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Melodrama Ranked SowingSeason Ashcrash's Half-Bash (2017) ashcrash9 
Share Some Singles Vol. 2: Submission Thread wtferrothorn NEW YORK Tournament of Champions Divaman 
Pavement x30 (Descriptions et al.) butcherboy plane plane 
Rise Against Pickslide Count onionbubs NEW YORK//Finals!! butcherboy 
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. III Thalassic All Rise Against Songs Ranked (101-118) Green Baron 
My Suicide Attempt SweeneyTodd oklahoma music pjorn 

bIg LiFe ThInGG cylinder  3official creepypasta competition Tyler.  20
Squidward's Suicide Part 2: Tyler's Lament WellDressedBalloon  15Drinking Game random  5
Hollow Crown Posted 27 Times Spec  9Transformers: The Last Knight Devastator  11
Melodrama Ranked Featured SowingSeason  19Just the Jams 2 tacos N stuff  4
Animals etc... butcherboy  50

Ween Discography Ranked youngswiggity  11Kanye West Discography Ranked youngswiggity  20
10 Underrated Dismemberment Plan Songs flamescranes5870  2Recommend me jazz influenced metal bands rodrigo90  38
Calc's Halftime Calc  8Recommend 2016/2017 emo DurzoBlint  7
whats up guys, tyler here Tyler.  23Pre-ordered a Switch Devastator  31
A Very Late JWT 2016 JWT155  8Guided By Voices x25 butcherboy  52
Great albums of 2017. DrGonzo1937  16My faves ADHDlooksquirrels  5
The Long Dark Aiwaz  1

Favorite Albums of All Time (F### You) nuuprizing  21Thrashy/Grindy Recs? BenCee  5
Check Out My Band's Newest EP oWhoadYo  16New BlackMalachite EP oisincoleman64  9
August Burns Red Ranked Muisc4Life26  8Post-rock Math-rock bands from China roadend  3
September 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  1Worst fanbase? rodrigo90  185
My highly subjective Top Twenty Albums of 2016 MetalSoliloquy  11Re: night birds Hep Kat  16
deezer BAT  2Major Influences of The Dismemberment Plan flamescranes5870  5

Ashcrash's Half-Bash (2017) Featured ashcrash9  15twenty seventeeeeeeeeennnn runaways  7
12 Minutes a Slave (Treb short film) Trebor.  10Rec me 2017 TheMrAlexK  16
Metallica and Slayer Ranked (1983 - 1991) andgrond  22bedtime playlist SitruK6  5
Pink Floyd ranked glorybox94  17NHL Expansion Draft SnakeDelilah  20
Share Some Singles Vol. 2: Submission Thread Featured wtferrothorn  18Top 5 Favorite Movies TheMagicalBlender  115
NEW YORK Tournament of Champions Featured Divaman  35My Favorite Metal Artists mikep87  7
50 States-50 Bands butcherboy  53Bands my dad enjoys fullautorpg  5
Review GMM 2017 - Saturday Evreaia  3 Winesburgohio  0
(Insert Artist Here) Most Underrated Song lz41  22

Elite Sputnik Vibes (New Users Please Leave) Toad  69TURN UP, SPUTNIK! random  9
If you were only allowed 1 (5) rating... Aiwaz  59CHART: Best Albums of 2017 Green Baron  14
C H A R T S 🤷 Clegane  15gimme 2017 recs Ryus  25
vacation jams TakeToYourGuns  1Montebello Rockfest SCREAM!  33
Top - T1 Xerian  0Top - T3 Xerian  0
Top - T2 Xerian  0Best NEW YORK band 2, FINAL ROUND Divaman  20
lms if u still up Trebor.  23

LGBTQ+ Artists Recs wtferrothorn  60Best of 1st half of the year rabidfish  4
Bands That Have Used Drum Machines Supercoolguy64  17Unable to add album/band to the database AnimalsAsSummit  20
Cage Match: Thommo vs. Tobo Jasdevi087  6The Difference Between Hell and Home kingdedethefifth  29
Another Top 100 Casablanquich  1Oktoberfest JWT155  29
Things I Want to Do.. butcherboy  26Joanna Newsom LPs Ranked Torontonian  2
Best albums of 2017 so far JesperL  92017's inner circle LandDiving  42
Music for Southeast Asia (looking for recs) merrimoonee  2Best Streak in Music History 0GuyMan0  64
Best 50 of the last 50 years Winesburgohio  22My Top 10 Albums of 2017 (So Far) willhun15  5

Wolfe Digs Pt. 7 Relinquished  16Band Names With People's Names In Them Supercoolguy64  52
can i uh get that pizza uh boneless uh ianblxdsoe  15NEW YORK 2, Round 4 (Semi-Finals) Divaman  22
When someone asks if prog sucks HarshNoiseHenry  21Sowing's 2017 Midterm Report SowingSeason  22
Bands whose music I like to illegally download. BookoftheFallen  72017 releases I can't stop listening to BleedIntoTheAbyss  0
Oxbow Ranked NeroCorleone80  5A Tribute to Chris Cornell. Remix. MercuryToHell  16
Top 5 Songs '79-'17 DoofusWainwright  25Chevelle Albums Ranked KManoc1  8
Got a 1 year scholarship to Japan Pherin  18Lars von Trier Ranked artiswar  9
Albums compared to foods/beverages/tastes sincerelyaural  2

Aaron Judge BallsToTheWall  35Jamming Hard Hawks  15
Sputnk Musician Survivor WINNER oisincoleman64  4Foo Fighters at Anthem thecheatisnotdead  1
Best NEW YORK band 2, Round 3 Divaman  20My Friends Came Out with a New EP SnakeDelilah  8
Ten Greatest Heavy Metal Songs TheMagicalBlender  14Metal: Cult Classics Pt. IV Thalassic  12
I saw Tool on June 13th DORBUSCUS  14My Band (elemantra) Released New Track Today Nikolai  7
welcome home (contemporary television) theacademy  10Nothing More bgillesp  25
GIVE ME METAL BOI FlipTrackz  10First Listen: Royal Blood "How Did We Get So Dark" neekafat  15
The Obvious Song of the Year Is... GreyShadow  4

Check out an electronic album I made sugarcubes  19Top 5 Favorite Vocalists Twilightfern  2
Anyone remember Kerrang TV? random  4Finally got my driver's license Dylan620  14
Albums better than the Sputnik servers rhinocerosmilk  9Albums I Discovered Through Rock Band Rigma  1
Back In Business BallsToTheWall  2yo what the fuck? VaxXi  61

Best NEW YORK band 2, Round 2 Divaman  15

Looking for Pop Recommendations Advent  12Hey a really cool game that's also stupid and gay HarshNoiseHenry  6
Pavement x30 (Descriptions et al.) Featured butcherboy  30best anime tunes??? Madbutcher3  10
My Favorite Punk Songs (At the moment) Stjimmy101  2Ulver ranked loulou  4
Instruments yall Flashmobba  19Why is black metal so addictive? Heppasodge  59
Top 10 Albums of Mid Year 2017 FlipTrackz  3S.O.A.D. ranked from least favorite to favorite Aromero98  0
i kind of miss the 2000's BootCamp  1Anathema Ranked Dwap  6

plane Featured plane  42Has anyone noticed... Ocean of Noise  22
2007 vs. 2017 ThyCrossAwaits  22Rise Against Pickslide Count Featured onionbubs  66
Top 10 Albums that Changed Music (For Me) Wright  2Best NEW YORK band 2, Round 1 Divaman  24
Favorite Film Composers Ziguvan  7Things I Don't Want to Do.. butcherboy  31
Best of 2017 so far (imo) KingOzma  12Sputnik Musician Survivor - Round 1 oisincoleman64  39

Prostatitis oisincoleman64  4NEW YORK//Finals!! Featured butcherboy  25
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. III Featured Thalassic  18My Band Put Out a Release Yesterday Hope you enjoy Stereochrome1  12
Morbid Angel Ranked Rowhaus  51Avril Lavigne Albums Ranked KManoc1  16
Disturbed vs. Avenged Sevenfold KManoc1  37Bands i need to give a listen grycworm  16
All Rise Against Songs Ranked (1-100) Green Baron  75Weird Movies Risodo  51

need 2 check out blunderbuss  7Second Spin - secondhand CD hunting OldCrime  2
Tracklist Remix vol. 4: The White Album TVC15  4~ S N I D E A E S T H E T I C ~ ThumbNail  41

rate me as a user Tyler.  39Sputnik Tinder Anthems Toad  12
All Rise Against Songs Ranked (101-118) Featured Green Baron  26Bobby Dylan wham49  11
What are y'all jammin? kingdedethefifth  45Another 'Halfway-Through '17 Best of' List tom79  2
Icelandic black metal Heppasodge  15NEW YORK//Round 4 (Semi-Finals) butcherboy  43
My Suicide Attempt Featured SweeneyTodd  56Slavic black metal Heppasodge  9
2017 so far fdrc  0

Scorpions Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  12017 May Top 10 Dewinged  6
top 101 as of today Rigma  17If You Could Only Listen to One Artist dfevil085  52
Post Hardcore/Metalcore Favorites DeadlyNightShade  8Music from the year I was born Ocean of Noise  22
The Paris agreement. kingdedethefifth  107Pantera Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  10

hardcore/grind/violence/like these recs please Glossolalia  19grind mixed w prog AnimalsAsSummit  12
sm0k wed mindleviticus  18NEW YORK//Round 3 butcherboy  48
Rec Me More 2017 Stuff This Is What I'm Digging Stereochrome1  72017 Recs Please FearThyEvil  7
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. II Thalassic  27Rating=year (2k milestone) EvoHavok  38
Looking For Noisey Psyche Music Saturnica  7My top tool songs betweentheburiedandi  21
The 27434th Political Compass Thread guitarded_chuck  100My Favourite Songs, Like, Ever LandDiving  64
Pohoda 2017 Crawl  1sound i like in the summer Agonba  1
Every Album I Have a Physical Copy Of (Part One) sugarcubes  2

WIP list fromthegreatblackpit  0Pink Floyd: Ranking, An Honest neekafat  45
Specific hip-hop Recs please! ChocolateStarfish  11Alien Vs. Predator SweeneyTodd  78
NEW YORK//Round 2 butcherboy  38Panama Playlist TakeToYourGuns  3
Nate's 2017 Half-year list theNateman  8Summer hype TheMrAlexK  15
70's BallsToTheWall  26My Top 10 Favorite Albums KManoc1  33
Quest to 500 Ratings CalculatingInfinity  112Cal and Evo Fight for My Love Jasdevi087  36
2017 April Top 10 Dewinged  2

Best Album and Songs of May 2017 BlazinBlitzer  2Favorite Hollywood Undead songs DORBUSCUS  6
Top 10 favorite music videos rodrigo90  2Sputlove AdolfChrist  63
Multi Fuzz 2017 neikos  0Dope Ass Vinyl Pickups GmemberKills  2
oklahoma music Featured pjorn  4790's Seattle random  11
Edible Gummy Worms BallsToTheWall  12saw Iron Maiden last night Toondude10  25
Hatebreed Albums Ranked KManoc1  5REGRETTABLY RELATABLE LandDiving  13
Arctic Monkeys Albums ranked Stereohead  6

Top 12 Favorite Albums of the 1980s smfk9  24Brian Wilson vs Mike Shinoda ArtBox  5
I'M GRADUATING kingdedethefifth  39Sputnik Musician Survivor oisincoleman64  67
Forgotten Early 2000s Post-Hardcore Intothepit  18Happy birthday L4titudes  2
The Innocence Mission Ranked solongatlast  0NEW YORK//Round 1 butcherboy  69
Not My Flansburgh–Nelsonville Music Festival 2017 dfevil085  1Metal: Cult Classics Pt. I Thalassic  12
I Need Some Recs BallsToTheWall  8Last.FM Aiwaz  60
Seeing Metallica Tomorrow 0GuyMan0  28What's your best Thrift Store find? WellDressedBalloon  37
Roland Garros 2017 tommygun  5

4k comments and concert extravaganza ConcubinaryCode  7hey I made an album for you it's free lukeofthelip  21
Dude Commented on my weird band shirt at the bar.. Dinosaur  11Stuff thats barely music BookoftheFallen  32
Underproduced Folk/Experimental Recs MistaCrave  6Favourite bands rich1588  3
1 Years a Sput neekafat  23hungover digs brainmelter  4
Tentative BEST OF 2017 zoso33  1800 Ratings Drifter  8
Anthony Kiedis vs. Mike Patton Aiwaz  77I wanna go to the gym HarshNoiseHenry  15
Best NEW YORK band.. (Tourney) butcherboy  84Favorite Lyrics Aiwaz  17
Maternity For Eternity LandDiving  9

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam: Least to Best Albums TheLongShot  4Folk Indie Night butcherboy  5
Morbid Angel Ranked Aiwaz  17Favorite Metal Albums EverythingEvil2113  22
Favorite Albums Hundt  3OH MY GOD THAT'S THE FUNKY SHIT!!! cosmopazz  22
Sputnik Pet Appreciation Devastator  48its gonna get saddr theacademy  8
Cockroach jamz owen  8I need more Zorn!! Donchivo  8
Being Wrong AsleepInTheBack  172017 So Far GreyShadow  4

Dillinger Ranked BigPleb  19Best Songs of 2017 (So far) Stjimmy101  7
2017 Ranked ab1897  7My Favorite Albums ab1897  1
Overrated bands fullautorpg  56Favorite Green Day songs DORBUSCUS  30
Fargo DarkSideOfLucca  123Been a while - I've missed you fellas DarkSideOfLucca  4
Trying to Eat Better Thealwaysopenedmind  85Snay -17 Sniff  15
Slashs May 2017 Hurricanslash  8THE CRICKET THREAD Piglet  104
Jamz Prancer  1Top 25 Favorite Albums Drifter  24

By Dads But Not Necessarily For Dads LandDiving  22Late Nights And Apple Vodka. BallsToTheWall  9
Bon Jovi Albums Ranked Worst to Best smfk9  20Album recommendations for June 2017 ZodiacalWolf  2
OFFICIAL EXTREME METAL DISCUSSION BOARD StrikeOfTheBeast  30Twn Pks polyrhythm  13
May 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  8My Favorite Albums DJENNY  15
Roskilde Festival 2017 Middle18  2Digs that make me moist dixoncocks  19
Finished University AsleepInTheBack  14underappreciated 90s Metalcore Hanusko  24
con's psychedelic adventure Featured Conmaniac  342Sicilian Playlist butcherboy  32
Bands which got worse over time rodrigo90  79

I Can't See Any Albums By Artists w/ Long Bios bgillesp  19David Lynch ranked Winesburgohio  34
Devin Townsend Ranked Dwap  4Sputnik's Favorite Satellite: FINAL ROUND BlazinBlitzer  8
Lost in Obscurity Featured SowingSeason  20Title Tracks Featured DoofusWainwright  66
Seventy Best Post Rock Screamo/Skramz Albums JLR2DEG  31rec me Tame Impala Conmaniac  35
Top 3 Best Metal Bands Svetli  18Governor's Ball This Weekend DeadlyNightShade  3
The Leftovers (HBO)(!!!🔥🔥🔥!!!) JeetJeet  59Summertime Concerts SCREAM!  10
Discogs #1 Future/Sosa/Gibbs/Migos/Young Thug Kurisu  18COMPETITION: Rec me classic albums. Featured Sniff  83
Nu metal that isn't total shite cloakanddagger  43

Jeremy Corbyn beefshoes  556Diablo 2 servers are still up pjquinones747  43
New Beat from Scoot Scoot  2High School Comeback Drpibb  2
Death Grips Ranked Brandon  10I caved TheMrAlexK  19
So I finally got a vinyl/vinyl player TVC15  36First Gaming PC & CD Exchange with Co-worker Pt. 1 Xenorazr  3
Hey look at me advertising my terrible muzik LordHugoThePoet  2Recent secondhand store pickups OldCrime  3
Pantera albums Ranked karagiannis1908  17I need more black metal, help a chigga out brainmelter  13
Current Jams Shamus248  5

Genesis Albums Ranked thefloydios  18Top Ten Favorite Paramore Songs smfk9  2
Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. 4 wub  1So Bad It's Good Corney  11
Recent Vinyl Digs ErocktheGreatest  0Netflix Original Movies AdolfChrist  33
Favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs DORBUSCUS  10You all are good people but one of you is the best kingdedethefifth  31
Firefly Ocean of Noise  65GREAT ALBUMS: May 2017 Brandon  6
I Don't Know About You But I'm FEELIN' 22 Spluger  11My Favorite Black Flag Songs Stjimmy101  2
Poll: How do you listen (non-Spotify edition) Featured theacademy  93Latest CD and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  3
Dark Realm Records Deschutes  7All Time Favorite Albums TylerM1997  11
My Summer Jams TylerM1997  1pokemon evolution Hellscythe  6

Fuck Linkin Park. WetHarmonica1916  35Bored-at-Work Digs List tom79  1
Sexy Digs brainmelter  6Why isn't there "modern" symphonic metal? DustyTill  15
Should I cut this track from my album? LogicTumble  3Mildly Unsettling Metal Albums Featured Thalassic  46
The Truth BallsToTheWall  7Most loved instrumental albums percyforward  1
Cycle 5 ( Dinky Edition) brokencycle  2Album Of The Year So Far For You? TheMagicalBlender  65
Linkin Park vs. Papa Roach Featured KManoc1  48rec me films bitch Winesburgohio  49
KISS Studio Albums Ranked EverythingEvil2113  2

Do you know the Candy Licker? Aiwaz  2My group's latest release is here AnimalsAsSummit  4
Friday the 13th Game RichEvans  2Favorite Paramore songs DORBUSCUS  10
Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 4 BlazinBlitzer  9harsh. Conmaniac  38
Albums about unrequited love claygurnz  11August 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  0
My Personal Top Ten Favourite Albums of All Time draffy613  13Alternative Facts KManoc1  14
Band pages not loading correctly? owen  19RATM Ranked 0GuyMan0  14
Rec me funeral doom Nud  24Recent Listening jgrunge107  3

Watch My Band's Live stream In Honor of 420 DLs oWhoadYo  92017 March Top 10 Dewinged  4
Top 20 Saosin Songs G0atC0re  9X-Men Movies Ranked Kalopsia  39
Cigarettes butcherboy  868 years of this dumb shit Satellite  27
keep your eyes peeled cosmopazz  9Favorite Gorillaz songs DORBUSCUS  3
Trying out bands we don't like, part 6 (final) Nazzadan  19Alternate Facts: Metal Edition fullautorpg  42
Shoulder Impingement bloc  2220k comments! tempest--  24
feeling out of the loop grindcorecore  25

Under rated Of Mice & Men songs DORBUSCUS  9Fear Factory Ranked artiswar  20
Why doesn't Sputnik show TMBG more love? TheSmashBro  16Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked thefloydios  16
Trying out bands we don't like, part 5 Nazzadan  16Sicily (+Hand over some Recs) butcherboy  26
Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. Thrice wub  9

Blonde Ranked runaways  8Worst Song for A Stripper to Give A Lapdance To? random  34
best death grips songs Ryus  30Best In-Ear Headphones Feather  26
Trying out bands we don't like, part 4 Nazzadan  17Songs of 2017 ThyCrossAwaits  5
Hip Hop..Recommended Ankit  14Why Bob Rock sucks rodrigo90  10
Under rated Linkin Park songs DORBUSCUS  4Riverdale BallsToTheWall  2
Tracklist Remix: Blur - Think Tank onionbubs  3Can Anyone Help My Band Fill In These Tour Dates oWhoadYo  14
Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 3 BlazinBlitzer  6What to Review, What to Review? neekafat  12

rec me summer albums TenSecondsToThink  27Baby Mama Drama LeftyMcRighty  3
Chris Cornell's Lyrics charbyno  10Psychedelic Jamz II: Cosmic Boogaloo Featured tacos N stuff  49
Top 15 Linkin Park (nu metal days) SowingSeason  30R.I.P My Phone TheMrAlexK  18
Trying out bands we don't like, part 3 Nazzadan  20Favorite Agalloch songs kingdedethefifth  13
2000-2016 BelieveInDog  11Death Albums Ranked KManoc1  15
HELP ME Crimson  9My Buckethead Albums List WORST to BEST 294-193 CaliggyJack  17
The Best Albums Ever Made Rowhaus  20Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. 2 wub  6

Thirty Best Bands I've ever seen live. HeavyMetal25  1050 Shades of Piss butcherboy  38
Top 40 Albums of 2016 JesperL  9Sweet Toof LeftyMcRighty  4
3 new vinyl original releases Storm In A Teacup  7Flug's Fav Animu Sangz Featured Flugmorph  186
Black Sabbath: An Honest Ranking neekafat  17it's happening again. Featured Arcade  247
Do You Even DJENT Bro?? G0atC0re  16Albums to Hear When It's Close to Bedtime rifkadm  7
Tightest list to fidget spinner to vol. 1 wub  14

fruits ranked Ryus  130Black Metal Recs MistaCrave  28
Best post hardcore albums of the 2 or so years? anarchistfish  34A brief walk through Soundgarden's first three.. butcherboy  8
Top 10 Audioslave songs rodrigo90  4Trying out bands we don't like, part 2 Nazzadan  9
Compost Bin CompostCompote  12Albums I am looking forward to in 2017. GhandhiLion  3
Top 10 Soundgarden Songs onionbubs  19Art Rock/Pop theNateman  17
Return of the Salesman Pitch ArsMoriendi  37Papa Roach Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  10
Linkin Park Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  1310 Tracks I Have Been Enjoying Recently (20 May 2017) RIPGemmy  2

here are some nice songs brainmelter  4Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 2 BlazinBlitzer  6
My Favourite Bass Lines G0atC0re  31The Weeknd - Ranked InFiction  5
Trying out bands we don't like, part 1 Nazzadan  20Sexy Moody Nighttime Driving Playlist NastyCrab  10
Sputnik Discord Chat Jacquibim  100Danny McBride vs. The Xenomorphs (No Spoilies) thecheatisnotdead  12
New Trvth BM album CaptainDooRight  11I just released an album wwf  17
Any tips on writing a review? WetHarmonica1916  33Bands to give my mom a heart attack fullautorpg  14
My band released an Anti-Trump Track Stereochrome1  55My band's new song pt.2 DrGonzo1937  2
First Listen: LP's "One More Light" neekafat  14

Americana recs? Ignimbrite  7Songs For A Broken Hearted Man protokute  13
RIP Chris Cornell Featured ShadowRemains  36"Soul Punk"?! mortifierftw  16
Top 10 A Tribe Called Quest Songs theNateman  10Power Electronics Jacob818Hollows  11

New Jersey ain't so bad. Featured JasonCarne  44Indie rock. Recommend it. GeorgeWBush  16
Albums I love that everyone kinda hates WetHarmonica1916  38Song Ranking: Of Montreal - "The Gay Parade" StephenIsHere  3
Least favorite song from some of my favorite bands smfk9  7w e i r d Conmaniac  72
Under rated albums in my opinion DORBUSCUS  15Dems Call for Trump Impeachment Today guitarded_chuck  242
Top 12 Metalcore Albums of All Time G0atC0re  15Angry noise rock recs? RLWFormula  14
Pantera Albums Ranked KManoc1  6Just jazzy sincerelyaural  4
Mountain Dew Ranked FlipTrackz  48

Sputnik's Favorite Satellite Round 1 BlazinBlitzer  15I hate nightclubs rodrigo90  15
Car Repairs BallsToTheWall  28Fuck Asthma TVC15  42
Share Some Singles: Submission Thread Featured wtferrothorn  25What do you take with your coffee? CompostCompote  96
Thrash Metal Albums jseijo  5Greatest English Band Featured wham49  109
Hey Sputnikmusic! Inventor of Peanut Butter here. NutterForTheButter  53Sabbath V Zep claygurnz  65
Tool albums ranked DORBUSCUS  21Perfect Indie Rock Songs butcherboy  11
Kendrick Lamar: Sputnik's favorite songs Royl123  16Kazooka's Top 6 Melodic Death Metal Albums Kazooka  24
Albums That Currently Mean The Most To Me shmowzow  0

Top 40 Favorite Stone Temple Pilots Songs smfk9  0hi, it's sach nocuffin  76
Underrated Prog-Metalcore/Deathcore Gems artiswar  7Running list of shows attended dtrichard  1
Trumps glorious root tootin wall BuddyBoyJenkins  18Top 100 Favorites ampharos4life  14
One Long Song Albums? Gunt  33Oweiners favorite Death albums ranked (revisited) oweinerwaltini  7
Disturbed albums ranked DORBUSCUS  9top 6 organs TheWrenKing  22
The Ruins of Beverast ranked kingdedethefifth  20I CAN'T COUNT!! butcherboy  25
Rediscovering..Post Hardcore/emo/Indie/Noise Ankit  23A Crepuscular Journey, Pt. I Astral Abortis  8
JEFF TWEEDY every album ranked nukethewhale  4EP been working on 5 years done zoso33  3
CDs I just threw out GregorSamsa  12

psa anouncement notsnide  12David Duke Is Only As Racist As The Average Chines americanohno  4
2017 February Top 10 Dewinged  6Song Ranking: Weezer - "Weezer" (The Blue Album) StephenIsHere  8
on the national dreamgauze  44Paramore albums ranked DORBUSCUS  15
Große Künstler L4titudes  32Isis Remasters TVC15  14
hello all nice to met sputnik. Thakari  2iPhone Song Playlist Part 1 BlazinBlitzer  0
moms rock sixdegrees  182017 Part 2 butcherboy  17
lgbtq alienobserver  35Fav albums of 2017 so far (mostly rock & metal) LedZep94  7
The Ultimate Mother's Day Playlist bbgames  6For The Mothers BallsToTheWall  7
typhoon's favorite hip hop groups/duos Typhoon24  3all eight Yndi Halda songs ranked CultofTerra  2
Ultimate teenage elitist sincerelyaural  23

A Thousand Puns WellDressedBalloon  52Top 40 Pearl Jam songs smfk9  11
Pots Digs LordePots  92chief keef ranked (loosely) pt. 2 nocuffin  24
Going to be an Uncle calmrose  21Album of the Year 2016 Pherin  11
rec me one of your 5s polyrhythm  60Blink-182 Ranked from Favorite to Least Favorite WetHarmonica1916  9
Shit Ya Haven't Heard: Vol I ZippaThaRippa  38Album Review Exchange EasterInTheBatcave  21
metal (alternative and mixed genre) AngBaz  6progdaddy: hxc stuff, dirty punk, grind StarlessCore  11
How is my single sounding? LogicTumble  5Classic Albums I Just Can't Dig That Much TheMagicalBlender  24
Rock bands AngBaz  3summer playlist 2k17 Featured Ryus  48
Sputnik's favorite Kendrick Lamar song Royl123  44fuck airports Laeddis  17

Iced Earth Ranked Xenorazr  7Rec Me Some Bands that start with W, X, Y, or Z TVC15  34
Favorites (But Remember, I'm Old) Divaman  16Top Heavy Storm Metal Storm In A Teacup  6
Just saw Alien: Covenant SweeneyTodd  26Hey Mystletainn  32
Charlie Hunnam BallsToTheWall  8Top 10 Bill Callahan (Smog) songs. LeftyMcRighty  4
Fav Heavy Albums so far in 2017 junkyarddog4245  11Paramore Albums Ranked (Updated) KManoc1  13
Who is the greatest American rock band? Featured BullettoBinary2  148All times greatest metal songs Itsonlyme  7
2017 January Top 10 Dewinged  4First Listen: Paramore's "After Laughter" neekafat  17

Top 50 Bjork Songs brandontaylor  17deftones lists ranked LethalPaintball  4
Lo-fi hip-hop GeorgeWBush  152017 is [going to be] interesting (700 ratings) ianblxdsoe  5
Some 2017 so far BlackGiraffe  9Been out of Sputnik for almost a year Nikkolae  20
System Of A Down Albums Ranked KManoc1  14DAMN. Best to Worst BreakerdeGodot  13
Guitar Pickups Help!! BigBlob  26Vinyl Collection Vol.1 (A-C) ErocktheGreatest  2
Top 10 Paramore Songs SowingSeason  18Favorite Vinyl LeftyMcRighty  13
Dropboxx euro  0

Fuck Barnes N Noble TVC15  20James Comey, My Homey. JigglyPDiddy  9
illmatic ranked Ryus  36Cult Cartoons butcherboy  62
70 Hour Work Week SquidPunk  12deftones list to end all deftones lists TheMrAlexK  23
Going to see Zakk Sabbath this month bgillesp  6System Of A Down albums ranked DORBUSCUS  24
"shit its 2015-2017 better make my album art b&w" AnimalsAsSummit  22Sputnik MTG thread emester  10
1995 Ranked (Hip-Hop) BelieveInDog  12Cup of Dreams SlackContortion  2
RIP Robert Miles Sinternet  17Intoxicated Digs Toad  34

Fun Facts: Music Edition Supercoolguy64  8Got A New Track Out Graveyard  3
Prog Metal G0atC0re  30Film Adaptations Classification Theory Featured UniqueUniverse  53
A Line or Two of Coke TVC15  44for all the beginner musicians among us Sinternet  8
Song Ranking: Ween - "The Mollusk" StephenIsHere  10Record Store Day Pickups 2017 Stereochrome1  4
Bowie closers ranked.. butcherboy  14ya got spotify? romulanrancor  18
Just released a teaser for my album LogicTumble  7Neil Breen AdolfChrist  23
My first half of the year UndineParty  9Steven Wilson and Trains Featured Tunaboy45  50
New genre tags? owen  51Classic hardcore/metalcore ZSquared  12
Jiggly's Top 50 GOAT Albums JigglyPDiddy  21Tribal Ritual Shuyin  2
Top 20 Best Kendrick Lamar Cuts BelieveInDog  14Top Ten Christian Älvestam Songs SoilPethSymmetry  3

Guilty Pleasures Shamus248  12Great fan made music videos TVC15  32

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