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0.0 Adam Downer EMERITUS | December 21st 10

why the fuck would i buy this when they gave every fucking song away for free

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0.0 Comatorium. | January 1st 11

We could all keep bitching about the band and how they act, or we could stop being prissy cunts and listen to the music they make, i dunno, its a toughie.

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0.0 Fernando Obregon Espinosa | December 22nd 10

What's the big deal with these songs being old? They kick ass either way, I don't care how long it takes this band to release new stuff, everything they've put out is simply awesome.

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0.0 Alexander | December 22nd 10

8 years late? Yea probably. But the fact that these songs sound so fresh and relevant in this over-saturated post-hardcore malaise should definitely be saying something. Also the band has never sounded so balanced thanks to their "new" rhythm section who balance out Palumbo/Beck wonderfully. Oh, this is also Palumbo's best vocal work to date (from his spasms on "Stars" to his high vocal wails on "Jesus Glue"). Should they release more new material? Again, probably. But until someone comes and outdoes Glassjaw with these songs, The Kings will be here to stay.

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0.0 Adam Thomas EMERITUS | December 21st 10

Dear glassjaw, we've had a good run. It's been a solid 8 years, but all you've been doing lately is making me feel like I was being duped the entire time. I don't know where you get the nerve. What have you done for me lately? If 5 songs that you wrote back in like 2003 is the best you can do, well then, all I have to say is, babe, it's over. Pack your shit and leave.

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0.0 Ire | December 20th 10

okay yah this KILLs it's sweet

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0.0 Mark Campbell | December 20th 10

So after eight years of virtual creative inactivity, lineup changes, and changed musical times, does Glassjaw still kill people? In short: yes. Hell fucking yes. Even the weakest song on here (Junkies) still destroys, and tracks like "Stars" and "You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon) rank in their top 10 songs easily. Manny and Durijah are possibly the tightest, heaviest rhythm section of any post-hardcore group around today, Beck holds down the guitar front with precision and skill, and Daryl sounds older and a little less manic, but just as vital as ever. Did I mention that the rhythm section utterly fucking kills it? Are there any other post-hardcore bands alive that can even touch this shit? This is just the teaser before the main event. Stop your fucking bitching and listen to the music.

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0.0 iamnot | January 7th 11

despite the fact this being disappointing because it's not anything really new, its godly. so fucking enjoy it.

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0.0 natebearclaw | January 16th 11

Overlooked how horrible one song was, and so the album got knocked from a 3 to a 2.5.


0.0 Former Sputnik Music Enthusiast | January 2nd 11

an excellent collection of songs, but the way they went about releasing them and then declaring this an 'EP' was ridiculous. the music deserves a 4 but I'm taking off 1 point for being stupid assholes about the whole ordeal.


0.0 Deviant STAFF | January 1st 11

"We could all keep bitching about the band and how they act, or we could stop being prissy cunts and listen to the music they make, i dunno, its a toughie."

But we've already heard this


0.0 slaythesocialists | December 21st 10

not rating any glassjaw until they stop being dicks and give us songs that are actually new... anyway going to the show on new years in manhattan should be fun


0.0 highanxiety | December 21st 10

most disappointing release in the last ten years. they release 7" vinyls, release the mp3s later for a dollar, and then they compile the same fucking "new" songs we've been hearing since 2006 and earlier. overall, this collection of songs isn't the band's strongest material, as well as their least interesting. has glassjaw run out of creativity? it seems more effort has been put into their cryptic advertisements than the actual music.


0.0 Shawn | December 21st 10



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