite Electronic Records Olik1984  1Top 50 Megadeth Songs thestop5  30
Rowan's Favourite Male Singers Featured Rowan5215  114Bands Whose Existence Saddens Me PunchedPeach72  12
New Broods Jams tommygun  22Favorite Bands August 2014 AEGMDoumenc  1
Favorite Albums Of The Week PunchedPeach72  6Blackgaze Recs Please Greem  10
User Spotlight 3.0 SowingSeason  115

Coffee And Death Grips Trebor.  20Raider Nation MATTVLACH  2
Official Sputnik Fantasy Football Thread Green Baron  103Royal Blood Songs Ranked StKiyo  5
Greatest Vocalists undertakerpt  34Music And The Brain - Help? ChoccyPhilly  32
Classic Debut Albums jefflebowski  51Rec Me Two Oh Fourteen Gestapo  31
10 Obnoxiously Heavy Songs dixoncocks  15Depression With Creativity? apokolypz  16
New Song mindleviticus  4Jizzworthy Guitar Riffs mudloop  17
Orchid Vs. Jeromes Dream StallionMang  44Just Released A New EP! Featured Judio!  43
Rec Me 2014 SnakeDelilah  11Reasons I Hate Myself Intothepit  57
Grooviest Bass Licks undertakerpt  32Checking Out Appartments Jams Wolfhorde  9
2009 PytkaWonsza  1Pleb Gigs BigPleb  40
Best Genres tempest--  33Coming Down From An Acip Trip zethmal  7
Autumn Music AstralBlood  6

Ultimate Beginner Guide To Grunge AceOfSpades  14'Either/Or' Ranked OZZGabriel  21
My Top 10 Favorite Black Metal Albums. Spag  12Wolfe Is So High Right Now/thou Ranked Relinquished  24
My Band's First/last Full-length OysterizerInsomniac  10My Top Ten Music Genres Royl123  39
Rec Me Eps BMDrummer  28Top 50 Face-melting Riffs undertakerpt  46
High School Senior Year Digs OnViolentNoise  5Movies - A List mudloop  19
Sandwich Fast-Foods Ranked dannyboy89  23Goodwill Album Purchases dh198  8
Best Bands Formed By People Avagantamos  24Top Five Favorite / Least Favorite Genre ASnideReturns  32
Who The Fuck's At Kate Bush Tonight sonictheplumber  472010 PytkaWonsza  1
This Week's Top 4 Digs SowingSeason  17 you guys mryrtmrnfoxxxy  48
Dentistry Digs jefflebowski  21Favorite Albums Of 2014 pauldrakedsd  12
Top 10 Ronnie James Dio Albums thestop5  18100 Greatest Guitar Riffs menawati  50
Reading 2014 Review Hedgehog32396  5Under 50 Votes, Part 5 Featured Greem  16
Q&a With Oltnabrick oltnabrick  38New Headphones Digs Keyblade  41
Plagerism Or A Little Too Much Inspirati HeavyMetal25  125's drksideofthemn5  7
90s Pop Digs Muisc4Life26  10Be The Stormy You Want To Be Storm In A Teacup  10
Ranking My 5's Torontonian  28

Oh My Goodness spookynewghostfriend  16Life Is Beautiful avonbarksdale221  36
Need Some Riff Rock StKiyo  21Rec Me Albums 20 Mins. Supercoolguy64  21
Need Post-rock Recs ASnideReturns  4010 Records Your Dad Probably Owned TheAristocrat96  31
Modern Rock / Stoner Rock Shuyin  13"i Don't Like Newer Emo" YakNips  68
Dream Tour RoyalImperialGuard  5Awesome Anxiety metal Digs evilford  21
Why Do So Many Metalcore Bands Use Rando FuneralMarch  59Pixies, Slipknot, Catch 22, And Ben Harp deathschool  14
The Best Unbanned Digs Intothepit  36The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust Rank eddie95  21
Recent Vinyl Record/acquisitions WellFedWhiteMale  3Starting High School Jams Ryus  74
Final Week Of Summer Digs Thuglifethor  2Top 5 Worst Albums I Physically Own thestop5  31
Rainy Day Jams jefflebowski  41Broke Jams Xar  15
The Quest CaptainDooRight  18Unbanned Digs chesse13  24
Digging Right Now Deathbeds  6Mastodon Ranked (for Me) Rastapunk  13
Metalcore Recs Brometheus  36

Albums I Can't Believe I Used To Be Int FuneralMarch  51Devin Townsend Ranked JokineAugustus  12
Summer Ends iSkane  19Really Polarizing Albums Torontonian  42
Do These Even Qualify As Guilty Pleasure Glassjawx  18Best Albums Of 2014 Gbhill  7
Ranked: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Blood Sug Bromero  14Wintherr Is Cummin' Wolfhorde  36
Getting Dolled Up Playlist RoyalImperialGuard  10Your Top 10? FloatHereForever  33
Estonia Was Cool Artuma  4My Top 10 Albums of the Millennium CocaineCrayons  9
Opeth Album Artwork Ranked VisionsFromTheDarkSide  18Albums That Changed My Life SweeneyTodd  17
Favorite Motionless In White Songs cmil94  0Best Aphex Twin Tracks Featured lou1000  48
Last Quarter Of 2014 Wishlist Whatever. Supercoolguy64  3New Albums To Get Hyped Over Omaha  13
Thrashing beefshoes  21Best Songs Of The New Millennium Featured mhart8  0

Some Of The Most Unsettling Music I've FuneralMarch  29Favorite Albums By Favorite Rock Artists Snowdog808  13
The Plug Mookid  9Theme Songs Ranked Iamthe Nightstars  27
Electric Plug Hyperion1001  36follow my blog Graveyard  12
Progressive Metalcore Recs? DjensenAckles  217 Years RoyalImperialGuard  36
Top 20 Albums From 1993 To 2014 Faraudo  21Escape The Fate Ranked Aftertheascension  21
My Friend Is A Murderer FourthReich  8810 Most Overrated Bands Ever cagedbutterfly  196
Modern Death Metal Production PitchforkArms  4Top 10 Female Vocals Ziguvan  12
Which Album Should I Get Next? Brabiz  13Death Ranked KeeneIsGod  31
20 Favorite Deftones Songs (so Far) RivalSkoomaDealer  11Rollins Damage Control SwallowShotguns  27
Aaroniscrunchy's 2014 Listens Thus Far AaronIsCrunchy  8Ultimate Prog Rec mudloop  13
March To Fuzz jagride  0My 50 Favourite Songs Beardog  9
Fav 00's Songs Featured Greem  15P.t. Silent Hills apokolypz  6
Rec Me Some New Emo ghostbythewalls  82014 Recs Please FearThyEvil  35

Need More Osdm Hard Hawks  45Hip Hop Recs Please. Italianjesusfootball  20
Amputechture Ranked Torontonian  191995: The Year Of Disco(volante) discovolante  7
$pendings~ Phlegm  28Fantasy Football Anyone? Devastator  5
Favorite Metal Releases iBlue  10happiness is easy oltnabrick  36
If Trailer Park Boys Were A Band Trebor.  42Recent Vinyl Purchases Betray  7
My Very First Review - Need Feedback NorthernSkylark  7Introduction Masthews  10
Musical Equivalent Of Game Of Thrones (t wwba  55This Weeks Most Listened SwallowShotguns  8
Updated Albums I've Actually Paid For L Gameofmetal  7Opeth Ranked Aftertheascension  24
Just Bought A Bunch Of Albums Brabiz  6Converge- 25 Best Songs TheNexus100  12
Buckethead Rules BigPleb  36My Favorite Black Metal Albums StarsDie  4
Top 30 Favorite Albums ElaborateDynamite  950 Digs That Have Followed Me apokolypz  4
Got Myself Some Bronchitis! FuneralMarch  10Joining The Navy FiveLeavesLeft  46
Scott Walker/sunn O))) Teaser AStableReference  5All Breaking Benjamin Songs Ranked (with Kupasexy15  11

My Top 30 Favorite Albums thestop5  28Danielito19's Top 25 danielito19  50
Bell Pepper Colors Ranked treeqt.  24A Guide Through The Night mudloop  5
Arcade Fire Concert, Xfinity Center, MA, TalonsOfFire  10Essential Screamo cmil94  39
Road Salt One Ranked Torontonian  9~music~ TheSpirit  22
Frizzle Fry Ranked ArsMoriendi  24Can The Zombies Just Take Over Already? RoyalImperialGuard  14
Newer Shoegaze/related Bands eternium  19Disturbed/device Ranked cloakanddagger  12
Music I Got Drunk To Last Night FuneralMarch  5How Punk Are You? SourAK  100
Promulgation Of The Fall Ranked evilford  13Sonic Highways Trailer (hbo) apokolypz  0
So This Band Wants Me To Do The Album Ar Brabiz  8The National Ranked TheWrenKing  31
Misery Signals AfterTheBreakdown  6Experimental Black Metal Like This? iBlue  15
ArsMoriendi is Back. SnakeDelilah  35100 Best Albums Of All Time therapfan2014  14
Toilet Paper In The Bin Betray  157The Offspring Worst To Best panchovilla  5
Awesome 90s Band deathofasalesman  6Summoning Albums Ranked FuneralMarch  14
lets talk about a good band sputnik pt mryrtmrnfoxxxy  41Help Me Choose, I'm Lit Up NorthernSkylark  19
Top 10 Nas Albums thestop5  7Euro Skramz Artuma  48
Incubus: Worst To Best MaggieG  15Most Nostalgic Songs Brabiz  17
Blackened Pop Punk Rec's? Brometheus  402 Lists For The Click Of 1 scottpilgrim10  7

Downward Is Heavenward Ranked Idoltrous8991  2Metalcore Bands That Are Awesome HeavyMetal25  11
Post-punk SwallowShotguns  28Rec Me Ska/punk ComeToDaddy  22
Official Tom Jobim Appreciation Thread jagride  22014 Head To Head Thibs  46
Overrated Bands WashCloth  49Standout Metalcore Bands (imo) cmil94  70
Pain Of Salvation Ranked OmairSh  18Bleachers - Live TheGreatQ  4
Add Me On Psn! BigPleb  38Top 10 Asking Alexandria Songs wwba  16
Recommend Me Songs Similar to These Markedforgreatness  4Great Visuals, Meh Movies BeneaththeDarkOcean  25
Northwest Indiana Is Crazy aaronrkc  10Awesome Obscure Metalcore/post Hardcore moshpotatoes  4
Ipod On Shuffle Brabiz  14Top 10 Nickelback Songs TheSupernatural  24
Black Metal Is The Tits FuneralMarch  26Breakdowns Brometheus  18
Progressive Punk? eddie95  37Diggy Wiggy Woo Woos ButteryBiscuitBass  22
P.T: Silent Hills BigPleb  51Guilty Pleasures HeavyMetal25  18
Top 20 Melodic Death Metal Albums pyroflare77  31Favorite Classic Rock Albums HeavyMetal25  10
Albums Worth Checking Out. Different Gen HeavyMetal25  19Louie Season 4 NorthernSkylark  22

The Leftovers (hbo Show) Brometheus  13Hey Lol Riotsugar  29
Some Bad Movies dannyboy89  56Norway's Sleeping Prince Returns RoyalImperialGuard  4
My Favorite Albums TheShining1980  5What Would You Concider A True 5/5? MyNameIsPencil  54
...? oltnabrick  3710 Good Artists/bands That Got Horribly LepreCon  34
Best Rated Modern Post-hc Recs? wwba  33Best Songs Of The Decade So Far 2010-101 RadicalEd  24
Rec Me The Hardest Riffs You Can Think O emester  30The Last Cd You Ever Got CelestialOuroboros  33
The Absolute Saddest Albums I've Ever H FuneralMarch  5Favorite Album Covers FitToSwing  24
August Shmaugest Brontosaurus  3Artuma's Top 200: 50-1 Featured Artuma  94
Old School Metal Muisc4Life26  25Got my promotion at work! thelastsignal  16
University Digs Wolfhorde  13My Ten Desert Island Albums Rickislost  8
I Made 2 Cool Songs Beardog  15Radiohead Ranked Jasdevi087  31
Mainsteam Stuff That's Good But People Aftertheascension  88My New Black Metal Album AnimalsAsSummit  31
Recent Listening Derek521  3

Chortle In Celebration Chortles  22I Feel Empty Inside SourAK  22
Funeral Obsession Featured NocteDominum  28Megadeth Re-ranked, Suckas LepreCon  15
Best Depressing Albums I've Ever Heard MisanthropicTurtle  41Best Of 2014 For Real Real Witchy Editio witchxrapist  9
Hell On Sputnik Tunaboy45  34Music That Convinces Me That Human Steri FuneralMarch  18
Instrumental Metal Ranked RivalSkoomaDealer  22Best 100 Tracks Of 2010-2014 Featured SeaAnemone  164
Gloom Metal RoyalImperialGuard  24Rec LepreCon some Oi! LepreCon  18
Things Better Than Opeth titanslayer  19Things Better Than New Opeth Pt 4 ExplosiveOranges  16
Better Than New Opeth demigod!  10Things Better Than New Opeth Pt 3 SnakeDelilah  8
Coheed And Cambria Ranked ArcticWolf616  13Things Better Than New Opeth Pt 2 oltnabrick  28
Trouble Will Find Me Ranked NorthernSkylark  23 Things Better Than New Opeth mryrtmrnfoxxxy  63
The Velvet Underground Ranked + Descript Ryus  13Going Through A Phase DarthMann  53
Deftones Albums Ranked cloakanddagger  23The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Col YetAnotherBrick  5
Destined For "classic Rock" Status? apokolypz  35The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Col YetAnotherBrick  3
My Favorite Pearl Jam Songs Muisc4Life26  13The Relevance Of Cds Depends On Your Col YetAnotherBrick  7
The Top 10 Best Bands Of All Time GoldenShadowFlame  164gb AffableMartyr  8

Something You Whisper Live Dancedrewdance  1Strap It On Ranked Supercoolguy64  4
Living The Present, The Lucid Dream, The itchybutthole  23The Best Ladies In Ivory Town NorthernSkylark  9
Dat Ass Drone Graveyard  117To Write Or Not To Write KrazyKris  22
Great Album Covers - Part 3 FuneralMarch  5The Year Is 2014 And You Gotta Jam treeqt.  58
I Need More Pop Punk erizen826  562014 Indie Recs SowingSeason  26
Top 20 Brand New Songs pannkakesangen  3Let's Talk Slut  22
Gimme The Tastiest Meal You Can Cook YankeeDudel  13Living Legends Calc  57
Hipster Metal yourgodisinferior  43White Pony Ranked Idoltrous8991  7
Yay College! beefshoes  35The Greatest Opeth Ranking of all Time Torontonian  13
Every Mastodon Song Ranked TalonsOfFire  50 raising site presence pt ii ohfoxxxycole  40
Going Through A Phase Vakarian12  59Vinyls [2] Claystation  10
Whisky And Pickles IWillReturn  1110 Good Artists/bands That Got Horribly LepreCon  33
Rec Me Good Acoustic Songs To Learn Royl123  18

Top 50 Avenged Sevenfold Songs JerameAlive  11The Shower Bath orchideater  2
Favorite Movies Sevengill  70Need Manly Metal Recs KjSwantko  51
Rec Me Funeral Doom emester  18Great Album Covers - Part 2 FuneralMarch  3
Rust In Peace Ranked InFlamesWeThrash666  18Top 5 Drinks sonictheplumber  24
Trip 44 ApplaudBlue  0Emo Recs ADV123  20
Ipod On Shuffle Supercoolguy64  145 Favourite Movies With Superior Sequels riffariffic7  45
Rec Me Albums With Good Lyrics wwf  31Like Babymetal But Better Sevengill  110
Malware Java Featured menawati  487 Inches Can Pack A Fair Punch MoosechriS  13
Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 4 Jasdevi087  13Melodic Hardcore Recs Guzzo10  25
Recent Digs WeedGuitar  5Toy Story Ranked dannyboy89  54
Current Favorite Albums A257U2  9

Top 30 Of 2013 AdamMontanari  5Albums That Are Currently Taking Over My sncold  10
SOMEONE PLAY PORTAL 2 WITH ME Glassjawx  14My Next Discography Review? Xenorazr  21
10 Good Artists/bands That Got Horribly LepreCon  30Reggae Rules BigPleb  33
Linkin Park Ranked Aftertheascension  31Evan's Top 10 Of 2014 (as Of August) emester  15
Great Album Covers FuneralMarch  14Some Of My Favorite Korean Pop/Indie Son HothSauce  22
Album Digging - August (1st Half) JJKeys  15Wilfred SeaAnemone  17
Top 100 Alkaline Trio SnakeDelilah  13Getting Into Metal...recs? Sevengill  167
School Of Goth Featured RoyalImperialGuard  67Favorite Artists xiLeadFeather  3
Post Motown MJ Ranked tmagistrelli  1Musik 4 Skooma Trips RivalSkoomaDealer  6
20 Kickass Songs (openers) pannkakesangen  6Deathmetal2014 OvDeath  18
Free Concert TheGreatQ  2Hip Hop Digs ExplosiveOranges  14
Michael Snoxall's Debut Album OvDeath  5What 2014 Releases Have I Missed? Sniff  30
Albums That Have Inspired Me To Play Mus Rickislost  7Bndcmp Phlegm  9
Jasdevi's 2014 Listens So Far Ranked Jasdevi087  17Shitty Albums From Good Bands FuneralMarch  17
Arcade Fire Ladies And Gentlemen! JokineAugustus  4

User With Most Similar Taste? Betray  223Top 10 Albums mfuentes28  11
New Jorb witchxrapist  8Pop Punk Recs Gameofmetal  45
Rec Me Any Mike Patton Albums Which Aren Froot  5Conan O'brien Vs. Jimmy Fallon CK  33
New Ep Lakes.  7Favourite Album Artwork Markedforgreatness  18
Deja Entendu Ranked pannkakesangen  12New Here! Gothic / Punk Fans? Sevengill  93
Parks & Recreation (rashida Jones Is Hot BilboTeaBaggins  52Food And Music ThePit  4
Good Albums From Shitty Bands FuneralMarch  46Bands That Used To Be Big / Mainstream wwba  33
Rec Me Some On Ear Headphones ScarlettPimpernail  7Newest Acquisitions (3) Flugmorph  10
Today Ranked mryrtmrnfoxxxy  15Non Metal Recs Betray  54
50 Greatest Bands Of All Time ThePit  33Bm On Its Way AnimalsAsSummit  11
Rec Me Prog Death/black Metal mikep87  14300 NorthernSkylark  7
I'm Going To Uni!!!!!! Featured CalculatingInfinity  124Coheed And Cambria Albums: Yet Another R AaronIsCrunchy  29
Fuckin' Death Featured ShadowRemains  124My Dying Bride Albums Ranked FuneralMarch  7

Best Albums Of 2014 So Far... chainsmoker05  12Hohokum mryrtmrnfoxxxy  7
Ferguson, Mo RosaParks  135You Have A Beautiful Voice SourAK  28
First One UnrealMarauder  7Any Good Movies Torontonian  80
Shark Movies Shuyin  34Crazy Job Interviews menawati  15
Ayyliens demigod!  54Golden-age Bad Religion Ranked Froot  4
All Rain And No Sun Make Riff A Mean Jam RiffOClock  155 Insanely Overrated Albums pannkakesangen  85
Under The Radar 2014 Pt. 3 djunior  22Death Note londoncalling457  63
Rotation In My Car Olik1984  350 Random Albums I Own Telemarketer  4
1 Year Sputnik-versary SirDrumsalot  12Japanese Metal Recommendations CelestialOuroboros  24
Fordeath Metal Featured evilford  131Free New Have A Nice Life Bootleg Graveyard  6
Ryus Turns Fourteen! Ryus  401/4 Of A Century! Gyromania  14
Iron Maiden Albums Ranked FuneralMarch  5Christy Mack....... RoyalImperialGuard  154
Top 10 Slipknot Songs pannkakesangen  26Results Day Tomorrow ChoccyPhilly  101
In Need Of 2014 Recs ashcrash9  8Opinions On Getting High? Thuglifethor  109
Depressingly Good Music Vol. II ExplosiveOranges  23Rec Me Happy Music zhengyu  16
Pentagram Ranked! :D BenMorrison  1Let's Get Rectarded Liiiam  10
Rec Me Dark / Ethereal Stuff Rev  35My Favourite Opeth Lyrics HamishObserves  28

Hardcore Recs yourgodisinferior  192014 Recs Slut  22
10k Kman418  62Ex's AffableMartyr  46

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