Unicron   Powerbomb
Release Date: 2010

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4.0 excellentthechodewarrior | February 15th 12

this band is basically iwrestledabearonce done right without any stupid gimmicks and slightly less experimentation and more technicality

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4.0 excellentBrenguin | June 26th 11

A very fun and unique release. Not only is this EP amazing, but their live show is even better.


5.0 classicbuttz69 | February 17th 11

I Wish there was a higher rating available for this EP...You know once in a while you think to yourself that everything has been done, and then you hear a band that just blows you out of the water and shatters everything you knew about music and life in general. Unicron did that for me here. Combining elements of Brutally heavy deathcore with Extremely poppy hooks and soaring melody from female singer/screamer Courtney Laplante, Unicron has found struck something special. I know that in ten years when this band is huge we will look back an realize how important this EP really was for music


3.5 greatiwubmoosik | February 17th 11

Wow, the album art resembles one's diarrhea while tripping on the finest shrooms on this planet. This band has very capable members on the instruments, with the only possible problem being the screams from the vocalist, only because you may not be used to screams from a...woman!? Regardless, it's a solid release for fans of deathcore with plenty of wank in it.


5.0 classicDinosaurLaserFight | June 1st 13
3.0 goodJacquibim CONTRIBUTOR | January 15th 13
4.0 excellentnwoolley1 | December 30th 12
4.0 excellentJustin Jam | August 12th 11
3.0 goodhellpickle | July 16th 11
4.5 superbtentaclesworth | May 16th 11

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