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Mirth LandDiving Pots Back Digs n Stuff (Heck u marskid) LordePots 
The Stigma of Suicide Intothepit 101 fav noise rock/punk records hal1ax 
Tearjerkers LandDiving Thank You Linkin Park (And R.I.P. Chester) TVC15 
Blaqk Audio - CexCells Ranked GreyShadow Sowing goes XXX SowingSeason 
R.I.P. George A. Romero calmrose Summer '17 Playlist JamieTwort 
Sputnik Hall of Fame: Class of 2007 SowingSeason Pole Younger - LP2 cosmopazz 

digalogue 2 cylinder  1Queens of the Stone Age ranked Dissonant  0
New Echo Tail Album (User-made) Final Origin  3Judas Priest Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  0
Best of the Worst: The Competition ROUND 1 UniqueUniverse  27Diy punk babely *af* babes Hep Kat  4

Rnd 4: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  120Death Wish Coffee random  18
Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 17) oisincoleman64  15Napalm Death ranked Dissonant  10
Night Time Driving BlueandOrange  13Mirth Featured LandDiving  74
Radiohead Albums Ranked ClassicJaguar  11Melodeath 2016 Opethamphetamine  4
Favorite Albums of All-Time. ONEPUNCHMAN  21

Pots Back Digs n Stuff (Heck u marskid) Featured LordePots  71I Can't Listen to JANK TheCharmingMan  12
any of ya spiritual fags out here? hailtruelove  16My tribute to Chester Bennington (RIP) ThumbNail  40
Anathema ranked johnnydeking29  11Muse Live Divaman  1
Wintersun's Jari AMA WintersunJari  21Metal: Cult Classics Pt. VI Thalassic  12
Bands I've seen live cor22222  8Metallica Ranked (The ones that I've heard) bbgames  14

Just released the single for my upcoming album! CaliggyJack  8Rnd 3: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  153
girl power ! ianblxdsoe  46Cryptocurrency DeadGuy  2
Favorite Songs of 2017 Divaman  9Goodwill Hunting bgillesp  8
My 50 favorite records in my collection. JasonCarne  3Underappreciated Metalcore Early 00s Hanusko  10
Euro Sputnikers Storm In A Teacup  54Favourite 2 Minute Songs ThePacifist  27
Seeing Muse Tonight SteakByrnes  39Top 5 albums of the first half of 2017 John7  8
crap am hearing hailtruelove  12Bands I've Seen Live Confessed2005  2
My Top 70 Post-rock Tracks Greem  4Myrtle Beach kingdedethefifth  22
Dimmu Borgir albums ranked aghast  1Iron Maiden Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  3

Floyd CogitoErgoFkd  2The Stigma of Suicide Featured Intothepit  150
music for cold, dark rainy days? IronGiant  11Death Ranked butcherboy  42
101 fav noise rock/punk records Featured hal1ax  86Top 10 shitty albums that i love rn geezers1989  8
Stuff I've Been Listening To A Lot Lately Stereochrome1  0Songs that makes me hate queen rodrigo90  53
Digs BallsToTheWall  4All Songs Ranked: Linkin Park onionbubs  36
Megadeth Best to Worst Albums blakeguitarist2  5Cradle of Filth albums ranked aghast  3
Sonemic Beta theBoneyKing  16Christian Death albums ranked aghast  4
The Fateful Eight aghast  3Marilyn Manson albums ranked aghast  7
My band's new song (pt.4) DrGonzo1937  4Just a few thoughts AsleepInTheBack  15
YELLOW FOG SWORD Astral Abortis  10Tearjerkers Featured LandDiving  116
Linkin Park albums ranked YRI  0Blink-182 Albums Ranked KManoc1  13
Jazz 101 (70) butcherboy  48Linkin Park Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  7

Ranking Everything Jeff Rosenstock Has Done (most) ianblxdsoe  9Thank You Linkin Park (And R.I.P. Chester) Featured TVC15  29
My Top 10 Gojira Songs G0atC0re  12Top 2017 Dabaens  1
Has anyone heard the new WIntersauna album yet? BookoftheFallen  4Top 200 Favourite Songs (100-1) (Age 17) oisincoleman64  6
Top 20 Linkin Park tracks DeusAutomata9012  33Top 200 Favourite Songs (200-101) (Age 17) oisincoleman64  8
Dixys Mid-School Favorites DixFoo  8Ben's latest cd and vinyl purchases BenMorrison  2
RIP Chester Bennington Kalopsia  1407 novels that slapped me in the face yanquiuxo  35 Conmaniac  53McDonagh Movies Ranked.. butcherboy  22
Countries of origin starboystargirl  26Top 5 Songs of 2017. TheMonster  8
Made a Cover Song Greem  4Languages UniqueUniverse  93
Spotify Premium - opinions? SunlightCityDrive  69Blaqk Audio - CexCells Ranked Featured GreyShadow  13
Incubus Live Divaman  110 Years Of Sputnik - A Decade Under the Influence Masochist  16

Hey check this out please :) tempest--  5The Dinosaur List Dinosaur  13
Attn: 17 Again and Hard Truths Hep Kat  157 Years 55,000 comments 115 reviews Trebor.  30
Lite Emo Essentials DixFoo  51Play Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood or derp DeusAutomata9012  11
Hint of Bass bruttbratt  4Metal bands that became parodies of themselves. starboystargirl  37
2017 Part 3.. butcherboy  66What is your full-time job? DeadlyNightShade  115
Ten Favorite Pillows Songs Saros  5Rnd 2: Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation tacos N stuff  169
metal with middle eastern vibe ? hailtruelove  22My top ten favorite albums of the 80s list nick69man  7
Hello Again/Psycho Countdown Kimm  16

1 year on Sput Kompys2000  14Talented Musicians alexyancey  11
20 Jazz Funk Greats GhandhiLion  36Coldplay Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  12
Coldplay: An Honest Ranking neekafat  1825,000 Scrobbles TheMrAlexK  19
MF Doom Ranked L4titudes  8typhoon's 10 fav MF DOOM songs Typhoon24  3
Elemental.. butcherboy  17Bands with late-career resurgences starboystargirl  41
Top 20 Queens of the Stone Age Songs SmashIsTheWay94  11Someone find me something heavy that isn't scream! DafterWainwright  17
Music Is Life BallsToTheWall  21Songs of Nostalgia Ocean of Noise  23
So...Dunkirk Toondude10  111is Breaking Bad the best TV Series of all time? yanquiuxo  236
And the crowd goes RTJ TheHamburgerman  3been dissociating a lot recently grindcorecore  13
Black Malachite - The Fifth Album ThumbNail  140CD Exchange with Co-Worker Pt. 2 Xenorazr  0

Vespertine Ranked Djang0  1Rec Me Riffy Emo Calc  9
update hasan  392017 ELCTRNC Pt. 2 (Wolfe Digs Pt. 9) Relinquished  21
Started a blog Kurisu  8My (Cruddy) Vinyl Collection TVC15  37
going back nocuffin  28Pitchfork Fest Bands I Filmed/Saw neekafat  16
Sowing goes XXX Featured SowingSeason  57RELEASED A NEW ALBUM ON VOLCANIC QUEEN'S LABEL!!! BradleyLayne  4
Butcher's New EP!! butcherboy  36some body once told me theacademy  24
Snide Remarks Debut Single ThumbNail  230a 3.9? really? Conmaniac  104
Best metal records of the second quarter of 2017 AntalWS  4It's 2017 and I think I've listened to 4 albums..? ONEPUNCHMAN  12
My favorite albums (so far) of 2017. ONEPUNCHMAN  120 Personal favorite movies yanquiuxo  13
A Charming Warped Tour TheCharmingMan  3rec me melancholic//not sad albums for a long trip cosmopazz  25
Fear Factory ranked rodrigo90  11MusicGator's Mid Year Top Hip-Hop Albums list MusicGator9185  0

The Senate cryptologous  18CCR Ranked! ArsMoriendi  9
Favorite cereals when I'm, like, 32 TheManMachine  22Roger Waters Vs Thom Yorke zoso33  10
Nine Semi-obscure Movies.. butcherboy  17R.I.P. George A. Romero Featured calmrose  17
GRIM to the E Vildh  3Radiohead Albums Ranked SowingSeason  24
Summer '17 Playlist Featured JamieTwort  36My top 10 favorite albums Flomink  7
Favorite cereal when I was, like, 18 TheManMachine  43Belated Birthday AsleepInTheBack  9
In Search of 1974 ArtBox  13

i'm slowly dying and for some reason don't want to xLiamStrongx  3Thank you sput. kingdedethefifth  45
Upcoming Gigs BigPleb  14Castlevania BallsToTheWall  18
Vinyl Collection 7/14 (Part 2) FlipTrackz  1Vinyl Collection 7/14 (Part 1) FlipTrackz  0

My Epiphany SoccerRiot  17I made an EP SaintTomorrow  4
DM Goats Vol. I Evokaphile  11Jazz Prog Rock Funk Metal Fusion Goodness alexyancey  12
EMO CROWN: CON VS. UNIQUE Drifter  447Sputnik Hall of Fame: Class of 2007 Featured SowingSeason  96
Pub Songs random  9Pole Younger - LP2 Featured cosmopazz  19
New band, new track ButteryBiscuitBass  17Les Claypool Best Albums PootyT  6
Black Sabbath Openers Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  11Generic Summer Jam List DinosaurJones  7
Disturbed Albums Ranked TheGuy  19Five Finger Death Punch Albums Ranked TheGuy  7
Korn Albums Ranked TheGuy  5Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked TheGuy  6
Slipknot Albums Ranked TheGuy  5Greg's First Half of 2017 greg84  3
songs of 2017 so far Agonba  2summer of tyler Tyler.  34
Snide Grind (New EP Announcement) ThumbNail  69

2017 Ranked (so far) TheMonster  9Overrated Artists L4titudes  26
Jim Recs bbgames  11Taco's Annihilation Recommendation Nation: Rnd 1 tacos N stuff  118
Gym Recs DANcore  17Need Gym Recs TheMrAlexK  28
Pistol's AOTY 2009-2016 PistolPete  8Have any of you played NieR:Automata? brainmelter  20
Metal Digs - Give Recs TheMagicalBlender  10Best Songs and Albums of June 2017 BlazinBlitzer  5
The People I Hate.. butcherboy  51Need recs Kusangii  13
Submit List zoso33  3Willie Turns 10 Featured Willie  56

rec me Black Metal gontyna  11The Heaviest of Heavy G0atC0re  23
Let's Get Fucked Up BallsToTheWall  3550 favourites - summer '17 Havey  27
User Review Competition: Week of 7/14/2017 Featured SowingSeason  55My Top 15 Fall Out Boy Songs Muisc4Life26  5
Top 10 Black Metal Albums PavelDatsyuk  19Maudlin of the Well/Kayo Dot Ranked Djang0  14
Rec me some non-English LeftyMcRighty  40King Crimson Ranked Djang0  16
10k Boney Comments! theBoneyKing  15REDO Iron Maiden Album Openers Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  1
Judas Priest Album Openers Ranked StrikeOfTheBeast  14P!atD: An Controversially Rankeding neekafat  42
Neon.. butcherboy  28Recent (metal) purchases... SunlightCityDrive  5

Dig scrapPIT//Orphan Black s05 johnnydeking29  5gip capo//hb me//sach manifesto nocuffin  46
New Song diatribes  0Filthy. kingdedethefifth  64
Name Change, Boi Bloon  15The Menzingers Ranked DeadlyNightShade  30
Top 10 Favourite Movies (Age 17) oisincoleman64  18Top 10 Metal Albums PavelDatsyuk  35
Cradle Of Filth: The True Ranking Tunaboy45  4Album rules, No Review, So a List Will Have to Do JWT155  7
Dewi's LPs are all over the place Dewinged  18Radiohead Openers imo yanquiuxo  12
Cradle Of Filth: A Fanboy Ranking artiswar  55Girls Toad  29
alice in chains albums stephen2232  19avenged sevenfold albums ranked stephen2232  21
Top 10 Best Albums I Don't Own neekafat  17avenged sevenfold favorite songs stephen2232  2

FAVORITE ALICE IN CHAINS SONGS stephen2232  2Favorite opeth songs stephen2232  0
Nickelback ranked (objective and brutally honest) butcherboy  11Rec me some 2017 metal Danred97  34
Favorite Pies (2500 ratings) L4titudes  59Warped Tour recs ChocolateStarfish  18
Yu-Gi-Oh Band Names BallsToTheWall  40Quentin Tarantino Ranked yanquiuxo  78
.75 digs||.5 review Conmaniac  41Nickelback Ranked Desdinova  11
Butcher's July Park Playlist.. butcherboy  8The Ugly Organ FLAC GeorgeWBush  5
Godsmack Albums Ranked KManoc1  1CD Collection (part 2) Agonba  0
Slept-On Hip-Hop Ish deezer666  34Doof's Top 100 Radiohead Songs Featured DoofusWainwright  107
top 10 trippy Lps zoso33  3

Going to Warped Tour Tomorrow Shamus248  7John Dyer Baizley Intothepit  11
DooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooom Maco097  17analbumparty II 50iL  28
Black Malachite - The Video Game ThumbNail  154Halftimey Riddims Vol. I Evokaphile  2
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Ranked yanquiuxo  12Saddest album closer rodrigo90  58
dredg - ranked Petrockspiracy  0Top 30 Favourite Music Videos (Age 17) oisincoleman64  6
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Ranked yanquiuxo  7Top 10 David Bowie Songs PavelDatsyuk  9
Best recs:non-metal edition kingdedethefifth  40Megadeth live last night 0GuyMan0  5
Top 101 Hip Hop Albums (Alphabetical Order). GodLovesUgly  86greatest American acts wham49  20

Sput Musicians Help Me Out Spec  8Difficulty enjoying music as much as I used to MistaCrave  16
real sadboi hours who up ianblxdsoe  16Need Some Sput-Help sublimefan1991  9
A Celebration of Musical Shite CalculatingInfinity  18Top 10 Bjork Songs PavelDatsyuk  11
Best of Kurt Ballou Featured Intothepit  39Soundtrack to My Life ChrisBCreme  4
Vespertine? More like VesperTen LandDiving  31Most influential hip hop artists? Typhoon24  29
OKNOTOK Royl123  8Metallica albums ranked bruttbratt  4
New Snide EP Stream ThumbNail  15

My Top Games of the Year So Far Final Origin  12Tool Ranking butcherboy  31
FEEDER - ranked Petrockspiracy  5bored so list of digs Mort.  9
Top 10 Favourite YouTube Channels (Age 17) oisincoleman64  269 Years of Sowing SowingSeason  46
Tool Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  4Top 10 Radiohead Songs PavelDatsyuk  15
GLOW BallsToTheWall  15Angry and intense SCREAM!  21
Your 2017 Midyear Oversight Roundup UniqueUniverse  6

OKC butcherboy  12the new wave Featured nocuffin  31
Silent Alarm Ranked oisincoleman64  6This site has a shitty UI. starboystargirl  10
Rec me summer music/pop FakeOne  15IT'S DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH StallionMang  3
Pink Floyd Ranked PavelDatsyuk  8Half of 2017 VaxXi  6
rec game with Archelirion SitruK6  19Rick and Morty (Season 3) Kalopsia  42
heckin insomnia Bloon  8my loved CD Collecton (part 1) Agonba  0
Late '80s to 1990s British stuff worth savin' AcidCaravan  2A Film Dilettante's Favourite Film List LandDiving  26
Maudlin of the Well. kingdedethefifth  26October rust vs Bloody kisses Featured rodrigo90  24

Radiohead Ranked PavelDatsyuk  25sach17 + turnin 20 in a week nocuffin  42
Favorite Heavy Record Labels HeadOfTheBaptist  24Give me new stuff to listen to MistaCrave  7
Top 10 Worst Albums I Own neekafat  182017 Midyear Prancer  5
Best Simpsons Quotes butcherboy  68L4titudes First Half '17 L4titudes  25
Doof's Top 100 Lambchop Songs Featured DoofusWainwright  29Who I'd Like To See Live BallsToTheWall  9
Best Albums Ever Made??? americanohno  6Paul George IsARealRoy  6

Masterpieces of cinema (1900-1940) Risodo  39Definitive Radiohead rankings Winesburgohio  12
My All-Time Favorite Albums Flomink  5Album recommendations for July 2017 ZodiacalWolf  4
Albums i own Sakul69  6The Beatles Albums Ranked thefloydios  19
My Personal Favorite Albums ChrisBCreme  11Post-rock guide (R.I.P list) GhandhiLion  30
Radiohead Ranked alexyancey  10Harry's Halfway 2017 Top 10 HarryBoBerry  4
Fund my novel!!!! thanks Winesburgohio  15The Smiths Ranked lz41  13
halfperus 2017 hesperus  8

Arche's best bits - Jan to Jun Archelirion  20When you want die cor22222  6
Too Much Music AsleepInTheBack  46Jiggly's Mid-Year Top 11 JigglyPDiddy  1
Check My New Melo BM/DM Track CaptainDooRight  8Summer Mix VOL. 2 logicisirrelevant  0
Butcher's Songs of the Year (Part I) butcherboy  32First Warped Tour BallsToTheWall  10
mid 2017 BlackTaxi2d  0animals on stage Agonba  4
Personality Talent Disparity lz41  6A summary of the phases of my depression. Risodo  12
Film: Q2 2017 neekafat  14Top 10 Favorite Rappers AndYouSayChiCity  8
Rush Albums Ranked thefloydios  4

New oisincoleman64 album oisincoleman64  7My Top 101 Albums of All Time bbgames  16
Top 10 Favorite Hip Hop Albums of All-Time AndYouSayChiCity  72017 TomBombadil  0
nuts ranked hal1ax  9280s R.E.M. ranked ArsMoriendi  13
Ebola's 1H 2017 Ebola  9plane recs 2017 Featured plane  24
My Wilco Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  4Underrated HardRock songs that i like Sakul69  7
Writers Block AsleepInTheBack  13Doof's 2017 Midge Ure Report DoofusWainwright  30
Slashs June 2017 Hurricanslash  1Birthday Plebbin BigPleb  23
WHAT'S A 5 TO YOU SweeneyTodd  35the most toothless genres cosmopazz  35
Snune -17 Sniff  12New EP Greem  1
The Worst Band in the World Aiwaz  93

2017 : From favorite to least favorite MeetMeAtBarItalia  2top 5 glassjaw songs Tyler.  28
Top 50 Black Metal albums ckssr1  36Favorite albums, midyear 2017 Frivolous  4
Brewing Beer Dinosaur  12Mid Year Love List 2017 AddTheCub  2
Strange. ThisIsTheApocalypse  10My PJ Harvey Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  7
Korn Setlist willhun15  9Your worst highschool band names pjorn  69
Metal: Cult Classics Pt. V Thalassic  6Deathy thrash thumbcrusher  15
Dogs.. butcherboy  20Muse Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  17
albums that freak me out KennyAlwaysDies  62017 Half-time with Daddy Featured ComeToDaddy  16
Picking Folklore wham49  3

My Spoon Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  8Hydraknis Digestum Ostium AnimalsAsSummit  2
17 for 2017 hansoloshotfirst  6Favourite Albums of All Time Jimmer  0
Rolling Stone Top 100 Metal Albums Jimmer  020 Songs tag rodrigo90  21
Did Everybody Forget about Shade Empire? bgillesp  6Electronic 2017 Rec List (Wolfe Digs Pt.8) Featured Relinquished  76
Baby Driver Crymsonblaze  45Cycle 6 brokencycle  4
Top 25 Movies of the Past Decade (2008 - Present) Featured tectactoe  93Favorite Progressive Metal Albums alexyancey  9
Latest CD and Vinyl Purchases BenMorrison  3Using this site on mobile TooManyFriends  27
Oh Canada tom79  22The Fall Playlist butcherboy  14
Florida BallsToTheWall  18June 2017 resumé UniqueUniverse  16
Favorite ½2017 Songs Evenoss  4Sonata Arctica Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  4
My 10 favourite active alt-rock bands cloakanddagger  4Snide the Hedgehog ThumbNail  21

13 Films That Fucked Me Up artiswar  67

We covered Lil Uzi Vert oisincoleman64  5Cant We All Just Get Along? BallsToTheWall  13
Avenged Sevenfold Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  7Favorite Albums (Any Genre) alexyancey  17
Dream Theater Albums Ranked thefloydios  3My Gorillaz Albums List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  17
Watched some disney shit this past weekend theacademy  12Pantera Albums Ranked houseofclousemusic  13
Ranking Rush's 19 Studio Albums houseofclousemusic  14Forever Alone: A playlist rodrigo90  51
Ghost: Ranked Honestly neekafat  38My band made an EP Rickislost  8
Favourite Albums Ranked BeatFoo  12Favourite Albums Ranked BeatFoo  1
Metallica Ranked FrancescoScarselli99  20Foo Fighters Albums Ranked BeatFoo  4
Tyler.  19

Top 10 All Time Favorite Albums GreyShadow  13Concerts I'm missing this year MrSirLordGentleman  10
2017.5: you know the drill ibringyoufire  2Queens of the Stone Age Ranked BlownSpeakers  51
Radiohead Ranked BlownSpeakers  38My Buckethead Albums List WORST to BEST 101-1 CaliggyJack  3
Songs About Oceans Ocean of Noise  16Rec Me Folk like this.. butcherboy  51
Muse Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  18Linkin Park Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  8
Foo Fighters Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  6Coldplay Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  7
Rivulets of Thought BallsToTheWall  1Opeth albums ranked loulou  13
Anyone else noticed this? fullautorpg  6mf doom projects I heard ranked Typhoon24  13

Unique Film Endings UniqueUniverse  74Favorite Opeth song? ThisIsTheApocalypse  70
Things You Can Say During Sex and at a Funeral Intothepit  55Who Are Your Sput Arch Enemies? Spec  153
Dream Theater Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  8My Buckethead Albums List WORST to BEST 202-101 CaliggyJack  23
Phil Elverum Records Ranked softwithrot  9dumb shoutbox posts Sinternet  70
Been gone a awhile. Want some good Vinyl Rec's CaptainHadouken  2

Megadeth Mini-Epics Advent  7Breaking Benjamin Ranked bentheREDfan  6
AOTY Contenders Sunnyvale  37Lucid's mid-year Featured Lucid  28
Nerds.... BallsToTheWall  51st Concert / Saw Tool Last Night Drifter  25
i wrote another song emailsneverdie  72001: A LP Odyssey Aiwaz  12
Nightwish Albums Ranked MikeAkerfeldt89  9Best albums of 2004 origrinspun  8
Best albums of 2003 origrinspun  3Best albums of 2002 origrinspun  0
Best albums of 2001 origrinspun  0Best albums of 2000 origrinspun  3
Back in Blackbelt Blackbelt54  12my throat hurt owowowowkww XXXTENTACION  13
I can't believe I'm listening to this (pt, 1) rodrigo90  14Week Shit, with dbizzles. dbizzles  33
under/RATED songs that you arseholes don't mention johnnydeking29  13THOT Breaker Ranked StarlessCore  17
gay and falling in love with ur straight friend protokute  6Rise Against Albums Ranked KManoc1  5
My band's single pt.3. DrGonzo1937  3SLAYER RANK Desdinova  12
OutKast Ranked Brandon  4

Track #6 Aiwaz  6Dark Psychedelic Prancer  16
my top mind expanding songs protokute  11bIg LiFe ThInGG cylinder  4
official creepypasta competition Tyler.  48Squidward's Suicide Part 2: Tyler's Lament Bloon  15
Hollow Crown Posted 27 Times Spec  10Transformers: The Last Knight Devastator  22
Melodrama Ranked Featured SowingSeason  43Just the Jams 2 tacos N stuff  4
Animals etc... butcherboy  63

Ween Discography Ranked youngswiggity  11Kanye West Discography Ranked youngswiggity  24
10 Underrated Dismemberment Plan Songs flamescranes5870  2Recommend me jazz influenced metal bands rodrigo90  39
Calc's Halftime Calc  10Recommend 2016/2017 emo DurzoBlint  7
whats up guys, tyler here Tyler.  23Pre-ordered a Switch Devastator  32
A Very Late JWT 2016 JWT155  8Guided By Voices x25 butcherboy  52
Great albums of 2017. DrGonzo1937  16My faves ADHDlooksquirrels  6
The Long Dark Aiwaz  1

Favorite Albums of All Time (F### You) nuuprizing  25Thrashy/Grindy Recs? BenCee  6
Check Out My Band's Newest EP oWhoadYo  16New BlackMalachite EP oisincoleman64  9
August Burns Red Ranked Muisc4Life26  10Post-rock Math-rock bands from China roadend  3
September 2016 resumé PART 2 UniqueUniverse  1Worst fanbase? rodrigo90  185
My highly subjective Top Twenty Albums of 2016 MetalSoliloquy  11Re: night birds Hep Kat  16
deezer BAT  2Major Influences of The Dismemberment Plan flamescranes5870  5

Ashcrash's Half-Bash (2017) Featured ashcrash9  18twenty seventeeeeeeeeennnn runaways  7
12 Minutes a Slave (Treb short film) Trebor.  10Rec me 2017 TheMrAlexK  16
Metallica and Slayer Ranked (1983 - 1991) andgrond  22bedtime playlist SitruK6  5
NHL Expansion Draft SnakeDelilah  20Share Some Singles Vol. 2: Submission Thread Featured wtferrothorn  19
Top 5 Favorite Movies TheMagicalBlender  115NEW YORK Tournament of Champions Featured Divaman  36
My Favorite Metal Artists mikep87  750 States-50 Bands butcherboy  53
Bands my dad enjoys fullautorpg  5Review GMM 2017 - Saturday Evreaia  3
(Insert Artist Here) Most Underrated Song lz41  22

Elite Sputnik Vibes (New Users Please Leave) Toad  69If you were only allowed 1 (5) rating... Aiwaz  59
CHART: Best Albums of 2017 Green Baron  15C H A R T S 🤷 Clegane  15
gimme 2017 recs Ryus  25vacation jams TakeToYourGuns  1
Montebello Rockfest SCREAM!  61Top - T1 Xerian  0
Top - T3 Xerian  0Top - T2 Xerian  0
Best NEW YORK band 2, FINAL ROUND Divaman  20lms if u still up Trebor.  23

LGBTQ+ Artists Recs wtferrothorn  60Best of 1st half of the year rabidfish  4
Bands That Have Used Drum Machines Supercoolguy64  17Unable to add album/band to the database AnimalsAsSummit  20
Cage Match: Thommo vs. Tobo Jasdevi087  6The Difference Between Hell and Home kingdedethefifth  32
Another Top 100 Casablanquich  1Oktoberfest JWT155  29
Things I Want to Do.. butcherboy  26Joanna Newsom LPs Ranked Torontonian  2
Best albums of 2017 so far JesperL  92017's inner circle LandDiving  44
Music for Southeast Asia (looking for recs) merrimoonee  2Best Streak in Music History 0GuyMan0  64
Best 50 of the last 50 years Winesburgohio  22

Wolfe Digs Pt. 7 Relinquished  16Band Names With People's Names In Them Supercoolguy64  52
can i uh get that pizza uh boneless uh ianblxdsoe  22NEW YORK 2, Round 4 (Semi-Finals) Divaman  22
When someone asks if prog sucks HarshNoiseHenry  21Sowing's 2017 Midterm Report SowingSeason  23
Bands whose music I like to illegally download. BookoftheFallen  82017 releases I can't stop listening to BleedIntoTheAbyss  0
Oxbow Ranked NeroCorleone80  10A Tribute to Chris Cornell. Remix. MercuryToHell  16
Top 5 Songs '79-'17 DoofusWainwright  25Chevelle Albums Ranked KManoc1  9
Got a 1 year scholarship to Japan Pherin  18Lars von Trier Ranked artiswar  9
Albums compared to foods/beverages/tastes sincerelyaural  3

Aaron Judge BallsToTheWall  71Jamming Hard Hawks  15
Sputnk Musician Survivor WINNER oisincoleman64  4Foo Fighters at Anthem thecheatisnotdead  1
Best NEW YORK band 2, Round 3 Divaman  20My Friends Came Out with a New EP SnakeDelilah  8
Ten Greatest Heavy Metal Songs TheMagicalBlender  15Metal: Cult Classics Pt. IV Thalassic  12
I saw Tool on June 13th DORBUSCUS  14My Band (elemantra) Released New Track Today Nikolai  7
welcome home (contemporary television) theacademy  10Nothing More bgillesp  25
First Listen: Royal Blood "How Did We Get So Dark" neekafat  15The Obvious Song of the Year Is... GreyShadow  4

Check out an electronic album I made sugarcubes  19Top 5 Favorite Vocalists Twilightfern  2
Finally got my driver's license Dylan620  14Albums better than the Sputnik servers rhinocerosmilk  9
Albums I Discovered Through Rock Band Rigma  1Back In Business BallsToTheWall  2
yo what the fuck? VaxXi  61

Best NEW YORK band 2, Round 2 Divaman  15

Looking for Pop Recommendations Advent  12Hey a really cool game that's also stupid and gay HarshNoiseHenry  6
Pavement x30 (Descriptions et al.) Featured butcherboy  30best anime tunes??? Madbutcher3  10
My Favorite Punk Songs (At the moment) Stjimmy101  2Ulver ranked loulou  4
Instruments yall Flashmobba  19Why is black metal so addictive? Heppasodge  59
Top 10 Albums of Mid Year 2017 FlipTrackz  3S.O.A.D. ranked from least favorite to favorite Aromero98  0
i kind of miss the 2000's BootCamp  1Anathema Ranked Dwap  6

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