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Power Electronics: A guide LivingThrowaway great albums with under 10 votes. puntugruhm 
Soundoff Nation Army: Braggart's Road Angelboros Otherworldly Spectres OvBlack Metal OvDeath 
TheSpirit's Official Unofficial Essential Pt.II TheSpirit A Gameofmetal birthday/1 year Sputnik anniversary Gameofmetal 
Ambient/Electronic/Related puntugruhm Unholy Lords OvDeath Metal OvDeath 
The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 1 SCREAM! Johnny Turns 10000 - Top 100 Albums (100-51) johnnydeking29 

Help a young reviewer in need Onirium  2My Pearl Jam list justAman  3
10 Great Thrash Albums Lasseg  2Championship Playoffs 2015 Tunaboy45  28
2015 User Music Recs Greem  7

Pizza time deadcrown  21love these album covers Ocean of Noise  11
Pseudo Deathcore Nocturnalize  13Top 20 Drake Songs SHAKEandBAKE  3
New Demo/Extended Play up for streaming JonLDials  2New White SeeD Album by gmemberkills GmemberKills  12
pop punk recs SillyCaringRabbitPal  30give me something to rev idontcareaboutthis  22
Updating All My Music To FLAC, (C's) DeadGuy  15Death Cover Art Ranked TheMagicalBlender  18
Updating All My Music To FLAC, (B's) DeadGuy  0darkness scale trvvve  16
My top 10 fav. albums UpwardSpiral  7Isis : my 15 favorite songs Couteau  31
The Most Overrated Bands of All Times NickLizard49  6915 Of The Best Albums Under 15 Votes bloodshy  12
Sufjan Stevens Tomorrow Rowan5215  13Mad Max Fury Road Muisc4Life26  23
My New Album Greem  5evilthrash Featured evilford  60
Updating All My Music To FLAC, (A's) DeadGuy  15Top 5 List About Nothing cagedbutterfly  26

rec me stuff idontcareaboutthis  16My Top Ten British Rock Bands Royl123  53
Weekend Showdown: Tommy vs. The Wall TheMagicalBlender  13Potsy 2015: May Week III PotsyTater  14
The Definitive Radiohead Ranking YetAnotherBrick  24Happy Birthday Morrissey someguest  6
Listen to the new Early November Atari  6Anniversaries of the Week: May 22 BeneaththeDarkOcean  1
Top 70 Albums Of 2008 mttgry  8Favorite 90's Albums ROFLwaffle  6
Movies I've Seen Lately RivalSkoomaDealer  17Best of 2015 Daily101  0
CHUGCHUGCHUGCHUGCHUG Aftertheascension  19Evans Assorted Recs of Heavy Music #3 emester  5
Led Zeppelin ranked Dylan620  23Shuffle List bloodshy  4

Music Theory? Aftertheascension  49Recent CD Purchases/ Scrobble/Computer help TalonsOfFire  14
Top Ten South Park Episodes TheMagicalBlender  48Recs Please and Thanks apokolypz  6
Metallica ranked numetallover69  15Great Songs I've Been Listening To This Month georgeharold818  6
The Blackest Metal Tourney Semi-Finals SCREAM!  23Long Screaming At You And Some Nice Melody Songs Apetzar  13
1 Year On Sputnik!!! + Shoutouts SPRFanOf5H  10Ten 10/10 Jesus Lizard Songs Deadwing42  4
5's Ranked JackySpence  0RIP Late Show With David Letterman SharkTooth  34

To Pimp A Butterfly Is THE GOAT Rap Album + Digs Ichangedmynametojeff  27Music I Sleep To Aftertheascension  40
Let's Do It BallsToTheWall  15I'd hang out with Ben Weasel bungy  5
~unheard~ albums that you should hear Chortles  27New Composition of Mine SoccerRiot  8
Slipknot ranked numetallover69  10My Mexican integration vacation Gameofmetal  11
Pink Floyd - 5 Favorite Albums Ikarus14  25Iron Maiden - 7 Favorite Albums Ikarus14  14
Trivium - Favorite Albums Ikarus14  11Like Modest Mouse and Galaxie 500? zarling53  3
music i havent heard that is probably okay SillyCaringRabbitPal  25TREEMAN: BORN AGAIN BlurredCubistBoob  23
Lambda Started a Blog!1! Lambda  5Lollapalooza 2015 RivalSkoomaDealer  4
Ongoing Favorite Albums 2015 pauldrakedsd  0Who's Cal georgeharold818  4
DIR EN GREY setlist DrGonzo1937  18The National - Boxer (Ranked) AmericanFlagAsh  31
Seeing Swans BandNewbac  10Red Hot Chili Peppers ranked SoccerRiot  31
Abe's Recommendations VengeanceCactus  0I am bipolar LambsBread  54

5 Songs That Are Catchy, But Have Dark Lyrics. cagedbutterfly  37Rec Bad Music in Good Genres Zeh1996  28
Why Did You Choose That Username? ArsMoriendi  314do you have any tattoos? Slut  72
Rec me Blackgaze hal1ax  16Stupid genres titanslayer  178
Johnny's New Album (Film Score) johnnydeking29  4Perfect GH3 Songs TheMagicalBlender  8
Albums you should listen to (in my humble opinion) Nate38222  4Frog Worship BallsToTheWall  11
Cheap Headphones Recs (15-30 Bucks) emester  6Where is Yak? fromtheinside  51
I graduate high school tonight.. erizen826  17Pie Chart Rawmeeth38  8
will you remember the love we shared YakNips  37top 2 gwar sonictheplumber  4
2012 Albums Rakkie  32011 Albums Rakkie  0
2013 Albums Rakkie  22014 Albums Rakkie  1
WHY?! cirq  25Witchery Semen Explosions Lakes.  6
Summer Albums BeyondCosby  10Moving Pictures Ranked Torontonian  20
The most depressing album recommendations please WilhelmBlack  64

I Turn 18 emester  38Who else is ready to hear new Chance on Surf? humblerodent  5
these are my favorite albums NorthernSkylark  44Making A "Best Of" Compilation Graveyard  9
The Wild Hunt Ranked argonaut  161000 Ratings Milestone Valkyrion  5
Rainbow's Rising Ranked romulanrancor  11Chill Electronics demigod!  17
End of an Era MyNameIsPencil  28The Blackest Metal Tourney Quarter-finals round3-4 SCREAM!  28
my whole family is flexaholics Hep Kat  27Sci-Fi Death Metal OvDeath  54
I made music CK  12Stuff omgbecky  13
Bass Digs SoccerRiot  12dank 2015 black metal Ignimbrite  25
Make Me Sad brosephmcbrah  53

I want something heavy/extreme yep123  65Updated Top 15 Artists Palatial  11
TOP 5 COVERS charlesdivision  17100 Highschool Heavies dixoncocks  8
Best Nu-Metal Bands georgeharold818  7deathschool has a new album!!! deathschool  56
Help Me Find Music PhobiaBB  10Best Song for Each Metallica Album TheMagicalBlender  7
You can't have a party bungy  31Evan's Assorted Recs of Heavy Music #2 emester  16
My Favorite Artists Solo vitornpedroso  16My Favorite Bands of All Time vitornpedroso  20
My Top 10 Pink Floyd Albuns vitornpedroso  9Metallica Albums Ranked RagingInsomniac666  5
Applying for McDonalds ChoccyPhilly  82Into The Core BallsToTheWall  11
Ozzy Osbourne: Best to worst WilhelmBlack  3Favourite labels AaronIsCrunchy  35
Recent-(ish) CD Purchases ScuroFantasma  2my top 6 black metal albums leatherrebel  30

TOP NWOBHM ALBUMS RagingInsomniac666  2Emo binge travisbickle36  20
Probably Should've Waited ThyCrossAwaits  7Van Halen albums Ranked RagingInsomniac666  6
Best Classic Rock/Metal Albums RagingInsomniac666  7Kate Bush Ranked gryndstone  25
A few under appreciated jazz albums HarrySmalldini97  8New Judio Album! Give it a Listen! Judio!  64
2015 Digs! (so far) Sharpyyy  8gorguts ranked trvvve  9
Ethereal/Floaty Recs? TylerLamberg  34Music that needs more attention Aftertheascension  12
The Blackest Metal Tourney Quarter-Finals Round1-2 SCREAM!  33Ed's top 100 albums part 2 RadicalEd  29
Who's excited for ACT IV: Rebirth in Reprise jmnewcomer18  20HNW; or watching paint dry as an art form. LivingThrowaway  46
How have I only just come across this?? Roo17  15

progression of my music taste Avagantamos  27Unknown Indie Artists UniqueUniverse  4
Top Albums of 2014 UniqueUniverse  20What Media Player Do You Use? TheSpaceMan  59
Potsy: '92 til Infinity Part III PotsyTater  20Bjork - Homogenic (Ranked) AmericanFlagAsh  61
Anybody ever heard the band Crymsonblaze  7Potsy 2015: May Week II PotsyTater  104
Blonde On Blonde Ranked argonaut  116 great bands even Sputnik doesn't know LoLifant  86
Favorite Drummers Sevengill  60My Top PostHardcore Picks OwMySnauze  16
Top 70 Albums Of 2007 mttgry  1any underrated metalcore suggestions? djentsy  5
PitchforkArms Put Out an Album Featured PitchforkArms  36Thrash Through The Weekend (Rec me Thrash) emester  13
Gettin dem CDs like I'm gettin that paper wtferrothorn  5My Top 15 Bassist Rickislost  31
'Rust in Peace' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  17Oh God how I love bananas nokitron  19
formed a band 24gadjet  9My Top 50 Artists of the Decade So Far (2010-2015) DoofusWainwright  38
Goodbye titanslayer  22Two, count 'em TWO...purchases that I made today. GreyShadow  4
Top Ten Behemoth Tracks AstralBlood  18workplace relationships Phlegm  138

Album Pick Ups from 1/1/15 through 5/14/15 MrBoom  6Gym Domination With Metal BallsToTheWall  9
'The Wall' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  16techno/related puntugruhm  9
Top 25 The Knife Songs PotsyTater  63My New Album Hurricanslash  15
Best Rap Albums georgeharold818  7Best Halo Tracks Vakarian12  8
Life: 2, Maybe 3.0 (Also, Fuck Cockroaches) YetAnotherBrick  22Bought this sucker today (favorite Death solos) CK  6
My Favourite Albums Ledgy  17Date Music Sevengill  60
Top Ten Favorite Albums WilhelmBlack  10Alex's favourite 50 albums-2015 Blametruth3  8
Halftime 20-15 maddin  3My Bands EP Ricochet  18
leaving sputnik! bach  19Top 10 Lil Ugly Mane Songs RosaParks  23
My Top 50 Artists of the 00's DoofusWainwright  19Death Ranked PunchedPeach72  36
Afterwork Digs AstralBlood  3

Help Me Thrash dylanjones42  25'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  5
My Top 40 albums of 1994 nickswandotcom  16Summer Driving TheManMachine  1
Fancy Beer And Faux Misanthropy BallsToTheWall  3Some overrated albums DustyTill  28
Foods I've Never Tried FourthReich  87a brief list of 2015 digs WeepingBanana  4
music players for android PlatonicMushroom  6Lately deathschool  36
Best Death Opener?? demigod!  44Recent Jams djentsy  6
A quarter into 2015 ConcubinaryCode  5Stuff I've Been Digging Lately SarahTorrortitsoff  1
Happy Birthday Chuck! Muisc4Life26  18Top Rush Songs BigLeach65  8
Sputnik, why you so pretentious djentsy  107My Favorite Albums ROFLwaffle  3
My Top 50 Artists of the 90's DoofusWainwright  38

Japanese Music 2 CapnJizz  18The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Veldin  51
Recs? JonLDials  7My Official Music Taste List leatherrebel  16
The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 8 SCREAM!  33W.W.J.D BallsToTheWall  12
FNM 2015 Setlist BigPleb  24More Vinyl emester  12
High School Graduation TylerLamberg  20skate and surf 2015 Slut  5
Leaving Sputnik... oisincoleman64  362015 Redux TheWrenKing  9
Music to study to Mort.  35Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted (Ranked) AmericanFlagAsh  22
My band (Methadone Skies) on tour insomniac15  14depression? evilford  135
Songs With Great Back Stories lz41  8Another Baby Bird Jacquibim  32
Indie Pop to Chill to Parallels  4Power Electronics: A guide Featured LivingThrowaway  70
Music for Reading, Writing, and Introspection Deadwing42  16

Blurryface Ranked VaxXi  14Pre Ordering Books Calc  25
Illmatic Ranked ParanoidAndroid96  9Great Bookends Supercoolguy64  8
2000s vs. 2010s Eggvander  1Growers/Latecomers 24gadjet  4
Favorite Death Metal Anthemic  10"i'm in high school but i'm super into music" GrandpaSeth3000  47
Evan's Assorted Recs #1 emester  7this is a good list ITsHxCTOASTER  8
Soundtrack herbulver  12Jazz Recommendations? Benc  12
The worst music you've ever heard? Aftertheascension  53My Band! Sowders  59
Camping Digs BallsToTheWall  7Rush Set List 05/10 EverythingEvil2113  29
Underrated Albums SweeneyTodd  39Summer Releases Comatorium.  11
Rec me power electronics BandNewbac  25Need some post rock Captain3  15
Best Album '90-'99 TheMagicalBlender  29hey cirq  22
5 Great Metal or Jazz Vegetarians Snowdog808  26Changing my userpic FlyheadMetal  20
Top 20 Songs New to Me in 2015 I Rate as Classics DoofusWainwright  5Top 5 Industrial Albums yep123  22
Jazzdevi Jasdevi087  19My Favorite Albums At All Time Deathunger  15

Albums that got me into metalcore djentsy  21So it's been 2 years now... Strider  7
That 1 Time Frippertronics Got F***king Rekt PotsyTater  130m/ My Music Taste m/ leatherrebel  65
lets talk about guys with long hair edanolem  86METAL and its many subgenes FlyheadMetal  73
Atrocious music thought ingenious by many Steven28  19225 Favorite Albums CapnJizz  10
aliencore FlyheadMetal  22Users I Miss Graveyard  222
Rock And Its MANY Subgenres Part 2 oisincoleman64  152015 Drop #2: Bee Em AnimalsAsSummit  3
What six feet under albums are worth checking out? SitruK6  22Fear Factory Ranked cloakanddagger  1
My Groezrock Festival 2015 NightProwler  3Katatonia - Favorite Albums metalmelody  0
Rock And It's MANY Subgenres Part 1 oisincoleman64  42My Favorite Queensryche Albums Muisc4Life26  15
Recs similar to yourgodisinferior  12

anyone workout to post rock? TheCollectiveFacade  23Long lost and forgotten Supercoolguy64  7
great albums with under 10 votes. Featured puntugruhm  60Election Results DecayingMajesty  27
my favourite 10 of 2015 so far. spongie68  05/12 2015 Cygnatti  38
Rec me recent stuff anobsoletevernacular  9An abandoned EP AStableReference  6
2015 Digs Stereochrome1  0The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 7 SCREAM!  31
Sonata Arctica - Favorite Albums metalmelody  0Jazz recs? Aftertheascension  15
Top Ten Albums of the 80's TheMagicalBlender  64Steven Wilson - Favorite Albums metalmelody  0
Splatoon Is So Good wtferrothorn  1

Good Stuff From This Year So Far Calc  17Swans Ranked Rawmeeth38  16
Netflix Instant and Silent Films chinesewhispers  3666 ratings: The Milestone Jasdevi087  8
New Record Player Is A Piece Of Shit oisincoleman64  11Best of The Best BallsToTheWall  9
Movie recs smaugman  27Chevelle ranked numetallover69  5
Recent LP Pickups MadMikeLove  2Top 5 forever MadMikeLove  0
These Aren't Your Top 10 Golden Era Sabbath Pics ArsMoriendi  11vote Classical nakedwesmile  39
The last 90 something albums I listened to YankeeDudel  8How my dad would rank my 5s CK  14
Black Sabbath's Paranoid Ranked romulanrancor  15Weezer - Pinkerton (Track Ranking My 5s) AmericanFlagAsh  11
Impulse Buys thecheatisnotdead  4Top 70 Albums Of 2006 mttgry  5
Metallica ranked ROFLwaffle  15Getting my eyeballs lasered AtomicWaste  16
My Top Albums Thuglifethor  7My dog shat on my bed RainKing  21
Melodic death metal Aftertheascension  19My first Metal Albums in High School kveldulf57  6
'Sgt. Pepper's' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  18Troll ratings titanslayer  26

Where are my ratings? alwaysright  22Rec me Ambient With Vocals hal1ax  23
Coneren Relinquished  25Ranking the Strokes albums dannooo29  9
Mad Men (spoilers) TalonsOfFire  18Albums With Great Runs Home lz41  10
Most Replay Albums Tb1114  22Potsy 2015: May Week I PotsyTater  73
Rock Guitar Backing Track ViperAces  2Korn ranked numetallover69  9
Bored in the seminar room RainKing  5The Ocean ranked. Flugmorph  16
A Pencil's Challenge (100 Albums, 100 Days) MyNameIsPencil  6Deftones ranked numetallover69  11
I passed 2000 ratings here's some stuff JS19  6My Day Is Made (Post-Punx) BeneaththeDarkOcean  3
'The Number of the Beast' Ranked TheMagicalBlender  9Anyone Else in TV or Radio? RogueNine  15
Making a new album TheSonomaDude  8Korn Ranked tresm87  34
why did some asshole mislabel the the biggest .... wwba  79NWOAHM: Reminisce Thibs  18

Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs WesleyJones  13Ranking the Green Day albums dannooo29  19
Ranking the Avenged Sevenfold albums dannooo29  15Ranking the Ozzy Osbourne solo albums dannooo29  2
Just Found Out... fromtheinside  86Songs on the radio i like catnap  15
Van der Graaf Generator Top Songs Jethro42  35Some really technical/experimental metal records. JasonCarne  1
fuck pollen SnakeDelilah  25Are we destined to become Lame? Gestapo  21
Favourite Albums Of 2015 So Far georgeharold818  2the 15 best nu metal albums numetallover69  28
Movies Of The 70's, 80's, & 90's You Gotta See EyesWideShut  16How you rate albums? Aftertheascension  25
Jazz recs please?? YungEarnYourStripes  21My 5's Ranked CalculatingInfinity  20
The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 6 SCREAM!  39The 3.5 is the new 4 GreyShadow  49
Top 70 Albums Of 2005 mttgry  6Experimental (electronics)/related puntugruhm  19
Karaoke Tunes! BigPleb  29I Saw Neutral Milk Hotel Last Night JoeMcSatanBalls  6
Underrated Post-Hardcore Recs?? dixoncocks  23Indaba Remix Contest Beardog  1
Poll: Fav. Dream Theater Songs? CLOSED VVild18  31Poll: Favourite Tool Songs? CLOSED VVild18  40
Lyrics I Mishear lz41  10wanted nokitron  8
00's BOR  0

catching up on music AdolfChrist  5Best of 72: 43 albums for 43 years wham49  24
NOW that's what i call black metal TheSpirit  2320 Great Pop Songs oisincoleman64  12
Sad break-up shit rufinthefury  17Avengers 2 BallsToTheWall  98
Dance Gavin Dance Live BlueSwan  6Hounds of Love Ranked ArsMoriendi  8
Favourite albums of 2015 so far HarrySmalldini97  10Seeing Rush and Judas Priest live Friday13th  9
ultimate recs list radkeronnie  7Preordered Pale Horses Watchman97  3
Best album closers BigLeach65  35android or ios? Aftertheascension  12
My Top 10 Frank Zappa Albums JohnMcDonaldSE  3Headphone Upgrade Emyay  37
Chaotic Metalcore (ignore the title) Flugmorph  110Seasons in the Abyss Ranked KingdomOfTyrant  26
Favourite Live Records VVild18  11sinus infection digs FIIYKA  3
Pinkerton Ranked zhengyu  10Top 70 Albums Of 2004 mttgry  5
Kamelot Albums Ranked grandbazaar  6

hey twerps bungy  17Favorite Sting Songs Sevengill  15
The guide to Alice Cooper: How to get into him WilhelmBlack  8Potsy: '92 til Infinity Part II LordePots  33
Discography Compilations Supercoolguy64  7My Ranking of Brand New TheGreatQ  14
Under the Radar 2015 Pt. 2 djunior  7If Your Dad Made A 'Top Ten Albums' List... TheMagicalBlender  42
Stone Temple Pilots Ranked Deadwing42  8new user. hi :D catnap  32
Top 11 Tool Songs almosttolerable  13Burn! BallsToTheWall  6
Most Badass Guitar Player Ever... Palatial  1SillyCaringRabbitPal's Shoutbox edanolem  5
Top 70 Albums Of 2003 mttgry  16May the 4th Be With You SharkTooth  19
Favorite Movies AstralBlood  116Albums To Fall Asleep To CaptainSpacker  38
Favourite Concept Albums VVild18  9

I was wrong MyNameIsPencil  41Potsy: Cassette Tape Grabs May 3rd 2015 LordePots  78
A List of Metal emester  21Saw sleepmakeswaves&Opeth live on the 3rd of May! lecolumbus  0
Pop Sucks Sevengill  128Recent listening Confessed2005  8
SLEEP CONCERT 2 NITE sonictheplumber  8Comic Books Muisc4Life26  19
MCU Phase 1 & 2 Ranked TheMagicalBlender  33Soundoff Nation Army: Braggart's Road Featured Angelboros  22
summer jams radkeronnie  20This is what we called metalcore back in the day HisBelovedMaker  17
Prurient Albums I've Heard Ranked Graveyard  17Favorite albums i found this year meatwadsprite  4
The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 5 SCREAM!  41Radio Show Live Now Rowan5215  70
Depressioncore Jacquibim  25T0p2oT0olS0ngsTOOLToOLtOolLOotlotoToOLtOolLOot alwaysright  15

Saw Kamelot Last Night ExplosiveOranges  14Potsy: '92 til Infinity LordePots  68
Prolapse Prolapse  24Moonmadness Ranked Torontonian  14
Potsy: Albums You Haven't Even Heard Vol. IX LordePots  70Three new Boris albums dropped today CapnJizz  2
Some Great Punk Jams yourgodisinferior  11Best Reunion Album? CK  27
R.I.P Jeff Hanneman romulanrancor  10April: Significantly Less Sick Than March wtferrothorn  11
2 weeks without da metul! JokineAugustus  17April 2015 JCGold14  2
Disappointing albums melodicdrama  12Post-Metal Recs Greem  22
Seeing Chelsea Wolfe Tomorrow figure337  17Bands I've seen live! fatherjakepatho  2

Vote Now please! Post Metal Flugmorph  150BM made more bad music BMDrummer  78
Top 10 New Found Glory Songs JimmyofSuburbia99  4Post Metal Bands Ranked alwaysright  69
recent movies list NorthernSkylark  16hip hop rules grish  52
New Avengers Movie RoundOnEndHiInMiddle  119Rec Me Songs oisincoleman64  12
Best Nostalgic Songs! :) labamfan  10Favorite albums of first third of 2015 fatherjakepatho  4
Top Albums of 2015 --- May thekilleruser  6My Favorite Daft Punk Songs Muisc4Life26  10
Bands that sound like no-one else JS19  66Gotta Have My Bowl, Gotta Have Cereal BallsToTheWall  10
German Music Recs eddie95  37Some Uncool Artists lz41  13
ice cream ranked SnakeDelilah  82

melodic black metal? Aftertheascension  15April 2015 - Week 3 and 4 Frippertronics  6
Finals Sauce  9Ranking the 4.6's TheMagicalBlender  96
My Top 10 Albums from the 60s BewareOfDarkness  18weezer ranked again mryrtmrnfoxxxy  28
NFL Draft SPRFanOf5H  24Slayer Ranked charbyno  15
Sputnik Voted: Melodic Death Flugmorph  11April 2015 anobsoletevernacular  11
Dreams DO come true! SitarHero  7Otherworldly Spectres OvBlack Metal Featured OvDeath  68
Selling SGM's Of Natural History CalculatingInfinity  4Kintsugi Ranked oisincoleman64  3
Dancehall? Fort23  5The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 4 SCREAM!  44
Joy Division: Worst to Best (LPs and EPs) WilhelmBlack  4Brand New or Faith No More tickets for my bday? Froot  34
Another boring Metallica raking DustyTill  9Bands Sputnikmusic got me into swaginmybag  29
You take your car to work Thuglifethor  6No, Donny, these men are nihilists. Poncharelo  8

Movement 2015 MassiveAttack  4Heya SoccerRiot  6
Rec me folk metal hal1ax  24That new Towkio mixtape is fire humblerodent  4
xSPONGEXCOREx ranked DustyTill  9My Top 10 Deftones Songs Muisc4Life26  15
A Matter Of Life And Death Ranked oisincoleman64  2Spring Sludge emester  16
Favorite Albums of All Time SmartWentCody  40Sad hardcore titanslayer  41
Rec Me Haze StallionMang  122015 Captain3  9
Good To Be Back BallsToTheWall  10Drone recs? JS19  15
Obligatory 1000 Ratings List mikep87  3I'm The Answer, Never Question Hep Kat  10
Straight Edge or Nah? MMX  113

Last Fm Top 10 Nov-Apr TenSecondsToThink  3Favrite Albims Sense 2010 Trebor.  11
ATTENTION: USER SEAaNEMONE fromtheinside  50Memorable Guitar Solos TheMagicalBlender  51
Favorite One-Liner Lyrics JasonCarne  82The correct Fugazi ranking yourgodisinferior  39
Potsy 2015: April Week IV LordePots  48Death Cab Ranked oisincoleman64  3
Avant garde music that makes you dance Steven28  25TheSpirit's Official Unofficial Essential Pt.II Featured TheSpirit  36
Some Prog Brabiz  1Hip Hop And Its Many Subgenres oisincoleman64  41
The Thing With SOME Post Rock People wtferrothorn  28Coldplay Ranked mdrive  14
David Bowie's Golden Era: Worst to Best WilhelmBlack  30Top 70 Albums Of 2002 mttgry  3
AFI: Best to Worst WilhelmBlack  14Recommendations for Hardcore Punk? WilhelmBlack  16
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Hep Kat  26favourite Hardcore/Crust/Punk VVild18  7
March/ April 2015 thejared  2My Metal To-Do List GreyShadow  10
Ihsahn ranked AstralBlood  3

Post Hardcore 4 Liam DriveLikeJewhu  19Top 10 Best Wu Tang Solo Albums DropoutBear  4
Top 10 Albums of 2006 BeeRyan  6Metalcore Bands 4 Liam DriveLikeJewhu  4
How Has Your Definition of "Good" Music Changed? Watchman97  14Studying music recommendation? rapideyemovement  30
Fall Out Boy Ranked Muisc4Life26  4Best of Bandcamp Free Vol. 4 VaxXi  15
The Blackest Metal Tourney Discovery Round 3 SCREAM!  133Refused have a new song Dolving999  26
metal recs trve  12Just Released My SECOND Album OZZGabriel  3
Dota 2 Gwyn.  35Finally Gave in to the Vinyl Craze JWT155  19
Witching Hour Covers Ranked pedro70512  1A year of life: London to India Puzzzles  11
Oh Glorious Bollock ButteryBiscuitBass  8Albums for exams BandNewbac  1
Dodenakker's Artist Wrap-up: Round 1 Dodenakker  8Nirvana Ranked lz41  24
Top 10 Albums of 2007 BeeRyan  24

Jams and Jellys GreyShadow  11Hiatus pt.2 ComeToDaddy  20
May 2015 Playlist BOR  0Rank this list johnnydeking29  22
Queens of the Stone Age: Top 25 Songs Happy2review  13Recent Buys Rsetness9  3
Instrumental Hip-Hop Progbeat  4Aoty List 2005 KevinGoldfinger  3
Aoty List 2006 KevinGoldfinger  2Backlog 3 Karpizzle  0
Aoty List 2007 KevinGoldfinger  1Aoty List 2008 KevinGoldfinger  0
Rec Me Stuff emester  6Aoty List 2009 KevinGoldfinger  0
Aoty List 2010 KevinGoldfinger  0A Gameofmetal birthday/1 year Sputnik anniversary Featured Gameofmetal  70
Johnny Turns 10000 Part II - Top 100 Albums (50-1) johnnydeking29  32Rec Me Glam Rock Anthracks  4
Vol. 3 Ranked oisincoleman64  11Favorite Songs by The Who BewareOfDarkness  12
latest favourites...math yeah! pummelbienchen  0Vinyl are an addiction... Final Origin  12
Top 10 Albums of 2008 BeeRyan  6

Runner up favs AstralBlood  01990, man... Ebola  12
Top 10 albums of 1326 Jasdevi087  13Top 10 Albums of 2009 BeeRyan  0
Aoty List 2011 KevinGoldfinger  2Aoty List 2012 KevinGoldfinger  1
Top 5 favorite WiTTR songs hal1ax  4Top 10 Albums of 2010 BeeRyan  1
I want to get into Neurosis ReAnimator  31Look Guys I Can Write Like Dance Gavin Dance oisincoleman64  16
Rec me music with funk elements FunkyFleaBass  13Aoty List 2013 KevinGoldfinger  0
Top 10 Albums of 2011 BeeRyan  0The Weird Life North0House2  11
Songs I Can Play On Guitar (Drop Tunings) metalheadrunner  8Fav Albums shmowzow  1
I've Been Working On Some Lyrics Lately wtferrothorn  11

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