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Neutral Ash Hotel Ashen TheSpirit's Black Metal 100 Pt.3 TheSpirit Alternatives? ArsMoriendi Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 3 50 - 1 Jasdevi087 
Strictly Cyg Cygnatti james dean driving experience jagride 
not enough time in the day for music ugh evilford Toondude10's 75%: Third Base Toondude10 
My top 5 BTBAM songs of all time ExhaleTheLight Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 2 100-51 Jasdevi087 
Top Ten Favorite Songs of All Time (2015 Edition) SoccerRiot TheSpirit's Black Metal 100 Pt.2 TheSpirit 

Where are you from? Sl3igHer  1Snide's Worst 10 Albums of 2015 ASnideReturns  25
My F***ing Top Twenty Favorite Albums 10/9 WilhelmBlack  6Elliott Smith Ranked StarlessCore  10

BRAND NEW last night Mart49  12Best Wire Album? almosttolerable  13
While Writing Review Do u Listen to that Album Fort23  18I Don't Know Any Of You deathofasalesman  61
Starbucks Iced Lattes BallsToTheWall  26Many genres in one album CelestialVoyage  13
catchiest old rock songs? dtsanchez  18Black Sabbath metalheadrunner  30
VOTE NOW - Current Artist Power Rankings DoofusWainwright  90--The National albums ranked-- MikeDrumz2  11
2k15 (3) NyahNyahByah  0RIP my cat Rowan5215  83

someguest's record collection someguest  15Neutral Ash Hotel Featured Ashen  64
Genres I don't know about torts  30Rec Me Similar ThyCrossAwaits  9
Captivating: A Hip Hop list by dathvada321 dathvada321  19core basikchanL  39
jazz recs plos BMDrummer  31Every Game You Have Game a 10/10? TheMagicalBlender  38
Rate my 1.5's yourgodisinferior  18PeachedPunch72 loves Hitler and BrokeNCYDE PunchedPeach72  139
My favorite Weezer albums Stjimmy101  10mathcore recs? iReturnToDust  19
my 5s > you trve  322k15 (2) NyahNyahByah  0
Rate My 3.14159265359's treeqt.  18Rate My 5's Flugmorph  54
Rec me Music bagof4grapes  20Windows 10 Screwed Me MistaCrave  21
Rate my 2.5's DoofusWainwright  86best skramz of zee decade StarlessCore  26
Best of Q3 2015 RivalSkoomaDealer  4records deserving more recognition magicuba  13
Chevelle: Album Battle metalheadrunner  18People who don't progress musically. Sl3igHer  161

I Totally Forgot How Bad of a Movie Twister Is SnakeDelilah  242k15 NyahNyahByah  0
underrated death metal 3 iReturnToDust  6dathvada321's indie dathvada321  15
Super Mario Maker/Fall Digs Atari  18Users Favorite NFL Teams MyNameIsPencil  155
New Foxing single "Weave" is out rufinthefury  7Albums of Each Year of My Life TheFortressIsDark  10
News Articles BallsToTheWall  7Project 86: Album Battle metalheadrunner  4
66 jams that rule Ovrot  35RIP Bloc Party Zanareth  35
Jam Central DrMaximus  33Real Sputnik Hours sixdegrees  18
Thanks Sputnik SmileNerd  65Fashionable Tunes imo 2bqh fam Parallels  8

Scott Kelly vs. Aaron Turner CaimanJesus  22ambient/drone/minimal climactic  16
Happy October BookBurner  5Sounds of Autumn MistaCrave  24
Rec Me Melodeath! DoctorJackal  21Ranking the Big THRASH Four TheMagicalBlender  31
TheSpirit's Black Metal 100 Pt.3 Featured TheSpirit  29Acoustic death metal TheSonomaDude  29
Halloween Costume Ideas BallsToTheWall  22Gameofmetal's 3rd quarter Gameofmetal  27
Rip Aftertheascension  8rec me krautrock trve  15
How is Mew live? GreyShadow  9Spins fuckyourneonshirt  3
Top 25 Favorite Metal Bands PunchedPeach72  35My Butt Itches YetAnotherBrick  9 Alternatives? Featured ArsMoriendi  59snaputchatnikmusic Piglet  7
Being As An Ocean: Album Battle metalheadrunner  22Podcasts RadicalEd  38
Ritual Blood Purges OvDeath  13BEST JUDAS PRIEST ALBUMS! miketunneyiscool123  17
Potsy: Shit I Done Forgot About LordePots  33

Dream Super Group Idea MyNameIsPencil  35Rate my 5's SmileNerd  33
Should I see in concert? Watchman97  7Folk recs? TheSonomaDude  22
Top 10 LPs that are 30 minutes or less BookBurner  27Updated Top 10 Hip Hop List iReturnToDust  26
Recc me songs for goodbyes parawhorez  13Some Great Music From the Teens (so far)!!!!!!!!!! AtlastheGreat  6
Halloween Recs oisincoleman64  44My new album! OvDeath  28
Goat list SCREAM!  20The Ongoing Concept- Album Battle metalheadrunner  9
It's chill out time MoosechriS  8stuff teens like but later (want to) forget dtsanchez  54
Top 100 Hip Hop Albums (In Alphabetical Order) GodLovesUgly  9My New LP Greem  9
Best Post Hardcore Albums (2010-present) cocopunk1486  13Album Pickups This Weekend TheFortressIsDark  12
Judas Priest vs. Iron Maiden vs. Black Sabbath! miketunneyiscool123  52

VOTE for the GOAT pissbore  22Fall time filth eatdirtfartdust12  5
My Five Favorite Singles of 2014 Monstar1790  02 Years of Sputnik Jasdevi087  38
underrated death metal 2 iReturnToDust  5Need more like this CapnJizz  18
10/3/15 theBoneyKing  10rec me deathcore that doesnt suck DANKTHRONE  42
Q3 2015 anobsoletevernacular  1New album - Son of Ra AnimalsAsSummit  19
Here's What I've Czeched Lately Angelboros  26Rec me more like these! SgtShock  4
meat puppets demos jagride  0Recommend Me Drone MistaCrave  9
Hurricane Joaquin dmp3131  22Top 10 NIN Songs jengajam  4
A Zazzy Affair BallsToTheWall  0August Burns Red versus For Today metalheadrunner  24
My vinyl and CD purchases since late august BenMorrison  5Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 3 50 - 1 Featured Jasdevi087  52
My Top 10 ABBA Songs FloydZepp4ever  3Judas Priest: Defenders vs. Screaming! miketunneyiscool123  46

Trivium Ranked TheMrAlexK  12Rec me black metal ( For BEGINNERS) guilouzzz  66
Top Ten GREATEST Indie Albums Of All Time acdlewis  31Folk Metal Is Racist and Sexist TheGreatQ  83
Powerslave vs. Painkiller TheMagicalBlender  101October 2, 2015 Ebola  2
blve trve  11Strictly Cyg Featured Cygnatti  110
October? But I hardly know 'er! thecheatisnotdead  8One-Man Bands??? dbizzles  30
Marilyn Manson versus Rob Zombie metalheadrunner  28Major/Job BeyondCosby  66
What's the Story... Royl123  18What are you jamming? BlueandOrange  8
DEATH GRIPS TONIGHT RivalSkoomaDealer  16Recent Listens (for Oct 2) emester  7
spring tomcourtenay  7Rec most technical & aggressive metalcore bands. Sl3igHer  20
Pumpkin Spice Jamz 2k15 MonotoneMop  0Rec me 2015 debuts - either good or funny bad DoofusWainwright  31
Another depression list??? TheSonomaDude  67

Top 30 Favorite Albums grungetongue16  11Seven Embers TheWrenKing  1
Dream Converge setlist BookBurner  27My doom metal band has a single out HenchmanOfSanta  8
My OFFICIAL Top 5 albums list----- MikeDrumz2  5Top 10 George Harrison Beatles Tracks bagof4grapes  6
rec me classical Ryus  52Premo Songwriting zethmal  3
folk basikchanL  80You've Been Given a Time Machine Tunaboy45  86
My 4th LP! OldManGramps  17New Megadave Song BigPleb  19
The Greatest hits of greatest hits theNateman  16New Rock Albums: Shinedown and Disturbed metalheadrunner  8
My band's new hot sludge mixtape wacknizzle  10Essential Prog dathvada321  39
Hockey Season is Almost Here SnakeDelilah  40Check Out My Mixtape (Not Really) YetAnotherBrick  3
2 years BMDrummer  20Favourite Songs of the Year 1979-2015 DoofusWainwright  32
Two Years on Sput, Keeping the m/ Alive emester  23james dean driving experience Featured jagride  27
disappointing albums dtsanchez  24UnderaPRIESTiated Songs romulanrancor  21
Check My Progressive Grindcore Band InFlamesWeThrash666  9Noise Induced Hearing Loss Keyblade  100
not enough time in the day for music ugh Featured evilford  141Top Rock Subgenres Royl123  28
Jasdevi's INCREDIBLY MODEST 3rd quarter list Jasdevi087  16It's My 22nd Birthday! Favourite Albums From 1993 charbyno  3

Albums that need more attention Conmaniac  9Rec Me Atmo Black MistaCrave  9
irresistibly good choruses/hooks iReturnToDust  44Hype Singles wtferrothorn  5
So Many Comebacks dfevil085  10I've been downloading for days DeadGuy  2
Pain of Salvation top 20 Jethro42  27Toondude10's 75%: Third Base Featured Toondude10  38
Rec me harmonica JKnott  11death metal recs trvvve  113
AOTY Prelims pjquinones747  32My dearest ones magicuba  9
Good Jams I'm Listening To acdlewis  0Albums that just don't get stale x10 Sl3igHer  25
Old account got deleted had to make a new one indiagulf9er9er  7Gothitude BallsToTheWall  8
Trip Hop recommendations? Cyberduck  5September: Digs And Recs oisincoleman64  4
Coke Studio: Pakistan 3 OmairSh  16My record collection Daily101  0
Fall Playlist Gyromania  21Quartuma 3/2015 Artuma  10
i dont have a personality but i have an rym acount Kman418  67Blood Moon Dinosaur  8
Nostalgia Rock BlackLlama  5

Give me sexy sexy music Gwyn.  50ALMIGHTY LUNGFISH RANKED brokendogleg  2
A Collection of Minimal Electronic yourgodisinferior  22Fan Duel/Draft Kings TheMrAlexK  22
Drudkh Ranked Hawks  34re-doing my music library, need recs brainmelter23  16
ambient & drone hal1ax  25Exquisite Albums dathvada321  15
Need 2015 Recs FearThyEvil  15Everything Will Be Alright In The End Ranked KrazyKris  14
typical recs request loveisamixtape  33Bands that describe my taste in music shanks123  33
Synctube romulanrancor  4riffs of subjugation Ovrot  11
Rainy-Day Music? SmileNerd  42Heavy Psych/Stoner/Rock - 2015 is Good (so far) BlackZeppelin  23
Deafheaven - New Bermuda ranked SAPoodle  6NEW X FILES TRAILER Rowan5215  12

The Ballad Of FlyheadMetal FlyheadMetal  3182015 Summer Digs Spag  10
My top 5 BTBAM songs of all time Featured ExhaleTheLight is officially dead rufinthefury  70
basic ass list of digs iReturnToDust  6Bad Decisions Intothepit  203
In a Metal Mood Today EverythingEvil2113  5Records I Still Need To Buy minus9  2
Doom Tourney R2 M3 SharkTooth  5September 2015 tjare  0
Blood Moon Killed My Dog BallsToTheWall  52Need Punk Recs Balerion  31
Dope Album Covers JKnott  3Vinyllylylylylyly Purchases (Again) WellFedWhiteMale  5
Top 101 Metal Albums dathvada321  55Ranking Bowie (1967-1980) ArsMoriendi  19
Vinyl update 1.2 h0rsie  2Favorite albums of all time. (No Particular Order) nuuprizing  26
September 2015 wtferrothorn  8Essential Rock Longangs acdlewis  2
sput's favorite pt. 2: scenes from a strawpoll | vote here trvvve  263/4 of 2015 RadicalEd  41
Koi Festival 2015 BlueSwan  0Permanence Ranked Rowan5215  10
Abysmal ranked ckypro3  0My bands first EP. DrGonzo1937  16
Potsy 2015: September Week IV LordePots  342015 stuff I'm not-so-digging SmileNerd  36
Rec Me Stuff CaimanJesus  7

Please Rec me bands like MewithoutYou mewithyou  1Jacob Bannon Art Exhibition 17972  6
Current Spins 2 deezer666  13Incan-f**king-tation MistaCrave  107
Aoty List 2001 KevinGoldfinger  1hey Vespiion  11
Aoty List 2002 KevinGoldfinger  2Love ArsMoriendi  77
Stuff I picked up cheap recently Sinternet  15Albums that need reviews Conmaniac  11
The Best Nightwish Albums djomlacar  14Nameless Coyote Debut Full-Length 'BLOOD MOON' out foxblood  44
Does anyone here watch Retsupurae? TheMagicalBlender  7top 5 worst genres trvvve  255
What metal albums do you recommend? aoz007  19Recent Listens emester  15
Top 5 Pop Punk Albums almosttolerable  16Top 5 Death Metal Bands brettgoespunk  32
My 5 Favorite Metalcore Albums. brettgoespunk  235 Albums to Describe My Music Taste brettgoespunk  144
New track up ButteryBiscuitBass  13Some IDM Cyberduck  2
Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 2 100-51 Featured Jasdevi087  29Somewhat Disappointing Releases of 2015 mzeet  4
Decent Rigs SmileNerd  15

Need Black Metal Vocals Sevengill  13Song you don't listen to because of her Epilogue  47
Just got back from the record store Supercoolguy64  29My DSBM Project dragoth  80
Exodus Albums Ranked! miketunneyiscool123  1Aoty List 2003 KevinGoldfinger  2
Aoty List 2004 KevinGoldfinger  0Recent Digs tom79  1
beverages ranked iReturnToDust  226i suck at writing trvvve  27
My Favorites of 2015 So Far Stereochrome1  6Desert Island Albums CamiloG  46
Recommend me Depression JoeMcSatanBalls  70Some are White Light chemicalmarriage  9
Iron Maiden The Book of Souls Ranked charbyno  2Best albums I've heard Aaron77  14
Pantera Ranked (What 80's Albums?) TheMagicalBlender  18Obsolete Memories obsoletememories  7
Current Top 10 Tracks minus9  5Piano SoccerRiot  22

my top 10 favourite modern punk bands camdc27  11My favorite bands that nobody knows about. dfevil085  10
Essential Pop Punk Albums cocopunk1486  22Nothing Was The Same Ranked (loosely) PappyMason  4
Death - TSOP TheSonomaDude  61Sput's favorite album | closed trvvve  154
flying nun records huskerdoo  8Pope Francis goes prog MrSirLordGentleman  79
Top 50 of the decade so far Crawl  16Timeline of Extreme Progressive Metal zachbuddie  8
Timeline of Progressive Metal zachbuddie  8Timeline of Thrash Metal zachbuddie  3
Pop? SCREAM!  741,000 comments in 8 years DinosaurJones  23
What albums have you recently listen to? aoz007  20Extremely underrated bands in my opinion acdlewis  4
How to tastefully muck around on the drums WhatAreTheTodds  19Great New Music JWT155  18
Updated Song Of Mine PunchedPeach72  10Favorite Metal Records CamiloG  21
Possible Upcoming Shows emester  16Top 7 Influential Albums mfox89  22
my true musicial progression Ovrot  7Top Ten Favorite Songs of All Time (2015 Edition) Featured SoccerRiot  22
My Musical Regression into Sadomasochism SachikoM  83Dance Gavin Dance ranked SmileNerd  14

My Music Progression pjquinones747  51my musical progression iReturnToDust  69
Autumn's Grey Solace Hawks  37My favorite lyrics rufinthefury  27
Industrial Revastran  6Gothic Rock Revastran  8
rec me dancey stuff chesse13  18authoritative best music list basikchanL  64
Dark Ambient + Drone (With Industrial Flavor) Revastran  7Favorite DM (In response to VVild18) MistaCrave  20
Chief Keef is the Best Artist Ever Fort23  15Gorgeous Alt/Indie albums dathvada321  14
1st Sputniversary romulanrancor  39Good bands that were too safe acdlewis  31
Behemoth is great lifting music MotoOnSputnik  3One of the best prog bands I've ever heard AnimalsAsSummit  14
Techno Saved My Life p4p  22Favourite Death Metal Records VVild18  27
Headphones FacelessMan  192

Finished my Music Studio Sevengill  4210 Amazing Songs from Obscure and Mediocre Albums Friday13th  24
Best Thrash (so far) WhatAreTheTodds  20Albums to Listen to During the Apocalypse LPFTW  18
Favorite Albums from highschool I still Jam. Dinosaur  8Time to get 70s in here CL0VER  33
recs similar to these? iReturnToDust  7"Heaviest" Converge Song? calgarydude12  49
New Vinyl in my Cardboard Box Underflow  12Angrily Rec Me Beautiful Music Intothepit  48
Murmur Ranked KrazyKris  72015 Metal/Hardcore pauldrakedsd  0
Rec Me Violent Music Passive-Aggressively Intothepit  22Japanese Harsh Noise recs? BookBurner  41
My Body Isn't Ready BallsToTheWall  31kayo of the well ranked trvvve  16
Bad Tech Death advancedwarfighter  0Metal to the Extreme dathvada321  13
What is the inspiration for your username? SmileNerd  76Amenra MotoOnSputnik  4
Skreamzmo OvDeath  16

Greatest Songs Captain3  6hermit guitar music solongatlast  8
Blackwater Park VS Still life ? guilouzzz  62Downloaded Vengeance by Tragedy MotoOnSputnik  14
Top 5 Albums of 2015 meliphis  11Top 5 Albums of 2014 meliphis  1
Post Your Recent Metal Purchases/Downloads/Listens TheMagicalBlender  21Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1991/1992! miketunneyiscool123  13
Zombie Slaying Playlist BallsToTheWall  17Dathvada321's favorite albums dathvada321  41
Wilco Last Night peaks40  19rec me anime hal1ax  71
Darkthrone's A Blaze In The Northern Sky Ranked romulanrancor  26Dist is ligs (2015 edition) SwanSoup  0
king crimson ranked trvvve  7Fall Sounds Keyblade  44

Pleb Smash BigPleb  40black season Avagantamos  15
Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1988! REVISED miketunneyiscool123  7Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1989! REVISED miketunneyiscool123  4
Shout-Outs for No Reason! MyNameIsPencil  67Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1990! REVISED miketunneyiscool123  1
Potsy 2015: September Week III LordePots  29Suites and Movements in Modern Music Let  5
My Album list CriticalCriticals  8A different list. Recent jams ZeroxSP  0
is nothing but black metal november a thing? iReturnToDust  39First Day of Fall, Black Metal 24/7 MistaCrave  57
Who Wanna Plug? TheSpirit  13cool music 4 girls heavydirtysoul  69
Jeff Rosenstock Ranked AtrumCimex  8Rec me Modern Hip-hop TheMrAlexK  7
Czech out my new song Notaflower  4Music I like outside my usual genres ApocalypticCows  4
would you like to recommend me something Mort.  25Update From College emester  75
ddddd dawid12  2Favorite 100 albums from the 1980's Gassman3268  9
Hip hop that rules dathvada321  33Loved List 2015 FLCL  5
Some stuff I'm listening to CL0VER  19Thrash recs smaugman  23
Favorite Albums of All Time Apollo63  8ten year tenure Storm In A Teacup  20
Scooped Up Some Vinyl DinosaurJones  7Top Ten of First Three Q's of 2015 2CHAINAL  24

10k comments (why me?) SharkTooth  66Digs Ire  7
Vinyl Collection Update PunchedPeach72  9Antagony SoccerRiot  9
Top 20 Favorite Albums of All Time psychicpug44  8Gigs coming up deezer666  18
which album pages have the best "jokey" soundoffs Froot  8Top 25 Favorite Metal Acts CapnJizz  12
Been Awhile yourgodisinferior  12TheSpirit's Black Metal 100 Pt.2 Featured TheSpirit  58
Phrat Boyz: The Movie TheSonomaDude  11Defining metalcore albums. ZeroxSP  13
From Best to Worst: Children of Bodom Gbhill  6Unknown, Overlooked Records 2015 tjare  0
From Best to Worst: Opeth Gbhill  21From Best to Worst: Coheed and Cambria Gbhill  6
Iron Maiden Ranked romulanrancor  17yak's new album is actually sweet SillyCaringRabbitPal  28
Artist collaborations that you'd love to hear? tacos N stuff  117Alexisonfire reunites! manicmonkey  12
Best & Worst Song on Each Weezer Album SmileNerd  33

yak made a powerviolence album for bm BMDrummer  28Chill Night Hawks  31
Diggin Gospel and Baroness MotoOnSputnik  2Listening To Every Gucci Mane Release 108Mics  6
Hip-Hop AOTY: A Curious Tale of Trials and Persons LordePots  97From Best to Worst: Dream Theater Gbhill  13
Birthday digs Jasdevi087  9Sowing's Week 2 Predictions SowingSeason  10
Couple Downloads MotoOnSputnik  1Iron Maiden Ranked dante1991  6
A Teens! BallsToTheWall  1my first list SWSPTV03  45
My top 20 Artists at the moment JokineAugustus  5Candlemass - 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  3
Time to relax acdlewis  8(Black) Summer Listening 2015 Dinosaur  61

better riffs than you StarlessCore  21Cozy recs Let  15
when they hand you the aux musicallychallenged  18my top 10 favourite muse songs camdc27  2
sheep breeds ranked Piglet  18Nature and Wildlife BallsToTheWall  10
I'm New (Or Something Like That) TheFortressIsDark  16All Coldplay Songs Ranked theTourist  36
Alternatives to iTunes? ChoccyPhilly  39Truths 35 KILL  41
My Top 50 Deftones Songs TheMrAlexK  36More Metal that Rules MistaCrave  20
Albums Of The Year, Definitive Version, Part 1 treeqt.  32Check Out My Friends' band! m/ WhatAreTheTodds  6
albums of the year! Avagantamos  16Well... all of my ratings were wiped again... SmileNerd  29
Satanic Goatmoon Ov Metal FlyheadMetal  17Shit You Find in the Closet YetAnotherBrick  8
Those Once Loyal Ranked Ovrot  1530 under 30 CaimanJesus  10

favorite record labels iReturnToDust  29Metal that rules dathvada321  90
Who has the most ratings? SmileNerd  14620 Good Creed songs TheSonomaDude  4
TV Shows to Watch Insurrection  32Crack the Skye Ranked guilouzzz  4
Tool vs. Dream Theater almosttolerable  43i live adr  29
Incubus Ranked bagof4grapes  14another sputversary trvvve  4
The Big 3 Rawmeeth38  5Objectively correct top 10 ISIS tracks BallsDeep  17
5th sputversary Avagantamos  61 Year O' Sputnik wtferrothorn  10
Modern (ish) Instrumental Post Rock Albums I Love acdlewis  2Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1987! miketunneyiscool123  15
Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1986! miketunneyiscool123  17need more 2015 recs bach  18
Albums to Drink To? elcrawfodor  22Vinyl records Ovrot  9

Recent jams. Recs please? ZeroxSP  3When Hip Hop was rappin BelieveInDog  4
Bossa Nova lust TheBarber  12Earthquake MrSirLordGentleman  63
Top 20 Smiths Songs acdlewis  14Best SNL Cast Members Intothepit  30
Back To School danielcardoso  24In Flames Ranked Hawks  37
favorite albums under 30 minutes iReturnToDust  11My List: September 2015 Austintatious  0
Ever hear a band.. Hellscythe  7Fantastic Metal Drummers DoctorJackal  60
A Lesson in Violence worthlessscab  6Vinyl. I'm not an addict. WellFedWhiteMale  3
Pure's Pain (My gf releases her debut) AnimalsAsSummit  2Impending Fall Grading Recs BeyondCosby  9
Ashen Turns 22: 1993-2015 Ashen  2520(+) more name-your-price hardcore and screamo recs AaronIsCrunchy  20
Top Ten Thrash Metal LP's From 1983/1984/1985! miketunneyiscool123  20Interpretations Of The Rating Scale PunchedPeach72  14
Post-Rock Essentials Daily101  132015 Ranked wilsonlives  2
Mastodon Albums Ranked Morningrise767  1tripping in bed magicuba  7
Albums I'm Glad to Have Found on this Site JonEthan  4Potsy 2015: September Week II LordePots  17

Favorite Long Album? MistaCrave  40Top 4 Worst Lists of 2015 SmileNerd  7
Favorite albums under 30 minutes? JoeMcSatanBalls  202014: A Year In Concerts engleprunt  2
Record Collection (So Far), Part 2 BookBurner  4Record Collection (So Far) BookBurner  1
Hip... hip hop? Hiphopotomous? SmileNerd  12Evan's Agalloch Ranking emester  13
Fantasy Football Trade Proposal Mike08  17Hip Hip-Hop Hopping TheWrenKing  14
Worst Albums of 2014 Havoren94  34Worst Albums of 2013 Havoren94  0
Worst Albums of 2012 Havoren94  2Worst Albums of 2015 Havoren94  16
Iron Maiden Albums Ranked Morningrise767  5the definitive most accurate correct counterparts list rolereprisal  3
record contest Frippertronics  100

greatest alt rock albums of the 2000's camdc27  26Rec me terrible music SmileNerd  87
Animals as Leaders BigPleb  29Feedback on some new demos? KriegdemKriege  3
seriously Static  47The Black Metal Binge of Fall 2015 emester  37
Wtf is this life North0House2  60Tindr is really odd MyNameIsPencil  75
creeping up the stairs in the dark squaaab  4Albums on which the t/t is the best track #2 johnnydeking29  15
My Top 10 Post Punk Albums BewareOfDarkness  27LP's Where the t/t is the Best Song TheMagicalBlender  55
how is life? Ryus  49Fantasy Football Intothepit  113
My top 10 trip-hop songs johnnydeking29  16Krisiun Ranked DoctorJackal  15
Slayer greatest hits? TheSonomaDude  8Lip Gloss And Black BallsToTheWall  10
Metal album covers worthlessscab  21I'm making my first portfolio rufinthefury  1
Vote Now! Folk Metal Flugmorph  92Holy Shit Cynic Isn't Really Broken Up Yet PunchedPeach72  15
2015 Solbrave  7Some 60s/70s recs I want you to know altertide0  47
Skinny Puppy & related Cyberduck  7Put Your Onions Out Arcade  33
Most Linkin Park Songs Sound the Same almosttolerable  37Coolest album covers i know Lasseg  26
Feedback on my (almost) finished album (user-made) needed Beardog  3Favourite short rock/metal albums WhereTheSkyEnds  11

Recommend Me Atmospheric Black Metal MistaCrave  27A Great Funeral For The Folkin' Metal Tournament SCREAM!  37
Bands I Discovered, and What They Meant to Me wafagan  11Hey Look More Bm Hawks  29
The Sound of Perseverance Ranked MistaCrave  6the mars volta ranked trvvve  29
How often do you listen to your 5's? TheMrAlexK  32Favorite Movies DoctorJackal  12
Young lad seeks recommendations. kdobailey  21In Flames Ranked Ribwich  0
The Used Ranked Ribwich  0A Few Favorite 2015 Albums PunchedPeach72  3
Iron Maiden - 'The Book of Souls' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  14Albums/Pieces that changed my musical view Ziguvan  12
2010-2015 Top 30 Tracks Greem  6A wolfish horde of Black Metal Wolfhorde  21
News and New Demo from Echo Tail Final Origin  8Bands digging 9/13 OhhScourge  0
why your opinion on modern horror is wrong Kman418  74Favorite Bands (In No Order) michaelcliffordw  0

Mac Miller Ranked CapnJizz  5Pokemon Go p4p  183
Core dathvada321  22I left my course notes at an outcrop in Utah, AMA Ignimbrite  22
rec me some horror movies plz iReturnToDust  42Dropped an EP OysterizerInsomniac  7
Black Metal Season? Hawks  45Recent Albums W/ Lots Of Spin Time PunchedPeach72  3
Recommend me death metal please !!!!? guilouzzz  16Disturbing Songs DoctorJackal  31
Check Our Demo EP... If You're Tough Enough oisincoleman64  20Rec me black metal Mystletainn  28
"feel good/happy jams" recs? Gameofmetal  36SST NeroCorleone80  5
Sowing's Week 1 Predictions SowingSeason  682015 Catch-Up theBoneyKing  3
Favourite Movies Per Genre? ScuroFantasma  141Track from Upcoming Album Greem  4
Top 10 Favorite Hip Hop Albums Avagantamos  12

Top 10 Favorite Hip Hop Albums CapnJizz  15Revival Death Metal MistaCrave  20
Musicians of Music chemicalmarriage  9Which Dinosaur Jr. Album to Start With? JKnott  14
Rec me Progressive Death Metal iamthewalrus696  24Saw Fall of Troy last night iReturnToDust  10
55 Worthwhile Albums dathvada321  84Making the Most of Your Song Title YetAnotherBrick  8
Genesis ranked (prog-era) guilouzzz  4A Folkin' Metal Tourney Discovery Round 7 SCREAM!  11
Slayer ranked worthlessscab  9

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