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2016 Black Metal that needs more love Evreaia 7 Days of Nickelback Flugmorph 
Jazz Still Needs More Love on Sputnik TVC15 Your favorite album below a 3 CaimanJesus 
black metal: the beautiful and the abrasive TheSpirit Jac's First Half 2016 Jacquibim 
A Guide to Buying Japanese Music Overseas CalculatingInfinity Greg's Q2 of 2016 greg84 
ya1k YakNips Willie's Best of 2 Qtrs Willie 
100 current favourites Havey Second and Final Retirement SowingSeason 

Some stuff for y'all to listen to Stereochrome1  0Tidal HiFi? SPRFanOf5H  6
WWE Updates BallsToTheWall  10Celebrities You Would Take To Concerts BlackMalachite  54
IM TOOO HAPPY!!!! AngryLittleAlchemist  35One Hit Wonders Shamus248  29
My Solo Album Brabiz  1Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 16) oisincoleman64  31
Thrift shopping theNateman  13i got it dreamgazing  15
Albums you might not have heard of colejaeger  7Favorite Southern Rap Songs Typhoon24  0
Grind Risodo  9My Favorite Dead Kennedys Songs Stjimmy101  4
My top 35 favorite albums of all time Sdc123sdc  7Blackened Crust romulanrancor  4
Unleash the Metalllll BallsToTheWall  7Listen to my band's new song PitchforkArms  5
Fvcken good horror movies! Wearingyourmomsface  12Manson is gonna release a new album, so a Manson list CzechyGuy  9
R.I.P Valkoor952  50Wasting Time Here [3] LambsBread  5
My World of Dreams niaL  7

Rec Swan Song/Last Hurrah albums TVC15  22Dumb/Cringy/Odd band names tacos N stuff  180
Family Road Trip Playlist: ashcrash9  9lol who eeven am i????? EmailAccounts  43
Ice Cream and Painkillers bentheREDfan  40Recs plz pals TheFirstLemur  12
Tom Waits For No One Tunaboy45  8Archer Season 7 Risodo  14
Need Some Bands Like Opeth FullOfSounds  76my evening observations 24.07.16 doomjitsu  29
Favorite nuts RANKED+Digs rabidfish  38DNC leak email against Bert sonictheplumber  40
Speed Sputniking Sevengill  119My Vinyl Collection 2.0 MTLNLTLOFDTH1289  3

Anyone care to review some stuff for me? DatsNotDaMetulz  25So These Past 2 Weeks Have Been Good bgillesp  5
Periphery Ranked: This Time It's Warranted TheMrAlexK  19sputnik phosphene color census trve  15
How Many of Your Ratings do You Remember? MistaCrave  25rec me some bangers Tyler.  40
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 4 Ocean of Noise  47new album finally out HeckToPay  4
Al Sharpton for Vp? sonictheplumber  9Gotta Catch Me Some Rare Pokemans BallsToTheWall  18
TheSpirit's TwoThousand666Teen So Far TheSpirit  51Random Digscussion BlackMalachite  15

you just dont get it dreamgazing  134Colours: Ranked MyNameIsPencil  18
My new band put out a single PitchforkArms  10Graveyard's 2016 So Far Graveyard  17
Masochist vs. Popular Opinion Masochist  32Sputnik: 7.8/10 -too much metal ReminiscentOfAWhale  51
50 Favorite Black Metal Albums yourgodisinferior  161A Hot Summer Day FullOfSounds  11
July Jams: Week III HeckToPay  2My Favorite Bad Religion Songs Stjimmy101  4
Something's Wrong With Manson Tunaboy45  101The Legacy of Converge (Ranked) Risodo  16
Kurt Russel Appreciation Night BallsToTheWall  23Bands I've Seen Live elliootsmeuth  8
7G's Top 10 Black Metal Sevengill  45GOP convention sonictheplumber  28
Bandcamp Ramp(age) TheSpirit  12Another Damn Half Way 2016 List deezer666  2
2016 Favorite Metal First Half slikphuk  18Jazz Collection top 10 - beginner's friendly vonseux  6
Rec me some tech death plz Marimore  103vs04vs05vs06vs07 (+recs) DoofusWainwright  38
Bojack Horseman Season 3 Toad  107My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Ranked Drifter  58

Hey Fuckers Hawks  50My Top 10 Favorite Albums (re-ranking) FloydZepp4ever  6
Agalloch Is Dead Sevengill  20My Top 10 Songs Over 10 Minutes in Length FloydZepp4ever  21
Twenty Sixteen AnimalsAsSummit  2Disturbed Ranked bentheREDfan  6
RED Ranked bentheREDfan  12Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 16) oisincoleman64  10
Musician Memoirs and Biographies wtferrothorn  7Top 10 Albums of 2016 So Far brettgoespunk  16
My favorite long songs logicisirrelevant  25Best 90's mainstream rock albums vonseux  17
What Happened to Fade? StarlessCore  252016 Black Metal that needs more love Featured Evreaia  54
Ranking 2016 XXL Freshman Projects Davidl31  67 Days of Nickelback Featured Flugmorph  93
Doom and Gloom Brabiz  14Ross' Birthday Digs pbateman  5
Take My Advice and Check These Conmaniac  17South Park elliootsmeuth  25
Chris' Recommendations VengeanceCactus  1Blenderman Ranks: Hellbilly Deluxe TheMagicalBlender  2
What Savant Album Should I Start With FullOfSounds  10Consistently Good Bands MistaCrave  30
Summer Slaughter Rowhaus  7Top 10 Favorite Video Games AngryLittleAlchemist  279
Jazz Still Needs More Love on Sputnik Featured TVC15  60

A Heavy 2016 Intothepit  21Top 25 Periphery Tracks ashcrash9  26
The Perfect Album Typhoon24  722016 Physical Copy: Buyers (Mostly) RemorseEdition WellFedWhiteMale  6
top 30 movies porcupinetheater  22

The WORST EP ever made TVC15  11Updated Vinyl Collection elliootsmeuth  4
Sputnicholas' INDISPUTABLE fav Underdog band RND 3 Jasdevi087  21Another Awful Track oisincoleman64  12
OK Computer Ranked FullOfSounds  17My Debut EP!!! MyCarandMyGuitar  10
I made a Post Rock EP Iamthe Nightstars  12Converge As Siblings TheCharmingMan  15
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 3 Ocean of Noise  101Are there more than five girl users on this site? GhostOfSarcasticBtrd  178
Atmospheric Post/Black Metal Recs? MegaResurrectedJake4  11Boney's Current Top 30 Artists theBoneyKing  20
Periphery = the new Beatles? theacademy  264K Ratings Anthracks  9
Yes (all caps) finally a 2TB hard drive!! WashboardSuds  8My Fave 20 Films/Movies BigPleb  31
Death/Doom Maco097  26Funeral Doom Maco097  51

Bury These Records With Me.. BallsToTheWall  8Heaviest metallic hardcore/metalcore bands ZeroxSP  26
do you have an /absolute/ favorite artist? user  116Thrash metal top 15 vonseux  32
Sowing Bday and Digs SowingSeason  24The Real Top 10 BM Sevengill  75
Best Movies I've Ever Seen Rowhaus  156Top 20 Brand New Songs (Updated) tectactoe  27
Help with pfp elliootsmeuth  3Life Makes Sense BallsToTheWall  16
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 2 Ocean of Noise  862015's "They Really Are That Good" torchedice  6
My Favourite Records GooGooGajoob  14

Poet (aka PoetandthePeudulum) is 9 Years Old now Poet  3Your favorite album below a 3 Featured CaimanJesus  126
Ambient electronica atmosphere shit please TheSonomaDude  8Five Very Manly Albums Kompys2000  17
My top 10 albums of all time Kompys2000  41another double album BMDrummer  9
Vinyl Haul Stereochrome1  15Some albums from 2016 what i like BandNewbac  11
Dota 2? Aberf  10Top 10 BM Records StarlessCore  43
hiGH Recs Conmaniac  32Best Band Without a 4+ Album? Sevengill  50
black metal: the beautiful and the abrasive Featured TheSpirit  46Need Beach recs TheMrAlexK  10
Metal Shirt Collection Rowhaus  2Neurosis Discography Ranked DickLaurentIsDead  30
88vs89vs90vs91vs92 (+recs) DoofusWainwright  42New Orleans Sludge Classics Ranked DickLaurentIsDead  14
sad drinkin loveisamixtape  6RHCP albums ranked Kompys2000  17
Thibs' 2016 YTD Metal Thibs  11Best of Children of Bodom mifzal  5
Rec Some Post Metal FullOfSounds  28

I Attempted to Make the Worst Song Ever oisincoleman64  33Opeth Ranked Hawks  53
Sputnik's favorite Rush Instrumental tacos N stuff  35New [FREE] messFX EP out now! MercuryToHell  2
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 1 Ocean of Noise  85Simply for insurance purposes. grannypantys  5
My Top 10 Favorite Songs Of All Time MrGarland  7Fun summer songs TiedDown93  0
Recommend me music GroseZero  10Rec some cloud rap Mystletainn  10
Top 10 Favorite Post Metal Albums 0GuyMan0  47Carly Rae Jepsen - E MO TION Ranked GreyShadow  26
If your favorite album was an anime m/(>.--) KikuGirl  23The Argument of Perception (Need Advice) BlackMalachite  30
A Song of Ice and Fire MistaCrave  12Who's Hammered? BallsToTheWall  23

Hyperion sells his records Hyperion1001  10Underrated MCs you've heard of Typhoon24  46
Overrated TV shows. Valkoor952  180July Jams: Week II HeckToPay  2
10 Favorite Albums Drifter  33Coup in Turkey Mythodea  95
The Ghostbusters remake sucks donkey balls LeSonataWishPark  158Ne Obliviscaris Concert IronGiant  5
New Interview! With Me! + My Fave Vidya Garmes OvDeath  20Happy Birthday Ian TVC15  5
How to cure cancer BigSur  7Blenderman's Top 10 Favorite Video Games TheMagicalBlender  43
Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life Live Boyproblems  20EVO 2016 theacademy  29
My Favorite Albums roccodeckard  0

Ranking: NMH - "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" StephenIsHere  12Throwback Thursday!! theNateman  9
indie games of 2016 portableheadd  19Song Ranking: The Format - "Dog Problems" StephenIsHere  4
Sputnik's INDISPUTABLE Underdog Fav Band TOURNEY Jasdevi087  172Make Sputnik Great Again! - Delete "My Discussion" Tabs LambsBread  26
My First Half of '16 yourgodisinferior  4Funniest music review? Typhoon24  57
Song Ranking: The Antlers - "Hospice" StephenIsHere  17enter me and make me feel alive Memoryplague  2
Rating Nostalgic Bands You've Grown Out Of Conmaniac  43You're The Best.....Around BallsToTheWall  9
What Started Your Music Discovering? FullOfSounds  84What song will be played at your funeral? UpwardSpiral  117
My Tiny Vinyl Collection AsleepInTheBack  18Coincidence elliootsmeuth  7
Any Good Non-English Speaking Bands? Royl123  37The female voice eatdirtfartdust12  28
Ambient techno and gaming goodies WashboardSuds  18Dark Souls 3 Weapon choice rabidfish  23

Recs similar to any Flashmobba  15Debate: Is 808s & Heartbreak a classic album? TheMrAlexK  39
Hi fuckers :) evilford  36My Top 25 Favorite Albums B3nnysBack2  18
You ever had that dream.. Valkoor952  38OPEN LETTER TO SNOWINGSEASON EmailAccounts  18
List Closed for Posting by Moderators AdolfChrist  46julyus Ryus  26
Secoond and final departure from the site EmailAccounts  5Politics SowingSeason  4
Make Better Decisions BallsToTheWall  18Gary Johnson StarlessCore  24
I had a nightmare elliootsmeuth  14Can you top this list of SHITTY albums? blacklightjer  29
Good Youtube Channels NastyCrab  43Eritherium's new album! GooGooGajoob  1
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: The first 64 Ocean of Noise  199Sputnik's Top "Electronic" Albums SCREAM!  61
RECOMMEND SIMILAR STUFF PLEASE BallsDeep  28New Album Soon OvDeath  43
What I Listened to Before Sputnik vs. Now sentyrunce  14What's the Best Release from Steven Wilson? Drifter  26
Fuck AdolfChrist  33Best Deftones Songs Flashmobba  11
Deftones Ranked FullOfSounds  19Trump Voters Torontonian  1810

2016 Recs and such... LifeFeedsOnLife  14puffin dat butt, smokin dat fag Memoryplague  8
Vinyl Collection Banquo  2albums better than the Devil and God johnnydeking29  18
My Band's First Single! killurselfmyman  15Introduction to Weird Shit Banquo  4
Mid-Year List 2016 FlipTrackz  2Top 20 Andy Stott Trax Chortles  10
Numbered Album: Chevelle Drifter  11New La Dispute single, "Thirteen" rufinthefury  13
Suddy Top 20 favorite albums ever 2016 suddykilljaywalkers  2Do you Youtube/Twitch? AaroN911  14
New EP (Black Malachite) + Thanks BlackMalachite  81Rec me some music maxer  12
An Album for Each Season guitarded_chuck  22Trip To These (Psilocybin Albums) MrGarland  35
My Most Disappointing Albums Of 2016 (So Far..) MrGarland  1Metal on my iTunes TheFirstLemur  17
My Manic Street Preachers Album List WORST to BEST CaliggyJack  5Best Nirvana Songs Flashmobba  21
Best Tool Songs Flashmobba  10Best Aphex Twin Tracks Flashmobba  15
Best Smashing Pumpkins Songs Flashmobba  22Best Tame Impala Songs Flashmobba  22
TOP TEN "TRANSITION" ALBUMS FROM THRASH BANDS miketunneyiscool123  7Les Epic Tracks PART II LeSonataWishPark  20
ASMR: What The Fuck Is This Shit Toad  60The Office: Characters Ranked ZippaThaRippa  147
Influences on My Playing/Songwriting ArtBox  5SOS: Need NYP/Free recs! 50iL  8

DRUMMERS THAT INSPIRED ME TO PLAY miketunneyiscool123  18Going to Lolla for free elliootsmeuth  20
Favorite albums/pieces of all time loulou  3uNDERRATED//ooo/bsscccurrreeee indeh rok treeqt.  1
Ultimate Chevelle album Shoegazefan9789  31Jac's First Half 2016 Featured Jacquibim  50
depressed. gimme recs CzechyGuy  85Adolf Goes to the ER AdolfChrist  33
Shows that shaped your sense of humor Typhoon24  51feigning material happiness for a day iloveyouall  20
eleCtrONic recs Conmaniac  151Dropped an EP ButteryBiscuitBass  23
Flug's Amazing Halftime Extravaganza Flugmorph  22What genre has the most diversity? frigyourgenre  108
MLB All Stars TVC15  18Clover's Sick Days CL0VER  55
98vs99vs00vs01vs02 (+recs) DoofusWainwright  61Hentai Valkoor952  144
A Guide to Buying Japanese Music Overseas Featured CalculatingInfinity  40Want to Know the Key to Success? Thealwaysopenedmind  1
2015 in retrospective MeetMeAtBarItalia  4Late Night Thoughts... FullOfSounds  78
Modest Mouse - Top 10 Songs AffableMartyr  27

TOP TEN THRASH METAL ALL TIME (SO FAR) miketunneyiscool123  9I need 2016 Recs andrianoc  15
I have a request FullOfSounds  23Long distance relationships SPRFanOf5H  107
Jams for a summer night brainmelter  15My 2016 Hip Hop Recommendations Davidl31  6
Favorite Kanye Songs HeckToPay  30Move Out Of California? BlackMalachite  63
bored on a rainy day guilouzzz  7Birthday Pots LordePots  89
uRGENT RECS Asdfp277  30Flug's June 2016 in Music Flugmorph  28
Overlooked prog metal bands Ocean of Noise  15Blink-182 albums ranked from worst to best maxer  6
Les epic tracks LeSonataWishPark  37See my band on tour! Or Else! organizedsound  3
Top quality Wholesale Richard Mille RM036 claudia05  0Pokemon Go: The Great Debate pjquinones747  100
Just some cool electronic recs yourgodisinferior  25some digs Supercoolguy64  1
I created my own Fantasy World CaliggyJack  56

IMPORTANT elliootsmeuth  7How do you guys produce/mix/master your albums? TheMrAlexK  28
Krautrock Weekend MrSirLordGentleman  10Best User Albums Sevengill  43
Top 25 Chevelle Tracks ashcrash9  11Mid-2016 list Napolesonic  13
My Friend's New EP MistaCrave  5The Gathering ranked (mostly) Ocean of Noise  3
8 Years of Sowing: A Time Capsule SowingSeason  136 Favorite Jazz Saxophonists Snowdog808  6
2016: Rejects Jacquibim  9Jam symphonic metal or derp LeSonataWishPark  51
Keyblade Bangers random  45

Oh wow hey some albums I like a lot from 2016 so far TimeMuffin  7My Top 50 Favorite Songs NostalgicEcho  10
Albums with great title tracks Lasseg  13My favorite NOFX albums Stjimmy101  0
top 10 weezer songs!! kingnateofhastings  11Blink-182 California ranked maxer  18
Toad's Tops - 2016 pt. 1 Toad  13What's Your Favorite Album? Drifter  82
July Jams: Week I HeckToPay  2Sputnik PSA Part 2 SowingSeason  19
New Hyacinth Album! mindleviticus  3My band Floodlight released its first demo! JaySpiral  8
2016 firat half digables AnimalsAsSummit  5Pokemon-Go zaruyache  455
whats your fave decade wham49  108Chevelle's The North Corridor Ranked FullOfSounds  12
Musical decadence bakkermaarten007  15NOT THE BEES!!!!!!! BallsToTheWall  12
Ranked: Radiohead LP Openers tectactoe  152016 So Far (In No Order) LET US DISCUSS Y'ALL Stereochrome1  15
Messe Des Morts Festival SCREAM!  9My All-Time Albums dess05  7
random recent pickups Sinternet  4Disgusting and bummed out tracks (1968-1973) BenMorrison  9
2016 So Far YuriZakhaev  5Digs!!! SoccerRiot  9
Conspiracies: Which do you consider plausible? Wearingyourmomsface  52Cops Killing Again YetAnotherBrick  254
More Studio Album CD Quests ArtBox  2

AOTY 1990-2016 HeckToPay  46Modern Classics (A personal one) o0MahDeepSleep0o  7
top 100 Avagantamos  17Fart or shart? Crymsonblaze  33
May vs. Leadsom anatelier  6Latest remix/cover thing. MercuryToHell  2
Dan's June Digs danielcardoso  24Rec me POOR (and good) experimental/shoegaze/post- bgillesp  16
Nails are the most hard band of pretty much ever Memoryplague  14Closers Rawmeeth38  34
Ranked: Radiohead LP Closers tectactoe  6040 best Rosetta jamz tacos N stuff  10
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 2010's (SO FAR) miketunneyiscool123  16Greg's Q2 of 2016 Featured greg84  7

blink-182 "untitled" ranked StallionMang  14Debut Album Stream (Black Malachite) BlackMalachite  111
Pretty Hate Machine Ranked AngryLittleAlchemist  51Brand New / Modest Mouse AffableMartyr  11
Top 5 Hip Hop Albums of June 2016 Davidl31  4Green Day Releases Ranked Drifter  29
Good party/dance music? dathvada321  23Wimbledon 2016 anatelier  20
Released a New Single Final Origin  9Presenting my favorite bands pt. 2 (Black Sabbath) BenMorrison  0
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 2000's DECADE miketunneyiscool123  4TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1990's DECADE miketunneyiscool123  3
Top 10 Albums of June (2016) BradleyLayne  6The Game Ranked LambsBread  12

Boss Can't Afford to Pay Me PowerBlitz  20ya1k Featured YakNips  50
Recommend me music similar to Blood Orange! sprezzph  2Favourite GTA Game (Main series, GTA III onward) claygurnz  103
2016 albums I need to revisit or listen to MeetMeAtBarItalia  02016 albums I need to listen to or revisit MeetMeAtBarItalia  16
Best of 2016 so far... RivalSkoomaDealer  3House of VANS Shows StarlessCore  21
2016 My Top 5 releases so far NorwichScene  18Deep Purple's singers Who did best outside Purple? BenMorrison  0
Slashs June 2016 Hurricanslash  7TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1980's DECADE miketunneyiscool123  12
My Top 5 Albums 2016 So Far cor22222  4Ambient Recs MistaCrave  56

Condoms Suck BallsToTheWall  163Help! Ipod took a shit wham49  32
10 Best Radiohead Songs cagedbutterfly  182iloveyou2016.5 iloveyouall  33
My Life Saver nranyaamariliz  72016 NFL Regular Season Predictions TheMrAlexK  45
2016 : From favorite to least favorite MeetMeAtBarItalia  5Official Gucci Mane Discography Discussion Thread Kurisu  7
Rec me some Space Rock Drifter  13Favorite anime soundtracks (/^-^)/☆♪ KikuGirl  27
Kevin Durant Joins Golden State SPRFanOf5H  1410 great NU-metal albums. DrGonzo1937  112
TOP 15 of 2016... so far laralan1977  5Albums I need to spend more time with Wirertragen7  8
2016 favorites and anticipated Wirertragen7  0TOP TEN THRASH METAL 2010-2015 miketunneyiscool123  11
Hung Up. Arcade  9

Stuff 16.6 TwigTW  7Cunts shall bow sonictheplumber  11
June 2016 resumé UniqueUniverse  2Nice Crash FullOfSounds  16
Site Crash :O Resurrection List johnnydeking29  15

im getting back into periphery ii theacademy  1510 great album closers TheMoonchild  19
Use Your Illusion: Post-Amputation Surgery danielcardoso  19An Admittedly Late Best of 2015 List barcafan21  10
Kid A(esthetic) IronGiant  6Black Metal Day Hawks  55
Chevelle Ranked FullOfSounds  8All Thrice and Thursday ranked johnnydeking29  7
Obscure Gems MrGarland  13TOP TEN THRASH METAL 2005-2009 miketunneyiscool123  7
Ozzy's vocal performances rated in Black Sabbath BenMorrison  4Crushed by fuck blood sonictheplumber  3
Jas' EXCEPTIONALLY modest 2nd quarter of 2016 Jasdevi087  26The art of album titles Onirium  10
My Top 30 Albums of 2016 (Midyear) BradleyLayne  1ORANGE album art MadUnicorn007  14
My Top 30 Worst Albums of 2016 (Midyear) BradleyLayne  15

Give me a good Macaroni and Cheese recipe YeezyStardust  27Scuro's 1/2 2016 ScuroFantasma  10
anything like SAW 85 - 92 or SAW Vol II? IronGiant  7It's My Damn Birthday m/ BigPleb  41
It's Really Halftime! With Links! YetAnotherBrick  38Rest in Peace porcupinetheater  12
20 Rock bands that I enjoy logicisirrelevant  31Albums that shouldn't exist. blacklightjer  17
2000s 'emo' recommendations? combatwounds  7HYPEHYPEHYPE BallsToTheWall  13
Hey!! Kurisu  11My Air Force Soundtrack Willie  12
Clover's Dopest 2K16 1/2 CL0VER  18It's my birthday... AaroN911  13
Patrick Watson or Vince Staples??? alman219  10Your Undeniable Top 5 Rap Records StarlessCore  95
Willie's Best of 2 Qtrs Featured Willie  26Pitch Rec Results ArsMoriendi  28
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 2000-2004 miketunneyiscool123  7

Songs To Eat Girls Out To TheCharmingMan  102What Band represents you as a person? ConcubinaryCode  91
June Jams: Final Week HeckToPay  1Movies I've Seen 3 - Summer 2016 Edition RivalSkoomaDealer  13
Cursive Albums Ranked Drifter  10100 current favourites Featured Havey  42
Summer Discoveries : Month 1 AngryLittleAlchemist  22Coheed and Cambria's Studio Albums Ranked CWBrown  7
Kanye West's Studio Albums Ranked CWBrown  33K Comments- NO BAN! dbizzles  38
Kanye West: Solo Studio Albums Ranked Evatallica  0Favourite live rappers/hip hop groups? Froot  5
Albums I picked up for €1 maxer  10Tha Trillest Hip Hop PunchedPeach72  15
Games + Music = Nostalgia AaroN911  64Rec me epic finales plz bigboss00  23
My First Half of 2016 ellagos  2TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1992-1999 miketunneyiscool123  27
Finals period yay! MrSirLordGentleman  13Deez Nuts Squill098  11
2016 So Far stevendah  4

Vinyl Reissues MadDemonofConfusion  6Get Lit Son BallsToTheWall  51
Lambsbread Quotes Ranked SmallLuigiBigHeart  79rec me some math rock rabidfish  15
Ferro's Faves: Top 25 of 2016 1/2 wtferrothorn  14Symphony of Riffs TVC15  15
Searching for an album ... melltuga  122016 releases I really like HeckToPay  5
DEATHCONSCIOUSNESS REPRESS Halfman  5Elements that do not exist MadUnicorn007  9
I'm completely sober! AMA! EmailAccounts  47Peach Panther RANKED StarlessCore  16
Turtles That Exist MadUnicorn007  31Screamo recs MistaCrave  24
Second and Final Retirement Featured SowingSeason  119Listalloch blacklightjer  11
Space Concept Albums Recreate  35The Overplayed Dozen Matthaios  6
Had To Kick Our Roommate Out BlackMalachite  100My Top 10 EPs of 2016 (Midyear) BradleyLayne  0
Replaying Witcher 3 NewBallistics  9Favorite Hip Hop Albums of the 2010s Muisc4Life26  5
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1991 miketunneyiscool123  9

Top 10 Most Drake, Drake Lyrics apokolypz  18My Friends Are Playing With Laura Stevenson SnakeDelilah  3
New Age Waffle Movement BallsToTheWall  19Futuristic Music CyborgLobster  10
baby girl, put it on meeeh DamnVanne  2Top 20 Outkast Songs Typhoon24  20
1,000 album edits oltnabrick  25Wishing you a Very Spooky Christmas Featured spookynewghostfriend  46
2016 Albums of the Year So Far EverythingWentBlack  7mid 2016 BlackTaxi2d  1
From Opeth to NOpeth. A DEFINITIVE list. blacklightjer  16None So Vile Ranked ckssr1  4
Limp Bizkit rated from Durst to worst. blacklightjer  13Gonna see some great stuff Crawl  1
lol -torts PortraitsOfDecay  14Linkin Park albums from worst to best maxer  20
Afternoon Hip Hop BlackLlama  3Heavy Metal Angels Featured OvDeath  46
Latest Pick-Ups (Vinyl) WellFedWhiteMale  211 Albums You Must Cut Yourself To Before You Die dkkc  5
1/2 2016 RadicalEd  26Top 100 Tracks BlackMalachite  43
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1990 miketunneyiscool123  14The Greatest Metal Albums That Ever Did Exist Inveigh  36

Thank You Sput (Will Update) Conmaniac  116Currently Digging AngryChief95  0
Rec the most depressing song in your library Evanpowers  83June 27th CapnJizz  3
emo/screamo recs MotokoKusanagi  34Just a Random 60s Psychedelic list ArsMoriendi  13
Top Tier Metal ckssr1  36Warped Tour 2016 Ebola  10
Pop-Punk Season Featured Atari  98Finding Dory YetAnotherBrick  89
Psych Pop Recs? apokolypz  7Moving Out, Sput adults Help StarlessCore  43
2016 Second Half Anticipated Releases PattBraderson  5y'all sleeping on these grindcorecore  23
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1989 miketunneyiscool123  12

lovely emo albums similar to these? tofue  15albums i overplayed the ass out of HeckToPay  8
once a man, always is it EmailAccounts  23Sputnik Users "Yearbook" Featured CamiloG  535
V Moda M-100 Headphones Feather  11albums i have diiiiogorocha  4
recent findings diiiiogorocha  0X-Men Movies Ranked Kalopsia  22
Which should I review first? TVC15  37New EP js2014  0
New Volcanic Queen Tape Featured Graveyard  25Wolfe and Wolf BallsToTheWall  10
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1988 miketunneyiscool123  3

TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1987 miketunneyiscool123  3Best Albums of 2016's First Half Shamus248  7
Yall Listen to Podcasts?? closed  1725 Songs I Love (And So Can You), Part II riffariffic7  0
Doom/Stoner/Rock/Metal AngryChief95  12Songs that have actually made me cry... teamster  25
Random Ratings Milestone? Make a List! bgillesp  14My Top 16 for 2016 so far... chipperjones  5
Yourgodisinferior's Superior Electronic List Featured yourgodisinferior  56obscure music sput probably hasn't heard brainmelter  17
Stadium Arcadium: Post-Amputation Surgery danielcardoso  25LCS Amphibian  1
Tusk Songs Ranked FloydZepp4ever  1TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1986 miketunneyiscool123  1
Top 100 2016 WolfCocoon  0Death Grips Top 10 Songs MotoOnSputnik  19
Boney Wants EPs theBoneyKing  33Half-year Greem  3
Vocal Melodies twwerkcity  27

Need help finding an album TVC15  20Find me more beats like this! Typhoon24  7
Yellowcard Ranked Stereochrome1  10Future Shows, Help Me Out Conmaniac  8
Rec please DanielNightLewis  8Death Grips Ranked MotoOnSputnik  6
Vinyl Collection So Far AtomicWaste  13(you)core TheMrAlexK  82
Adventure Quest BlackMalachite  14Cyg has generic taste in metal Cygnatti  40
My To-Get List thecheatisnotdead  0Morning Jon List yourgodisinferior  12
TOP TEN THRASH METAL 1983/1984/1985 miketunneyiscool123  3My favourite releases this year so far cloakanddagger  4
93vs94vs95vs96vs97 (+recs) Featured DoofusWainwright  117Who here is Australian? Madbutcher3  82
My Band Released A Single FranzSchubert  2

Steam Summer Sale Calc  116Insult The User Above You Featured Spec  718
Obscure Metal Tournament Finals CaimanJesus  16AC/DC Albums Ranked Dwap  3
Motionless in White Albums Ranked halloweendude  6Albums I Know By Heart AngryChief95  6
2016.5: my taste is garbage ibringyoufire  11Summer Slayin - Discovery Round 8 Featured SCREAM!  18
2016 Recs pls TheGreatQ  8Need New Shoe(gaze)s Conmaniac  52
Releases you're looking forward to? BullettoBinary2  16Bloodborne Bosses Ranked emester  6
SHort and sweet EPs TVC15  11The Sputnik Spam Ghost StarlessCore  34
Top 10 Greatest Albums All-time Shoegazefan9789  23The Best Metal-ish Albums of 1980 marf1300  7

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