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80s Metal! (part 1) BenMorrison Heather BertMacklinFBI 
My 25 letme69johndarnielle 50 Best New Wave Albums TWIGtheWONDERKID 
Autumn Albums Atari Lengthy Discographies Worth Exploring ComeToDaddy 
The Other Death Metal evilford Essential Halloweencore Hyperion1001 
Weezer Ranked (with Descriptions) Lakes. Greg's Q3 Of 2014 greg84 

10 Worst Weezer Songs Insurrection  9what the fuck should i be for halloween Static  24
Crime Of The Century Ranked Onirium  1Counterparts And Expire Tomorrow Betray  12
Breakups Are Hard. MyNameIsPencil  12Kill Me BertMacklinFBI  10
Punk At Its Finest Muisc4Life26  12October Jams ExplosiveOranges  23
As I Lay Dying Ranked MrCOFROX  9Arcade Fire Ranked (w/ Explanation) SurfWaxAmerica  7
Unemployed yourgodisinferior  1190's Indie Rock/lo-fi/punk/whatever lyzakthellama  19
Greatest Hits: Every Time I Die ScarlettPimpernail  6Got Any 90s Recs? TheSpaceMan  22
Atlanta Sports Fans Emyay  17My Journey To Metal steynopeth  12
Young Thug melonade  12Music Sucks chesse13  9
My GIRLS EnyaFangirl  18Ulver Lps Ranked Artuma  54
Rec Me Good Contemporary Rap/hiphop nathan69  1880s Metal!!! (part 3) BenMorrison  10
So This Is Real Deathbeds  0Favorite Bands October 2014 AEGMDoumenc  8
Saw Flying Lotus And Thundercat Last Nig peaks40  9

First list ever! fruitjuncture  11No More Drunk Posting/girl Lists Trebor.  15
Super Smash Bros The Drinking Game: Lets LordePots  94Favorite Albums Of 2014 (so Far) Sunn177  5
Give Me Tunes GreyShadow  731 Days Of Horror! Vader  96
Floyd Artwork Ranked Torontonian  16Kvelertak Gojira And Mastodon Tonight fr33convict  16
Goin To A Retarded Metal Show Tonight sonictheplumber  46Who's Down For Fantasy Hoops? MalleusMaleficarum  12
Most Unsettling Albums KevinGoldfinger  29Dean Ambrose For President BallsToTheWall  8
Rec Me R&b SnazSpaz  13Albums That I Am Currently Into NarlusKing123  0
Rush Album Covers Ranked Snowdog808  20Recs Please toomanyxsinmyname  5
The Best Of Uk Diy helpoemer420  7Missing Memories Ovrot  4
Doris Ranked 2CHAINAL  3Walking Your Dog @ 11 Pm Phlegm  14
Top Ten Albums Ranked suddykilljaywalkers  4albums i would feel dirty not giving a 5 Static  59
80s Metal!! (part 2) BenMorrison  7

Box Of Old Tapes And Other Albums I Now Jasdevi087  4Cannibal Corpse This Century austin888  12
Top 30 Weezer Songs Yazz_Flute  31Best Thrice/brand New/the Wonder Years A IronGiant  23
The Songs I Want Anberlin To Play In Det forlifeis  0Favourite Albums(11-20) FacelessMan  4
Turning 21 Tomorrow jgrunge107  7Endtroducing..... SurfWaxAmerica  42
Top 10 John Paul Jones Moments FloydZepp4ever  5Don't Take Kindly To List Deletions BallsToTheWall  15
Top 10 Jimmy Page Solos FloydZepp4ever  3Vinyl Acquisitions (addiction) WellFedWhiteMale  4
On A Metal Kick Funeralopolis  26Best Albums Of 2014 Wirertragen7  16
My Favorite Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews  16Current Digs steynopeth  0
Rec Me User Music Please Greem  38Favorite Eps Avagantamos  24
A7x Ranked toomanyxsinmyname  11Mid October Digs Deathbeds  3
Soothing Artuma  35Photo Class 2CHAINAL  3
80s Metal! (part 1) Featured BenMorrison  32I Remixed Demon Hunter Beardog  18
25 Songs. Dodenakker  450 Best Albums Of The '70s vmcoia91  10
New Hikari Todo (Sputnikcore) BlueW  7Rec Me Some Feels mxbrady  29
Got Dat New Itunes Relinquished  67

How To Be A Maggot oltnabrick  13Its Yer Boi Self Depriciation On Tha Bea melonade  7
1000 Ratings yourgodisinferior  7Anyone Have Any Blackgaze Recs For Me? TomTomTomato  9
Post-metal Influence On Metalcore SgtShock  11Metallica Albums: Worst To Best romulanrancor  9
Cool Female Characters That Make Me Want YakNips  24Raenked Avagantamos  4
Blink-182 S/t Ranked oisincoleman64  18Suffer Ranked KrazyKris  8
Rec Me Brilliant Shit Thibs  59Perfect Sunday To Release An Album Dolving999  6
Bands I Get Stoned To. XxUpinsiderxX  18Old Music Rules ZiggyLadyStardust  47
2014 (Part 2) elbobo999  3

Sputnik Rec Me Drinks!! :d Negator  59I Want To Visit fromtheinside  7
Vinyl Talk Ryus  91Core Binging Is Fun ncguitar  17
Aesop Waits breakingthefragile  9Recent Digs adace1  1
Post-punk Revival Battle apokolypz  33Albums That Grew On Me dmp3131  5
2014 (Part 1) elbobo999  3List lucasjcockcroft  3
Need Low-key Recs BertMacklinFBI  24Top Ten Gy!be Songs RoundOnEndHiInMiddle  31
Dream Theater Albums Ranked TDBiscuits  10Recommend Me Albums Similar To These Markedforgreatness  7
Opeth Ranked Gibleson  13Ziltoid 2 Leaked DarkSideOfLucca  5
Favorite Bands Ranked By Sput Avgs. erizen826  30This Is A Terrible Ranking For Someone W SnakeDelilah  18
Are Death Grips The Most Important Group KeeneIsGod  28Let's Smash Xar  15
Criminally Underrated Black Metal thacoconut94  20Encore Ranked oisincoleman64  3

Freemasonry In Music savaah  17My Bands New Album. joshuahuntkc  13
Top 10 Scar Symmetry Songs peartnoy  5Slipknot Albums Ranked Remer17  29
Some More Hip Hop Digs ExplosiveOranges  14The 10 Best Albums Of 2014 (So Far) vineh  3
Kayo Dot Ranked GrandpaSeth3000  11New Guy At Work Is Batshit Insane FuneralMarch  65
remember when cursive released another mryrtmrnfoxxxy  6Influential Albums In My Life sonoflilith  0
My Favorite Pavement B-sides SurfWaxAmerica  3Favorite 15 Sublime Songs ArsMoriendi  16
Overrated KrazyKris  127Fripp Recs U Frippertronics  21
Favorite Bass Players ccostain  15Grower Bands Betray  16
Q4 Movies FloatHereForever  8Any Aphex Twin Song With Trendy Buildups wwba  28
Supertramp Ranked Torontonian  36Chevelle Ranked SAW18  15
Angry Albums Part 3 titanslayer  31An Ep To Call My Own Filling  7
Dishwashing Shifts RadioSuicide  23

Rec Me 2014 Music Part 2 scottpilgrim10  20Typical Aas Self Promotion AnimalsAsSummit  8
Top 25 Albums, All Time MoltenBoron  21Yeezus Ranked ExplosiveOranges  77
Magnum Opuseseses BallsToTheWall  24Bert's Recs BertMacklinFBI  7
(1955-2014) Favourite Albums Of LordePots  49Nostalgia DarkSideOfLucca  1
Top 10 Atmospheric Albums NickLizard49  10In Need Of Heartbreak Albums bakkermaarten007  91
Rec Me Chaotic/fast Stuff toomanyxsinmyname  31Best Albums Of Each Year (1963 - 2012) benjaminkicks  18
Stoner Recs Muisc4Life26  13Favorite Artists Game yourgodisinferior  26
Astral Shoegaze Albums? IronGiant  24Favourite Guitar Solos AaronIsCrunchy  20
Songs For My Life Part 2 AmericanFlagAsh  4Acacia Tonight Betray  27
Life Is Really Good: One Year Later JustinKing  20Favourite Albums Right Now acdlewis  0
I Want To Make Oven Nachos Out Of Dorito Froot  172013 Top 10 Lefondre  4
Gothic Recs chuutya23  18Metal's Origins, Pt. II Activista anti-MTV  9
October >>> All Other Months This Year Artuma  37A Very Prolonged Death porcupinetheater  3

Gook Bottle Righ Nex To Mi Revolva Negator  9The First Albums You Ever Owned. JasonCarne  65
Summer of (non-sexual) Exploration lyzakthellama  24Favorite Female Vocalists Of All Time Brabiz  19
Next Gameofmetal Review Gameofmetal  13Ambient Recs? tacos N stuff  34
Turn On The Bright Lights Ranked apokolypz  11Deathcore Rules Lethean  61
Heather Featured BertMacklinFBI  79Future Sequence: Live At The Fidelitoriu huguitoescorza  8
Eyescream Fest "Mexico City 2014" huguitoescorza  0My 25 Featured letme69johndarnielle  40
The 25 Best Musical Releases Of All Time Solbrave  6Back To The Mold AcidCaravan  4
My Favorite Tool Tracks Muisc4Life26  16Rec Me Some 2014 Albums oisincoleman64  35
The Big Three In Shirt Bands AngryChristian  3350 Best New Wave Albums Featured TWIGtheWONDERKID  43
Week 7 Predictions SowingSeason  47Lil Wayne grish  21
B's Or J's Squidplane  10Lambda's Top 50 Of The 00's Lambda  22

Best Albums Of The 90's CWBrown  11Rob Gronkowski BallsToTheWall  8
New Kanye West Song oltnabrick  16The Evil Within DarkSideOfLucca  31
School Jams americanart  1Autumn Albums Featured Atari  47
Distinguishable Vocalists dmp3131  41I Made A Short Film OysterizerInsomniac  9
R.I.P. Ikey Owens deathofasalesman  13Favorite Male Vocalists Of All Time Brabiz  19
The Many Faces of Dream Theater, Pt.2 Handyman003  10In 1999 I turned 7 JokineAugustus  50
Album Digging - October (1st Half) JJKeys  9Iphone rotation XxUpinsiderxX  2
What Album Shall I Get Next? Totengott  40Favorite Trio? Ponton  54
Opeth Today!!!! BigPleb  44

Top 10 Albums Of 2014 So Far For Me thekilleruser  15Noise Rules yourgodisinferior  37
Bring Back Musical Neighbors For Sputnik Mookid  29Black Metal magienoire  8
Chill Electro/indie Art-rock IronGiant  10Live Music scottpilgrim10  23
Ranking the Devin Townsend Project Monstar1790  5October And Stuff TheGreatQ  15
Best 2014 Death And Black Metal. JasonCarne  24Favorite Albums At The Moment! Wirertragen7  2
Fall Digs tom79  3Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge Ranked oisincoleman64  36
Rec Me Action Movies dannyboy89  30Fantastic Fall Name-your-prices solongatlast  7
Which Of These 15 Albums Should I Get Th TheShining1980  34Dopesmoker Vs. Dopethrone Spokklett  36
666 Comments melonade  11Laughing So Hard At This PeaceThroughNethers  15
Death Metal Aoty SpiritCrusher2  55Folk/black Metal Nud  16
Your Favorite Book? IronGiant  90Rec Me Related Music/artists Mutantsnowstorm  13

If You Had To Choose 1.. Palatial  19Demon Days Ranked oisincoleman64  11
An Interesting Music Site... Comatorium.  23Phone Is Rip melonade  15
What New Video Game Should I Get? DarkSideOfLucca  28Good Movies/ No Tarantino Or IMDB favori Torontonian  53
'heavy Rotation' - Fall AceOfSpades  1Do You Guys Honestly Think There's A Co ArsMoriendi  119
Led Zeppelin I Ranked KrazyKris  24What I'm Diggin - October 2014 jercohen  0
What Post-hardcore Reminds Me Of Supercoolguy64  3Hip Hop----electronic----jazz Ryus  17
Hunky Dory Ranked eddie95  9Soilwork Ranked JCGold14  8
Fall out boy ranked[2] JokineAugustus  15Sad Autumn Digs SwanSoup  7
Gravity Falls Season 2 Ranked Froot  11My 40 Favourite Albums Traicion  12
Top 15 Thrash Metal Albums Of 2012 DakotaRogers  1Top 20 Thrash Metal Albums Of 2013 DakotaRogers  6
Listen To My Song FranzSchubert  16

Dream Theater Ranked By Album Art FacelessMan  25Ethereal Ocean igor  1
Please Rec Me Your Modern Day Classics, Frippertronics  64The Walking Dead Open Thread (spoilers I nononsense  220
Osdm/ Off Kilter Death Metal Recs emester  17In The Weak Light Lethean  10
How Old Is Your Dad? SnakeDelilah  62Spooky Scary Skeletons Brabiz  6
Comics: For Your Edification And Reading LordePots  2525 Perfect Hangover LP's For Your Hazy Dickens44  2
Whats Flowin Sputink ? Negator  11Fly By Night Ranked Snowdog808  2
Steve Morse Day OmairSh  13Any Noise Artists On Sput? Owantjaaaa  9
Grindcore Galore, Pt. 5 anachronisticanarchy  2Albums That Defined Our Generation? KrazyKris  79
Rec Me Non-screamo Emo oisincoleman64  8Hammock Ranked CK  7
Rec Me Some Things Yo chesse13  21My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever P0WERSHIFTER  2
Resident's Recs Part 2 ResidentNihilist  6United Nations Independence Party. DecayingMajesty  17
Rec Similars (hip Hop) 2CHAINAL  5Opinon On Image toomanyxsinmyname  39
Needz Moar Opeth Ranked Veldin  14Just Turned 20 dmp3131  10
Turned 13 Yesterday Ichangedmynametojeff  27Sputnik Power Levels Jacquibim  205
Good First Songs For Acoustic? BertMacklinFBI  8Halloween Recs oisincoleman64  18
I'm Not Having Any Of This Un-m/ Bullsh SCREAM!  12Neo-folky Goodness Ayil  6
Candy Ranked Muisc4Life26  38Thirty Pretty Bullets Dressed In Plaid InbredJed  22

Life Changing Chorus OmairSh  16My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Ranked ExplosiveOranges  40
Started Mixing The Album By My Friend An Brabiz  5Devin/strapping Ranked DarkSideOfLucca  8
Alien Isolation Tunaboy45  18Bow Down Before The Food You Serve Angelboros  13
Asnideleaves BertMacklinFBI  35Nocte's 2014 So Far NocteDominum  23
King Crimson Ranked sonictheplumber  31New Kayo Dot Whoa! CaptainDooRight  21
Mastodon Rankings Day 1: Remission motopitchman  1510 Albums I Hate That Everyone Loves P0WERSHIFTER  47
Best Shakespeare? Avagantamos  31New Projects and Stuff mindleviticus  1
Slipknot Ranked DarkSideOfLucca  20Wow Good Job SeaAnemone  54
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Songs F AmericanFlagAsh  21Random Stuff I've Had On Repeat cloakanddagger  6
Just 15 Albums Muisc4Life26  7At The Drive-in Vs. The Mars Volta furpa  29
Daryl Palumbo Ranked chinesewhispers  4

Fav Albmz Notaflower  4Blue Swan Records Ranked Dancedrewdance  1
Opening For The Reign Of Kindo PitchforkArms  8"if The Smiths Played Hardcore" Trebor.  15
Iron Maiden Ranked pyroflare77  10Personal Top 25 Albums That I Have Heard DarkSideOfLucca  19
Suicidal Black Metal Plz BertMacklinFBI  18Music Through My Life randon678  8
Found Last Year's Homecoming Assignment YakNips  21Albums That Would Make Good Video Game C oisincoleman64  14
Seeing Opeth Tomorrow VisionsFromTheDarkSide  14Beer + Depression cableguy  20
Dark Tranquillity Ranked Gameofmetal  12Greatest Progressive/Technical Thrash Al DakotaRogers  26
Cds Gotten This Year: 2014 oisincoleman64  3'Destiny' is a load of SHITE! (plus Th LepreCon  111
Usbm Vs Canadian Bm SCREAM!  18The Colour Spectrum Ranked Hedgehog32396  12
Let's Add Everyone ShitsofRain  19Jay Rock Is Better Than Kendrick Lamar FarveDollarFootLong  7
Hey, Its Fluttertrank. FlutAsuka  32Top 10 Hopsin Songs thestop5  6
Lengthy Discographies Worth Exploring Featured ComeToDaddy  76Tool Rankings Day 5: 10,000 Days motopitchman  20
Week 6 Predictions SowingSeason  148Led Zeppelin Iv Ranked Ichangedmynametojeff  17

Best In Ear Headphone? FloatHereForever  34Need Recs Please! FloatHereForever  11
Depressing Recs toomanyxsinmyname  49A Tribute To Ben Affleck CrackeTheSkull  3
My Favourite Rap/hip Hop Albums TheAristocrat96  11Weirdest/most Disturbing Things You've combustion07  63
There Is A Difference Between "classic pannkakesangen  24A Slow Descent (and Ssm) Ranked ExplosiveOranges  23
A Look Into My Library - Favorite Artist golfandcars2  11222 Ratings Until 1000 Snowdog808  11
More Shit My Gf Listens To RivalSkoomaDealer  42The Ju-tang Clan JulioJulio  11
Billboard #1 singles that didn't suck chinesewhispers  50Jam Big Riffs tempest--  13
18 Albums From My Favorite Bands NorthernSkylark  15My Taste Buds. deyp  14
40 Records I Cannot Live Without AcidCaravan  2249 Concerts Ranked HenchmanOfSanta  11
694 Ratings, 69 Albums Lakes.  14Top 10 SwizZz Songs thestop5  7
Tool Rankings Day 4: Lateralus motopitchman  22Cds I Bought Last Night Deathbeds  6
Auto Vs Stick Sleaper  23Nevermore Ranked pyroflare77  8

200 Ratings, 20 Albums Mutantsnowstorm  25Give Me That Bm Tss Stuff Let  16
Fall Time samsquanch  72014 Solbrave  5
High School Is Odd melonade  64Best Songs Of All Time BallsToTheWall  5
Great Hip Hop And Shit TheCatsAss  2why is this happening to me Static  38
Can I Trust Spunik Charts? BertMacklinFBI  81Cap Recs For You #20 CaptainDooRight  28
Current Album Collection Totengott  32Fruit Juice Ranked Betray  129
Sun Kil Moon Releases New Song: "war On Dimor  18The Other Death Metal Featured evilford  92
My Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Solbrave  8Weed - Good For Anxiety? BigPleb  156
Rec Me 2014 Rap/hip Hop LambsBread  23Do Any Of You Guys Paint? Muisc4Life26  42
Tool Rankings Day 3: Aenima (new Format) motopitchman  33Made A Split Spare  6

Periphery Live Dancedrewdance  37Twin Peaks SnakeDelilah  14
Rec Me 2014 Punk ExplosiveOranges  44Perfection scottpilgrim10  10
Tricycles Suck BertMacklinFBI  21Hook Me Up Lethean  24
Best Albums (1964-2013 ***redux***) TheShining1980  39Afi Tonight Storm In A Teacup  10
pluggin some onions at 9 est Static  6Tool Rankings Day 2: Undertow motopitchman  7
Essential Halloweencore Featured Hyperion1001  87Fantastic Albums That Need More Ratings suddykilljaywalkers  1
10 Best Drumming Albums KingdomOfTyrant  6Twin Peaks Is Returning ZombicidalMan  36
Gorillaz Ranked oisincoleman64  17Physical Graffiti Ranked Ricochet  20
Why Did The Cookie Cry? YetAnotherBrick  11Weezer Ranked (with Descriptions) Featured Lakes.  83
Q3 2014 Digs Jacquibim  19Greg's Q3 Of 2014 Featured greg84  20
Favorite Active Guitarists pedro70512  18

My Record Collection HushThatFuss  10Saw Gone Girl (spoilers) BeneaththeDarkOcean  16
Rec Me Some Dnb? endorphin  27How Do You Usually Dress? ArsMoriendi  110
Okc Vs Angel Dust Vs Mezzanine Polyethylene  58Lt. Surge BallsToTheWall  15
Just Went Through My Old Cds And... KjSwantko  25I Hate Parties Thuglifethor  123
Uk Prog Magazine's Top 100 Albums Torontonian  61Rec Me Bands With Female Vocals melonade  56
Tool Rankings Day 1: Opiate motopitchman  10NIN Ranked Froot  28
Don't Simply Look, React Lethean  7Mindle And Yak's Screamo Ep YakNips  54
Death (band) Albums Worst To Best FadeToBlack  1310 Best Electronic Albums Ever NickLizard49  2
Letlive BertMacklinFBI  25Manthony Spantano Glassjawx  47
21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs  20The Black Parade Ranked oisincoleman64  29
My Favorite Converge Tracks Muisc4Life26  24New Vinyl Pickups furpa  9
Well, Here We Go NecroticaLives  22I Hate The People I Work With chemicalmarriage  59

Check These Yo Polyethylene  6Underappreciated Albums steadyriot  11
Check My Bands New Single. Progger6009  13Great Edm Albums? IronGiant  35
Overlooked Albums 2014: Part 1 thejared  1Spoon At Whole Foods melonade  5
Top 20 Lp's Of '14 & Their Drink Count Featured Dickens44  21Helloween Ranked pedro70512  11
Cheap Wine And Metal BallsToTheWall  10Top 50 - 90s Britpop & Madchester Pheromone  17
Records! (again!) WellFedWhiteMale  0King Crimson Ranked Snowdog808  8
Bandcamp Binge Brabiz  12On The Piss W/ Calcy BigPleb  16
Best Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews  34Leaving Sputnikmusic Pokermask  46
2014 Stuff You're Missing Featured Mad.  474 Eps 4 U 808muzik  3
Recs For Sputnik Pt. 12 JamieTwort  51Best Weezer Album Ranked Artuma  45
Stuff I Gotta Review DatsNotDaMetulz  3Gone Girl scottpilgrim10  47
Rec Me Polka SharkTooth  19Great Black Metal With Under 20 Votes JasonCarne  14
System Of A Down Overview Muisc4Life26  33

Recs For A Bastard Angel Angelboros  51 Year Of Sputnik Jasdevi087  8
Bands I Think Could/should Have A Lot Of riseagainst7156  4Cap Nattens Madrigal Inspired Track Snip CaptainDooRight  19
Users Who Should Be Contribs Featured Jacquibim  2182014 So Far newjunk2  9
I'm Going 2 Rec U oltnabrick  76Emotion BertMacklinFBI  9
Please Rec More Like This! Brabiz  23Post-h & Good Recs BertMacklinFBI  7
Rec Me Some Live Albums TheShining1980  19The Killers Top 10 KrazyKris  6
First Song You Learned To Play On Guitar scottpilgrim10  34Qotsa Albums Ranked brandaao  11
Should I Bother With Vinyl? AaronIsCrunchy  46Help BertMacklinFBI  24
Top 5 Underrated Albums On Sputnikmusic thestop5  32Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Albums JerameAlive  21
Albums I Need To Get thecheatisnotdead  2Elton John Ranked (imo) Pokermask  7
I'm So Drunk Right Now :d FuneralMarch  19Need More Death Metal ILJ  41
Glad I Came Back BobbleHeadbutt  6

Ball's Ratchet Playlist BallsToTheWall  13Got Admitted Into College MyNameIsPencil  22
My Friend And I Are In The Early Stages Brabiz  6Sputnik Hip Hop Collab greencorn5  13
Sputnik's Best Users Intothepit  82Rec Me Angry Music melonade  41
Big Nig Ranked ExplosiveOranges  18Change The 18th Word In Your Favorite So theacademy  37
Modest Mouse's Top Tag Is Emo Trebor.  27Ambient Project MATTVLACH  1
My 2013 (top 50) blackwaterpark  2Blood Sugar Sex Magik Ranked KrazyKris  17
Ebola In Dallas SharkTooth  72Vinyl Collection So Far! Halfman  1
Some Interesting Jazz-rock Fusion Cactupuss  6Top Ten Power Metal Bands killth3p00r  12
Week 5 Predictions SowingSeason  23Top 5 Hip-hop LPs Of The 2010s thestop5  16
Best Black Metal Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews  47Super Smash Bros For 3ds Xenophanes  138
Need Something To Review Gameofmetal  31Need Good Surf Rock Pls StormChaser  14
do u think im cute Static  66More Badass Albums Under 4.0 chinesewhispers  13
Badass Albums Under 4.0 chinesewhispers  16

September 2014 Funeralopolis  5St. Jeromes Laneway Festival ellagos  16
First Dj Set Of The Year FadeToBlack  72 Years On Sputnik! Toondude10  41
Records On My Turntable, Scotch In My Be Dickens44  16Rec Me Some Good Reading Albums PortraitsOfDecay  30
Cap Recs For You #19 CaptainDooRight  64Sowingseason BertMacklinFBI  17
Rec Me Black Metal; It's Getting Cold. ChoccyPhilly  26Falling Forward theacademy  22
Not Good KrazyKris  38Everything Will Be Alright Ranked Insurrection  20
1 Year And Fav Users/albums BMDrummer  117Top 10 Bands I've Seen Live riseagainst7156  0
Albums That Don't Suck porcupinetheater  7October Means Listen To These AmericanFlagAsh  29
Top 5 Kanye West Albums thestop5  26New Album / Last Release Of The Year AnimalsAsSummit  4
R.i.p The U.s. melonade  77Weezer Ranked BohemianAle  17
Songs With Gibberish/Scatting BobbleHeadbutt  17Power Metal That Isn't Lame Mister Twister  71
Top 10 September thejared  6

Favorite Punk / Pop Punk / Emo / Ska Alb hahGAY  12A Year Of Sput emester  31
My Favorite Btbam Releases Ranked StarsDie  5Gt Dstryr 666 OvDeath  18
Comics: For Your Edification And Reading Featured LordePots  92Rank The Music Industry! StallionMang  27
Top 15 A Day To Remember Songs riseagainst7156  6Some Favourite Local Bands SCREAM!  13
R.i.p. Chimaira P0WERSHIFTER  2Metallica Ranked TheShining1980  13
Energy Drinks Ranked Betray  144Shouts Out To Yaknips melonade  22
Enjoyed Albums Of 2014 theamazingjamez  3I Don't Need A Reason Lethean  13
And It's You That I'll Remember When I YakNips  80I Haven't Made A List In Four Years RevengeSoldier  16
Symbolic Ranking yourgodisinferior  23Java Is So Frustrating chesse13  16
100,000 Scrobbles Trebor.  13Some Anime I Finished MUNGOLOID  3
Does Intent Matter? ArsMoriendi  16Snide's Metalcore Recs: I ASnideReturns  118
The Parallax II Live Is Out BarryMckokiner  5Quit One Of My Jobs Just Now Storm In A Teacup  11
PC Music Essentials jamesturney  5Back To Back Shows ScarlettPimpernail  4
Mynameispencil's Top 50 Albums! *comple MyNameIsPencil  15Little Surprise For Y'all Hurricanslash  4
Cap Demilich Inspired Dm Instrumental Tr CaptainDooRight  24Top 5 Iron Maiden Albums thestop5  6
happy birthday gestapo Static  10My Lifestyle Determines My Bucketstyle MrBucket  13
Who Wants Free Music?!?! Rowan5215  19users i like as more than friends Static  55
Rec Me Some Ambient Moosics Deubah  17Feel Good Recs Supercoolguy64  16

Some Good Albums: A 2014 Story Featured Aids  35Podcast Games erizen826  7
Drugs Are Pointless And If You Use Them melonade  48Glitter In The Darkness Featured BallsToTheWall  31
I'm Going To New Zealand! Ignimbrite  30Lastest Purchases Jasdevi087  6
Summer Of Love Recs laughingman22  13Stuff I Want On Wax ElviGemini  13
Who Is The Best Metal Band Of All Time? GrandpaSeth3000  97Grooviest Meshuggah Grooves Featured climactic  72
Difference Between Chords And Notes? apokolypz  222014: Some Metals ExplosiveOranges  37
Shiny Keyboards bakkermaarten007  11996 Recs Avagantamos  22
2014 Recs VisionsFromTheDarkSide  192013 Metal Redux pedro70512  19
Newest Acquisitions (4) Flugmorph  6Turn 19 Today Mookid  20
Videogame Soundtracks Vakarian12  25My Very Small Collection Deathbeds  24
Last Fm Top 10 September TenSecondsToThink  2Hesitant Alien Ranked Muisc4Life26  4
Grab My New Mixtape Hurricanslash  6Recent Reads Calc  23
7 Years Of Sputnik gagnonov  29Rec Me Android Apps? Glassjawx  13
365 Days Of Sputnik ScuroFantasma  7

Artists Not On Sputnik BobbleHeadbutt  30Top 10 Interpol Songs apokolypz  1
Saw Goat Tonight JoylessBastard  8Favorite Albums (semi-annual) BreakerdeGodot  4
2 Years On Sputnik PitchforkArms  19My Favorite Marvel Heroes Royl123  29
Favorite Albums Atm SharkTooth  12Rec Me Stuff BMDrummer  37
Climaxes johnnydeking29  18Charli Xcx > Metal BallsToTheWall  43
Might See Opeth And Etid Live melonade  14Epic Album Closers Featured wacknizzle  118
A Skeletal Domain Ranked dismember55  1Top 10 Favorite Lyrics BertMacklinFBI  19
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