Jordan Blake and Etienne Sin   The Legend, The Leader
Release Date: 2011

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1.0 awfulThomas Michael Morris | December 12th 11

Look at their fucking bio picture. FUCKING LOOK AT IT.

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1.0 awfulRobert Lowe CONTRIBUTOR | December 11th 11

This is real? lol what?

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1.0 awfulBrendan Nixon | July 9th 14

This has to be a joke, parody, or something?! No one could make something this bad without the slightest bit of humor or irony.


0.0 ASnideRemark | December 2nd 12

With what has to be possibly one of the worst vocal deliveries in the history of Post-Hardcore, Jordan Blake and Etienne Sin's collaboration is downright atrocious. Uninteresting musicianship, coupled with bland pseudo Joey Sturgis style production, cringe-worthy song ideas (notably a horrific vocal rap section in "Sanguine Green") and cheesy lyricism. There is nothing of interesting to be found anywhere on this collaboration in the slightest.


1.0 awfulwacknizzle | December 12th 11

This is the most atrocious piece of garbage i've ever heard. If I ever see this Etienne on street im going to grab him by his hair and throw him into a wall. Everyone 1 this so we can have an example of what the absolute lowest of low in music is like. Everything awful must be judged off of this album because I don't think it could get much worse. Rich scene kid getting famous playing electrogay/post-buttrapecore is probably the worst thing to ever happen to music. No, it is not even catchy to the least bit or have any decent lyrical content. Just listen to of mice & men.


1.0 awfulScott Krasman | December 11th 11

it's jordan blake and etienne sin. what the fuck do you expect?


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