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1 Vote Cyberduck under 50 votes! Ryus 
2015 Redux Redacted and Replaced TheWrenKing Albums that Changed Music for Me Tb1114 
Best Sputnik Quotes CalculatingInfinity I Wrote a Rap Tape What Uuuuuuuuuuuup GnarlyShillelagh 
Summer Potslist 2o15: Potsy Edition LordePots Rate The President's Music Taste wtferrothorn 
Superior Hip Hop Part I LordePots Name-your-price hardcore, grind and screamo recs AaronIsCrunchy 
New Volcanic Queen EP (User-Made) Graveyard Electronic Favourites Cyberduck 

Nassstyyy... lz41  0Is Sputnik Crazy Enough To Try My NEW Music? GreyShadow  15
Rank Lambda's Top 10 Lambda  10

Kiss "Lick It Up" ranked facupm  8My Top 10 Albums (so far) confusionissex  0
Rate My 5's (Again) oisincoleman64  12THE BOOK OF SOULS Ebola  10
Hip Hop/Rap - Sputnik's Favorites 2015 CrackeTheSkull  7Underrated Death Metal MistaCrave  15
Thomas Kalnoky Ranked AtrumCimex  0Top 15 of 2015 So Far SowingSeason  13
1 Vote Featured Cyberduck  21Lookin for hip-hop to review?? Watchman97  9
under 50 votes! Featured Ryus  51No Work Saturday BallsToTheWall  16
albums that my stereo wants NorthernSkylark  10A Folkin' Metal Tourney Discovery Round 1 SCREAM!  19
Hannibal Finale Rowan5215  22Best song(s) of the past 5 years? Let  37
new EP (user-made) prelyks  4

50 Exceptional Rock Openers JKnott  17Top Ten David Gilmour Solos FloydZepp4ever  13
What is your superpower? ncguitar  60White Stripes Ranked Muisc4Life26  10
Metallica - 'Ride the Lightning' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  17Rainforest Music IronGiant  13
My favorite 1st wave BM albums MrNippleLipz  37Iron Maiden openers ranked facupm  13
Ranking every Green Day Album noahkunz101  9DARK BUDDHA RISING Relinquished  11
A Folkin' Metal Tourney SCREAM!  69Folk Metal - The All Time Greats CrackeTheSkull  14
Power/Fantasy Metal - A Complete and Comprehensive Guide CrackeTheSkull  13The Downward Spiral Ranked fragilespiral  2
2015 Redux Redacted and Replaced Featured TheWrenKing  21

Recommend similar bands? ZeroxSP  17Back to School TheCharmingMan  7
(FREE) Check Out My Band's Music (FREE) pbass0  5UEFA Champions League draw OmairSh  54
Seether Ranked SweeneyTodd  11stuff thats faster than metallica trvvve  16
NIN Ranked bagof4grapes  62000 - Looking for Recs Troggy  15
The Six Stages of Sputnik Being Down theBoneyKing  34Metal 2015 Nocturnalize  15
I bought Until Dawn DinosaurJones  10Site's Been Down Relinquished  42
Top Ten Black Sabbath Albums! miketunneyiscool123  11

Rock Movies That I Need To See ZackSh33  3Some Favorites 08hypnotic  1
Polish Food BallsToTheWall  21Albums that Changed Music for Me Featured Tb1114  16
Lou Reed (liked & ranked) altertide0  21Motley crue albums ranked jelzel23  12
Nickelback albums ranked jelzel23  17Aerosmith albums ranked jelzel23  3
new improv/ freeform jams AnimalsAsSummit  2Heading off to College (A Thank You) emester  97
Shoobies... Decapod  5Tristan und Isolde - best recording? Sevengill  17
Top Ten Annihilator Albums miketunneyiscool123  2Agalloch Ranked MistaCrave  21
Hip-Hop/Rap - The All-Time Greats CrackeTheSkull  40Albums That Need More Attention, Summer 2015 Edition CrackeTheSkull  18

My Favorite Albums NakedSnake  5Late Night Musical Cravings in My Dorm Nikolai  3
Obliteration Hawks  30To-Do Album Reviews doctorjimmy  0
Top Ten Pantera Songs TheMagicalBlender  25RIP 1,000 Ratings SmileNerd  23
American Football? Jacob818Hollows  35music opinion huskerdoo  17
DT's Construct Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  51,000 Ratings SmileNerd  79
Underrated Stuff That More People Should Listen To strawberriesandgravy  2rec me consistent artists with long discogs Ryus  120
My Top 15 Wrestlers Muisc4Life26  69cheese trvvve  20
Please give me a classical education ComeToDaddy  45Bands Like This? FloatHereForever  20
From Best to Worst: Stratovarius Gbhill  1Where to start with Deftones? Frisbee  38
10 Great Video Game/Film Soundtracks SmileNerd  26

From Best to Worst: Soilwork Gbhill  2Top Ten 'Sophomore' Thrash Albums miketunneyiscool123  6
i don't love you SnakeDelilah  25Best Albums of 2015 Gbhill  16
Rate My Best Friend's 5/5's TheMagicalBlender  31My Top 5 Vinyl HarrySmalldini97  8
mehtul climactic  29Top 10 Death Metal Albums MistaCrave  77
Need Sad Instrumental Music oisincoleman64  23Avatar: The Last Airbender 2 TheGreatQ  14
Folk Recs danielcardoso  35Vinyl hi-fi AaronIsCrunchy  12
Kanye West Ranked oisincoleman64  27Air Guitar World Championships 2015 MercuryToHell  7
Best Sputnik Quotes Featured CalculatingInfinity  442Favorite Albums (New User) Jehhhhh  18
ArcTanGent 2015 Review davesthesay  4

autchre frigyourgenre  23Doom and Gloom Loom: Assume and Fume TheWrenKing  7
My Top 15 Sonic Youth Albums confusionissex  7Best Bands With Vocalists Who Can Barely Sing? oisincoleman64  132
Potsy 2015: August Week III LordePots  29i wanna rock Shuyin  9
System of a Down Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  19Best Nu Metal Albums jmh886  63
I Wrote a Rap Tape What Uuuuuuuuuuuup Featured GnarlyShillelagh  29i made a mix puntugruhm  8
damn son 2 years is nothing Mort.  58Excited for Fall Because of Agalloch MistaCrave  18
200 Albums MisterPhoenix  0

MS Paint album covers 24gadjet  12Pumking Ale EJinHD  10
Greatest Albums Under 40 Min? TheMagicalBlender  49Cal Chuchesta SmileNerd  8
Just moved out, need sput support Gameofmetal  88Favorite Animal wtferrothorn  180
Jamiroquai Ranked romulanrancor  910 Long, EPIC SONGS JonLDials  41
Feedback For My Music? PunchedPeach72  11Top 10 metal riffs Madbutcher3  18
7 Music Videos You Need To See Before You Die PunchedPeach72  2Summer Potslist 2o15: Potsy Edition Featured LordePots  36
My Favorite Albums michaelcliffordw  0Bro's Music Vid Rowan5215  8

Any more Sputnik-user-created music? SmileNerd  74At a loss of what to review. MercuryToHell  14
Dance Gavin Dance Ranked oisincoleman64  13Chills & Goosebumps UnderTheNorthernScar  18
All LCD Soundsystem Songs Ranked apokolypz  5Summer Vinyl/Wax/Tracks/Moose WellFedWhiteMale  3
My Top 10 Favorite Albums siIverspawn  11Anthrax - 'Spreading the Disease' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  14
The Jester Race vs. The Gallery vs. Slaughter of the Soul CK  44Listen to my bands album BandNewbac  29
Top 50 Hip Hop Albums (In Alphabetical order) GodLovesUgly  24Pantera Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  13
Testament LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  7 Static  2

A New Chapter MyNameIsPencil  3Best bands/artists/projects that ended deadcrown  12
Top 10 PS2 Games PayneTiger777  78Top 5 Khaled as in DJ Fort23  0
Darkthrone's Panzerfaust Ranked romulanrancor  410 Most Underrated Eminem Songs oisincoleman64  7
Weekly Digs CodeOrangeKing  3Cop Ranked Supercoolguy64  5
Cool Stuff Released So Far In 2015 Graveyard  8Every Confirmed For 2015 Album I'm Excited For GreyShadow  3 Cygnatti  34Lou Diamond Phillips BallsToTheWall  5
Important and Essential music TheSonomaDude  40The best Metallica albums Stjimmy101  35
Recommendations for Melodic Metal Albums? MistaCrave  37Down The Home Stretch of 2015 RunningRed  1
Experimental Music Labels? OvDeath  19Top 5 Thrash Albums? Hawks  107
Top Ten "Style Shifters" From Thrash Bands miketunneyiscool123  25Enter The 36 Chambers Ranked Muisc4Life26  9
Every Gorillaz song ranked Jasdevi087  41What the hell, Bandcamp? DatsNotDaMetulz  14

Dig deeper you goons Havey's new site erizen826  57
You Choose The Review emester  3The weirdest songs I've ever heard. Stjimmy101  37
Rate my bands album widowslaugh123  16Ozzy Osbourne Best to Worst Solo Albums blakeguitarist2  14
My Top 20 Songs By The Smiths BewareOfDarkness  11Rec theBoneyKing Post-Rock theBoneyKing  43
Favorite Thrash Metal DoctorJackal  12Why? BallsToTheWall  13
Experimental Lo-Fi recs please Cyberduck  6Top 10 Most Depressing Albums Ziguvan  56
Best of 2015 (so far) Daily101  15ArcTanGent 2015 davesthesay  7
Top Ten Thrash Metal Debut Albums! miketunneyiscool123  35Panacea Playlist atokad432  1
THE UN DEAD Ovrot  16

Summer music pickups ConsumerOfNut  12Compton Ranked dbizzles  21
Rec Me Wicked Crazy Grind CodeOrangeKing  18The Ongoing Concept MyNameIsPencil  1
The Big 4 Albums romulanrancor  43the final straw danielito19  19
Master of Albums TheMagicalBlender  25Top 10 Insomnium Songs MistaCrave  4
Insomnium Albums Ranked MistaCrave  95 Ways Metallica Can Improve From Death Magnetic TheMrAlexK  55
Movies I've Seen This Year apokolypz  37Favorite Death Metal DoctorJackal  36
New deafheaven track Balerion  10My Favorite Progressive Rock Albums vitornpedroso  0
My vinyl collection bnest  3Top Ten Overkill LP Albums! miketunneyiscool123  9
West Coast Hip Hop: Top 20 stevendah  18

Favourite book? Sinternet  1665 worst music videos ever Stjimmy101  17
THIS IS A MUSIC SITE!!!!1!!!one! ncguitar  23Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel Unlimited Veldin  16
Acting Performances BallsToTheWall  12new copypasta Brostep  11
Where/How do you promote your band online? oWhoadYo  33Led Zeppelin Ranked TheMagicalBlender  11
My Dream Festival Lineup CodeOrangeKing  6What should I review? emester  9
Are my 5/5's good? FlyheadMetal  28Little known Progressive Post Hardcore AardvarkJunior  5 beta sixdegrees  175Exodus LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  16
Music that makes you feel smart Royl123  46Eyedea Ranked Rowan5215  12

Bullet for my Valentine Ranked Ribwich  0Where do you guys get your music? TheMrAlexK  84
2015 Summer Digs PattBraderson  6Death So Hard Hawks  70
My Top 20 Depeche Mode Songs BewareOfDarkness  18Favorite Actors DoctorJackal  94
What the Heck is Metalcore supposed to sound like? AEGMDoumenc  29Music Acquired in 2015 (Part 1/2) CL0VER  7
My Vinyl Collection ConcubinaryCode  5Pappy’s August Jams PappyMason  4
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Ranked grungetongue16  9Need some Rap Recs CrackeTheSkull  15
Favorite Metal/Hardcore Vocalists CodeOrangeKing  3Death Ranked NeroCorleone80  70
A Classical Fymega EP? (User-Made) Hurricanslash  6My tiny vinyl collection Crawl  1
Female fronted core whatever Mort.  31Metal Church LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  2
Top 5 Songs on Each Icarus The Owl LP GreyShadow  7Rate my 5's/Rec me shit Sinternet  23
My Top 5 Hardcore Bands Royl123  17Gorguts Worship Recs? PunchedPeach72  4
Rec Me 50 Albums MyNameIsPencil  50Learning To Play Guitar Bromero  12
rec me things + introduction bathtub  14

Depths of Doom Round 2 Match 2 SharkTooth  13Diggins SoccerRiot  10
Acoustic Guitar Greyvy  30Thoughts on These Upcoming AAA Games? TheMagicalBlender  46
Weekend Vinyl Grabs Atari  6Top 25 Nirvana songs Stjimmy101  5
Genre tags for each Swans album Supercoolguy64  214 hour plane ride recs loveisamixtape  11
Rec me new shit my dad would like Ashen  53Who Listens to Thrash for the Lyrics? UnderTheNorthernScar  18
good moments on St Anger FlyheadMetal  6Trying To Diversify romulanrancor  58
Lol Dinosaurs Hurricanslash  8

plugplugplugplugplug Static  28Potsy 2015: August Week II LordePots  59
Worst AOTY so far. iReturnToDust  20My Top 20 Albums From the 2000s BewareOfDarkness  14
Rate The President's Music Taste Featured wtferrothorn  127AC DC albums ranked jelzel23  20
Whiskey Funeral BallsToTheWall  9David Bowie albums ranked jelzel23  3
favorite songs heavydirtysoul  3Top 35 Favorite Songs dmp3131  13
hey guys (; huskerdoo  4gettin big squaaab  48
foo fighters ranked camdc27  3First single off of my bands album BandNewbac  19
Good Current Cartoons oisincoleman64  20Wintersun Ranked SCREAM!  6
My Band's Debut EP Release deathofasalesman  8Recent Vinyl Haul MikeDrumz2  7
Rate My 5's romulanrancor  38My Screamo Band's New Song BlueW  33
Top 15 Albums GalacticGoose  10New Maiden Song In Less Than An Hour GreyShadow  5
Best rap albums Stjimmy101  31

Wintersun Ranked Aftertheascension  8CULT OF TOMORROWS END - A Conclusion TheSonomaDude  19
i made an album killurselfmyman  21Top Ten Iron Maiden LP Albums miketunneyiscool123  18
Top Judas Priest LP Albums miketunneyiscool123  16Slayer LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  15
Megadeth LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  10Anthrax LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  2
Metallica LP Albums Ranked miketunneyiscool123  16Underrated Death Metal iReturnToDust  4
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel TheMagicalBlender  16Black Twilight Circle discography review TheSpirit  14
Genre tags for each Megadeth album FlyheadMetal  13VANS WARPED TOUR 2016 Predictions CapnJizz  7
VANS WARPED TOUR 2016 Predictions Shamus248  2Albums I Can't Wait For SowingSeason  41
Amenra Ranked deezer666  42I'm fancying a cry acdlewis  29
top 10 weezer songs camdc27  5Zoolander 2 BallsToTheWall  5
PS3 gAMES tempest--  32A Level results MattTD  23
Give Blood Ranked Aftertheascension  3Wrecking Ball ATL 2015 XingKing  5

recommend something similar to 24gadjet  8Heading off to college... TheSonomaDude  59
Top 50 Favorite Albums TheMrAlexK  16Best 3oh!3 songs Stjimmy101  12
rec me lo-fi/folk/acoustic stuff hal1ax  17My favorite albums of all time Stjimmy101  56
First week of school digs! iReturnToDust  11Favorite Song from Each of the Big Thrash Four TheMagicalBlender  21
Top 5 Flaming Lips Albums Royl123  14ZEPPLIN RANKED guilouzzz  6
Bargain Bin Finds part 2: Eclectic Boogaloo Sinternet  6Halo 5: Guardians (Halo Ranked) TalonsOfFire  95
Early Morning Mayhem BallsToTheWall  9Bob Dylan (ranked) altertide0  20
Presale Tickets are Best Tickets. DinosaurJones  4Fear Factory BigPleb  31
My (Very) Slowly Growing Vinyl Collection PunchedPeach72  5Top 50 (Very Late) Favorites of 2014 PunchedPeach72  11

metallica albums ranked camdc27  5Metalcore essentials/classics ZeroxSP  58
Drunk Wolfhorde  16Judas Priest Ranked TheMagicalBlender  31
Movies and TV Aug '15 LordePots  131Recent Black Metal and Death Metal jams BigDixRLameStix  4
bored at work. rec me some slimy, grimy shit. harddrughartman  6Music for my Leather Chair LeatherChair  2
Kiss albums ranked jelzel23  5100 Favourite Albums Greem  20
Favorite Black Metal Albums + Melodic Metal Albums Dmax28  5

Fantasy Football Thread Torontonian  106Musical necrophilia a.k.a. love for the disbanded sincerelyaural  4
Looking for Electronic/Pop Recs NiceThings  285 Albums That Define My Musical Taste jpolf  31
2015 stuff i listened to ranked trvvve  9Stoner Punk deathofasalesman  3
my top 10 favourite nirvana songs camdc27  8Cellos BallsToTheWall  16
Words That Mean Things #3 YetAnotherBrick  26Recs That Sound Similar to These Tracks TheMrAlexK  5
Bowie Ranked AnimalsAsSummit  20True Detective: Season 2 Finale ZippaThaRippa  69

Indie Stuff Hawks  55Will Review The First 50 Albums Commented oisincoleman64  99
Underappreciated Albums LOGOFF  5New Show Mr Robot Negator  8
What's worse? yourgodisinferior  96Disappointments emester  20
Best of Pink Floyd SweeneyTodd  20Toddcore TheSonomaDude  45
An Album For Each Year romulanrancor  27Sputnik can you be nice pls melnadaiid  37
The Decemberists Ranked theBoneyKing  17Maiden Album Covers Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  12
Bands digging on 8/9/15 OhhScourge  1Long Time, No List NightProwler  11
Fav 2015 albums/EPs so far dbilidb  0150K Scrobbles! cb123  11
Favourite Releases. TheDjentyRanga  1

Unpopular Opinions. iReturnToDust  39Deathrash Recs plz SlMBOLlC  19
Superior Hip Hop Part I Featured LordePots  213Post Metal Ranked Nud  43
I hate to be a douche but can u check out my band? deadcrown  31alphabetical ignant hip hop Static  31
Dark/Ambient/Soundscapey Shizz deezer666  12Iron Maiden - 'Powerslave' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  8
sports jams treeqt.  7Help Me Get Over My Misery strawberriesandgravy  110
Top 5 Worst Bands bagof4grapes  25When I was 13 sincerelyaural  5
RIP RUCK Hep Kat  13experimental/avant-garde recs trvvve  19
jazz puntugruhm  43Premiership Predictions 2k15/2k16 Sinternet  13
Three Days Grace ranked SweeneyTodd  4My top 16 favourite beats from Dr. Dre M1CH03L  0
Queen albums ranked jelzel23  11So importing CDs onto iTunes is now illegal in UK Madbutcher3  20
Multi-disc albums Supercoolguy64  22Ill never buy another album again* CL0VER  15
BM and Yak kinda made an album BMDrummer  134

favorites of 2015 Thor  17Potsy 2015: August Week I LordePots  51
Album To Do List iReturnToDust  3Rec Me New Dig Releases That don't suck CaptainDooRight  11
Modern Singer/Songwriters KerfuffleinaHussle  13Top 25 Albums HarrySmalldini97  0
Most Underwhelming Hip Hop Albums Tb1114  7Converge Tribute Album When? PunchedPeach72  26
The Notebook... BallsToTheWall  11Vinyl Collection (Constantly Updating) DennisDingus  0
Lateralus ranked KrazyKris  13Thibs Digs 4 Thibs  0
Any Fellow Non-Home Team Fans? MyNameIsPencil  11rate my cat's music taste treeqt.  24
My Top 20 Albums From the 90s BewareOfDarkness  5Top 10 Italian Prog Rock Albums Ziguvan  7
Deafheaven NA Tour 2015 Balerion  2VOTE: Album Genre Tags for Black Sabbath TheSonomaDude  15
Metallica's Kill 'Em All Ranked romulanrancor  16Hall of Shame Sapee  6
Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs almosttolerable  6Rap gems Sapee  0
Alternative and Indie Rec's mikep87  20NFL Hall of Fame Tommorow TheMrAlexK  6
Favorite Type of Metal? TheMagicalBlender  158

Taking bets on the date of the new Kanye release TheManMachine  2Saw Neurosis YetAnotherBrick  22
I'm so happy CK  93Vinyl Purchases (May-August 2015) emester  3
My Top 20 Albums From the 70s BewareOfDarkness  16Dropping In ShadowRemains  13
10 Underrated Led Zeppelin Songs bagof4grapes  37Warped Tour 2015 Ribwich  0
Fun Sludge/Black/Doom Metal album grish  10Rush Albums Ranked (RE-DONE) CreamCrazy  17
MBDTF Ranked oisincoleman64  17Rolling Stones albums Ranked jelzel23  34
Top 10 I The Mighty songs Ebola  3NZ METAL Vetimus  11

Why does this music exist ncguitar  39Tumblr iReturnToDust  89
God Dylan620  41OK Computer Ranked grungetongue16  29
review schedule update idontcareaboutthis  16recs for my mom trvvve  38
Favorite Games of 2011 TheMagicalBlender  39Got my First Vinyl apokolypz  2
Thanks, Victory Records. TheSonomaDude  20Top 25 The Gaslight Anthem Songs argonaut  14
Top 25 Songs GalacticGoose  11Digs iReturnToDust  5
CTTM Ranked CoffeeEyes17  1Name-your-price hardcore, grind and screamo recs Featured AaronIsCrunchy  41
I bought some vinyl DinosaurJones  2Instant Gratification Ranked oisincoleman64  7
Massive birthday haul MoosechriS  26Sowing's 2015 AFC Predictions and Superbowl SowingSeason  24
My Vinyl Collection MikeDrumz2  6

Daniel Johnston songs that make me cry FirstStrikeIsDeadly  17Mission Impossible BallsToTheWall  3
My Favourite Albums 2005 NorwichScene  8My Favourite Albums 2006 NorwichScene  10
Did another new track, need moar feedback/opinions Gameofmetal  7Top 50 Metal Albums PunchedPeach72  41
Favorite "Metal" Albums CWBrown  64.5 Supercoolguy64  45
Top 10 Albums of 2012 wafagan  0New Volcanic Queen EP (User-Made) Featured Graveyard  28
Top 5 Biggest Assholes on Sputnik Cygnatti  103Sowing's Recent Digs SowingSeason  21
the wonder years ranked correctly idontcareaboutthis  9Good TV Recommendations Gyromania  150
A Pencil's (Updated) Top 50 MyNameIsPencil  18Creepy Album Covers DisciplineRecords  46
School Starting Soon. iReturnToDust  6

bong broes daht cahm Urinetrouble  010 Albums I loved when I was 10... kdobailey  7
Awesome title tracks Dylan620  7Favourite songs of all time UpwardSpiral  11
real cool times jagride  2Yak and BandNewbac did a split YakNips  21
Electronic Favourites Featured Cyberduck  22Top 10 of 2013 wafagan  5
rec me doom n gloom dm sonictheplumber  10Vinyl that I own strawberriesandgravy  4
Psychedelic 2015 idontcareaboutthis  8Slayer live at Mayhem Fest - The Woodlands, Tx TheSonomaDude  10
Something to destroy my room too torchedice  23Seeing Tigers Jaw Tomorrow BandNewbac  9
Metallica albums ranked jelzel23  34Top 5 biggest assholes in rock Cimnele  8
Top 5 biggest assholes in rock (Part II) Starman72  49

MODERN HARDCORE Featured GuanoBumbershoot  56top 5 favorite dishes trvvve  21
Just Bought a PS4 InFiction  35the reefer has dried my eyes out Hep Kat  23
Best rock albums. Stjimmy101  35Noise Rock/Post-HC et similia AcidCaravan  9
5 Favorite Live Iron Maiden Albums Ikarus14  22015 In Heavy Music So Far Stereochrome1  27
July 2015 anobsoletevernacular  3Worst Album the Person Above You Gave a 5/5 Kalopsia  262
Top 5 biggest assholes in rock Starman72  77Megadeth - 'Youthanasia' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  6
Favorite Iron Maiden album covers Ikarus14  8dogs huskerdoo  10
50 Albums That Rocked my World sspedding  5Favourite Cloudkicker moments micpattern  3
Top 5 Alice Cooper albums mooncrazy  0Greatest Deep Purple songs happywizard  5
Rec Me Minimal Techno yourgodisinferior  14TOP 5 ALBUM COVERS! MikeDrumz2  4
Albums I Love that aren't "cool" to like MikeDrumz2  20

Recs similar to this? CapnJizz  6Iron Maiden: Ranked beefshoes  8
Happy 10,000! discovolante  27Had an epiphany Jasdevi087  2
The Big Fiddy kdobailey  9Need Industrial recs Toondude10  57
Pointless list of good bands! MattyTop  3Favorite Songs of All Time stuffedninja  11
local Houston metal bands FlyheadMetal  3My top BTBAM songs betweentheburiedandi  12
2015 So Far and Anticipated Stereochrome1  8Judio and Laughingman Present........ Judio!  30
New Account! iReturnToDust  55"finding" music through dreams trvvve  11
radiohead albums ranked camdc27  27Best Album the Person Above You Gave a 5/5 TheMagicalBlender  188
June/ July 2015 thejared  0Osheaga Today peaks40  2
PROG METAL RECs leviathan82  19Favorite Hardcore Albums TheLindowWicker  19

under 10 vol. II puntugruhm  5Esham Ranked discovolante  6
Favorite Tracks From the Metal Genre CapnJizz  10Rec me 90s alt/good grunge ConsumerOfNut  12
Some recent jams for you babes djentsy  2Digs + Recs (July) oisincoleman64  5
Ferro's July 2015 wtferrothorn  2Top 10 Hardcore Albums skatepunk  19
She Wants The D BallsToTheWall  30Rec me shoegaze Thuglifethor  16
August: Everything I'm After thecheatisnotdead  9Interpol Tonight peaks40  8
Dark Tranquillity Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  17Frank Turner Ranked Comatorium.  7
Jokers Ranked Rowan5215  61On The Long Road To Philly JWT155  1
Metallica ranked guilouzzz  21Pink Floyd Ranked guilouzzz  10
My Top 25 Avenged Sevenfold Songs TheMrAlexK  14The Real Thing (FNM) vs Mother's Milk (RHCP) FunkyBassCovers  10
Sowing's 2015 NFC Predictions SowingSeason  72

Communist and Anarchist Metal Recomendation thesatanfromhell  0Nirvana albums ranked. Stjimmy101  16
Best grooves of the day, son. 0ct0pu5kRAt0MToniJ  2my metal shirt collection FlyheadMetal  11
8 essential Damon Albarn albums. Stjimmy101  2Can you... ncguitar  34
Top 10 Bring Me The Horizon Songs TheCalebRobinson  13Rec me hip h0p hal1ax  22
Arrested Development CK  1721 years on the Earth: Top 50 albums flabbywhale  13
Weaks Decapod  16I Went Through a Pound of BBQ Sauce in Two Weeks Trebor.  9
Barbaric Warriors OvHeavy Metal Featured OvDeath  49A Pencil's Fugazi Ranking MyNameIsPencil  11
New Fymega EP (User-Made) Hurricanslash  6Gentle Giant Ranked SoccerRiot  13
Favorite metal tracks ApocalypticCows  22LIFE sucks chesse13  22
Left and Leaving Ranked strawberriesandgravy  1Favorite Concerts AffableMartyr  18
Saw Modest Mouse This Weekend SGGreenman  13that moment when you realize... FlyheadMetal  7

Pls Rate/ Listen to My Album AnimalsAsSummit  14My Top 20 Albums from the 80s BewareOfDarkness  7
Potsy 2015: July Week IV LordePots  21First 10 R.E.M. LP's Ranked strawberriesandgravy  6
Classics of the 2010s travisbickle36  19Music Diaries of a Heroin Addict MikeDrumz2  9
Warped Tour (after) SparkToBelieve  13A Sugary Sweet Machine Music Video Featured laughingman22  29
Depths Ov Doom Round 2 Match 1 SharkTooth  18Ranking Mika albums Stjimmy101  4
Rec me relaxing music MotoOnSputnik  43Symphonic Black Metal AstralBlood  13
Fresh Fruit Vs. Plastic Surgery KrazyKris  19Which is Better and Why? LPFTW  5
Top 10 Clash Songs bagof4grapes  870s movies jagride  18
Ranking Green Day albums. Stjimmy101  10Symphony X Ranked pyroflare77  4
Milk yourgodisinferior  126

rec me anything AdolfChrist  29Opinions On These Instrumental Demos oisincoleman64  4
dankest vinyl Ignimbrite  30Fantasy Premier League - 460246-196530 2muchket!  6
Favorite six stringers. charlesdivision  4101 Forgotten & Unknown Death Metal Records Featured JasonCarne  60
Feel Good Songs yourgodisinferior  21MY Top 5 Modest Mouse Songs Ranked MikeDrumz2  23
Canada Crust jackboblamont  5Grad school applications, plz advise Ignimbrite  20
i did another thing Supercoolguy64  24Zazz BallsToTheWall  19
Wacken Again! Flugmorph  32Work Tunes. DinosaurJones  19
Rate my sister's music taste apokolypz  60DC Hardcore 1980-Now aaronrkc  20
weezer blue album ranked camdc27  11

albums i plan on listening too kingdedethefifth  8post-punk vs post-punk Cimnele  23
Most br00tal guitar tuning? JonLDials  45Building a vinyl collection Dylan620  9
The Gaslight Anthem ranked strawberriesandgravy  11Favorite soda? :} Greyvy  114
gibbe recs based on my ratings Froot  3Morbid Angel TonyOlive  5
Potsy: My Non-Edgy Fav Artists as a Whole TBH LordePots  88

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