Far   At Night We Live
Release Date: 2010

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4.0 excellentCoolYourBoots | May 28th 14

With consistently good, but refreshingly varied, experimental tracks - most noteably "The Ghost That Kept on Haunting," you'd have to go Far to find better


3.0 goodSean Campbell | August 23rd 10

Very much a mixed bag - the good sounds are wonderful, but the bad pretty terrible. On the plus side, If You Cared Enough, When I Could See and At Night We Live throb and hum with enough energy, emotion and bite to hold their own against the Far back catalogue. However, when the band try to "rawk", things get a little embarrassing. Deafening, Fight Song and Dear Enemy are full of stock radio-rock riffs and lame lyrics, but the choruses still soar (Dear Enemy in particular boasting one of Matranga's finest ever choruses). Verdict - not a disaster, but not the return to form expected.


2.5 averageunderachievelknievel | June 3rd 10

It's a mixed bag. Really, this is how I imagine Far would sound today had they not broken up 12 years ago anyway. Far, far too gone from the raw sound that make them so interesting to begin with. I'm sure the Deftones love it, though.


3.5 greatLukeuta | May 28th 10

I actually liked this album!!! Cant compare it to water and solutions. Still very solid.


3.0 goodRyan Bennett | May 24th 10

As exciting that it is that Far is back together with a new album, it's a bummer that the album isn't that great. There are a couple of old Far moments on the album, but most of these songs sound like Gratitude songs. There is a serious lack of the old Far intensity that made their songs so great. The title track, "At Night We Live" is simply amazing however.......stuck in my head all day. Oh and "Pony" as a hidden track was a nice move.


4.5 superbDecapod | May 20th 10

I am IN LOVE with this album. So much in fact, that, after listening to it I cruised right on over to their official site, and pre-ordered it. This album is a grower, I wasn't to impressed with it on 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd listen but the more I spun the record, the more I enjoyed it. Today, when I woke up, I threw the record on again and it just clicked. My advice to anyone who likes Far, BUY THIS RECORD and support the band! They most def. deserve it. Contender for album of the year, IMO. Thank you Far for crafting another masterpiece.


2.5 averageMark Campbell | May 19th 10

Far's first album in 12 years, At Night We Live is, sadly, a definitely subpar outing compared to their old stuff. All happy and no heavy, and that's NOT what a Far album should sound like. There's very little intensity and they went for a really straightforward sound with little variation apart from a few tracks. The weird "Far" melodies are still in there in spots but it just seems like they halfassed a lot of material on this. It sucks to say it, but the album is just boring. There's several moments where it can sound indistinguishable from a lot of modern rock. Really simplistic riffs with no real color to them, bass is pretty decent but nothing special, and WTF Chris? I SWEAR TO GOD one of your drumbeats sounded exactly like the one from Green Day's "Know Your Enemy". That's fucking BAD. It's hard to really remember a single song that made me say "this is amazing". Maybe "really good".

I don't wanna completely slag it. It's still not a bad record in comparison to a lot of stuff out there. It's just a below-average Far record. I will give it up to Josh and his great singing throughout the record. There are some times when Shaun does a pretty decent job on the riffs... while simultaneously failing to truly interest. The rhythm section, well, they can keep time good.

I guess to sum it up, upon first listen me and my g/f were going "this is not Far" with just about every song. I'm all for bands changing styles for a true evolution in sound a'la Thrice/BN/GJ, but this was a leap into a really stale direction IMO. Fucking Meh.


4.5 superbTheDevilsMailBox | May 5th 15
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3.0 goodtransientnihilism | November 1st 13
3.5 greatLiam Whear | October 15th 13
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3.0 goodJulia | August 8th 13
2.5 averageJacob Hanson | August 3rd 13
3.0 goodTobi | June 22nd 13
4.5 superbazwethinkweizst | April 9th 13
3.5 greatbrettpalmer | March 22nd 13
3.0 goodsquidwardtentacles | March 19th 13
3.5 greathappyfunball | October 21st 12
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4.0 excellenttcat84 | October 2nd 12
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3.5 greatKadir Ari | July 15th 10
3.0 goodPhoton | July 13th 10
3.0 goodJosh D. | July 13th 10
3.5 greatHorrorCheese86 | June 27th 10
3.5 greatAdam Downer EMERITUS | June 15th 10
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3.0 goodBill | May 25th 10
2.5 averageHorace Finkelstein | May 25th 10
3.5 greatFelixCulpa | May 25th 10
3.0 goodta loco | May 25th 10
4.0 excellentRyan Flatley EMERITUS | May 25th 10
2.0 poorDustin Donovan | May 24th 10

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