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2010s: Best Electronic Releases lou1000 Italian Prog - Top 30 menawati 
Potsy: What Makes A Cool Music Listener? LordPots Bjork Ranked With Descriptions scottpilgrim10 
Aids' Top 100: Current Favourite Albums Aids It's Time. Frippertronics 
let's look back! Kris. Ska Makes You A Better Person dimsim3478 
10 God Awful Years With You People Athom Amon Duul Ii Ranked menawati 

Treb's 100 Favorite Emo Albums Trebor.  0Opinions On Whether Or Not England Shoul Inhalation3  8
Trioscapes 1drummer  2Fragile Ranked ArsMoriendi  6
Iron Maiden Ranked! (by Album Art) BlackLlama  19Elite Prog Round #1 M8 Friday13th  12
Rec Me Albums Less Than 40 Minutes Long sapient  572010s: Best Electronic Releases Featured lou1000  30
? Lucid Labyrinth ? FranzSchubert  3Follow Up On Sputnik Baby thepaintedalice  29
Hench's Top Whatever: 1979 HenchmanOfSanta  6Dillinger Album Artworks Ranked slagun  20
Finnish Education Rules. American Edu Su Fluttertrank  21So You Successfully Summoned Bhaal... osmark86  27
The Real Spinal Taps BenMorrison  1The Yellow Riff Road BigPleb  17
My Top 20 Oasis Songs Muisc4Life26  6Tags That Should Exist JaySpiral  66
5 Favorite Albums So Far StormIsComing  9metal recs like these samsquanch  9
Rec Me Your Dissonant And Chaotic. JimFear  35Favorite Bands April 2014 AEGMDoumenc  12
Morrissey/smiths Songs I Want To See Liv Thunderkat  6They're Killing Independent Garg Butkuiss  24

Metal Gear Solid Ranked EJinHD  3120 Favorite Beatles Songs Friday13th  21
Am I Metalling Right?!? Toad  72listen Graveyard  5
Watched Some Of The Nba Playoffs YoYoMancuso  75Got A Guitar ncguitar  35
Rec Me Some Good Alternative Metal StKiyo  20Best Made Up Band Name tmagistrelli  34
Music To Listen To November06  0Why Did I Wait To Listen To This? PitchforkArms  21
Shameless Request For Recs slimdaddy  17...fuk 2 ethos  6
Guitar String Brands Ranked ZombicidalMan  12Italian Prog - Top 30 Featured menawati  39
Draft 7.30 And Weed Wolfe Remix After We Relinquished  5In The Court Of The Crimson King Ranked Snowdog808  25
Poetry Slam YetAnotherBrick  10Pre-Nirvana Demo Tape ArsMoriendi  40
Need Some Recs (death/trash/black metal) iBlue  3Top 5 80's/90's Hard Rock/metal Ballad ARealDeadOne  7
I've Written A Concept Album [Forgotten fallenbird  39Best Punk/emo/pop-punk Lettuce  11
Led Zeppelin Suck spookynewghostfriend  126Top 50 Albums DjentGroove  9
30 / 36... emester  22Recent Acquisitions (vinyl) Part Deux WellFedWhiteMale  4
Modern Music Madness, Final Round MysteriousAlt  47Havin A Sputnik Baby thepaintedalice  32
A Drug Filled Winter RayRay  7Agalloch Ranked BigPleb  71
Hi. Roman  31Hench's Top 20s: 1978 HenchmanOfSanta  13
Songs With Homosexual Tones Or Undertone JuustMeKB  37Walked In On My Roommate Naked On My Bed CK  68
Viva Hard Jammers! [3] FiveLeavesLeft  24Opeth Ranked yourgodisinferior  5
Recent Purchases Jasdevi087  4Deftones>pink Floyd spookynewghostfriend  45
Current Jams Needsmoarbreakdowns  2Twin Peaks Treeman  41
What Is A Sputnikmusic? (aka Hi I'm Toa Toad  90

(old) Alice In Chains Ranked Ichangedmynametojeff  25Cd Collection: Artists O-z Rsetness9  3
Top 10 Favorite Slayer Songs emester  9The Worst Albums Of 2013 (in My Opinion) ExplosiveOranges  26
Red Hot Chili Peppers Ranked ElvisAlt12  37Electric Wizard Ranked Jekub  15
My Top Ten Albums Of... The Past 2 Month Ichangedmynametojeff  7Albums that White Pony Is Better Than spookynewghostfriend  44
Deftones Ranked spookynewghostfriend  14Personal 100 Fav Albums Since 2010 theTourist  6
Campus T-shirts Ranked slimdaddy  17Spanish Speaking Exam In Two Weeks Tunaboy45  62
I Suck At Ideas For Lists Caucasian  12Recs Like These Please? Inhalation3  19
Old Country Recs samsquanch  10The Blood Brothers Reunite For Five Show widowslaugh123  12
Musicians That Need More Attention Hurricanslash  7Top 5 Bands I Saw At Coachella W2 whatsernam  2
Can't Stop Listening To NarlusKing123  4Elite Prog Round #1 M7 Friday13th  61
Bands That Need To Release New Material Owantjaaaa  29Rancid Ranked eddie95  6
Your Workout Playlist? StinkyPinky  19I Missed It Treeman  7
Best Albums To Lift To Hyperion1001  86Past Month's Digs Derek521  6
Birthday Of Malleus [a List] MalleusMaleficarum  13Wednesday's Show Betray  5
Hench's Top 20s: 1977 HenchmanOfSanta  6Mathrock/mathcore Recs Greem  18
Converge Top 20 Artuma  22Ranking My 5s BenMorrison  23
New Dead Congregation AdolfChrist  15Modern Music Madness, Semi-finals MysteriousAlt  76
Summer Shows iSkane  1Came Out Of The Closet Today :) thejared  54

Some Cool Albums suddykilljaywalkers  3I Can Drive And Have Sex With Old People Kman418  65
Labeled Emo/post Hardcore/screamo Compil msm008  6Strung Out Ranked OwMySnauze  1
2014 I Guezz pmmets07  6Edgy List #8:blackgaze,new Ulver, Post b TheRealVermicide9013  19
Avenged Sevenfold Concert tightwadhill13  194/20 Zombie Jesus New Demo deathofasalesman  9
Top 10 Opeth Songs ChoccyPhilly  37Cd Collection: Artists A-n Rsetness9  12
Happy Easter, Bitches FiveLeavesLeft  16Easter Sludge Day wacknizzle  11
Happy Easter, Heil Satan! BlackLlama  12 what would we do in pentos?, 2014 mryrtmrnfoxxxy  17
What's Your Favorite Song Ever? danielcardoso  64Just Bought My Slint Ticket YetAnotherBrick  2
My Understanding Of Coachella MyNameIsPencil  7Is Amoeba Record Store Good lou1000  22
It's 4/20 SharkTooth  41Dub From France Rastapunk  6
Hench's Top 20s: 1976 HenchmanOfSanta  3Modern Music Madness, Rd. 4 MysteriousAlt  41
A Musical Evolution 14 Years In The Maki RyusReborn  18Rage Censored ILiveInNetherlands  6
Two New Sp Albums In 2015 Tunaboy45  15Green Day Worst To Best panchovilla  30
Record Store Day Scores ImmortalPaper  313 People On Sputnik Tagged Radiohead As iscarabaid  42

Jammers Viva Hard [interim] fromtheinside  57Recs List Cygnatti  42
Music Through the "Ages" ArsMoriendi  3510 Cds For $1 TheGreatQ  13
Jams For 4/20 Tomorrow TheNexus100  29What I Bought Today (record Store Day!!) mkamrass  6
Rsd And All That AliW1993  114 Year Lurker - First Post Ted  14
Rsd Haul BMDrummer  19Thank You Sputnik... MyRubberSoulAlt  16
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow  38Cap Experimental Metal Ep CaptainDooRight  11
Top Ten Black Metal Albums If You Don't samsquanch  22Best 90s Punk Albums panchovilla  10
Favorite Guitarists discovolante  8Damn, Guilty Pleasures MrSirLordGentleman  47
Best Of 2013 lou1000  12Well-Made Games That The Internet Hates PillowGuy  17
2014 Q1 McMegaMountain  1Most Death Metal i've heard doesn't ap Malenchanted  63
I Hate Easter2 thepaintedalice  19Hench's Top 20s: 1975 HenchmanOfSanta  10
First Day Favorite Albums DharmaBurns  10Not Really Loving Bioshock Infinite theacademy  25
Stars Of The Lid Ranked jeremologyy  0A Week Of Sputnik StinkyPinky  26
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 MysteriousAlt  43Definitive Britain menawati  31
Generic Record Store Day List ConorIsNotHere  15Annie96 Is Typing... PunchforPunch  23
I Enjoy Aggressive Music DangerBatty  10Goo Goo Dolls Albums Best To Worst JonEthan  9
I Am Just Chillin' Deubah  0

Potsy: What Makes A Cool Music Listener? Featured LordPots  237Dream Pop/shoegaze Recs bach  19
Elite Prog Round #1 M6 Friday13th  20The Mars Volta - Fantastic 5 JM18  13
New User Here! PinkTractorBeam  26Sput's Best Reviewers Calc  73
Kelis, Food dylantheairplane  53000 Comment Milestone! Greyvy  20
I Hate Easter Jams MMX  16My Dog Had To Be Put Down Today SadAndHolyGlow  14
Best New Users Trebor.  25My Personal 100 Favorite Albums JCGold14  8
Rapper Andre Johnson Cut His Penis Off chemicalmarriage  39Under Recognized Bands Caucasian  0
Internet Personas silentstar  35Dropped A Demo Ep GmemberKills  10
Math And Philosophy Majors? beefshoes  68Best Users titanslayer  14
My Top 15 Led Zeppelin Songs ArsMoriendi  27Best Users YakNips  35
Female Bassists Are Rad lyzakthellama  51The Real Vermicide TheRealVermicide9013  8
Rap=crap! spookynewghostfriend  48Check Out My New Album North0House2  24
Converge Ranked Lists Ranked spookynewghostfriend  5Sweet Sixteen Biches!! fallenbird  46
My Favourite 25 Blink-182 Songs Everythingsmagic2  29Closer Vs. Deceit sumyunguy  10
Done With School No Work, Time To Drink samsquanch  9Sput Needs More Powerviolence Athom  21
My 10 Favorite Albums & Games Of The 00 Snacktimeguy  13Death Mask!!! fromtheinside  9
To Review thepaintedalice  4Funny Revs On This Site? collins  15
Which Is The Absolute Worst? PillowGuy  101st List In Ages - New Stuff MegaJake1024  3
I Turn 20, Time For Some Jazz. Muisc4Life26  12Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves SpiritCrusher2  5
Obligatory Favorite Bands List PitchforkArms  24My Top 100 Greatest Albums (Revised) MaggieG  13
New Autopsy SLAYYYYYYYYSSSS!!!! BigPleb  30My 10 Favourite Angels And Airwaves Everythingsmagic2  23
Favorite Users sapient  14Games That I Want Paz  0
Hench's Top 20s: 1974 HenchmanOfSanta  6How Do I Become Cool?? SatanicPeanuts  98
Best Of 2012 lou1000  7Top 10 Albums Via Palatial  6
Moved To Melbourne SlMBOLlC  16Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 MysteriousAlt  37
The Antlers - Familiars Leaked! JaySpiral  38Cap Experimental Ep CaptainDooRight  15
Just Saw The National YoYoMancuso  18Any Bebop Recs? NuclearTennisCourt  9
Puddles' Favorite Users PuddlesPuddles  21

Some Of My Favorite Users, Pt. 3 dannyboy89  54Far Appreciation List Rowan5215  37
2010-2014 Digs Malenchanted  8Enslaved Ranked yourgodisinferior  19
Bjork Ranked With Descriptions Featured scottpilgrim10  95Top 10 Game Of Thrones Characters JokineAugustus  146
Looking 4 Good Metal SeaAnemone  121Electronic Recs Trentsbest  13
Raw Blackness MoosechriS  11Chapel Of Dung RoyalImperialGuard  9
Ars's's's Favorite Users ArsMoriendi  53Swirling Psychedelic Pop Albums? IronGiant  21
Most Rated Album AliW1993  18QOTSA Ranked TalonsOfFire  13
Rec Me Based On List ImmortalPaper  8Sufjan Stevens Ranked JuustMeKB  7
Radiohead Ranked Lists Ranked spookynewghostfriend  20Precambrian Ranked Avagantamos  12
Need Video Game Recs collins  19Funeral Doom Dicks CaptainDooRight  11
So, Oz Prog Is Owning Atm. unforgiven89  19Whitechapel Ranked Betray  22
Which Is The Worst? PillowGuy  18Worst Users of all time GrandpaSeth3000  299
Best Users (currently On The Site) GrandpaSeth3000  54Rick And Morty Ranked. DirEnRefused  14
Hench's Top 20s: 1973 HenchmanOfSanta  4Elite Prog Round #1 M5 Friday13th  39
Best Of 2011 lou1000  7This Sums Up Britain BigPleb  46
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt  91Stuff I've Been Getting Into lyzakthellama  5
A Marriage Of Black Metal And Hardcore Artuma  21Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Vs Nightfall Muisc4Life26  17
Recent Acquisitions fuckyourneonshirt  5Current Hip Hip Top 5 SnoodDood  19
High Jams 2 ValarMorghulis  10Eternal Enemies Ranked BeneaththeDarkOcean  13
New Mastodon Song (leaked) GrandpaSeth3000  37Southern Emo BensonBone  4
Top 5 Prog Epics SmersH  23

Essential Internet Emo Mulder93  17Guitar Covers AlasKenColors  4
Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums Solbrave  66De-loused And Frances Ranked JM18  11
Aids' Top 100: Current Favourite Albums Featured Aids  70It's Time. Featured Frippertronics  107
Ryan Gosling Night Driving Digs RoyalImperialGuard  16Gatorade Flavors Ranked slimdaddy  51
let's look back! Featured Kris.  84Opeth Ranked Lists Ranked spookynewghostfriend  33
Picks From The Record Store Today. samsquanch  10Jason's Top 100 Songs!!! jasonthetruth  1
Rec Me Some Good Xbox 360 Games Paz  61New Hyacinth / Volcanic Queen Split Graveyard  28
2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs DominionMM1  274Hot Sauce Ranked ZombicidalMan  37
Need Help Writing A Grunge Song danielcardoso  30The Sputnik Story ASnideReturns  146
Playoffs Playlist neurisis17  24My Favorite Album Artwork apokolypz  15
mimicking birds mryrtmrnfoxxxy  9Us States Ranked On Music Gassman3268  26
Hip Hop Need TheNexus100  17Sputniks Best Users CaptainDooRight  63
Guilty Pleasures From When I Was 13 GlassGX  26Sometimes, You Want Vanilla BlackLlama  4
Led Zeppelin Ranked (imo) Pokermask  9My New Solo Album 1drummer  19
Ska Makes You A Better Person Featured dimsim3478  39Hench's Top 20s: 1972 HenchmanOfSanta  10
Rec Me Noise Rock JuustMeKB  28Songs That's Kind Of Similar Or Have Th BenMorrison  4
Bands This Site Won't Shut Up About PillowGuy  302013 In The Comatorium Comatorium.  8
Jac's Favourite Countries Jacquibim  26CD Collection Flugmorph  6
Hungover Jams? BigPleb  33Kiwi Prog Rock/metal, Post-punk, Ambient Salander  17
Albums In Heavy Rotation Lately earlygrave  0Bangin' Electronic Albums FranzSchubert  10
Does This Site Even Listen To Metal? TheRubberbandMan  24Overlooked Albums BeneaththeDarkOcean  30
2014, Overlooked & Unknown (Volume I) MisterTornado  58

Ok I Just Got Some Blackberry,,, Hep Kat  11Weird Dreams/Nightmares ScuroFantasma  13
Defying The Sophomore Slump neurisis17  39Plague Of Walruses Will Sweep Down On Yo RoyalImperialGuard  7
10 Albums I Dig GlassGX  9Chill Jams Thibs  23
Gettin Nice Out YetAnotherBrick  20Underrated Albums slarti  7
Eyy Yo 2014 Listens Kronzo  12Radiohead Ranked GrandpaSeth3000  44
5 Straight 5 Pages For Animals!!! dannyboy89  18Rick And Morty Episodes Ranked Trebor.  20
Hardcore/grind Recs EJinHD  25Political Compass fish.  183
Which Country Makes The Best Music? unaMUSEd  54Post Pictures Of Yourself Recspecs  139
Go Listen To Kvelertak slimdaddy  13Lacuna Coil Albums Ranked grandbazaar  0
No More Gimmick Accounts spookynewghostfriend  129Death Ranked PillowGuy  11
Quick And Easy Discogs? collins  46Eddie Murphy Ranked SharkTooth  11
Hench's Top 20s: 1971 HenchmanOfSanta  13Bands Like Converge? FloatHereForever  35
Albums I Need To Listen To jetpacks  10Opeth Ranked Matthaios  15
Tool Ranked Matthaios  16Happy Tax Day someguest  24
Recent Jams sapient  8

Deafheaven Nocturnal  31Elite Prog Round #1 M4 Friday13th  97
Avagantamos Top 25 Bands Avagantamos  9Anime You Should (must) Watch Ending  69
Graves' Top 10 Songs of the Year So Far Graveyard  10Lol Petition FiveLeavesLeft  17
Jason's Top 50 Artists!!! jasonthetruth  6Making An Album (advice) Drummerboy123  19
Politics Onirium  566I need recs. alarm  2
Made A Profile YakNips  17More Metal Balerion  10
Digs And Recent Listens + Recs Please PattBraderson  0Series Of Self Titleds Vol 3.1 SharkTooth  3
Red Hot Chili Peppers Ranked ArsMoriendi  38Ryus Recs, Pt. 1 RyusReborn  10
Recs For Danny Avagantamos  10Bears Are Awesome! Shuyin  12
The Grand Budapest Hotel RoyalImperialGuard  19Ambient Sputnik And The Dancing Governme Frippertronics  70
2014 Recs + What I Like So Far vagenheart  1All My Thrash Metal Albums Ranked. JustAnon  5
Maximum Rocknroll lyzakthellama  2A Trio Of Self Titleds SharkTooth  21
Just Tried Taco Bell Breakfast JackMayoff  7Record Store Day 2014 WellFedWhiteMale  16
Watch Dogs ASnideReturns  2810 God Awful Years With You People Featured Athom  54
Shit That Grew On Me Hard Lettuce  8Sputfriends, Lets Celebrate thepaintedalice  6
Rec Me Metal Greem  17Recent Buys apokolypz  4
Best Of 2010 lou1000  6Saw Draft Day tmagistrelli  16
Amon Duul Ii Ranked Featured menawati  24Oh Look, Another Opeth Ranked List. Motiv3  22
Hench's Top 20s: 1970 HenchmanOfSanta  13Why So Much Deftones On This Site? BIGDIX  35
AIMD - April (1st Half) JJKeys  2so who has seen the new Game of Thrones avonbarksdale221  55
My Top 5 Prince Albums Muisc4Life26  15deftones (suprise) ranking GrandpaSeth3000  21

MY BLOODY VALENTINE RANKED GrandpaSeth3000  13Potsys List Of 100 Albums LordPots  33
Good Plahlst theacademy  5Sorry Bros Wadlez  19
A Brave New Dance Of Life And Death Ironvinman  1Reviewed Albums thelastsignal  6
Birthday Cds Friday13th  7I'm Addicted OmairSh  3
Rebirth RyusReborn  14Modern/alternative Rock Recs Shuyin  5
Between the Buried and Me Ranked ArcticWolf616  29Workout TomorrowIsTuesday  25
2014 Recs PiratesWithHats  2People Should Just Freakin Listen To The MattyTop  4
Mistreated: Dio v/s Coverdale Detritivore  4Recent Pickups TylerLamberg  2
Rec Me Live Albums That Don't Suck deathschool  36Sputnik Albums/ Bands Reincarnated Inhalation3  49
Mad Men Premiere SgtPepper  4Dark Album Recs Pheromone  27
2014... Progbeat  4Kalop's Fav Albums '00-'13 Kalopsia  7
Rip Vs Mop forkliftjones  34Recommend Me Your Top Three Albums Of Al Frippertronics  111
Begging For Atmosphere IronGiant  66Post Hardcore Recs Plz dixoncocks  32
Ugly Sounding Vocalists? No! Iconic! ArsMoriendi  108Anyone Else Play Guitar? Salvidian  50
Rush Ranked js2014  8(used) Albums I Purchased Yesterday CrownOfMagnets  6
Top Ten Songs Of 2014 So Far ASnideReturns  21Need Metal Recs Plz thepaintedalice  18
Hench's Top 20s: 1969 HenchmanOfSanta  14Elvis Presley Ranked (imo) Pokermask  4
Zappa - If You Like Hot Rats... menawati  10

guys... fromtheinside  26Elite Prog Round #1 M3 Friday13th  46
Blessed Plasma - New King Green Relese AnimalsAsSummit  3Awesome CDs I bought today. Fluttertrank  29
How Does Spunik Smoke Their Ganja? LambsBread  109Jason's Top 50 Albums!!! jasonthetruth  15
Strangest Discs In My Collection Arzakmoebius  2Honorable Mentions For 2013 DarknessPrevails  2
Top 10 Outkast Songs YoYoMancuso  29My Top 35 Albums Of 2013 DarknessPrevails  7
New Civilization Game Futures  3210 Best St. Vincent Songs sgtadderall  7
Did I Buy The Right Albums Today?! brokendogleg  12One LP Wonders emester  30
My Top 20 Dream Theater Songs Everythingsmagic2  34Broke Up With My Girlfriend SticksmanTheBored  72
Deftones Rankwer spookynewghostfriend  12How Does Sputnik Drink Their Coffee? spookynewghostfriend  54
AUTECHRE RANKED GrandpaSeth3000  18Top Ten Lil Wayne Songs Everythingsmagic2  6
Some Of My Favourite Songs MoosechriS  13Stimulating Album Art Pt I OwMySnauze  8
Pooh's Q1 Of 2014 Evreaia  3Whos All From Texas? thepaintedalice  11
Itunes Alternative? Pheromone  162014 So Far menawati  15
First Quarter Of 2014. Faraudo  11Djent Or Sumthin' ThenamesTrenton  22
GY!BE Ranked GrandpaSeth3000  21DEATH RANKED GrandpaSeth3000  34
My Band Is On Itunes! WhiteNoise  12Tool Beginnings: Aenima Final Opinions ( ArsMoriendi  17
Pls Give The Riffs ShrillYell  45

Jammed Some Rush On Bass Today ElvisAlt12  9Worship And Tribute (cause Nobodys Ever MyNameIsPencil  7
Beer And Music : The Second Hopping neurisis17  14Straight Edge And Celibate straightedgeghostboi  41
The Kapital Green Baron  9My Top 20 Dream Theater Songs Muisc4Life26  11
David Bowie Veldin  29Signals Ranked ArcticWolf616  4
The Definitive "grew On Me" List Rhinosaur  9Albums I Downloaded In The Last Week YakNips  7
Indie Jams For Summer Pheromone  19Back From Boston Wow! Frippertronics  34
Albums I Need On Vinyl Aronidas  7Pop Punk Bands I Like Aronidas  0
15 Songs I Love And Enjoy JuustMeKB  15Why Didn't My Review Go Up? yourgodisinferior  15
For Fans Of The Hotelier adhoc  5For Fans Of The Hotelier Atari  12
OPETH RANKED ? GrandpaSeth3000  54My Debut Album OldManGramps  8
Accessible But Awesome SAPoodle  37Dont You Dare Close That Bathroom WetBurritoFartWAIT  6
Elite Prog Round #1 M2 Friday13th  111My Personal Top 10 Songs ASnideReturns  78
Winter is coming (eventually) Bergtatt  10Indieheads Where Are You thepaintedalice  27
Depression's A Bitch PurpleBottle  114My Top 15 Favorite Albums Of All Time emester  30
Albums Noone Talks About Anymore Hurricanslash  9Eighty Kay SeaAnemone  31
Amazing Deathcore Nocturnal  51Carcass Ranked (comprehensive List) Tunaboy45  3

Top Five Albums I've Pretended To Care skeames1214  78Jams SatanicPeanuts  4
Best Songs Of All Time? suddykilljaywalkers  22Overlooked Hip Hop Q1 2014 NickelbackFTL  12
Presenting The Eclectic Toby Driver Veldin  3My Top 5 Kate Bush Albums Muisc4Life26  5
Classic Albums To Me Everythingsmagic2  53La Gargola Ranked SnakeDelilah  14
Halford Vs. Diamond Vs. Dio BigPleb  64Rec Me Chevelle Albums Please ArcticWolf616  14
High On Fire Vs. Om samsquanch  16So I Have This Idea. Tunaboy45  9
Check Out My Tunes CrossoverOrDie  6A Nice Day In Ohio, A Sign Of The End chemicalmarriage  42
Dance Gavin Dance - Ranked AffableMartyr  26Summer Beach Tunes zarling53  2
My Bands New Album 1drummer  8What Kind Of Audience? OZZGabriel  28
Bands I've Never Heard A Full Album By Funeralopolis  36Battle Of The Prog: Grand Champion SCREAM!  23
Favorite Tv Characters JackMayoff  41Metallica Ranked Betray  90
Hello Sput Vakarian12  27Overrated Albums Betray  33
So You Hired A Shifty Necromancer... osmark86  11Mass Effect Games Re-Ranked PillowGuy  34
Iron Maiden Albums Ranked Rice303  7Opeth Ranked PillowGuy  13
Saw Ghoul Smashed Brains Ovrot  8Cool Purchases fuckyourneonshirt  1
Insomnia Is A Plague thepaintedalice  21Serious Opeth List Nocturnal  54
Favourite Moments In Music Featured Rowan5215  210...And Justice For All Ranked ArcticWolf616  22
7 Years Of Sputnik: Albums 200-101 Featured Captain North  38

10 Songs You Should Like neurisis17  10Top 20 Tool Songs LeviofDoom  35
Albums I Need To Buy YetAnotherBrick  10Obscure 60's/70's Prog Recs? emester  17
Prog Bands I Should Have Known Pt.I Mythodea  5Melodeath/power Metal Recs TheGreatQ  8
Silly Things ArsMoriendi  35Elite Prog Round #1 M1 Friday13th  59
Linyv Jruined  9Rest In Peace Sweet Prince RoyalImperialGuard  37
Best 7th Generation Video Games TalonsOfFire  79Digs BigSneakySnatch  4
Defenders Of The Hate DarkRecollections  13Bands With No Original Members Trebor.  27
=} ! spookynewghostfriend  9My Favorite Video Game Franchises PillowGuy  44
Best Opeth Opener ValarMorghulis  39My 10 Favorite Albums & Games Of The 90 Snacktimeguy  11
Jazz Fusion Recs eddie95  15My Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums Muisc4Life26  20
Battle Of The Prog: Finals SCREAM!  55Albums That Got Me Into Metal PillowGuy  8
Music That Introduced Me To Good Music thepaintedalice  115 Favorite Fairy Tail Girls Snowdog808  3
25 More Albums kmace  3Volta Album Battle. JM18  34
Music I Listened To When I Was A Teen joesmoe4000  35Melodeath/black Metal/other Scandinavian Fluttertrank  33
Got Some Great Deals Today brokendogleg  9Need Summer Recs OysterizerInsomniac  27

Master Of Puppets Ranked ArcticWolf616  15August Burns Red's Setlist AmericnZero02  14
Mushi-shi silentstar  34Albums Of The Week WesMantooth  6
New Lonney(s) Album Graveyard  43 Albums I Can't Wait To Put My Hands O lensag  3
Opeth Vs Korn? spookynewghostfriend  125People Love Opeth Lists.. lensag  11
M/ RoyalImperialGuard  24Elite Prog Contest Preliminary Friday13th  145
Madly In Anger With You spookynewghostfriend  29Suffocation Ranked Grindalicious  13
Gym Leader Game (Pokemon) ArsMoriendi  191See You In The Pit M8 Betray  23
I Love You More Than Life Trebor.  29Opeth, Agalloch Or Tool? sumyunguy  51
Musiks Fer Dat Ass thepaintedalice  11Angry, Pissed Off Recs lyzakthellama  31
Cap All Genre Digs/recs #11 CaptainDooRight  6King Crimson Ranked (imo) Pokermask  9
New Boris Album ZombicidalMan  23Another F***ing Opeth Ranking emester  14
good things worth hearing mryrtmrnfoxxxy  19Rather Decent Metalcore killth3p00r  29
Battle Of The Prog Wave 4 SCREAM!  51Dr7's Top 7 Of 2013 Dr7  2
Underrated Records SticksmanTheBored  32Snake Turns Seventeen SnakeDelilah  16
When Rockstars Have Bad Ideas therapy20  9So Your Parachute Was Actually Your Ruck osmark86  30
New Spotify titanslayer  58Rec Me Some Psychedelic digs795  27
Albums That I Am Currently In Possession Jasdevi087  2

Deathcore That Doesn't Suck That Bad thecatsmod  25Boring Deathcore SadAndHolyGlow  34
Most Disappointing Album Ever Palatial  4Give Me 2014 Recs ITsHxCTOASTER  12
Black Metalling OvDeath  2Skramz Grips YakNips  11
My 2014 Up Until This Point AnimalsAsSummit  7Deftones Butt List Ranked mryrtmrnfoxxxy  47
21 Bitches FearThyEvil9  22Spacey Instrumental Guitar Music? IronGiant  19
Top Ten Best Albums Of 2014 (As Of April emester  15Maudlin Of The Well Songs Ranked CursedBell  8
What Is The Best Media Player? AnotherBrick  37New Here, Need Recs Plz thepaintedalice  18
Which Of These Would You Like Me To Revi TheSupernatural  7When Album Covers Go Wrong Featured SharkTooth  106
The Sound Of Perseverance Ranked PillowGuy  15Trip 1 ApplaudBlue  6
I've Barely Heard Anything From 2014 sixdegrees  75I Had A Dream SatanicPeanuts  9
Bands/musicians From Ohio elephantREVOLUTION  20Dadrock Vs Breakdowns Pt 2 spookynewghostfriend  35
Deatheaven RoyalImperialGuard  12Got A New Ep Out Hurricanslash  10
Overrated Records SticksmanTheBored  96New Agalloch: First Impression bnelso55  5
20 Greatest lou1000  29Deftones Albums Ranked FilipeGomes  10
Radiohead Albums Ranked FilipeGomes  4Black Sabbath Tonight! peaks40  9

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