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RIP! Jose Fernandez BallsToTheWall Cinematographic Music Asdfp277 
Review Challenge: Week of 9/23 JohnnyOnTheSpot diigs + hearts slackened 
Aphex! Twin! Judio! Trance-scendence Sinternet 
check these out if u havent parksungjoon "Various Artists" Gwyn. 
Top 50(?!) The Dear Hunter Songs ashcrash9 The Screamo Bible YakNips 
Review Challenge: Week of 9/9 SowingSeason If the Jazz ain't Free it's not for me Winesburgohio 

Pineapple or No Pineapple on Pizza? BlackMalachite  13

BoJack Horseman ZippaThaRippa  18I Sleep in the Dark... eliminatorjunior  6
albums i've listened to recently ArizonaIcedOutBoys  4Darkest Dungeon ConcubinaryCode  12
Rec Me Some Black Metal combustion07  17Sputnik PC Players, Add On Steam? FearThyEvil  12
Political junkyarddog4245  21Free Da Guys! imjustjoshinya  0
Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 3? BlackMalachite  72review Challenge: Week of 9/30 JohnnyOnTheSpot  39
Sci-Fi and Hip-Hop theNateman  13I messed up JizzInMyPants  7
Favorite Metal Vocalists elliootsmeuth  24Metal And Drinks BallsToTheWall  19
i have to listen to... Agonba  3Even more albums I plan on listening to kingdedethefifth  11
Top 10 WatchMojo Lists cryptologous  24recent digs grindcorecore  21
Top 25 Metallica Songs thecountlugosi  15fav deftones songs Typhoon24  11
Classic Drill Tracks imjustjoshinya  9Debate dogs sonictheplumber  11
Ashcrash Turns 20 ashcrash9  13Random Stuff I've Been Listening To Pt. Whatever FlipTrackz  10

Naughty Nuns BallsToTheWall  6Alt. Emo Recs apokolypz  9
Autumn Albums closed  0Hillary vs Trump - The First Debate BlackMalachite  830
De(a)finitive Deafheaven Ranking TheSpirit  20money impulsivisms that i havent regretted dreamgazing  0
The Beatles Albums ABond  28Kanye West Albums Ranked ABond  32
Best albums ever phasermark  2Second is really the best theNateman  35
Guilty Pleasures flukemmviii  5Top 20 Albums ever. PLEB WARNING DirEnRefused  33
Top 11 Movie and Game Songs deadrisingx1  19Fu Manchu Ranked Dwap  2
Riffs & Biscuits BigPleb  15Second is the Best omgbecky  8

My 10 Favorite Albums of 2014 Populaire731  0lofi punk punker50  2
Top Rated Punk Albums Kompys2000  3Gay songs dfevil085  156
2016 wrung out to dry TheWrenKing  23Listen/Relisten List kieren95  0
RIP Arnold Palmer DominionMM1  10Check out my Anarchopunk band! eliminatorjunior  37
cymbal/anticipated albums Futures  37New Nicolas Jaar Album: Streaming P0nto  0
RONK Crymsonblaze  37P0nto/jams P0nto  3
Hello once again friends!!! MrFriendlyFriend  4My 10 Favorite Albums of 2015 Populaire731  3
Playlist 9/26 DavidShaw1213  0Picture this eatdirtfartdust12  19
RIP! Jose Fernandez Featured BallsToTheWall  63Jose Fernandez SnakeDelilah  8
One Year in Sputnik brettgoespunk  35Whirr? timebetweentrains  45
Clearing the Xbox Backlog ArtBox  6Electro-Gods Needed, Maybe... dbizzles  9
Cinematographic Music Featured Asdfp277  81Sputnik Setups. G0atC0re  27
Top 50 Albums Of 2015 SubmissiveOstrich  18East Coast Recs Drifter  10

OFFICIAL Thrash Metal Index Part Two StrikeOfTheBeast  1410,000 Scrobbles/4,000 Comments TheMrAlexK  51
Amity and BAAO HeckToPay  7Top 11 Headbanging / Head Bobbing Albums deadrisingx1  17
Opinions on the Charlotte Riots & my Shitty music RestInPieces  135Review Challenge: Week of 9/23 Featured JohnnyOnTheSpot  54
Top 6 people MetalApe  4o wow another list Ryus  22
2016 really is a good year for music Wirertragen7  8Official best users Tyler.  31

Modern Hardcore Rex G0atC0re  11Sputnik credit card numbers sixdegrees  27
Rec me some Christian music CaliggyJack  100Sputnik Drinking Futures  248
Sputnik Ink Thread BlackMalachite  60Original Song Demo oisincoleman64  8
What's your height/weight? claygurnz  181My Chemical Romance Ranked Muisc4Life26  10
Guilty Pleasures...But Really I'm Not Guilty Stereochrome1  26OFFICIAL Thrash Metal Index StrikeOfTheBeast  51
Finnish Death Metal elliootsmeuth  12September 23 Pick Ups FlipTrackz  7
81% Burnt calmrose9  25Two of the greatest electronic albums ever created AnimalsAsSummit  6
Favourite vocalists Flashmobba  45Albums That Make Me Puke Of How Good They Are LordePots  82
Like Black Metal? Check out Fin combustion07  10MUSIC 4 U 3 LotusFlower  21

Rec Me Your Favorite 2k16 Jams pt.2 (/pt.1 recap) TheMrAlexK  31diigs + hearts Featured slackened  75
chinese is making a mixtape chinesewhispers  7Most Consistent Artist For You? Drifter  61
Great Movies BallsToTheWall  43recent jams 9/22/16 ArizonaIcedOutBoys  1
Soilwork Ranked Kronzo  2Tulsa Cop charged with 1st degree manslaughter Storm In A Teacup  103
Rec me essential grindcore HazelMotes92  18Life is Expensive ZippaThaRippa  38
Latest Purchases/Pick-Ups (Vinyl) WellFedWhiteMale  7jamz 09/16 yourmindsdecide  2
Your "Almost's" elliootsmeuth  49Girlfriend hates my music BelieveInDog  168
Best metal/rock vocals kingdedethefifth  14My Favorite Electronica/Industrial Albums ShadyTwist  3
I am ill Sinternet  28"-core" bands rant (plus list) ShadyTwist  25
AE songs Agonba  0My top 5 favorite Metal albums of all time StylusHarbinger  6
Album Of The Year Contenders? NocteDominum  67

Broken Hand Playlist Kompys2000  4Like Doing 65 on the 5 at 5 Trebor.  6
Jonny vs. Kurt vs. Tillian Feather  44It's My Birthday elliootsmeuth  13
Music my girlfriend likes kingdedethefifth  273TheSpirit's 2016 Listenin' TheSpirit  22
Coheed and Cambria: (almost) a full track ranking Archelirion  42horf horf horf EmailAccounts  24
Guessing Game: Trump will win x% of the black vote GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  125Drum & Bass yourgodisinferior  35
If God was real... ZippaThaRippa  36Albums that NEED reviews! (Updated) AaroN911  9
300 Ratings Drifter  9Albums with these vibes AnimalsAsSummit  9
Albums I'm excited for CzechyGuy  3Full-on 5/5 Dylan620  53
Lucifer's Friend ranked BenMorrison  2Top "10" Toby Driver Albums farmer56  13
Ranking The Strokes' Album Art (ArtBox's Art Box) ArtBox  3do you like guns? Typhoon24  114
plug lives Futures  79My 10 Favorite Albums Of The Decade 2010-2016 Populaire731  6

Attack of the Killer Riffs Kompys2000  31 year closer 2 death oltnabrick  31
once again Storm In A Teacup  6262016 HeckToPay  10
2 Years of Sputnik wtferrothorn  38rec shit i'd like Ryus  31
Favorite Metal Albums loulou  15Turn it up to 11 GWilson096  18
NHL 17 Spec  36Obscure but amazing-metal kingdedethefifth  6
Black Malachite Album Stream BlackMalachite  154My 7 year Sputiversary Nazzadan  8
say yes to no wave! eliminatorjunior  16Rate My 5's Too pls Drifter  31
My King Crimson Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  34Rate my 5s? BelieveInDog  44
It's my birthday Sinternet  19TOP FIVE Agonba  8
2016 so far Agonba  472015 Agonba  2
KoL ranked Agonba  0Eluveitie ranked Agonba  0
Hey, it's my birthday today Jasdevi087  70Aphex! Twin! Featured Judio!  41

Rec me an album you think i'd love Tyler.  46To Do List FlipTrackz  11
Rec Me Albums You Think I'd Love ArsMoriendi  104Pop Punk Extravaganza ZodiacalWolf  5
cake day, flug off! Flugmorph  47Scooby Doo On Zombie Island BallsToTheWall  89
Rough Day Mix Mason173  4song for someone to rap on Storm In A Teacup  34
21st Birthday // My band put out another track PitchforkArms  2Check This Album Out RestInPieces  8
Saor - Guardians review Rastapunk  10Endless Death AdolfChrist  0
Twin Peaks timebetweentrains  46Cool aussie stuff Rowan5215  44
5 More Albums That Changed My Life Populaire731  5

Recent College Digs MarsKid  4Review Nomination Game LordePots  102
My band put out another song! PitchforkArms  1Animals Kompys2000  25
shit i listened to this past weekend ArizonaIcedOutBoys  5Death Grips Ranked (Again) MotoOnSputnik  10
Best to Worst Tracks of the Week oisincoleman64  9Trance-scendence Featured Sinternet  71
Rec Me Anything and Everything oisincoleman64  23Your Ideal World Tour BlackMalachite  26
Best of 1971 Anthracks  17Best Symphonies of all time loulou  10
Beastie Boys Ranked theNateman  26I Hate Creative Differences BlazinBlitzer  57

Drinking Songs BallsToTheWall  23What kind of music would you see yourself making? Cygnatti  85
Depression claygurnz  42sputnik "worst users" tournament VOTE NOW iloveyouall  681
2016 Punk/Pop-Punk/Hardcore/etc, Check the Fuggout Stereochrome1  25Your Ideal Show dmp3131  6
Underated Artists loulou  14I Made T-Shirts! + More Album Details BlackMalachite  29
Anyone use MUBI? spookynewghostfriend  18Sia Albums Ranked VinerichX  21
DND Jams demigod!  22groovy Ryus  27
Sowing's Week 2 Picks SowingSeason  62Call The Doctor BallsToTheWall  5
78vs79vs80vs81vs82 (+recs) DoofusWainwright  82BLONDIE IS THE GREATEST ROCK GROUP OF THE CENTURY YeezyStardust  12
New King Crimson guys Veldin  15

so i says... pbateman  7MUSIC 4 U 2 LotusFlower  52
give me your best terrible puns Hellscythe  53recent jams ArizonaIcedOutBoys  2
Rec me music to listen to while pissed off ArizonaIcedOutBoys  32rec me cathartic jams Typhoon24  15
Silent Hill Ranked Brabiz  15Stylishly Unstylish BallsToTheWall  4
2016 TomBombadil  8Has something like this ever happened to you? rabidfish  28
Prime Age for Musicians GhostOfSarcasticBtrd TheBarber  6
Similar Sounding Song Parts (in pair order) Pt 1 flukemmviii  5R.I.P. Bolt Thrower 1986-2016 VVild18  15
Who enjoys watching UFC? Wearingyourmomsface  32

5 Albums That Changed My Life Populaire731  37Forgotten '90s gems Kompys2000  6
whats up Conmaniac  81classical music Foxhound  21
Recs list Frippertronics  70Overheating can't melt stealing elections Storm In A Teacup  157
check these out if u havent Featured parksungjoon  126AC/DC VS Nickelback POZERKILLER  75
rec me good 2016 death metal plz evilford  40Top 5 Albums Drifter  6

A rite of passage Ocean of Noise  18Album Pickups! 50iL  23
(I)Love Everything feat 2,000 ratings celebration TVC15  17Downtempo eeker88  12
i dont feel guilty anymore EmailAccounts  40Rec me hip hop! MikeC26  6
rec me hip hop loveisamixtape  21Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Non-Album Tracks ArsMoriendi  9
Songs Without Albums theNateman  31Please let users rate in 0.1 increments! minty901  90
Starbucks BallsToTheWall  93"Various Artists" Featured Gwyn.  24
Ranking Soundgarden's Album Artwork ArtBox  10Greatest Cinematographers ryu  25

Metallica Ranked demonSABER  2Favorite Korn albums ScottNerot  15
Hush (horror movie) timebetweentrains  9stretching lou HeckToPay  3
Need me some Space Music FlipTrackz  10I'm going to build a PC GeorgeWBush  39
Just got back from deployment chinesewhispers  16Champion's League Prediction Thread ZippaThaRippa  39
2k16 Underdogs wtferrothorn  22Favorite cycles loulou  6
Vinyl, the Fedora of music... AaroN911  77kratom ban trve  69
China Jams SitarHero  15Hip Hop Digs/Recs Rawmeeth38  10
Chill Yourself. JigglyPDiddy  24My Top 5 Albums Twilightfern  7
Turntable/Record Players? calmrose9  17Potsy 2016 Month 3000: 2016 Edition Version 3000 LordePots  30

Metallica Albums Ranked ScottNerot  19Expressions of Interest iloveyouall  78
vinyl collection part 2 ArizonaIcedOutBoys  1Instrumental shoegaze post-rock? IronGiant  15
CD Pickups FullOfSounds  55stuff i listened to over the summer pinniped  5
Atmospheric/ambient BM recs MistaCrave  26And I Mead You More Than Ever..... BallsToTheWall  15
Southern Style Hip-Hop/Rap DefendCrabCore  9Top Ten Architects (The Overlooked) Spec  37
Favorite bands loulou  5Best Isis Albums loulou  8
favorite prog/power metal loulou  1825 Dark Electronic Albums yourgodisinferior  19
Top 10 Norma Jean Tracks Shoegazefan9789  14Things That Suck Toad  85
Favorite Albums of 2015 Shamus248  2New Fish plinkfoyd  12
Best Grindcore Album EVER VVild18  25Help me, mods! SAPoodle  19

Best death metal kingdedethefifth  10vinyl collection part 1 ArizonaIcedOutBoys  4
MUSIC 4 U LotusFlower  34Underrated Metal Albums Sevengill  46
The 2010's Has Been Slow Compared To 2016 TheMagicalBlender  13New Black Malachite Song BlackMalachite  28
Non-American/British Albums I'm Enjoying acdlewis  3CD Collection JKnott  7
i think you should hear this if you haven't already CzechyGuy  0Pavement Ranked johnnydeking29  6
Rec Me Autumn Albums oisincoleman64  55September why you so long ThyCrossAwaits  17
The Return DavidShaw1213  3It's My Birthday FullOfSounds  50
The Wasp Factory zakalwe  452-thousand ratings Ziguvan  3
Classic albums ScottNerot  9Rec Me Hip Hop with Gorgeous Hooks Drifter  14
Post your wallpaper MyNameIsPencil  69Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ranked porcupinetheater  21

1984 TVC15  19how to play mint sink EmailAccounts  14
Most Underrated Albums of All Time Stjimmy101  12Best of 2016 (So Far) frienderman  6
Top 10% of My First 500 Ratings bgillesp  4Axolotl List johnnydeking29  3
Random Stuff I've Been Listening To Pt. 5 FlipTrackz  240 Records To Spin: 2016 Underflow  16
My New LP Is Out CaliggyJack  18Rec Me Whatever You Want tkxxx7  23
Best from this decade (Til Now) Maco097  3My top 20 favorite albums of all time. 0GuyMan0  27
Fuck The Panthers BallsToTheWall  47

Frustration MistaCrave  11Ranking Deftones' Album Artwork ArtBox  37
Top 50(?!) The Dear Hunter Songs Featured ashcrash9  34Favorite (Mainstream) Alternative Metal bentheREDfan  79
My Favorite NOFX Songs Stjimmy101  2Top 2 Albums of the Decade Divaman  16
5 underground albums of 2015 Hanusko  0How Objectively Do You Rate Albums? FullOfSounds  54
25 Songs I Love (And So Can You), Part VI riffariffic7  5My 2016 Top Albums babb  1
3rd wave Black Metal loulou  35Where the fuck is Deviant. w the elite edm lists Negator  28
First Power Metal Albums Glorfindel  3Bear vs. Shark RNYITBOHAISIQRYDWKIAH Ranked TheCharmingMan  8
Flug's August 2016 in Music Flugmorph  8No bullshit /core Albums dixoncocks  48
Stupidest thing you got in trouble for in School? POZERKILLER  195Black Giraffes Matter Vs. All Giraffes Matter BlackGiraffe  9

I'm back! random  56969 Comments + Recent Mature Jams ScuroFantasma  8
comploment the person ahead of you haha EmailAccounts  53Instrumental Progressive and Metal SethEZ  3
The Screamo Bible Featured YakNips  87give me bay area rap Typhoon24  17
May I share a Jam with you? theNateman  7Ranking 2016 XXL Freshmen Davidl31  12
Top 50 of 2015 Sniff  7Needs some recs flukemmviii  5
All hail milk claygurnz  78Black Sabbath Albums Ranked masterofreality  27
Six Years on Sputnik BlackMalachite  67Growing Up on Sputnik YetAnotherBrick  45
My Birthday! 50iL  35When Did You Stop Using Capital Letters? Spec  84

Best Dear Hunter Album? FlipTrackz  24Skating Playlist Kompys2000  9
Help for Ring Day? BlazinBlitzer  12My goats pt. 1 batstevens  17
Weezer Album Ranking LebowskiRams  11FETISHES RANKED ZippaThaRippa  345
Clowns BallsToTheWall  33i sure do love off minor Tyler.  17
Sowing's Week 1 Picks SowingSeason  95Politics? StarlessCore  16
Your Political Compass BlackMalachite  719Gigs Past and Present Tunaboy45  18
Must Have VfBstar8  2Top 10 Local Albums of 2015 (Long Island + NYC) Divaman  11
IRL Music Friends AsleepInTheBack  132Stuff These Up Your Ass AdolfChrist  26
Can't think of a title random  26

Which Digital Audio Workstation closed  16Coping with school logicisirrelevant  70
Review Challenge: Week of 9/9 Featured SowingSeason  33this week's things that i dig dreamgazing  2
Top 25 Nirvana Songs HazelMotes92  21Who still plays Skyrim? Storm In A Teacup  104
Need to check 2 BlackWizard  0check out my dad's old band TheWrenKing  8
Competitive Pokemon BlackMalachite  114Ball's Favorite Rap Albums BallsToTheWall  18
Slayer Ranked toxicgarbageisland1  12Cymbal ellagos  10
competitive pokemon sputters trve  11Infinite Summer RadicalEd  29
It’s Been a Summer AsleepInTheBack  40Progressive Rock Anthology Ankit  37
SideOneDummy Records BlackGiraffe  3Flawed 5s porcupinetheater  21
Recs and Recent Purchases CaimanJesus  8What's Your Favorite "Three Track Run" Drifter  58

If the Jazz ain't Free it's not for me Featured Winesburgohio  33Game Of Thrones Marathon Part 1 NewBallistics  20
deeply personal albums to me Wirertragen7  6Most Memorable Lyric From All of Your 5's TheMagicalBlender  32
new album by me hello YakNips  11top 15 favorite hip hop releases HeckToPay  8
JAM THESE RIGHT NOW CommunistConrad  525 favorite Rap records hoologan2565  22
Don't Breathe vs. Evil Dead miketunneyiscool123  6The Best Record of All Time BlackGiraffe  11
Ranking Bloc Party's albums Stjimmy101  9All-Timers BullettoBinary2  26
omfg vegans tho!!!! Polyethylene  297My Cd Collection Decolu  11
Halo 2.... BallsToTheWall  71An Intimate Discussion: john darr torts  29
VeggieTales: Definitive Top 20 Songs Toad  45Sweet succulent meat. grannypantys  38

Black Metal Blue World porcupinetheater  20Chocolate-covered stuff RANKED+digs rabidfish  77
The Black Dahlia Murder Discography Ranking ToMMyMiL16  253DS Frippertronics  142
Tape music? IronGiant  16Worst songs to play at a wedding random  37
Truth BallsToTheWall  19New Black Malachite Album (The Writing) BlackMalachite  130
Artists/bands i'm seeing (or planning on seeing) 2016 SwanSoup  13Need to download BlackWizard  0
R.I.P. Jerry Heller Drifter  7Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.17 engleprunt  2
An Evening With dbizzles... dbizzles  9Top 20 Songs of 2015 Divaman  0

Vinyl Collection on it's way chipperjones  2A few name-your-price metal albums Featured Hellscythe  32
Top 10 Albums of 2015 Divaman  10List=Digs: The Reunion Tour Jash  10
Weird Dream Last Night Drifter  12Music I Love with Vocals I Don't Shemson  69
Random Stuff I've Been Listening To Pt. 3 FlipTrackz  4Rec me emo post rock MistaCrave  31
Blood Money Bitches americanohno  6The best Experimental Pop album of the year IceDoesntHelp  21
Autumn Music Recs Greem  9

Sepultura Marathon ScuroFantasma  34Three Day Weekend. Give me 21 recs Drifter  9
cunnilingus playlist Jstefut1234  13Ranking Blink-182 albums Stjimmy101  36
Get Hyped w/ Sowing SowingSeason  39i want to get another tattoo Tyler.  150
Need to check BlackWizard  0Got Spotify Premium Rec Me Stuff Spec  11
GOT Prequel? BallsToTheWall  21Labor Day Weekend! AaroN911  37
need to catch up on 2016!! Wirertragen7  8

Essential Compilations SlackContortion  1525 Songs I Love (And So Can You), Part V riffariffic7  2
My favourite albums (in no particular order) OublieSeptembre  10Re-installed Windows,,, teamster  14
Just post random sh*t/ discuss something. Valkoor952  171The Colour in Anything vs. Blonde sumyunguy  4
Check these NeroCorleone80  8Albums that NEED reviews! AaroN911  22
Favorite Hip Hop Albums Sevhead  34Ancient Cities BallsToTheWall  26
The Soundtrack To My Life justAman  5August 2016 resumé UniqueUniverse  5
My first album is streaming online peartnoy  2Top 10 Albums of August 2016 BradleyLayne  9
An album a day keeps the doctor away twwerkcity  40

i can hear them in the distance EmailAccounts  16Spreadin' the Word! Kompys2000  3
STRESSED OUT ZippaThaRippa  38Check out my new solo album! KriegdemKriege  9
Saving Myself for Devin bgillesp  10I want to be sad eliminatorjunior  21
Rec me something. Valkoor952  31Black Metal I Like Fatbop  16
AdolfGrind AdolfChrist  61Favorite artists By number of songs theNateman  17
Afropunk 2016 aok  4Pencil. Pencil? Pencil! Frippertronics  58
why don't you get a job? Hellscythe  52

more pickups: the list dreamgazing  7All Aboard the 5's Train! TheMagicalBlender  9
need some brutal death brainmelter  45Furious Blasting Death Metal DeathMetalDungeon  0
Saw Kayo Dot last night Featured insomniac15  16My alternative hip-hop collection olimar  32
THEY'RE HERE, UNDER THE FLOOR BOARDS PunchedPeach72  19Anyone near Toronto? Artuma  52
Just Saw The Body and Full of Hell combustion07  9Modest Mouse © approved products and brands wwf  15

Help on Reviewing elliootsmeuth  9Gene Wilder BallsToTheWall  38
Harsh Noise / Power Electronics MoosechriS  19Chortling Through FYF Fest '16 Featured Chortles  30
I AM NOT DEAD! Just in college fallenbird  29Songs on Vortex of Violence Ranked Deathpenalty  0
Good albums I found thanks to this site flukemmviii  0An Intimate Discussion: Dalton Dubois Featured torts  98
Some Recent Vinyl Pickups Stereochrome1  3Tony Romo BallsToTheWall  51
difference between suggest tag and submit tag? magicuba  1Need Advice Recording My Own Music BigBlob  16
Star Wars Valkoor952  113Manic Street Preachers SowingSeason  11
What album should I review next? miketunneyiscool123  23Albums I Love That Sputnik Doesn't BeneaththeDarkOcean  66
it means so much iloveyouall  49Potsy: Back On The 2016 Music Train LordePots  63
Getting married on Saturday! theNateman  121

Such a great year for music Wirertragen7  9New Single! from Toad the User! Toad  121
Electronic with vocals? closed  31Rec me post metal smaugman  26
School FullOfSounds  20Ranking Black Flag's Albums. Stjimmy101  19
First Music Video - check it out AnimalsAsSummit  12ALA Petition claygurnz  258
Justice League Dark dream cast KenboSlice  6Musicians / Writers Block (Workarounds?) BlackMalachite  46
Back to School digs Toondude10  5Theatrical Concept Albums TVC15  21
JT's 2016 Digs and Other Jams JamieTwort  24Songs/Bands similar to.. Empyreal  8
Mindful digs sonictheplumber  12

::::Music for flying::::: SwanSoup  41Current Musical Influences Dizchu  3
Musical Neighbors: It's Back* Featured macman76  175Dead Epics wham49  4
Altmer (She's Jammin') Altmer  8I don't really wanna ask, but... MercuryToHell  19
Meanwhile, a black metal song. Ziguvan  11fuck yeah J1996  8
Top 10 Albums, 6 Years Later... Alucard125  6R&B DefendCrabCore  7
Pantera Albums Ranked Kompys2000  61Recs AngryLittleAlchemist  152

Fuck everything TVC15  41i am out of beer:( Tyler.  37
Vote for your favorite Brand New songs elliootsmeuth  17We're All Weirdos Here Tunaboy45  172
Get Schwifty Stereochrome1  8Things I Love BallsToTheWall  22
Rec me your favorite creation laughingman22  32Nationality Valkoor952  258
seeds of none BMDrummer  16Songs On Iowa (2001) by Slipknot Ranked Deathpenalty  13
Fugazi Ranked NeroCorleone80  10why is the ulcerate drummer so good StarlessCore  11
I guess I'll give this sputnik thing a shot ItsTime4BirdUp  91200 Ratings, Wooo FullOfSounds  44
well fuck huskerdoo  9ARCTIC MONKEYS RANKED WalrusAssassin  17
Slipknot albums ranked Deathpenalty  20How's it going? SoccerRiot  31
Reactions to Your Music From Family/Friends AdolfChrist  47Shiznit I gotta review theNateman  13
"Death Ranked" Lists in a Nutshell TableGuy  14

Aeroplane parodies GeorgeWBush  1RADIOHEAD RANKED WalrusAssassin  27
The Real Metallica Ranked Maco097  2KANYE WEST TOP 10 WalrusAssassin  5
metallica ranked, sorry guys Shadowmire  22Metallica Ranked BigPleb  31
KANYE WEST RANKED WalrusAssassin  0Similar to Tim Hecker? demigod!  11
My favorite band names jmh886  44Bumbershoot + First Music Festival SPRFanOf5H  7
Terrible Band Names Featured jmh886  1122016 Grindcore so far HazelMotes92  16
Rec me music like this CzechyGuy  12System Of A Down albums ranked Deathpenalty  14
2016 - 4 months to go NorwichScene  16When You Spend An Hour Making a List... GreyShadow  19
Damn Right I Got the Blues (and Bluegrass) porcupinetheater  30Favorite Marilyn Manson Albums Saturnus  4
Fingerpicking: some fun songs to learn/play? Ignimbrite  23

Favourite BTMI! songs tom79  9Recommend Me Some Stuff CriticalCriticals  10
Top 5 Favorite Levels In Video Games TheMagicalBlender  94best bands @ ArcTanGent Festival 2k16 magiqksquirrel  5
Creeping 5's elliootsmeuth  21Owen is better than American Football Trebor.  30
Favorite women in music + some i want to check out SitruK6  68Abstract Rap theNateman  22
Did A Little Remix BlackMalachite  3Review Challenge: Week of 8/26 Featured SowingSeason  39
Thy Catafalque Ranked blacklightjer  5Rhapsody Of Fire Albums Ranked TheClansman95  0
Favorite Albums of 2014 Shamus248  7Metal Recs Needed AsleepInTheBack  34
Under 50 Votes, Part 12 Greem  3Holidays w/ Sabrutin, Rikkukun and InternetElf CusmanX1  7
Swastika Tattoos? POZERKILLER  179Best Choruses/Hooks? 50iL  62
Things I Hate BallsToTheWall  123

Need Moar R&B/Soul/Hip-hop Veldin  12We Are Beggars All: My Top 50 Thrice Songs killrobotmusic  7
Overwatch anarchistfish  175New EP out n shit AnimalsAsSummit  4
I did not hit her onionbubs  53Pakistani music for ya, Coke Studio: Pakistan 4 OmairSh  55
feelings, n shit pbateman  31Upcoming Concerts thecheatisnotdead  13
corrupt game saves trve  30Lifting Again and Discussion emester  94
Dunno About Y'all pizzamachine  302016 is dope YakNips  50
Current/Prior/Eventual Military Calc  15favorite vocaloids ♪┌|^.^|┘♪ KikuGirl  10

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