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Ranking: #108 for 1990

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4.5 superbThe way of the riff | August 2nd 17

Endless War is a battle of technical riffing and progressive songcraft, and Suiciety saw the band already ahead-of-their-time band upping the technicality to almost death metal like song structures and time signatures/tempo changes without being death metal. The immaculate production values full of sounds, added textures, immense sounding drums, and prominent bass help emphasize the excellent music displayed here. "Cain Rose Up" and "Fragile Earth" suck you right in with their layered vocal tracks, added sound effects, and technical, precise playing and are highly addicting tracks. "Energetic Discontent" takes the progressive nature of this album with the more straightforward, riff heavy tendencies of Endless War for a unique yet accessible treat and gang shouts added for great measure. "Final Solution" continues the accessibility of both albums for a faster-paced tune with powerful vocals, and the album highlight "The Brainchild" returns back to their mostly proggy exhbitions starting with calm acoustic then transitioning to explosice riffs and zig zag song structures. Album closing t/t may be the best song here, truly molding a mesmerizing progressive thrash song with its dramatic lyrics and pace. As good as Endless War is, I like Suiciety a little better due to being a huge step forward for the group (at the time) prior to their unfortunate demise. It's a shame because they produced two game changing masterpieces.


4.5 superbDePlazz | February 10th 17

Can't get over how good this is. A very significant link in the power/tech thrash lineage that puts bands like Vektor in further perspective.


4.0 excellentGazAldo | July 13th 17
3.5 greatMathMetal09 | February 6th 17
4.0 excellentmcdonalds hamburger eating contest | October 1st 16
4.5 superbMike and his cock-shaped desert | September 15th 16
3.5 greatwesterndragon | May 4th 16
4.0 excellentFriday13th | February 17th 16
3.5 greatgas83 | December 14th 15
4.0 excellentOverlord... | May 4th 15
4.0 excellentUncle Vvornth | April 30th 15
4.0 excellentChaoticVortex | March 30th 15
4.0 excellentTasty | December 15th 14
3.5 greatFirstStrikeIsDeadly | October 17th 14
5.0 classicSonofEvil | July 19th 14
4.0 excellentjopower | July 18th 14
3.0 goodFra | March 21st 14
4.0 excellentTravis Marmon | March 8th 14
4.0 excellentCaptainDooRight | February 26th 14
5.0 classicshaman666 | February 20th 14
5.0 classicDestructionThrash | December 23rd 13
3.5 greatLokitheTrickster | August 2nd 13
4.0 excellentwalfernu | March 10th 13
3.0 goodSo that escalated quickly | February 16th 13
4.5 superbDask | December 4th 12
4.0 excellentKILL | February 19th 12
3.0 goodkereealazer | January 17th 12
4.0 excellentPhate72 | September 25th 11
3.0 goodConsideredDead | July 4th 11
3.5 greatCakeWithCream | May 4th 11
4.0 excellentIBeforeWe | January 31st 11
3.5 greatVoivod STAFF | January 24th 11

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